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2012-10-20, 08:04 PM
Harthar's Kingmaker
Part One: The Stolen Lands
In Character Thread

The call for those willing and able to explore the Stolen Lands was answered by a crowd of people from all ways of life. They, as you also did, gathered at the Lord Mayor’s estate to not only be given more information on what this ‘exploration’ entailed, but to also undergo a sort of interview process. After all it would be foolish of the Swordlords to send just anyone into the Stolen Lands with an agenda of their own and no loyalty to Brevoy. Whether your own loyalty was faked or genuine, it was found to hold just what they were looking for. You were chosen and each given a charter, signed by the Mayor on that very day, which read:


With charter in hand, you were assigned to a particular portion of the Stolen Lands that you would explore, with the help of some other companions. Your group, one of the smallest and least equipped given the fact that your particular area of the Stolen Lands was believed to be quite peaceful and safe, consisted of seven in total, with an additional retainer following one of the ‘fighter’ types. Gathered together you are informed by one of the Mayor’s many stewards that you should prepare yourselves immediately and set off in the morning, it will be a three day journey and the Swordlords are eager for you to begin. With that you all agree to meet outside the city gates at first light and then part ways to gather what belongings you can carry yourselves into the Stolen Lands.

The morning is perfect travel weather, sunny with clouds, but not the wet variety. There are many more gathered here than just your group and, in the interests of safe and expedient travel, you all agree to travel together with the three other, much better supplied, exploration teams headed into the Stolen Lands. Those in your own party who did not have horses found themselves hitching rides on carts.

Day Three
Toilday, 28th day of Calistril, 4710 AR

After three days of uneventful travel your party parts ways with the other exploration teams and are left to carry on by yourselves. It is late afternoon when finally you spot on the horizon a small outpost of sorts. It appears to be an old fort that has been rebuilt, albeit haphazardly in some areas. From where you stand looking up at the crest of the hill, you can make out the ten foot high wooden palisade that surrounds the buildings within. At each corner of the palisade are square watchtowers roughly twice as high as the walls themselves; each of the towers has a large mechanism atop them that could only be catapults. Recalling the Mayor speaking of a small trading post on the northern border of the greenbelt, known as Oleg’s Trading Post, you make the connection to this humble fort; it must be Oleg’s.


Making your way up the slope, via the dirty road, and toward the thirty foot wide wooden gate, which stands open and inviting, you have the opportunity to confer with your companions about the location and how you should proceed before actually entering the trading post itself.

Ok, so, you have arrived at Oleg’s. Once you actually enter the old fort I will put up a map to show you its insides and a new description as to what you are all aware of upon entry.

Let’s get the party started, and have fun.

2012-10-20, 09:38 PM
Dhovanu reins in her horse, stopping to consider the fort.


The elf scout knows that this is how it begins. A trading post here, a fort there. Then a few cabins. Then villages, towns, cities. Farms, so many farms. Soon the wilderness is lost, replaced by 'civilization'.

In her youth, she would rail against the expansionist ways of humans. In recent years she has started to see it as simply inevitable. Like a force of nature. May as well complain about the tides, for all the good it would do.

The elf shakes these dark thoughts out of her head, for the time being anyway. She's here to hunt bandits, and that's what she means to do.

OOC: I figure we'll just ride up to the gate and go in, but if someone has a more elaborate plan I'll probably follow along.

2012-10-21, 11:04 AM
"Well well well," the halfling known as Crimson Vill says as what he surmises to be Oleg's Post comes into view. He lets out a private chuckle; not so long ago it would have been a prime target. Now, it's something else. "Let's go meet the locals, eh?" he says with a smile that makes his cheeks crease and dimple. "Speak for yourselves if you aim t' be stupid, but for me, I could do with a roof an' maybe even a little in the way of a stiff drink. Assumin' of course that they're the nice sort of local, that bein' the ones who ain't gonna start trying to fill us full of arrows soon as they see us comin'."

He claps his hands together. "So 'til we find out, maybe someone big and burly wants to go first, hm?"

2012-10-21, 11:18 AM
How can people live like this?, complains Winter as she approaches the fort. No snow, no cold, no mountains? No wonder this place is littered with bandits. They've probably got nothing better to do.

2012-10-21, 11:52 AM
Elanore Dulac

Ela looks at the fort with its wooden palisade and smiles with her customary optimism.

"It doesn't look bad at all. I'd certainly be glad to sleep indoors again, maybe even in a real bed."

She slides off her seat in the cart and winces at the muscle aches. Her body was entirely unused to such exercise, and now she was paying the price of years of relative lassitude.

How can people live like this?, complains Winter as she approaches the fort. No snow, no cold, no mountains? No wonder this place is littered with bandits. They've probably got nothing better to do.

Ela glances furtively and curiously at the cold human woman. She nibbles thoughtfully on her lower lip as she considers.

2012-10-21, 01:07 PM
"Looks can be deceiving" comes a terse remark from the side of the cart as the young rider on a heavy-set bay brings his horse forward. "These lands eat careless travellers like children eat candy", the young man continued as he stood in his stirrups. His eyes did not look at the half-elven woman, but instead were observing the trading post with cool, almost disinterested eyes.

Nothing unusual for Vasili, one would think. The red-haired youth with his worn boiled leathers and mended clothes was a far cry from jovial company, always on his guard, always caressing the brass decorations of his strange, Alkenstar-made weapon in its hip holster. Small brass studs tarnished with age decorated the old, worn leather of his gun belt and boots, and even now he tapped his fingers against the flintlock, as if contemplating whether or not to draw.

Wanting to roll Perception to see if there's anything suspicious about this place. Shall I do it, or is that the DM's prerogative? ;)

2012-10-21, 01:37 PM
Elanore Dulac

Ela speaks absently as she does a few stretching exercises in her blue studded leather armor.

"No candy, dear, not unless you finish your vegetables."

Then she blinks and smiles brightly to cover up her embarrassment.

"I'm sure we'll be fine."

2012-10-21, 01:44 PM
A small, amused chortle pushed past Vasili's lips at the "scolding" he received. Lo and behold, he even smiled ever so briefly - certainly a rare sight on his face ever since they had rode out of Restov.

2012-10-21, 05:01 PM
Gedriwyn drew his own horse up beside Dhovanu, the wartrained beast ever alert neighed and then side stepped twice away from the other animal before standing still. His own stare was directed toward the restored fort, dark cavernous orbs scanned the palisade and towers for any sign of life and further more danger. It was strange, he thought, that there was no one manning the towers even in look out for danger. That cold stare was torn from the fort and moved to each and every one of the companions that spoke, a slight smile appearing upon the usually expressionless features at the play between the cleric of Sarenrae and the red-haired man with the strange weapon at his side.

”Aye, a still drink would serve well after that journey. Perhaps even a soak in a bath, though with all this travel dust there won’t be much soaking, only a lot of scrubbing.” His slight smile escalated into a grin and then he turned that intense gaze back to the trading post. ”Let’s get up there and see what waits us. Follow me in but be ready for a fight, or to retreat, if there is any trouble. The inside of a fort like that is a terrible place to be ambushed...” He said last grimly, the grin faded. Without further talk he heeled the mount into a trot and moved toward the open gates, as he did he made sure to equip the heavy steel shield that is usually found on his back, but whilst riding is secured to his saddle for ease.

You can do a Perception Check, but at this stage it’s probably not necessary, maybe wait until we are in Oleg’s?

2012-10-21, 05:09 PM
"What did you think I was looking for... sir?" Vasili asked roughly, frowning somewhat at Gedriwyn's words. "I was trying to see if there's smoke rising from the chimneys, or if the trading post has been deserted. I wouldn't be surprised if it was, it is quiet as the grave in here."

That being said, Vasili clicked his tongue and urged Ember on, one hand on the reins, the other on the handle of his gun.

OOC: Better safe than sorry, I reckon ;) Rolling Perception...

2012-10-21, 06:19 PM
The final ride up to and into the trading post was uneventful, and whilst it did appear that there were no great amount of people inhabiting this area it was tidy and well maintained. Once they passed through the gates the entirety of the trading post was laid out for them to see. As with most forts there was a large yard in the middle of the fort and the buildings were all spaced around the outsides, close enough to the walls for cover but far enough away so that if they, or the wall, caught fire the other would not go up as well.

Vasili: You notice a few more of the finer details than the other members of your party at this stage; not only about the fort itself, but its location. Obviously it is on the southern edge of Rostland with the trees that mark the Narlmarches only a few miles further south. The trading posts remote location and inconvenient distance from any river trade is most probably the reason for it being so deserted and basic looking. Now that you are up close and personal with the fort, you can see that whilst the repairs were done well, they are not the work of an engineer or sapper, the usual professionals who build walls. Other than these small details there is nothing else that pops out at you.


OOC: Ok, so I need to photoshop an image of a wagon, heh, but for now just take it as that cart that is in front of the PCs. The other tile of the drawn picture on the front of the cart is the hireling who is in control of it. I used tiles made from the pictures in your sheets, and because Elanora didn’t have a pic, I took one from my massive stockpile and chucked it in there. If anyone wants a different picture, feel free to link me to what you want made into a tile and I’ll see what I can do.

As the horses and wagon move through the open gates a large middle aged man and a slim, beautiful homely young woman move out from one of the houses. The man doesn’t come to greet the newcomers but rather moves off into the stables to the left. The woman, though, is much more friendly. She comes forward with a welcoming smile. ”Welcome, welcome. We have been waiting for your arrival. I have been telling Oleg that you would be here any day now, and here you are! Come, come inside, I have a nice hearty stew, some freshly baked bread and a refreshing drink ready for you within.” By the time she has finished speaking Oleg has returned with another young man, obviously a stable hand, and they see about the wagon and its mules. If the PCs leave their horses in the yard Oleg will see to them as well before joining the companions inside.

”How rude of me!” The woman suddenly cries, ”in my excitement I didn’t even introduce anyone.” She tisks herself, and then motions toward her husband, ”Oleg over there is my husband, and that is Gregory, a helping hand around here. I’m Svetlana, and this is Oleg’s Trading Post.” She is positively beaming with the presence of the PCs, so much so that she continues to speak whilst they do whatever they need to do before coming inside. ”Finally our letters to the swordlords have been answered and they’ve sent the reinforcements we asked for. See, Oleg, I told you to have some faith. Our bandit problems are over now that these guardsmen have arrived!” Although she is very happy, this last statement does take a bit of the excitement from her as she is mentally and physically tired from worry about the trading post and her husband.

Should the PCs follow her inside, she will bring them to a round table upon which is a stack of wooden bowls, mugs and a chopping board with two large loafs of still warm crusty bread. ”Help yourselves, the stew is over there...” She points to the fireplace, above which is a large black pot with steam rising from it. ”and I’ll get you all a drink.” She hurries over to a table at the side of the room and grasps two bottles of mediocre wine, pouring each of the companions and drink. When finally each mug is full, she clasps her hands in front of her, ready to ask any questions the PCs might have of her before she rails them with yet more of her own.

2012-10-21, 08:47 PM
Dhovanu accepts her serving of stew and mug of wine gratefully. She gestures for her horse to be taken by the stable-hand.

"Miss Svetlana, we are pleased to have found you unharmed. I am Dhovanu Tyreplith, and we are indeed here to end your bandit troubles."

The elf gives an intense look.

"Tell us of your predicament, and I swear that we will end this threat. Those who use force of arms to subjugate the weak deserve no mercy."

I'm trying to establish that Dhovanu really hates bandits, especially human bandits. Forgive me if my writing gets too cheesy.

2012-10-21, 08:54 PM
"Indeed, what the elf said", Vasili added as he leaned against the wall, the bowl of stew in one hand, the spoon in another, the tankard of wine on the table. He had taken his time in the yard, making sure Gregory the stablehand was up to speed and coming inside only when he was sure the lad would know not to leave their horses and mules waiting for grooming.

"Though, begging your pardon, I'm curious why they'd trouble you. You seem to be somewhat out of the way here", the red-haired youth added as he tasted the stew. His eyebrows perked a little, and he smacked his lips appreciatively. "Unless they're after your recipies, that is..."

2012-10-21, 10:35 PM
Elanore Dulac

Ela stares steadily at Svetlana as the human woman talks.

The half-elven cleric of Sarenrae looks nauseated and grim for a few moments, then musters a return of her smile, but for once it looks forced.

In a deliberately casual and joking manner, Ela says, "Wow, I think the number of women in 10 miles increased by a factor of 4 when we arrived!"

"You must be pretty tired of being the only female around, Svetlana. Do any of you have medical problems? I am Elanore, servant of Sarenrae, and while I am no real healer, I'll see what I can do while I am here."

2012-10-22, 05:12 PM
Gedriwyn dismounted after being greeted by friendly faces, instead of the angry potentially hate filled ones he had expected, and removed the shield from his arm, securing it this time to his back. He removed the saddlebags and grasped his backpack, following the others inside before depositing the bags in a corner out of the way. ”Thank you most kindly, Svetlana, this meal will do doubt be the best we’ve had in days.” He flashed her a charming smile before taking a bowl and helping himself to the stew. Instead of sitting at the table though, he moved to a wall and leant against it, eating the stew quietly whilst he listened.

He was slightly confused when their host mentioned that she believed them to be guardsmen sent by Restov to protect their trading post and get rid of the bandits. Whilst their charter did specify that any bandits caught were to be killed, it did not exactly say that they should go hunting them down. It merely tasked them with exploration of the greenbelt and reporting what they found back to Restov. Being the man of honour that he was he could not allow her to remain disillusioned, though obviously he was going to deny helping them. ”Svetlana, I must apologise on behalf of all my companions, we are not the guardsmen you sent for. We have been tasked with the exploration of the Stolen Lands and no more than that. However, we will still give you aide.” He then fell silent, allowing the woman to answer the questions posed to her.

2012-10-22, 05:31 PM
Svetlana looked relieved at Dhovanu’s words, she was indeed glad that finally after so many months someone had come to help them. The words of Elanore the cleric broke the mood up slightly, allowing Svetlana a slight smile, though she denied any medical treatment as they were all quite healthy despite the bandit issue. To Vasili she replied with a broad smile in appreciation for the compliment on her food, however before she could start to explain Gedriwyn’s words were spoken. It also just so happened that Oleg chose that moment to arrive after seeing to the horses. He heard Gedriwyn’s words and growled angrily, throwing his hands up in the air in frustration, ”I told ye, woman, Restov don’t care ‘bout the borderlanders.” He fell silent and Svetlana gave him a stern look to indicate that he should remain silent for a while.

She then spoke up, ”It is unfortunate that you are all not the guardsmen we had sent for, and I am sorry to have to ask you this but could you please help us? You see the bandits have started coming here three months ago. They take all of our trade goods that the hunters and travelling merchants bring in and then leave. They threatened to burn down the trading post and abduct me if we didn’t agree to hand over all of the goods we have accumulated over the last month. Since then the bandits have returned twice more, arriving each time within the first hour of sunrise on the first day of the month. The bandits seem eager to leave each time and so we have taken to preparing for their arrival, but for them to be so eager their camp must be within a days ride from here.”

She paused for a moment and then began to fill in some more details, ”The first time they arrived there were two dozen of them; around twenty-two thugs led by a cloaked bowman and a woman who carried two small hatchets. The woman did most of the talking and she seemed delighted to tell me what the bandits would do to me back at their camp.” Svetlana seemed visibly distraught by this, thus it didn’t take much for the companions to make the connections as to what the woman threatened. ”She even, in a cruel bit of mockery, nearly chopped off one of my husband’s hands. I managed to persuade her not to but she took my wedding ring as payment for ‘not shortening Oleg’s reach’. She tossed the ring to one of her thugs and then they all left with the trade goods. The second and third times that the bandits came back, only the hooded man lead them and they came with fewer men each time. The Second time was only a dozen in total and the third was the hooded man and eight of the thugs. Oleg and I think that this time they will come with even fewer men.”

She began to weep then, having finished her tale. Oleg moved over and draped his strong arms around her shoulders to console her. She managed to sniffle back some of the tears to ask for the companions help once more, ”Please, can you help us? You are free to use whatever is at the trading post in exchange.”

2012-10-22, 07:14 PM
Dhovanu's anger grows hotter as the woman tells her tale. She is somewhat put off by the accompanying tears, however. Weak, like a child.

At the end of the story, Dhovanu answers.

"There is no need to beg, or weep, or make such offers. We are neither mercenaries for sale nor are we heartless scoundrels to be unmoved by your plight."

The elf turns to the horseman.

"This falls well within our charter. We know when they are coming and have the element of surprise. I strongly advise an ambush."

2012-10-22, 08:07 PM
Vill raises an eyebrow as Dhovanu speaks. "Speak for yourself, Ears," he quips at her. "I might be a mercenary for sale and a heartless scoundrel. And I damn well might think that it's a damn fool thing to do go an' sell things in a place where bandits live without any way to stop 'em."

"But anyways, Ears here has it just about right besides that. We need t' kill them anyhow, might as well let 'em come to us while we sit nice and sound 'til they do. And when they get here... well..." A knife suddenly twirls into his hand. "I'm sure we can accomodate."

2012-10-22, 08:40 PM
"For once I agree with you, Vill", Vasili spoke gruffly as he still held his post. He had spoken not a word during Svetlana's tale, the only sound made by the scraping of the spoon against the bottom of the small earthenware bowl. Now he stood there, his arms crossed over his chest, his scrawny back pressed against a support beam. "I am sure we can... accommodate them a few feet's worth of steel in the kidneys."

The red-haired man's eyes then turned to Svetlana and Oleg. "You're right, though. Restov doesn't give a bent copper penny for borderlanders, as far as I know. Borderlanders do", he spoke, with a sudden flare of ferocity in his voice and eyes. "I myself grew up not far from here. And I think it's high time these bandits got what's coming to them. Count me in for an ambush."

2012-10-22, 11:09 PM
Dhovanu gives the halfling a cool look, but says no more. He didn't disagree with her plan of action, after all.

The elf makes a mental note to keep an eye on the little person with an unhealthy fondness for blades.

Halflings count on being underestimated, I must not make that mistake.

2012-10-23, 12:50 AM
Sitting comfortably whilst others walk themselves into their own death? I'm all for it. From the sounds of your story, it seems like the woman you described might be in charge.

Winter leans back in thought, scowling at the nearby fire.

Even better, if their camp is nearby. We could just follow them to their camp and kill the whole lot at once. I'm sure you'll sleep a little bit better knowing that the people who tried to shorten your husband's reach got a little bit shorter right around the neck area.

She draws her index finger across her throat at the last sentence.

2012-10-23, 04:55 AM
"No", Vasili spoke up at Winter's suggestion, giving the cold woman a stern look. "You heard what the mistress of the house said. There are more than twenty of the brigands. And they will give us battle if we chase them like rats."

"No. Let them that come to take Oleg and Svetlana's goods come to us. But let none return to warn their comrades. Kill the ones that fight, spare the ones who yield - or whom we can take captive." Vasili's tone softens at this point, his eyes suddenly falling to the notched old sword at his side and the gun at his hips. His fingers run over the dented old pieces as he seems to drift off for a moment, borne by the current of memory. "Captives may give us the location of their camp, when facing the noose."

The man looks up again, the earlier hardness returned to his eyes. "But we cannot suffer any of the brigands to escape and warn the camp. They yield - or they die."

2012-10-23, 08:25 AM
Elanore Dulac

Ela gasps in horror at Svetlana's recital.

"A woman leads this band of animals? I can't believe it."

"But if it's true, then she deserves death, most assuredly."

"And of course we'll help you, Svetlana. And we'll get back Oleg's wedding ring, too, assuming they haven't melted it down or sold it."

"No", Vasili spoke up at Winter's suggestion, giving the cold woman a stern look. "You heard what the mistress of the house said. There are more than twenty of the brigands. And they will give us battle if we chase them like rats."

"No. Let them that come to take Oleg and Svetlana's goods come to us. But let none return to warn their comrades. Kill the ones that fight, spare the ones who yield - or whom we can take captive." Vasili's tone softens at this point, his eyes suddenly falling to the notched old sword at his side and the gun at his hips. His fingers run over the dented old pieces as he seems to drift off for a moment, borne by the current of memory. "Captives may give us the location of their camp, when facing the noose."

The man looks up again, the earlier hardness returned to his eyes. "But we cannot suffer any of the brigands to escape and warn the camp. They yield - or they die."

Elanore nods three times in silent but emphatic approval of what Vasili suggests.

2012-10-23, 09:49 AM
Gedriwyn also listened to the suggestions made by all and nodded at some, making no movement at others. Finally, after Elanore had spoken, he voiced his approval of Vasili’s plan also. ”Aye, that is the soundest plan. We ambush the bandits here, take one prisoner and get what information we can from him about where the bandit camp is and their leader, if it is in fact this twin bladed woman. If what Svetlana says is true about the hooded man being the leader the last few visits then I would suggest he be our focus to capture. But it won’t be easy, they will smell something is not right if the trading post appears deserted, or if we are seen.” He paused for a moment, taking a deep breath before looking over at Oleg.

”Oleg, I know that it is a big thing to ask, but would you consider being the bait? You are familiar to them and so if they see you going about your business as usual, gathering the supplies for the bandits, it will make them secure in their ignorance and give us time to spring our trap?” He hated asking a civilian to do what he suggested, but then again it was Oleg’s trading post and the man had to contribute to its defence somehow.

2012-10-23, 10:02 AM
Svetlana and Oleg both listened as the newcomers discussed their options, it all seemed geared toward helping them and that was a boon. Oleg spoke up however after everyone had said their peace, ”If an ambush is what must be done, and I am to be bait, then so be it. The trading post and its resources are at your disposal, take a look around and come up with a strategy for this ambush and we can meet again to discuss the finer details. Once everything is ready to go, you are free to rest up tonight and awaken before sunrise to prepare for battle. We will be here if you need us.” With that Oleg and his wife sat the table, not speaking at all but rather taking comfort in each other’s company. They will answer any questions posed to them during this time.

Now, with the camp open to the party they are able to explore to discover what resources Oleg was talking about, and to devise a strategy that will see the bandits contained within their trap and helpless long enough for them to be slain or captured.

There are many places to explore, among them is:
Market Yard: This open area is where the companions first arrived into; it is also where most of the trade takes place. The two tables near the fire pit are used to display wares and serve food to visitors, while bulky trade goods are offloaded into the storage pen.

The Guesthouse: Oleg rents out the beds in this guesthouse to anyone who wishes to stay the night at a rate of 5 sp a bed per night. A rustic breakfast and filling dinner is included in that price. But for the companions they are able to stay here, for tonight, free of charge.

The Stable: Oleg keeps his jittery horse Claptrap here. He rents out the other stalls to visitors'€™ steeds at a rate of 2 sp per stall per night - that price includes a day's worth of water and feed and a complimentary rub down for the horse.

The Storage Pen: This fenced area has a wooden roof to keep off most of the rain and snow. Trade goods like furs and other goods are stored here until enough build up to warrant a trip to the city to sell them off.

The Middens: Three 3-foot-deep composting pits and middens.

The Main Hall: This squat but solid wooden building is Oleg and Svetlana’s home and the storeroom for the trading post. The double doors leading out into the market yard can be barred but not locked.

The Dining Room: This is a comfortable room with a few chairs and a table - the Levetons use this room primarily as a dining room. It is also where the companions ate their first meal at Olegs.

The Office: This room is where Oleg keeps his ledgers and meets with important visitors - in theory. As of yet, no one of importance has bothered visiting the trading post.

The Stockroom: This room is used to store the trading post’s stock. The stock changes as trappers and traders move through the area.

The Storeroom: This room normally contains non-trading items such as two barrels of drinking water, a half-full barrel of lantern oil, three common lamps, a dozen candles, a week's worth of firewood, a hooded lantern, 70 feet of hemp rope, a tent, and enough food (mostly cheese, hard bread, and dried venison) to last for 2 weeks.

The Bedroom: This modest bedroom is where the Levetons sleep.

Ok, so if you’d all like to discuss a strategy for how you want to ambush the bandits, now is the time. What you need to decide on is: Positions of the characters, when you’re going to spring your trap (is there a signal from Oleg? Do you just wait until the bandits get inside? Do you wait until they are leaving?), What your trap entails exactly. You can discuss this ICly here, or OOCly in the OOC thread and then gloss over it in here as your IC post. You can move this forward as you will. If you post ICly that you get setup, then sleep until before sunrise and then get into your positions then my next DM post will be bringing the bandits into the scene. Other than that I can obviously reply to any questions you have of Oleg and Svetlana, and obviously reply to any checks you will need to make.

Good Luck!

2012-10-23, 10:20 AM
"Excellent. Your bravery is commendable." Dhovanu says to Oleg.

To the group she says: "We'll want them all out in the open here, if possible. I will be positioned somewhere elevated." She gestures up to the catwalk. "Up there would do nicely. Somewhere with clean site-lines and cover. I can use some crates to shield myself from return arrows, and to hide behind before we spring the trap. I'll raise the ladder once I'm up there, of course."

She continues:

"We may want someone to close the door and trap them all in, if such a thing can be done quickly. If not, I suggest that Gedriwyn and his beast charge from the outside and block the exit with steel."

Finally she adds:

"My hawk Ouray can scout the approach, returning when she spots them in transit to this post. The bird would not likely draw suspicion." The elf strokes the feathers on the bird's back.

OOC: It's hard to tell relative elevations of the catwalk and the buildings. I want to be somewhere that I can easily shoot enemies in the square. If the catwalk isn't the best place for that, I could instead use a rooftop.

2012-10-23, 10:31 AM
Elanore Dulac

Ela says, "Do you think we stand a much higher chance of success if we just attack from ambush?"

"I ask because I want to one of us to offer the bandits a chance to surrender before we kill them. It may be that not all of them are evildoers. Some might be in group against their will."

Ela seems quite sure the party will succeed.

2012-10-23, 10:41 AM
Dhovanu at first has trouble understanding what the cleric is suggesting.

"You wish us to forfeit our strategic advantage? I think that unwise. Those who survive the initial attack can surrender if they wish." Dhovanas does not add how unlikely she thinks that is. "Though I must remind you, the penalty for banditry is death. By sword or rope."

Or arrow.

2012-10-23, 10:45 AM
Elanore Dulac

Ela just waves her hand. "That's why I asked if it was a feasible idea."

"Sarenrae teaches that anyone can be saved, but that the unrepentant and destructive evildoer must be destroyed. I just don't want to assume every bandit is the latter type."

"I am willing to risk myself to do it. I'll be bait with Oleg and ask them to give up their ways. I'll wear a loose robe to cover up my armor."

"Does that suit the rest of you?"

Ela also asks Oleg and Svetlana, "Do the bandits arrive on horse or on foot?"

2012-10-23, 02:33 PM
"I like your thinking, Dhov", Vasili weighed in. "An elevated position like that... Yes, that would work for the two of us, harrying the brigands and picking up any sorry fool trying to make a run for it." A small smirk plays on the young man's face. "Or would you want me to be somewhere a little further off? You know, so I don't make you jump?" he asked with that devilish little smile of his, tapping his thumb against the butt of his pistol.

"I think one of us should stay near Oleg until he can get back inside and bar the door behind him, and another should be at the gates if we can't close them swiftly. And I'm guessing we all should stay out of your way, eh, Winter?" he went on, turning his eyes towards the cold-hearted lady.

2012-10-23, 05:26 PM
Winter responds with half-hearted laugh. Nonsense. I'm not NEEDLESSLY cruel. I think that if we can all work together, we can successfully kill them all, with little to no casualties of our own. And I'd like it very much if one of you rough types would stand between me and someone with a sharp blade.

Winter turns to address Svetlana. While all this talk about bandit killing is a wonderful way to start our relationship with you people, do we at least have a good amount of time to prepare for them? And at the very least we should come up with a Plan B should our attack turn....less than desired.

2012-10-23, 06:24 PM
Gedriwyn listened to all of the suggestions and then, after looking around himself outside, returned with his own, ”I need not be outside at all. If we move the wagon inbetween the stable and the wall, and Renly and I are waiting behind it when the bandits arrive, we can push the wagon to block the exit. Renly can then seek cover and I can move in behind them. Dhovanu, if she wants, can be laying ontop of the wagon in the baggage area. The bandits shouldn’t be able to see her from below unless she pops up. She can then fire from the top of the wagon and can simply jump over to the palisade if she needs either to escape or to shoot anyone who manages to get past the wagon. Vasili, I’m sure we can get you up ontop of one of these buildings somehow, probably the storehouse itself would be best seeing as that is where the bandits are going. The roofs look sturdy enough.” for these last two things he glances at Oleg for confirmation before continuing.

