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2012-10-22, 03:58 PM
The room you are in is perfectly circular and unambiguously modern. Chome details the corners of the rectangular table, as well as other surfaces and features. Most of the rest of the material, including the somewhat uncomfortable chairs that sit discarded at the table in front of you, is made of a reflective metal. Aside from the all-purpose sheen on just about everything, though, the room is spartan and functional-clearly a briefing room. A deceptively gentle looking dark-skinned man is projected from an emitter at the head of the table, and an aide/technician stands nearby. After a moment, the man speaks in a thoughtful manner, pausing occasionally to select his next word.

"Hello, gentlemen. As I am sure you are aware, I am an employee of this organization. You may call me the Counselor. The Director is unable to speak with you today due to last months...tragedy, so I will be acting in his stead. Freelancer agents have a history of preferring to operate on their own, or in pairs. The five of you are a bit of an experiment in teamwork and cooperation, so do try to behave.
Now, you are not being assigned to the same mission as your predecessors. They were experienced operatives, and while I maintain no doubts about your talent, it would be a mistake to send recruits where more.... veteran employees failed. As a result, you are instead being sent to assist a Recovery agent who is experiencing mechanical problems with his ship. While what amounts to a repair mission could appear to be a waste of your training and our equipment, the real purpose of this assignment is to test your capacity to work as a unit.
You will be given transportation to your mission objective, and your performance will reflect on the...prestige of your future missions. You can find more information in these packages."

An aide of the counselor hands each of you a package containing datapads, an extra clip of ammunition for your chosen weapon, and a small oatmeal cookie.

Should you read the datapad:The datapad contains information on Hat Yi, an Outer Colony world mostly abandoned during the war. The Recovery Agent is stated to be Agent Oregon, sent in after receiving a beacon from Agent Hawaii.

The datapad also contains infromation on the Van Barfoot, a Pelican-class ship that you surmise is going to be your mode of transportation.

Eric Scott
2012-10-22, 07:03 PM
Nevada stows the cookie in his Tactical/Hard Case... and does a quick skim of what's on the datapad... then looks over clip of ammunition and says, So, if your giving use some munitions... does that mean we should be expecting a fight? Or is it just a precautionary measure? He then stows the ammunition in one of his Chest Pouches.

2012-10-22, 09:09 PM
Alaska quickly slides the extra ammo into an outer pocket of his medical kit before regarding the cookie in distaste and promptly starting to scan the datapad as he ran a armored hand through his peppered black and white hair.

"Counselor, are sever injures possible? If so I would like to requisition a surgery kit, I can only do so much with this Medkit." He said with a gesture towards the box he slipped the ammo into.

(:smalltongue: I like the cookie)

2012-10-22, 10:11 PM
"Agent..." the Counselor glances at a pad in his hand "Nevada, I am not expecting you to face hostilities, but it is best to be prepared. After all, something had to have activated Agent Hawaii's beacon."

Requisition Roll![roll0] DC 16 (Nice natural 20!)

The Counselor looks at Alaska with a hint of incredulity in his voice.
"You weren't given one as part of your equipment? We will need to remedy that. Harris! Go get a surgery kit for Agent Alaska. Don't worry about returning it, Agent."

The aide practically runs out of the room and returns shortly, bearing a surgery kit and panting slightly.

2012-10-23, 04:45 PM
Alaska nodded his thanks to the aid as he took the kit and placed it along side the other one. Turning back to the projection Alaska snaps a quick salute "Thank you Counselor."

(Do the members of the team know each other? Or is this the first time meeting?)
If it's the first time:Turning to the other armored man Alaska extends his hand in greeting "Agent.. Nevada, right? Names Alaska, trained field Medic. I'm the one who puts you back together!" He said with a chuckle.

2012-10-24, 12:48 PM
Jersey flicks through the datapad that had been put in front of her. She'd chosen to remain helmeted for the meeting and was mildly amused that she'd been passed a cookie. Did they expect her to be eating inside her helmet or something?

"Do we have any idea what took down Hawaii sir?"

2012-10-24, 09:54 PM
Massachusetts smiled as he saw the cookie. It was nice to be able to actually get something to eat during a briefing as chances were that this would be it for the next six hours. Now time to figure just who is leading this expedition.

"Sir, who will lead our squad."

As he finishes speaking he loads his extra assault rounds into his chest pock whilst taking a moment to look around the room.

2012-10-25, 01:38 PM
The holo of the Counselor nods in response to Alaska, then replies:

"I am afraid we do not, Agent New Jersey. I am confident that Agent Oregon could have handled it on her own, but with her ship out of operation, Agent Oregon has not been able to locate Hawaii. To the best of our knowledge, Agent Oregon's ship was disabled as a result of instrument errors, not hostile activity. As far as the question of a leader goes, I will repeat that your group is an experiment in cooperation. Nominally, you are all equals. Whether a leader develops from your group, how, and who it is are of great interest to us. Naturally, we have...estimated guesses, but they will not be disclosed at this time."

For those who read the datapad:Further examination of the mission reveals that Hawaii's beacon comes from the mid-northern part of the continent, in what appears to have been once a tropical climate. The location of Oregon's ship is on the equator.

Eric Scott
2012-10-25, 03:12 PM
So, we aren't to expect hostiles, we do have medic, and we don't know exactly what happened to Hawaii... Correct? If so, I suppose we shouldn't waste too much more time and, get out there and get this done... assuming, there isn't anything else that might be even remotely important that you can tell us.

2012-10-26, 09:17 AM
"That would be correct, Agent Nevada. Now, I believe Agent New Jersey will be your pilot for this mission. You should know that the vehicle we have provided contains an....experimental version of the standard slip space drive. It is able to enter slip space on its own, but may require some careful piloting. That being said, Agents Oregon and Hawaii await your arrival, I suggest you let them wait no longer."

The holo fizzles out, assuming nobody interrupts it before it does so. The datapad's specs on the pelican reveal a wealth of information:
D77H-TCI-X3Defense: 8
Hitpoints: 320
Speed: 7 squares in space (3500 ft)
Max Dex bonus from Pilot: +2
Max Dex bonus from Gunner: +2
Length: 30.7m
Wingspan: 25.1m
Height: 10m
Armament: 1 Nose-Mounted heavy chaingun (+0) 6d8
Crew Capacity: 4 (trained +4, partially trained +2)
Passenger Capacity: 4
Cargo Capacity: 35 Tons
This unit cannot carry Warthogs/missiles/whatever due to modifications.
This unit can enter slipspace as a full round action. Calculating jump coordinates takes 1d4 rounds, calculating coordinates by hand takes 1d4 minutes and a successful int check. Jumping randomly is possible.
+2 required on certain Piloting checks, due to modifications.

The curiously quiet California behaves in a normal manner, accepting his orders quietly and processing the information in that 14 INT head of his. :smalltongue:
(If you want to do anything, now is the time)

2012-10-26, 12:18 PM
"You heard the man, let's get to it, plenty of time for talk on the journey there."

Jersey rises to leave, heading to the hangar bay. She pauses at the door to allow the rest of the squad to walk with her.

2012-10-26, 12:38 PM
Massachusetts only nods slightly as the holo fizzles out.

"Time to get this show on the road."

After making sure he had everything he needed Agent Massachusetts boarded the experimental ship, hoping that nothing would go wrong.

2012-10-26, 02:34 PM
"Right, Anyone have any medical problems, such as being allergic, that I need to know?" Alaska questioned the group as he made sure his M7 and M6C and strapped down tight, before grabbing both kits and hooking them onto his combat belt.

2012-10-26, 04:47 PM
Jersey moves up to the pilots cabin, stowing her Sniper and Rifle in two of the side compartments. As she sat down, she turned on the intercom to talk to the rest of the team, "Just an allergy to bullets here, I'd appreciate it if you got them out as soon as possible."

Starting to run through the pre-flight checks, she continued "Everyone strapped in back there?"

Eric Scott
2012-10-26, 05:30 PM
Nevada walks silently with the group to the hanger, No allergies here... and I'm as strapped in as seems safe...

2012-10-26, 06:52 PM
"I am all set now."

Massachusetts hollers out as he finishes strapping himself in.

2012-10-26, 09:49 PM
With everybody (including California) safely strapped in and ready to launch, Jersey elegantly and effortlessly maneuvers the Van Barfoot into deep space. Out of a completely harmless idle curiosity, who is the co-pilot?Jersey- In the pilot's cabin. Everything seems normal enough, as far as controls go. The instruments look normal, and everything is green on the pre-flight checklist. The only abnormalities, so far as you can tell, are a few gauges and a large, red-handled lever labeled "Slipspace Drive". When you boot the onboard computer, it opens, but the user interface is non-existent, simply a black screen with white text reading "Welcome to ERIS" and a blinking cursor below. It aids you functionally in the running of the ship, but it does nothing special, aside from retaining an apparent capacity to use a slipspace drive.. You feed ERIS the coordinates for Hat-Yi, and it accepts them without returning any errors. Everything ready to go, you prime the slipspace drive and...You know what? I'm going to let Commisar make this roll. Piloting check, please.

