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2012-10-21, 02:20 PM
Turn 0
December 20th, 2090

Global News:

As the sun rises on the East Asian spaceport, a satellite broadcast reaches all ten Townships simultaneously.

This is a message from the Alliance of Lunar Colonies. If youre reading this, were glad to see that theres still some people alive down there to receive our signal. At least, if youre not one of those Marked.

Weve been intercepting general communications from the spaceports for the last few months, and as we understand it, some of you may be launching in the next few months or so. We would like to make it clear that Luna belongs to the ALC. The ALC understands that the best source of resources in the immediate vicinity of Earth is Luna, but this is of little concern to us. If you arent interested in paying, you can always head to the asteroid belt.

In addition, we are willing to send supplies and aid down if the price is right. You can communicate with the ALC via this satellite. We assure you that all communications will remain confidential.
The ALC is clearly a new organization of some sort. Before the chaos began, many nations had colonies or facilities of one sort or another on the moon, but when governments collapsed, they lost contact with them. Apparently, in the last two years or so, those colonies banded together to form an alliance of sorts. Or at least, that's the most obvious conclusion. Given the facilities and colonies that were on Luna previously, it's safe to assume that, if the ALC does indeed control all of them, they have a powerful mining operation and a fairly sizable population, though the exact amount is up in the air. Many people fled to space initially, and not all governments were exactly forthcoming with figures for their space projects.

Work continues on the Townships as New Years approaches. The Marked have been relatively quiet as of late, but that doesnt guarantee that they arent massing for an attack on the spaceports. All hands are working nonstop to get the Townships up and running as soon as possible to ensure an emergency line of retreat in case of just such an attack, with the bare minimum of guards on the walls to keep watch. More refugees continue to stream into the spaceports, some arriving in large trucks filled with useful materials, and others with only the clothes on their backs. The news they carry is ominous across the world: The Marked are still out there, and many refugees never make it to the spaceport alive.

And they seem to be building strange devices. Refugees that managed to escape from cities or large towns report that buildings and debris are being deconstructed to build strange, somewhat alien looking structures. Descriptions vary wildly between those who saw them, but no one really seems to have any idea as to what they might be for. Some refugees speculate that they might be weapons meant to destroy us all, or giant lasers or missile launchers to shoot down the Townships when they launch, while others guess that they might be Marked spawning or cloning facilities. No one is really sure, but theyre almost certainly not good news, and it may very well explain why they havent been bothering with the spaceports themselves as of late

2012-10-22, 03:24 PM

Li Kuhn, leader of the Solar company's remains in Eastern Asia, grunts as he receives the news of the satellite message. Having been pulled away from his own work, hearing it was important, he is rather annoyed. Humanity should be working together against this vile threat the Marked pose, not squabble about territory. Yet the Alliance of Lunar Colonies obviously intents to do that.

Dropping the message on the desk, he rubs his forehead with two fingers in frustration, an annoyed frown visible. He would have to deal with this issue later on. As he stepped out of the door and instructed for the message to be passed on to some other people as well, he walked back to the Township. Those engines weren't going to construct themselves. They were still on schedule and at the start of the next year, the Township should be able to leave. Though not ready to leave. There was still quite a lot of work to be done.

And news like this wasn't exactly beneficial to the work. Then again, he'd rather have they would stay on Earth and combat the Marked in their own territory. Yet, all signs pointed that such a position could never be held. Space was the only way out, where they would have to rebuild and gather their strength. And that, he would make happen. Casting a glance upwards, along the hull of the intimidating structure, he soon made his way back to his own workplace, managing constructors and designers alike.

2012-10-23, 12:56 AM
USA/The Illuminati

"Kind of a fruity name, innit'?" drawled Commander Bush, leaning up against the bulkhead of the Jackson's bridge as the assembled Illuminati leadership reviewed the ALC's message.

"'Alliance of Lunar Colonies', is fruity, commander?" asked Dr. Leon Rothschild, a hint of a British accent from his childhood still evident in his voice. He arched an eyebrow and looked pointedly at the President.

"Naw, 'Luna' is fruity. 'The Moon' ain't good enough for them eggheads and mickies that live there, they had to go and pull a fancy name out of a dead religion." Bush seemed oblivious to Rothschild's hint about their mixed company and that others may find his use of the pejorative term for those born in microgravity offensive.

"Food product or not, commander, it's enough that they're still human and they're not trying to kill us. Call it whatever you wish," said Rothschild, with a hint of a smile. Egging Bush on was becoming one of his favorite pass-times.