”Crimson, you can be waiting in the stable and stealthily move out to attack, or even better take one of the bandits out when they are inside the storehouse if your stealthy enough. That leaves Winter and Elanore. You can both come out from the house, which puts you inbetween the bandits and Svetlana and it leaves a safe exit for Oleg once he is done luring them into the trap.” His dark cavernous orbs focused on Elanore then, ”I am sorry, but I don’t think you asking them to surrender will achieve anything save making you a larger target. They will see only one person standing in their way and, if they number at eight once again, you’ll have at least three or four archers loosing arrows at you. In the best interests of the group, I can’t allow that.” Even his oaths wouldn’t allow that.

Essentially his plan cut off the exits, surrounded the bandits and made for an affective crossfire, whilst putting him smack bang in the middle of it and risking his own hide should an arrow or iron shot not be as accurately aimed as one would like. It also meant he might get swarmed but that was a risk he was going to take, a larger risk considering he wouldn’t be on his horse. Then he paused again having a new thought, ”Or... we could go with your idea,” He nodded to Dhovanu, ”though my steed’s name is Cardoc for future reference, not ‘beast’.” His tone implied he had great affection for the horse and wouldn’t allow it to be insulted as such, even though she didn’t mean it that way. ”I can charge in on Cardoc through the front gate, Gregory and Renly can push the wagon to block the exit behind me and then we proceed as before.”

2012-10-23, 06:28 PM
Svetlana nodded at the question posed to her by Winter, ”We have probably ten hours to prepare.” She glanced out the window at the almost set sun to confirm her words, giving a slight nod to confirm she was right. "They don't come on horseback, but they bring horses with them."

Oleg spoke up next. ”The roofs are wooden framed with thatch; they are easy enough to stand on. As for getting up there, I usually build a wooden platform for when I need to repair one of the roofs. It’s a common enough sight, even with a few crates of materials piled up on them. Would that be enough cover for one of you?”

2012-10-23, 07:01 PM
Elanore Dulac

Ela frowns at the scenario Gedriwyn paints; she'd like to follow her goddess' doctrine closely and offer a chance at mercy to the evildoer.

On the other hand, she would really like to avoid being skewered by a storm of arrows.

She nods reluctant acceptance for the need to not give them any warning or offer of surrender.

"All right. I can be on the ground as you say, guarding Oleg and Svetlana."

"Everyone should try to be within 50 feet of me," Ela says. "I can call on the goddess to bless us, but you have to be within 50 feet."

"I need to bathe and to eat. Then I'll do as you more experienced folk direct to help prepare."

Ela looks like she does not know whether to be embarrassed or smug that she has no experience with planning a battle or an ambush.

"Could someone direct me to a bathroom, or anywhere I can get some privacy that also has a drain?"

2012-10-23, 07:13 PM
Svetlana answers Elanore's question of a bath and drain. "Unfortunately we have neither. There are barrels of water in the storehouse, if you take a wash basin in there and get some then you can wash in Oleg and My room if you'd like." They were in the middle of nowhere, it would be hard to imagine such an out of the way place having proper bathing facilities like in Restov.

2012-10-23, 07:19 PM
Elanore Dulac

Ela nods. Her noble upbringing and years of lady's etiquette tutelage have left her far too polite to complain.

"That will be fine, thank you. But I won't need the water barrels, just the basin."

"By the way, what weapons do you see the bandits wield? Bows and crossbows? Swords?"

"And if they bring horses... Would any of you know of a way to reliably make the horses go mad and maybe trample the bandits?"

Ela looks at the elven ranger Dhovanu and the horseman Gedriwyn as she asks that question.

2012-10-23, 07:24 PM
The Horseman shook his head, ”Well, assuming they are not combat trained, which I doubt they are, then any loud noise, even the battle itself, would see them run away. Though I doubt they would trample anyone, there is not enough room in here for them to pick up any great amount of speed to execute that. Even if we manage it, they will be a threat to us also. I’d rather they run away from us than run rampant and threaten us as well.” He really didn’t mind about himself, he would be mounted anyway and thus safe from being trampled, at least as long as he stayed in the saddle. But everyone else, save those on the walls and roofs, would not be so lucky.

Gedriwyn could see that Elanore was struggling with the idea of not offering the bandits a chance to surrender and so he moved over to her, risking a hand placement on her shoulder to reassure her. ”Once the initial surprise is over and we have lessened their numbers to something a bit more manageable, and then we can see about offering them surrender. In my experience bandits are not the bravest of men and will take life over death without much thought. However, do remember Elanore, that our charter specifies that bandits are to be executed, either by the rope or the sword. Whether they surrender or not, the result will be the same.” He said grimly before continuing, ”These are troubling times and even if we could keep them alive, this is not a prison, it is a restored fort and a small one at that. We cannot set them free with the chance that they will return from whence they came and warn them of our arrival. If that were to happen then a force far greater than we could handle would be upon us within a matter of days. I am sorry.” He let his hand fall to his side and then moved away again. The plan was for the best interests of the group, but he still felt bad that it conflicted with Elanore’s own ideals and tenets.

2012-10-23, 07:25 PM
Oleg shrugged as he contemplated her question, but finally answered, "Aye, bows and swords, maybe a few daggers. That is all that I noticed really."

2012-10-23, 07:29 PM
Elanore Dulac

Ela nods numbly. "This will be my first battle. Three months ago I taught children. Tomorrow I will be dead or I will have helped kill someone."

She sighs, looking unhappy at the necessity. Then she goes to fetch the water basin and have her bath as she mentioned.

She still hasn't eaten yet. If she can bathe at all, Ela always bathes first before she eats or rests.

2012-10-24, 04:24 AM
Vasili listened to the exchange between the knight, the priestess and the proprietor with keen ears, his fingers drawing small circles on the polished wood of his gun's handle. "I'll take to the warehouse roof, then. If I'm lucky, I might get a shot at their headman first. Then we'll see how keen the rest of them are to fight. Also, if there is any way to block the spaces between the main house, the warehouse and the stables, we could make sure none of the bastards try to seek cover there. Any cover you can give me and Dhov we'll take, master Oleg."

It is Gedriwyn's words, however, that rouse the young man's anger. The memories flush back again, and for a moment his hand stops its almost tender caress of the gun and rise to his throat. The rough hemp chewing against his skin, the smell of sweat and anger - yes, angered men had their very special smell alright, just as real as their jeers and the rotten cabbages they hurled at the men at the gallows. "Justice untempered by mercy is like a sword untempered by water: it will break when you most have need of it", he spoke out suddenly, his eyes somewhere far away. Like those words weren't entirely his own. Blinking, he looked up again, drawing his hand away from his neck. "I am with Elanore on this, sir. If we take captives and even one of them wishes to make amends, we should consider mercy. I'm not saying we should let them all go on their word... but neither should we condemn them all to the gallows, lock, stock and barrel."

Vasili stood up slowly, stretching. "But that's a discussion after the battle. If you don't mind, master Oleg, we should probably take a look at the yard and set the scene for tomorrow. I'm no carpenter but I'll help where I can", the young man offered. He also considered finding a moment alone with Oleg, to ask if one of the bandits had carried a trophy with them: the twin of his pistol. Or if Oleg had even heard of such a thing...

OOC: Vasili's ready for the fight. If there is nothing else - changes in the order of battle, philosophical discussions about the nature of evil, a game of cards :smallwink: - just assume he finds a nice, warm niche for him to sleep in. And a place to keep the odd little barrels of reagents he brought with him from Restov.

2012-10-24, 01:48 PM
”though my steed’s name is Cardoc for future reference, not ‘beast’.”

"It was my understanding that in common, 'beast' is a classification, with no measure of degradation. In elven we say vadállan. But no matter, I will call your horse whatever you wish."

Dhovanu is fond of animals herself, so clearly meant no dishonor.

2012-10-24, 09:16 PM
"As to your suggestion... My natural inclination is to attack from above, when the opportunity is presented. Much like my hawk in that regard, I suppose."

She considers the angles from the catwalk.

"But it does seem that I would get better site-lines from the wagon... And the wagon walls might give me some cover from return fire..."

I might even be able to shoot one or two in the back.

"So I do not oppose your plan."

2012-10-25, 11:38 PM
"I'd like t' be close to the gate, close enough to be in throwin' range," Vill says, flipping the knife in his hand to hold it with a two-fingered grip on the blade. "And if this is a perfect world, it'd be with somethin' to hide behind, an' not so close that some big bad bandit gets funny ideas 'bout how my head's at a very convenient level for his sword."

The halfling takes a look around the courtyard for any such spot. "Hey, Oleg," he says mouthily, "you got any barrels or crates that fit a would-be hero of about three an' a half feet? "

Ideally, Vill would like to hide in a barrel/crate from which he can easily extricate himself, and which would give a circumstance bonus on stealth.

2012-10-26, 12:21 PM
Elanore Dulac

About half an hour later, Ela comes back from her bath, having made extensive and repeated use of her Create Water orison.

She has put her studded leather armor back on and is looking rather unhappy to be wearing it instead of a dressing gown as she'd like. But she's in the wilderness now, and it pays to be safe rather than sorry.

She asks Oleg and Svetlana, "What kind of supplies do you have that we can purchase or use for the ambush? May I see your inventory?

2012-10-26, 06:25 PM
Oleg, when asked about the barrel, nodded slowly. "In the Storeroom there should be an empty barrel, I'm sure we can move it to wherever you'd think is best for your ambush." The Levetons, once this discussion is over, assist the Companions with their efforts at making the fort ready for the ambush. The wagon is pushed inbetween the stables and the outer wall, ready to be pushed into place to block the exit off. The platform that would allow easy access to the rooftops was hastily, but sturdily, constructed with a practiced effectiveness from Oleg.

Meanwhile, Svetlana, having been approached by Elanore, showed her the storeroom with its barrels of drinking water, the barrel of lamp-oil, three lamps, a dozen candles, a weeks worth of firewood, a hooded lantern, seventy feet of hemp rope, a tent, and enough food for two weeks. The young woman also showed Elanore the stockroom, the place where Oleg and her usually do business with the travelling merchants and hunters. Of use in there was: a set of leather armour, a heavy wooden shield, two hand axes, five javelins, a longbow, two dozen arrows, a scythe, two spears, two potions of cure light wounds, a potion of shield of faith +2, two vials of antitoxin, six torches, two weeks trail rations and a number of animal furs.

Svetlana does inform Elanore though that the equipment in the stockroom can be used, but it is to be returned after the ambush; which disallows the use of the potions.

2012-10-27, 06:23 AM
The preparation of everything necessary to the ambush was completed within a few hours, after which the companions were able to rest, gathering their strength for the following day which would see, for some, their first battle and perhaps even the first time they had ever killed a person. The night passed slowly, many did not find sleep at all such was their worry about the coming conflict. An hour before dawn the companions awaken and prepare themselves, getting into position nice and early to ensure there are no surprises should the bandits arrive early. Renly and Gregory seat themselves on the very back of the wagon, out of sight from the entranceway. Dhovanu, laying on the wagon top, sends her hawk out to keep watch only to return when the bandits have been spotted. Vasili, sitting leaning against the crates on the platform is unable to be seen from the gates or even from below. Winter and Elanore, within the house await the signal to come forth and use their unique skills to the betterment of the companions and the detriment of the bandit scum. Whilst Crimson, for the moment, stands next to the barrel that he would in short order jump into when he sees Dhovanu’s bird return. Gedriwyn waits behind the fort, watching from around the corner to ensure he can see the bandits arrive and thus has enough time to mount, skirt the fort and then charge at the signal when it is given. Svetlana, at the order of Oleg, waits within the house worried about the outcome, but comforted that the companions are there to assist them overcome these trials. Lastly, Oleg readies the storehouse’s goods to be taken by the bandits as he has done this time every month.

The bandits arrive on time. They emerge from the tree line, startling a few critters. One of the bandits glances at the hawk that takes flight from one of the trees and wheels out over the hilly ground toward the trading post. Hawks are not an uncommon sight in the Greenbelt, though why it would fly in that direction was a mystery to the bandit, not that he gave it much thought. They approach the fort, eight in total leading four horses each with saddlebags meant for Oleg’s goods. They arrive at the fort swiftly, striding straight through the gates and into the courtyard without a care in the world. They had cowered the trading post owners after all and thus there was nothing for them to be worried about.

The leader of the bandits, a tall hooded man who appeared quite rough, but also observant, glances at the wagon and then the platform. ”Making a few additions and repairs are we Oleg? Where did you get the coin for that? Eh?” The hooded man motions for the bandits to begin loading the goods onto the horses, he wanted to get what they had came for and then leave as quickly as possible. ”Where is your lovely wife? Not here to greet us? I’ve been thinking about her for a good long while now Oleg, might be that this time is the time I get my fill.” He chuckles, as do a few other bandits.

Oleg does not rise to the bait though... ”Take your goods and go.”

The hooded man growls, moving over to Oleg and punching him in the face, sending the man sprawling to the ground. ”Don’t you be telling me what to do, you son of whore. I’ll do what I want and take what I want when I feel like it. Got it?” He gives Oleg a kick to the guts before turning and taking a few steps away.


Ok, so you have a surprise round, I’ll leave it up to you to make the first move so that the bandits are truly taken by surprise. The bandits, once surprised, are so much so that they don’t immediately know what to do. All of the bandits won’t act during the surprise round, obviously, but the bandits also are so surprised that they are slow even to react after that surprise round, save for Happs who is a bit more seasoned. Assume when the signal is given, assuming it is Vasili's gunfire, that the horses bolt out the gate as Gedriwyn rides in and just before the wagon is pushed to close that exit.

Also the two bandits near Vasili are inside the storeroom whilst he is ontop.

Each PC gets a normal round of action as the surprise round, followed by a second round. Each of you please post what you do for both of these rounds, making the appropriate rolls for attacks, damage, abilities and whatever other things you may try. I’ll piece it all together once everyone has posted and write a post describing each round and what happens with an updated map at the conclusion of each round.

Initiative is as follows:
Elanore (24), Crimson (23), Dhovanu (20), Quray (19), Happs (17), Bandit Six (16), Bandit Seven (15), Vasili (13), Bandit Two (11), Gedriwyn (7, 17), Winter (7, 6), Bandit Four (5), Bandit Five (2), Bandit One (1, 18), Bandit Three (1, 12)

Good luck everyone, should be an interesting battle against so many, if there are any questions I’ll be able to answer them relatively quickly in ooc.

2012-10-27, 08:01 AM
OOC: I'm assuming we agreed that Vasili's shot starts the fight. If this is not the case, please correct.

Behind the platform, Vasili listens in on the conversation. Pistol in one hand, the powder horn in the other, he peeks from his vantage point, counting the bandits. A vicious little grin makes hus mustache perk when he notices that the bastard leading these men has put him in a prime spot to take a lead shot between his eyes. Old Dead-Eye is smiling today, the young man thinks, but his joy is cut short when he sees the bandit leader kick Oleg like the man was nothing but a mangy cur.

"Get this", Vasili mutters as he brings his pistol to bear. A squeeze of the trigger and the flintlock hammer strikes, a sparkle rises a fairy's heartbeat before the air echoes with the pistol's delightful k-thoom! Without waiting for the white cloud of smoke to settle, Vasili loads his gun again with practiced ease and fires again, making sure not to waste his advantage.

Surprise round:
Spend a grit point on Up Close and Deadly (1d6 extra damage on a succesful hit, half that on a miss). Firing at the leader, who's kind enough to be within range - meaning touch AC only for the sorry son of a beach :smallbiggrin:


Extra damage:

Second round:
Move action to reload pistol (thank you, Rapid Reload!). Then attack normally against the leader if he's still standing. If not, attack the nearest bandit - which would be the standing adjacent to the leader.



2012-10-28, 08:39 AM
Dhovanu waits for the horses to run out of the way, having been spooked by the pistol shot. She doesn't blame them, she still jumps half the time that blasted fire-stick goes off.

She then stands up and fires an arrow at the nearest bandit. She says a silent prayer to Ketephys, the elven god of the hunt. May my aim be true.

Attack [roll0]
Damage [roll1]
I did my rolls without point blank shot, but if the NPCs move the wagon out then they should be closer, giving +1 attack and damage.

I suspect that standing is my surprise round action, so this attack above is probably in the first round (Edit: nevermind, I see we are getting a full round). Here's a roll for my second attack. Again, perhaps with +1 to both rolls from PBS.
Attack [roll2]
Damage [roll3]

It looks like a good shot, so she fires again, trying to finish off the same bandit. No mercy.

2012-10-28, 10:13 AM
Dhovanu orders Ouray to move up and attack the nearest bandit "Tavadás i' edan!".

Handle Animal: [roll0]
Distract: [roll1]
On a hit, the enemy is shaken.

Next turn:
Ouray Full round attack...
Talon 1 ATK:[roll3]
Talon 1 DAM:[roll4]
Talon 2 ATK:[roll5]
Talon 2 DAM:[roll6]
Bite ATK: [roll7]
Bite DAM: [roll8]

Edit 1: I took out a roll that I don't think was needed (the second handle animal). Will check the rules, if it was needed then it wasn't a success.
Edit 2: I checked the SRD, and based on the language in the SRD, I'm assuming that the animal keeps attacking until otherwise ordered, based on the "Down" trick. Please feel free to correct my posts, I'm still learning some Pathfinder rules.
Edit 3: Forgot that Ouray gets my fav enemy bonuses, so +2 atk and dam. Sorry.

2012-10-28, 07:15 PM
Wait for it... wait for it... Bang! Vasili's gun goes off and Vill leaps into action.

He jumps from his hiding place, a dagger in hand. "How do you do, friend?" he says with his customary grin to the doubtlessly-startled bandit nearest him. "Well, I trust." He stabs his knife at the man's gut.

Attacking the only bandit in melee range.

Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]+[roll2] sneak attack.

2012-10-29, 01:08 AM
Stay safe Svetlana. I'll come let you know when it's safe.

Surprise Round: Move 2 squares down so I'm outside.
Cast Sleep on the bandit closest to me.

2012-10-29, 08:29 AM
Gedriwyn watched as the bandits moved out of his line of sight, quietly and with horse in tow he moved forward around the back of the trading post, moving as close to the wooden wall as he could to avoid being seen. Once he reached the front corner he peered around slowly and carefully and just managed to see the tail end of one of the bandit’s horse’s move through the gates. Mounting his own horse he urged it forward slowly, as he did he took out the shortbow and a single arrow, notching and readying it for the signal. He had made this decision at the last minute in order to inflict as much damage and confusion on the bandits as he was able.

The gunshot fired, followed straight away by the sound of panicked horses. That was his cue, he heeled his horse forward, leading it with one hand until he was in the open. He took aim at the bandit leaning against the bunkhouse wall closest to him and loosed the arrow. Without even waiting to see if the shot landed he threw the bow aside and heeled his horse into a charge, one hand directing the beast whilst the other drew his longsword. He did not charge at the bandit he had fired at but rather the one beyond him standing near to the center of the market yard. The other horses rushed passed him as he charged forward, the horse’s speed increasing as the distance between him and his opponent closed. Just as he met the man he slashed downward in an attempt to slice through the man, not particularly worried about where considering the momentum of his charge and the lethality it imparted to the already lethally sharp blade.

Surprise Round:
Move 15 feet right, attack, drop bow.
Bow Attack: [roll0]
Bow Damage if Hit: [roll1]

First Round:
Charge 30 feet straight forward, attack.
Attack: [roll2]
(+1 Sword Scion, +2 Charge, +4 Longsword)
Damage: [roll3]

2012-10-29, 09:53 AM
Elanore (24, Asleep), Crimson (23), Dhovanu (20), Quray (19), Happs (17, Dead), Bandit Six (16, Asleep), Bandit Seven (15, Dead), Vasili (13), Bandit Two (11), Gedriwyn (7, 17), Winter (7, 6, Dying), Bandit Four (5), Bandit Five (2, Dead), Bandit One (1, 18), Bandit Three (1, 12)

So, the bandit order that I’m going off, just to make it easier on everyone, is top to bottom right to left. So the two in the storehouse are Bandit One and Two respectively and so on downward, not including Happs of course, until the last bandit near the gate is Bandit Seven.

The cleric had rested shortly after all of the work had been done and awoke early to perform her daily routine of praying for her God’s blessings. It was unfortunate, however, that she was interrupted by the arrival of the bandits. She had only been able to pray for a short time and as such believed she had only a few of her God’s gifts at her disposal. Before leaving the safety of the house she cast Bless and then readied her sword. Once outside she moved forward to engage the bandit directly in front of her, using the scimitar she had been trained to use in a slash that would hopefully injure the man greatly.

Obviously had to make the rolls here myself.
Surprise Round:
Casts Bless awarding a +1 attack roll bonus to all within 50 feet of Elanore.

First Round:
Moves directly south until she reaches the building and then heads west to attack the bandit there.
Attack: (1d20+1)= 4
Damage: (1d6)= 6
Wow, sucks to be Elanore also. I’m really not having any luck today, heh.

Winter, having moved forward out of the house on Elanore’s heels, before stopping short and casting Sleep at the bandit nearest to her. The bandit (Bandit Six), being the centre of the spell’s effective radius, falls to the ground induced into a shallow sleep. Elanore, running to the sphere of the spell’s area of effect is also sent into a state of sleep, falling mid step to the ground. Her second attack merely a thought within her state of dreamless sleep.

Crimson’s attack, whilst bolstered by a sense of ethereal courage which gives a certain boost to the accuracy of his attack, is still not enough to see the dagger land its potentially fatal blow to the bandit. The man, whilst now aware of the halfling’s presence, is stunned still too much to do anything at the moment.

Dhovanu rises to her feet as the pistol shot and fires her first arrow at the closest bandit (Bandit Seven), her arrow strikes the man in the shoulder, sending him backward into the wooden wall of the bunkhouse, the arrow holding him fast. He had only a few short seconds before a second arrow, fired from the same source, finished him off. The arrow skewering him through the heart, an effective shot that would have killed immediately had it been the first fired and as well aimed. Her hawk, a creature just as effective at inflicting damage as its bonded master, flies to the bandit directly in front of her master, distracting the man long enough to inflict some damage with one of its talons, though as the bandit throws his hands up to defend himself from the attack he manages to avoid the other furious attacks of the creature.

Happs, the leader of the bandits is just as startled by the pistol shot as the rest of his men, though that surprise lasts barely a moment. The time it takes for the shot to explode out of the end of Vasili’s pistol, travel the distance between it and Happs’ neck, and to then penetrate the soft flesh was all the time he had to consider what was happening. The shot pierced the man’s neck and then exploded out the other side, effectively destroying the man’s spinal cord and ending his life there and then. Vasili’s second pistol shot, directed at the bandit close to Happs, was hit also but with far less damage, merely a scratch compared to that of their leader.

Gedriwyn’s bow attack missed terribly, not that it would have been effective anyway given that the man was already skewered by one of Dhovanu’s arrows in the time it had taken the horseman’s arrow to leave his bow and travel the distance to the already, at the time, wounded bandit.

One of the bandits within the storehouse, hearing the gunshot was at first startled, but quickly managed to gather his wits and grab the bow that was slung over his back and notch an arrow. He stepped out of the storehouse and assessed the situation quickly. Happs was on the ground, blood pooling about the hole in his neck. This immediately sent him into a panic and his eyes darted for the exit; it was obstructed by a wagon, there was no escape. He might as well die fighting. He took aim at the first enemy he could see and had a chance to be successful at hitting; he aimed at the woman standing closest to the entrance to the house (Winter). Unfortunately for the Witch, this bandit’s accuracy and the lethality of this single arrow is beyond her.

Attack: (1d20+2)=22
Damage: (1d8)=8
Critical Attack: (1d20+2)=17
Critical Damage: (1d8)x3=6
I am sorry, but that is a legit roll and I am cringing the whole time I’m writing this...

Winter, you are now in a state of dying, and at -5 HP. You have four more rounds before your character is dead. Hopefully one of the other characters sees your down and comes to stabilize you.

The arrow is aimed perfectly, striking Winter square in the chest and sending her flying backward, the arrow slides in between her ribs and punctures a lung. She is effectively laying on the ground fighting to breath and stay alive long enough for one of her companions to assist her.

Gedriwyn’s charge, whilst at first appearing as if it would not succeed, does in fact land. His charge and skill, coupled with the Hawk’s distracting attack against the bandit (Bandit Five), and lastly the effect of Elanore’s bless which is still active despite her sleeping state, causes the blow which would have fallen short to strike. This strike was just as lethal as its intent had been, the horseman’s blade slashed through the man’s neck, cutting it in half. The bandit slumped to one side, his head awkwardly angled as blood spewed out to stain the ground.

So, because Winter is now incapacitated, we actually only need to wait for Crimson’s post to continue, though Winter you are more than welcome to post what your character is going through during the First Round.

Those who can see Winter is down, and bleeding, are Vasili, Gedriwyn and Crimson. Dhovanu your line of sight is obstructed, and Elanore is asleep so that doesn't help much.

Crimson, your post next. Following that I will make another post to respond to your attack and the actions of Bandits Four, One and Three. Though since you are attacking Four, you might be able to kill or incapacitate him and thus remove his turn entirely.

Everyone else please sit tight until I’ve responded to Crimson’s next actions and then we can start on Round Two, with a new map to show where everyone is.

2012-10-30, 08:24 PM
Vill curses his infernal luck, lunging again with his knife at his still-alive foe. "Seems somebody important likes you... Let's see how much they care, eh?"

Attack: [roll0], damage [roll1]+[roll2] SA if applicable.
Attack 2 (for missing part of the surprise round, I believe): [roll3], damage [roll4]+[roll5] SA if applicable.

Sorry for the delay guys. I've been dealing with some issues in my own game that have taken up virtually all of my PbP attention. In future, Harthar, you're free to bot me if I'm holding things up!

2012-10-31, 08:44 AM
Just the one attack, as it’s a standard action and there was no attack of opportunity against the bandit.

Unfortunately you missed again though >_<
Bandit Four, the one Crimson is attacking, manages to somehow avoid yet another attack from the Halfling knifemaster. Now, after sufficient time to gather his wits, he acts quickly, seeing that the little man has nowhere to go and little to no ability to defend against his attacks, the bandit attacks with a mighty kick to the top of the barrel, his intent to tip it over and send it rolling away. The kick barely succeeds his foot landing against the middle of the barrel and sending it tilting backward for a moment before it crashes over and begins to roll toward the gates. It doesn’t get very far due to the ungainly contents which manage to spill out. Crimson, having rolled roughly ten feet away from the bandit before managing to kick himself out, is now laying on the ground. The bandit, noticing his master’s death and the death of two others knows that it is time to leave; he is just confused as to the direction he should be going in given that they are all effectively surrounded. Regardless he rushes south, passed the prone Crimson and toward the small gap between the wagon and the gate.

Bandit One, the other of the two that had been in the storehouse, rushes out to join his companion, his longbow also out and at the ready he aims at the largest target nearest to him, the mounted man. He draws back on the string and lets the arrow fly. Perhaps he should have taken some lessons from the man standing next to him as the arrow flies wildly away, missing the horseman and pretty much everything else nearby. Undaunted by his inability to hit the target he moves south, following his fellow that had moved mere moments before.

Bandit Three, having taken a grazing shot by Vasili’s second shot, also glances at his dead master and, finding no loyalty to him, turns and aims his own bow at the mounted man. His aim was certainly better than the last bandit to take a shot at the largest target in the Trading Post. The arrow strikes the man in the chest; the horseman’s armour deflects the arrow slightly but it still manages to pierce his flesh and leave a nice wound that will need to be seen to eventually.

4 HP damage to Ged, as his AC is reduced to 15 from not using his shield and suffering the -2 AC from charging.

His arrow striking true the bandit follows his fellows and attempts to flee, heading south but avoiding getting too close to the horse and its now wounded rider. This brings him over the prone Crimson, whom he simply runs past.

Alright so the only bandits left standing/alive are those left on the map. I’ll bring back the corpses of the others once the battle has ended. Essentially with the death of their leader the remaining bandits flee to fight another day, and to warn the rest of their companions of the danger that Oleg’s Trading Post and the Companions now represent.

Elanore (24, Asleep), Crimson (23), Dhovanu (20), Quray (19), Happs (17, Dead), Bandit Six (16, Asleep), Bandit Seven (15, Dead), Vasili (13), Bandit Two (11), Gedriwyn (7, 17), Winter (7, 6, Dying), Bandit Four (5), Bandit Five (2, Dead), Bandit One (1, 18), Bandit Three (1, 12)

We will follow the same initiative order obviously for the second round. You are free to post in whatever order you like and I’ll mash it all together like I did the last one, hopefully it wasn’t too confusing for you all, heh.

Winter has four rounds left until she falls to her wounds, which reduce her health by one each round that she is not stabilized.

Alright, begin Round Two.


Elanore's eyes suddenly pop open, her mind races trying to put together the pieces of what just happened. She had been able to attack the bandit before her when she had simply fallen into a slumber that she had struggled to awaken from. Now that she was she noticed the bandit next to her had also fallen asleep. Her eyes scanned the scene of the battle unfolding before to try and piece together what had happened exactly, though once they fell upon the prone and bleeding form of Winter she pushed aside thoughts of tying up the bandit next to her in favour of rushing to the other woman's side.

