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2012-10-21, 10:59 AM
Piracy in the Expanse


Reality shuddered and twisted. Demons and other creathers of the Aether screaming and trying to escape before the prow of the massive vessel pushed outwards. The raw stuff of the Immaterium streaming off the massive ceramite hull plates and gleaming gun barrels as the 6km of vessel slammed back into reality.

Aboard the vessel the lights dimmed and flickered in the arched and vaulted bridge as cogitators and hololiths flickered, died and then came back online.
In the small observation dome atop on of the highest vanes of the aft castle Osaze the Doubter straightened slowly. Cowled and hooded the knife still wet with blood as the path through the warp rippled and twisted on the flesh of the sacrifical victim. The dying man's screams passing through the range of human hearing into that of a psychic scream as his soul was torn from his body and cast adrift in the swirling warp - the price of passage.

On the bridge one of the sensorium crew looked up form his sensor readings as the augers swept across the surrounding area in an attempt to fix location and time with a sudden surprise. "Contact Lady Zamora! 320'000km on bearing 023 by -067. Readings indicate Imperial Pilgrim vessels Lady Captain." A quick flick of a switch and the sounds of imperial hyms being broadcast by the pair of vessels comes in loud over the vox. "Orders?"

I am asusming you're transiting space towards Footfall and were forced out by a warp storm into clear space to wait out for a couple of days.

32VU ahead of you are a pair of pilgrim vessels. You are in clear space. Its not sure if they have noticed your appearance yet.

You may begin :smallsmile:

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2012-10-21, 11:58 AM
Inside the Lathe Landing Bays

Lautrec sat down, looking over the ships inside of the loading bay. It had been a while since he last coordinated the ships to battle but he could already feel the excitement of battle coming over him as word of two Imperial ships spread throughout the ship. He didn't care too much about the firepower of the ships, his over confidence (Supplemented by his minion purring his ego even more) had long removed that doubt from his mind. All he cared for was the sight of ships flying from the hangar and doing battle with any foe. Of course, he'd have to wait for the command of his Lady in order to take any militant actions.

He checked his Vox systems to ensure they were still functioning and awaited the command of his Captain, pacing throughout the hanger, minions at his side.

2012-10-21, 01:18 PM
Inside The Observation Dome

Osaze looks down at the knife in his hands, and at the rapidly cooling corpse, and feels faint pangs of regret. Though the taking of innocent life - or as innocent as any wretch aboard the accursed vessel may be - has long become familiar to him, he still regrets the necessity. Still, this is hardly the first such sacrifice, and is unlikely to be the last. He proceeds through hsi enumerations, and all too soon the regret fades.

An iridescent bird alights on his shoulder, and Osaze affectionately strokes it's head before it moves in to claim the choicest morsels from the corpse. "Ever hungry, are we Augustus?" he comments, the raven giving a quizzical look as if to say 'of course I am, aren't you?', before continuing to peck away at the left eyeball. Content to leave his familiar to it's morbid meal, he wipes away the gore from his knife, returning it to the sheathe at his waist. Hopefully this journey will yield something of worth, and not just another wasted life.

Emperor Ing
2012-10-21, 03:50 PM

We thank you, machine spirit for our safe passage. The Technomancer echoes to the beating, fiery heart of the ship. Truly such a marvelous device deserved nothing short of the veneration from the crew. For their sake he certainly hopes they are thankful if they want to continue having safe voyages.

For some reason, Daravin's mind wanders to questioning whether or not the ritual sacrifice is still being carried out to grant safe passage.

However, his implanted feed to the bridge alerts him that two pilgrim vessels have been found 320 megameters from the ship. His mind already goes to the possible resources that can be on board. Thousands, possibly millions of slaves that might be sold to a Dark Mechanicus forge world for a bounty of technology and knowledge. Furthermore, additional vessels that might be useful to add to a fleet if they can be recovered intact. At the very least, its technology liberated from the foolish worshippers of the corpse-emperor and the tech-heretics of Mars.

2012-10-21, 05:42 PM
"Begin a thorough scan of those vessels immediately I want no surprises this time or I'll be finding a new Master of Etherics, understand? Miss Chen, load the torpedo tubes and prepare the cannons. Hold fire until I say otherwise, I want these ships intact damn you! Technomancer, warm up the teleportariums. Battlestations you mangy lot, we just may salvage this trip yet!" Lord-Captain Anastasia snaps, her tone hiding her personal thoughts. Father, forgive me...

Emperor Ing
2012-10-21, 06:04 PM
Acknowledged. Daravin replies over the vox. From his position, he is a good distance away from the Teleportarium. He can, however, coax the reactor's machine spirit into waking up the ancient device on his behalf, at least until he is able to physically get there to calibrate the venerable machine to his, and the Captain's liking. He then begins a run to the teleportarium, hoping to arrive before it is needed, let alone before those that intend to use it are able to arrive, or at the very least before Karros and Osaze arrive. No doubt they'll be needed to spearhead the liberation.

2012-10-21, 06:19 PM
Inside the Lathe Landing Bays

A malicious grin grows across Lautrecs face "You heard the lady! BATTLESTATIONS!" he pulls his neural whip out of it's holder and sends the tip flying through the air, an audible *CRACK* coming from it as he raises his Las Gun and continues "Alright, I want squads of 3 to split apart and keep the enemy preocupied. Focus down the one that isn't shooting at us and tempt the other to change it's fire, that way our main guns can blast them to the Warp and back!"

2012-10-22, 01:27 AM
The Bridge

As the Lady Captain shouts orders to the crew of "mangy dogs" the young reaver manning the Ethrics leans down trying to scan the void still crackling with latent warp energy. Sadly for him he couldn't firm up the contacts. "Erm,... Lady Captain... We're having problem firming up the auger contact. Still trying Lady Captain."

Even as he speaks Lady Zamora can see the displays for the landing bays changing from red to green on the massive status display as the 500m wide armoured doorways slowly retratct and the cavernous holds are exposed to the void. The flight status of the first few squadrons slowly updating as they report flight ready.

Do you fly with torpedo tubes loaded or are they loading?

Landing Bays

Under the crack of the neural whip the flight crews race arond madly readying fighters and bombers and shark assault boats for launch. SOon the launch tubes are filled with waiting fighters and bombers and with a slow and massively loud groan the colossal hangar doors slowly open to the void. Nearly all of the ground crew making symobols to whaever God they believe. Not a few Lautrecs notices making the aquilla - the habit ingrained in them. The doors finslaly finish rumbling open and she can see nothing but the glittering void on the other side of the field. THe faint hint of warp stuff still floating by giving a multihued rainbow streamer to the void the aether clutches onto the side of the huge vessel.

You can have 4 squadrons ready at any one time. What mix of 4 are you readying?


The heavy clanking of metal shod feet and the huge weight of the cyber augmented form chases Daravin as he hustles away from his viewing balcony over the precious warp drives. Creeping and hustling up ancient cralways and slipping through cable and ozone filled passageways unknown to any but those of the mechanicus he drops from the ceiling onto the heavy deck plating outside of the archaic teleporatium. The guards outside saying nothing as the terrifying Enginseer flowed by in a wave of mechandrites and the tang of ungents.