"You're damn right I will, those mickies are awfully uppity to claim the entire moon when their asses are hanging out in those paper-thin moon bubbles. Give me and my boys space suits and some C4 and we'll see--"

"Enough," said Director Kane, her voice barely above a whisper. She had her arms on either side of a table-sized piece of electronic paper linked into the ship's computer, currently showing their construction progress. She glanced up briefly at President Warren and made eye contact, before returning to the schematics. The room went silent for a few seconds, before Warren spoke up, with the distinct lisp that made sure he always had a press secretary to do most of his public speaking for him.

"We aren't in a position to make threats, commander. I won't let the ALC prevent us from utilizing the Moon's resources on the way to UMBRA, but shooting our mouths off doesn't help. We will have to negotiate, or at least gauge their strength before we resort to other tactics."

Bush shrugged and leaned back against the bulkhead, "Alright, but I know the type. They talk a big game but they'll run at the first shot."

((Response by IM))

2012-10-23, 04:05 PM

A Corporal hands Craig MacGruder a copy of the message sent by the ALC as well as movement reports while he's welding some armor to the ship hull. "Damn it what are we coming to... Call the unit leaders and my father to my tent for an advisory meeting."

*in the middle of the meeting*

Craig MacGruder: "Well it looks as though the moon colonies seem to have lost their humanity. How can they sit there, watch their race get massacred, and then charge us a tax for our lives? Its bloody sick. If they have any shred of conscience left they'd send us some air support or troops."

Donald MacGruder: "Calm down son. They're only looking after their own interests. They might have thought it a good idea and might be trying to keep some sort of economy going."

Craig MacGruder: "Good idea?! There is no way they would be able to become a superpower by heavily taxing their prospective clients."

Maria Venucci: "Seems to me the ALC is asking for a target to be put on their back."

Jacques Clement: "They must have elected an American to lead them. It seems like typical American capitalism."

Donald MacGruder: "Well as shocking as this news seems, we need to focus on getting the defenses back online as well as that ship completed. No telling what The Marked are up to."

Craig MacGruder: "Hopefully we can keep our foothold here. If not, those asteroids are going to look better by the day."

An Enemy Spy
2012-10-23, 05:31 PM
with the ALC via this satellite. We assure you that all communications will remain confidential.

It just repeats that over and over. Desmond said.
Yvonne leaned forward in her seat. She was a small, slight young woman, really more a girl. Looking at her, one would hardly expect her to be the leader of her own faction, and certainly not an empress of anything. Empresses wore long flowing gowns with ermine trim and had elaborate headpieces. Yvonne on the other hand, looked like someone from a slum, ratty black pants and a long sleeved shirt that matched. The only thing to really differentiate her from any of the other girls in the spaceport was that she was actually clean. Yvonne felt that as the speaker for the gods, she must look her best at all times and therefore was one of the only members of Freya with regular access to a shower and a washing machine.

You were a space pilot, werent you? she asked.

Yes. For a while at least.

Do you know anything about this Alliance of Lunar Colonies?

No. They didnt exist back then.

Desmond (Just Desmond. Last names were a symbol of the old world and had to be abandoned to show that you have given yourself to Freya) was in many ways the opposite of Yvonne. While she was short and slender, with hardly an ounce of muscle on her body, Desmond was, while not actually tall (he stood at about 510), imposing, and had an athletic build. Black hair and dark eyes marked his Spanish ancestry. Desmond wore a black longcoat emblazoned with the hammer and serpent of the Freyan Empire. Desmond thought that empire was a bit of a presumptuous term. Empire of what? A tiny section of the only spaceport left in the Western Hemisphere? Desmond didnt believe in Norse gods who spoke through teenage girls. However, he did believe that Yvonne believed what she said. Was she crazy? Maybe, but who would notice another nut in this place? She was still a lot better than the Nordic Brotherhood.

Desmond carried with him an air of authority that had come from a short career as captain of an aircraft carrier, a career cut short by an incident he fully believed he couldnt have been blamed for. So what if that ship had turned out to be a cruise liner rather than an enemy transport, and so what if it happened to have the daughter of the Chinese Premier onboard? Blame the people whod given him the faulty intelligence. And anyway, its not as if she didnt survive the missile strike. Desmond had personally been on the boat that pulled her out of the water after his mistake had been learned, and she rewarded him with a punch in the face. That was gratitude for you. Luckily, court-martials didnt carry much weight in the new world, and Desmond had found his way back to respectability once Yvonne took over.
The Moon is our best chance of finding a permanent settlement. They have buildings, resources, a permanent food source, everything we need. He said.

