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2012-10-22, 02:04 PM
Edge of Darkness


The void sails past you as slowly cruise through the asteroids and heavy dust belts at the edge of maw. The passage through the gap violent and difficult. The exit had been sudden, the massive warp engines spinning down as the augers attempted to locate position and time. On the bridge of the massive vessel the etherics Major looks up to the command throne.

"Lady Captain. We've dropped out of warp far from Footfall I'm afraid. The storms were rougher than expected. We can either jump back into the immaterium or spend 3 weeks in real space", his voice is guarded, a healthy respect for the masked Q'sal Magister and the wilder rogue psyker evident as he makes an effort to not imply any wrongdoing on their parts.

Before she can respond the Master of the Vox interrupts. "Distress signal Lady Captain. About 13 hours in real space milady. Its a bit garbled..."

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2012-10-22, 03:09 PM
Magister Carich is currently studying a hololith of endlessly shifting patterns that form an insane mix of patterns, circles, lines and forms that define labels based on an universe of set, rigid laws. Even for him, studying a represenation of the Warp (the real thing being too much for any mortal mind, however reinforced) is a good way to induce a stabbing headache or worse, and he turns away, secretly glad of the reprieve as he dismisses the insane image with a flick of his robed arm.

The man is tall and thin, and wouldn't be too impressive if not for the grand robes he wears, not to mention the flickering, patterned flames that play across his skin and the curled horns that rise from his hair and rest back against his skull. With those notable exception, he closely resembles an elder gentleman. He gives the Major a fatherly smile. "It's the nature of the beast, I'm afraid to say. The Immaterium, by its very nature, can't truly be predicted. It has to be felt, sensed.. hm, intution and instinct matters as much as research and understanding." A self deprecating chuckle sounds. "But I'll refrain from letting myself be distracted. The storms may subside Captain, or it may be swifter to travel through the tides of this universe.

However, as I've expressed before, I believe everything happens for a reason. We could have found ourselves anywhere in the void between our former port and Footfall, yet we are within range of a distress call. I would not call that simple chance."

He pauses, cautiously. "But not every reason is a good one, from our limited, mortal perspective. I'd advise care if you wish to investigate."

2012-10-22, 04:37 PM
"My kin are eager for a fight mistress, but this one also advocates caution. When hunting, it is common to stake out a wounded creature, letting the bait's cries lure predators with promises of an easy meal, or others of its kind seeking to aid their wounded fellow." the Shaper hisses, ignoring the nervous glances the bridge crew shoots his way. Even after the time the Kroot have spent on the ship, and the battles they have fought alongside the ship's crew, the crew still feels uneasy around the xenos.

2012-10-22, 04:51 PM
"A distress signal may imply an ongoing battle, Captain," offers the smartly uniformed Interrogator from behind his black face-mask by way of advice.

"We may find new allies or partners if we assist a party in need. Merchants need trade partners, after all."

The former Inquisitorial agent, in his black finery, always seems to advise a cautious and measured approach.

2012-10-22, 09:38 PM
Aria sat on her Command Throne on its raised dias, looking out over the bridge, her legs drawn up and crossed, boots left standing at the foot of her throne. A glass of high quality of amnesic in one hand. "Its quite alright Magister, not ideal, but quite alright. One must make allowances when dealing with the Warp. And its better than listening to a Navigator whine about how he doesnt want to fly into a warp anomaly."

Her gaze slid to each in turn as they gave their opinions on the distress call, pleased at their initiative, she invited discussion among her chosen and valued their input, after all, what was the point if they didnt help? A lesser person might have worried about their loyalty, given their shady histories, but Aria knew how the world worked. The surest way to keep everyone loyal to her goals, was to make sure they served themselves by doing so.

The Magister she had found specifically because of his familiarity with the Vortex, his ability to guide a ship, and for the power that he could bring, beyond that of a mere psyker. She well knew that heretics had power gifted them by their gods, she had crossed enough warbands to envy that power, though she rejected the idea of serving any but herself, so keeping one around was the next best thing. The Kroot was a treat, they had such a gloriously uncomplicated view of morality; loyalty to the highest bidder, and perfectly happy to kill anything she pointed them at, even happier that she didnt care if they ate it afterwards or not. Aria well appreciated their mercenary nature, almost to the point of considering them kindred spirits. Almost. She had long since given up trying to teach Ki'lek table manners. The inquisitorial agent was a real catch, of dubious providence and morals, he had few quibbles, and his skills where invaluable, a real axe to grind with the ecclesiarchy too, which suited her just fine. Gold plated clergy preaching about the value of labour and the virtue of poverty, the hypocrisy made her sick. Of course, There was also the quirky machine priest, he was his own kind of black sheep, though the details seemed to be some obscure point of doctrine to her, and of little interest. His skills were invaluable for keeping everything running, and his desire for knowledge gave her something to offer in return for his services.