The teleportarium stood before him. THe small platform holding enough space for maybe 8-10 people surrounded by almost 2 acres of strange cogitators, generators and shielding units that even Daravin only barely understood. With practices flicks of switches and valves it soon begins to glimmer and glow in the half light even as a several long cables descend from the ceiling like mechanoid serpents seeking prey and sink into the plugs lining the back of the Magos. The sounds of the multitude of machine spirits overloaid over the slow breathing of the now settled warp drive a welcome noise as Daravin reconnects back into the mass of the ship.

Hope you don't mind the fluff text. But if the ship links with you wherever you go then you can always speak with the bridge and do handy actions :smallsmile:

Emperor Ing
2012-10-22, 02:31 AM
((I don't see a problem :smallwink:))

With the pulse of the ship in-sync with the pulse of his own, fully mechanized body, communing with the teleportarium was simply a matter of thought, as numerous skull jacks communed his requests, as a humble servant of the Omnissiah and the Lord of Change, to be ready to send humans to bring greater glory to Chaos, and to liberate machines from the enslavement of the corpse emperor. The technomancer moves across the banks, great metallic wings granting him far greater mobility than legs ever can, performing whatever the teleportarium asks of him so as to grant whomever requests passage accuracy and certainty in their transit.

Tech Use check if necessary
Target 109 (Base 59, +20 tech use skill, MIU +10, Omnitool (Fallen Magos Axe) + 10, Utility Mechadentrite +10. Also, Unnatural Intelligence (2) for additional degrees of success on success[/roll]

2012-10-22, 08:59 AM
Landing Bays

"Alright I want two squads of Fighters, your going to be the vanguard for the squad of Bombers and the Shark Assault squad. Bombers I want you to tear the left ship a new holy passage, strafing runs across the ships. Aim for loading bays, weapons, and unarmored zones that'll tear open easily. Shark Assaults, stay back and avoid too much combat, wait for the bombers to tear open a passage and then pour on in. Number one priority is to secure a safe location for our elite forces to teleport in, once you've got reinforcements or my permission then move out and work your way towards any technology you can find. If it controls anything important then break it or turn it off, otherwise take it. Gods know the Technomancer will throw a fit if we don't. Fighters I want you to tie up any fighters or guns they got, keep our bombing boys safe from anything too hard hitting, if things get hot pull out and switch with another fighter squadron." He sends the Neural Whip cracking several times through his orders, getting more and more excited as the battle plans unfolded. He could feel his words become imbued with a fraction of Slaanesh' commanding power, he shoots his Las Pistol into the Void before saying "You have your orders, link up your comms systems to me and keep in contact. Now, GO GO GO! Break their ships, spill their blood, let us show them our true GLORIOUS VICTORY!"

His depraved smile grows ever wider as he turns about, linking his Vox system to the squadrons and keeping himself updated om their where abouts. He turns to leave the Landing Bay, hulking beast and possessed Psyker at his side. Speaking of the Technomancer Lautrec would want to personally lead the Shark Assault Boat troops through the enemy vessel. They were his soldiers, the men that looked to him for guidance. It would be insulting if he didn't give them the decency of showing up to the fight and helping out the best he could. Working his way to the Teleportarium he quickly changes his Vox channel over to the the bridge, his vouce changing from the harsh commander tone into it's usual sultry and smooth pattern
"My Lady.... The squadrons have been mobilized. We are targeting the most aport ship, freeing you to focus down the other. Lautrec, over and out." He swaps back over to the Squadron's feed as he continues toward the Teleportarium. His fighters will tie up that ship, or there would be many fliers hearing the crack of a Neural Whip at a much more personal distance.

Two Squads of Fighters, one of Bombers, and one of Shark Assault Boats. You know their orders, here's me rolling for Command to see how well I Lautrec instilled courage and tenacity into them.
Command (Vs 81, 61 Base, +10 Command, Burning a point of Infamy for an additional +10):[roll0]

2012-10-22, 10:02 AM
"Miss Chen, unload the Torpedoes, it seems the flyboys are overeager again. Mister Lautrec, if any of your craft destroy either of these ships without my expressed orders I will personally throw that pilot out the nearest airlock! We're here to make a profit, not destroy valuable ships. Mister Hartigan, I suggest you try again, a bit harder this time." The captain says gritting her teeth at things already begining to go wrong.

Let's give the poor fellow a hand shall we Command: [roll0] TN 75?

2012-10-22, 10:21 AM
Lautrec sighs, the excited high he had reached from the prospect of battle cut short by his ever cautious Lady. Tuning his Vox he says "Understood me lady. Wouldn't want to lose good men from Airlock sickness. Seems to be a veritable plague on most ships." He changes back to his Fly Boys and says "Alright, take positions everyone. Don't initiate combat just yet, our ever admirable Lady wishes to do business first, bloodshed later. Float about, look intimidating, and if they shoot at you do not hesitate for a moment to continue with the plan."

Thanks :smallbiggrin: Hopefully the fliers won't have to actually fight. Buzzkill or not.

2012-10-22, 01:21 PM
The ship continues to surge through the void like a hungry predatory shark chasing minnows. Down in the teleportaium the enginseer tinkers with the teleportarium as he fuses arcane ritual with psych senses as he senses the skeins of safety in the immaterium between the vessels...

Currently the Teleporter has a range of 15VU (+10VU from the DoS) that will be safe. But targetting components is impossible for 2 reasons...
1. You have no accurate scans of the ships :smallsmile:
2. The void shields distort the teleportarium slightly

So it would still just be the normal hit & run

In the launch bay the the furies begin to light their plasma drives, a hesitant "Great Lady, we are still quarter of million miles from the targets... if we launch now we can't come back. We live to serve... but if we pause but an hour we can launch and devastate the enemy."

Launch delayed while the Flight officer sees if he'll be neural whipped for his uppity behaviour :smallsmile:

On the Bridge the Lt. bends down with more fervour as he scans the void and tries to get a focus on the two flickering shadows on the streaming green rain of augur display.

Testing against [roll0] TN 41 as you drift another 5U closer closing to 22VU

Sweat beads around the Lt's face as he can feel the Lady Captain's steely gaze on his spine - and more worryingly the throat. A nervous glance at the emergency bulkead just outside the bridge as the Lady Captain bellows at the flight crews. With a faint crackle the green flickering display steadies and for a moment he gains a clear view of the situation and the two vessels.
"Lady Captain. I have bearing and speed on the two targets. Lead vessel reads as the St. Mary of the Blessed Heart, she's a Soriatias vessel of some kind milady. Carrack class transport. Trailing vessel is a pilgrim vessel by the looks of it. Loki class. Tears of Drusus.

As the identity of the two vessels becomes apparent the bridge crew. All loyal and hardened reavers look to the Lady Captain and the rest of the command crew awaiting orders. The gun pit crew double checking the Lady Captain's orders. "Power down the Tubes miladay? Are you sure?"

Emperor Ing
2012-10-22, 02:15 PM
Over the vox, the Captain is blessed to hear at least some good news coming from the Technomancer.
Praise be to the Omnissiah! The Teleportarium blesses us with an operational range of approximately 150,000 miles, triple that of ordinary functioning capacity. For a swift, decapitating strike, their void shields would need to be disabled and a more thorough scan on either vessel would be required.