2012-10-26, 11:11 PM
Jersey eyed the lever dubiously, something that important as a big red lever was just tempting fate in her opinion.

"Alright folks, engaging Slipspace drive."

Keeping an eye on the other instruments to ensure nothing went wrong as they jumped, Jersey pulled the lever for the Drive.

I'm the only trained Pilot, I can't see any of the others being overly helpful as co-pilots :-/

Anyway, Crashing Piloting roll - [roll0]

2012-10-27, 06:17 PM
(Cail has the highest mod at +3, the rest of us have just +1s)

Just as Jersey reaches for the red level an old movie line floats through Alaska's head, which he promptly gives voice to.
"Do you remember the little red button? Push the little red button. And you may want to put on a seatbelt..."

2012-10-28, 12:46 AM
As Jersey pushes the lever, a light blinks on the ERIS console-the ship shudders and begins to jerk under the pressure and strain of changing dimensions, however temporarily. With a lurch, the entire ship heaves forward, and the entire crew feels a shockwave fly through the ship, then calm.

The Van Barfoot enters slipspace.
Anybody not properly secured falls and takes 1d2-1 damage.
(The co-pilot's seat serves the following function: During battle, if a character in the co-pilot's seat beats a 10 on a piloting check, they may add their dexterity modifier(up to two points) to the pilot's piloting and attack rolls. In addition, should the cabin be damaged in battle, they will split damage with the pilot. They make take actions (repairs, communications, programming, whatever) during their turn instead of assisting the pilot. These actions take at least a standard action, so if the pilot were to do them instead of his normal job, the ship would be at a disadvantage. On larger ships, similar roles are served by other members of the crew, with varying bonuses to overall performance of the craft.)

(Any actions that crewmen want to take over the two or three hours of flight may be done, just put them at the top of your next post.)

When the Van Barfoot exits slipspace, Hat-Tai is a massive globe above. Mostly blue from oceans, the planet looks like a floating gem-but one badly tarnished. Lush green forests are carved by scorched scars in the ground, not fully healed. Some of the clouds are black and orange, and look as deadly as the scattered landscapes of glass that peek through the clouds covering much of the southern part of the continent, and part of the north. Two moons, one with the remnant of a military base on it, orbit the sphere, and your ship-board radar shows two beacons-one from the northern end of the continent, and one from Oregon's reported location, on the glassed part of the north side of the equator.

Eric Scott
2012-10-28, 07:06 PM
Nevada cleans his guns and makes sure they're in good working order for what ever might be around the next theoretical corner...

Upon seeing the glassed part, Nevada says, I don't suppose it's supposed to look like that... do you?

2012-10-30, 03:32 AM
Jersey glanced down at the planet through the viewscreen.

"Can't say I'd want to take a holiday there myself, but I guess we wouldn't be here if everything was right."

As she began to bring the ship in on the landing zone, she continued over the comms, "I'm thinking we do a flyover of the landing zone, get an idea of what's down there, before we land. We'll lose any stealth advantage but we won't be going in blind."

Eric Scott
2012-10-30, 06:27 AM
I never was one for stealth... says Nevada as he get his Assault Rifle in hand.

2012-10-30, 03:02 PM
"That sounds like a plan. I prefer up close and personal fighting then just sneaking around."

As Massachusetts finished speaking he began to check both his guns to make sure they were operational.

2012-10-30, 08:55 PM
"Sounds good to me, just remember if we hit hostiles that I can patch you up, but if you get a bullet through the brain there is not much I can do at that point." Alaska states as he pulls out his M7 and hovers his hand over the restraint release button.

2012-10-30, 09:35 PM
Jersey- As you drop under 75,000 ft, you notice your altimeter pause for a second, then resume. at 50,000 ft, you see it happen again, but your artificial horizon and airspeed indicator also freeze- and your altimeter doesn't unfreeze. As you continue decent, your other instruments begin going haywire.
On the plus side, the landing zone looks clear. You can see a damaged ship-probably Oregon's- a few hundred feet away from where you intended to land. The glass below looks hard, but rough from being in the elements for quite some time. There is little in the way of rubble.
Also, I need a piloting check.

Everyone else-During re-entry, you notice the ship shaking and jumping maybe a tad more then normal. A short time later, the PA turns on, and you hear "WELCOME TO--THIS IS ERIS--HOW MAY--IS ERIS--ASSIST--ERIS--PLEASE--FILE SAVED--WELCOME--WRECK--AIM IS--IS COMPUTATION--WELCOME TO--" in a digital-sounding voice, intermixed with static. After rambling for some seconds, the PA cuts off as abruptly as it started.

2012-10-31, 03:12 AM
Jersey cursed under her breath as the instruments started going haywire. Nothing she did seemed to fix them.

"I guess now we know why Oregon crashed..."

Turning the intercom back on, she continued "Things might get a little rough here, hope you're all buckled in properly."

Piloting check time - [roll0]

2012-10-31, 11:25 AM
Alaska quickly jerked his hand away from his release button as the ship jerked violently in the air.

2012-10-31, 12:45 PM
Jersey- as you take the ship down, the ERIS console starts giving you nonsense feedback-you see something about a "landing gear", and "airbags", but nothing that has any bearing on your situation. You struggle to bring the ship in manually, and, in a few moves that would have made your instructors proud, maneuver the Pelican into a mostly normal landing sequence. A landing sequence that is promptly shattered by ERIS informing you that "All-Range Mode is engaged." Your forward thrusters cut out, and the ship drops, nose-first. Wrangling the controls, bring the nose up in time for the Van Barfoot to slam into the ground with a rather sickening crunch.

Results of system damage roll in OOC Thread- Having the engines on the bottom of the ship seems silly now that they are damaged. They will take a Repair Check, and at least 8 hours to fix. At least the slipspace drive is up.

Everyone Else-The ship jerks and moves, and the PA comes on once again, but the sound is too distorted for you to comprehend. Not being idiots, you strap into any and all safety gear you can find. The ship settles down, then pitches forward suddenly into a nosedive before leveling out. You look around in worr--CRUNCH. The Van Barfoot slams into the ground, and you are thrown against your restraints for [roll]1d4[\roll] damage.

Alaska-Smart move. That is all.

2012-10-31, 03:25 PM
Massachusetts quickly opened his visor to cough up some blood. " "That could have gone a lot better."" Massachusetts chucked lightly as he got out of his harness.

"So, whose ready to see whats waiting for us outside?" He emphasised his point by coking his shotgun as he reached for the button to lower the hatch.

2012-10-31, 06:09 PM
Jersey thumped the control screen, irritated that it played up in the way it did. Muttering to herself, she strapped her rifle to her back and picked up her sniper. After carrying out a few quick checks to make sure the weapons were intact and functional, she opened the door that lead to the passenger compartment.

"The instruments are on the fritz, I think something broke when we hit the ground too."

She gestured towards the hatch and commented "Hit the hatch when you're ready, Massachusetts."

Eric Scott
2012-10-31, 07:20 PM
Well... on the plus side, that may have been one of the most fun landings I've ever been on... its ashamed that the ship is broken though... I would have really enjoyed another landing like that... but, I suppose that can wait til later. Says Nevada tubing the left side of his neck with his left hand... then unbuckling and moving to the hatch, gun at the ready... knowing that if anyone is near by they probably saw the wonderful parking job.

2012-10-31, 09:20 PM
Alaska grunts as he is slammed into the restraints. Quickly giving himself a once over by slowly moving each limb and taking a few deep breaths, Alaska presses the release button and stumbles out of the seat before pulling out an armor injector which he quickly inserts into the applicator slot near the base of his neck armor.
[roll0] (w00t :smalltongue:)
Moving to the others he begins quickly checking each over for obvious injuries.
"Is anyone else injured?"

Eric Scott
2012-10-31, 09:46 PM
Alaska grunts as he is slammed into the restraints. Quickly giving himself a once over by slowly moving each limb and taking a few deep breaths, Alaska presses the release button and stumbles out of the seat before pulling out an armor injector which he quickly inserts into the applicator slot near the base of his neck armor.
[roll0] (w00t :smalltongue:)
Moving to the others he begins quickly checking each over for obvious injuries.
"Is anyone else injured?"

Nothing major, I should be able to survive... for now atleast...

2012-10-31, 09:51 PM
"Hit the hatch when you're ready, Massachusetts."

"You heard Jersey. Everybody get your guns ready as chances are this is going to be ugly. Oh and Alaska worry about healing us up once we get to a better location then this." With that last statement Mass slammed on the button causing the hatch to open as he readied his shotgun for what could await them.