All in all, a good set of companions.

She waved a hand "Let us hear this distress call first, then well see if it serves us better to save them or kill them and take their stuff. Heh, or run away."

2012-10-22, 10:25 PM
Deep within the bowels of the Medicae deck in a more obscure and slightly hidden room off the beaten path stood Trias. The door to the room from the outside appeared normal if a little decrepit but from the inside it was heavily reinforced, in the ceiling pointing towards the entrance were various weapons modified to provide an unwelcome surprise to any other, and on both sides were two salvaged and still slightly damaged servitor's modified for basic combat.

The room itself was almost bare with the exception of basic laboratory equipment and various shelf's filled with a wide variety of items, each inch carefully inspected and occasionally inspected again for any traces of it being compromised, the very spaces between walls checked by the use of his Skull-Probe from a nearby access panel, and to further limit that approach reinforced with a wide variety of materials scavenged and taken from various sources across the ships, strengthening it and making it almost impossible for anyone to discover what goes on inside.

This was his laboratory and where he most often was, where no other was allowed, and where once he was confident of his skills he could unravel the mysteries of the flesh, he thought to himself as he studied some books taken from the Librarium Vault dealing with more esoteric topics of biology. When from the the single cogitator linked towards the rest of the ship a automated report of a development that could perhaps incite his interest. Onwards to the bridge to see if his input was needed, after all it could prove interesting.

With that he sealed his work and his lab, making sure only his own mind could unseal it. His bulky and massive frame behind his ever present power armour inscribed with the various symbols of the Mechanicus moved, sending those in its path scurrying out of his way. To adventure, once again, he mused.

2012-10-23, 12:26 AM
The young Major working the vox controls nods hesitantly and patches the distress call to the micro beads of the senior comand crew. Soon the message comes in clearly over the vox console...

"... Valour of Tru... Navy..... Damaged geller fields by the wap storm...Request assitanc... the transmission crackling and fading in and out as the nearby warp storm casts a shadow on the very fabric of reality.

The helm looks expectantly at the Captain and her team of advisors waiting for the course and speed orders.

2012-10-23, 01:47 PM
At the word "Navy" the shaper's crest noticeably flattens against the back of his head as he hisses softly. "They may be beset by the foul warp spawn. No good meat to be had from a battle with those creatures." the shaper clicks as he spits on the deck in disgust.

[roll0] TN 41 Common Lore (War) for if it is normal for a single ship of any Navy to be found this far from the nearest Port.
I wonder which one of us the Imperial Navy will react the strongest to, the xenos, or the human sporting a pair of horns... :smallbiggrin:

2012-10-23, 02:10 PM
Carich chuckles. "It could indeed be the children of the Warp, my avian adjusted friend, or perhaps something else more to your palate. Hopefully we'll get the chance to see soon, but if it is truly a Naval vessel, their gratitude may offer a fare of a different sort."

He nods to their Captain. "I'd recommend we close to sensory range and react accordingly. If we can't establish long range contact, a shuttle containing skilled crewmen and women may prove sufficient to establish contact."

The one of us they see first. :smallwink:

2012-10-23, 02:34 PM
"This could still be a trap, this one continues to recommends caution. Should the nature of the trap be discernible without springing it, there may be a way to turn the trap upon the hunters. It is also a better idea to send those less likely to be missed should something unfortunate happen to them, however the final decision is yours Mistress," the Kroot continues, building upon the tainted psyker's suggestion.

How unfortunate that you don't have stealth trained then! :smalltongue:

2012-10-23, 04:38 PM
Aria nodded slightly, and rose, slipping her feet back into her boots as she did so. "Take us towards the signal, but slow once we get within auger range, lets see what there is to see before we stick our neck out. Oh and do keep the shields and weapons on, Id rather have a very pointed response ready should this turn out to be some fools idea of a ambush. Now if you will excuse me for a moment, I have some power armour to don." And with that, she turned on a heel and left the bridge though the blast door behind her throne that connected to her personal quarters.