Moving swiftly she closed the distance in a few seconds, kneeling next to Winter to assess the damage before producing a holy symbol from within her studded leather armour, holding it within the palm of her hand she quietly prayed for her god's power to be bestowed upon her and then channeled the positive energy of her faith.

Elanore channels 1d6 worth of healing energy, which was 5 once I rolled. This healing is given to everyone within 30ft radius of her. So Winter gets healed 5 points of health, Gedriwyn gets 5 points of Health, Vasili could get it if he had suffered any damage. And even Bandit number six who is taking a nap could have been healed. This healing doesn't extend past maximum hit points though.

So Winter, your character is now at 0HP, which means you are stabilized (correct me if I'm wrong), and you are conscious, but any strenuous movement or ability use will see you take a single point of damage at the end of your round and you'll be dying once more. However, I wouldn't think using a CLW potion to be strenuous.

2012-10-31, 08:54 AM
Dhovanu is pleased to see enemies falling around the square, one brought low by her own arrows. She is not about to let the cowards escape.

"Surrender or die, you will not flee!"

She takes a short step back, then fires her bow at the one closest to the exit.

Five foot step to avoid OA, if needed.
Attack: (ended up being 24 see OOC) includes PBS.
Damage: (ended up being 6 see OOC) includes PBS..

2012-10-31, 09:01 AM
The elf commands her bird to try and stop the escape, if it can. "Ouray, megállu i' edan devenlen!".

Handle Animal: [roll0] Target of 10.
Attack: [roll1]
Damage: [roll2]
Target is same one that Dhovanu attacked.
Edit: I think this should kill it?

2012-10-31, 05:30 PM
"You heard the lady! Drop your weapons or we'll drop you!" Vasili yells as he once again reloads his gun. Even though he is still unharmed, he feels the sudden wash of energy over him, like the warmth of the sun on a beautiful summer day.

There's little time to wax poetic, however, when one of the remaining bandits steps out of the warehouse. Taking a quick tally of the remaining bandits, Vasili picks the poor sod as his next target, intent on making his escape a short-lived one.

Quickly he takes aim and fires, the pistol speaking with the voice of thunder once more.

Shooting at the bandit nearest to Vasili. I think that's Bandit #2. Once again, against touch AC.

Spending the grit point gained from killing the leader on Up Close and Deadly once more.

[roll0] (+1 from Bless)

And damage:

And extra damage from Up Close and Deadly (halved on a miss):

2012-11-02, 07:10 PM
Spattering out blood, Winter chokes out a raspy retort upon waking. I. Hate. Everything.

Grasping at one of the bottles on her belt, she quickly chugs it.
Remember that time when we weren't going to kill all these people Elanore? Yea, let's not do that. It's really hard to breathe with arrows in your lungs.

2012-11-02, 08:13 PM
His luck, it appeared was not with him for today. The fact that the bandit had kicked the barrel which had served faithfully as his cover and hiding place, now turned out to work against him. After recovering from his roll and the two bandits that managed to get passed him while he was trying to come to his senses, he quickly got to his feet and moved toward the closest bandit, the one directly north of him (Bandit One). His knife in hand he once more attacked to sink every inch of its blade into the man’s flesh. His knife sunk in, only a few inches before the bandit managed to move away and stop anymore damage being inflicted.

The combined attacks of the elf and her hawk were sufficient to lay the bandit low. The arrow pierced the man’s chest, penetrating into his lung, a lethal blow if but one that would take time to slowly kill the man. The hawk, however, swooped in and with a lucky strike slashed the man’s throat with his talons, finishing him off. Bandit Four, slumps to the ground, the blood still pumping from the throat wound for a few seconds before his movement ceases.

Bandit Six:
The bandit’s eyes snap open and he pushes himself to his feet, shaking his head to clear it of the slowness of sleep. He remembered nothing of what had happened but after a quick scan of his surroundings and the situation now unfolding before his eyes he could see that his leader, Happs, was dead and that most of his companions were also dead or surrendering. He saw that he had little choice. He did not want to be captured by these people and sent to jail, so he ran. Taking the corner of the building swiftly before running directly south toward the exit, though he was stopped short by the wagon and the horseman blocking his escape. Cursing his luck and knowing that it would be futile to try and escape in any other direction, he dropped his weapons and put his hands into the air, shouting, ”I surrender also!”

Once more the a shot from the damaged pistol hits its intended target, and whilst it is what would be called a grazing shot due to the proximity of the bandit to the pistol additional damage is done. The shot passed between the man’s arm and his chest, grazing the chest but causing considerable damage as it does so. The man reels backward, grasping at the wound and shouting. ”Alright, I surrender, I surrender. Don’t kill me, please.” He drops his longbow and falls to his knees.

Bandit Two:
Surrenders, his hand pressed against his wound to stop the bleeding.

Recovering from the swing of his devastating sword attack he turned just in time to see the feathers of the arrow sticking out of his leg, just before the pain of the wound became apparent. He growled in pain, gritting his teeth to stop himself from crying out in pain anymore than he already had. Reaching down with a spare hand he wrenched the arrow free and discarded it. Turning his horse toward the bandit west of him that Crimson had been attacking (Bandit One), he moved his horse forward, getting him within range so that he could attack with his sword once more. The slashing attack takes the man across the chest, causing severe wounds but not enough to kill him.

The witch quaffs the potion; her trembling hands making it almost seem as if she would miss. She managed to swallow the not unpleasant tasting liquid and almost immediately felt the magical energies that had been infused into the potion take effect, to such a degree that it seemed as if there had been no damage to begin with. The potion healed all of the wound that had been inflicted and allowed Winter to carry on as normal.

Heh, the roll 1d8+1, turned out to be a 9. Luck is on your side it seems. Winter is fully healed.

Bandit One:
The bandit reeled back in attempt to get the knife wielding Halfling from inflicting any more damage to him with that little knife. He had already been skewered by the thing which was enough to cause him mild pain. Unfortunately, he backed toward the horseman who had come over to assist his companion. The resulting slash left him devastated. He fell to his knees and dropped his weapons. ”I surrender, please don’t kill me.”

Bandit Three:
Now the only one of his companions left standing, but still unwilling to surrender with the rest of them, squeezed through the gap in-between the wagon and the gates and began running south toward the bandit’s horses that were thirty feet away.

Elanore (24), Crimson (23), Dhovanu (20), Quray (19), Happs (17, Dead), Bandit Six (16, Surrendered), Bandit Seven (15, Dead), Vasili (13), Bandit Two (11, Surrendered), Gedriwyn (7, 17), Winter (7, 6), Bandit Four (5, Dead), Bandit Five (2, Dead), Bandit One (1, 18, Surrendered), Bandit Three (1, 12)

So you now have three bandits that have surrendered as they are pretty much dead or too outnumbered to stand a chance of escape, whilst having one more bandit that is now outside the fort and running for his horse. He will reach his horse at the end of this round, so if you are going to kill/capture him you had best do it quickly. Once he gets on that horse he is pretty much going to escape since there is no way for any of the PCs to chase after him with the wagon in the way.

Once he is dealt with and I guess the surrendered bandits are bound, then we can move on.

Round Three Begins

2012-11-02, 10:45 PM
Dhovanu grins while she lines up her shot at the fleeing bandit.

ATK: [roll0] PBS (+1), FavEnemy (+2), Bless (+1)
Damage: [roll1] PBS (+1), FavEnemy (+2)

It's a good shot, but the arrow does not penetrate deeply.

2012-11-02, 10:50 PM
Seeing the bandit still standing, she orders her hawk to once more give pursuit. "Sevelli i' devenlen!"

Fly out to the bandit.
ATK: [roll0] Bless, FavEnemy
Talon DAM: [roll1]

2012-11-02, 10:52 PM
The elf jumps down from the wagon, moving to position herself as close as she can to the horse. She'll move between him and his horse, if possible.

Acrobatics: [roll0]

2012-11-03, 12:26 AM
Dhovanu yells. "Stop now, or my next shot will take your life!"

2012-11-03, 04:31 AM
Bandit One:
”I surrender, please don’t kill me.”

"A wise choice", Vasili says as he reloads his dented pistol and levels it at the man. He climbs down from the roof, taking stock of the situation. The last bandit on the run is too far away and behind the wagon, so he cannot shoot him. But by the sound of the shouting, Dhov's got the situation well at hand. And if need be, Ged's only a dismount away from lending assistance.

"Keep your hands where I can see them", he growls at the bandit. "If you so much as think of doing anything other than breathe, I'll send you to see how he's doing in the Boneyard", he adds, nodding towards the body of the dead bandit leader, the man's leg still twitching.

OOC: Rolling Intimidate, in case the bandit thinks to pull a hidden blade or anything.


"Elanore", he then calls out, his eyes never leaving the bandit. "Go fetch Oleg and Svetlana. Tell them to bring rope. We've got some tying up to do."

Having said that, Vasili returns to watching the bandit he has on gunpoint. In the heat of the battle he had not stopped to look at the people he shot. Now that the battle is almost over, he takes a closer look at the man before him, trying to figure out what sort of a person he is dealing with.

If a roll is needed... then, Perception and Sense Motive, I guess?


Sense Motive:

2012-11-05, 05:44 AM
Gedriwyn was well aware of the importance of stopping the bandit from escaping. If he got away then he would tell the rest of the bandits at their camp and then a whole horde of them would fall upon the fort. This fort, with the amount of people to defend it, would fall for sure under such an attack. He had to act quickly, knowing that he and his horse could not fit through the gap between the wagon and the gates he knew that he had to dismount and attempt to follow on foot. Leaping from the horse he moved as swiftly as he could toward the gap, literally throwing himself at the gap he attempted to squeeze between through shear strength. If he managed such a feat he would continue onward until he was within striking distance of the bandit, bringing his sword up and then down in an overarching two handed strike toward the man’s head.

Ok, so I’m going to do a dex check to get between the wagon and the gate.
[roll0] If that is more than 15, I’ll proceed to attack, if not I’ll be stuck and need to do a strength check to escape :P.

Attack: [roll1]
Damage: [roll2]

EDIT: Damage x1.5 for two-handed strike. Sorry forgot to put that in, not that I needed it anyways...

2012-11-05, 06:17 AM
Stood up from the almost completely healed Winter, only the memory of the pain was all that remained of the woman’s injury amazingly enough. She took stock of the situation, turning as Vasili spoke to her. She nodded once, it was a good order and one she would follow, though she was definitely not used to following orders at all. Moving inside she called out to Oleg and Svetlana, “Come quickly, the ambush is over but we need some rope to tie up the prisoners. And something to fashion some bandages out of to staunch their wounds.” She added the latter, knowing that the others had not considered the condition of the bandits, only she who was used to treating wounds had thought of it.

Crimson and Bandit One:
He stood up, moving over to the bandit that had surrendered to Gedriwyn (Bandit One) and kicked him in the back, rocketting the man face first into the ground. He quickly bent down and brought his knife to the man’s throat. “Now you listen here,” He whispered into the man’s ear, “If you don’t tell me everything you need to know, I’m going to cut each and every little extremity of your body off until you do tell me. I’m going to start with your eye lids so that you can’t sleep and you can see everything I’m doing... then I’ll cut off your fingers, one... by... one... and then your toes. Then I’ll work my way up slowly to your most private parts. I’m sure you’ll talk by then, but if not I’ll continue to your nose and your ears...” He let the threat and bluff hang in the air for a moment before continuing, “After that... well... you don’t want to know what I’ll move onto after cutting off all your extremities... but let me tell you. I’ve heard that a man’s insides, when stretched out, are a hundred times his height in length. I don’t believe it... I need to see it for myself.”

The bandit paused for a moment, his eyes wide as his mind filled in the blanks of Crimson’s words. Then he spoke in a trembling voice, ”I’ll tell you everything you need to know, just please don’t... don’t hurt me... What do you want to know?”

Apparantly the elf’s threat was not heeded and so she fired and her bird attacked also. The arrow scored a hit into the man’s leg, slowing him but not stopping him from reaching his horse. The bird’s attack only served to cause several deep gashes on the man’s arms, not enough to stop the fellow but without treatment he would bleed out in a few short hours.

Bandit Six:
The bandit stood, watching in horror as one of his fellows was kicked to the ground by the Halfling. He did not know what exchanged between the two but he did see the other bandit’s eyes open wide in horror. He decided it would be best to just stand there and wait, not angering their captors any further than they were already.

Vasili and Bandit Two:
The gunman is an imposing figure, especially with the still smoking pistol aimed at the bandits head. The man does nothing untoward, he merely kneels there holding his still bleeding side, his gaze flitting between the gun and Happs, their dead leader. Vasili could sense that the man was defeated, he would not be resisting any longer, not unless by some miracle he happened to be mounted and outside the fort’s walls; which wasn’t going to happen. Vasili could perceive though that the man kept looking toward their leader and a particular thing upon the man’s body, a silver amulet on a chain that, upon closer inspection, was a gilded stag head. It seemed that these bandits were men who served the mysterious and elusive Stag Lord.

Gedriwyn and Bandit Three:
The man had reached his horse, his hands grasped firmly on the saddle and reigns, a foot secure in the foot rest he was a moment away from launching himself upward into the saddle. That was until Gedriwyn’s sword crashed down upon his head, cleaving it in two and most of his torso as well until the momentum and strength of the blow had ceased. The Horseman pulled the blade free and grasped the reigns, holding the horse steady so that it didn’t flee and no doubt return to the bandit camp with the decimated bandit dragging behind.

Still recovering from the mental pain of her once physical wounds, moved over to one of the wooden benches to take a seat, though her eyes scanned the market yard in case one of the bandits decided to flee.


Ok, so your all free to Role Play freely now. I assume looting will ensue as well as interrogations. So continue, when I think it is appropriate I’ll move the story along and get everyone started on the main feature of the Kingmaker Adventure Path. When that does happen the newest members of our group will join us and there will be a short time of interaction between all the players to rearrange the party and then decide what to do next. So, good luck and carry on. I’ll obviously post randomly to tell you what is looted and what the bandits replies are.

2012-11-05, 07:34 AM
The sight of the gilded stag head might have caused some other bravo to snatch it before his companions could see it, but in Vasili that little piece of jewelry awakened something else. Painful memories of fire and smoke, of trying to breathe as the barn burned. Of flashing blades and spilt blood.

"The first Moonday of Kuthona, last year", Vasili snarled at the bandit, his gaze fixing on the man as he stepped closer. "Where were you and these two?" he demanded, pointing towards the other two survivors currently being bundled up and interrogated. His voice seethed with pent-up rage, terrifyingly fitting to the heat and sulphurous smell rising from his pistol. "Where were you?!" he demanded again, the pistol's muzzle pressing against the bandit's forehead. "Answer me or by the gods I'll blow your dog-rutting brains out right here, right now!"

That date is three months ago, essentially the first week of December - when his adoptive parents died in the bandit raid.

2012-11-05, 09:57 AM
Dhovanu returns to the inside of the fort, nimbly hopping over the wagon.

She arrives in time to hear the gunslinger demanding an answer, but not the question.

Ouray returns to her arm, she strokes its feathers before instructing her to go find some food for itself. Roam Trick

She watches the scene with Vasili and the bandit with interest.

2012-11-05, 06:46 PM
The bandit took a deep breath and nodded slowly to indicate he would speak. As he did Oleg and Svetlana came forth from the house with rope, they helped the companions tie up the bandits and bring them all together near the bandit Vasili was interrogating. ”We... we were north of here, on a raid of some pitiful cottage. Happs thought we could get some food and something to sell or bargain with. All we found was a small family of three people; one of them had weapons like yours. We wounded one, burnt the house, and chased off the others before raiding it. Heh.” He gave a small chuckle at the thought of it, ”We took the man prisoner and had him carry all the gear we had stolen back to our camp.”

Crimson, once his bandit had been relocated, whispered to Vasili who was, for the moment, doing the interrogation. “This guy is ready to spill the beans as well, you can lead the interrogation.” Then the Halfling stepped back, but kept a watchful eye on the bandits, his knife still drawn despite them being tied up.

The hawk peels off into the sky, ranging south toward the forest in search of food.

2012-11-05, 07:35 PM
Vasili's eyes widen for a second. Alive? They took him alive? He had never dared hope...

"And what happened to the man?" the young man demanded, though he feared the worst. But if there was even the slightest chance...

"And where is your camp?", he then continued. He had to know what had happened... but there were pressing concerns. They would need to find the camp, before the rest of the outlaws learned what had become of Happs and his men. "Speak up", he urged the prisoners on, his free hand now moving to slowly draw his blade from its sheath. Gennadi's sword, his conscience reminded him. Patience. Do not dishonor him by striking in anger... Patience...

2012-11-06, 06:20 PM
Perhaps you'd get some answers out of him if you made an example of him. , Winter chimed in with a raspy voice. She held her hand steadily over her chest, where the arrow that had almost claimed her life had rested mere moments ago.

I'd be more than happy to find out where your camp is from one of the others, and then send you back in pieces.

2012-11-06, 06:35 PM
"Better start talking, fellows", Vasili remarked after hearing Winter's offer. "She's in a foul mood. Arrow to the lungs will do that... that and the fact that she hasn't killed anyone today."

"You wouldn't want me to... oblige her, now would you?"

2012-11-06, 07:06 PM
The bandit glanced from Vasili to Winter and then back again, taking another deep breath before continuing, "We... used him for menial work. He essentially became a slave, that is after Kessel broke him. He is now her servant, does whatever he can to help her. Our camp is south of here, I can show you on a map if you have one..."

2012-11-06, 07:12 PM
The horseman lifted up the corpse of the bandit and draped it over the saddle of the horse he had been trying to mount. Then, after gathering the rest of the horses he led them back into the trading post, waiting outside until Renly and Gregory had pushed the wagon back out of the way. He tied the horses up to one of the many poles and then began gathering the corpses of the bandits. They would need to dispose of the corpses in some fashion, but until they decided how and where he would pile them up next to the quarters. Whilst he piled them up he removed most of their possessions and threw them into a pile, leaving the corpses clothed.

Once this was all accomplished he waited patiently as the gunslinger interrogated the bandits.

2012-11-06, 07:16 PM
Vasili's finger tightened on the trigger, eager to squeeze it. No. Patience... His eyes studied the bandit, to see if he was telling the truth. Look in the eyes, Gennadi had said. A man can lie with his tongue and with his deeds, but only a few know how to lie with their eyes.

Rolling Sense Motive...


Also, I've been meaning to ask what kind of men these survivors are, age- and appearance-wise? Are we dealing with hardened frontiersmen or half-starved youths with fuzzy upper lips?

2012-11-07, 09:42 AM
The bandits that still remain alive are all younger, in their late teens to early twenties and without the hardness that is seen in veterans or men who take pleasure in this sort of work. Of all the bandits that had been involved in the raid only about four of them, including Happs, looked to have this hardened quality. The man that Vasili was interrogating was the second youngest, whilst the bandit that Crimson had intimidated was the youngest. They each appeared to be terrified of their captors, as yet unaware of what you all might do to them.

Whilst the bandit had been telling the truth regarding Vasili's adopted father, he did seem like he was hiding something, perhaps leaving out something that might cause them anger and thus result in his punishment.

2012-11-07, 10:27 AM
"I see. And I think you're being honest with me. That's a start", Vasili spoke calmly yet firmly, nodding to Oleg to bring the young man a map. After that, the gunslinger took a knee before the three sitting and bound captives, and clicked the hammer of his pistol down. "Keep telling me the truth, you three, and there will be no trouble. But the moment even one of you decides to be clever and starts feeding me horse crap... I'll let the halfling and the lady over there have a word with you. All of you", he continued without breaking eye contact, nodding towards Vill and Winter.

"If we have an understanding about that... Tell me everything. How many there are left, how many will be on guard at any given time. Leave nothing out. Starting with your names."

They've had a taste of the stick, the young man mused as he waited for the young men to start talking. Now let's see if they prefer the honey instead. It was the same tactic Gennadi had used to coax captured brigands to talk in that Pitax cell seven years ago. Hard words to break the defenses, then offer quarter and kindness to those who agree to co-operate... with the gallows waiting for those who didn't. Vasili couldn't help but wonder whether or not the cavalier was already tightening nooses and looking for a nice, sturdy beam.

2012-11-07, 12:48 PM
Dhovanu tenses a bit at Visili's promises. These men are soon to be hung, telling them lies of safe conduct seems somewhat cruel.

She stands over by the wagon, listening in. The elf is not particularly worried about needing the details, but no reason not to use any advantage.

2012-11-07, 05:31 PM
These ones do seem to be a bit young. They're not much younger than we are. Well, some of us anyway, nodding at the elf and dwarf. If we put these idiots to use around here, I'm sure that would be reason enough to let them keep breathing. I mean look around us, no offense Oleg and Svetlana. What else is there to do to stay alive in this horrid place?

2012-11-07, 06:54 PM
The young man, once his hands are untied so that he can point on the map, shows the companions where the camp is that he came from. ”I’m Jeof. I don’t know how many are left there, probably ten, maybe more. There are men constantly leaving and returning... and I never really stopped to count... A few on guard duty, maybe three or four, I couldn’t say with any certainty... I’m no leader.” The other two inform the companions that they are Hansel and Bran. ”Kessel, the woman who leads us, usually directs everyone and knows all that sort of information; we just do what she says.” The bandits turn and look at Winter nodding slowly, ”Aye, we can help out around here, just don’t kill us!” The young man looks sincere whilst the other two hang their heads and wait to be addressed.

OOC: One more round of questioning and then we’ll move on.

2012-11-07, 07:05 PM
"Jeof, Hansel and Bran, huh? Aren't you all... a little young to be running with the likes of him?" Vasili asked and moved over to Happs's corpse, unceremoniously lifting the man by his hair, the broken spine making the dead brigand's neck bend at an unnatural angle. Unceremoniously Vasili removes the stag's-head pendant and wipes it clean of blood on the corpse's coat. "Consider that, I'll have your answers when we come back - with Kessel's head. But there are two things I need knowing: where do you keep the man, Kessel's slave? And would any of your mates back at the camp have one of these on him?" he asks, pulling out his pistol for the men to see.

After questioning, loot the corpses, get the horses... and if possible, pick up a bow and a quiver of arrows for back-up.

2012-11-07, 08:06 PM
Walker, Walters and Dern
Walker, Walters and Dern all arrived a day late to the Mayor’s estates for reasons that varied and mattered little at this stage; regardless they were still admitted into a second briefing on the Charter to the Stolen Lands. It appeared that the Mayor and the Swordlords of Restov were greatly motivated to do what was needed to bring those lands into the fold, however that may come about. First came the exploration and in their experience it was much easier with many people. Each proceeded through the same interview process and were assigned to a group that would leave in the morning once everything was assembled. This group was smaller than the one that had left that very morning; it consisted of just the three of them. Their group was assigned to escort a party of guardsmen who were being sent to the border of Brevoy and the Stolen Lands to reinforce some backward trading post that had been requesting aide for the last three months. That small party of soldiers was led by a man named Kesten Garess, a noble from the same family though not very high on the order of succession. For some reason the noble wants to leave Restov as quickly as possible and as such he, and his men, are all mounted. He manages to convince a merchant to rent out three additional horses for Walker, Walters and Dern so that they will not slow them down. The merchant will be arriving at the Trading Post, a place called Oleg’s, in a few weeks and will take back his horses then.

Dern you can make a Knowledge (nobility) check here if you’d like, but it’ll need to be very high to learn more information about Kesten.

The following morning the party leaves Restov and beings their journey into the Stolen Lands. The journey is not as long as it was made out to be, but it was definitely hard; Kesten set a gruelling pace as if something was chasing him. They managed to cut their journey down to two days and a half and finally reach the very same spot that the companions had arrived at a day earlier. They looked up at the fort that had been converted into a trading post which was perched on a hill. After moving out of the treeline, and noticing a bird of prey sore out from behind them and make its way to the fort, it did not take them long to ascend the hill and reach the gate of the fort which stood open and inviting. What awaited within was far from that however.

Vasili, Winter, Dhovanu, Gedriwyn
Bran, Hansel and Jeof don’t answer the first question, they don’t think themselves to be too young, since they are pretty much of an age with most of the companions anyway. Bran speaks up when asked about Kessel’s slave, ”Well, he sleeps with Kessel of course... in her quarters.” They each glance at the pistol and shake their heads, ”We haven’t seen a pistol like that I’m afraid.”

The companions make short work of cleaning up the mess. Oleg, Gregory and Renly dig a hole big enough for the bandit’s corpses to be dumped into a few hundred meters away from the fort itself. Svetlana and Elanore both take to cleaning up the blood as best as they could, though it did not help much. Following that they continued to take care of the prisoners’ wounds and any additional superficial wounds that the companions may have sustained.

Alrighty, so the Ambush is over and we’ll move the Adventure a long a bit as it seems to be floundering a bit.

So total experience gained during the ambush is: 1145. Each PC will get a share which equals: 191 each, roughly. Our new PC additions can also add this number to their sheets just to make progression easier later on.

All in all the equipment and items taken from the bandits amounted to:

Not Normal:
+2 x Alchemist’s Fire
+ Composite Longbow (+2 Str)
+ Silver Stag Lord Amulet (worth 20gp if sold)
+ Four additional Horses
Normal Items:
+ 16 days trail rations
+ Seven Longbows
+ 145 arrows
+ Eight sets of leather armour
+ Seven shortswords
+ One Dagger

Once Oleg confirms that the companions are entitled to take all of the possessions of the bandits as a boon for defeating them and assisting the trading post; however if they do not want them they can sell them to him at full price if he has enough coin. He also presents them with 100gp, and tells them to forget about the potions that were used during the ambush, all of it as reward for assisting them. Furthermore the companions are able to stay, free of charge, in his guest house for as long as they want. He and his wife will even provide meals for them for free.

Svetlana returns from her chores with the news that after such an exhausting battle for the companions she has prepared a meal for them and that they should sit and eat whilst discussing what they should do next. The pot, with the assistance of Oleg, is secured over the fire between the two long tables and bowls and cutlery are brought out. The smell from the pot is heavenly considering the smell of blood and released bowl contents that they had smelt for the last hour that they had been cleaning up. Upon the table is the map which shows the location of the bandit hideout that Jeof had pointed out, and beside that was one of the charters that told them of what their mission was.

The Party is interrupted as they move toward the table, by the arrival of Dhovanu’s hawk that signals someone is approaching the fort. Soon enough a party of eight arrive at the gates. You have enough time to set up for a hasty ambush if that is what you want to do, but no one is in position enough to go to the extent that they did last time.

Exploration Map:
Important Locations:
E2 - Oleg’s Trading Post
D4 - The location of the bandit camp, known as the Thorn River Camp.

Alright, so this is a good time to brief you a bit on the processes involved in the next stages of the Adventure Path. So your main objective is as the charter says, to explore the Northern Greenbelt, making a map of the region that you will be able to present to the Swordlords of Restov. Obviously there will be additional side-quests and the hunting of the bandits which will influence the directions you go in.

Below is a travelling and exploring table that pretty much tells you how long it will take you to cross each hex on the map, and how long it will take you to explore each hex on the map.


As you can see exploring takes quite a lot of time, but it is a large area and your party doesn’t want to split up in case they encounter trouble. So with the following in mind you’ll need to prepare yourselves either for lots of short journeys, or a few long journeys. You have the advantage of a wagon which can hold a lot of goods; however it will take longer for you to travel over harsh terrains with the wagon, so you need to bare that in mind also. Also events will occur at Oleg’s even while you are away so it is good to return there every now and then to find out news, meet new people, sell your loot, and stock up on better equipment if you can afford it.

With regards to Selling and Buying at the Trading Post. Oleg has only a small amount of stock that can be purchased and a small amount of coin that can be used to purchase the Companion’s items. Oleg does have an agent in Restov who is able to provide him with a loan which would arrive in a week. So you shouldn’t worry too much about too much gear to sell, as eventually it will be sold. As for buying things from Oleg, he has a very basic list of items that hunters and trappers might need, but if the Companions want anything special he can place a special order and it will be available for purchase in a week.

So, what you all need to think of now, after sorting out the introductions with Kesten and the new PCs, is what you’re going to do. Obviously you have a time frame in dealing with the bandits, but you also don’t want to rush in without a great deal of knowledge and without being prepared.

2012-11-07, 10:31 PM
Dhovanu takes a look at the composite longbow. She pulls it back to her ear, but only with great effort. Her elven build is a little too slight for a bow with such heavy tension.

"Too bad, but could be better for you, Ged."

She replenishes her arrows from the horde, choosing the ones that look to have been best fletched. She then consults with Oleg.