You believe we should take it from them? Yvonne said.

I believe they dont have any right to keep other people away. Luna was colonized to promote peace for peace for all mankind. It says so right on the plaque.

Freya is mankind, Desmond. Yvonne said. Anyone who denies us is the enemy of their own species.

Of course. Desmond said. There was something about her. A fire in her eyes and voice that intimidated even hardened Marines.

These Lunar Colonists will accept that they are no higher than the rest of humanity, or we will erase them from humanity. Yvonne said.

Desmond chose his words carefully. Are you talking about an invasion?

You were a military leader. Isnt that what you are trained to do?

I just dont think it is the wisest course of action to begin a war in an already desperate time like this. If we represent humanity, isnt it our duty to find alternatives to killing over resources?

Yvonne stood up, seeming much taller than her 51 frame. Are you second guessing me?

No. Desmond said.


Desmond complied. Yvonne knelt down in front of him and placed her hands on his shoulders, caressing them softly.

Do you love me Desmond? Do you love Freya?

Yes. Desmond said.

I understand, Desmond, she said comfortingly, You want to save humanity. You want everyone to live. She kissed him lovingly on the forehead. Stand.

Desmond rose to his feet and Yvonne took him by the arm and led him to the window of the small tower she used as her meeting chamber.

Look out there. She told him, pointing out at the sea of people below. They have all come here wanting to find a way off this doomed world. But we cannot take them all, can we?

No. Desmond said.

If we are to survive, then we must only take those with the most to offer. Men and women who are strong and smart, whose children will be healthy. All others must be left behind.

Desmond looked down at her. Tears were streaming from her eyes, but her voice was unwavering.

It is by knowing who to save that we secure the future of our species. If this Alliance will deny those who are fit to live, then they are the enemy. Destroying them will make humanity stronger for it.

It doesnt change the fact that we dont have the men or firepower to attack the Luna colonies. Desmond said.

Then we will come back when we do, even if it takes decades to do it.
Yvonne said. Once weve purged the Moon of anyone who would stand against Freya, we will use it as the staging point to finish our final goal.

And what is that?

Yvonne placed her hands on the glass and looked over the Floridian landscape. To take back Earth.

2012-10-25, 04:33 PM
The Remnants

Captain Brown was bent over his desk busy calculating the final force numbers for the township's engines. He was pleased that things were going so well. Relatively well anyway. Looking up he glanced around the makeshift command center. He could various engineers making their own final calculations and soldiers monitoring the various cameras monitoring the approaches to the spaceport. It was then that a communication tech walked over and handed him a summary of the latest received message from the satellite overhead.

Reading through it briefly Brown snorted and handed it back, "Well that's not too surprising really. Tell Seargent Nielen to start on the contingency we already discussed. And let Lt. O'Malley know she's to start preparing her forces. We need to hit that outpost before we leave and we need to do it soon. And get the transmitter warmed up. I suppose it's time we released our own broadcast."


A few minutes later a broadcast was sent from the North American spaceport.

"Greetings fellow earthlings. I'm Captain Brown of the Steel Directorate or what's left of it anyway. I'm sure you've all heard the ALC broadcast. Well I can't say I'm surprised really, these are trying times and if you've got a good spot then I can understand the desire to keep the refugees out. And that's what we are really, the last refugees of Earth."

"But if they aren't willing to help us, that's no reason we can't help each other. What do the rest of you say to doing a little coordination. Maybe keeping together for a while after we launch. The more of us there are the better equipped we'll be to deal with the hazards of space after all."

"And if anyone else is listening to this try to get to the North American space port. I can't guarantee anything, but we Remnants aren't leaving until we've packed as many people on board our ship as we can. No sense in letting the Marked kill any more humans when there's so few of us left."

2012-10-27, 02:28 AM

Finally a moment's peace Li Kuhn thought to himself as he sat down behind a desk in a small room. Breathing in and out deeply, he let his mind settle at ease, trying to think of nothing. Not of all the hard work he had done, of the messages he had received, of the Marked or of their future. Yet, the effort was to little avail. Because that moment of peace was but seconds, because in reality, there was no moment of peace. They were in a constant state of war against the Marked, even if things seemed calm now. Calm like before a storm.

There were things to do. Li Kuhn had a message sent out to other factions at the East Asian spaceport while trying to think of how to respond to the broadcast they had received from the European Remnants.