2012-11-01, 10:54 AM
The landscape is...bleak. Nothing but glass for miles, though you think you can see some green to the north (about 15 miles away). As you exit the vehicle, you may make a listen check. Your ship looks a little beat up, and some smoke is rising from the engines.
Jersey-You think Oregon's ship is on the other side of yours.

If you beat
You think you here something from the other side of the ship.

2012-11-01, 11:34 AM
After making a quick scan of the surroundings, Jersey turned to look at the ship. She glanced at Massachusetts, "Keep me covered, I'm going to get an idea of what kind of damage we've taken."

She approached the engines, opening a maintenance panel to take a closer look. The amount of damage made her wince inwardly, it'd take a while to fix that mess. There wasn't a whole lot of sense in starting work on it now, it could wait until they got back from their mission. After all, they were only here to pick up Oregon.

"Looks like a big job," she called over her shoulder, "I think we're better off leaving it until after we've found Oregon."

The DC didn't appear properly for the listen check, so Jersey isn't reacting until I know if she beat it or not.

Listen Check - [roll0]

2012-11-01, 12:37 PM
Jersey-As you walk around the ship (and fail the ridiculous DC, nice natural 20 by whatever you didn't hear) you see Oregon's ship. At a glance, it looks like Oregon crashed harder than you did, but you also see that some work has been done-not repairs exactly, but somebody has been messing around with the scrapped parts. Oregon's ship, you are surprised to see, is a Sabre-class fighter. (As in the main Halo continuity, I am ruling that those were dismissed as a "preposterous rumor")

2012-11-01, 12:48 PM
Massachusetts nodded at Jersey as she went to investigate the ship. "I am right behind you." With his shotgun still readied he followed behind her and tried his best to hear the sound of possible enemies.


And just in case Spot [roll1]

2012-11-01, 03:32 PM
Following behind Jersey and Massachusetts, Alaska tucks away his med kit and pulls his M6C Personal Defense Weapon System with Armor piercing rounds off of his back while casting his visor-concealed eyes over the glass landscape, hoping to locate Oregon or Hawaii.


2012-11-01, 03:34 PM
re roll


Eric Scott
2012-11-01, 04:43 PM
Nevada goes around the other side of the ship, keeping the Assault Rifle at the ready...I really hope we have time to work on it afterwards... assuming we aren't hopelessly out matched right now and unaware of it, that is.

Listen: [roll0]

2012-11-01, 04:59 PM
Jersey looks at Nevada incredulously, "Why would you even say something like that?"

She turned back around, sighting down her sniper to get an idea of what was around Oregon's ship.

"There doesn't seem to be anybody outside the ship, better safe than sorry though. Give me a moment to scope it out."

Jersey will use her sniper to check for any people loitering around Oregon's ship, I guess you'll want a spot check for that.

Spot Check (including the +5 for using the 5x zoom on the sniper) - [roll0]

Eric Scott
2012-11-01, 07:10 PM
I said it because I don't like the feeling that I'm getting from this place... Besides, if we expect the worst, we will always be prepared for the best... meaning, I'm expecting to be hopelessly out numbered so that if I happen to be, I'll be prepared and if not, I'm still prepared for a fight... I'm a bit of a pessimist... you'll get used to it after a while... probably... Nevada says as he crouches and begins picking at the glass on the ground.

2012-11-01, 09:02 PM
You all take your positions without incident.

Through the scope, you can make out more of the work that was being done. It looked less and less like repairs, and more like somebody had been making something entirely new. Of even more interest, you see what evidence of some sort of car peeling out or doing something that burned future space-rubber on top of the glass.

You do not see any people or other living beings.

2012-11-02, 05:07 PM
"Well, you've got me thinking like you now. This doesn't look right to me."

Jersey keeps her sights set on the ship as she talks, making sure that she catches any movement that might happen.

"I don't think we should leave the ship unguarded, last thing we want is for it to get more damaged."

She lowers her sniper and turns to the rest of the squad. "Nevada, why don't you and Alaska go investigate? I can keep you two covered from here so long as you stay on this side of the ship and Massachusetts can watch my back. That way we've got people at both ships."

Eric Scott
2012-11-02, 05:28 PM
Works for me...

2012-11-02, 05:37 PM
"Roger." Alaska replies as he raises his M6C to his shoulder and begins cautiously moving towards the other ship.

2012-11-02, 05:46 PM
Massachusetts nods slightly as he switches his shotgun for his assault rifle.

"That sounds like a plan. My advice, sprint to the ship so you spend less time in the open. Don't worry Jersey I will make sure nobody sneaks up on you."

2012-11-02, 07:23 PM
Massachusetts- You hear, in you ear, a voice whisper "I would appreciate it if you didn't attack me."
A few seconds later, a trooper materializes out of the air, shimmering for a second before consolidating into the form of a trooper geared in light, unobtrusive, mostly black armor with a few dull golden decals, M7S with a suppressor and what looks like an ancient revolver. The rifle, you note, is aimed at your head. The trooper continues. "I am Agent Oregon. Is your team here to finish me off, or to rescue me? What did you-what happened to Hawaii?"

Alaska- With your fantastic listen check, you hear it too! Your choice if you spin around to check it out.

Everyone Else- You are too engrossed in what is ahead of you. If you hear something from behind you, you figure it must be Jersey or Massachusetts.

2012-11-02, 07:37 PM
For a brief second Massachusetts wanted to do nothing more then shoot the Agent in front of him, as some vestiges of his old training remerged, so he forced himself to lower his gun. "Agent Oregon, we received your distress beacon and were sent here to help you deal with whatever the issue is. We just crashed on this planet so unless our ship crash landed on Hawaii we have no idea where he is."

2012-11-02, 08:20 PM
Although she lowers her gun, Oregon does not relax at all. She looks you (Mass) in the visor, and backs away a few feet before replying. "Well, good. Hawaii should be quite far to the north. As far as what I need from you, well, you'll see. I need a ride, and while I probably could at least get your ship running, that wouldn't get any of us off the planet. I've salvaged my ship and done some work with a few other things I found in the three days that I've been here, and I can get us headed in Hawaii's direction pretty quickly. What I need from you is to find a way to stop whatever kept us from landing here from messing with our ship on the way up. Do you have any idea what caused your ship to crash?" By this point, she is speaking to Jersey and Massachusetts, but still keeping her voice more quiet than is necessary, or even practical.

2012-11-03, 04:12 AM
Jersey turned in surprise at hearing Oregon. Without thinking, she replied to the Agent's questions. "The instruments started going haywire, they froze up and shorted out. The altimeter was the first to go. Our ship's suffered engine damage from the crash, it looks like a long job to fix."

She paused a moment, gathering her thoughts, "Why did your beacon activate? And why are you talking so quietly?"

2012-11-03, 06:54 AM
Whipping around, Alaska almost follows Massachusetts' lead but manages to lower his weapon as the intruder identifies herself as the one they were searching for. "Agent Oregon!" he says a bit louder then required. "Glad we meet as quickly as we did. Are you injured anywhere? I am Agent Alaska, the medic." Alaska continues as he stows his gun and walks over to the three as he pulls out his med kit. "Didn't the PA system come on during the crash? Said something about ERIS?"

Eric Scott
2012-11-03, 02:02 PM
Wait, what? Nevada says turning around while hearing Alaska practically shouting...

Then upon seeing Oregon, Well... that's a third of the job done...

2012-11-04, 04:52 PM
"A similar thing happened to me. Sounds like a virus or some other malware, but I don't know how it would have gotten on both of our ships, unless the Agency itself is infected, which I highly doubt. As far as ERIS..." Oregon pauses for a second to think.
"Eris was the name of a goddess of chaos on Earth a long, long time ago. My beacon never activated. I sent my coordinates to Command after I fixed my comm, along with a brief explanation of my, um, predicament, but my beacon hasn't been turned on. As to why I talk quietly, that's just habit."
"At any rate, I've been busy. I salvaged enough of my ship to make a dirtbike, then went exploring. I found rubble over there" she waves gestures north with a minimal nod of her head "And made what passes for a car out of the scrapped material. If we squeeze, it should fit all of us, but I'm not sure what we'll do with Hawaii, when we find him. Which I suggest as our next move, unless any of you know what went wrong, how to fix it, and how to get us off of here safely."

2012-11-04, 06:36 PM
Realizing the Oregon completely ignored his question, Alaska took the situation into his own hands by pulling out a health scanner out of his med kit and stepped behind her to begin the scan starting at her head.

Just in case [roll0]

2012-11-04, 10:20 PM
Oregon moves quickly to the side and says "I'm not hurt, thank you." , not letting you start your scan.

2012-11-05, 02:55 PM
"Well at least we don't have airing first mission. So anyway I think you are right, we do need to find Hawaii as soon as possible to make sure he is all right."

2012-11-05, 03:10 PM
Frowning inside of his helmet as Oregon stepped away, Alaska nevertheless stows his scanner back in the kit. "Well anyway, let's get moving to this car you built. I don't know about the rest of you, but I do not want to be stuck out here during the night."