"Sir, I've come to realize I've been neglecting the safety of my hawk. This day she has demonstrated her ability to draw blood when it is needed. What I require is a small leather device to protect her torso. Something light and which would not obstruct her flight."

The elf makes a crude drawing in the dirt with her knife of what she needs.

"It won't do any good if a bandit manages to connect full on, but glancing blows and arrows might be turned aside. We've got leather armor from the humans we defeated here. Could one be cut down and reshaped for this purpose? I'd pay, of course."

Just trying to squeeze this in before the others arrive.

2012-11-08, 12:17 AM
The hard pace Kesten set took some getting used to. Walker, like his name would suggest, has always preferred his own two feet over the clumsy hooves of a poorly trained mount. By the time they reach Olegs, his legs ache, but he hadn't complained once so far and wasn't about to start.

Riding alongside one of Kesten's guardsmen he segues the conversation away from tales of the man's family upon spotting the trading post. "Your home for the next few weeks. Intimidating place, with those walls, hardly a soft target. Its surprising they're troubled by bandits."

2012-11-08, 01:50 AM

Dern was in a great mood during the journey, despite the grueling pace. He was a good horseman and he enjoyed the ride even if he was tired. Dern was just too excited to leave the Orlovsky holdings and even more happy to be selected to come to the Stolen Lands. During the trip, joking with the soldiers and tried to learn a bit about his other fellow travelers. He did not make a fuss about his religious beliefs, praying discreetly at dawn. Noone would have guessed his calling and he acted more like another professional mercenary than anything else.

Walker and Walters, did we have chats while we were coming? Did we get to know a bit of each other?

As Oleg 's post comes into view, Dern stops his horse to get a better look and then trots to join the others. He is an imposing figure in his shining but unadorned chain mail, the huge axe in the saddle sheath and his dashing boots and belt. With practiced ease, he takes of his helmet and lets his long black hair free, in the Brevyan style. His grey eyes seem to sparkle with mischief as he turns to the commander of the column and says

"Not bad, is it? With a bit of redecoration it can really show its beauty.I mean, style is everything. How can we expect to claim the wilderness without silk curtains in the windows. Tsk tsk tsk what has Brevoyan culture fallen in to..."

Flashing his signature easy smile, the handsome man begins his ride into Oleg 's, his armor and axe jingling.

Harthar, I have no ranks in Nobility! Not enough skill points. But I will put some come next level. So far, it is latent knowledge. Knowledge checks cannot be made untrained if the DC is more than 10, correct?

2012-11-08, 05:14 AM
Having asked his questions, Vasili had turned to Oleg and asked him to keep the captives locked up until they returned. Jeof would need patching up, and even if the gallows were his fate, there was no need to keep the boy in pain. Perhaps Svetlana could see to that. To discourage running away, he had also suggested taking their clothes save for trousers and a shirt. And of course keeping them bound and, if possible, gagged.

During the grisly work of clean-up, Vasili was disturbingly quiet as he pat down the corpses for any hidden valuables, stripped them of any usable goods and then helped carrying or dragging the half-naked corpses to the burial pit. For such a young man, he didn't seem squeamish to do such work. Of course, he had said he had grown up in the frontier, but the ease in which he cut off purses and handled the corpses when removing their leathers spoke of a man who had done this before. He even tests the dead men's weapons as he pulls them of the corpses, picking up one of the longbows and a score of arrows. Happs's amulet he has already pocketed.

Dibs on the following:
- Longbow and 20 arrows
- The Stag Lord amulet

And if nobody else wants to take them, the two vials of Alchemist's Fire.

And just in case there's something else of interest on the corpses: Perception check. Seems appropriate...


Still, after the work is done and the gore has been washed off, the young frontiersman seems to lighten up a bit. Especially when the delicious aroma of Svetlana's stew fills his nostrils. And just as if on cue, his stomach lets out a deep, almost ursine growl. There hadn't been much time for breaking fast before the ambush, so the stew is a heaven-sent.

Still, there are matters that need saying before they plan their next move. Moving closer to the cavalier, Vasili coughs a little. "Gedriwyn... about what we're going to at the bandits' camp. There's something you all should..."

Before the young man can tell what is wrong, the shrill call of Dhovanu's hawk cuts over the hustle and bustle in the courtyard, followed by the thud of approaching hooves. "Horsemen", Vasili hisses as his hand moves to the handle of his pistol.

2012-11-09, 12:10 PM

The pace was faster than Walters had expected. Horsemanship was not his best skill. If he was uncomfortable he did not show it.

The travel was made enjoyable by the company of his fellow companions. He found Dern not too preachy and Walker of similar mind.

As they approached the fort Walters scanned it with his eyes looking for activity; wondering if the bandits got here first.

Sitting atop his worse, Walters shifts his grip on his fauchard. "You think we'll be treated as friends or foe," he asks no one in particular.

2012-11-09, 02:50 PM

Hearing Walters' somewhat rhetorical question, Dern, still riding his excitement, turns to the heavily armored man:

"My dear companion, nobody would treat such a likeable fellow as myself as enemy, not at first glance. Nor someone carrying such a heavy blade as you. Such impoliteness is weeded out early on in life, usually in an abrupt and terminal manner . I am sure there are just deliberating on how they should approach such wonderful guests such as us"

Again, he turns his gaze to the fortress, but pits his helmet back on and unobtrusively unfastens his axe.

"Still, no fires, screams of maidens or circling crows. This I take to be a good sign"

2012-11-11, 12:43 AM
Gedriwyn nodded slowly to the elf as he took the offered composite longbow from her, feeling its weight before drawing back the string and finding it easy enough. Obviously it was harder to pull than the shortbow he was used to and he wouldn’t be able to wield the bow whilst in the saddle, but it would be good for those long range targets that he usually couldn’t hit. He nodded, “Thank you.” He said graciously to Dhovanu, before differing to the others with, “If you all don’t mind my using it?” He removed his shortbow and placed it into the pile of weapons and equipment that they had taken from the bandits.

Gedriwyn helped to dispose of the bodies by tying the corpses of a few bandits together with a rope and attaching it to the back of his horse’s saddle, and then he dragged them out of the fort and to the mass grave. There he untied them and threw them into the pit. Once all of the corpses had been placed within he assisted the other men in filling in the grave. When finally they returned to the trading post they were hungry and it was indeed time for a hearty meal. His stomach growled its agreement when he smelt Svetlana’s stew; however he had to push his hunger aside as Vasili hissed the arrival of someone at the fort. “You all see if you can take cover, I’ll greet them with Oleg.” He was the most damage resistant of the group, the least squishy, and thus if they were once more under attack he was the most likely to be able to stand up to any punishment that could be dealt to him. His companions would then be able to take the attackers by surprise.

He moved out into the middle of the courtyard, one hand on the hilt of his still sheathed longsword and put a hand up in the universal sign for ‘halt’. Even if the newest arrivals were not blind he would follow this sign with words spoken loudly and clearly, deeply toned, “Hold on there, from where do you hail and who, or what, do you seek?” Gedriwyn was not about to give away that they were on edge because not hours before they had been under attack, he wanted to present to them as convincing a sight as any; pretending to be some sort of guard captain for the moment until he learnt of their intentions.

2012-11-11, 03:38 AM

As the party of men approaches the fortress, Dern tries to take the scene in at a glance.

Perception [roll0]

Of course, the most immediate thing to notice is the heavily armored man greeting them in a firm manner in the middle of the courtyard. Dern actually liked the gesture, one man hailing a whole group of armored men. It showed bravery and resolve, even if it could prove to be fatal.

"Goodmorning to you too, Sir of the Greetings! We are Sir Garess' Travelling Dancing Show, here today for only a limited time of performances! We will astound your friends with acts of amazing dexterity, we will rejuvenate old and tired souls and our touch cures baldness!"

Dern suddenly remembers that he was also here under the Orlovsky name and that his antics are not always appropriate.

"But besides that, we have been send from the Mayor and Swordlords of Brevoy to help keep the order around here. Sir Garess here leads these fearless men to do just that. Me,Dern Orlovksy, at your service and these two gentlemen of fine repute, Mr Walker and Mr Winter have been send to help an earlier party which seeks to civilize the region. Since you haven't identified yourself, and since I know from the highest authority that there is no law in these parts, I sincerely hope that you are an esteemed member of that party. Otherwise, I would sadly and regrettably question your right to question us. By any means necessary."

2012-11-11, 05:36 AM
At Gedriwyn's command, Vasili had placed himself behind the corner of the guest house, his pistol drawn. Listening in on the conversation he could not help but laugh a little at the sheer amount of pomp this man Dern was showing. Another knight who's been listening to too many bards, he reckoned as he took a peek from behind the wall. The men didn't seem aggressive... yet.

"I don't think there's any need for that yet, good sir", he spoke up as he stepped out into the open, holstering his pistol for now. He knew he didn't make as impressive a sight as Gedriwyn did. Not with his old leather armor and Garundi-decorated gloves and boots, but he knew the sword and the bow in his back didn't make him look like a push-over either, despite being only nineteen years of age. He didn't flaunt his pistol, though. If things went sour, better to surprise these buggers with something they didn't expect. "And you would be correct in assuming who we are. I'm sure my friend Gedriwyn here can find the charter to prove that. But I've yet to seen yours. How about it, sir knight? We show you ours, you show us yours."

2012-11-11, 10:47 AM

Dern flashes a winning smile as he addresses the new man. Obviously someone that means business, by his attire. And the contraption that he holds seems ...efficient enough. As he reaches towards his backpack to retrieve the scroll case he says rather loudly

"Ah, reciprocity! Makes life worth living. To this I will add good will and show my charter first. As I do so, please note that I will be approaching Sir Gedriwyn, which I take to be the fine boned gentleman standing in the middle of the yard, mounted and having a rather large axe in my possession. These facts please consider to be innocent necessities. And to avoid any surprises all around, may I ask that the rest of the party shows itself? It just so happens that I know how many to expect. On the other hand, in the hypothetical situation that you are imposters that have stolen the true party's charters, you may not have the correct numbers. Hypothetically of course."

Dern then approaches slowly but steadily Gedriwyn and hands him the charter. As they read it,Dern lets his gaze pierce the two men speaking, seeking in their souls the mark of foul deeds.

Still no color! Please help!

2012-11-11, 11:02 AM
By the Gods, I wonder how many flies he has swallowed, yapping like that, Vasili mused to himself, unable to stifle a small chuckle. Walking forward he took the piece of parchment from Dern and read it next to the talkative knight's saddle.

"This looks genuine to me, down to the seal and all", he then spoke up, looking at Gedriwyn. "Do you want to take a gander at this?"

"Unless he finds anything wrong with the charter, I think introductions are in order. Vasili Kozhek, pleased to meet you."

2012-11-11, 11:45 AM
Dhovanu hops down gracefully from her perch, she puts her arrow back in her sheathe and steps out for the new arrivals to see her.

"And I am Dhovanu Tyreplith, designated scout for this crew. I am pleased to receive further reinforcement."

2012-11-11, 11:55 AM

The big man steps down from his horse and walks his horse forward, leadinghs horse in one hand and holding his large polearm in the other. "I am Walters," he says as an introduction. "Don't mind Dern. He does like to talk."

2012-11-11, 01:50 PM
Somewhat surprised by the presence of the armour clad knight, he is pleased to see the younger boy step forward. The strangely dressed man, though not any more strange a sight than Walker himself, couldn't be more than a few years younger.

When the ever-loquacious Dern began what was sure to be another long winded explanation, Walker's forehead descends to meet his palm. While Dern speaks he has time to dismount and walk forward towards the two, now three, strangers.
This is an important convergence, Saint Walker. Your new family.
They aren't my family yet he can't help but reply. Ignoring the voices would have been better. They didn't deserve absolute credence, but this time he couldn't help but agree. These folk looked to be the group of cartographers he was to work with.

"And I am Walker. Thank you for welcoming us. Where is the Oleg who asked for these guards? Sir Garess should meet."

2012-11-11, 02:42 PM

Dern smiles when he sees Walker's reaction. It usually takes months to get at that stage. This is surely the beginning of a beautiful friendship, he thinks. He also dismounts and shakes hands with anyone who would do so.

"And I am Dern Orlovsky, at your service. As my esteemed companions said, I am good at talking. It is what makes me so adorable. Also, I am proficient at performing crude surgical operations of the bladed kind at unwilling, but deserving, recipients. Pleased to meet you all."

2012-11-11, 02:52 PM
"You can find master Oleg over there, with his missus. Talk to him respectfully, and I'm sure mistress Svetlana will find a way to house the lot of you. But that is their call, not mine. We are guests at their house", Vasili answered to the man introducing himself as Walker.

"As for... surgical procedures, you lot are late. We had our first taste of blood only a few hours ago, when some men tried to squeeze master Oleg for goods and vittles", the red-haired man continued, taking a look at the talkative nobleman. "We put five to the sword, the rest surrendered. To us", he added, turning his eyes towards Kesten and his guardsmen. Something told Vasili to be wary; he reckoned that this man Kesten wouldn't think twice to string up the surrendered men just to prove the length of his sword, so to speak.

2012-11-11, 06:11 PM
Oleg nodded slowly as he listened to the specifications of the woman for her birds armour, he had an idea of what he and Svetlana could do in order to fulfil the elf’s wishes, ”That shouldn’t be a problem, we’ll need to take a few measurements and then give us a few days and we can whip something together.” They both smiled and then turned their attention to the new arrivals. Oleg told Svetlana to wait at the house whilst he moved forward to greet them next to Gedriwyn. He allowed Ged and Vasili to do the talking until finally he was addressed.

”I am Oleg,” The big man intoned, moving forward as Kesten did so. Kesten dismounted and pulled a leather folder from his saddlebags before moving to greet Oleg with a handshake.

”Pleasure to meet you, Oleg, I am Kesten Garess and we are here to see to the defence of this trading post. You have my apologies for the swordlords taking so long in sending you some aide.” The man produced a piece of parchment upon which were written his orders and the official posting of the soldiers at the trading post for its defence. During the interaction Elanore and Crimson moved out of their hiding places and into the open. Kesten’s gaze found them next and he smiled slightly, ”Ahh, my next two points of interest.” He produced two more pieces of parchment, and then motioned two of his guards toward Crimson. The two guards moved forward and roughly took hold of the Halfling who only then began to struggle. ”By order of the swordlords you are once more under arrest Villem Bransky, for two counts of murder, you have already been found guilty as your signature was found at the scene of the crime.”

The Halfling rogue smiled, “From ear to ear, aye as good a signature as any...” he chuckled.

Kesten grunted, ”Throw him in the middens until we can find a proper jail for him until he can be executed.” The guards nodded and began moving the rogue toward the rear of the fort where the middens were kept. Kesten then turned to Elanore, ”Lady Dulac, it is with great displeasure and regret that I am to inform you that you must return to your father’s estates at once. It would seem that there has been a family tragedy and you are needed there immediately. You are free to take my horse to ensure your return is as swift as possible.” He could elaborate no more despite Elanore’s subsequent interrogation, the end result being that the Cleric packed her things and left immediately on the offered horse.

Kesten moved off with Oleg to discuss a few things with regards to the defence of the trading post leaving the newly introduced companions alone in the courtyard. Svetlana moved forward and offered the stew to the newcomers as well before calling Gregory and Renly forward to see to their horses.

The cavalier inclined his head respectfully to each of the new arrivals and even shook hands were they offered. He then motioned toward the sables, “Stables are there, you will find your horses waiting for you should you need them. For now Gregory and Renly will be more than enough to see to their needs, freeing you all up to join us for a meal and assist in discussing where next we are to set off to.” Once the introductions had been completed and he had glanced over the charter before returning it to Dern, he turned and made his way to the stew pot, helping himself before sitting down and looking over the very vague and no doubt incorrect map of the Greenbelt.

“Whilst seeing to the bandits is of high concern, we should see about gathering some more information about the surrounding lands before charging off. Most especially about the surrounds of this trading post considering it will essentially be our headquarters for a long time. Any suggestions on the direction we should take first and whether we should travel light, with only our horses, or whether we should travel with the wagon and go for the long haul?”

You can all discuss where you want to head off to next in the OOC if it will be quicker and easier with just a brief answer IC.

2012-11-11, 06:36 PM
After everyone had settled and goodbyes had been said to both Vill and Ela, Vasili took his seat among the companions. But despite being hungry as a horse, he couldn't help but offer his opinion right away as Gedriwyn opened the floor.

"I think we have an opportunity we ought not miss", the young frontiersman said after he had swallowed a spoonful of Svetlana's stew. "With any luck, the bandits at Kessel's camp are not yet privy to our arrival. As such, we have the advantage of surprise. But only if we move swiftly and strike them today. If we tarry, the bandits will either seek reinforcements or, more likely, move deeper into the Greenbelt. If we strike now, we won't have to worry about them later, and with a bit of luck we can even keep the Stag Lord unawares of our presence for a while longer."

"There's also something else... something I think I should own up to. The man Jeoph mentioned... Kessel's slave? I... I think I know who that is. My adoptive father", Vasili blurted out, fearing the reaction of the others. "I thought him dead, but it sounds like the raiders who burnt our homestead took him prisoner instead."

"So I say we head out today, deal with the camp and return to Oleg's for a day to ask questions about the terrain. And to decide what to do with our prisoners."

2012-11-11, 07:51 PM
"Kessel, Jeoph, a Stag Lord? There is a lot you need to tell us." Walker states as he accepts a bowl of stew.
The Stag Lord
"However, there will be time for explanations on the trail. If they have your father, and you know where they are camped, we should leave at once."
Yes Saint Walker, you must go at once.
Rushing off into the wild is reckless, and these new companions seem... unusual. This entire situation was strange, but what wasn't these days.

2012-11-11, 07:54 PM
"Long story short, then... Jeoph is one of the bandits who surrendered, and the one who was most willing to talk. He said that this woman Kessel is the one who runs their merry little band... and she in turn seems to be in cahoots with some bandit king who calls himself the Stag Lord", Vasili explained without a pause. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the stag's-head medallion he had taken from Happs's corpse. "The bastard's even gone as far as taking the symbol of Erastil as his own."

2012-11-12, 02:24 AM

With a bowl of stew before him, a roof over his head and a seat more comfortable than the saddle, Dern is more content that he has been for the last two days. After he has helped in any way he can in securing the prisoners, he sits down alongside his new companions. After hearing Vasili 's explanation, his face grows more serious and he nods as Walker speaks.

"I think that what you say Vasili makes sense. After the fine work you did here, the element of surprise is ours. I am ready to go on when you are. By the information you have , I gather that you have questioned the captives. Do you have any idea on their expected strength, any possible fortifications and their location?"

2012-11-12, 02:56 AM
Winter walks over and places her hand on Vasili's shoulder.It seems like everyone you come in contact with has some bandit troubles. As long as this "performance group" is good for more than just parlor tricks, we may as well rescue your old man first.

Turning to face the newcomers, Winter questions
What are you lot good for in a fight anyway? From our last encounter I've been voted group arrow catcher, so I hope you can top that at least.

2012-11-12, 05:07 AM

"Mrs Winter, I take offense at your description. We are not a performance group, we were a Traveling Dancing Show. There is a difference, and as you well know, style is everything. Now that we arrived, the Show is defunct and I at least am at your service. "

After that rhetoric tirade was delivered in the usual theatrical manner, the young man becomes more serious

"As I said. I can use both the axe and the armor I wield and many others beside them. I have been recruited to do a job and my Bosses are very strict. I am good at negotiations and I am good at dealing with what happens when they fail. If you agree, I can try and talk to the bandits, as long as it is clear what I can offer them in return"

But being serious for long does not come naturally to the young knight. He smiles again.

"And catching arrows, blades and pointy things and making their owners eat them is my main expertise. Though I prefer to be proactive about it"

2012-11-12, 05:21 AM
You could have knocked Vasili over with a feather when he felt Winter's touch on his shoulder and heard her kind words. He had always pegged her to be as cold and merciless as her name - but it seemed that behind that glacial exterior still beat a warm human heart. Still, he couldn't help but chuckle when Dern started talking - again.

"Apparently this one likes to talk", he chuckled to Winter and nodded his head in gratitude. "A lot."

"As for the bandits... I don't know. Those who surrendered to us are barely older than myself. Scrawny young men, half-starved and easily frightened. Now with a standing guard here, we could ask Oleg if he needs someone willing to pay for his crimes with work. And we could use a guide and a camp aide during our travels - that is, if any of the captives can be trusted that much. I'm loathe to kill anyone if their worst crime is taking grain to stay alive."

"Except... if they have killed. In that case, I'll help build the bloody gallows."

2012-11-12, 08:26 AM
It was definitely the truth when Vasili mentioned how much Dern liked to talk, it became more and more apparent as the conversation continued, the mostly one sided conversation. By the end of it all he had nodded but once, finally he spoke. “Dern, if you think you can get some more information out of them then by all means give it a go. If you’re not able to then I can try my luck. However let us be clear here,” He leant forward and motioned to Vasili, “As the man has said. If these boys have committed murder than by law they are to be beheaded or hung; plain and simple. I’ll not stand for their indentured servitude here when such crimes hang over their heads. They can join Crimson on the chopping block for all I care. In this we must be particularly careful. How are we to know if they are lying to us or not about their past crimes? It is not like we are able to force them to tell the truth. Make sure you are certain of their pasts before offering them the possibility of a future.” He sat back, that was all that he needed to say on that matter.

“As for a camp aide, we still have Renly remember, who, if he isn’t driving the wagon, will be accompanying us for the purposes of camp aide. A guide would be nice, if we could trust them not to lead us into a trap or try to escape...” It was not that he was untrusting, it was simply the fact that mere hours before these young men were trying to kill them all. Joef, the one who had been so talkative, was the very same who put an arrow into Winter that could have killed her. The intent to murder was the same as murder in Gedriwyn’s eyes.

2012-11-12, 09:29 AM

Den sits back on his chair, listening to the other men. When they finish, he says:

"I am no theurge, to be able to tell if one man lies with perfect certainty or to be able to gauge his mind. But as I said, I have been recruited by some very stern Bosses. I can see the stain that dark deeds leave in a man's soul. And I myself am loathe to let men with putrefied souls, who on top have committed obvious crimes, let of the hook.

So I suggest that you let me work with anyone who has not such deeds in his past. Perhaps giving such men a second chance here, they will be able to help construct, instead of destroy. Would you agree with that?"

If the rest are in agreement, Dern asks to be shown to the cell of the captured bandits. Beforehand, he secures another room, where he could talk away from distractions. Without saying a word, he goes in, fully armed and sits on a stool, silently watching the captured bandits. He looks beneath their skin, for their soul, for that whiff of the miasma he knows all that well, for that specific feeling of wrongness that dark deeds scribe on men and women.

Harthar, I think you know what I am doing here! :smallwink:

If he finds some whose souls are still open to redemption, he silently directs them to the nearby room, making sure they are well tied before hand. He also asks one of the guards that came with the relief column to stand guard outside for the few minutes he needs. Going in, he bids them sit on the ground, while he sits on the stool again.

"I am Dern Orlovsky. I am of what counts as law around here. I know what you did and I know how you got caught. I also know that you are not really bad men. Not yet. So I have a deal for you.

These lands here, they are about to change. New things are to be born here, new places will be claimed. New chances are to be earned. You could be part of all that. Instead of rotting in a Brevoy cell, you could be working here to pay off your debts. By the time you are through, a new land will be needing strong men. The past will be the past. Opportunities will be plenty for those who know the lay of the land.

We need to know about your former group. I need to know how many are still under Kessel 's leadership. Where their camp is and what fortifications does it have. How the watches are set and how often. I need to know where the soon to be deceased Stag Lord can be found. How many men he controls and what the camp has in way of protection. If you prove your worth by cooperating, I will make sure that you will get a just period of indentured service, after which you will be considered free men. No cells, no judges, just work here. You have my word that you will be treated fairly.

I will only ask once. And the offer will stand only for those who will help me and only after they have proven their worth. Choose now. I will be back in a minute."

Diplomacy [roll0]

After that, Dern will step out of the room and wait for a minute, thinking his plans. After a minute, he will step back in.

"Your answer?"

Sense motive [roll1]

2012-11-12, 09:42 AM
"Best I come with", Vasili offered as he stood up, his bowl of stew empty. "In case there's need for some 'good guard, bad guard' method of interrogation. Torture won't make a man speak up, but I kept a close eye when dad had a talk with some captured outlaws. He could make a man piss himself with fear after just two sentences - not to mention sing like a nightingale", the young man chuckled, the nostalgia of that memory making his lips tug up momentarily.

If Dern agreed, the redhaired man helped him haul the three men to somewhere more quiet, and stepped outside when Dern worked his way with the bandits.

2012-11-12, 09:45 AM
"Sure, I will need all the help I can get."

Dern feels better knowing that Vasili guards his back. After all he was the one who helped capture these men. When he steps outside to give them (him?) time to decide, he asks

"How do you think it went?"

2012-11-12, 09:58 AM
Vasili shrugs. "I'd take that deal if I were in their boots", he simply states, with a smile tugging the corner of his lips. "And incidentally... I won't tell the others what you clearly don't want to say about your... ah, bosses", he adds, leaning against the wall. "Though I reckon they will figure it out for themselves sooner or later. I did, but that's because dad was... is one of yours. Of Erastil's kind, though."

2012-11-12, 10:06 AM
we should see about gathering some more information about the surrounding lands before charging off. Most especially about the surrounds of this trading post considering it will essentially be our headquarters for a long time.

"I am in agreement. I will consult with Oleg, and then my hawk and I will scout the surroundings."

"We must be careful not to wait much longer. The bandits are expected to be transporting their ill-gotten gains, which would take some time, but eventually their delay in returning will be noticed. We do not want them to wonder what is taking so long."

Dhovanu cares little for the interrogation. No creature lies as well or as often as a human. She would prefer to strike as soon as is possible.

2012-11-12, 10:22 AM
The miasma of energies that Dern could discern from the three men were dark, not vibrantly so, but enough for the man to realise that they had performed some dark deeds that could not be forgiven. With the knowledge that none of the men’s souls are open to redemption, they are still questioned. They all listened quietly, all wear hopeful expressions. When the man leaves the room, they glance at each other and nod, answering a silent question. When Dern returns they each agree to his terms. ”I agree to your terms, I will give you the information you seek in exchange for the indentured service here at the trading post helping where I can.” They would not give any of this information until the agreement is taken however.

Once the agreement is taken they began to speak, Joef first, ”There are about fifteen of them with Kressle leading them, with about half of that number that go out hunting and patrolling each day.” Hansel continued, ”The watch is random; Kessel likes to surprise the men with the randomness of it. I have seen a watch last only half an hour before it is changed. There is usually one on a watch platform toward the middle of the camp and another near some logs toward the west. They are the only assured spots that men are stationed. Another one or two are usually also on watch and they patrol around and through the middle of the camp.” Bran continued, ”The Stag Lord lives further south than the Thorn River camp, we don’t know the location, we never go there. Only Happs and Kressle know, and maybe one or two of the other men who have been with them for longer.”

Dern is not able to discern their motives, but they appear genuine.

2012-11-12, 10:24 AM

Dern smiles with Vasili 's discretion. He starts to really like the man.

"Well, it is not actually a secret. But I don't see why I must make a fuss of it. There are plenty of noblemen riding around with attitudes as it is. I am a man of simpler origins. And I would like to be judged through my actions, not my calling. If they are as they should be, then it doesn't matter if I am a paladin or a farmer. I am a mortal sword, not a showpiece.

But you say that your father is a ...colleague of mine? And if I am not mistaken, he has been taken captive. Well, that won't do. In my profession, we take care of our own."

Dern turns to face the man. His face has become scarily serious.

"So, I tell you this, Vasili. I just earned my spurs and I have a lot to learn. But whatever comes, the only way your father won't come back with us is if I am dead. And even then, I am not sure that will stop me. I will make a darn annoying ghost.This is not idle friendship, because I have not earned that yet. It is a promise, from a neophyte paladin to the kin of another. No one lays low Erastil 's Chosen and gets away with it. Not if my kind can help it. And perhaps you can help me be who I should be. Since you have lived with one of us "

And then, like the sun in a cloudy day, his smile breaks again.

"Damn, I talk too much. Old man Talos, the knight who made me the paragon of virtue and warcraft I am today, always said that enemies would beg to surrender, just so that I would shut up."

2012-11-12, 10:25 AM
To the group, after the interrogation is over:

"We know where they are, and if I had a dozen elven warriors I would suggest we creep up quietly and ambush them. With this crew, however, I am nervous about attempting to approach them at their camp undetected. Metal armor clinks terribly, if your ears are trained to hear it."

The elf crinkles her nose at the thought of wearing noisy armor.

"It might be possible, however, to lure them into a trap. If I could get close, perhaps fire an arrow at one of these watchers of theirs, I am certain they would give chase. Bandits are nothing if not cocky in numbers."