2012-10-22, 02:20 PM
As Lautrec works his way across the ship he groans over and over again as he bumps into dead ends, where the bloody hell was this Teleportarium. He really should spend more time out of the Landing Bays. The upside to wandering about looking for a room in the ship is that you tend to bump into alot of people along the way, one particular bridge crew member was sending information to the rest of the ship, worried about the strength of the two ships. With his Vox tuned to the Fly Boys he quickly addresses the soldiers "Delay deployment. These are Sororitas apparently, and I don't want us charging into something we don't have the foggiest clue of if we can help it. Stay back and wait for our entire force to be available. I want as many ships in the sky if we're going all in here. Report out." He takes another right turn and stumbles into a dead end "GRAAAAAAAARGH"

Command Check against:[roll0] TN 71

2012-10-22, 03:03 PM

Osaze arrives close behind the Magos, his unhurried pace carrying him to the teleportarium just in time to hear his report to the captain. Augustus gives a caw from his perch atop the astartes' pauldron, eyeing the heretek suspiciously, only to quieted by a reassuring touch from his master. "Is that so?" he remarks as he enters, amused by the tech-priest's fervour, "though I think that perhaps your own skills may have something to do with it as well, beyond any favour the machine spirits may have shown. No need to be so modest, Daravin".

The marine opens a vox channel to the captain. "Anastasia, this is Osaze. I stand ready to lead an assault or direct the guns, as you may require".

Osaze likely walks around with Precognition up, just in case, so I'll roll for his casting of it now. Using Boon of Tzeentch beforehand to boost the Psy Rating on it. Unless he goes over Psy Rating 7, the damage from the Boon cannot overcome his AP+Toughness.

Boon of Tzeentch, Fettered (Psy Rating 2)
Focus Power: 87 (Willpower 62 + Psy Rating 10 + Familiar 10) VS [roll0]

Precognition, Unfettered (Psy Rating 5)
Focus Power: 107 (Psyniscience 62 + Psy Rating 25 + Familiar 10 + Difficulty 10) VS [roll1]

Nifty, managed to get it up to Psy Rating 5, so a +10 to evasion for Osaze if it becomes necessary.

2012-10-22, 03:22 PM
"Damn. So much for easy pickings. Wait one." She snaps at the weapon's officer. Switching over to the command frequency, she quickly pools the senior crew "Sororitas ship Carrack class transport, unknown loadout and one Loki class pilgrim vessel. Votes."

Senior crew = PCs... I forgot I was told this was a Democratic ship :smalltongue:

2012-10-22, 03:40 PM
Osaze answers first, in the same open channel as used by the captain. "I believe Sororitas are considered fanatical, even by the most stringent of standards. If we are to derive any profit from an attack, we shall be forced to butcher them to the last. Which, while certainly not beyond our means, may well be more trouble than it is worth".

"On the other hand, anything that merits such an escort likely holds some value. Whether their prize also holds the same value to us, however, is another matter. Furthermore, certain treasures may be more trouble than they are worth".

"I would vote for opening communications first, as we currently possess insufficient information to act upon. Utilise the silvered tongues of our comrades, don the mask of dutiful Imperial citizens and discover what it is that they guard so that we may know more fully if it worth the effort expended in taking it from them. A fear of pirates, while ironic, would likely excuse any signs of aggression displayed thus far. I shall perform a divination, perhaps with the aid of Daravin if he is amenable, and see if I can determine anything helpful through that method".

2012-10-22, 03:56 PM
Lautrec finally makes his way into the Teleportarium, almost ready to yell at another dead end before realizing where he is "Took me bloody long enough..." he mutters under his breath. Listening in on the Sorcerer Lautrec nods his head "I may detest the Sisters and their ways, but the Sorcerer is correct. A hand of the Inquisition is not one to be trifled with. If we cannot convince them to yield information a hasty retreat is a amiable option. I would rather not have Inquisitors knocking over our doors for scuffing some of their ships." He turns his head to the Technomancer, nodding it before turning back around and making sure his beast hadn't lost itself on the way over to the room. Last time that happened there was barely anything left of the crew member to speak of.......

Emperor Ing
2012-10-22, 03:56 PM
With a thought, Daravin cuts his own vox feed to the bridge, if only so he can't be heard responding to the Tzeentchian Space Marine. With little else required of him at the moment, the technomancer flies up to him, hovering just a foot above the ground in the great room.
Have you not paused to behold the majesty of the Machine God's might? What is this ship if not Its temple? An avatar to the Omnissiah's glory? What are we to something so truly magnificent? How can I not be modest when all I have done is speak to its voice?

Each piece, every component is as sacred as the most venerable cogitors or lance batteries. Each a part of a great divine mosaic, untainted by flesh in form and merciless against Its enemies and transgressors. Although the Great Architect of Fate blesses me with the perfect visage of the Omnissiah, I am yet still a servant, favored by Tzeentch, and humble to the machine.

He then hears the words of the captain come through, and waits for the sorcerer to complete his suggestion before adding his input.
I am in agreement with Lord Osaze, if only to provide us time to gather further information before coming to an agreement. And I am more than willing to assist Lord Osaze with his divinations. He cuts off the feed, prefering to address the Thousand Sons sorcerer directly. Though we must restrict our divinations to a Casting of the Runes. It is unlikely a Sororitas vessel will contain any more than a token number of Astropaths, and even that is generous considering their abhorrence for our mystical arts. However I cannot say the same for the Pilgrim vessel, and it is logical that any psychic assault made against a vessel that is detected would be a sign of aggression.

2012-10-23, 08:39 AM
"All stop! Hold station until we can get a better idea about what is going on." The captain barks the necessary order to stop the craft from drifting too close to the unknown vessels.

[roll0] TN 43

2012-10-23, 03:16 PM
As the Lady Captain barks an order to the helmscrew thrusters fire and the colossal vessel slows and comes to a shuddering halt. The speckles on the agerar array slowly moving away and extending their distance from the shadow in the void that was the Repulsive grand cruiser.

What's your plans?
Enemy ships cruise from 22VU to 25VU as they cruise along

Deep in the teleportarium the pair of psykers tweaking the threads of fate watch the auger array displayed on the cogitator banks with the enemy ships displayed on them.

Neither ship is well known to the Thousand Son or the Heretek. But Daravin is knowlegable about the Carack class - a relatively modern class of transport come frigate often found as transports of the Imperial Guard. The other ship is of more interest. The Tears of Drusus an ancient vessel known to the Mechanicus. Its engines an ancient design almost unknown to modern Magos. Though the pilgrims and Ecclesiarchy aboard keen to stop red robed priests rifling through their spacefaring cathedral.

Osaze is also not well versed in the knowledge of such things. Though the Sisters of the Blessed Heart of St. Mary are known to him as an order of the Sisters most Militant.

2012-10-23, 03:27 PM
"Helmsman, maintain distance from the craft. Have the runes found anything gentlemen?" the captain asks, impatiently.