Message delivered to Industrial Innovations Inc., Tian Jingshen and Asian USA division by a member of the Solar faction

Greetings Lin Zhao, Lao Xui, Acting President Andrew Warren and Admiral James Connor,

I would like to invite all of you to a meeting, where we can discuss the current state of affairs and see how much we can be of benefit to each other. Work has occupied all of us so far, but we have all heard of the devices the Marked are building and the message of the Alliance of Lunar Colonies. We are all here together, working towards the same goal of getting out of this dire situation and I am interested in each of your opinion's on the current developments.

Tomorrow at eleven in the morning I will be present for this meeting at Building 12 near Mass Driver 2, a relatively neutral territory where I will arrange for a meeting room to be set up. I hope to see each of you there.

Li Kuhn


The day after, at eleven in the morning, Building 12 near Mass Driver 2. One of the office buildings of the East Asian spaceport, Building 12 was relatively small. It used to be for people in charge of logistical administration in the spaceport, perhaps one of the reasons it was so close to Mass Driver 2. The office supplies had been long taken by the different factions, however, and even chairs and tables were oft missing from rooms. In one of the larger rooms, either the chairs and tables had been brought back or gathered from the remainder of the building. Currently purposed as a meeting room, Li Kuhn had done his best to make the people coming comfortable.

While he knew that it might be a sensitive subject, he had posted guards outside the building. If the faction leaders were all together, it posed a risk for the enterprise at the East Asian spaceport if something happened, so he needed to take precautions. Standing outside the building, he waited along with three other people for the invitees to arrive, so as to be able to ease the situation if the other faction leaders had problems with the guards. He would guide the first attendee in, after which the three other people would take over the task of welcoming the others.

2012-10-28, 03:06 AM
Different fonts denote speaking in a non-English language.

The mandolin and er hu played in the background as Lao Xui was finishing his second hour of a variant form of T'ai Chi that was growing within Tian Jingshen. Incense was burning filling the air with an aroma of trees and steel, and only when the messenger stepped closer did Lao Xui stop, and motioned for the music to stop.

"Xui, there is a disagreement within the Swords of how best to handle the grim news from the ALC."

Lao Xui opened his eyes, and breathed out. "Their actions are not surprising. Gaia's rage has not reached them, but the Townships will. They have more to fear from us than they do from the Chosen."

"And of the invitation?"

"I will go of course."

Message to ALS




2012-10-28, 11:33 AM
The USA/Illuminati

Message to the ALC, reposted here at Nyna's request:

{K*Q.JHL/ViJ.I2@*dH\ <H>;<HD58-\=?*QHF=E.IHS.J=F0<<\8=HE>D*K2KB\



At Meeting Room 2, East Asian Spaceport

Admiral Connor, a moderately tall but very broad Caucasian man arrives at the meeting with a security detail of two SEALS, though they make no attempt to enter the meeting with him. His hair is close-cropped and contains a touch of grey, and he wears combat-worn military fatigues. With him is Major David White, a shorter man in his late 30's wearing a black flight suit with patches indicating his status as squadron leader.

The Admiral explains that the situation on the ground is at the moment predominantly a military situation, and so the President has authorized him to speak on his behalf. After the initial pleasantries, Admiral Connor gives his assessment of the situation; that the Marked are up to something, and that preemptive military action may be necessary to maintain spaceport security. However, the President is interested in attempting to negotiate with the Marked before hostilities escalate, since it is now clear that they could destroy the Townships and the spaceport if given suitable motivation. After the Jackson is minimally ready for launch ((turn 1)), Connor suggests a joint operation to attempt to contact the Marked.

At any rate, he thinks that the factions at the spaceport should coordinate their defenses. The carrier group has its detachment of manned aircraft in an operational capacity, and reconnaissance missions are likely even if the situation remains as it is.

2012-10-28, 01:27 PM
At the Meeting Room in the East Asian Spaceport with Industrial Innovations Inc., Tian Jingshen and Asian USA division

Li Kuhn made sure to come to the meeting prepared, having washed up and outfitted in a business suit. His black hair is relatively short above his face showing a mixed eastern and western descent, of which his blue eyes are perhaps most telling. Despite his preparation, the weight on his shoulders still shows its marks with the heavy expression on his face, his stance not as confident as he used to be when in meetings, but showing signs of fatigue.

He had shown Lau Xui in, and they were soon joined by the others. Admiral Conner was the first to take the lead in giving his assessment, for which Li Kuhn was thankful as it showed a willingness to participate in discussion. However, he soon found that his own willingness to follow Connor's suggestion to be rather absent. "You're seriously suggesting to negotiate with the Marked?" Li Kuhn had fallen out of his neutral position of leading this meeting when he gave his response, spitting out the word about the Marked. He looked beyond startled.