"Gedriwyn, I could lead them to where you and your horse are waiting to charge. And Vasili could lie in wait with his fire-arm. If they are clumped up in their pursuit, Winter could cast a spell to great effect..."

The elf ignores the new arrivals in her planning. Not seeing what they are capable of, she does not wish to count on them just yet.

2012-11-12, 10:34 AM
Vasili threw his head back in laughter. "Well, it's good to know we have a back-up plan if things go sour. You start talking and we'll wait until the brigands have had their share."

"And trust me, I can understand not wanting to be judged for something else than who you are. The man who sired me... I hesitate to call him father, since he did precious little fathering... well, let's just say I would hate to be judged because of something he did. Because of ghosts of the past."

Having said that, Vasili places his hand on the other man's shoulder. "You're a good man, Dern Orlovsky. And I thank you for your promise. For that, I'll watch your back. Gods willing, we will rescue my father and share a pint after this. That is, unless your code forbids that?" the man said, a wicked grin cutting across his lips.

2012-11-12, 01:26 PM

The stout man remained silent through most of the interactions. He ate his food quietly and wondered why they had sent Lady Dulac out by herself.

After the interrogation, it was apparent to anyone looking that he was anxious to be off. He kept fidgeting with his dagger at his belt.

2012-11-12, 02:50 PM

Dern was not happy with the situation. He had hoped that at least one of them would be more innocent. But no, they were all guilty by judgement higher than his. But perhaps this would be a chance to truly offer redemption by example. Perhaps.

" Your information seems genuine. But you have not yet earned my trust. Nor redemption. I will go now and see what kind of deal I can make for you."

@ Vasili

Dern raises his eyebrow in mock surprise
" Well, being a good man is part of the job description. As is sharing a pint with companions in arms. But, in return for your protection, I will guard your front. I have found that it is much more useful than the back."

After the interrogation, Dern goes back to the rest of the team and shares his findings. Then he says
"I think that one of them should accompany us, to test the validity of their information. If they have been sincere, I suggest that they are offered a specific period of service. Under guard, because they are not good or innocent men. I know this for a fact. As for the length, I propose that it is left to Mister Oleg and Sir Kesten. As long as we impress upon them the need for close scrutiny"

After Dhovanu presents his plan, Dern 's eyebrows have again shot up in surprise. Haltingly, he raises his hand, like when he was a student in Barthos' seminary.

" Eeeem sorry, madam. But since we are here, would you like our help? I mean, we do have some arms and armor which could be useful. May I suggest that I stay with Vasili to guard him when he starts to take shots? Also, may I point out that they must see you in order to give pursuit. You must seem like you didn't want to be seen, but you did. And you must run a bit to a place we can assault them from multiple angles. Like you suggested. And all that is dangerous.

Also, is there a way I can borrow some ranged weapons? Like a bow, daggers or throwing axes? I didn't seem to bring any..."

2012-11-12, 03:02 PM
"I believe there's some bows left... liberated from our captives and the bandits who felt Pharasma's call", Vasili offered with a wolfish grin. "And I think I can handle myself, as long as I get an opening to knock an arrow or pull the trigger. Better if there's someone to guard Winter and keep any brigands off her back while she does her thing."

"Best thing to happen would be if we can get as many of these outlaws in a nice, tight bunch. Throw in one or two of these", he continues and pats the two vials of alchemist's fire he took from the corpses. "and whatever spells Winter might have, then mop up the survivors. This woman leading them, though... Kessel or Kressle? We can't let her run. Kill her or take her prisoner, if we want to question her for the Stag Lord's whereabouts. But she can't be allowed to escape."

2012-11-12, 04:05 PM

" I am with you, Vasili. I will guard Winter. But after ranged pleasantries have been exchanged, let me take on Kressle, or whatever she is called. I am encouraged by my Bosses to do such stuff. And I can be quite good at it."

Dern 's answering smile is like the one cats give when they see the canary 's cage open...

2012-11-12, 05:49 PM
Eeeem sorry, madam. But since we are here, would you like our help? I mean, we do have some arms and armor which could be useful.

"Of course. We'll be outnumbered, and I expect a difficult fight. If you wish to engage the leader of the band, I would not object. It might be that when she falls, her men will lose spirit."

2012-11-13, 08:43 AM
Gedriwyn clears his throat and speaks once more, acting as a voice of reason it would seem whilst everyone discussed their tactics, “Whilst planning here and now is all well and good, we won’t know for sure what to do until we see the bandit camp with our own eyes. Who is to say that the bandits will follow us into the woods? Perhaps the reason why these prisoners of ours are so young is because they are the newest members of the gang and they have been stuck with the most unwanted job and the one that is seen as needing the least amount of expertise considering how pacified Olef and Svetlana had become... No offence.” He shot the last words to Oleg and Svetlana, before continuing with the practiced ease of one who had commanded men and seen war. “What we should be working out here and now is which of the three we will be taking, how we will ensure they will not escape and that they are leading us to the bandit camp and not into a trap. We need to work out what provisions we need to take, how long this journey will take and what we might need to transport whatever we might find at the camp back here.” He motioned to Vasili.

“Joef said your father is pretty much subjugated. I know that you do not wish to think on this, but what if he has been turned over by Kressle... what if he attempts to fight you? Don’t answer; it is merely something to think on. We are no longer a bunch of adventurers here. We are essentially at war with these bandits and we need to start thinking of the brutality that will come from it.” He turned his cavernous orbs to Dern. “As for you taking on the leader? I think any one man attempting to take her on would be foolish. There are no lone wolves here anymore, we are a team, a unit. We need to find our place together, establish what we are all good at and what our failings are so that we can eliminate them. We work together as a cohesive fighting force or we die, especially against superior numbers. Us toe to toe again fifteen men on unknown territory: we will be defeated. That is not defeatism; that is being practical.”

Hopefully having instilled in them a sense of gravity with the situation he takes a deep breath and continues. “Dern, you hold yourself as if you are skilled with the axe. Walters, since you are carrying that longarm I am guessing that you know how to use it? Good. We have a moderate amount of defence against cavalry there. Walker, I am unsure as to what you do but by the looks of you and the way you hold yourself I am assuming your some sort of holy man. That is good considering our cleric has been sent back to Restov, I hope you have some tricks up your sleeve that will see us prevail against our enemies?” It was a rhetorical question. “As for us, we have an elf ranger with a keen eye for seeing her arrows placed right where she wants them and has an animal companion who does a very good job at distracting, disorienting and slashing up whomever she commands him to. Then we have Winter, a sorceress of some description with some as yet unseen powers that are useful from afar as well as up close.” His eyes move as he speaks, taking in each as he addresses them and their abilities that he has seen so far. “Vasili and his weapon are a deadly combination, a ranged combatant that likes to get up close and personal, which seems only to make him more deadly. And lastly there is just me, a horseman with a sword and a bow and willingness to defend his companions and ensure the enemy does not survive the encounter. Essentially we have four members of the group whom are best in close quarters, one holy man who hopefully possesses some healing ability, a mid ranged sorceress and a ranged bow woman. How do we capitalise on these traits?” He raised a questioning brow, his cavernous orbs boring into them as he probes for the answers.

Suddenly he smiles and looks directly at Dern, “You seem the sort who likes to perform...” He turns that gaze to Vasili and Walters, “I hope you two share that inclination because I have an idea.” His smile turns into a slightly roguish grin, “What would you all say to playing bandit for an evening?” He turned back to Dern and motioned toward the door, "If you'd be able to do me a favour and ask how the bandits within the camp know if a friend is approaching?"

2012-11-13, 09:20 AM

Dern listened to Gedriwyn 's plan with interest in his eyes. But there were holes in it, and needed to be addressed.

"You are a smart man and as such, you think too much. For the bandits to lead us into a trap, there first needs to be a trap. This means that they must have prepared a trap for what, for them, was an outing to a 'pacified' region. Think of how improbable that is. That they lay traps everytime their force is one day late. In the wilderness. In a bandit camp. Prudence is good and I am with you. But it shouldn't blind us to other possibilities. And yes, I believe we should be very weary on whoever we take as guide with us. I said as much. They are not good, or misguided men.

Secondly, I never suggested that I take the leader alone. I said that I would tackle her, preferably with someone who would also flank her. If she is the kind of person I believe she is, I am best suited for the task of confronting her. May I remind you, you are not the only one who had knight training. I know why lonewolvishness is deadly.

Lastly, I will gladly ask about how they identify each other if that is what you want. But I will not lie and I will not cheat." Here Dern smiles in an easy, relaxed manner. "It cramps my style and my Bosses don't like it. So, if you are about to suggest that I start talking with an accent and pretend to be a bandit that approaches the hideout, perhaps someone else should get that job. I will keep my performance on different tunes.

So, what do you want me to ask the captives? "

2012-11-13, 09:41 AM
Vasili clenched his teeth at the mention that his father might have turned native. He had feared such a possibility in the back of his head, but to hear it spoken out aloud...

"If he is... then I just have to hope Winter has another of her sleep spells prepared", the young man simply stated, his hand resting on the handle of his pistol. The last option when all others had been exhausted...

He didn't speak a word as Gedriwyn laid out his plan and Dern offered his rebuttal, his hand rising only to tug mindfully at the small patch of red hair at his chin. "Let's hear the man out first, Dern. I'm certain there's a plan in there somewhere, unless he simply wants to see if me and Walters look good in cloaks. And assuming this plan does not involve the either the word 'bait' or a phrase that involves the words 'could, what, possibly, wrong, go'..."

2012-11-13, 10:31 AM
“There are many definitions to the word ‘trap’, my friend. The one to which I referred is quite simply a device or method intending to capture. We are in a forest after all, it is the perfect environment for a dead fall and any number of other trapping devices that could be employed to capture, wound or kill unwary travellers or enemies.” His grin never faded throughout the whole of Dern’s very defensive speech. At the man’s last words he raised a brow questioningly, “The very same that I told you, ‘How the bandits within the camp know if a friend is approaching’. What information I mean to glean from this question is whether they have some bird call or signal that is raised to identify approaching parties as friend or foe, it would make sense for them to have one. It is imperative that we know this information, if in fact there is such information, in order for us to pretend to be bandits. If you are not willing to assume the guise due to your ‘Bosses’,” He said the word with skepticism as the only bosses of theirs that they were aware of, were the Swordlords who had issued them with their charter. “then I am sure you can follow us and attack once we have sown descent amongst the camp... assuming our ruse works. This is all dependant on what we observe when we arrive and whether the ruse actually works or not. My intention is to buy us a small amount of time to infiltrate their camp, disallow them from grouping, and potentially locate Vasili’s father before the fighting begins.” He was well aware of the risk involved and thus he continued, “It is a risk that could turn ugly quickly. I will volunteer myself if it is too dangerous and put myself forward as bait. Should things not go according to plan you all still have the element of surprise, with the benefit of their attention being drawn inward, rather than outward.” He inclined his head in thanks to Vasili for his support, but was also aware that he had mentioned or alluded to many of the things that the gunslinger had not wanted to hear.

“Obviously this is only a plan that I have brought up and is therefore up for debate or rejection completely. If you are all willing to go with it or a variation thereof we need to decide on whom to take, find out if there is a signal for friendlies, and decide whether to take the wagon or just horses, and lets be about the business of destroying that bandit camp...”

2012-11-13, 10:47 AM

"I like the plan. I do not mean to refute it or refuse it. I am in favor of coming up, close and personal. I do some of my best work that way. Especially if I know that Vasili, Dhevanu and Winter will be somewhere close to fill the air with projectiles. It is I believe better than to have Dhevanu act as bait.

But I would not tell a lie. I will wear the clothes of a bandit, but I would not lie at being one, even if directly asked. But either way, by then it will be too late because by then it will be obvious I am not one of them. Come to think of it, this is where the prisoners could come in handy, if we are to trust them. They could announce that 'we' are coming back. Consider that as a possibility.

I now go to ask our new best friends of their mode of identification, signals and so forth. I should have thought of that myself, actually"

Dern then leaves the table and goes back to the cell to ask the men how they are identified when they approach their camp. He also brings some apples to them, if Oleg agrees. If not, he pays for them.

2012-11-13, 11:15 AM
"Who is to say they will follow? If the bandits would not pursue when an enemy shoots at them with an arrow, then it would seem a second arrow is in order. Then a third. I would not likely run out of arrows before I run out of targets to shoot them at..."

The elf looks confused.

"...and why would we need to take one of them with us? They've shown the location on a map. Taking an enemy with us would not seem necessary. A liability, at best."

2012-11-13, 11:16 AM
"Hmm... That might work, Ged. Especially if we can get one of the bandits to co-operate. But that's a big if. I best go with Dern, just in case... If he's reading of our guests is correct, we'd be fools to take their word at face value", the young gunslinger offers as he stands up. "After all, we don't want them to turn their coats the second they're back with their former mates. In such a case they would definitely be a liability, as Dhovanu said."

If memory serves, to aid another you have to pass a DC 10 check so that the primary actor gets a +2 for his roll, right? Would that work with Diplomacy, Intimidate and Sense Motive - all or some of which I think such persuasion would need?

2012-11-13, 02:48 PM

Having kept his mouth silent and heard the voices around him he decided to finally say something. "If these bandits act like highway men then we should give them an easy target to draw them out. Once they are out she should spring a trap of our own."

2012-11-15, 11:51 PM
"There has been plenty of talk. Go get as much information as you can from the captives, then we should make ready to attack the bandits' camp." Not bandits, Saint Walker, murderers. They will try to kill you.

2012-11-16, 07:04 AM

Dern left the table, his mind swirling with plans. At last, action was near! He walked to the makeshift cell, nodding to Vasili who once again helped him. Going in, he takes his position opposite the captives and wordlessly gives them the apples, the bread and the cheese he took for them. As they eat, he addresses them, with the air of someone continuing an earlier transaction.

"I believe that our deal is in a good track. The information you provided was well received. Now, I need the rest of it. You marked in the map the location of the camp. What I want to know is how you identify each other. As you approach, do you give a signal? Do you take a specific path? What happens if you approach by night?"

Dern relaxes back, theatrically stifling a yawn.

"Just so we are clear. This is your chance to do good and play nice. Kassel and her merry band do not stand a chance. If the information you give us is accurate, this will be a mark in your favor, as it will make what we have to do easier. If, however, we get there and you have misled us, someone will have to pay for the extra discomfort. And that will be you."

Dern passes a bucket of water around, for them to drink.

"So. Talk to me."

If needed, Diplomacy [roll0]

Edit: Nice! 29! I think I just converted them to sainthood!

2012-11-16, 08:26 AM
Vasili followed Dern into the cell, and leaned back against the wall while the paladin made his offer. It was a good one, indeed. No binding promises, a decent veiled threat or two, requesting for the information they wanted concisely and clearly.

"Were I in your shoes, I would take the offer - and make every precaution that we return safe and sound", he spoke calmly as he eyed the three young men with their meal and water. "Because quite frankly, we are the only friends you have this moment. If we don't come back, I'm sure the captain who just arrived will not think twice to hang every last one of you as brigands. So it is in your best interest that we come back with Kressle's head in a bag."

Aid another check for Dern:


2012-11-17, 11:21 AM

In the background the prisoners might catch a glimpse of Walters sharpening his fauchard and eye them with a wicked grin.

Aid for diplomacy using intimidate

2012-11-18, 01:19 AM
The bandits appear eager to talk, which is of course once they have finished eating; a task that takes a very short amount of time to achieve. Joef seemed to be the most talkative of the bunch and thus it was not a surprise that he would be the first to talk once he had finished devouring his meal, ”There is a signal of sorts. It is a whistle. Happs could do it real well, none of us could really do it right though. Bran is probably the closest.” Bran swallowed some bread and then, after clearing his throat, he whistled a small tune. It sounded like a chorus of birds chirping. ”Happs did it better, but that is roughly it.” Bran whistled the tune again and would continue to do so with the companions if they wished to try and mimic it. ”You gotta be nice and close to the camp to do it. Happs would go forward, since he was the stealthiest, and whistle the signal at which point we would all come out and enter the camp in the open.” If the companions asked for one of them to accompany the party then Bran would offer for the reason that he was the best at the whistle.

With all of the questions now answered and the prisoner’s complying, nothing stood in the companion’s way to making the journey to the bandit camp. To ensure the element of surprise remained they would need to leave immediately, disallowing Vasili the time he required to fashion his very unique ammunition. Gathering the things they needed and the wagon if that was the decision they were making, they would set off a few hours after midday. The journey, which consisted of roughly fifteen hours of non-stop travel, was uneventful. Though by the time they arrived in the general area which had been described to them, they were so tired that perhaps leaving at midday might not have been the best option for the party. The last few hours were crossed slowly as they knew they were close to the bandit camp but being that it was the middle of the night they didn’t want to run headlong into the middle of the camp and throw away their chance for a surprise attack.

Luckily the moon was quite bright that night, despite the fact that many of the party could see quite well in the dark, and thus everyone was able to make out a few fires and torches that were lit. One large fire was at, what was assumed to be, the centre of the camp, whilst two torches were each at the watchtowers that they had been told about. Four bandits could be clearly seen, one in each watchtower, and two lounging next to the camp fire. The other bandits, if there even were more on watch, could not be readily seen at this point in time. The party was just far enough away that they could not be seen or heard, but if they were going to gather any more information about the camp someone would need to close the distance, remain hidden, and take a look around.

2012-11-19, 08:12 AM
Vasili waited impatiently, fear and enthusiasm making his blood roar in his veins. He had not dared hope for his father's survival... yet he dreaded the prospect that somehow this woman Kressle and her men had managed to subdue the proud man he had once known. With a bandit's cloak over his clothes, his loaded pistol in its holster and the newly-appropriated bow in his hand, he waited for the tacticians to give the order.

While waiting, he took a close eye at the young brigand who had agreed to lead them to the camp site. Bran, that was his name. Under his hood the gunslinger watched the man, trying to get a read of him. If Bran would try and turn his coat again, things could go wrong very fast...

Rolling Sense Motive... [roll0]

2012-11-19, 01:25 PM

Dern smiles like a lunatic, as fidgety as Vasili. He says in a whisper

"My new found companions, here we are. We have been discussing this plan for a day now. I just want to say that, so far, I wouldn't have picked a better group of total strangers with which to rain pain at unsuspecting bandits. And in case you see someone of us hitting Kassell too hard, stop us. We need her alive, apparently.

So, without further ado... Mrs Dhovanu would you do the honor?"

With that additional attempt at bad humor, Dern somewhat nervously unslings his huge axe.

Edited to cover my screw up with the narrative.

2012-11-19, 05:42 PM
"Very well." The elf says quietly.

She checks her gear one last time, and creeps off to see what she can of the bandit camp, bow in hand. She leaves her hawk with the others for now.

Her elven eyes adjust well to the moonlight, and she tries to use cover of trees and bushes as best she can.

I may need help on the specifics of what rolls are appropriate, but probably will need at least...
Stealth: [roll0]
Perception: [roll1]
Also note I have the Silent Hunter racial feature, which may or may not help here.

2012-11-19, 09:37 PM

Before leaving Walters offer, "I can use a bow if you need more arrows in the air."

2012-11-20, 05:59 PM

Stealth and Perception are both required here. Could also use Sense Motive if you had it. You don’t know how close you were on that stealth check though... lol

Dhovanu is able to move quite close to the camp, however she did have to stop suddenly as her boot snagged on a branch which made a rustle that alerted one of the guards around the fire. They cast a look in her direction but must not have seen her as a moment later their conversation continued. From her vantage point she could make out the majority of the camp. There were the two watchtowers, each with a bandit on watch; there was the fire with the two talking around it. Twenty feet away from the watchtower and in-between it and the fire was a tent large enough to hold three or four people, however the flap leading into it was closed so she wasn’t able to see inside. Other than that she could make out two other bandits reclined against a pair of logs in-between the two watchtowers, both appeared to be asleep. In total she could see six bandits, none of which filled the description of Kessle or Vasili’s father. She could also clearly see that Gedriwyn’s horse would serve no advantage here as there were too many obstacles for the horse to be able to charge effectively.

Dhovanu was able to return to the others without alerting the bandits.

Map of Thorn River Camp


Ok, so here is when you have a bit of leeway with regards to positioning your own PC and can dictate the direction from which you enter. Just assume that all of your horses are further back from where you are, and you came this far on foot intending not to use the horses in battle, Gedriwyn did intend it, but probably won’t given the terrain.

The bandit seems to be quite genuine about helping them and whilst for the moment he was assisting the companions, this allegiance could quickly change if the bandits were to take the upper hand. He was merely following the stronger party and, since he was bound and under guard, this was the stronger party.

2012-11-21, 02:43 PM
"Just so we are in complete understanding", Vasili said to Bran as they waited. "If you try to run or if you try to screw us over... I'll shoot you. And it will not go as pleasantly as it did with Happs. Just something for you to consider", he said with complete and utter calm as he tapped his fingers on the longbow. He didn't even blink or crack a smile as he said that, just letting those words sink into the man's brain.

Intimidate: [roll0]

After Dhovanu returned with the news, the young man frowned and looked at Gedriwyn and Dern, the self-appointed strategists. "It doesn't sound like we can go in with the cart", he spoke in sotto voce. "Any bright ideas? Quick-like, preferably. The more we tarry here, the likelier it'll be someone spots us... or our guide decides to have an unfortunately loud cough."

2012-11-21, 04:28 PM

Dern continues to whisper and grip his axe, almost standing up

"Too close to debate strategy once more. I say that we give Dhovanu some seconds more, and then go for it. Approach, give the whistle, approach some more and then charge those we see. If more come, they will be too late. Formation-wise, what we discussed"

Self appointed? North ranger, that hurt!:smallsmile:

2012-11-21, 05:24 PM
The horseman, clad fully in scale mail, was crouched beside the gunslinger, one hand grasping his newly acquired composite longbow, whilst the other grasped an arrow that he would be ready to notch and draw at any moment. After making his suggestion over half a day earlier he had remained silent for the most part, merely nodding and agreeing to the plan that they were about to undertake as it developed. He could see not dramatic flaws in it; though he tried to take the pessimists approach and think of what might happen if things didn’t go to plan. These thoughts were kept to just that; he didn’t want to discourage the other members of the party b y asking questions of what they would do if this or that happened. It was a worst case scenario that he doubted would actually happen but it was something that a strategist always thought about and tried to make preparations for regardless of how slim the chance of it actually happening was.

“Why are we unable to take the cart in?” The knight whispered, he was prepared to go back to his horse and set himself up for his charge into the enemy once the elf scout returned to inform them of the best points of entry into the battle. “As for the formation we use, I am good to go. I’ll try and make as much chaos as I can on my charge in.” He was not one that was fond of battle or killing, but when it came to protecting his companions he would do what was necessary. In this case it was to make himself as big a target as possible to keep the bandit’s attention on him instead of on the leaser armoured members of the group; and he had just the thing to do it. He knew full well that the man named Dern was seeking Kessle, the leader of the group of bandits, but it would be against Gedriwyn’s order not to do what he planned. There was also the fact that the cavalier thought Dern was just trying to make a name for himself with the group, trying to make up for being late and missing the defence of Oleg’s. That was unfortunate for him, but the knight was not about to let an ego see his companions unnecessarily wounded.

2012-11-21, 05:43 PM
"The camp site looks awfully crowded and twisty, based on what Dhov told us. But if you so wish, take the thrice-damn wagon. At least that'll provide us with some cover", Vasili whispered as he looked at Gedriwyn. "I'll be behind it, then. Just give the signal and we'll unleash Hell."

2012-11-21, 06:53 PM

Getting of the cart, he grabs his weapon and waits. He looks relaxed to the point where he looks bored. However, to the trained eye he is simply calm, a storm of power just patiently waiting to be released.

"Just tell me where you want me to be and whether you want me to prevent people coming out or help with the charge in."

2012-11-22, 12:38 AM

Dern 's nerves were sprung high. He could feel the adrenaline pump at his tables. At Walters question, he just shrugged.

"You will know best, Walters.In any case, it seems we will first swarm the first bandits so it is a moot point. If no reinforcements come, we will then altogether move towards the tent. If Kassel comes out, and you are not engaged, let us take her together. It is time, I think, we moved".

With that, he motions to the cart handler to push it forward and signals the bandit to give the whistle at the appropriate time. He catches Gedriwyn 's cold eyes cold and serious upon him and nods to him. Dern has fathomed the Gedriwyn seems to think he is some kind of glory hound. But that OK. Strategic decisions seem like that sometimes. How could Gedriwyn know that true evil was his target in this earth?He would have time to prove himself to his companion. Hopefully.

When he gets close enough and if he has time before the engagement, Dern tries to sense the surrounding area for the miasma of evil deeds on men's souls. Even if some bandits were hiding, their souls had nowhere to hide.

2012-11-22, 11:08 PM
Dhovanu is relieved that her misstep did not lead to calamity. Losing the element of surprise could have ended up costing lives, perhaps even her own.

When back to the camp she fills the others in on what she saw.

"The turncloak was telling the truth about their camp. Two watchtowers, each with a sentry. Six men visible, probably more unseen." She then turns to the gunslinger.

"Vasili, I didn't see your man. There was at least one tent that he could lie within, it was large enough. The woman who leads the rabble was not visible, could be she's in there, if present."

"The terrain was rough, difficult for horse or wagon. It does open up a bit to the north where the stream forks. I would advise an approach from that direction, but any other direction would also suffice."


When it comes time to head back to the camp, the elf takes no chances. She moves slowly, noting any potential snags.

Dhovanu will look for an appropriate spot to snipe from, in a bush or partially behind a tree. Hoping for some degree of cover and concealment that doesn't obstruct her shots.

Taking 10 on Stealth this time: 10 + 7 = 17

2012-11-23, 12:49 AM
If he was going to die, he might as well die doing something good. Walker calls on the voices while he waits for the stealthier characters to get into position. This may be it. If your prophesies are worth a damn, protect me tonight. Please.
You will not die Saint Walker. Your destiny is greater than this.
Trying to follow the elf's example, he picks his way through the underbrush. His sweaty hand firmly clutched the haft of his longspear readying himself to charge at a moments notice.
Stealth: [roll0], Perception: [roll1]
Cast Protection from Evil and Divine Favor.

2013-01-03, 03:05 PM
The horseman begins at a walk, the tall grasses swaying aside before his mount's chest and bridle. Then he spurs his trusty steed on into over five hundred pounds of thundering flesh and blood and iron.

The young knight's nerves are askitter, his high speech fleeing a suddenly dry tongue as he lets loose with a wordless warcry. "HRRRAAAAAAH!"

Wan morning light flashes across three feet of steel. The sword slashes down on one of the bandits by the campfire, eating a leisurely roast fowl breakfast, lopping his right arm off at the shoulder, hot blood spattering across his horse's flank. The stricken bandit screams, squeals, stumbles back, clutching his stump, breakfast smeared into a paste by the horse's ironshod stamping.

The other man, a pock-marked youth in a ratty fur cloak and leather cuirass spits ale at the horse's nose and eyes, causing it to rear dangerously, heavy hooves lashing out blindly, neighing fiercely. Black-feathered shafts arc in from the watchtowers, one clattering off Damon's shield, the other grazing his neck.

The young bandit catches up a short, flaming branch from the campfire in one hand and a crude iron mace in the other, smashing into Damon's left thigh as the horse and rider reel. "WAKE THE FRAK UP, WHORESONS! MAD KNIGHT JUST ABOUT KILLED BENNY!"

Meanwhile, with Damon providing the mad charge and distraction that he had promised, the bandit camp is unaware of the other hunter-explorers about to fall upon them...

Meatspace-rolled for brevity's sake.

For the record? Now I see what's one clear danger of running a GMPC.

Do what y'all are gunna do, folks. Ball's rolling, conflict's roiling.

2013-01-03, 03:17 PM
"Time to wash this land clean with blood", Vasili mutters to himself as he moves in after Gedriwyn's charge. Using the trees for cover, he pulls the string of the longbow back and fires at the sentry in the tower. For now he intends to stick to the longbow, waiting either for a more prominent target to fire at - or the sight of his father.

Move within range of the sentry tower, then shoot the arrow.

Damage on a hit: [roll1]

And if possible, Perception check to see any sign of Gennadi - or anything that might've belonged to him.

2013-01-03, 04:01 PM

It was about time, Walters thought as he moved in. His anxiety did not show, however, as he walked to the nearest bandit and swung his large blade.

Move 30' and attack with Fauchard (10' reach 1d10, 18-20 x2)
[roll0] attack
[roll1] damage
[roll2] crit
[roll3] crit damage

2013-01-03, 05:52 PM
Quickly wiping the sweat from his brow, Walker leaps into the clearing. Let's see if you're right. Strike true Saint Walker.

Charge w longspear: [roll0], [roll1]

2013-01-04, 01:41 AM

Deran had his axe out already, as Damon thrashed through the grass. He was already running towards the bandits between him and the tent. He also tries to see if Gennadi is somewhere there.