2012-11-05, 03:45 PM
Jersey sighed, putting her hand to her helmet in irritation. She really did not like the idea of leaving the ship unguarded.

"Ok, you've got a car and a bike, right? We'll take both. That'll leave space for Hawaii on the return journey."

Eric Scott
2012-11-05, 05:16 PM
Nevada feels slightly confused by the fact that Oregon wouldn't let Alaska do a simple precautionary scan... Sooner we get this done, the sooner we can get off this planet...

2012-11-05, 10:09 PM
"That's settled, then. I'll take my bike and point, you can take the van. Tune your radios to frequency 21.2."
That being said, Oregon walks to her ship and pulls a small, electric dirt bike out from under a pile of rubble. She starts it, and it runs almost entirely without noise. Oregon taps the side of her head, and your helmet radios resonate with Oregon's voice. "It will be a few hours walk north, but follow in my direction. Try to maintain radio silence, unless you get lost or there is an emergency." Oregon then drives off not quite due north, (one of you notes her bearing as 351 degrees) the sound of her wheels on the glass audible for a minute or two before fading out.

2012-11-06, 04:40 AM
Jersey climbed into the drivers seat, stowing her weapons beside her.

"Let's not keep her waiting on us, people."

2012-11-07, 04:14 PM
(Jersey, the van isn't here. Sorry if I was confusing, I meant that the van is hidden a few hours walk north. I will assume that your group begins the trek, considering that there is very little that anyone could conceivably do here, and moving on seemed to be your intention, anyway.)
You walk for hours, hearing nothing but the click of your boots on glass and your own breath, as well as any conversation you make among yourselves. Eventually, the crystal beneath your feet cracks and splinters, giving way to small patches of grass and dirt. As you look ahead, you see shrubs and small scrubby plants, and the remains of some hills. You even see a tiny, determined sapling sprouting from the earth! The clink of feet on glass turns into the crunch of boots on dirt.
Staying on the heading that you took from Oregon, you come across the ruins of what must have been a city. Post-apocalyptic does not describe the landscape, but rather whatever comes after that, when the last vestiges of Man are fading and Nature is cautiously poking her head above the cement, looking around, and taking a hesitant breath of air. You see ruins of buildings and toppled skyscrapers, as well as crumbled billboards and twisted piles of rubble. The only things that remain marginally intact are the vast swaths of durasteel and concrete that make up the highways. As you walk into the wreckage of civilization, you make a spot check.

Eric Scott
2012-11-07, 05:59 PM
Well... it's good to see a planet getting back to it's roots...

Spot: [roll0]

2012-11-08, 04:32 AM
"Really makes you glad you weren't here when it was hit though, I wonder what the fight was over?"

Spot Check - [roll0]

2012-11-08, 08:20 AM
"From the looks of this place I would have to guess this was a battle of extermination."


2012-11-08, 10:35 AM
"Hmm, I agree with the extermination part, but i'm not so sure it was much of a battle though. It might even have been some biological agent at work, such as a plage or something." Alaska said as he pokes some of the rubble with his foot.

2012-11-08, 02:37 PM
Most of you see small mammals scurrying away at your approach, but a few of you also see fresh tracks from a dirtbike. Following them leads you quickly and easily to a cement flat that has been set up as a work space, with a vehicle on some makeshift risers and a dirtbike propped against the remains of a wall. You even see Oregon in the corner, tinkering with something on a workbench. There is evidence of habitation-the workbench seems native, but the risers are obviously new, and you spot what looks like an oven, of all things, against the wall.
The vehicle seems to be electric, powered by solar panels on the roof, and is an old-style van, maybe once used for moving small loads of cargo. The sides are dented, and you see one sliding door-the other is missing. The back of the van has a large hole in it, almost enough to fit through, and the windshield is cracked. You notice what looks like a plasma burn on the back right, but the wheel has been replaced and the axle repaired. The entire thing is a bit rusty, but seems to have somehow avoided the bulk of the elements from the past decades.

Eric Scott
2012-11-08, 10:06 PM
Well... that's quite the vehicle... Do you know what caused the burn? Nevada says to Oregon.

2012-11-09, 12:47 PM
"I would guess that it was some sort of applied energy of a similar type to what glassed the planet, but on a smaller scale. Which does not make sense. If the glassing people were going to do this anyway, why would they send smaller troops in first?"

2012-11-09, 02:02 PM
Jersey examines the vehicle, making sure it was something she knew how to drive.

"Presumably there was something they wanted to grab before they destroyed the place?"

She opened the door to check inside and, content that she could handle it, closed the door again.

"We should get moving, I don't want to leave the ship alone any longer than we have to, it's our way off the planet after all."

2012-11-09, 02:06 PM
"Whoa..." Alaska said as the car came into view. "Now that is a marvel of engineering if it runs. Anyway, I agree with Jersey, we need to get to Hawaii in case he was injured in Oregon's absence."

2012-11-12, 02:55 PM
"Yeah lets get moving. This planet gives me the creeps and I want to finish this mission as soon as possible." As Agent Mass finishes speaking he looks around the area tentatively, trying to see anything that is truly out of the norm.

2012-11-12, 11:08 PM
Your group does indeed then get moving. Oregon gives you the coordinates and bearing for Hawaii's beacon, then drives off into the sunset with a reminder to "Use the radios as little as possible. We still don't know what brought down Hawaii, and we don't know who is watching."
Jersey climbs into the driver's seat again, with California sitting silently in the passenger's seat, doing his level best to help navigate and watch for potential roadblocks as your team pulls out onto the mercifully intact highways.


California finds an atlas and road map in a compartment by his seat! Using these and the gear in your helmet, going in the right direction is a breeze, and your group makes good time.

Eventually, though, the obvious occurs. Your group had been walking for an awful long time, and the sun was setting when you left, and the solar power for the van, well, runs out.

MAP (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah4biNythUIidFcxSnhnTDB3UzBrblVkX1pTT1Vtc UE)

You don't think you see anything. Yet.
Without nightvision equipment or another light source, you can see about 15 feet clearly, thanks to your helmets. You can see 30 feet or so, but not very well at all.

2012-11-13, 09:08 AM
"Well, I guess we're hoofing it from here on." Alaska stated as the van rumbled to a stop. Pushing the door open, he exacts himself from the now non-motion inducing machine and scans what he can of the area in the dim light.

Eric Scott
2012-11-13, 09:21 AM
I would like to point out that Nevada is not in the Legend on the map... I would add it myself but, I am not able to...

Thank you.

I'm going to suggest we either all take corners of the van and have Jersey get on top... or we take shifts of keeping guard and sleeping... because, things that like to kill often come out at night... and I know we haven't seen any signs of life other than plants but, it's more likely than not that there are things out there that wouldn't hesitate to attack... Wild Cats and Dogs being the most likely, however, I'm not particularly familiar with the ecology of this planet... Nevada says before he moves to the right rear of the Van.

2012-11-13, 08:17 PM
"Uh, on second though, maybe we should stay with the van..." Alaska stated as his mind was filled with visions of sugarplums vicious creatures ripping them limb from armored limb.

2012-11-13, 10:11 PM
Agent Massachusetts cursed softly as he saw the van stopped moving. "We need to keep on moving now. The van may have stopped moving but we need to find Hawaii as soon as possible. If you guys want to stay here that is fine, but I will keep on going. I will use my compass to keep on heading straight, and tomorrow you guys can follow up behind me and pick me up." With that Mass jumped out of the van and readied his assault rifle. "Assuming that all of you stay here I will see you tomorrow morning."

Eric Scott
2012-11-13, 10:22 PM
In response to Massachusetts, I suppose we could come along and collect your corpse in the morning... if that, is what you want.

2012-11-13, 10:58 PM

Alaska- You see something small and brown moving out of the corner of your eye. As you turn to investigate, you see nothing but shrubs, rocks and darkness.

Map has been updated, as it will be every time I post during while a map is relevant.

2012-11-14, 04:03 AM
"Don't be a fool Mass, it doesn't suit you. If you're attacked, who's going to back you up?"

Jersey flicked the night vision on for her Sniper.

"It makes more sense to bunker down here for the night than trying to find our way in the dark. We can make up lost ground faster with the car anyway. Hawaii's managed without us long enough for us to fly to the planet, we can afford to wait one more night."

She climbed up so as to stand on top of their vehicle, casually scanning the surroundings through her sniper.

"You know what they say, "Work as a team or die alone"."

Spot check using the 5x scope, just scanning around the vehicle


Eric Scott
2012-11-14, 08:01 AM
Nevada decides to actually do some looking at the surroundings... hoping that he is wrong about there possibly being things out there...

Spot: [roll0]

Listen: [roll1]

2012-11-14, 11:39 AM
Your extreme vigilance pays off.