Having trouble to reach for words, he took a moment to gather his wits, obviously taken aback by the suggestion. Taking a deep breath, showing off his tiredness, he finally took upon the words, having difficulty to keep a certain kind of anger, or frustration, in check. "I don't need to tell you why negotiating with those mass murderers who betrayed our society, our civilization, is a bad idea." Another moment of silence fell, as Li Kuhn seemed to struggle with some feelings. He disposed the idea of negotiation with them, but they were in a bind, to say the least. "I don't see how it's clear that "now" they could destroy the Townships compared to a month, or more, ago. If you have intelligence about that, I'd love to hear it, but I guess that if they really wanted too or organised themselves, they could." It pained him to say it, but given how the situation was on Earth and his own position, he didn't have the luxury to think they couldn't. "However, if they wish to do so, we'll shoot them down." Glaring towards the nearby window in the direction of the outside of the space port, he wished the Marked weren't out there, in great numbers.

"Solar won't negotiate with the Marked. Or contact them. The only contact we'll see with them is that of a weapon killing them or die trying." He said with a hard face, but then it softened for a brief moment. "I'm sorry, I can't help you there." Letting out a short sigh, he straightened up. "But if you must, then go ahead." With that matter handled from the perspective of Solar, Li Kuhn then spoke about the suggestion to coordinate the defences, which he supports fully.

He uses the subject as leap towards another, related point. With reconnaissance missions mentioned, he wishes to know of those attending what their opinion is about Marked locations in the vicinity that might be of use to them. There are likely storehouses, strategic locations and supplies of all kinds, and quite a number of refugees, in the region around them. Some of those things could be of great use to the current enterprise of the factions gathered, but considering the Marked occupation are dangerous to act upon. And would admittedly fly against the contact suggestion made by Admiral Conner, as that would likely provoke ire from the Marked if such actions were traced back here.

Another point Li Kuhn would like to inquire each of the attending faction's opinion about is the recent message from the Alliance of Lunar Colonies. Li Kuhn's stance doesn't seem positive, but he'd like to hear the opinion of others before stating the Solar perspective.

2012-10-29, 03:52 AM
East Asian Meeting

Lao Xue is a fairl tall man of just over six feet. He is wearing loose, white pants and a t-shirt, and sandals that are reinforced with a metal plate on the bottom. He comes alone save for a driver which takes him from his Township to the meeting place.

"Unfortunately all of our efforts have been creating our Township, the Aegis. We have nothing to offer on their strength, or their capabilities. As for joining in mutual defense, our Combat Engineers can supplement your own forces, if you are attacked, all we ask in exchange is that the same courtesy is offered to us."

Lao Xui had weighed the words of the two men concerning negotiations. "Tian Jingshen is not against the concept of negotiating with the enemy, but as of yet I have not heard of any successful attempts being made. Unless there is some proof that negotiation is possible, our efforts will be in improving our Township before launch.

"The ALC's message is concerning, but there are more pressing issues right now. I would prefer to wait and let more hasty survivors from North America and Europe react, and see how the ALC acts in kind. One message is too little to go on to reach a conclusion."

2012-11-04, 11:09 AM
Turn 0 - December 20-31, 2090

A global broadcast from I3 in response to The Remnants of Steels broadcast:
Industrial Innovations Inc. is more than willing to work together with the other Townships. We plan on launching sooner rather than later, as attempting to hold out seems untenable. We are also in the process of negotiating with the ALC regarding their previous message. Hopefully their stance is not as unfriendly as it appears.
East Asian Meeting: I3
Lian Zhao would personally attend the meeting, two of his subordinates entering as well to take notes. All three were unarmed.

He remained silent as the others spoke, taking in their various stances and opinions before finally speaking himself. First, I would like to announce some good news. Weve begun negotiating with the ALC on a number of items, and we believe we may be able to get them to send us some basic aid. What that aid is to be is yet to be determined at this stage, but it may be possible to get them to send us some weaponry to aid us in our defense. Well do what we can.

Secondly, I3 is in favor of negotiating with the Marked solely to ensure the safety of the people here at the spaceport, along with the Townships and facilities. We have no interest in making peace with these murderers, but a truce to allow us to add additional functionality to the Township before launching would be much appreciated. While we are confident that the Ironside will be fully functional in the next couple of weeks, another month or two would not go wasted.