"Wakey wakey, oh slime of the earth! Throw your weapons or be redeemed with cold steel!"

Well, not the best battle cry, but when you are running...

Move to any bandit between him and the tent and power attack! If necessary, charge (then add +2 to the roll and subtract 3 from damage)
Atk [roll0] Dmg [roll1]

Edit: Not the best start...

2013-01-04, 10:24 AM
Dhovanu takes aim at the same sentry that Visili is shooting at.

Probably not close enough for Point Blank Shot, but if so its +1 to both rolls.

2013-01-04, 10:27 AM
Critical hit confirm: [roll0]
Critical hit damage: [roll1]

2013-01-04, 11:04 AM
Sorry for the confusion!

2013-01-07, 12:41 PM
A towering muscleman bursts from the largest tent in the bandit camp, roaring madly, froth flying from his champing jaws and smearing white his great black beard. Completely naked but for bear-like body hair and a massive axe that rivals Deran’s in size, the berserk charges for Damon.

Whirling ‘round and ‘round as he goes, building momentum as he storms towards the young knight, the horse rears high, hooves flailing as it tries to fend off the madman making for its master. But the loyal steed’s valour falls in vain as the bandit’s battle axe ploughs right through its corded neck in a great gout of hot gore and slams against Damon’s mailed midriff, sending him soaring into the air…

…and slamming against the hard, unyielding bole of a spreading oak. Dead leaves drift down as Damon slumps amongst the roots, the only sign that he yet lives is the slightest susurrus of rasping breath against his magnificent mustache.

The knight’s sword falls into the mud, hilt swaying amongst the grasses.

On the other side of the swaying sword, the berserk struggles against the horse’s dead weight, having fallen on him and pinning him down.

The bandit boy who’d been menacing Damon crows as he sees their leader’s consort lay waste to the horseman who’d come barging into their midst. He drops his burning branch back into the campfire, strides boldly over to the wheezing knight, spits on his hands and lifts his mace above his head, ready to finish off his foe. “This is for Benny, you bastard” he snarls and brings the bludgeon down…

…only for it Walters’ fauchard to deflect it with its blunt convex side. The pockmarked bandit staggers, his momentum lost and before he could recover, falls to his knees as Walters’ polearm chops deep into his neck, slicing cleanly through jugular, trachea and carotid.

Beyond, the bandit camp has burst into activity, scruffy humans, disheveled halfelves and brutal orcbloods tumbling out of tents. The air is rife with curses in every foul tongue, the shadows behind fallen logs and root-outgrowths gleaming with weaponry--- at least one pike amongst daggers and maces and axes. Windlasses on crossbows creak and groan as they grunt and load up fat-shafted quarrels.

Meanwhile, the adventurers’ archers arc clothyard shafts up at the bandit sentries in their towers.

Aiming for the target’s center of mass for surety, Vasili lets fly and his arrow pins a bandit sentry’s hand to the post behind him…

…causing him to prematurely loose his own shaft. Its aim knocked askew, the arrow cracks against a bandit’s ill-made shield, sending jagged splinters flaying into his face. He screams and whirls in pain, his ball and chain accidentally clouting his nearby comrade on the nape, felling him instantly. The other bandits fall upon the now-half-blinded and well-maddened man, pummeling him into submission.

Dhovanu takes more care with her shot, taking a bead on her sentry’s head. She lets fly and her sinks her arrow into the man’s eye and out the other side of his skull, slaying him instantly...

…but not before he’d lined up and loosed his own shot, the bandit bodkin whizzing dangerously close to the elven ranger’s fair ear, slicing off a hunk of hair and sticking quivering into the tree behind her.

Deran charges out of the forest’s shadows just as the berserk heaves himself out from beneath the warhorse’s carcass. The two great axes clash, the two warriors’ mighty thews bulging and straining, the two axe-bits’ beards locked with each other. Deran with his nose of flesh, smells sweat and sex and filth off the berserk; but with spiritual senses discerns the reek of unashamed joy at battle as well as protectiveness over someone…

The berserk’s fury slowly pushes Deran’s grip back, mud building up behind his dug-in heels as he struggles against the madman who hurls himself at the paladin in a clinch. Both greataxes are now above the two warriors’ heads, their arms rigid right angles twisting this way and that for control when the berserk suddenly launches a remorseless series of elbow strikes, knee-strikes and even bites.

Deran shudders, feeling his flesh slowly grow numb from pain and for the briefest moment wonders if those were bones cracking or simply rocks turning underfoot. Still, he ropes the dope, confident in his armour…

And then Walker lunges in, his pike impaling the berserk from behind. His sure feet stop when he feels his iron spearhead scrape against bone, fearful of going too strong, too far and hurting his friend beyond. He gives the spearshaft a twist and then helps Deran out by jerking the berserk off of him but even then he feels the savage’s almost unnatural strength still resisting, still fighting.

…and when Deran feels the berserk’s assault slacken, he counterattacks, planting his feet firmly in the ground, wrenches the axes far to the side, then pivots sharply as he deals the fatal blow.

The still-spewing head with its last scream frozen upon its dead lips spins through the air and rolls to a stop at the feet of the figure finally stepping out of the bandit encampment’s main tent.

Twinned fighting hatchets clatter to the dirt as the figure falls to its greave-clad knees, cradling the severed head to a heaving, cuirass-clad bosom. The greenskinned, wiry woman lifts tearstained gimlet eyes from the berserk’s dead gaze and bellows a howl that shakes birds out of trees for miles around.


Meanwhile, in all the chaos, no sign is yet seen of Gennadi.

Damon’s horse bought it. He’s still alive, but friggen barely.
Immediate bandits now dead. Sentries in guard towers dispatched.
Footman bandits under cover.
Kressle out, yelling.

2013-01-07, 02:53 PM
The blood-curdling scream makes Vasili turn his head, only to see the screaming and wailing half-orc woman who stepped out of the tent. Willing to bet that the woman is question is the infamous Kressle, Vasili drops the bow and reaches for his pistol, drawing it in one fluid motion. He steadies the barrel towards Kressle, taking the screaming woman's head on the bead.

"Come on, Old Deadeye, show me you're still smiling", the young man whispers as he pulls the trigger.

Attack with pistol against Kressle's touch AC, using Up Close and Deadly: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]
Extra Damage, half of which still applies on a miss: [roll2]

2013-01-07, 03:23 PM
Dhovanu is quite pleased at her shot, but dismayed to realize that her own life was nearly forfeit in the exchange of arrows. I must be faster. She berates herself.

She sees the gunman race to engage the half-orc leader of the bandits. The BANG of his gun prompts her to action. She moves into position to get a good shot at this Kressle.

If possible, move to just within point blank range (30ft) to get +1 damage and attack bonus (not included in rolls below). If I can't get within range, just have her fire from wherever gives the cleanest shot that she can reach.

2013-01-08, 03:32 AM

Things did not go well at all, no. If it wasn't for Walkers, Deran would have been in dire straits indeed. This will not do. What would Talos say, to be bested by an axeman no less! Th technique was fine, the aim true, but somehow, his footwork was not appropriate.

"This is it, you ugly maggots, no more nice guy for you!
Hey, guys, Damon is down!"

And then, the mad women burst out. Deran smiled as he started moving towards her. Not a nice smile.

" Oh halo Madam. I have been meaning to make your acquaintance. When you find the time, come join me for a little dance."

And with that, he will try to take some of the crossbowmen, to clear the path.

If there are some clustered somewhere, he will go that way, charging if he need to.

2013-01-08, 10:22 AM

Moving to cover the rush towards the leader, Walters takes to the flanks, attacking a group of crossbowmen.

[roll0] trip

2013-01-08, 03:21 PM
Oh gods

Walker's face pales as he wrenches his spear out of the naked corpse. What was that? What is this? He fails to take in the chaos that erupted from the what had been a quiet morning moments before.
The knight has fallen, but you must fight on Saint Walker
Letting the voices guide him, Walker rushes to the flank with Walters.
Try to help Walters with the crossbowmen, set up to make AoOs if they try and 5ft step in the difficult terrain. [roll0], [roll1] (I forgot Divine Favor last time)
If he can't reach them, he'll charge Kressle with Deran.

2013-01-09, 01:55 PM
One of the rearward bandits lofts a tinkling vial towards the frontline, but falls woefully short, shattering upon a rotting log and splashing the immediate area with liquid flame. The initial flare is a blinding flash of light and heat that stops the adventurers and gives the bandits a moment to breathe...

...but then it subsides soon enough into a still-burning, still-popping, still-hissing but now-modest blaze.

Of the crossbowmen under cover, one pulls the trigger, aiming through the flames. Walter's warrior instinct saves him from the bolt, pivoting enough that the shot merely glances off his armour, instead of hitting square on and inflicting severe bruising or bone-breaks even beneath the sturdy mail.

The other crossbowman seems to lose his nerve, drops his weapon and whips out another flask of flame. Reacting with almost preternatural speed, already on the move, he all too calmly bats it away with his trusty fauchard. It shatters, showering him and Deran with searing rain but it passes swiftly...

...just as he comes within reach of a portly, ratty-faced bandit in what seems to have been a stolen and bulging taut suit of scalemail. The polearm whips low, sending the man to the ground. His pudgy finger jerks on his arbalest's lever and sends a thick bolt uselessly into the sky. Reversing his grip, Walters pins the man to the ground, then guts him, leaving him gasping, bleeding out.

Meanwhile, just as Vasili is about to decapitate the bandit pack with one shot, one of the crossbowmen pops up, getting in the way and seemingly aiming to peg him as well. The redheaded rogue pulls the trigger shortly before the bandit releases his bolt as well. Both men had distracted each other. Both men still live.

As Walters cuts into the bandit formation a second time, two of their skulkers pounce at him from two different sides. A growling, gaunt halfelf in a suit of studded leather with a broken shield and a bleeding eye shambles towards him and swings a mace...

...only for the stout spearman to almost effortlessly redirect the blow with a deft sidestep and a haft-strike, right onto the bandit's partner coming in from the other side. The redheaded human girl clad in a tough leather duster with a gleaming haubergeon beneath stumbles back and spits as she takes a moment to help steady the half-blind bandit. She lunges at Walters with her own shield, trying to push his defending haft aside, thrusting high and low with her shortsword but is unable to breach Walters' guard. Using his still-grounded fauchard as an anchor, Walters then kicks out, his heavy boot crashing into the girl's shield, sending both bandits tumbling to the ground.

"Ghk!" gasps one of the jumbled bodies as the two try to extricate themselves and crawl to safety. "Lesh gerroutta 'ere!" replies the other.

Another crossbowman, crouched behind a sprawling tree's wild roots, looses his bolt, hitting his mark...

...however, Deran's timely pivot and raising of his hauberk sleeve deflect much of the force of the bandit bolt.

Drawing and nocking in one smooth motion, Dhovanu lines up her shot. For a breathless moment, the halforc's red-on-black eyes meet the elf's emerald gaze. Sure that it will be a kill, she releases the arrow, counting the heartbeats until it hits.

The arrow hits square on, dead centre in the bandit leader's chest, causing her to stumble back a couple of steps. She sways, then stands straight, grinning maniacally as she rips the arrow out with a tinkle of broken chainmail-links.

Meanwhile, Deran charges in, in support of Walters, his massive axe flashing down like a thunder god's judgment. Right through an iron helm it smashes, the brains and bone within spattering the tree behind the bandit crossbowman. In death, his spasming fingers release the barely loaded bolt. The crossbow twangs... and but for the breath driven out of his gut, Deran is fine.

Thus bent over, it is only from the corner of his eye that Deran sees the charging Kressle. He throws himself back and to the side but still her right-hand hatchet butchers into the meat of his right thigh at just the point where the hauberk's chainmail skirt ends. The pain is an inferno, his nerves flaring, his blood gushing...

...and then it doesn't feel so bad anymore. He feels light. Too light.

He falls to his knees and the sudden agony of impact floods his senses enough to keep him going. He barely sees nor feels his arms moving almost mechanically, on pure warrior's reflexes, a series of desperate blocks, his shoulders and back and knees and holy of holies his knees, jarring from the brutal impacts with Kressle's weapons. He barely hears her yelling Youuuh KEELT maaaaaah paaaaaaaaaarrrddnnnuuuuuuuurrrr...

Walker, seeing another friend fall, dashes in, his heart filled with fury, his eyes burning with unreleased wrath, his hands afire with rage. He kicks aside a crockpot that was in his way, sloshing through spilled stew as he thrusts his pike right down Kressle's centreline, finding a chink in her armour, feeling iron on flesh and seeing hot blood spurt...

...only for her to dash his weapon away, panting furiously, eyes darting hither and yon at her slayers, stepping backwards warily, growling like a wolf at bay.

Strategically speaking, Kressle should have spent her fury on Mr Juggernaut Walters over there. Then again, presently, she ain't all that sensible.

Deran down to -5 from fire and blade.

2013-01-10, 02:30 PM

For all that he was, Walters was a soldier. That meant he knew how to follow orders and a plan. He was to clear a path and give cover to the others who were to take down Kressle. They seemed to have a personal interest in that, which in his opinion made them the least qualified to do the job. War was impersonal, making it personal made one sloppy and too aggressive. Now the team was paying for that. One of their men were down. Walters wanted to engage her but he had two others that needed to be taken care of.

Taking a step to the side into the the half-elf's bind side; repositioned himself for his own attack and giving himself some cover. His reverse curved blade swing to his leg again.

[roll0] trip
[roll1] attack
[roll2] damage

2013-01-12, 04:49 AM
Vasili grit his teeth when his shot went so much astray, not even glancing anyone. What's worse, he saw both Deran and Damon go down in the heat of battle. This started to resemble more and more of those idiotic campaigns of his childhood... back when he was still with his birth father...

"Dhovanu! I need cover fire!" the young man called out to their elven companion and made a run for it. He tried to avoid the thick of the battle, so taking a small detour he made sure he stayed away from the swinging mace and the man reloading his crossbow. Please, somebody, take out that madwoman before she notices me, he prayed within his mind as he made his way to the prone form of Deran. Taking a knee beside him, Vasili pulled out one of the bottles they had confiscated from Happs's troops, and poured the slightly glistening contents down Deran's throat.

Cure light wounds for Deran... so that'll be d8+1, right? [roll0]

2013-01-12, 09:32 PM
Dhovanu sees the gunslinger make a run for it, and tries her best to support his efforts. "Make it quick, we're going to need that infernal gun of yours!"

She takes aim at one of the bandits nearest Deran and Vasili and lets loose.

Obviously move her to get a good shot if you can. If she can get close enough to do a Point Blank Shot, please add +1 to both rolls.

2013-01-12, 09:36 PM
She sees she's probably missed with her arrow, and while nocking her next arrow, she calls for her hawk to swoop in and join the attack.

"Ouray, megállu i' edan!"

This is targeting some enemy near Deran.
Handle Animal: [roll0] Success on a 10 or higher.
Claw Attack: [roll1]
Claw Damage: [roll2]

2013-01-13, 02:27 AM

There was pain, oh yes there was. There had been the shearing sensation of steel parting flesh. Now reality seemed a bit distant, like looking through a glass. Deran could feel the ground in his face, the familiar weight of his armor, the smell of the alchemic fire, the screams. But they were distant, and only his body and his pain were truly there. Thoughts of dying, of battle, of need crossed his mind, but they could not take root in his intellect. The world had become very small, defined by his rugged, shallow breathing.

And then, steps, hands and something watery and smooth down his throat. Swallowing by reflex. And the strange sensation of his flesh unhurting, mending, reality rushing back in within his skull. Deran opens sharply focusing eyes to see Vassili 's tense, worried face.

"I am up, I am up, friend. Just a nap."

Feeling for his axe and using the trusty oaken handle for support, Deran rises.

"Is there any more of that? I am two inches away from slipping back"

Regardless of the answer, Deran will then look towards the bandits and his face splits in a bloody, almost hideous smile.

"The first shot was for free. The next you will have to pay, in blood and guts. Let 's do the dance again, now"

If no healing is forthcoming, and the path to Kressle is clear (no AoO), Deran will power attack and smite, charging if need be to get there. If not, he will go after any accessible bandit.

2013-01-13, 01:05 PM
Deran goes down, not three paces from his position so the expression on the face of the madwoman is vividly clear. Terror grips him as some of her spittle sprays into his face; alone against this beast.
You are not alone Saint Walker
Seeing Vasili running towards them he desperately tries to fend Kressle off. Using his spear to keep distance between them, he scrambles to skewer Kressle.

2013-01-15, 01:14 PM
As the blood-mad bandit leader frenzies, her mace-toting cohort has been creeping up in a long flanking maneuver. The adventurers' two spearmen brace as the leather-jacked man gives a hoarse yell and charges through the grass, whirling the mace aloft...

...and his foot catches on a rock at the last moment, sending him off-balance, arms windmilling as he tries to regain his footing, but in so doing, clouts Kressle a glancing blow across the shoulder as she is backing away from Walker.

Skidding to a stop, the goatee-chinned bandit breathes a sigh of relief, raises his mace again and spits, "That's payback, bitch! Come get yer interest!"

Kressle, right arm now hanging heavily, stumbles backward, growling, “JAX, YEH TREACHEROUS TOAD!”

On the other side of the now corpse-carpeted camp, the two severely rattled bandit crossbowmen stare in horror as one of their buddies turns coat and batters at their leader while the avenging axeman has seemingly returned from the dead and his buddies are about to crush the snarling she-wolf. Barely holding their nerves, they release their bolts. One spangs off of Jax’ wide-brimmed iron helmet and the other clatters against Walters’ armour in a glancing shot that only manages to make him grunt with a bit of bruising that will undoubtedly show once he doffs his padded undertunic.

Meanwhile, the one-eyed ragged halfelf and his redheaded reaver companion mutter a stream of curses and try to limp away from the battlefield. Seeing some of their prey escaping, Walters breaks off from the hatchet-swinging madwoman, and tries to intercept the runners. Coming in from the halfelf bandit’s blind left, the fauchard lashes low, laying the mace-wielder flat. The follow-up strike comes slashing in towards his heart. The halfelf bandit blocks desperately, losing a hand, but keeping his life, for the moment. The severed hand with its crude spiked iron ball drops limply to the ground, the grass around spattered with hot blood. The redheaded bandit girl looks deliberately at her disarmed comrades, her dead crewmates, their severely depleted numbers, the traitor and the snarling she-wolf…

…and takes another look at Vasili and Dhovanu, the two skirmishers who’d already proven their deadly art, and she frowns deeply, then sighs. Sword and shield hit the ground, her hands laced behind her head as she surrenders, kneeling in submission. “Yield!” she cries to her mates. “Put ‘em down, dogs! Better to live, eh? Y’all want to be home, come harvest, aye? Put ‘em down, you dogs.”

The two remaining bandit archers exchange looks of fear, then drop their crossbows, yet-to-be-loaded quarrels clattering into the dirt harmlessly. They then unbuckle their weapon belts--- with laden quivers, hatchets, daggers--- and toss them down, then kneel as well.

Vasili dashes in, skirting the surrendering bandits, just in case they might still try some trick, and comes to the rescue of his comrade Deran. He launches himself into the air, the mad halforc’s hatchets already lashing out at him as he comes in. Barely managing to shove the pewter flask’s contents into Deran’s limp mouth, the skirmisher staggers. The agony of smashed ribs shooting up his nerves, the sheer shock of an axehead ripping through leather cuirass, muscle, innards and bone prove too much for him and he shudders to the ground…

…just as the barely revivified Deran stands up once more, his leg feeling raw, still bleeding, but now manageable, at least.

Turning swiftly, forest green cloak swirling, Dhovanu sends her vengeance hurtling at the mad orcblooded bandit leader.

“EHHHRGH!” comes Kressle’s yell of rage as she sees subordinates’ surrender from the corner of her eye… and stumbles back as Dhovanu’s arrow clangs off her left hip’s chainmail, then reels as the hawk flies in, clawing at her eyes. Flecks of blood streak through the air as the raptor wheels about, screeching with bloodlust, preparing for another pass at her mistress’ prey.

Kressle is now half-blind, breathing heavily, limping, one arm almost useless. Her chainmail and furs bear heavy bloodstains, from where the elf’s earlier arrow had hit and where Walker’s spear had pierced the once-sturdy hauburgeon.

Deran, though in little better shape, takes advantage, beats aside both hatchets with one great sweep, then on the follow-up strike, repays her for Damon’s doom. The paladin’s greataxe crunches into her midriff. Broken chain-links, strips of fur and leather, bits of broken bone and rended entrails burst at the impact and her upper half thuds wetly upon the berserk’s corpse.

Walker hears her still groaning, left hand groping about, hatchet forgotten, latching onto the berserk’s axe haft--- and a single sob? Devils know--- and then impales both bandit leaders with his pike, to put her out of her misery. And just to make sure.

All is deathly still. All but for Walker, grunting as he struggles to heave his weapon free of the vanquished.

Does Damon yet live?

Suddenly, there comes a crashing at the flank of the bandits’ encampment. The shrubberies shake and shudder and smoke and shriek and curse.

Two women in torn and bloodstained robes stagger through, dragging what seems to be a gagged, bound and battered beggar… or bandit. Once the two women get close enough, it seems evident that they are the missing Eleanore and Winter.

Leaning heavily on her smoking scimitar, the former drops herself onto a log, breathing heavily, but waves to the men and flashes a half-hearted smile. “The Dawnflower smiles on us, brothers. Sorry we couldn’t help earlier here, but--- hff-hff--- caught this one sneaking around to your rear. Spellcaster. Officer, of sorts. Still alive.”

Bandit Charon JAX turns traitor, charges Kressle, hits shoulder.
Bandit crossbowmen loose. One misses, the other hits Walters for 2 damage.
Walters trips Mace Man, cuts off his weapon-hand. Bugger’s still alive, but now out of the fight. Gladius Girl and Crossbow Crew throw down their arms and surrender.
Vasili runs in to Deran’s rescue, shoves a CLW potion into the paladin’s mouth, but eats an AoO in the process.
Dhovanu exacts some immediate retribution. Arrow “misses”. Hawk hits.
>AoO meatspace-rolled. 5+10 = 15, 6+7=13. Vasili takes 13 damage, now down to -2 HP.
Deran lays down the beatdown.
>meatspace-rolled. 12+ 4 Str +2 Flank +2 Charge -1 Power Attack. 10+9 =19 damage.
Walker, um… kills her. Again.
Eleanore and Winter return.

And if y'all are wondering, go ahead and trace the Initiative order via the latest "scratch post" in the OOC. All is in order.

2013-01-15, 01:44 PM

"On your knees, hands behind your head!" he yells at those surrendering. His weapon drops fresh blood as he paces and watches them.

"You!" he says pointing his polearm at the woman, "Wrap that one's stump before he dies of blood loss." He tosses his strip of cloth he carries as an emergency tourniquet to her. He smiles, thinking that it is a good day that he didn't have to use it on himself or his allies.

2013-01-15, 04:22 PM
Walker nearly falls over backwards when he pulls his spear free. He steadies himself on his spear then looks over his shoulder at Deran and Vasili. Mistake. Walker's stomach leaps into his throat as the smell of the battle hits him all at once. Heaving, he spills his breakfast on the lower half of Kressle's corpse.
They were evil Saint Walker. Be grateful for the lives you saved today.
The voices were right, killing the leaders kept the now-surrendered bandits from throwing their lives away. Regaining his footing, he stumbles towards the tent that Kressle had erupted from moments ago. Pulling open the canvas, he looks inside.

2013-01-16, 02:12 AM

In the sudden quiet of the battlefield, Deran lowers his axe, slightly panting from his wounds. He turns immediately to Vassili, his savior.

"Eleanore, Vassili and Damon are hurt bad. Can you do anything for them? I will take care of your prisoner. Please, I believe that they need immediate attention"

He then turns to Vassili

"By all the gods above, Vassili, don't make me come after you There. Come on, breathe"

The fact that the oath is a genuine one shows how upset Deran is. He turns anxious eyes to Eleanore and goes near to secure her prisoner.

2013-01-16, 02:25 PM
Dhovanu is quite pleased at having played a part in taking down the bandit queen. So much chaos in the battle, she's still trying to process it all.

She moves to help tend the gunslinger, if his wounds are not fatal. Despite her distaste for his loud and brutal weapon, she was just starting to like the boy.

"Is there anything I can do to assist?" She asks.

Heal check to aid another (whoever is trying to stabilize him): [roll0]

2013-01-16, 02:39 PM
Vasili was completely out cold; likely the sheer shock of having Kressle's axe cut into his guts had made him lose consciousness. The wound that cut across his midriff was still bleeding profusely, and the young frontiersman spasmed as he vomited blood.

Just givin' a little description for his condition...

2013-01-18, 03:25 PM
The Sarenite minister hurries over and kneels beside Vasili, stabbing her scimitar into the loam beside him. She grimaces at the wound, snatches out a wad of gauze from her healer's satchel and presses it into the hands of the elfmaid, telling Dhovanu, "Here, hold this. Keep the pressure on, don't let him bleed ou---"

"Damn it!" comes her curse as the added pressure drives a spike of agony through the stricken Vasili, sending him convulsing. Eleanor grabs Deran and despite their vast gulf in size and strength, drags him down to the ground. "Hold him still! Don't let him struggle. I won't have another bugger die on my watch!"

Eleanor rips off her scabbard and gently places it in between Vasili's champing jaws as he thrashes, so as to prevent him from biting his tongue and choking. She then rubs her hands together, takes a deep breath and lays one hand over the ghastly wound, the other warm and steady on one of Deran's as he struggles to hold his friend down.

The Sarenite's hands begin to glow like a candle, then as a flame, then white burning hot. Speaking in tongues of angels and tongues of men, she chants,

Maiden of fire, mother of the dawn
We sinners pray to you, now and at the hour of death
Maiden of fire, mother of the dawn
Hear our prayer, heed our humbling
Maiden of fire, mother of the dawn
Our comrade heal, of evil’s wounding
Maiden of fire, mother of the dawn
Restore the spark, restore the breath
Maiden of fire, mother of the dawn
By thy hallowed name,

Bits of dirt and rust and wood and grass fly out of the wound. The two broken ribs’ fragments slowly drift together, the riven liver rights itself, cords of muscle reknitting themselves, blood vessels weaving once more their bloody tapestry, fat and skin struggling to close…

…but the ritual’s power peters out, the glow and the otherworldly aroma fades, still leaving a large, raw, weeping wound that at least is no longer as deep as before. Breast heaving, breathing hard, sweat dripping down her forehead, her face set in a deep frown, Eleanore grits out, “Dhov. Good, hhhk, work. You. Too. Der.”

Eleanore then pats Vasili’s cheek as he slowly comes to. “Hhhkk, ‘elcome back t’th’ land o’th’ livin’.” She then pats the scabbard in his mouth, wags a finger to warn him not to thrash too much, then signs to Dhovanu to help her with stripping his shirt off. That done, the Sarenite takes a swig from a whisky flask, then tips a tot of the heavy stuff into a wad of gauze… then slaps it on the wound, scrubs it clean, changes it, then fixes it into place with a series of cross-torso bandage-wraps. She pokes him in the side and says, “There. Yer welcome. Y’ve still got two ribs broke and a liver frakked up there, so don’t get into a fistfight with ogres and don’t try to outrdrink a dwarf, you got me?”

Meanwhile, under the watchful eyes and spears of Walters and Walker, the rest of the surviving bandits have been rounded up. Near the centre of the camp is a small pile of surrendered weapons and armour consisting of leather cuirasses, various suits of mail, a handful of crossbows, a couple of crossbows, a couple of pikes, more than a few maces, axes and daggers.

Of the surviving bandits, the archer and the crossbowman have already been attended to by their comrades, hasty bandages now covering their horrible hand wounds. The other crossbowman is a surly-looking bearded fellow with his corded arms crossed over his barrel chest. The bandit girl sits hunched on a rock, her head clutched in her hands.

At the edge of the encampment, the lady Winter has sagged to rest upon a log as well, her unconscious prisoner slumped over a nearby willow root. She wipes her forehead and flashes a grin and a wave at Eleanore’s successful surgery…

…then suddenly the man in ragged robes stirs awake, seizing a flashing wavy-bladed obsidian dagger from deep within his folds, lunges at the lady Winter. He hauls her up and lurches backwards, one arm in a chokehold, the other holding the knife to her throat. His manic eyes, flaring nostrils and wild beard dart hither and yon in hesitation and he begins a rapid, unearthly chant that seems like a windstorm keening over a field of bones, whose tones send thrills of chill up the spines of all who hear them.

Winter thrashes, struggling against his grip, obviously pained in body and in mind. She stamps on his foot and he reflexively loosens his grip. She tries to flee…

…just as the chant ends, ending with the knife slicing through her throat as she struggles free. Blood flashes through the air. The lady gurgles, stumbles, falls. With a rush of wind and reek of brimstone, the bandit mage disappears, leaving only a crater of scorched grass and glass-scorched soil.