Jersey- as you gave into the distance, you notice several small brown creatures messing with a large piece of rubble. (intelligence check to know what they are) Before your very eyes, one of them seems to crawl into the rubble, and the rest run off, presumably to find another piece.

Nevada-You catch another glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye. You whirl around in time to see a rock inching toward your group, but it almost as soon as you turn.

California-You notice a stain on your seat, but you think you can get it out! cleaning check:

Map (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah4biNythUIidFcxSnhnTDB3UzBrblVkX1pTT1Vtc UE) updated!

2012-11-14, 12:05 PM
Massachusetts sighed slightly

"You make some valid points. I still feel uneasy about not continuing forward, but I will stay here with you for now."

2012-11-14, 12:48 PM
"That's probably for the best. I can't patch you up from 20 miles" Alaska said with a small laugh, shrugging off the movement he saw as a trick of his mind.

2012-11-14, 02:20 PM
Jersey focused in on one of the creatures, trying to get an idea of what it was.

"Worth remembering that the Counselor wanted to see how we function as a team, best not to let him down on our first field trip together."

Inside her helmet, she frowned a little.

"We've got some movement a little ways out, might just be some wildlife but I'd get your weapons ready, just in case."

Intelligence check to identify our mystery beasts - [roll0]

Eric Scott
2012-11-14, 02:22 PM
Addressing everyone there, Ok so, I'm going to ask you all a question because I don't know where you're all from but, rocks don't tend to move on there own where you're from, do they? Nevada says while keeping an eye on the rock that moved.

2012-11-14, 04:18 PM
Jersey- The creatures that you see look a lot like "wombats" that you saw at a zoo back home-but these seem tougher from living in the wild, and look meaner.

2012-11-15, 05:53 PM
Jersey focused in on one of the creatures, trying to get an idea of what it was.

"Worth remembering that the Counselor wanted to see how we function as a team, best not to let him down on our first field trip together."

Inside her helmet, she frowned a little.

"We've got some movement a little ways out, might just be some wildlife but I'd get your weapons ready, just in case."

Intelligence check to identify our mystery beasts - [roll0]

In response to Jersey's warning Alaska slowly his med kit and griped his weapon a bit tighter "Want me to investigate?" he replied over the radio.

2012-11-15, 06:55 PM
Jersey briefly considers Alaska's suggestion.

"Negative on that, let's just stay close and keep an eye on them."

Nevada's off-hand comment finally registered, "A moving rock? You sure you're not just imagining things?"

Eric Scott
2012-11-16, 08:41 AM
Well... now that you mention it... I very well could be imagining it... but, I'm fairly certain I saw it move... Nevada will continue to watch the rock he thought he saw move out of the corner of his eye.

2012-11-16, 11:24 AM
Arright, I need a reflex save from Agents Jersey and Nevada, and a spot check from everybody.

California-You finish getting the stain out! Your seat looks much better then it did before, but out of the corner of your eye, you notice that the old van has what looks like an old radio inside! Maybe you should fix that up, too.

Repair Check:

To your dismay, when you pull of the back cover, you pull a bit too hard, and scratch an important-looking chip.

2012-11-16, 12:45 PM
""Sorry for the silence gents, consumed in thought as it was. Now what seems to be the problem?""

He unholsters his M6D and scopes in on the area of their attention

"What the hell are those things?"

Eric Scott
2012-11-16, 01:53 PM
Reflex Save: [roll0]

Nevada looks away from the rock to see Califonia finally becoming aware of what's happening... No problem, the silence was nice... and I'm not sure what might be out there...

2012-11-16, 02:25 PM
Nevada- as you turn to talk to California, you fail to notice the rock you had been keeping an eye on fly at your head.
You take
damage! The rock, however, appears to have been hollow, as crouched where the rock was a second ago stands a ferocious wombat! The rock glanced off your armor.
Roll initiative! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Jmty_NiaXc)

2012-11-16, 06:28 PM
"Alright." Alaska says as he leans on the van. "So who wants to take first watc-Whoa!" his question quickly dropped as the rock is shattered on the back if Navada's head. quickly shifting into combat mode Alaska tightened his gun to his shoulder as he spun towards where the rock came flying out of the darkness. "Heads up Freelancers!"

Eric Scott
2012-11-16, 06:43 PM
Initiative: [roll0]

Well... that was unexpected...

2012-11-17, 01:58 AM
Initiative: [roll0]

"Son of a... Wombat its a bloody wombat. Man, that just doesn't sound right."

He swings around snapping his pistol out of the zoomed in mode, and adjusts himself to a more stable, two handed grip.

2012-11-17, 03:27 AM
May as well post initiative here for the wombat. If, by some random happenstance, more then one wombat were to engage your party simultaneously, they would move at the same time for simplicity's sake. Of course, anything that may or may not be another wombat still needs to finish its surprise round of
damage to Jersey, if she were to fail.

So, initiative.

2012-11-18, 05:56 PM
As soon as Jersey heard the rock break against Nevada's armour, her training took over and she ducked low. She span around, searching for a target to fire at.

"Call the target when you see it!"

Reflex Save - [roll0]
Initiative - [roll1]

2012-11-18, 07:37 PM
Jersey- The rock flies clear over your head, and you dodge it with astounding ease. Unfortunately, it shatters on the van next to you, and the dust cloud makes it impossible to see anything of interest, unless you have a hobby involving particle physics, in which case you are fascinated by the swirling bits of dirt, rock, and rust from the van.

Everybody Else- For some reason, rocks are flying at your teammates and there are wombats about. Do your whole "shooting" thing.

Initiative order:

Finally, MAP (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah4biNythUIidFcxSnhnTDB3UzBrblVkX1pTT1Vtc UE#gid=0)

2012-11-18, 08:11 PM
Gripping his gun tight against his chest Alaska ran around the van towards the nearest Wombat (R-13). Stopping at the last moment he raised his arms above his head trying to appear as big as he can and shouted at the creature "BAIGHEOGHAODG!"

2012-11-18, 08:26 PM
The wombat is unimpressed, and when you wave your arms around in one of the least threatening ways known to man, jumps and claws you! (The wombat gains an Attack of Opportunity because you used Intimidate in a threatened square!)

if crit, add [roll2]

The attack was aimed for your haphazardly waving arms, and couldn't land.

Eric Scott
2012-11-19, 08:34 AM
Nevada will take a 5 foot step back and loose a single shot from his Assault Rifle at the Wombat...

Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2012-11-19, 01:12 PM
Nevada's shot viciously cuts off some of the wombat's hair, giving it a neat trim but no actual damage.

2012-11-19, 01:52 PM
Noticing the enraged creature attempting to attack her, Jersey backed off a short distance and unloaded a Sniper round at short range.

Attack Roll - [roll0]
Damage Roll - [roll1]
Crit. Confirm (If appropriate) - [roll2]
Additional Crit. Damage (If appropriate) - [roll3]

2012-11-19, 03:20 PM
"Who thought wombats were so good at dogning bullets. I can see why the Councilor sent us."

California fires takes aim and quickly fires at the nearby wombat, hoping that Alaska is better at dodging ricochets then intimidating wombats.

damage [roll1]+[roll2]
extra 1d6 is from HE rounds the M6D uses.

2012-11-19, 04:45 PM
Jersey- Your round catches the wombat in the upper body and exits the other side. The wombat drops and gives up the ghost without any more fight.

California- Your round strikes true, lodging in the side of the wombat and exploding, killing it instantly.

Nevada and Massachusetts, you may make another spot check at this time, if you wish.

2012-11-19, 09:12 PM
Massachusetts shakes his head as he tries to wake up.

"Looks like it was a good call not to head out, and now we have to deal with massive wombats. Great."

Mass looks into the darkness, hoping to see if anything else is out there.

Eric Scott
2012-11-19, 09:55 PM
Spot: [roll0]

2012-11-19, 10:13 PM
Massachusetts- You see a disturbance in the ground next to you. (Square
Nevada- You don't.

The two dead wombats do nothing, but something looks...different about the place.

Freelancers, your turns again.

2012-11-19, 10:22 PM
Might as well do my initiative check now.


2012-11-19, 10:38 PM
I just put you at the end of the PC's. It is your turn to kill things! Or make peace. Peace is fun, too, right?

2012-11-20, 12:42 AM
"HAH! I knew I was right when I kept the old model..."

He scans around trying to gauge what changed.

Eric Scott
2012-11-20, 07:59 AM
Nevada will move 10ft and check to make sure there are no Wombats hiding behind them and if the rocks are about the size of one of the dead wombats, he will pick one up and (On the next turn) bring it back to behind the van... all the while, keeping his eyes open looking to see if any rocks nearby start moving...

2012-11-20, 03:50 PM
Nevada, Reflex check, please.

2012-11-20, 04:21 PM
Turning to Nevada, Alaska inquires to his health "You okay?"