And while I3 has little to offer in military strength, we do have Relay Station ORS-3 that we have ordered moved into geocentric orbit over the East Asian Spaceport. It would be possible for us to launch resources and materials to the station for future use. Its unlikely we can carry everything we want with us, after all. However, cargo space on the station is fairly limited at the moment, so we would like permission to launch some resources up to the station to begin construction on another cargo bay. We currently have space for up to 500 units of material; an additional cargo bay would probably take about two months to complete, and would double this space.
ALC Response to Tian Jingshen:


ALC Response to the United States:



-<?F,<<\>G8KHI.N><<QVV BHJ2J9CB\;<:R.J=\<F6BHJ8O=V8CHI.@8D9B7J.\
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+1BHwt TV1L@<?B;bHE*JH>HM.OBV/F;DHP=87@.V;B08;A2E0\tL7>;V
;F<B<\/L=R;<H@8E/I2:=\=?*QHK1BHwt HJ2J9CB\,87K8KH>/=8O-d

Q8V;B,<2S.Vu><JH!;@?B;V<E2G6B7K<\/I8JHK1BHJ>O/8,BHF/\tL7>VV BH

Turn 1 - January, 2091

Global News:

As morning dawns on New Years Day at each spaceport, a broadcast reaches the respective spaceport from the ALCs satellite.

The ALC and Industrial Innovations Inc. have reached an agreement, and we are distributing some basic military aid to all Townships. A pod will be dropped in thirty minutes. Please deactivate any automated anti-air systems to avoid damage.
In thirty minutes, a pod would indeed drop, plummeting from the sky before deploying a parachute, landing within the spaceship compound in North America, Europe, and East Asia. The pod would contain three or four crates, one for each faction at the spaceport, and the crates would contain 250 Laser Rifles each.

Laser Rifles - Anti-Infantry (Attack (40), Range (100m)), Anti-Vehicle (Attack (40), Range (100m))

Empire of Freya:



w2+?ILk.1:I|1;5<OTZX_UIUO 3C5LQ]XLVHv?9>>1I{@2/-OT[X=[=QOYI
p;>2\ 22@Lk.1:IPs.7*72IPbUUH".805LQYaZ^4=UUHt30.3A3?5L{*>4/H


:*32I{?9+;Om<;1FIUO :*32I{D.>2?;IUO]YX_L>8>@IUO\IkB2A

The Awoken:

The Illuminati:




The Remnants of Steel:

h/KL#8+>1OOVD:^;NXYOz6:05GxI25,E`]_33g@XGRX 569H?CGMi\;5E`m9:NdL


2012-11-04, 11:48 PM
The USA, Turn 1

East Asian Spaceport

Meeting with the other factions' representatives

Admiral Connor listens to the other leaders' responses, then continues, "Of course I don't plan to make a true peace, with our mutual enemies, but based on military intelligence it is clear that the Marked have the ability to retaliate on a scale roughly comparable to tactical nuclear capabilities. We have data from our satellite network prior to its dysfunction showing massive and swift destruction to any units using nuclear weapons; this may be specific to nuclear attacks, or it may only occur when the Marked are suitably provoked. Either way, it is clear that this is no longer simply a matter of force differentials."

To the ALC






M8C2Q2:*IHJ=O>:=R;<HL/V=E.Vi)kuH\ ?8\*DH&HE.D8K2>=@7DHN2Q1u

Susan Kane scanned through the reports of the CIA functionaries tasked with interviewing the refugees. At 6' 3", the blonde, muscular woman was both very distinctive and very imposing; this made her very poor at blending into crowds, which is why she favored the more James Bond-esque aspects of fieldwork. Her size meant that she preferred to let others conduct initial interviews with the locals, as she was intimidating in person. Still, she had trained the majority of these field agents, and they were using the same techniques that had been honed at the CIA for decades; she was confident that they'd get the information they need.

((Not sure if this is an action))




A message to the other factions at the East Asian Spaceport

A letter reaches your faction by courier:
"Greetings to my friends, who share our mutual responsibility to the refugees at this spaceport. Because we share a pool of resources with no clear equitable way to distribute them, I feel it is my duty to keep you apprised of our usage of them. Our nuclear engineers are making use of the radioactives stockpile to construct an advanced nuclear reactor aboard the Jackson. We recognize that this is a finite resource, and therefore we're willing to compensate you by sharing our advanced reactor designs; we are also seeking out other sources of radioactive material to replenish our usage.

Furthermore, this month we plan to use ((400 minerals and 50 organics)). We are also attempting to find larger stockpiles of minerals, as the supply we have on hand is clearly inadequate. I am happy to release the information we obtain through air recon to you as that data comes in.