The surviving bandits are now all crouching, shuddering, rocking to and fro.

Will saves vs Shakenness, all ‘round please. Thank you.
Winters still bleeding, still alive, barely.
Damon, condition, unknown.

2013-01-18, 04:03 PM

Deran watched the quasimagical surgery with awe and concern. Such direct divine manifestation, such power appearing through faith... He always felt a better man after seeing it. Holding his friend as he thrashed, he watched as Vassili seemed much better, though not good, not good at all.

"By Tallos' speckled giraffes, Vassili, you scared me. I mean, I also died but I had the decency not to thrash, I think. Next time I am approaching Pharasma 's Spire, I will at least try to be nearer to you"

... but his attempts at humor are cut short as a terrible series of events unfold too fast for him to react. The 'prisoner', the brimstone, Winters' blood in the air. Somehow, he was moving without knowing it as he run towards Winters.

Deran will run to see if Winters is alive. He will also try to make sense of what happened.
Religion [roll0]
Perception [roll1]
General roll [roll2]

2013-01-18, 07:47 PM
"Son of a witch!"
Stay calm Saint Walker
Seeing Deran running to aid the strange witch, Walker turns to make sure no other prisoners try to escape. "Get down. Don't try anything. Now talk, who was that and where did he go?"

2013-01-19, 02:56 PM
Gods did it hurt to come back to his senses. It felt like someone had split his stomach in two... oh wait, somebody did that. Vasili could barely register the warning of Elanor, followed by Deran's worry-filled welcome back to the land of the living. With a curse and a gritting of teeth, the shirtless young man sat up. He coughed and hocked, cursing as each spasm of his diaphragm sent a wave of pain from his abdomen. Spitting out a dark lump of partly-congealed blood, Vasili wiped his lips clean and nodded to his comrades.

"I'll try to do better next time", he whispered to Deran, a smile splitting his bloodied lips as he unsteadily got up on his feet. "At least... I know now... to steer clear of crazy women with axes", he added with a pained chuckle.

The young man's eyes dropped to his destroyed suit of boiled leather, and his smile died instantly. Sighing deeply he picked up the cuirass, his fingers tracing the bronze clasps that had closed the armor's front. "Well, this is ruined", he said joylessly as he stowed the ruined armor under his arm. "Maybe there's some I can confis---"

His words were cut short by the scream and the eldritch blast that left Winter bleeding and coughing, and the man running into the night. Maybe it was the pain in his gut, or simply the fact that he was still unused to such flashy magic, but Vasili froze for a few seconds - long enough that by the time he reached for his gun, the man had already disappeared into the night. "Father's horns!" the young man cursed, only then noticing Winter bleeding.

Cursing, Vasili hobbled closer to the bleeding witch, pain shooting up his spine with every step. "Elanor! Over here!" he called out, already bundling up his shirt to try and stop the bleeding.

Here goes nothing... Heal check to stabilize [roll0]

2013-01-20, 03:16 PM
With great determination, the elf ranger shakes off the effects of whatever foul spell the bandit mage had cast. After all this slaughter, she wasn't about to let some fool arcanist effect her state of mind.

When he disappears, Dhovanu curses in elven. She does her best to find any tracks he may have left, in case the spell was to vanish or turn invisible. She knows well that half the dramatic effects of wizard spells are for intimidation and distraction.

Survival to find tracks that lead away from where the mage disappeared.

2013-01-21, 11:51 AM
Elanore Dulac

Elanore screams in high-pitched horror at seeing Winter get her throat cut, and then the cutthroat magic-user just vanish into thin air.

The half-elven cleric doesn't even bother to approach the dying woman. Ela touches the holy symbol at her neck and calls upon her goddess as she channels positive energy in a wave that engulfs everyone nearby.

Rolls and OOC[roll0]


Idle OOC remark: After a battle, when the enemies are all either very dead or very captured, the best action for a cleric of good with relatively high Charisma is to channel energy.

That way everyone gets healed at once. Elanore can do it 5x a day.

2013-01-21, 12:00 PM

The warrior is frozen by the affect and is helpless to lead a hand. All he can do is watch the blood spurting from Winter's neck.

2013-01-22, 12:41 PM
The frontiersman, the ranger and the paladin rush for their falling friend. Though Vasili cannot help but hobble along, a mace snatched from the bandits' loot pile serves him well as a makeshift cane, the wide, flanged head proving quite stable. Deran, large and in charge, barges through the bush to try and reach the foul scene, but still limps from the pain in his recently ripped-open leg.

Dhovanu gets there first, taking stock and covering the immediate area with her keen senses and nocked arrow. The hawk screeches as it flies overhead, circling the forest's eaves. No threat forthcoming, the elfmaid kneels in the turf, seeking what can be sought. More than their former companion's lifeblood, the smell of sulfur is almost overwhelming. Beyond that is the acrid tang of scorched grass and a small patch of soil flash-burned into glass. It looks charred, unclean, still smoking. Within, though, is what seems to be a jade coin, large as a man's hand, its smooth and scintillating face carven into the likeness of myriad serpents swirling all around each other.

Deran arrives on the scene, his nose and eyes assailed with filth... and his spiritual senses reel with foulness. The holy warrior smells the fading residual evil of the slain bandit leaders as he passes them by, the petty malices of the surviving scum--- and the too-fresh taint of the black mage's mischief. Deran opens himself up, the world around him seeming hazy. He sees his comrades' souls bright and the bandits' as greyish shadows. No time for soul-ogling, he fixes his sights on where the sorcerer had last been... Winters' seems a pale and ebbing thing... there!

To his spirit-senses, the sorcerer's passing seems like a candle cast with the narcotic essence of the Black Lotus, a scent sweet and sick at the same time. Wafting up from the small crater's bloom is a slowly fading smoke, but he could tell that it is the husk of a warp portal, the mage having used foul magicks to walk the shadow-ways between worlds and whisk himself away to safety. The jade serpent-coin seems cold to the touch, sending chills up his spine, the thing itself seeming to hiss and recoil at the paladin's touch. Deran tries to push his spirit-senses, his mortal surroundings dimming further, the piece of jade coming more into focus, the thousand upon a thousand serpents writhing around each other, writhing through each other, the air filling with a sibilant hissing, the shadows at Deran's feet darkening and dripping with spittle and venom...

...with an effort of will, he wrenches himself back to the mortal world. His sight swims and pulses. His breath has become raspy. A cold sweat has broken out across his body. His fingers tremble around the cursed coin, a broken length of bronze chain tinkling with every jerk of his hand.

Close by, Vasili kneels by the fair-faced witch, pale as death. The swatch of cloak in his hands is soaked through with blood, his fingers are hot with the woman's ebbing pulse. He feels the bleeding slow under his pressure...

...and then Elanore's wave of hallowed flames wash over the entire camp. Minor wounds swiftly fade, more serious ones cease bleeding and scab over. Winters gasps and coughs feebly, clutching at her neck and Vasili's hands. Her grip is cold as a tomb yet bone-hard with the manic strength of one on the edge between life and death. Her eyes seem bright and feverish--- or simply with sheer ecstasy at the recovery? "W-w-waaah-T-ttt-ehhhrrr..."

Deran's flesh-senses clear when Elanor's jolt of hallowed flames pass through him. The pendant in his hands seems like just another gaudy bauble but his spirit-senses, recovered, tell him that though it still retains the taint of its former master, anybody with the will and the way can use what remains of its power. Around Winters, the blood that had begun to congeal and harden into obsidian-sharp rubies shatter, becoming nothing more than just another patch of bled-on earth.

Still menaced by the dripping spearpoints of the two warriors on guard over them and thoroughly cowed and shaken by an utterly horrible morning, the bandits babble over themselves. The archer with the wounded hand and a hare lip moans incoherently. The ragged halfelf with the freshly-bound wrist-stump mutters "Oh gods, oh gods, what the frak, why..." The bearded crossbowman, seemingly the toughest-looking bugger of the remaining lot, blubbers into his hands.

The younger, scrawnier acne-pocked crossbowman sneers at his fellow and winces at the spearpoints levelled at them and says, "Hey, hey man. We were just follerin' orders, arright? Come on..."

Of those still kneeling, the redheaded bandit girl seems the most composed, hands with fingers laced behind her head, eyes looking straight ahead, she answers with just a tremble, "S-sirs. Sir, no, sir. H-he was some tribal sorcerer, methinks. Brought in by that Twitch guy--- the naked frakker with the big-ass axe over there. From... down south? We really don't know. Honestly don't want to know."

The dark-skinned goatee-chinned man who'd turned coat and backstabbed Kressle presently returns from kicking the corpses of the bandit leaders. He leans on his mace and profers a hand to Walker. "Hey, y'all. Really dang grateful y'all came along when you did. Name's Jax. Riverman from the River Kingdoms. Fisherman and ferryman by trade, blackguard by occupation. Kressle--- PTUI!--- and her crew jacked my ride, then sunk my father's boat. Told me to join up or die, so here I am."

2013-01-22, 01:22 PM
Walker's straightens up when approached by this stranger, Jax, who had aided him earlier. "'spose I should be thanking you really." Walker says, offering his hand. "I'm Walker, this is Walters. You hurt in any way?"

If Walters is content to watch the prisoners on his own and the others provide some signal that the danger to Winter has passed, Walker leads Jax away from the gathering and encourages Jax to continue his story. "Sorry to hear you ride got sunk. Sorry about your pa too. We're looking for that one's pa actually," he gestures to Vasili, "He's called Gennadi, and seems Kressle *spits* had made a slave of him. A frakkin' despicable violation of the man's River Freedoms."

If the conversation continues, Walker will ask for a total story. All the information Jax knows about the bandits organization. Stag Lord, Kressle, resources, as much as he knows.

Sense Motive: [roll0]

2013-01-22, 04:01 PM

Deran snaps back to the material world around him, the strange, tainted pendant still grasped hard in his gloved hand. He turns to Elanore

"Please do that again, if you can. I still feel ...unclean."

He then goes to help Vasili and Winters limp back to the rest.

"I think this pendant has some power left in it. But it is beyond me. Anyone care to examine it?"

After he makes sure they are well secured, he goes to greet the unexpected help.

"Jax, is it? That was timely of you. I for one appreciate the help. And any information you might volunteer."

As the discussion will go on, Deran will start scouring the campsite for all and any valuable. He will also unobtrusively look in Jax 's spirit for any sign of taint. No more surprises if Deran could help it.

2013-01-22, 09:05 PM
Elanore Dulac

Elanore feels the terror release its grip on her heart and nods to Deran. She touches her holy symbol again, and again her eyes flutter half-closed as she calls upon her goddess to cleanse, renew, and heal.

Channel Energy

"Is he really gone? I didn't know people could do that, even with magic."

"Can someone do a Detect Magic?"

2013-01-22, 10:27 PM

The stout warrior watches as Walker leaves. He grimaces as the prisoners and then calls out, "Can someone find something to secure the prisoners? I don't want to baby sit them all day."

2013-01-23, 01:09 AM
"It's alright, Winter. It's alright", Vasili hushed the witch as Elanore walked over to them and let her god's magic wash over them twice. It was a comforting sensation, to feel divine magic rushing through his frame, knitting together his torn and rent flesh. After the second wave, Vasili could feel like himself again, the touch of the divine having healed his wounds.

But that's when the pendant came up. "Foul magics", the young man offered with a grimace as he removed his own bandages. His stomach was still itchy from the scar tissue, but otherwise he felt at full strength again. "I'm sorry, Elanor, but I don't have such skills. Can you help Winter back to the wagon, and tell Gendry the bad news?" he asked, looking back at where Gedriwyn and his horse were laying, both dead. "We will need rope to tie the prisoners, and the wagon to carry any goods back to Oleg's."

With that, the shirtless young gunslinger stood up and turned to look at Jax. Frowning, he pulled out his gun and started loading it as he walked towards the others, listening and studying the man's body language. This man might know where his father was... or he could try and spin tales to keep himself off the gallows.

Sense Motive [roll0]

Next, try to find a shirt :smalltongue: I feel Vasili is doing his obligatory Estrogen Brigade Bait scene.

2013-01-23, 01:39 AM

Deran waves at Walters from piling up equipment and sorting them in the cart.

"When I am done, I will be right there! "

2013-01-23, 01:36 PM
"Yeah, thanks, man..." The former boatman begins to smile at Deran's and Walkers' sympathies, but when the half-naked half-dead fellow with a bared and loaded weapon joins the two, his smile turns into a scowl. His eyes dart from the friendly-seeming spearman to freakish holy warrior who slew his bad boss to the skirmisher with what seems like a magickal and devilish weapon.

Jax backs off slowly, both hands gripping his mace's haft nervously. Scowling deeply, his eyes fix on Walkers and says, "Dafuq is this, the Katapeshi Inquisition?" He jerks his head at each one in turn and says, "What, judge, excruciator and executor? Then again, y'all are the victors, y'all hold the field, the numbers, the sway. I knows how this gig flows by now."

He juts his chin at Deran happily looting away, "Yeah. Who's not just another raider here, huh? What do I gotta do ta get in yer crew, huh, who do I hafta kill no---"

He suddenly sits himself down on a log, hard. The mace drops from his hands as if it were a viper. His knuckles are white around each other. "That night. That she-devil and her old crew--- me an' Red there's the new meat. And Gonads, I mean, Gennadi. They tied me an' him together on the boat. Moored tight to them blasted mangroves. Told us two men enter, one man leaves. Old Man Gonads, he was stronger'n an' faster'n me. Wiser by a good dang bit. He was sure he couldn't get a chance at Kressle, so he made a show of the fight, then broak the boat apart. Pretended ta drown, but I swear on my mother's hate, 'neath the water, I saw Old Man Gonads swimmin' away downstream. I came up for air and Kressle an' crew hauled me to shore, all laughin'. He wasn't there no more."

Meanwhile, tapping once more into his gift of celestial sight, Deran scans the boatman for signs of taint or falsehood. He senses smouldering crimson eddies of rage and an enjoyment of scrapping. Deran smells the distinct scent on the man's soul of looking at maidens too fondly as well as a fear of these new raiders who've bested them. Beneath the lot is a bittersweet longing for home, for family, for the old boat and an undercurrent of long-repressed guilt... no true malice nor malevolence, though.

Going through the bandit camp, he finds enough coils of rope for a moderately successful bandit warcamp, as well as bolts of cloth, barrels of beer--- oaken and only a season old by the smell and feel. He also finds a full armoury as well as a full pantry. Some crates, however, seem to have been stocked away in a pit near the camp's latrine and purposely covered with branches.

2013-01-23, 01:50 PM
Vasili listened intently when the turncoat spoke, his every sense straining to glean out every bit of information he could from the man's words. His fingers slowly caressed the gun in his hand as he fought back tears. He's alive... Gods be good, let him still be alive, he whispered a soft prayer in the back of his mind, his throat suddenly feeling choked. Quickly the nineteen-year-old youth turns away from his comrades and the brigand, unwilling to show his tears even if they could see the heaving of his shoulders with every pained sob.

Please, Grandfather Erastil... Let my father still be alive.

2013-01-23, 03:40 PM

Deran sees the man's reactions and sighs. He could not blame him, not really. Now that he had piled everything that he could find near the cart and secured the prisoners, he was starting to feel the strain. With a tired shrug he starts cleaning his axe with practiced ease, and then his armor.

"Peace, Jax, peace. I have no quarrel with you. You have proven yourself trustworthy. I do not judge. I do execute, but not lightly. Sit with us. You did not have an easy time. You had to make hard choices. You made them and they could have been far far worse. Be at ease and share our fire."

After a while, and after surrendering the coin to someone more capable to understand its function, Deran approaches Vassili. He gave him space and time to come to grips with what he heard. He then approached him with a flask of very cheap wine found in the camp.

"Hey, Vassili. Look what I found. I think the news deserve some celebration. It seems Gennadi swam free. He never Fell. He was, after all, the man you thought him to be. That is ... rare.

You know, to know who you are, and be able to defend who you are, is a gift. I should know. Not many people know it, but I am actually not ... entirely human"

Deran takes a big swallow of the flask, and winces

"Gods, it is awful. I learned my heritage the hard way. It seems that the job sort of called me to it. having the blood of angels and all. And even all that training and seminaries, even now, I still wonder. Will I manage to be who I want to be? Will I be able to make my heritage...count for something?

What I am getting at, is this. If and when the time comes, I hope I will manage as well as your father. I think I actually want to meet him now."

Another swallow.

"Let 's hope he doesn't mind being the second most beautiful man in the area!"

2013-01-23, 04:00 PM
The young frontiersman turned to look at Deran. He was still shirtless, and shivering from the cool of the early spring night. At least the darkness hid his bloodshot eyes, he thought as he quickly wiped his eyes clean.

"I... I never doubted that", Vasili answered, quickly wetting his throat with saliva to get rid of the crying-induced hoarseness. He needed to stop acting like a little child. "I was sure... he was dead. But what Jax said... That's what Gennadi would have done. That's what he did to me. He told me to get on Ember and ride. To get Marisetta to... safety..."

Vasili's voice trailed off, his thoughts returning to that terrible night. He sighed deeply, his fingers caressing the worn handle of his gun lovingly. His gun... his gun! Vasili's eyes suddenly jumped open and he ran to Jax, taking him by the shoulder.

"Jax, I need one thing more! Think hard!" the young man blurted feverishly, pulling out his gun and holding it so Jax can see it. At least he was sensible enough not to aim in the jumpy riverman's face, but he still had the gun so close that in the light of the fire the man could see every detail. Every intricate pattern forged into dark wood and bronze, every ornate loop of metal decorating the stock, every line that formed the frowning eagle's head of the pommel. "When you saw Gennadi. Did any of the bandits have a weapon like this on them? As a trophy, or maybe as a club?" the young man demanded. He had heard that his father yet lived. Could it be that a memory of his mother had survived as well? Had his gun's twin survived the blaze and ruin of their homestead? "Think, man, think!"

2013-01-23, 09:56 PM
Elanore Dulac

Ela looks on curiously as the other party members feverishly interrogate the turncoat.

She ignores the puzzling drama on display and focuses on Jax, studying the bandit's body language to see if he really was sincere about being told to join or die, or if he was just trying to save his own skin.

She also studies the red-haired bandit girl, because she dislikes the idea of executing a woman.

On the other hand, Ela gives the crossbowman who said he was 'just following orders' a cold and merciless glare.

Sense Motive x2
Sense Motive (Jax): [roll0]

Sense Motive (redhead): [roll1]

Only then does Elanore notice something that she had, in the midst of battle, ignored.

"Could someone please lend Vasili a shirt? We are not barbarians here, to walk around half clothed."

2013-01-23, 11:22 PM
"They didn't mean anything by that. Truth."
Take care Saint Walker. There is much you do not know.
"No way for you to know, but there's this trading post north of here. Most of this was taken from a man, Oleg Leveton, and his wife. He showed us real kindness, so we're bringing his belongings back to him. Vasili needs to know everything you can tell him about Gennadi, I know its prob'ly hard to talk aboot."

Honest truth, Walker was just glad to be breathing. Looking at where the wound had so recently opened Vasili's torso, he felt genuine appreciation for Jax's intervention in the fight. Spared him a matching wound. Melee was not for him, no matter what the voices said. Walker would have to find another way to fulfill their prophesies.

Heading to the other prisoners, he seeks to confirm what Jax had said of her. He offers an appreciative nod to Walters, before helping her to her feet and walking towards the wagon with her. "I want to tell you thanks. What I'm tryin' t'say is your words saved lives today. Thank you." Walker felt a little embarrassed for not untying her hands. He wasn't sure how these military types would take to that though, so he leaves her bound. "Jax said you were new to this group, that they forced you to join them or die. That true? He also said an old man used to be here, Gennadi. He's that one's father and he has a powerful need to know what happened to him; you understand right?" What was it about redheads that always made him so flustered. Had he the right to be so direct? Well, she was his prisoner after all, but still, manners! What would ma have said? "Listen, you mentioned you want to be home by harvest. I believe you. I do. Please just be patient while we figure out what's happening, I don't want any more trouble and I could use your help. They listened to you before right?"

2013-01-24, 03:16 PM

Now that all the work has been done and everyone is sure not to die, Deran moves the wounded, prisoner or not, near the fire and the cart. After making sure with Elanore that moving them will not hurt them, he checks that all wounds have been treated with clean water or alcohol. He also leaves the wounded some water near them.

After that, he approaches Walters.

"Hey there Walters. That fight was a close call. Just wanted to say that you really did hold the line there. You did twice as good as me and had half the injuries. And I am supposed to have the Bosses' eyes on me on these matters. It is good to have you on the group. And next time I will do my best not to faint in the mud and leave you without backup. If it is dirt, now, all bets are off"

2013-01-25, 03:21 PM
The remaining bandits as well as Jax stare in slack-jawed wonder and befuddlement at the two warriors' antics.

"Gorum's gonads!" Jax swears as Vasili gets up in his face again. "GERROFFAME."

Meanwhile, still in the standard submissive prisoner's stance, gaze flat forward, the reaver-maid frowns and meets Walkers' gaze with her own sparkling emerald eyes. "Sir. Answering for Jax there, before your bow-slinging sorcerer tries to hump his leg. Old Man Gonads did get looted. That thundercracking fire-wand might be in Kressle's tent... or mayhap it had been with that warlock."

Elanore, while observing the two, notes that the former is still clearly flustered and stressed but telling the truth. Truce or no truce, though, if Vasili doesn't get a hold of himself, Jax might well finish what Kressle had started. The latter seems to hold herself to some sort of professionalism, or pride. Former militia or ex-army or sellsword, fallen on hard times?

2013-01-25, 03:34 PM
Vasili immediately stepped back when Jax started swearing. Light-headed from blood-loss and downright delirious from mental shock after another the young man may be, but he still knew when to step out of someone's reach, lest there be a serving of knuckles headed his way.

When he heard the bound prisoner's words, however, he stopped and looked at the young woman. Then at the tent. So close... but could he bear going through the tent and finding that there was no such "fire-wand" inside? He was already reeling on his feet, the combination of physical trauma and mental elation wearing him down.

"Wal... Walters", the young man spoke out as he sat down on a nearby rock, one hand still clutching the loaded pistol. "Could... could you go inside and have a look? It should look... almost identical to this", he spoke as he lifted his eyes to the professional soldier. "I... I can watch over the prisoners with Deran until then. Please."

"A shirt would be nice, too."

2013-01-25, 03:43 PM
Elanore Dulac

Ela is distracted from her careful appraisal of the prisoners and is reminded that the party has loot to examine. She raises her hand.

"I have good eyes. I'll search."

Elanore casts Light on her buckler. Still holding her scimitar in her other hand, she enters Kressle's tent to search carefully and thoroughly. She puts aside everything she sees that is valuable or useful, but in particular she looks for a firearm.

Since we're not under time pressure, take 20 on Perception to search.

Edit: Ela's normal Perception bonus is +5.

2013-01-26, 01:50 PM
Twilight fades into evening. Fields of tall, swaying grass and tree canopies smoulder through shades of fire and then into shades of blood as bright as the death that had been wrought this day.

Jax nods at Walters as he walks over with a dagger and a good thick coil of rope. He only has a sneer and kicks for his former colleagues.

The sky dims and darkens the world into a mass of greys and blues and blacks. Soft shadows play across the land as Sarenrae descends into the underworld and the stars begin their nightly march across the heavens.

The bandit captives groan, complaining of bug-bites and hunger and thirst. Some of them ask to at least be allowed to bury their dead comrades. Some of them are bored out of their minds from simply sitting, hands tied--- They amuse themselves at first by recounting tales of past deeds but quickly shut up once they realize that their captors do not take kindly to laughing like goblins over raided caravans, screaming maidens and burning huts. They then turn to ribald and lewd humour as they ogle Elanor and Dhovanu.

The redheaded reaver-girl groans and flicks a pair of obscene gestures at her former colleagues. She nods at Walker, a hint of a smile at her lips and asks, "All due respect, sir, permission to speak freely? So... you lot are sellswords hired by the Levetons? Or freelancers on the behalf of Mr Not-Quite-Muscles Not-Quite-Sorcerer over there? Yer dead glory-hound knight over there, I take it he'd ridden the lot of ye harder than he'd ridden his poor horse, what with how he ain't neither blest nor buried yet?"

The smile deforms into a half-sneer, half-smirk as she says, "When's the lot of ye gunna come 'round to either getting all of us some grub? Or torturing, interrogating and executing the lot of us?"

Meanwhile, those who search the camp find three smaller tents for the common bandits and the one large one for their leaders.

Inside the leaders' tent is a mess of discarded clothing and several choice pelts and furs. It smells of unwashed bodies, dried sex-stains... and a still-filled chamberpot stinks up one corner. A couple of suits of mail and a rack of gleaming weapons take up one wall. Close by, is a mountain of pillows and... strangely enough, giant toy stuffed wolves with half-smiling half-snarling faces. Some of them have button eyes, some of them have marble eyes, others have no eyes and evident attempts at sewing.

Beneath the lot, however, there seem to be a couple of chests...

2013-01-26, 02:21 PM
Elanore Dulac

Ela comes out of the tent grimacing. She seems to have sheathed her scimitar. In her arms she carries the choice furs and pelts she found within, as well as the toy stuffed wolves.

"Pardon me, but I need some help dragging some chests and armor and weapons out. I expect they're heavy."

"After we drag out everything valuable I recommend burning the tent. It's vile in there, and not just in a spiritual sense."

Ela holds her nose to illustrate.

2013-01-26, 02:21 PM
Vasili listened intently when the bandits bragged of their kills, making mental notes of those who claimed the most kills, most rapes, most... molestations of various degrees. If they wished to be sentenced by their own tongues, so be it. He also tried to make note of those who spoke the least or whose attempts at bravado where the most half-hearted. Some of the bandits would be hanged, that much was given.. but if those who had not wet their blades in the blood of men could be given a second chance as indentured labor, he would have no objection to it.

After all, that was how Gennadi had brought him up, after that necktie party in Pitax, all those years ago.

Sense Motive: [roll0]

"You will get what's coming to you in due time, rest assured of that", the shirtless young man answered when the flame-kissed bandit girl started wagging her tongue. "What that is, however... That depends entirely on you."

With that, Vasili turned to look at both Gedriwyn and Winter. The former lied dead on the ground, his arms crossed over his chest. They would have to take him with them; Ged deserved a burial in a civilized place, not in the wilderness. He had not mentioned kinfolk, so there was no one to send for to bring him home, wherever that was. Winter was only a little better, seeing as she leaned silently against a tree, her throat bandaged but still raw, her fingers nursing a waterskin.

"Walters... Do you want to keep guarding the prisoners? Someone needs to go and get Gendry and the wagon. And Winter looks like she could use a rest on the blankets."

2013-01-26, 02:27 PM
Elanore Dulac

Ela comes out of the tent grimacing. She seems to have sheathed her scimitar. In her arms she carries the choice furs and pelts she found within, as well as the toy stuffed wolves.

"Pardon me, but I need some help dragging some chests and armor and weapons out. I expect they're heavy."

"After we drag out everything valuable I recommend burning the tent. It's vile in there, and not just in a spiritual sense."

Ela holds her nose to illustrate.

Vasili can't help but start laughing when he sees Elanor coming back, the pile of furs topped with what looks like a litter of laughing wolf puppies.

"Those must be Oleg's goods", the shirtless young man said as he stood up and stretched. The cool of the spring evening was getting to him, stiffening his muscles. If Ela and the redheaded bandit girl wanted to watch, he seemed oblivious to such gazes for the time being. "Was there a shirt in there as well? Or... anything else?"

There was something almost puppy dog-like in the way Vasili asked that last question, looking at Ela with equal combination of hope and dread.

Just assume that a flock of pigeons takes flight behind Vasili when he's stretching :smallbiggrin:


2013-01-26, 04:24 PM
The redheaded reaver-girl groans and flicks a pair of obscene gestures at her former colleagues. She nods at Walker, a hint of a smile at her lips and asks, "All due respect, sir, permission to speak freely? So... you lot are sellswords hired by the Levetons? Or freelancers on the behalf of Mr Not-Quite-Muscles Not-Quite-Sorcerer over there? Yer dead glory-hound knight over there, I take it he'd ridden the lot of ye harder than he'd ridden his poor horse, what with how he ain't neither blest nor buried yet?"

The smile deforms into a half-sneer, half-smirk as she says, "When's the lot of ye gunna come 'round to either getting all of us some grub? Or torturing, interrogating and executing the lot of us?"