Emperor Ing
2012-10-23, 03:35 PM
In a fit of knowledge and inspiration, Daravin comes to recognize the names of the ships and their classes. He opens a feed to the bridge. Captain. The Carrack class is a dual-purpose frigate and transport normally employed by the Imperial Guard. Because of its present contents I would expect it to be well-armed. Suits of Sororitas power armor would be quite valuable. The Loki class transport is of truly ancient design. The Tears of Drusus in particular bears arcaeotech engines that I would be blessed to examine. Given the Ecclesiarchy's disdain for the Omnissiah's faithful I expect the ship as a whole to be of poor maintenance. As such it is our sacred duty to, at some point, liberate the machine spirits from their irreverent captors. I doubt the Sororitas are any more faithful.

Emperor Ing
2012-10-23, 03:57 PM
((Apologies for doublepost, but I actually gotta cast the runes now.))

He cuts off the feed to the bridge again. His hands glow in aetheric light as the air is filled with a small grid of seemingly randomly alternating lit and dim warp-lights that blink in confusing manners. A tech adept would recognize it as binary, but it's nonsensical. However the technomancer speaks to it in a harsh smattering of static that is recognizable as Techna-Lingua.
<What is the most optimal method by which the Adepta Sororitas aboard the St. Mary of the Blessed Heart may be neutralized while minimizing cost and risk to our vessel and its crew?>

Psyniscience test to cast Personal Augury Target 59 (unfettered)

2012-10-23, 04:18 PM
The listing of the valuable contents of the ships, as well as the value of the one ship itself, the Captain gets a predatory grin. "Then I vote attack, targeting the Carrack class first. Should the need arise, we can engage the humourless Sisters in conversation in order to more safely close to attack distance. Mister Lautrec, your caution while appreciated is misplaced. The Adepta Sororitas are a subdivision of the Ecclesiarchy, not the Inquisition. Fewer resources, but at least as vindictive. Not that I am under any misconceptions that they would welcome us with open arms."

Emperor Ing
2012-10-23, 04:42 PM
I am in support of this action. Hail the St. Mary of the Blessed Heart and grant us time to close the distance. I suggest we disable the Tears of Drusus' venerable engines as soon as possible, if only to prevent their escape once the Rising Tide of Chaos comes to claim their souls. They are liable to flee once the battle begins. For this reason I suggest targeting them first with just enough ordinance to disable their void shields.

2012-10-23, 04:59 PM
"I agree aswell my lady. The less distance my boys in the void have to fly the better. Don't want them to get caught drifting around. I'll see how long I can stall the imperials with my visage." He puts away his neural whip and begins the process of taking off his power armor. He motions to Animette and she hands him his flak armor. He grabs his power blade and las pistol, his posture changing to be more like one of a Imperial Commander. He fiddles with his voice, changing it around until finally it reaches the perfect tone of a commander he had used time and time again (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OZoD4sKKsc). This wasn't the first time he'd pose as an Imperial dog, and it certainly wouldn't be the last. Yet through and through he always used the same voice. "Alright, Animette, you stay close by. I will want some further reinsurance in the event that they grow suspicious of me being the only guardsmen on the ship." he says in his imperial town. In a instant she stiffened her standing and held onto her multilaser all the harder.

Along a hallway within the ship

Carnus hung upside down on the roof of the hallway. His raptor claws easily allowing for him to walk along most any surface. Making his way down the hall he occasionally glanced at his Lightning Claws, savoring the moment when he could sink them into the chest of another imperial slave. It had been far too long. His Lightning Claws, Excess and Slavery had taken quite a beating over the years, and he had been meaning to go to the Technomancer to have them repaired. But ah, how time flies by. He rustles his back, ensuring his Blastmaster was safely locked onto it. The last thing he'd need was the old thing falling over and getting even more beat up. Was hard enough stealing it the first time, he didn't want to pull that off again.

And so the Noise Raptor prowled his way through the halls, readying himself for combat as he walked towards the teleportarium.

2012-10-23, 05:46 PM
"By all means, close with and hail the vessels. But please do refrain from actually attacking them until we know what it is that they carry. At the very least, close to sufficient distance that we may use the teleportarium before initiating hostilities. We will likely wish to decapitate their astropathic choir, should they have one, as our opening strike".

Osaze finishes his transmission. Hopefully they will heed his counsel, but the young are ever rash and he has rites to conduct in the meantime. Mumbling a number of the secret and forgotten names of Tzeentch, he casts his rune stones upon the floor. The names which he invokes are the product of millennia of research, each one won from some scrap of hidden lore he has collected. The rune stones themselves were stolen, taken from the corpse of a Rune Priest that Osaze once bested. He finds the irony of taking his tools from those hypocritical savages to be quite cathartic, and it brings a small smile to his face to be reminded of that event.

As he studies the stones, he spares a glance for his heretek friend. A more direct method to be sure, and one that bears interesting principles evidently taken from his life as a tech priest, but unrefined. Perhaps he should offer some pointers when this is done? He does remember seeing references to a similar method in a text originating in Q'Sal.

Boon of Tzeentch, Fettered
Focus Power: 82 (Willpower 62 + Psy Rating 10 + Familiar 10) vs [roll0]

Personal Augury, Unfettered
Focus Power: 92 (Psyniscience 62 + Psy Rating 20 + Familiar 10) vs [roll1]

"What misfortune will attacking the two ships bring upon us, if any?".

2012-10-24, 04:41 PM

Within the sacred halls of the teleportarium, within the vaunted temple to the Omnissah the warp sorcerery swirls thick and heavy. Enough dark sorcerery to turn even the staunchest of Imperial confessors pale with fear.

<What is the most optimal method by which the Adepta Sororitas aboard the St. Mary of the Blessed Heart may be neutralized while minimizing cost and risk to our vessel and its crew?>

Psyniscience test to cast Personal Augury Target 59 (unfettered)

The runes and warp energy swirls around the cogitators and the circuits as the techno runes twitch and jump in his hands. The twisting capalliaries, a maze of tiny vessels within the bleeding heart a warning of the danger that lies within the Carrack class should Daravin set foot upon the vessel.

As he studies the stones, he spares a glance for his heretek friend. A more direct method to be sure, and one that bears interesting principles evidently taken from his life as a tech priest, but unrefined. Perhaps he should offer some pointers when this is done? He does remember seeing references to a similar method in a text originating in Q'Sal.

Boon of Tzeentch, Fettered
Focus Power: 82 (Willpower 62 + Psy Rating 10 + Familiar 10) vs [roll0]

Personal Augury, Unfettered
Focus Power: 92 (Psyniscience 62 + Psy Rating 20 + Familiar 10) vs [roll1]

"What misfortune will attacking the two ships bring upon us, if any?".

Even as Osaze works his runes the twisting nature of the warp spirals around him in a cloud of glittering colours that only he can see. A bleeding heart, running with dark black blood of chaos. The heart melting away as fire engulfs it. In the background a bearded figure weeping. A saint of somekind - the tears however are glowing with a deep power. The tears holding something of great value.

Your specific clue is that boarding the St.Mary would be a highly dangerous activity


Even as the massive engines surge back into life and the Bloody Retribution surges into life the huge engines straining to keep pace with the pilgrim vessel and the Soritias Carack class.

Maintaing a casual 23VU the sudden flare of the Carack and Loki engines as they go to full power is obvious to all on the bridge. "We've been detected Lady Captain."

They just went to full power
* You are 24VU from the Loki
* You are 25VU from the Carack (its in front of the Loki)
You are full astern of them and have the initiative
Begin the space combat!