When she re-emerged some time later, it was garbed for war, clad in her power armour, the helmet locked to her right hip, and opposite it, her power sword and bolt pistol. The disturbing shape of her xenos ripper ray glistened on her left forearm, appearing half way between a insect and a inside out snake, a foursome of oversized ribs encircled her forearm, latching it into place, and a tendon with a set of mandibles on the end reached forward to grip the middle finger of her hand, its trigger. Around her neck dangled the shape of her conversion field, which resembled (what else?) a old oversized coin of some archaic past civilization. And as always, her hat was on her head, and her coat on her back.

Hey now :P, a Warrant of Trade specifically gives me carte blanche to interact with xenos as i see fit (so long as its Humans that are getting the better of the deal), so they can take their offence and stuff it. As for Mr Horny over there, if i want to employ the less fortunate, thats my business. :smalltongue:

2012-10-23, 04:51 PM
The cruiser ghosts forward on soft plumes of blue fire, augers searching the void in front like etheric search lights. As you push forward through the thickening nebula dust accretion zone the engines begin spike and tremble with the acculmulation of the debris and the void shield glisten and flicker as more and more impacts build up.

Finally the Lt manning the etherics looks up and gives a hasty salute. Pressing some buttons the holodisplay in front of the command throne erupts into life and a spinning mass of rocks and dust leap into view and in then heart of it - growing rapidly as the young officer zooms in the augers you can see the dagger like form of the Imperial Endavour Class cruiser "Valour of Truth"


Spinning slightly about its Z-axis the faint pulse of thrusters can be detected and battle damage can be seen riding the flanks of the 3.8km long lean sleek hull.

"Not picking up any return auger sweeps Captain. She may be dead in the void. We'd have to get closer." The distance to target still reading 230000km +

You find it at 23VU away from it

2012-10-24, 04:45 AM
"Run scans, and show me the results Lieuteant." The Magister steps over to be nearer the console, observing the readouts himself and considering any energy patterns or unusual signatures that may be picked up.

Not sure what (if any) of my lore skills would apply, but will make an intelligence check and assign it to the most suitable if needed. +10 from foresight.


2012-10-24, 08:56 AM
"A fine prize..." muses the Interrogator.

"One must decide whether Naval gratitude is worth more than the ship components and equipment one could salvage.

Allowing Warp-creatures to simply take the ship would be a waste. We'd gain nothing."

It's hard to tell whether or not he favours assisting the Naval vessel. His distaste for daemons is apparent, but the course of action he would prefer is entirely mysterious. Maybe he doesn't know himself.

2012-10-24, 03:45 PM
The ship, some 10ft long spinning in the bridge can be studied by all. The Q'Sal magister examining the image can see the claw marks down the sid eof the ship. A startled though of warp kraken - the embodimement of demonic fury - the best that rended the sides of the vessel before no doubt it had come spinning into real space.

2012-10-24, 03:49 PM
"Ah. Well, I can reassure you all that the greater danger is past. This poor craft happened across a beast in the Warp. Look there." He indicated one of the deeper claw marks. "They were clearly able to flee before destruction, but the damage.. The kraken didn't follow, however it's possible lesser, but still highly lethal, beings did. That ship may be home to nothing but daemons now."

2012-10-24, 08:39 PM
Aria, once more on her throne, rested her chin on one armoured first, staring at the image as she mulled over the possibilities, "Bring us along side the ship, and keep your eyes on those augers. If nothing presents its self to try and bite our faces off then well go aboard and have a look. If the ship and crew are reasonably intact, well play the heroes, and bask in the prestige, Ooh how that will burn them to be saved by a Rogue Trader. Almost reward enough in its self. If the situation is otherwise.. if the crew is gone or the ship damaged enough we can get away with stealing everything that isnt bolted down, then well bask in the loot instead. Sound? Onward helm!"

Int 32
Common Lore (Imp Navy) for whatever it might tell me about the ship. mod the roll as you desire.

2012-10-25, 01:03 AM
With a gentle tug and twist the helmsman gently slides the massive cruiser alongside the damaged endavour. The bulk of the Righteous Wealth overshadowing the Valour by millions of tonnes.