"I'm sorry? You think I'm to torture you? Sorry, but I think you've got me all wrong. Now c'mon, where's the food kept?"
Does she, Saint Walker?
As they prepare enough food to tide everyone over, Walker attempts to gently coax information out of her and Jax about the bandits organization. "Y'know sellswords may be more accurate than I'd like to admit. But not for the Levetons, no, Rostland in truth. Y'see, the high-and-mighties in Restov, they've got a interest in stopping folk like Kressle from giving their southern holdings a hard time. As such, seems they've financed a fair few groups like these to do the initial surveys before they send in their military branch. Scouts like us can get the lay of the land easier than a pack of Aldori knights."

"As for our knight, he died doing his job. While I didn't know him for long, he seemed a good man. We will be taking him back with us. Give him a grave that his family can visit, y'know."

2013-01-26, 08:53 PM

Finally freed to do something more than look mean and tough, once the prisoners are secured, he begins looking and collection weapons, armor, and what every else that might look valuable. The spoils of war was one of the few benefits he enjoyed.

Can I take 10 or 20 with the search since he is not in a rush.

2013-01-27, 02:13 AM

Seeing the others start organizing the camp and moving the things around, Deran gets up.

'Vasili, why don't you guard here? You are in no condition to move things. And for the love of Desna 's spotted wings, put this on!" He hands him one of his spare shirts.

He then gives Elanor the the coin "See what you can make of this. I have the feeling that it can lead us to the rotten son of a goat 's camp"

Deran then goes to help Walters with piling the stuff near the campsite. He then tries to see what was taken from Oleg's, and catalog and appraise the rest. Deran tries to be as thorough as possible, searching every nook and cranny.

2013-01-27, 04:35 AM
Elanore Dulac

Elanore makes sure that no bandit, not even Jax, is allowed to help prepare food.

She is polite about it, however, saying, "Pardon me, Mister Jax, but if you don't mind, just sit there and don't move, all right?"

"I want to trust you, I really do, but I also like to be careful. No sense taking unnecessary chances."

She is not as warm to the redheaded bandit, saying in a polite but cool fashion, "Please sit where you are and don't make trouble, all right?"

With the help of others or alone, Elanore drags the chests and the armor and weapons (and any other valuables she finds) from the leader's tent out into the open.

She eyes Kressle's corpse and sighs as she lends herself to the distasteful task of searching the dead woman for valuables and hopefully keys to the chests.

Take 10 on Perception. Elanore's Perception bonus is +5.

2013-01-27, 05:32 AM

Seeing the others start organizing the camp and moving the things around, Deran gets up.

'Vasili, why don't you guard here? You are in no condition to move things. And for the love of Desna 's spotted wings, put this on!" He hands him one of his spare shirts.

He then gives Elanor the the coin "See what you can make of this. I have the feeling that it can lead us to the rotten son of a goat 's camp"

Deran then goes to help Walters with piling the stuff near the campsite. He then tries to see what was taken from Oleg's, and catalog and appraise the rest. Deran tries to be as thorough as possible, searching every nook and cranny.

"Thank you, Deran", Vasili said with an amused smile as he took the paladin's shirt and put it on. "I know your bosses will approve... giving a shirt off your backpack", he chuckled as he tightened the sleeves with his bracers.

"If there's any piece of good leather armor in that pile, let me know, okay? Kressle's axe did a number on my boiled leathers. I think I could stitch it back together, but it wouldn't be the same again", he called out before taking his place guarding the prisoners. "It is curious how it is always so... It is so much easier to destroy than to create or to heal..."

The young man sighed deeply and pulled out his gun, spinning it in his hand before gripping tightly on the handle. "Ah well... I just hope I won't have to test that theory myself", he said whimsically, not even looking at the prisoners.

Leather armor or studded leather, if possible. And I won't spit at masterwork, either :smalltongue: Anything that offers a good amount of protection without throwing in a lot of AC penalty; Vasili needs his Dex bonus. And gunslingers are only proficient with light armor.

2013-01-27, 02:25 PM
Elanore makes sure that no bandit, not even Jax, is allowed to help prepare food.

She is polite about it, however, saying, "Pardon me, Mister Jax, but if you don't mind, just sit there and don't move, all right?"

"I want to trust you, I really do, but I also like to be careful. No sense taking unnecessary chances."

She is not as warm to the redheaded bandit, saying in a polite but cool fashion, "Please sit where you are and don't make trouble, all right?"

Walker nods to Elanore, then engages the pair in conversation once again, "Don't worry aboot that. There's still loads that worry me though, eh. Who was that man what nearly killed one of us in that smoke? Not to mention, what's going to happen to everyone here? Restov sends bandits to the gallows, y'know. This may be the River Kingdoms, but Brevic gold is what sent us here. Now I'm not trying to frighten or upset, I'm just saying, gotta show these folk that you aren't bad."

2013-01-27, 02:47 PM
Vasili looked up as he heard Walker trying to glean some bits of information from Jax the riverman. The young frontiersman said nothing, but some of the things the wild-haired man got him thinking. Why were they here after all? He remembered the speech and the charter they had been given back in Restov, and then considered their own situation. To say that they were here because of Brevoy was surely an exaggeration. The way things sounded like up north, it seemed that the joint kingdom of Choral the Conqueror was on the verge of splintering, with the Surtovas of Rostland on one side and the Aldori swordlords of Issia on the other. And it was the Aldori who had sent them here, after all...

But were they in the River Kingdoms, either? It certainly didn't feel like that to Vasili. Nor would he want that. He had been but a child when his birth-father and his uncles had travelled those lawless kingdoms, and Gennadi had had nothing but contempt for the chaotic reality of places like Pitax, Mivon or Touvette. Cutthroats with crowns, that's what Gennadi had called the likes of Castruccio Irovetti of Pitax and Cabol Voran of Touvette. If they were really building a fledgling kingdom here like some of the more idealistic swordlords seemed to think, did they really want to take a seat in the Outlaw Council with men who pissed in your goblet and called it wine?

Vasili shook his head. You're dreaming again, he could almost hear Marisetta call out, laughing as her fingers went through his hair. Head full of sand, my little dreamer, the bronze-skinned woman would laugh and then send him off to help Gennadi with the firewood. He sighed with the memory and turned his eyes back to the prisoners. No... they would have to try and build something new here instead.

But that would have to wait... at least until they got back to Oleg's.

2013-01-28, 02:44 AM

As Deran piles things up and appraises them, he also joins the conversation, as he usually does.

"I would also like to meet the disappearing fellow again" grunt, crash, bump.
"I have developed a burning desire to meet him intimately and inside out" grunt, crash, bump
"And I think the coin we got is the key, so when everybody is done, I would like the arcanely educated members of our company to take a look at it".

'As for our invited guests over here, why try to reinvent civilization from scratch? We take them to Oleg's, have a trial, even ask the Bosses their opinion and then sentence them appropriately according to Brevoy law." grunt, crash, bump "It is a Brevoy charter we have after all, and our only authority comes from that. Otherwise, we are just the people with the weapons playing enforcing our opinions as laws."grunt, crash, bump

Old man Talos had warned him that being an adventurer is mostly menial work, but Deran had not believed him. How right he had been! It seemed he had been stacking things for ages.

2013-01-28, 03:16 AM
"But does that mean we have to blindly follow Brevic law?" Vasili interjected, his eyes kept at the prisoners. "Does the charter mean we have to sign away our free will and do as the swordlords wish in all things? I'm not saying we should piss on the charter and see if we can make this place a new River Kingdom... but haven't we got a chance to try something new here? Something not bound by the past?"

2013-01-28, 08:23 AM

Deran poses and wipes his brow of sweat.

"No law should be followed blindly, not even those made by Gods. That is why I suggested a trial. This is why you need a judge. Perhaps there is indeed a chance to create something new here. The, jurisprudence would be assigned to wiser heads than mine. But we cannot wait since then, can we?

And after all, is the conviction and punishment of people judges to be such by a trial the first point from which should we start implementing new things? As far as I know, in most kingdoms, punishments for murder, rape and theft are remarkably similar. Petty theft and highway robbery are another matter, as is yet a third the participation, unwilling especially, in a robber band.

But I am open to suggestions. My forte is not legal theory, after all. It is identifying and confronting bad people. And look good doing it!"

Deran smiles, visibly satisfied that he managed to make a joke even in such a conversation, and takes up stacking again.

2013-01-28, 08:43 AM
Elanore Dulac

Ela shakes her head a little.

"I'm not sure a trial would be feasible... I've seen them conducted. They take a lot of paperwork and ceremony and pomp."

"I did a little thinking and there is a reason why the charter is so simple. We're out in the frontier here. No one in our situation can afford to take too long to decide."

When Deran mentions legal theory, Ela hesitates, then she gives her own opinion.

"I am not an expert on legal theory, but I can speak with some authority about doctrinal issues."

"If I were to go along with bandits and aid them in killing and robbing and even raping innocent people, you know what would happen?"

"Sarenrae would turn her face from me. I would lose all the powers bequeathed to me. She might even slay me, if the crimes I helped others commit were really evil. And it would not matter in the slightest if I were threatened with death. There are some things more important than your own life."

"These bandits may have been threatened with death or pain if they did not do as Kressle and her barbarian loverboy wished, but I believe that does not excuse them from their actions. Not completely."

She watches and listens to see how the others react.

2013-01-28, 09:16 AM

Deran, still piling, responds.

"You and I chose a stricter path, Elanore. Other people didn't." grunt, crash, bump.
" Don't judge them by what would happen to us. They did not choose to become us. And you know, even among the Good Guys upstairs, there are actions that some would consider inexcusable, and other would just laugh at."grunt, crash, bump.

"I don't know if a trial necessarily needs a lot of pomp. I think it just needs someone who is impartial and some basic interrogation." grunt, crash, bump.
" The really bad acts leave a stain on someone. This, I can smell on them. This, I would not wish to leave unpunished.

But for others, I think there are more ways than one for someone to be judged." grunt, crash, bump.
" I do not wish to fill the trees of this land with corpses, because I have the leeway to do it. There is a reason, I believe, that most legal systems allow for a variety of possible punishments for the same crime. And yes, within that framework, it matters why someone did what it did." grunt, crash, bump.
"If it did not matter,"grunt, crash, bump.
" then I am just a killer with an axe. And you too, but your axe is spiritual. Is that what we are? People who are right because they have backing from Up There? I don't think so.

So, I vote for Brevian law, with quicker proceedings."grunt, crash, bump.
" Harsh punishment for serious crimes, restitution and second chance if possible for less serious infractions. We need people for these lands, laborers, workers. Not corpses.

And all this wisdom is making my head hurt." Deran, done, stands up and stretched.

2013-01-28, 10:13 AM
"Well said, Deran", Vasili nodded approvingly. "The only people in this world who benefit of corpses are gravediggers. And I don't think Oleg would much appreciate such fruits hanging from the trees, either", he added wolfishly before turning to look at the prisoners.

"You there. Redhead", he spoke up, nodding towards the girl who had spoken earlier. "I'm curious... what is your name? And what was your profession before taking up brigandry?"

2013-01-28, 10:51 AM

The large man continues with his labors. He listens but does not contribute: it ids above his pay grade and they didn't ask his opinion.

2013-01-28, 12:00 PM
Elanore Dulac

Ela listens carefully to what the paladin says.

"Of course I don't judge them by the same standards you and I must uphold. But you do see my point about culpability, yes? Idly standing by or even mildly abetting evil is in itself evil. That's why we have "accessories to the crime" back home."

"And your statement about 'filling the land with corpses' is a terrible exaggeration of my point. I'm not advocating executing someone for helping a mass murderer... at least not without considering carefully."

But then she shakes her head when Deran talks about his paladin power.

"You place too much trust in your power to see evil."

"You know, or at least should know, that below a certain... level, that power does not detect evil at all. I can cast that spell myself, and I know its limitations."

"Someone would have to be very experienced in evil, or directly serve a dark god or goddess, before a paladin could sense evil in that person. Or undead, of course."

OOC: Pathfinder Detect Evil Rules

Detect Evil only detects level 1 evil creatures if they are clerics or antipaladins or undead or outsiders.

Otherwise, the spell only detects evil if the creature is level 5 or higher. Below that level, no evil is detected. For example, level 4 evil fighter? Nothing.
"I don't mind if you outvote me on this. I'm just an acolyte of Sarenrae; what do I know about laws and justice?"

"But consider the consequences at least of setting a bandit, even that Jax fellow, completely free on his own recognizance. We don't know what he will do with his freedom. And any action he takes, any harm he causes, will be in part -our- responsibility."

"At least if we put them to work, we'll get a better idea of their character while they serve. It's easy to pretend to be nice and harmless for a day. Much harder for a whole year."

2013-01-28, 12:04 PM
"Would you be more inclined to let them go if someone were to vouch for them? No man's an island, y'know... I'm willing to bet most of our guests have their fair share of kinfolk."

2013-01-28, 12:20 PM

"But you see, that is my point exactly. Let them work of their debt and give the benefit of the doubt to those we cannot be reasonably certain they are guilty.

I did not mean to exaggerate your point. If I did, please accept my apology. But idly standing by when you either join or die is too broad a stroke. And I see your point about possible evil. However, consider the possible good that could come out of it. How much good do we stamp out because we did not give a man the chance to turn around, or prove that he was actually good at the first place? What good would we miss if someone that could help built something better, and become better himself, was not given the chance, because we did not trust him?

This goes both ways, Elanore. I think we are basically in agreement here. I am just saying, if we want to really do good, we must believe that good can exist and give the benefit of a doubt. Not blindly, not foolishly, not carelessly, but perhaps we could err in the side of possible redemption rather than strictness.

If something new is to be born here, it will probably be by men and women desperate enough to leave their original homes. Or people determined enough to brave the wilderness. These people sometimes are often ... cornered. I say we could, if we can, give them a chance for a new start. Without of course disregarding the past."

2013-01-28, 01:04 PM
Vasili fell oddly silent when Deran started talking about second chances, of possible good that could be lost by being too eager to play hangman. His free hand rose to his throat for a moment, rubbing it slowly. He could still remember the chafing of the hempen rope, the smell of rot and onions that even the executioner's hood could not properly contain...

"Would you consider me a good man, Ela?" the young man asked, while still waiting for the redhead to come up with an answer.

2013-01-28, 01:10 PM
Elanore Dulac

Ela stares and squints at Vassili. Then she shrugs.

"Of course you're a good man, dear. You just need to keep your shirt on more often in company."

2013-01-28, 01:21 PM
Vasili Kozhek

"I'll try and remember that, ma'am", Vasili chuckled, a small smile splitting his usually sombre face. "My point is... well, let's just say that I wouldn't be here if Gennadi had not thought to give me a second chance." With that, the young man lifted his arm, imitating the tightening of a noose around his neck. "It's a long story, I'll tell you all about when we get back to Oleg's."

2013-01-29, 03:00 PM
"Grrhhhrhmmm..." groans the redheaded reaver, scratching her neck as she stirs back into wakefulness.

"...wot 'e means issat 'essa dead man walkin'. Summin' like that." she says offhand, then continues, "Name's Tessalonika Konstantinova, thanks for the decency. Will y'all be givin' us the decency of a quick chop or be jawin'-an'-jawin'-an'-jawin' us to death? "

She snorts and shrugs at Walker. "Sorry. Humour."

2013-01-29, 03:53 PM
Vasili Kozhek

"Vasili Kozhek, on another occasion at your service", the young frontiersman answered, giving Tessalonika a nod and a smile. After that he holstered his gun and looked around a bit in the camp site. Noticing a discarded waterskin. Taking a whiff at the contents he grimaced a little. "And whoever cooked this stuff is probably blind as a bat from his own concoctions", he said as he handed the wineskin and its bad moonshine to the redhead. "Still, pass it around while we wait."

No harm in giving them something to drink, Vasili thought to himself. With a bit of luck, they might prove more talkative with some liquor warming their bellies.

"We should get a fire going", the young man suggested to his comrades. "Those fire pits need only a little stoking, and there's bound to be some vittles in that carriage. The least we can do is feed our guests before we make them march."

"As for your question", he continued, turning to look back at Tessalonika. "Well, that depends on you. And I hope you will answer my question as well. I am curious to know who Tessalonika Konstantinova was before she was a reaver", Vasili said with a smile and sat down to continue his watch over the prisoner. Clearly he didn't intend on pressing the matter. The ball was in Tessalonika's court now.

BTW, I'm okay with it if we fast-forward the eating and the march back to Oleg's. Vasili can wait for Tessalonika to answer him... no point in trying to press her for answers.

2013-01-29, 05:10 PM
Walker's eyebrows raise as Tess jokes as Vasili's expense. He let's out a small breath of relief when Vasili's seems unaffected. Good to avoid any further aggravation today. "You keep talking like we're going to be executing you? Why is that?"
Do not provoke, Saint Walker
Looking over his shoulder at the prisoners, he can't help but feel uncomfortable. Seven of their companions were dead, it would take some time before any attempt at truce could be made. Still, best to get back to Oleg's; put some distance, literal and mental, between them and the battle.

As much as he'd rather stay and rest by the fire, Walker pulls himself up and heads to where Walters keeps vigil over the captives. "Soup's on. While you're there, see aboot sending someone over with chow. Once you all got the wagon packed and the bodies dealt with, we can get gone."

Do we have a plan for the dead bandits?

Also, Walker has no particular use for any of those items, though he'll be picking up the ability to cast witch spells on the way back to Oleg's at which point he'll spellcraft the coin and detect magic everything else. When he has free time he'll open the 'empty' chest with a hatchet. I'm thinking he doesn't have a reason to be literate, so won't be able to read through the journal.

2013-01-31, 12:48 PM

"...wot 'e means issat 'essa dead man walkin'. Summin' like that." she says offhand, then continues, "Name's Tessalonika Konstantinova, thanks for the decency. Will y'all be givin' us the decency of a quick chop or be jawin'-an'-jawin'-an'-jawin' us to death? "

Walters stifles a chuckle from the the redhead's comments.

2013-01-31, 03:39 PM
Presumably still keeping everybody tied up, yes?

Tessalonika's face seems unnaturally composed for someone contemplating their own mortality. She answers Walker, "You can't ransom any of us, none's high-born or high-placed enough to be worth anything to anybody. A trial? By whom? By the victors of a battle? PFF. Summary execution at dawn? Madre and Mr Professional there look like they miiiiiiiiight be up for it, but all o' y'all don't have the looks of cold-blooded killers. Enslave us? Feel free ta correck me, ye don't seem it."

She gives Vasili a slow smirk and says, "HAH, another occasion. Another occasion... another occasion..." Her words echo themselves, drifting into mumbling and shadows like the cold night breeze.

She sighs, forces a smile and says, "Loosen these bonds. Let us eat and drink some dinner. Nobody here's a circus contortionist t'be able ta sup using just their feet, tha's fer sure. And then, you'll get your tale, comrade Kohzek."

2013-01-31, 03:51 PM
Vasili pulled out his dagger, taking a close look at Tessalonika to see if she was playing him false - or if she could be trusted not to run off.

Sense Motive [roll0]

"Deran? Shall we let them eat? Their legs will remain bound. And the one who runs gets a shot through his guts. A much, much slower death than one in the gallows."

And Intimidate for good measure: [roll1]

2013-01-31, 05:43 PM

Deran, with the appraisal done, was getting ready settle for lunch. He actually seems surprised by the question.

'Of course we will let them eat. And drink, and sleep, and walk to stretch their legs, and give them blankets and built them a fire at night. They are prisoners, not animals.

And my campfire jokes need a big audience. So, it is sort of mandatory you see. '

2013-01-31, 06:03 PM
"I was not suggesting they were, you wise-ass", Vasili chuckled. "And fire and blankets were a given, if we intend to stay here for the night."

With that, Vasili leaned closer to Tessalonika and firmly but calmly lifted her bound arms. "If you give me your word you will not try to run away, I will cut your bonds so you can eat and stretch your legs. I trust you will not make me regret it."

"Laughing at Deran's jokes... well, that's optional", he whispered when the paladin wasn't looking.

2013-02-01, 01:42 AM

Deran will help with feeding them and getting them to walk and stretch, one by one. That, with a bow and arrow in hand.

He will also, if noone objects, try the Big Maniac's axe. Seeing that it is very well made, he will clean it obsessively, oil it, sharpen it, clean it again and adjust the straps to accommodate it in his sheath.

He will also put hos own axe in the loot and keep one of the bows and some arrows.

2013-02-01, 12:08 PM
Vasili Kozhek

Sometimes during the evening, when someone else took over watching the prisoners, Vasili took for himself the sad but necessary task of going through Gedriwyn's gear. The brave cavalier had perished of his wounds before Elanore had gotten to him, and he lay in state at the edge of the camp, hands crossed over the crossguard of his sword.

Vasili had respected the man, talkative as he was, and as such he made no move to remove the body's arms or armor. Gedriwyn had been a warrior in life; it was only fitting he would meet the Accidental God in the great alehouse in the sky decked in his armor and bearing his sword. Of the other goods, Vasili opted to take his backpack in place of his sack, using the latter to keep the things someone else might like - a whetstone, flint and steel, such things. His trail rations would go with the rest, as would the warhorse's saddle and bridle which Vasili managed to pull off from the dead beast with some difficult. The useful things - rope, pitons, a grappling hook - he filled the backpack and saddlebags with, and carried them over to Ember. The heavy mare was at first skittish to carry such things, but with a kind word and some carrots Vasili persuaded his old friend to carry them.

"We heard he's alive, Ember. Gennadi is alive", Vasili whispered in the mare's ear, running his hand through her mane. For the last three months he had though he and the mare were the only survivors of the blaze that had claimed their homestead. Ember, if anyone, deserved to know that they might not be alone after all.

I took the liberty of taking a good chunk of Gedriwyn's common adventuring gear, since Vasili pretty much had nothing but his gun and some basic tools of the trade. Nothing unusual: hemp rope, pitons, lantern and oil, that sorta stuff. Stuff I already had or didn't believe useful for my character are in the common loot. Whetstone, for instance, would be more useful for some who's needed in melee. If you want to take Gedriwyn's fighting gear, do it yourself. Vasili's not a graverobber.


Okay, he's technically a graverobber since he looted the corpses, but that's different. We're adventurers, dammit! :smalltongue:

I also put the team's horses in the common goods list, for bookkeeping purposes. If memory serves, of our team only Vasili and Gendry have horses, right?

2013-02-01, 01:15 PM
Vasili feels little resistance as he prepares to cut Tess' bonds. Far as he could tell, her gaze and posture are neutral enough to not merit suspicion of treachery. On the other side of things, the other bandits are noticably grateful as well for the small mercy of temporary liberty as well as compliably submissive and are all too wary of the chuckling fauchard-toting juggernaut, the half-dead holy warrior and the dagger-stare and sharp tongue of the solar nun. They don't seem to be too cowed by the friendly frontiersman and the pike-wielding puke-boy.

Once both legs and arms are free...

"Stretch my legs, eh?"

...Tess explodes into a fluid flurry, trapping the dagger against the ground with a solid boot, the other striking out against Vasili's legs, knocking him forward and down. As he reflexively catches himself against the log where he'd sat her down, he finds a jagged sliver of wood tickling his throat. Mere inches away from him is an almost grotesquely stretched smirk only for her to flourish the makeshift stiletto between her fingers and let it drop into the grass.

"Now THAT's a joke. Ha-ha-hah--- OW! Heh." just as a thrown duck's legbone hits her square on the noggin. The greasy-handed Jax yells, "Gorum's guts! Wot dah frak eesss wrawng witchu, Red?!"

Tess pats Vasili's shoulder and helps him down to the log. "No worries. Any of y'all could peg any runners afore they clear the trees." She then stands and stretches, plucking the bird's bone out of her hair, sucking at the fry-juices. She sighs and laces her fingers behind her head, pacing a bit as she talks, "Well, you asked... Family tradition. Used to serve the house guard of Sarekalls, minor march-warders somewhere along the Great Lake. Assigned to the bodyguard detail of the Boyar's boy, may the Lady rot his bones. Turns out he was amassing his private little fortune in gold and goons through a band of pet pirates. I killed him and some of the bastards, but for his old man's sake, made it look like the lad had died gloriously. I'spec the rest of my unit's either been hanged for failure or have scarpered and are out for my blood. Ditched that march, of course. Did some sword-shows, some guard-rides here and there. Eventually met Mr Jaxon there, and eventually's now the presently."

She nods at their captors over a bowl of Walkers' soup. "And y'all?"

Meanwhile, Deran, tends to his new axe. The haft is a solid length of oak, as long as he is tall. The lower part is wrapped in strips of leather, the butt capped in bronze. Midway up the haft is a series of etchings of a singular design--- an old symbol meaning "bull" in some of the local dialects. The head is anchored in place with four rivets as well as a socket. The double-headed bits have blade-beards long enough to serve as handguards or grapple-aids as well as being broad enough to be able to receive blows without being too badly damaged or exposing the wielder's hand to undue harm. A broadhead spearhead tops the space in between the two axe-bits.

2013-02-01, 01:50 PM
Vasili stood up, feeling his throat where the piece of wood had touched his throat. Surprisingly though, he started to chuckle, then laugh. "Erastil bless you, woman! Remind me to stay on your good side!" the frontiersman laughed as he joined the others for supper. Apparently this one could take a joke... at least at first.

"As for us? Fair enough... you told us yours, we'll tell you ours", he said as he sat on the opposite rock from Tess - close enough to pull his gun if need be, but not close enough to let the young woman show her athletic talent again. "Explorers. Or suicide candidates, if some of the people back in Brevoy are to be believed. Tasked with mapping the Stolen Lands", he answered, keeping the tone of the discussion light and truthful, though keeping out any mention of the Swordlords or Brevan politics for now.

"I think my father would have liked you, had he got the chance. He had no patience for people wanting to wage war just to line their pockets. 'course... he's not my birth-father. He saved me when I was... eleven, or twelve, I guess." he said, lifting his hand to his throat and squeezing, imitating a hangman's noose. "A hanging in Pitax. Me, my birth-father - a sorry son of an exiled lordling with dreams of a kingdom and lord of everything as far as he could piss - and my uncles. Blueblooded highwaymen who kept throwing insults and threats of loyal armies coming to give everyone a bloody smile until the hangman pulled the lever. Gennadi and his wife had been leading the party of adventurers and Pitax guards who had taken them - and when the hangman moved to pull my lever, he demanded that I be released to his custody, throwing the bag of coins they had been paid at Irovetti's feet. 'You paid us gold for their lives. I will pay you gold for this one's life', he said."

Vasili chuckled at the memory. "I swear, Irovetti looked like he was going to burst an artery. There he was, a king barely crowned, staring down at a paladin who demanded mercy for a scrawny, dirty boy with a noose around his neck. What could he do? He accepted the terms, not wanting to lose face in front of the mob by hanging a paladin - especially when there was a pair of guns, two readied spells and a big-ass half-orc Gorumite just behind Gennadi, ready to turn the first guard who attacked into pie stuffing. Gennadi raised me as his own since then... more of a father to me than the prick who sired me". As he spoke, Vasili absent-mindedly mixed his soup with his spoon. When he spoke up again, he looked up, right into Tessalonika's eyes.

"He said he saw something more in me than just a brigand destined to hang. I believe I understand what he saw when I look at Jaxon. And when I look at you", he said, a chuckle rising from his lips. "Heh... he was always better at words than I'll ever be. But I hope you will remember that nonetheless", he said and picked up his spoon.

"Hey Walker!" Vasili called out after swallowing the first mouthful. "Good soup!"

Sorry for the long tale, felt like this was the right time and the right place. Ready to move on when you are. I intentionally left that discussion open so that Tess can mull his words over if she so chooses.

2013-02-01, 07:56 PM

...Tess explodes into a fluid flurry, trapping the dagger against the ground with a solid boot, the other striking out against Vasili's legs, knocking him forward and down. As he reflexively catches himself against the log where he'd sat her down, he finds a jagged sliver of wood tickling his throat. Mere inches away from him is an almost grotesquely stretched smirk only for her to flourish the makeshift stiletto between her fingers and let it drop into the grass.

"Now THAT's a joke. Ha-ha-hah--- OW! Heh." just as a thrown duck's legbone hits her square on the noggin. The greasy-handed Jax yells, "Gorum's guts! Wot dah frak eesss wrawng witchu, Red?!"

This time he couldn't hold in his laughter.

Walters had been half listening to the conversations as he collected the spoils of war. But this really wasn't war. If it was the treatment of prisoners were clear. No, these were civilian matters which were more delicate than he liked.

Sometime later, if he can get anyone away from the prisoners, he will say, "I was hired as simple muscle, for my expertise in fighting, but as I over hear it the main problem is that some of these people might have been forced into banditry. Best to interview them all separately about each other, how they came into that mad woman's service. Corroborated stories will show a glimmer of truth."

2013-02-01, 10:59 PM
Elanore Dulac

Ela looks shocked and horrified when Tessalonika overpowers Vassili, but she quickly calms down when the redheaded woman releases the gunslinger.

She eyes the soldier turned bandit after that. She says nothing, but her lips turn up in a smile.