Emperor Ing
2012-10-24, 05:33 PM
Well that is...peculiar. He looks to the Thousand Son. For one reason or another it would seem I am to avoid setting myself upon the St. Mary of the Blessed Heart.

2012-10-24, 08:28 PM
"Damn. Boys, looks like they don't want to talk. A shame too. I was looking forward to exchanging recipes with them... Oh well. Miss Chen, empty the torpedo tubes, targeting the Blessed Heart. Helmsman, All ahead full!"

Exceptional Leader: +10 to helmsman's check to speed up, And I'm sure I need a check for something... Probably Pilot [roll0]

2012-10-24, 08:43 PM
"And I was so looking forward to fooling them again. Ah, guess i shall wait another day." Lautrec says as he refits his armor, giving a cursory glance to the technomancer "Worry not, we shall bring back whatever riches we can find, some are bound to be of use to you." He says, letting out a light groan as he reintegrates into his doom siren. Always did hurt to put that damn thing on. "My ships shall await for the moment where we can most swiftly and efficiently strike. If they are to turn on hs and intitiate combat then we shall deploy immedieately." he tells his Lady Captain.

2012-10-24, 09:40 PM
"Not yet, they are still too far away for our attack craft. Our patience shall be rewarded. REady the men, and await my order."

Emperor Ing
2012-10-24, 10:12 PM
I request that any Astartes present aboard the vessel be directed to the Teleportarium if they are not already here, in addition to human warriors to cover additional ground. We can strike at them beyond the range for them to even expect a boarding action, but not now.

Although this temple to the Omnissiah is mighty, and the thought of the unfaithful dregs of the corpse-emperor fleeing from the Bloody Retribution fills me with joy, it moves through the void at an un-optimal pace. With your permission Captain, I would like to attempt to persuade our Temple's beating heart into divulging just a little bit more holy plasma to help the engines bring us through the void with greater haste.

2012-10-25, 07:13 AM
Uriel Draka

With a slight hiss and a puff of smoke, the Navigator's bubble opened slowly. Uriel couldn't remember when he had started sleeping in his Navigator's chair...he only knew that it kept his Stalks happy....so it was of little importance. Besides, in the chair, he was able to open his Eye fully...even when asleep. It made for some of the most vivid dreams and visions. Allowed the varied patterns of the Warp to seep in directly to his subconscious mind.

Climbing out of the bubble, Uriel slowly makes his way over to the small shrine he had installed in his chair's chamber. With a wicked grin, he taps the latest corpse's nose, and continues on. He had had several long shifts in the chair lately, and it had driven him to the brink of exhaustion. He was unconcerned however, since he had taught that hulking brute of an Astartes the proper rituals and sacrifices needed in order to make the translation. If they had needed to make Translation, the Sorcerer would have been able to do it.

Feeling the ship begin to shift slightly, Uriel makes his way back to his Chair. It wouldn't hurt to just....peruse the data readings. Not jack in directly....just go over the readings, of course.

Settling back in his Chair, while the first lines of data begin to print through his station, he voxes the Captain with a rictus like grin on his face, "Good Morning Captain. From what I'm feeling through the ship, it feels like we've hit some turbulence. Has the "Great Osaze" encountered any problems? Should I round up another one of the slaves for sacrifice?"

2012-10-25, 01:59 PM
"Good..." the captain briefly glances at the ship's clock, "Afternoon Navigator Uriel. Minor warpstorm forced our transition to real space prior to reaching Footfall. We're currently in the process of making friends with the other unfortunates trapped in this pocket of realspace."

2012-10-25, 04:04 PM
Thinking of the cages that are currently sitting empty down in the bilges...Uriel's mood brightens. His experiments had begun to slow due to lack of fresh subjects, and it sounded as if this was just what was needed.

"Friends you say? Well then, let us lay out the red carpet and welcome them. I will begin the proper rights and rituals immediately. Do let me know if you require my presence for the welcome party, would you? Oh, this is going to be fun." When he had first started his little experiments in order to ascertain just how much Warp influence your average Imperial could take, he didn't quite like it. The screaming and weeping and begging would set his nerves on edge. Now, however...it was the sweet background music to unraveling all the secrets of the Galaxy.

First however, it was time for Uriel to interface with his Chair and take a proper look around.

2012-10-25, 05:35 PM
The venerable astartes nods in agreement. "I received a similar portent Daravin - most unusual, as I was intending to forecast the more long-term consequences of the endeavour, but the Warp moves as it will".

He opens a private channel to the other officers of the ship to inform them of the results. "This is Osaze, Daravin and I have completed our divinations. It would appear that boarding the St. Mary would be highly inadvisable. I would recommend undertaking any boarding of that vessel only once the battle has concluded and we may approach it with due caution".

"Also" he continues, somewhat disappointed in the other officers, "would someone please explain why we have abandoned our original plan of first hailing them to determine if their cargo is actually worth the munitions we will expend in it's capture? They may have detected us, but I believe there is a reason we do not have the symbols of the dark gods etched permanently upon the outer hull of the ship? Closing to within effective range of our weapons would at least be reason enough to hold our collective bloodlust in check for as long as possible, even if we cannot determine what it is we are about to seize. If we have yet to actually fire munitions, which one would hope as we are still far outside the effective range thereof, perhaps we might still attempt hailing them? It does not actually cost us anything, and I do not doubt it will take much to get them to reveal their cargo".

2012-10-26, 05:32 PM
Even as the engines of the Bloody Retibution burn with the light of the sun closing the gap on the twinned ecclesiarchal vessels the vox cackles into life.

Daravin could you please roll your tech use so we know how fast the vessel goes and how much you close the gap.

The ancient displays on the bridge activating and a solem women with steely grey hait and heavy robes of an abbotess appearing on the screen. Her face pulled to one side by an unsightly scar and her heavy armour nocked and scarred from decades of battle. The etheric officer looks for a response of whether you want to send a holo-response or just verbal.


The abbotess's voice is strong and filled with conviction. "Unknown vessel. We are an Adeptus Soratias vessel on Inquistion business.Pull back to quarter of a million miles and depart this area. If you do not then know that you will have made an enemy of the Inqiusition and the forces of the Soratias. Pull back now."

Emperor Ing
2012-10-26, 07:50 PM
Daravin goes to commune with the engine's machine spirit, convincing them to work just a little harder, as well as give them several suggestions by which they may do so without much strain. Such knowledge being well beyond the capabilities of most tech priests.

Tech Use Target 108 (or 109, I honestly cannot remember O_o for now just assume 108)

+2 degrees of success on success (which is a certainty)

edit: 8 degrees of success

2012-10-27, 01:02 AM
The slightest hint from Daravin and the engines leap to respond to his touch and contact. The power draining from several non-essential sections of the vessel as the great cruiser races forward faster than most frigates and raiders...

an extra 8VU!! of movement
So total move of 13 VU
- Caimheul or the helsman failed their pilot check so no extra movement
- But you closed that gap down to 11 / 12VU from the Loki/Carack

- Your weapons have ranges...
- Bombers 6VU/turn (24VU max)
- Torpedoes 10VU/turn (60 max)
- Macrocannon broadsides 5 (longe range =10)
- dorsal Bombardment cannon 8 (long range = 8)

Its likley that this acceleartion and surging power is what has cuased the sudden alarm on the vessels as your vessel apparantly is as swift asn Imperial Cobra!