"Matching yaw rotation Lady Captain. She's rotating slowly below us. Maybe 0.7 revolutions per hour so an easy dock for one of the shuttles." your helm responds as he takes up a position above the vessel matching the horizontal spinning as the endavour still tumbles some 1000km beneath the repulsive's hull.

"Power in 76% of the ships compartments but enemy emissions still only the distress signal. Its repeating so likley an automated beacon. She appears to be on emergency power only." the etherics adds.

"enemy weapons aren't powerd up. No targeting or tracking systems active". The dour faced senior warrant officer shrouded in a cloud of thick Lho smoke muttered from the targetting pit.

So close now you can see the heavy damage streakig the hull. Huge rents hundreds or meters long and tens of metres wide revealing power lines and interior bulkheads splayed and torn open. As Lady Aria watches the vessel considers what she knows of the Endavour's. The light cruisers lean and fast with torpedos and plasma batteries are commonly used in anti-piracy roles or as heavy escorts for Battleships or Grand cruisers.

What's the plan?

You taking an executive Arvus lighter and a few folk across to the "Valour of Trith"

2012-10-25, 01:01 PM
"If we rescue the crew, Lady Captain, they could willingly provide expert crew for various areas of the vessel.

Even if they choose not to serve on the Wealth Ascendant, returning them to a safe harbour can only do wonders for one's reputation, assuming that they don't come into contact with those of use bearing visible curses..."

Again, the Interrogator, Galilee, offers some pragmatic advice. He seems to be tending towards assisting those that need it, but whether or not this is actual altruism is anyone's guess.

2012-10-25, 02:09 PM
"This one would normally volunteer the kindred to board the ship first, but any survivors are likely not as... understanding. This one would will still gladly accompany the captain or any other members of the senior crew to board the wounded vessel," the shaper contributes.

2012-10-25, 02:19 PM
The seemingly still and silent 'statue' that stood near one of the walls of the bridge moves slightly, one almost forgets his presence due to his lack of movement and speech "I would be prepared to assist in any boarding. No doubt my assistance would expedite any operation." a cable connected to the wall moves slightly, a link to the ship where his MIU implant can be of use, sending forth orders for some lesser Tech-Rriests to bring forth his Lascannon "Including dealing with any surprises, no doubt." his voice taking a darker tone at the last bit.

2012-10-27, 10:37 AM
Aria rose, rolling her shoulders in a whirr of servo joints, "Prepare a 'lighter, my companions and I are going aboard!"

sorry for the delay, hectic couple of days @_@, the plan, such as it is, is to go over to the ship, and have a look about, A) find out what happened, as i would rather this not happen to my ship, B) ascertain the status of the crew and C) the status of the ship. between B and C i shall decide if we will turn it over to the navy for kudos, or steal everything not bolted down for loot and moneh.

2012-10-27, 10:39 AM
Carich nods. "Aye Captain. Who has the ship until our return?"

2012-10-28, 03:49 AM
30 minutes later with the command of the ship held in the hands of some trusted subordinates and the landing party loaded aboard the Arvus flyer the small orbital shuttle vehicle ldrops out of the small flight bay.

The effect is strange - the lack of gravity so strange after months aboard the Righteous Wealth and being in vessel some 30m long between 2 multi-kilometre vessels leaves one with a faint sense of unease as if one was a bug about to be crushed. Though the Righteous does look magnificent.

The pilot - MIU plugged into the controls as he flies with mind and hand looks back briefly over his shoulder. "Lady Captain, where do you want me to dock. Some of thise rents are big enough to land in. Or we can find their access hatches?" His words are punctauted by the displays in the cockpit highlighting some access points on the Endavours long hull. "Or we can in via the tubes?" he blinks slightly as he says it. Prompted by the sight of the 40m diamter tubes as they fly past it.

The rents in the hull are massive. Jagged tears hundreds of metres long, some 50m in diameter and tearing many decks and levels into the vessel. THe sight of torn fittings, bunks, power rooms and the like a chilling insight into the horror that the warp kraken caused.

Where do you wish to make entry?

2012-10-28, 03:59 AM
Carich closes his eyes as they approach, casting his senses out into the vastness of the ship.

Pysience roll. Target 50.