Eric Scott
2012-11-20, 04:26 PM
I'm fine... it'd take more than a single rock to hurt me...

Reflex: [roll0]

2012-11-20, 04:46 PM
"Saying stuff like that is just asking for worse. At least in my experience. In all seriousness though: why did the councilor send us? this seems to be more inline with a mission for the Marines. I think they can deal with a few wombats"

2012-11-20, 05:42 PM
Nevada- You heave on the rock, and it offers no resistance, flying upward immediately. You jolt with surprise, and a wombat jumps out from where it was when you picked it up! attacks you in the OOC! Fortunately, it misses, but you think you see the rock next to you start moving...

2012-11-20, 05:52 PM
Jersey switches her Sniper with her Marksman Rifle in an effort to conserve the more expensive ammunition. Noticing the wombat attacking Nevada, she fired off a shot.

"My guess is they didn't know what took Hawaii and Oregon out, couldn't risk sending Marines."

DMR attack (Targets defense is at -2 for this attack) - [roll0]
Damage - [roll1]
Crit. Confirm (If appropriate) - [roll2]
Additional Crit. Damage (if appropriate) - [roll3]

Eric Scott
2012-11-20, 06:17 PM
Well... this is getting to be quite interesting... For one, I think we shouldn't trust any of these rocks... and second, I think I might have an idea... Nevada retrieves the cookie that he had stowed... waves it towards the wombat and then throws the cookie 20ft southwest of his position... (I'm not sure if you want a strength check or not... so, here have one anyways! [roll0])

2012-11-20, 07:25 PM
"We are talking about the UNSC here. They can always risk sending in the marines. For now though, perhaps we should retreat back into the van. Most likely, they cannot claw through metal and hell, they may even stop biting us if they can't see us."

Matching actions with words, California back-peddles against the van, keeping his gun shifting between nearby rocks.

2012-11-20, 07:49 PM
Jersey- Your shot rips through the wombat, dropping it.

Nevada- Your oatmeal cookie sails through the air in the same manner that one of the great Cruisers cuts through the reaches of space. All heads turn and watch as it floats forward majestically, crumbs breaking off of it like ocean spray from the top of a perfect wave. The cookie hits the ground and skips, shedding crumbling oats and raisin bits with an otherworldly grace. Immediately, most of the rocks in the area burst, revealing a small horde of wombats, and the ground behind you bursts as a particularly powerful specimen tears through the surface. All the wombats race to the noble baking masterpiece, and gather around it in what seems to be awe. The large one bows, then places something on the ground. Gathering the cookie, the wombats run into the night.

Everybody-300 XP

Eric Scott
2012-11-20, 09:06 PM
Excellent... they were just hungry... Nevada picks up the thing that was left by the wombat.

2012-11-20, 09:09 PM
Nevada: The thing is what looks like an outdated computer data drive. To the wombat, the important thing is probably that it was shiny.

Eric Scott
2012-11-20, 09:16 PM
Nevada will show the shiny to the others to see what they think of it... if none of them want to do anything with the shiny, Nevada will put it where the cookie was...

2012-11-20, 11:36 PM
"Hey, before you return that to the unspeakable depths, let me see if I can get anything out of it. Its kinda my thing."

California puts out his hand, gesturing towards the chip.

2012-11-21, 01:44 AM
Ignoring the fleeing wombats Agent Mass walks towards the strange disturbance he saw with his gun drawn in case something else was coming to attack the group.

In game terms Massachusetts investigates the square O15
Spot (just in case) [roll0]
Search [roll1]

2012-11-21, 07:30 AM
"Wow, I was not expecting that! Good Job Vegas-man!" Alaska said as he clapped Nevada on the back. Walking over to where the large wombat emerged Alaska scrutinized the hole with Mass.

Eric Scott
2012-11-21, 08:00 AM
Certainly... Nevada hands the chip to California. Well... that's why I'm known as Nevada... I don't hesitate to gamble...

2012-11-21, 09:26 AM
Jersey glanced around, making sure there weren't any other attackers around, before lowering her rifle.

"Don't let your guard down just yet, could be others around."

Noticing the glint off the chip in California's hands, she walked over.

"Any idea what it is?"

2012-11-21, 11:28 AM
"No idea. Once we have some time, I'll rummage through it, see what I can find"

California places the chip in one of his carry cases. "Perhaps we could find somewhere to avoid the wombat attacks for now."

2012-11-21, 12:33 PM
"Unless we want to abandon the jeep, I think we are stuck here. I think that whoever is good with computers should get in the jeep and try to investigate it whilst the rest of us stay out here."

2012-11-21, 12:38 PM
Both of your search checks reveal that the hole is simply a hole. It may have been connected to a tunnel or something, but you really can't tell much about it.
California- Your knowledge in computer stuff informs you that the "chip" is more along the lines of an external hard drive, kept clean of dirt and rust by the shiny-loving care of the wombats.

2012-11-21, 01:00 PM
"Lemme get right on this."

California climbs back into the van, and plugs the chip into his helmet, scan throough what portions of it he can immediatly access

Use Computer if needed [roll0]

2012-11-21, 01:42 PM
Jersey leans against the jeep, glancing around the area periodically to try and keep an eye out for any other hostiles.

2012-11-21, 02:25 PM
Jersey-The night is calm, and the sky is clear and full of stars, and the moon you can see is in the last stages of waning.

California- Your helmet pulls up an old "compatibility mode" after you mess with it some, and you are able to access some files. You find what appears to be reports from a mining company. The area was once a large supplier of slag and copper, useful for ship building, and had extensive underground mines. One of the reports is flagged and marked to be sent to another source, but it must be encrypted, as your helmet only displays "Fraq gb nepunrbybtvfgf-guvf pbhyq or ovt" before asking for a password.

2012-11-21, 03:11 PM
"It is a surprisingly nice night for such a devastated world."

2012-11-21, 03:53 PM
California shrugs to himself before yanking off his helmet and turning to his companions.

"Alright guys, so the drive just had some old reports on it. One file was flagged and locked though. I can try to hack it, but I have no guarantee's that if I fail the drive will survive. Any thoughts or suggestions>"

He looks around "And yeah. They do have nice nights here."

He puts his helmet back on and starts running standard decryption protocols on the file.

Use Computer: [roll0]

2012-11-21, 05:10 PM
California- The report starts coming back. It begins normally, reporting tunneling progress in N-35, then states that the dig team has run into an obstacle- what appears to be some sort of metallic plating. It continues, loading a picture of something, but the drive finally gives in to the years and freezes up, unresponsive to your commands. The image remains partially loaded, showing the very top of something round on a background of dark metal.

2012-11-21, 06:28 PM
"Okay, it looks like there was some sort of 'encounter' at a dig site. A mining team found some sort of buried metal object, and I assume that whatever caused this was inside. Or something. We should get in touch with command, send what I got of the report, then find Hawaii."

He unplugs the drive again and stows it in his carry case. "Perhaps we should work out a plan before we continue. After a report like that, I wouldn't rule out hostiles, and the fact that some wombats took us by surprise does not bode well for our success."

2012-11-21, 07:07 PM
"Okay, it looks like there was some sort of 'encounter' at a dig site. A mining team found some sort of buried metal object, and I assume that whatever caused this was inside. Or something. We should get in touch with command, send what I got of the report, then find Hawaii."

He unplugs the drive again and stows it in his carry case. "Perhaps we should work out a plan before we continue. After a report like that, I wouldn't rule out hostiles, and the fact that some wombats took us by surprise does not bode well for our success."

"I Agree." Alaska states as he swings his gun to his back since they seemed to be out of immediate danger. "Maybe what ever they were digging up has something to do with our and Oregon's crashes. It seems to be the first thing that is even remotely able to do something like that on this Glassed world. Anyway, I don't see much we can do tonight beside posting a guard rotation. We can figure out a plan during the drive after sun-up."

Eric Scott
2012-11-21, 07:29 PM
Sure its not great that we were surprised by some wombats... but, we did successfully deal with them using minimal ammunition and without wasting time... besides, it might take a little bit for us to get used to each others strengths and weaknesses... but, I'm fairly confident this mission will be relatively easy from this point on... As Nevada says this, he will begin looking for and collecting small rocks, no bigger than the size of a fist...

2012-11-21, 11:24 PM
You successfully guard the van. Some time later, the second moon pokes above the horizon and begins casting rays of reflected light on the ground. A short time later, the sun also rises, and the van gains enough charge to drive.

Nevada-You gather a nice collection of rocks.
One of them seems different somehow, and when you brush it off, you reveal a cut gem!

2012-11-22, 03:44 AM
Seeing the sun finally rise, Jersey climbs into the drivers seat again. "Break time's over, let's get a move on."

2012-11-22, 06:58 AM
"I call~Yghaaa~ shotgun." Alaska says with a yawn, stretching out the stiffness caused be sleeping in his armor.