Deep within the hull crewmen sway and rock as the accelerations pushes them back and crew near the hull look nervously at bulkheads as the Bloody Retribution creaks and groans. To Daravin the noise is beautiful as he can hear the machine spirits and minor warp entities within the circuitries singing and and howling with delight as the rush of the accelaration and speed washes over the vessl.

So far Caimheul and Emporor Ing have acted this turn

2012-10-29, 09:48 AM
Lautrec hails the Sister of battle personally, hoping to be able to stall them long enough that they can get in range while he pretends to be a Rogue Trader "My most grevious apologies. Our vessel shall depart immedieately, however our vessel was not designed for speed or grace and we will require coming close to your ship before we can fully leave. However, our orders from the High Lords of Terra have given us the right to contract forces when necessary, case in point the multiple Astartes under our command. We have recently lost soldiers and require replacements, as of such I request that you hand over some of your sisters, unless of course whatever mission you are currently on requires every able body. But that is for me to decide."

Decieve:[roll0] vs TN 61
Charm(?):[roll1] VS TN 76

2012-10-29, 04:13 PM
Uriel Draka

High in the Navigator's Spire, Uriel has finished attaching himself back in to his Chair. As of late....it has almost seemed as if the chair itself has begun to respond to his presence. As if the chair itself flexes around Uriel's body....and aids in the attaching process. But that is an idle thought for another day. At present...he has a task at hand.

Settling in and letting the sensations of the connection flow over him, Uriel opens his third eye, and lets the Warp wash over him. With his vision finally open, he smiles his rictus grin. It seemed he was ever moving closer to this place....and further from the material realm. That with his eye closed...it was simply drifting in a fog....and that he was only truly seeing when it was open.

Casting about, he turns his gaze towards their prey.

Scanning the Aether: [roll0] vs. TN 73
If successful, counts as having successfully performed an Active Augury Extended Action, with a range of (for me) 18 VU's.

2012-10-29, 05:58 PM
The creepy Navis throne
From the Navi chair the almost daemonic creature that is your navigator climbs into the throne that engulfs him and casts his mind out into the warp. Immediatly the clamour of the 190 thousand or so souls aboard the two vessels calls out to him.

THe ships are all that interests him as the warp's diminishing rage slowly subsides. THe two vessels are large and filled with souls ripe for the picking. But dangerous. The Carack - filled with iron will and faith in the corpse emperor has large guns atop her hull and many thousand dedicated warrior nuns within her belly. Guns that may soon be trained upon the Retribution. The other vessel is more interesting by far. A shell on the outside with great rusting holes like tears of the martyrs within but what lies within. A great treasure. A focus for all those thousands, nay tens of thousands of souls. A relic of some kind that has captivated a hundred thousand wretched pilgrims.

Within 18VU
- No stellar items of interest
- 1 Loqi-Q transport moving directly away from you at 4VU/turn
- 1 Carack class transport moving away at 4VU/turn. It has thicker armour than normal and powerful looking guns

After their turn the range will extend to 15/16VU repectively as they both continue on course whilst taking some internal actions
- The carack launching a focused augury of your vessel [roll0] TN ?? :smallwink:

The Bridge
On the bridge the vessel echoes slightly as the loud ping of active auguries sweep over the Retribution from the Carack class. The women on the display glancing down at the results as her iron face demaonour changes. A look of puzzlement on her face.

Scrutiny [roll1] TN ??

Slowly she stares arcoss space at Lautrec. A sneer pulling up one side of her scar as the cold grey eyes bore into you. "Trader you have no authority over Ecclesarchial vessels. Pull back or face the wrath of the Inquisition. We will not warn you again.

You hide much behind grins and facile statements. If Astartes were on your vessel we would speak with them. Do not boast to me. I can see into your soul and I do not like what I see. She flicks her hand down to an assistant out of shot. There is a faint beep as a message is received charting a suggested course for you to take as you slow down and move away from them.

Basically she is suggesting a "Adjust speed and bearing" to slow to 4VU/turn and make a 45 degree turn after 2VU to leave yourselves 12/13VU and slighty abeam of them.

"If you deviate we will engage and we will show no mercy. Heed me trader, I do swear that on the blessed St Mary and the god Emperor."

Your shot. They are still 15/16VU directly in front.
Remembrer your default move is 3-5VU per round. You need checks to go faster/slower than that. A cruiser may make one 45 degree turn before or after that movement.

Emperor Ing
2012-10-29, 06:26 PM

The Heretical Magos continues to coax the machine spirits in the engines to push harder, still having power diverted to the engines to drive the ship to incredible speeds.

Tech Use target 108

+2 degrees of success on success

4 degrees of success

2012-11-01, 10:06 PM
Note to self, next time do not delegate hailing the enemy ship. the Lady-Captain thinks to herself before addressing the crew once more. "Worth a try Mr. Lautrec. Mr. Konnikov, I'll take the helm. Engine room: Full speed ahead! Miss Chen, as soon as we are in range, I want all weapons unleashed on the St. Mary. All boarding parties, prepare to attack the Tears of Drusus!

Exceptional Leader: +10 to ... not sure what would benefit the most right now (Am thinking either Pilot to speed up/get into attack position, or the shooting on the St. Mary's). Rolling for Pilot Check again: [roll0] TN 53

2012-11-02, 04:35 PM
Under the Captain's deft command the colossal vessel heel slightly as engines strain and twist. The Retribution closing to within 40000km of the Tears of Drusus the Soratias vessel only a scant 6000km further as the weapons teams all look up eagerly - blood thirsty smiles on their faces as they being the lock on sequences.

4VU from loki
5VU from Carack

Who's firing/boarding etc.... So far only Caimheul and Emperor Ing have take actions.

Emperor Ing
2012-11-03, 01:51 AM
Machine Spirits, hear the will of the Architect of Fate. It is not His will that our enemies should escape our fury. Fate comes to claim what is His.

Flank Speed again

Target 108

6 degrees of success

2012-11-03, 12:03 PM
Lautrec shrugs at the Sister's threat, seemingly undisturbed by it, before resuming his role of commandin the hangers. With a crack of anwhip and a tongue like silver he orders the ships to deploy and begin attacks against the St. Mary, hoping to buy more time for the boarding parties to work with.

Command to use attack crafts:[roll0] vs 71
After that, Command to Ready more attack crafts after the first wave:[roll1] vs 81

2012-11-04, 04:20 PM
Uriel Draka

Still in the daemonic chair, Uriel casts his mind once more towards their prey. Blind prey was easy prey. They couldn't keep this facade up for much longer....if at all. Churning up some Warp static by weakening the bonds that hold the skeins together, he chuckles slightly. It was a temporary fix, but should last long enough for the others to do their jobs as well.

Warp Interference: [roll0] vs TN 61
- If successful the SOB ship get's -10 on detection, plus an additional turn for every DoS.