2012-10-28, 05:13 AM
So too does Ishmael Galilee. He closes his eyes and focuses on the vessel before them, hoping to get some indication of the threats they face.

Psyniscience [roll0]

2012-10-28, 04:40 PM
As the lighter dives through the void towards the stricken cruiser the magister and interrogator both cast their minds out into the void. Both recoil at the horror of it.

Routine (+10) WP tests of +[roll0]/2 Insanity points

The residue of the warp kraken. Hunger, death and a desperate desire to rend, tear and devoid the soul stuff of humanity. It had been a fantic attack - the panicked death screams of the crew as their body and soul was consumed only adding the creatures frenzied attacks.

Now only the faintest residue of people and thoughts belonged on the ship. A scant few survivors amidst the wreckage - minds shattered and broken left in terror somewhere in the colossal maze of metal and gore. Though one mind. Content - happy, waiting , expectant and touched with the blood crazed madness of the Blood God.

That lone crzy mind is in the midships tower.

2012-10-28, 05:15 PM
Ishmael narrows his warp-green eyes and focuses further. Yes, yes there are a few survivors, of course there are! But what of threats?! Are there Daemons still aboard the vessel? Surely there may be monsters lurking on it still?

All he could see, though, was blood. Well, it wasn't blood, it was smoke. Damn, well, it was like smoke, and blood, in water, the sort a shark likes. Urgh, you wouldn't get it. It's all metaphorical, you see.

Anyway, he spoke up...

"We have one life of note, in the midship's tower. He's Marked by the Lord of Brass. Possibly possessed. Possibly slew his comrades. Possibly something else entirely."

Galilee doesn't attempt to claim any knowledge he doesn't have, but lists several possibilities.

"He... or she... is waiting for something. I believe this one will be dangerous. Salvaging components from the vessel is the choice that I would recommend."

Right, so, Black Crusade characters don't acquire insanity: Fear is what gives disorders... and I can't fail it bad enough to get one....

So, rolling Psyniscience again, to look for Daemonic presences.


2012-10-28, 08:39 PM
Aria arched a eyebrow behind the plate of her armour's helm "Only one? Well, that simplifies things immensely. Let us get on as close to the bridge as possible, the nearest rent, or perhaps a conveniently placed docking port for officials. Thrones willing, there will be a working cogitator with a map, or manifest or something to give us some idea of where the valuables are. Perhaps some tips on how to avoid this fate ourselves, I admit, I am not familiar with the habits of warp predators, do they tend to hang around after a meal? In any case, from the bridge, well sweep back, to the captains quarters, where im sure he kept the best alcohol if nothing else, then to any points of interest on our way to this survivor. With luck, that will be enough of a sweep to see if there is anything waiting to bite our faces off. Afterwards, if all proves fortuitous, we can return to the ship and dock, let the ratings handle the formal sacking. All in favour?"

2012-10-29, 11:05 AM
"Your plan seems sound mistress. This one is eager for a fight," the kroot growls.

2012-10-29, 05:36 PM
The Endavour cruiser looms larger and larger in the small shuttles cockpit port holes as you drop down towards the main top deck at the base of the colossal aft castle that towers some 200m above you.

With a soft "thud" the lander alights on a small access hatch. Magnetic clamps deploying softly to hold it in place. The hulking form of the explorator Trias moves over and communes with the minor spirits of the bulkhead that whisper and gasp before being overwhelmed and granting him access and with a soft hiss the bulkhead beneath grants access.

Sorry Vizzi. I didn't want to slow down the action and you would have cracked it eventually even if the dice were against you - and time wasn't an issue

THe doors slide open and the stench of blood gore and death waft out towards you. A corridor filled with flickering emergency lighting, fragments of bodies strewn up and down the blood soaked floor and the ravings of madmen writ large in blood or body matter. In places the deck plating itself has gone wild. Fused with men and women or frozen metal that solidified again as it left the crazed world of the immaterium and was bound once more by the rules of reality - frozen in the act of eating the crew that it had served so nobly.

Everyone make a Shock (WP -10) test for a fearful effect
- BC just check for shock
- RT if you fail shock check the shock table and gain [roll0]/2 characters

The temperature varies as gusts of hot air seem to blow down the corridor and faint screams still echo over the clunking of damaged machinery and hissing of broken power linkages. The corridor offers the choice of prow or stern. Stern to the bridge Tower or forward to where the pskers detected the only intact mind on this broken vessel.