Eric Scott
2012-11-22, 08:47 AM
Nevada will put the cut gem in the hard case that the cookie was in... and will put the the rest of the rocks in various other pockets...

And will get in the van...

2012-11-22, 10:32 AM
Massachusetts eagerly jumps into the van.

2012-11-22, 10:39 AM
The van begins rolling at Jersey's direction, and you get underway.
Jersey, I need a vehicle/piloting/whatever check to determine the level of success you have, and Alaska, you can roll to aid her, as the co-pilot/Guy in the Holy Seat of Shotgun.

2012-11-22, 12:12 PM
"Hey. I have the maps. And the ability to use them. I get shotgun."

2012-11-22, 01:09 PM
Jersey engages the engine and starts driving, continuing on to Hawaii's last known location.

"Don't suppose you managed to work out where that dig site was, Cal?"

Drive Check - [roll0]

2012-11-22, 01:17 PM
"I could go through the logs again, but as far as I recall, there was no mention of a location. I could check the maps though."

Navigate: [roll0]

Blacknik, was there a location?

2012-11-22, 09:43 PM
"I think we should go...That way!" Alaska shouts as he points randomly towards the north.

(apperently direction is not one of Alaska's strong points :smalltongue: )

2012-11-23, 05:13 PM
California- You have maps detailing the area around the dig site, but no clue as to the actual location of said mines. Also, sorry, but according to the rules (http://www.bored.com/shotgunguide/index.htm), Alaska has shotgun.

Alaska-You are of no help navigating, but you have a nice amount of leg room, and, to your surprise, the seat is significantly cleaner then the rest of the van.

Jersey- You continue on the road, which is relatively clear of obstacles. You recall successfully (DC 18, nice work) that, although Hawaii's coordinates are due north, you can stay on paved roads longer if you go north-east, then cut west after some time. Also, you get non-redeemable oatmeal cookie points IC for driving the entire day. These points come in the form of a -1 morale "bonus" to all your rolls until you sleep.

Everybody-If there is anything you want to do during the drive, please post now. You are nearing the location of Hawaii's beacon.

Eric Scott
2012-11-23, 06:20 PM
Nevada will attempt to sleep during the drive... however, if that is impossible, Nevada will stare off into the distance, thinking about something nondescript.

2012-11-23, 07:28 PM
Alaska will check, stock, recheck, and restock his med kit. After accomplishing that he will try to involve the others in road games such as i spy, 20 questions, and 50 ways to dismember your enemies. :smallamused:

2012-11-23, 09:58 PM
California spends most of his time cleaning his weapons, and poring over his maps, however, he occasionally joins in with Alaska's road games, before asking...

"So guys, in general, what did you do to end up in the Project?"

2012-11-24, 04:57 AM
"I was headhunted while in a sports competition, sounded like an interesting organisation so I joined up."

She checked their co-ordinates against that of Hawaii's last known location.

"We're getting close now, hope you're all ready."

2012-11-25, 10:26 PM
"I spy something...Oh me? Well I graduated from Med school a few years ago, but no one told me that there's no jobs for someone with a degree in Bio-mechanical armor application and repair." Alaska said with a shrug. "So when I got a letter for a job I jumped on it. I only later found out it was a military field position."

Eric Scott
2012-11-26, 09:23 AM
"I was a gambler... I had no real purpose to my life... I would get money and just throw it away... lived on the streets for a bit, rough life, I survived through abstract thinking..."

"I guess they must of heard about me somehow, cause one day I got pulled into a van and was told I was joining the fight for freedom... I like freedom and they didn't look like they would accept no for an answer... training was tough but, I made it... then I was told I wasn't needed yet... then, not to long ago, the call came in that they needed me..." Nevada stops staring off into the distance... "Although, that's a bit more than you asked now, isn't it?"

2012-11-26, 10:17 AM
Everybody-At last, you get to a place where the roads will no longer take you closer to Hawaii. You leave the van (unless you want to try offroading? :smallbiggrin:) and head west toward the beacon, which should be about five miles away. You are now far away from the glassed area, and it shows. There stand once majestic tropical trees, killed not by blasts or burns, but by the contamination of atmosphere. They stand brown and dead, stretching above your heads until they break off into jagged points above you, their pieces lying in natural mulch beneath your feet. Life springs here, too, with some small trees and saplings sprouting with regularity from the re-established undergrowth. One might call the area lightly forested, if it weren't for the massive dead testaments to the previous glory of the woods.
Spot Checks, please.

Eric Scott
2012-11-26, 10:54 AM
Spot: [roll0]

2012-11-26, 11:44 AM
Spot: [roll0]

Welp, you saw it.

Nevada-Although you are still several hundred feet away from Hawaii's beacon, you notice a hatch in the ground, covering what looks like the entrance to something underground.

Eric Scott
2012-11-26, 12:51 PM
Hey, look a hatch... Nevada points out the hatch...

2012-11-26, 01:03 PM
Jersey looks at the hatch.

"Think that's the same hatch, Cal?"

2012-11-26, 01:16 PM
"It seems unlikely Hoboken. The picture hadn't quite rendered, but this still looks, how should I put it? Not underground. Yeah that one." California checks the ammo on his Assault Rifle and starts walking towards the hole. "Tell yah what. I'll take a look with Nevada if he wants to come along. You guys go and check the beacon, alright?"

California approaches the hatch and examines it closely, attempting to open it, and if this fails unlocking any impediments.

Disable Device: [roll0]

Taking ten :17

Taking 20: 27

Eric Scott
2012-11-26, 01:56 PM
Of course, let me just take a look around up here and I'll be right there.

Nevada looks around the area around the hatch to make sure there are no unexpected guests...

I'm not sure what you would want so...

Spot: [roll0]

Search: [roll1]

Edit:... Well, those rolls are better than I was expecting...

2012-11-26, 03:54 PM
"Well I'm glad we're out of glassland at least" Alaska said as he looked around "Maybe one of us should climb one of these trees to get a better look at the surroundings, maybe we can spot Hawaii. By the way, anyone else find it odd that we have not seen or heard from Oregon since she left? You would think see would at least ask for a progress report."

2012-11-26, 04:11 PM
California- You find that the hatch was once bolted down to a biometric lock, but the bolt is long gone, probably rusted away. With the help of the nearest Freelancer, you are able to pry open and lift the hatch, revealing a dark hole with a ladder sinking into the darkness. The hatch, you note, is marked "Emergency Exit" on the underside, and has a simple lever to be opened from the inside.
Everybody Else- You think you see a bunny in the distance. Or a bear. You aren't quite sure, but it doesn't seem interested in you, whatever it is.

Eric Scott
2012-11-26, 06:09 PM
Do you want to be point? Or shall I? Nevada says directed towards California.

As for the rest of you, beware the rabbit, for they have sharp teeth... Nevada says as he moves to be beside the hole.

2012-11-26, 06:54 PM
"You take point. I'll try not to shoot you to much."

Eric Scott
2012-11-26, 09:59 PM
... Fair enough... I think... says Nevada. Nevada then begins climbing down...

And because I feel like I'll be asked for it...
Climb: [roll0]

2012-11-26, 11:18 PM
Nevada- You easily pass the DC 0 Check for climbing a ladder. (Not even kidding, I checked online when I saw your post. Thanks, though! It's the little things that make me a happy GM :smalltongue:) When you reach the floor of the tunnel, you find it to be a not entirely unpleasant affair. It is dusty and dirty, but notably free of corpses. Except maybe one or two. You (presumably) flick on your helmet light, and can make out something brown, furry, and dead at your feet, and the familiar shape of a Freelancer helmet on the ground next to a similarly familiar shape of Freelancer armor. Your helmet, incidentally, is now reporting that it has found the beacon of Agent Hawaii.
Quest reward! 500 exp for all, for completing a primary mission objective.
The tunnel is dark, but reflects the light from your helmet well, so it is only a -1 to spot checks sort of dark, instead of a limiting your range of vision sort of dark. Several smaller tunnels branch off of the main one at various points, structured with rails for ease of transportation.

MAP (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah4biNythUIidFcxSnhnTDB3UzBrblVkX1pTT1Vtc UE)

2012-11-27, 12:28 AM
California climbs down after Nevada, activating his helmet lights as he does. Once he notes the armor, he approaches carefully, and examines it for signs of struggle or violence.

After walking a few paces... "Comms check.", This directed at the freelancers still on the surface, checking for connectivity.

I am assuming the armor comes with built in comm units, if it doesn't disregard that last bit.

2012-11-27, 12:46 AM
California- Hawaii's armor is empty and gathering dust, but scored with burns and dents, most notably a large bullet hole in the back of the helmet. This last one, you notice as you deactivate the beacon and strip the armor of it's more confidential components, is what appears to have set off the beacon.

Search check, please.

As far as your radios go,

Everybody Else- Your radios play California's voice, punctuated by some mild static interference. "..Comms check."