2012-11-04, 05:16 PM
With a faint rush of burning plasma the first wave of starhawks and furies streams out of the sides of the Retribution. The small craft dart and weave through the void screaming past the loki pilgrim vessel.

the heavy bombers duck and weave through the heavy network of defensive battery fire as they unload their heavy plasma payloads. Sadly the bombs slam into the heavily defended weapons grids doing nothing more than scratching the surface.

Even as the fighters scream past the warp intensifies around the vessels as the half-demon navigator summons vile aid that swirls around the warp shadows of the two loyalist vessels seeking to sever them from humanity before feasting on their souls.

Anyone opening fire or will the crew do it themselves with their BS of 30... :smallsmile:

2012-11-05, 01:28 PM
"One would have thought, given ten millenia in which to improve, that the quality of gun crews would have improved" Osaze mutters, staring out over the gun crews labouring at their work. "But alas, it would seem the Imperium's standards have fallen just as much as those of my erstwhile 'brothers'. Is that armless failure truly so hard to defend against that things must be allowed to slide so far?".

The trip from the teleportarium is not a short one, but Osaze has had plenty of time to cross the distance as the ships drew close. Cripple the Sororitas' vessel, followed by raids upon the Loki. A workable tactic, even if Lautrec's glib mouth has spouted lies far too large for anyone to swallow. The Sisters may well be expecting this, but it matters little.

"Attention all guns!" he bellows, "Fire on my mark!"

Osaze will handle the guns then. Both of the batteries we have available into the Sororitas' vessel. If he can fire torpedoes as part of the same action he'll do so.

BS 53 (Base 43 + Ship 10) VS [roll0]
BS 53 (Base 43 + Ship 10) VS [roll1]

2012-11-06, 02:02 AM
The stygies pattern macro cannons and massive bombardment canno ns launch hundreds to tons of irdinance across the empty void. Most fly wide of the mark as the slaves and the gun-chiefs are too slow to follow Osaze's fast instructions.

The hulking sorcerer himself has to align the torpedo targetting matrix lest these human dogs miss again. The brief flight of torpedoes streak across the void on plumes of plasma fire. Still chasing the retreating bombers the turrets on the St Mary are too slow to react and 4 of the tower sized ordinance slam into the beautiful soratias ship.

Eplosions wrack the vessel. Plasma burning through bulkheads and corridors killing tens of thousands even as hundreds mor are sucked through the colossal holes into the freezing embrace of the void. Listing heavily the Carack seems near dead in the water.

If you want to ,aunch a teleport assault let me know and i'll open up a marine thread

Emperor Ing
2012-11-06, 02:55 AM
Magnificent! While connected to the engines he still maintains a feed to the bridge. The happy roar of weapons the size of city blocks delivering their cargo of skyscraper-sized ordinance, and reciprocal shudder of pleasure enjoyed by the mighty Bloody Retribution upon its deliverance of sacrifices to Lord Tzeentch sends a feeling of joy accurately simulated by the sorcerous magos' scrapcode-laden mind shooting through him. If the feeds were correct, that ship is effectively helpless and drifting, ready for picking by the predators.

He now directs his consciousness to the Loki. More likely than not relying on the St. Mary for protection, it is now nothing more than a tree ready to yield its ripe fruit of future servitors and tech artifacts to him. It is now a matter of using the cooperative teleportarium to bring the mighty machine to transport boarders in to seize the ship from the fools who would misuse and abuse such venerable machines. Opening a vox feed to the bridge, Daravin gives a recommendation to the Captain.
Captain. The Teleportarium is standing by and awaiting our Astartes allies to join the boarding party. Inform them to make haste to the teleportarium.

2012-11-11, 04:58 PM
THe loki fires up its engines even as it cargo of deadly marines is deliverd into its midst. The vessel streaking straight ahead before heeling to starboard bringing the huge hull of the cruiser within its firing arc...

Extend distance to 9VU then turn 45 port and fire both dorsal weapons at the retribution...

Lock on TN 43
Macrocannon 1 TN 40
Damage [roll2]1d10+3
Macrocannon 1 TN 40
Damage [roll5]1d10+3

The Sisters ship slowly spirals forward trailing smoke and fire from the colossal rents in its superstructure. THousands of women trailing frozen in its wake as it goes. The cold embrace of the void their only succour.

Even as the St Mary begins to die the ship slowly heels to the right, plasma shells from the few surviving cannons blasting at the Retribution from near point blank range...

Macrocannon 1 TN 30
Damage [roll8]1d10+4
Macrocannon 1 TN 30
Damage 1d10+4

From the bridge of the Retribution the crew laugh as the lambs try to show their teeth. THe shells and plasma batteries of the enemy giving an corona of explosions and plasma fire that la around the void shields of the ancient cruiser without even scratching her ancient and battle scarred hull.

2012-11-11, 05:22 PM
Lautrec snickers as he watches the St. Mary perform it's death throes, knowing all the while that this fight was surely theirs. Turning his attention to the Loki he begins to bark orders into his vox for the fighters and bombers to divert themselves to the Loki before going into further detail with the Shark Assault Ships.

Command (Shark Assaults):[roll0] vs TN 71

Emperor Ing
2012-11-11, 06:06 PM
Yes. Go. Flee. You only prolong the inevitable. The Heretek Magos says to nobody in particular. Instead he focuses on his own task, and that is to overcharge the engines to keep the Bloody Retribution in pace with this ship.

Flank Speed again

OMFG, 12 degrees of success.

2012-11-16, 08:21 AM
" 'Tis a shame to see such a fate befall an ancient vessel. Give the St. Mary's a proper send off for a military vessel. Keep pace with the Tears of Drusus" the Rogue trader orders.

+10 to shooting again (Should the St. Mary's be worth the broadside) if not, +10 to somewhere it will do some good Edit: Which appears to be the maneuver... Maneuver: [roll0] TN 42 +10 = 52

2012-11-16, 05:06 PM
The cruise dives in chase of the Loki as she attempts to flee. The shark assault boats slamming into her hull plating delivering 200 crack infantry into the heart of the militia troops as they run amock causing carnage and spreading death and destruction.

The St.Mary is ignored by the cruiser, her hull shattered and venting plasma and oxygen. The macrocannons and bombardment cannon sending tons of shells through the void all narrowly missing the crippled vessel unable to cope with the such rapid change of the Retribution.

The Loki for her part tries to flee once more. Putting all power to engines and pushing hard....

ove 5VU away from the Retrubution plus an additional [roll0] VS 50 (+1/VU)

The St. Mary twists and turns in the void but a smal flight of shuttles jets from her shattered hull streaking towards the Retribution. The small vessels twisting and turning to avoid the heavy defensive turret fire.

Pilot [roll1] TN 62 VS turrets [roll2] TN 45
Command [roll3] TN 73
- Opposed by the Lady Captain :smallsmile:
- Crits if necssary [roll4] or [roll5]

The Bridge crew begin shouting as the small Soritias Shuttles vanish into the your own landing bays. The shouts and alarms spreading as the enemy borading parties spread onto the Retribution spreading death and destruction where they go with bolter and flame.

For Lautrec its immediate as you can see your port flight deck desecend into chaos as 5 gun cutters and shuttles lands on your decks spewing black clad sisters who cut loose with bolt weapons and buzzing chain weapons hacking flight crews and ground crews to small and bloody pieces!