2012-10-29, 10:13 PM
"I think, that things went slightly wrong." he said speaking in a deadpan voice before continuing in a slightly angry tone of voice "But this desecration of the vessel offends me. One of the many reasons why i never liked the Warp." he says while looking for any threats and hazards that would be obvious for a tech-priest "But in any case your choice of path Lord-Captain".

No worries DrK. Expediency is all good.

2012-10-30, 02:42 AM
Carich grimanced. He'd seen some unpleasent sights, but this was beyond many of those.


2012-10-30, 12:05 PM
Ishmael smells blood, of course. However, he's seen worse. He served a Throne-damned Inquisitor after all. Butchery was part and parcel of his old job. Torture was expected. Seeing some poor nobodies that had been murdered by a Warp-beast?

Still, he was glad his armoured boots were almost knee-high. Cleaning the gore from his uniform trousers, in the interest of looking respectable and avoiding the spread of sickness, would be a nightmare.

Shock check at -10
[roll0] TN 52

If Unshakeable Will allows a re-roll
[roll1] TN 52

However, he is Jaded, so, yeah, probably shouldn't matter unless there's a Daemon floating around.

2012-10-30, 09:38 PM
Aria pulled up short as she glanced past the open door, momentarily stunned by the sight of the ship beyond. Mundane horror was something she was well endured to, but this was something else all together. She was glad that her helmet hid her features from her companions, lest they think her weak. After steeling her resolve for a moment, she stepped forth, forcing a wry tone "And people wonder why I invested in a emergency Gellar Field. I see no reason to deviate from our plan, if the survivor lived through this, then I'm sure he or she will keep long enough for us to take a look around and see if there is anything of value on this wreck."

That said, she did subtly brush the oversized coin that dangled around her neck, activating the conversion field it contained. Paranoia? Perfectly justified under the circumstance she felt.

2012-10-30, 10:23 PM
"Such a waste of fine meat... One who survived such an experience is either a strong specimen of your species, or has been forever changed. This one shall remain vigilant as we explore." Shaper Ki'lek says as he searches for any possible threats, seemingly unaffected by the horrific scene the party was greeted with.

Awareness: [roll0] TN 43/53 Sight and Sound

2012-10-31, 04:48 PM
"Those that serve the Throne of Skulls are likely twisted beyond usefulness. As allies they are dangerous and unreliable, as enemies they are monstrous."

Ishmael doesn't particularly feel like rescuing some blood-crazed maniac, victim or not. It's impractical. There's no gain, and the only truly noble thing they could do would be to put a bullet in his or her head, a mercy killing.

And that was too dangerous, and a waste of precious time.

"Sticking to the plan is wisest, yes, Lady Captain."

2012-10-31, 05:20 PM
As the boarding party move through the warped and twisted corridors its a constant scene of death and destruction where the ship itself has warmped and melted. Passageways fused shut - others pulsing open and a closed like a srange metallic sphincter.

As you drop through a hole in floor to a lower deck to go around a particularly violently twisted passageway you have a scant seconds warning before a collection of the warp scarred survivors are upon you!


About 5 of the hideously deformed crew rushing out of a passageway some 26m away from you. The creatures a wall of flesh, fused metal and firearms that leaves you queasy.

You win the initiative please take your actions and let the violence begin :smallsmile:

They have Fear (1) so test if appropriate

2012-10-31, 05:35 PM
Ishmael, straightens his neck, drawing his sword and holding it at his side in a defensive stance, grips its scabbard in his off-hand.

He holds them still, focusing on the runes on both items, trying to develop a destructive pattern in his mind.

Yes, the Shards of Malice!

He plucks years of hate from the corners of his dead soul, and gives them purpose, and physical form, a dark hail of destruction...

Casting Doombolt Unfettered.

That's a TN of 77...

Damage [roll1] Pen 8

2012-10-31, 06:32 PM
Carich reacts just as quickly, despite his often placid manner. His hand comes up with what appears to be a small tube pointing it on the onrushing horde and then there's a small pfft sound as a small cloud of crystal shards are fired out of it. His other hand gestures with the ornate staff he carries, another of the approaching monsters the target.

