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2012-10-22, 02:02 PM
Edge of Darkness

The void sails past you as slowly cruise through the asteroids and heavy dust belts at the edge of maw. The passage through the gap violent and difficult. The exit had been sudden, the massive warp engines spinning down as the augers attempted to locate position and time. On the bridge of the massive vessel the etherics Major looks up to the command throne.

"Lady Captain. We've dropped out of warp far from Footfall I'm afraid. The storms were rougher than expected. We can either jump back into the immaterium or spend 3 weeks in real space", his voice is guarded, a healthy respect for the masked Q'sal Magister and the wilder rogue psyker evident as he makes an effort to not imply any wrongdoing on their parts.

Before she can respond the Master of the Vox interrupts. "Distress signal Lady Captain. About 13 hours in real space milady. Its a bit garbled..."