I look forward to working with you in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact me with concerns.

President Andrew Warren"

Now that the crews are free from their Township construction duties, the VTOL fighters can be seen patrolling the area around the spaceport and conducting missions farther afield over the course of the month. True to his word, President Warren has the Admiral forward the recon data to the other East Asian factions as it comes in.

The Navy SEALS are seen manning the walls of the American sector of the spaceport with the weapons delivered by the ALC. They also do the heavy lifting in moving the resources from the general stockpile for the ongoing construction projects.

A message in response to the Steel Directorate

This is President Andrew Warren, former Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States of America. I'm glad that there are still survivors in what remains of our homeland, though I'd like more details with regard to what you have in mind for cooperation. Aside from technological cooperation, which we are interested in establishing, we see little that we can do in the immediate future to aid one another.

A message emanating from the East Asian Spaceport with US military communications protocols

This is Admiral James Connor, Commander of US Pacific Command. All American military ships are ordered cease their current missions and rendezvous at the East Asian spaceport to regroup and aid in the defense of the spaceport with all due haste. Reply on this frequency as soon as you are able.



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2012-11-05, 04:20 PM

At the Meeting Room in the East Asian Spaceport with Industrial Innovations Inc., Tian Jingshen and Asian USA division

Li Kuhn looks worried at the news Admiral Connor brings. With that kind of power available to the Marked, it does make things a lot more tense. He looks uneasy and in doubt. Glancing between the others, he seems to think about something. Then, he takes a deep breath and tries to get things ordered.

"Lian Zhao, thank you for the good news. Seems like we will need it, considering Admiral Conner's news. In regards for your request for permission, that depends on what resources you would like to ship off. I don't see a problem with sending up some resources for a cargo bay and such, though no need to fill your cargo bays yet. They will be useful to have any remains sent up later on, though, as I would rather not see them be left in the hands of the Marked if we can help it.

As for the Alliance of Lunar Colonies, well, I can't say we're too happy with the message. Especially their supposed claim on the moon. It isn't supposed to belong to anybody, but used for us all. But I'll cede to your point, Lao Xue, it is best to wait the reaction of others as well.

The news from Admiral Connor still bothers me, however. If the Marked have that kind of power.. it really makes plans to raid them if we need supplies more risky. Admiral Connor, how old is that data from your satellite network?

Truth is, we have some intel on a location, but it's quite well guarded. It could have useful equipment for our defence, or possibly even offence, however, hence my earlier addressing of this subject. We can't act on it alone, however, so while I understand construction projects take up our time, especially in the start, would there be support, now or later, to look into proactive actions to obtain resources or equipment?"

To the Alliance of Lunar Colonies and I3
We thank you for the weapons provided, we appreciate it. Our thanks also goes out to Industrial Innovations Inc., who helped establish said agreement.

A message to the other factions at the East Asian spaceport

We thank President Warren for his update on his use of the stockpiles. The height of the mineral use is worryingly high, however. Solar will be looking into using <50 to 75 minerals and possibly 25 organics> this month. It is our hope useful intel is found, and do not hesitate to call upon the help of Solar in obtaining resources.

Li Kuhn"

Solar seems preoccupied with construction projects, though patrolling Laser Tanks and Laser Rifle equipped Solar members ensure the safety of the Spaceport from Solar's end.

A reply to the Steel Directorate

"It is good to hear from you across the globe. We hope you are holding out. Similar to what President Warren asked in his last message, we would like to hear what your plans are on the subject of cooperation and what you hope to accomplish by sticking together in space.

Li Kuhn"








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2012-11-08, 01:24 AM
The Awoken, Turn 1:

Open broadcast, directed towards I3 and the ALC.
We would like to sincerely thank both I3 and the ALC for the aid they are giving not just to us, but to all of mankind through their efforts. While we can do little to aid them in return at the moment, the Awoken always repay their debts when they are able. If there is anything needed from us, now or in the future, we will surely do what we can to accommodate your requests.

Message to both factions at the European Starport, and any prominent Civilian leaders, delivered via written letter.
To whom it may concern,
Many of us here at the starport may not see eye to eye on all matters, but we are all in this together, and I would like to see us all working towards the same goal.

Due to our numbers and training, we feel that in general we are better suited for finding and bringing back refugee's from the region, and helping to manage some of the more humanitarian aspects of the starports function. We are curious as to what everyone else feels they have to offer, and we wish to work as much as possible to have everyone working to their full potential in getting as many people to safety as possible, regardless of their beliefs.