2012-11-18, 06:25 PM
"Of course, such a fine vessel deserves no less" Osaze answers the captain dryly, ordering the second barrage with a sweep of his hand. "Let us ensure they can trouble us no more".

Idly, he contemplates stuffing some of the more incompetent crewmen into the guns they man.

Firing the macrocannons to finish off the ST. Mary, holding off on the torpedoes for now.

BS 63 (Base 43 + Ship 10 + Captain 10) VS [roll0]
BS 63 (Base 43 + Ship 10 + Captain 10) VS [roll1]

2012-11-19, 10:20 AM
"Prepare to repel boarders, send all available combat personal!" the Captain orders, hoping to minimize the damage caused by the Sisters.

[roll0] TN 65 85 (since I doubt the opposed check would benefit from shiny armour :smalltongue: EDIT: However, as Tome pointed out, I forgot to include the bonus for the Barracks +20)

Hmmm... I don't THINK I can use a fate point to win that test...

Emperor Ing
2012-11-19, 03:35 PM
Not really thinking the engines need to be worked harder, Daravin decides to give the machine spirits an opportunity to rest. Whatever distance can easily be covered by normal movement speed. However while idling...and teleporting several of the less prompt Astartes to the Loki, he uses his connection to the ship to open a visual feed to the hangar and to watch the battle.

If I may... He says to the Captain.
I would request at least two samples of power armor from the fallen zealots when they are concluded.

2012-11-19, 05:06 PM
"Feth, if you think you can turn more of a profit off of them than we can selling parts on the black market, you can have all of them. If you can spare any personnel to assist in dealing with the incursion, you'll get your suits faster." the captain hints strongly.

So... should we send the acolytes to deal with the sisters?

2012-11-24, 01:55 AM
Its absolute carnage in the cargo hold as the initial assault by the Sisters slaughters several hundred air crew before thre rest start to go to ground. The firefight becomes more bitter then, especially when Lautrec orders the internal security weapons turned upon Soriatias shuttles reducing them to molten and twisted metal.

Even as that happens Daravin hooks into the security controls smoothly opening and closing bulkheads and sealing off areas to confuse and disorient the invading vengeful women and allow them to be surrounded and ougunned by the rapidly mobilising defensive armsmen. Even as he watches a bullkhead slide open and bolter fire cut down 10, then 15 of his own crew the return fire eventually chops down the dozen or so Soratias. The rush to peel off the power armour as a trophy and claim the wounded Soratias something he does not need to see.

Reports flow back to the bridge to the Lady Captain as she manages the counter-attack and the rapidly spirally casualty rate begins to slow as the tide turns and soon the reports speak only of mopping up a few hiding women and straggling armsmen from the crippled Soratias vessel's strike force.

Some 20 minutes after the attack has begun its over. A whispered "Lady Captain, we have a dozen or or so unspoiled survivors. There may be more but the crew have them and you know how the lads are... You want these ones on the bridge?" The vox cast beeps requesting image and when the Lady Captain aquiesces the picture shows a grainy blood stained corridor piled high with discarded power armour and weapons and a dozen tired and proud looking womne knelt down with guns from your better trained armsmen pointing at them. One of the women you recognise - the Abbotess you spoke with before opening fire. Even as you watch you cna see more crew appear in the background - bottles changing hands and then screaming as the 4 burly crew choose one of the unarmed Soratias and begin to drag her away chuckling. The women fighting like a wild thing as the 4 men subdue her. The Warrant Officer appears back on the screen - a scruffly looking man with a large gash down the side of his leaking fresh blood. "Apologies Lady Captain. We stil got 11 good ones if you want 'em interrogated?"

Even as he speaks with the Bridge the Bridge is a hive of activity. "Torpedoes loaded and target tracking the transport Maam." THe sensor operator adding "She's trying to flee maam - getting a geller spike. Looks like a possible emergency warp jump she's about to try..."

2012-11-24, 02:50 AM
Lautrec begins to laugh hysterically, his right arm spasming about in the process, sending the tip of his dreaded whip cracking throughout the air "HAHA Boys! Great work men! Save one or two of the Sisters for me, first man who brings me the most sisters feasts like a king on the bridge today! Now come on! Sweep the cretins out and get yer backs into it!" He continues cackling before he sobers up and begins to simultaneously coordinate the forces within the Loki and the forces paroosing the ship, organizing them to better work the mission.

Using "Get your backs into it" for the +5:
Charm:[roll0] vs TN 76

Emperor Ing
2012-11-24, 11:02 AM
As at last the battle reaches its conclusion, Daravin opens vox feeds that lead right into the casters of the area, while shutting off pict recorder feeds as it becomes obvious the crew are going to give in to the debases and weaknesses of the flesh. Fairly quickly.
This is Chief Enginseer Daravin. I require those suits of power armor at once.

2012-11-25, 08:59 AM
"How wasteful" Osaze mutters disdainfully at the fates of the captured sisters, before opening a ship-wide vox channel. "This is Osaze to all crew. A reminder to you all that every... unspoiled captive may yet serve as a sacrifice to the gods, when we next have need. Should your enthusiasm deprive us all of that resource, it may well fall to you to take their place". Misguided fools they may be, but there is no need to abuse a defeated foe so.

His attention turns to the reports of the fleeing vessel. "We cannot allow word to spread of our activities" the ancient legionnaire notes to the captain, "The attention, and retribution, it may bring could well exceed our capacity to manage. I shall deal with this".

"All guns, fire before they flee. And for your own sake, do not disappoint me again".

BS 53 (Base 43 + Ship 10) VS [roll0]
BS 53 (Base 43 + Ship 10) VS [roll1]

BS 53 (Base 43 + Torpedoes 10) VS [roll2]

2012-11-25, 10:19 PM
Notification of the mistreatment members of her crew are in the process of perpetrating upon one of the captives causes the captain's face to go completely, coolly blank, a sure sign she is about to ruin someone's day.
"I thought I made myself clear regarding my stance on this behaviour the last time we took prisoners Warrant Officer. I want those four clapped in irons and throne in the brig. They've just volunteered to be the next sacrifices or for conversion to servitors, depending upon our need. Should you allow this to occur again, you will be joining them. The ship board brothel to exist for a reason, do I make myself perfectly clear? The rest of the prisoners are to be taken unmolested to the brig and kept under heavy guard. We shall deal with them after the conclusion of this raid," the captain orders fists tightening on the arms of her command throne.

"Ensure that you do Mr. Osaze. Are all boarding parties retrieved from the vessel?"

2012-11-26, 01:44 AM
The Void

Even as the stricken Soratias vessel continues to spin and drift mostly out of control, intertia keeping it spinning away at some 2VU/ round, the trabsport puts all power to engines and begins to activate the engines for rapid warp transit.

Colossal shells from the massive cruiser batteries thudding into the space and causing vast dusplays of pyrotechnic light as the void shields hold briefly then collapse. The timing was poor as three city block sized torpedoes slam into the hull of the transoprt. The vessel shudders and shakes from end as fire blooms across the vessel and twisted metal and burned meat are hurled across the void. However the transport is sturdily built and despite the damage it surges through the cloud of expanding plasma debris. Savaged awith huge holes in its flanks it crippled - speed reduced to a slow crawl- only the most foolhardy or desperate Captain would jump in this condition!