Ballistic test: 34+10(Single shot)+(any horde bonuses) [roll0]
Damage: [roll1] Pen 5, Crippling (6), Razor sharp

Focus power test for labyrinthe connudrum. Target 60 (Unfettered)

2012-10-31, 10:10 PM
Ki'lek recoils from the warp scarred horrors that are attacking the group, and frantically ducks further back into the passageway.

Run or full move whichever is necessary to get me just far enough to be out of sight so I can try to roll to recover next round... *sigh*

2012-10-31, 10:12 PM
The Rogue Trader could be heard to mutter "Oh, Buggery. Not again." before lifting her arm even as she draw her power sword. Aria drew a bead on whichever creature looked likely to be coming at her, jerked her hand. The sickly organic Slaughth weapon clinging to her arm discharged with a sharp metal-on-bone clatter, and a ray of vile energy lanced forth~

To Hit
[roll0] Vs 50 (Armoured BS) + 10(reddot) + 10(half Aim) =TN 70

If hit
Tearing reroll.
Pick Highest

Pen is 4

If relevant, the Ripper ray kills by causing victims to twist and scrunch, bursting them inside. Damage is X

Mhm, Awesome shot, ****ty damage roll, *kicks Tearing* YOUR SUPPOSED TO FIX THIS.

2012-11-01, 05:26 PM
The mutants race forward. Twisted remains of unforms clinging to their warped bodies as they clutch crude weapons or old boarding guns in the desperate race to get to the people on their vessel.

One is blasted by a black dart of energy that sears his flesh but he leaks blue icy hissing liquid instead of blood. Other shots fly wide or just do minor flesh wounds as the mutants race forward. 4 runnig at you, 1 pausing to level a shotgun and fire at the party...

Mutant 1 and mutant 3 injured (by Doombolt and Captain's pistol)
Mutant 2 fires at [roll0] (1 Ishamel/2 Carich/3 Aria)
Fire [roll1] TN 36
- Damage [roll2]
- Dodge if needed [roll3]

2012-11-01, 07:23 PM
As most of the mutants raced forward with a single one unleashing fire upon the party, he quickly made sure his footing was secure before locking his power armour servos, with one final check in his systems to guarantee maximum stability he quickly took aim making sure no ally was in his sight a single shinning beam of power lanced forth.

Brace Heavy Weapon - Half Action.

Fire [roll0] TN 51 vs Shotgun Mutant - Half Action.
- Damage [roll1] E, PEN 10

2012-11-01, 10:43 PM
The shaper pulls his camo cloak tightly around himself as he attempts to meditate to recover from the initial shock of what the meat aboard this vessel has survived.

Might as well hide: Stealth [roll0] TN 98

2012-11-03, 09:57 PM
Aria cursed softly as the bright beam lanced past her and down the corridor, "If i find a slagged golden statue down there, I wont be happy!" she informed the techpriest, then squeezed off a second shot with her Ripper Ray before the Things got into melee range.


To Hit
[roll0] Vs 50 (Armoured BS) + 10(reddot) + 10(half Aim) =TN 70

If hit
Tearing reroll.
Pick Highest

Pen is 4

2012-11-03, 10:00 PM
Righteous Fury
Thats Better! Thank you Tearing.

[roll0] Vs 70

If pass

The Emperor favours the Rich! :smallbiggrin:

2012-11-04, 02:15 AM
I rolled for Craich and Ishmaeil in the OOC

Even as the mutants raced down the corridor the crew of the Righteous Wealth unleashed a wave of fury upon them. Ishmaeil glowing wth the power sent for a wave of doom bolts at the mutant he had last time. The 3 vast blasts of raw psychic energy slamming into the mutant as he drops to his knees.

The wounded one - nicked by the ripper ray, looked in surprise as the razor thin crystal ammo of the Q'Sal caster ripped into his leg severing blood vessels. The confusion turned to shrieking pain as he tried to run and the crystal shards tore and lacerated his internal organs and he dropped writhing to the ground suffering an unimaginable painful death.

The Captain herself puts words to action as she levels the strange biomechanical gun at the lead mutant and with a faint sizzle of melting flesh shears its face off with a single shot. Though the sound of the is drowned out by the hypersonic boom of the lascannon that tears a great line down the side of the corridor.

THe last two mutants, both holw in abject terror as they turn and run...

Last 2 warped crew turn and run - 26m away (if you ignore them they will go out of sight next turn)