We look forward to hearing back from you with what you believe you can contribute to our mutual goals, and what you feel is needed for our continued efforts to evacuate this planet.
-Kevin Brightstone.

Reply message to the Steel Directorate
First I'd like to apologize for the lateness of our reply, I'm sure you understand how time consuming some aspects of this can be. Our primary goal right now is to save as many people as possible, so we are obviously quite willing to help your evacuation efforts if we can, however given the distances involved, I do not currently see what aid we can realistically offer to each-other. What are your current plans for the evacuation efforts?



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2012-11-09, 02:10 PM
Hammerdyne, Turn 1:

Message to Remnants:

We would be glad to cooperate with the Steel Doctorate. However, launch times and logistics will be an effect to cooperation if one has a headstart on the other. Nevertheless we look forward to hearing from you soon.

-Craig MacGruder

Written Message to European Spaceport Leaders:

Hammerdyne will have no problem escorting The Awoken outside the spaceport perimeter. If there is an immanent threat we politely ask you to stay with your ship until the crisis can be resolved. Such actions will be in accordance with our individual belief sets. If you would like to negotiate proper procedures we would wholeheartedly oblige in any form of cooperative planning.






2012-11-11, 01:07 AM
Tian Jingshen

East Asian Meeting

"For now, Tian jingshen will focus all its efforts on improving our Township. It's the one certain thing we have now. Perhaps should aggressive action be proven worthwhile we can join in, but until then our priorities are clear. As for resources, I think it's reasonable that each of the four Townships splits each of the resources evenly, should one faction need more of a certain resource, we can discuss the matter as it comes, or possible simply trade the resources amongst ourselves as we see fit."

Just for fun...

The day was sunny, and the loyal members of Tian Jingshen worked tirelessly on the Township. Elektra Nevski held out an electronic organizer, sifting through the building plans, and the work schedule, making corrections to it.

"You should learn to relax."

Elektra turned aroudn to see Kyle Kim sitting on a chair, tilted back. He was wearing large, plastic sunglasses and she couldn't tell if his eyes were open or not. "Your shift is over?"

"Over an hour ago. Six more hours then it's back to business."

Elektra smile and walked up to him. "Yet you sleep out in open, where any of the Bright Engineers can find you, no?"

"Heh. I said you should relax. Relaxing and sleeping are two very different things."

"Mm. Noted." Elektra stared at the Township looming above them. "What do you think of this meeting? Can we trust the other Townships."

"I don't think there's really much choice in the matter, do you?"

Elektra put her hand over her eyes as the sun peaked over a cloud. "There's always a choice."

Turn One Actions






2012-11-11, 04:41 PM
Steel Directorate Global Broadcast
Quite a few people have asked what I meant by my last transmission, and what my plans were. Well first of all let me clarify that by work together I meant work together in Space. We are too far apart and there are too many Marked between to consider helping anyone but the other groups at your own space port. But it's a different story when we get into space. Even those who launch early will still be well within range to cooperate with others.

I've seen the designs for our townships engines and I assume other people are using similar specs. 10-20 million miles is nothing in space. And as for how we would cooperate well consider our populations. The remnants at least will take as many people on board as we can, and I'm sure other groups will as well. But there is only so much room and lets face it there aren't actually that many refugees who managed to make it to the spaceports. Not compared to what humanity once numbered. One thousand, two thousand people. Maybe if you really crowd everything some groups might be able to get four or even five thousand people in their townships. That's not a lot. It's pretty much in the name. They're town ships, not city ships not nation ship, just the equivalent of what would be a small town before the Fall. Sure colonies have survived with less, but it leaves little room for error.

But that's just one ship. With multiple ships working in concert then we'd have a much better chance. As for plans. I don't have any. Oh sure I have plans for what the Remnants will do, but for an alliance like that no. We would be working together after all, not under my leadership. In broad outlines I expect we would first look for a place to harvest resources so we could build more permanent stations, but there are plenty of places in the System to go looking for that.

For now I just want to know who would be interested. My earlier statements aside we would need to do some coordination in order for our ships to form up after launch.



An Enemy Spy
2012-11-13, 12:44 AM
Broadcast to North American factions

"This is Captain Bartana of the Freyan Empire. Our allies have informed us of a group of survivors two weeks out of friendly territory. As the survival of humanity is Freya's primary goal, we will be embarking on an expidition to bring back as many of these civilians as we can. Any soldiers youj would send along for support would be highly appreciated."