2012-11-27, 01:45 AM
California carefully examines around the armor checking for anything else, and then looks closely over the area around him, making sure to take his time and miss not details.

Over his comm "Okay, Nevada found Hawaii's armor, we have signs of violence, multiple burns, and some bullet holes, including to the head. We should probably assume dead or critically wounded, but this could be to throw off pursuers. Does anybody know what his specialty was?"

Taking 20 on search: 22

2012-11-27, 04:00 AM
Jersey put a hand up to her helmet as she received California's comm's. "Understood California, I do not know what Hawaii's specialty was. Do you want back up and is there any sign of Agent Oregon?"

Eric Scott
2012-11-27, 08:03 AM
Nevada looks at the burns and tries to ascertain if they are similar to those that were on the van. If yes, Nevada will point out the similarity. If not, Nevada will ponder what could have caused the burns.

2012-11-27, 02:31 PM
"Not that I can see Jersey, but this seems really suspicious. For now, no need for back up, but I would be ready for trouble yourselves. Radioing HQ with an update may be a good idea. See if they know anything they are willing to tell."

2012-11-27, 03:07 PM
Nevada- The burns are of the same sort, you think.
California-Your careful search reveals that, although the armor is stained and dirty with use, there is no gore or bloodstains inside the helmet. Also, the armor is missing weapons and supplies.

Everybody Else- The wind outside is picking up, and clouds are moving in.

Eric Scott
2012-11-27, 03:23 PM
Nevada somewhat whispers over the comms, Similar Burns as were on the van... then in a normal tone, Actually, considering we have found Hawaii's armor... I see no reason for us to split up just yet... besides, there are two tunnels that branch off of here, and it would be better to have all of us down here and to look around in the tunnels then to spread ourselves too thinnly... Not that I can't handle anything that might be down here by myself but, if the wombats were anything to go off of, I don't think any of the life on this planet is 'Friendly'... There is an evident amount of stress on that last word...

2012-11-27, 06:02 PM
"Agreed Nevada, we're coming down as soon as command have been notified that Hawaii's armour has been found."

Jersey looked at the two who were still at the surface with her, "I assume you were listening to that, we're going down to join Nevada and California. You two head down first, I'll radio command while you do."

She turned away from the hatch and adjusted her radio frequency, "Command, come in command. This is Agent New Jersey, we have located Agent Hawaii's armour and distress beacon."

2012-11-27, 08:31 PM
"Roger." Alaska responds as he steps over to the hatch and begins to head down. Once at the bottom he switches on his head light and looks around.
climb, take 20 -6 = 14

2012-11-27, 11:14 PM
Jersey- 80's lounge music comes on over the radio after several seconds, then a high pitched and rather civilian-sounding voice comes in. "Hey hey hey dude, this is Vic. V-i-c, spelled without a "K". What's going on, dude? Sorry, I didn't hear what you said the first time, dude, I was busy checking on my new PocetFarm eggs."

Alaska- You don't see much, though you see/know everything that the other people saw up to this point.

2012-11-28, 03:30 AM
Jersey sighed, "Command, this is Agent New Jersey. We have located the armour of Agent Hawaii and we are investigating whether there is a body to be found or not. We met up with Agent Oregon yesterday with the intent of meeting at Hawaii's beacon today, so far as we can tell Oregon is not here."

2012-11-28, 10:49 AM
Jersey- "Roger that, dude. Hawaii is running around naked. Whoa. And that other girl dude is nowhere to be seen. I'd keep an eye out for her armor, too, dude, if you catch my drift."

2012-11-29, 03:28 PM
Walking over to the furry body/thing Alaska pokes it with his rifle and then make a more in-depth search if there is no reaction.


2012-11-29, 04:56 PM
Alaska- the corpse it a dead quadruped with an elongated skull and particularly teeth. In life, you estimate it weighed 20 kg. It's death appears to have been caused by combat- it has multiple fractures on its legs and several deep cuts, including a fatal cut across a large artery where the leg attaches to the main body. You find what appears to be an impression of a bootmark on the chest area of the creature.

2012-11-30, 07:09 PM
"Well, I think I found what might have caused some of the damage to Hawaii's armor. Although by the boot print on this thing I would say he paid it back ten fold." Alaska stated to the others as he took a closer look at the creatures teeth

2012-12-01, 03:17 AM
Jersey closes the comm link to command, uncertain if her report would reach the people it would need to. Shaking her head, she follows Alaska down the hatch to join the rest of the team below ground.

Do you need a climb check? It's a ladder so I assume I can take 10 if needs be.

2012-12-01, 12:53 PM
Alaska- You see this. (http://s1275.beta.photobucket.com/user/Blaknic/media/canine-teeth.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0)

Jersey -It's a ladder. You'll be fine. The DC to climb ladders is either 5 or 0, and I won't require a roll for it.

2012-12-01, 03:03 PM
"So Jersey, how was command? More immediately, this looks really suspicious. I am tempted to just call for dust off now, but if Hawaii is dead or AWOL, we need to find out why."

California looks around, AR raised, covering the tunnels beyond Hawaii's armor.

2012-12-01, 08:20 PM
"Whoa! Would you look at that. I've seen a lot of things but a dead body with it's own oral cavity chart is not one of them!"

2012-12-02, 05:48 AM
"Command know we've found Hawaii's armour. I say we find out what happened to Hawaii, meet up with Oregon again then get back to the ship. With a bit of luck, one or both of them will have some technical know-how and can get the engines working again."

2012-12-03, 01:36 PM
So, I've got good news and bad news....

Good news: The people above ground still have time to run.

Bad news: I need a listen check from everyone below ground.

Eric Scott
2012-12-03, 06:49 PM
Listen: [roll0]

2012-12-03, 07:29 PM
Listen: [roll0]

2012-12-03, 07:34 PM

(I hear ALL! MHA HA HA!)

2012-12-04, 07:06 AM
Listen check - [roll0]

2012-12-04, 02:52 PM
For those of you that beat DC15 below ground and DC 20 above ground:
You hear a pattering of feet from one of the tunnels. echoing in the distance and slowly building. The slaps of flesh on the floor are soft, but numerous.

Map (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah4biNythUIidFcxSnhnTDB3UzBrblVkX1pTT1Vtc UE) updated!

2012-12-05, 07:27 AM
"Uh oh. That doesn't sound good." Alaska said as he raised his rifle towards the sounds "Look alive comrades, I think we have company!"

Eric Scott
2012-12-05, 10:02 AM
Nevada raises his rifle pointing it in no particular direction... What do you hear?

2012-12-05, 03:46 PM
"I'm not sure." Alaska replied "But what ever it is, it sounds small or at least light, and there is a lot of different footsteps coming towards us."

2012-12-05, 04:56 PM
"I don't hear anything, but we should get out of these tunnels regardless. Who's first?" California keeps his rifle raised and scans nearby passageways with his light, trying to spot whatever his teammates heard.

2012-12-05, 05:40 PM
Jersey notes the direction Alaska is aiming and raises her own rifle in the same direction, finger on the trigger.

Readying an action to shoot the first thing that rounds the corner with the DMR

Eric Scott
2012-12-05, 09:14 PM
Nevada hangs his head in disappointment... It's probably just some more of those fuzz balls... and I don't have any more cookies... Nevada then perks up a bit... and, if you could see through his mask you would be slightly disturbed by his smile... I do, however, have some tasty grenades that I could share with them... Nevada then begins aiming towards the tunnel that Alaska is aimed toward... I would not be opposed to you all moving closer to the ladder and preparing for a hasty exit if need be...

2012-12-06, 04:16 PM
"Agreed, best if we are all together, whether that be above or below. I'll go last if we go up, otherwise I suggest those still up there get you armored butts down here!" Alaska said, the last part being said with a bit of tenseness as the steps started to get louder.

2012-12-07, 02:02 PM
I don't think there is much to accomplish down here for now. Lets head back to the surface. Nevada? Perhaps you should go first.

California continues to scan the passageways with his rifle and flashlight.

2012-12-07, 03:58 PM
"Take Hawaii's armour up with you, we'll keep you covered while you do it."

Eric Scott
2012-12-07, 04:46 PM
Certainly... Nevada quickly grabs up the armor and begins the ascent...

2012-12-08, 01:52 PM
Your group climbs the ladder with all reasonable haste, but the person who climbs last gets to see a swarm of large (1 m) rats barrel past them on the ground, knocking Hawaii's armor over and scattering the pieces. The rats pass somewhat quickly; you can see the end of their mob by the time the roof blocks your sight. Also, you get another listen check, last person on the ladder.

Everybody else: The wind is picking up, and some of the trees start creaking from the strain of the incoming storm.

2012-12-08, 08:57 PM
As the rats came padding into view Alaska, being the last to start up the ladder, groans as he starts adding as much upward mobility as possible. "Rats! Why did it have to be rats! I HATE RATS!" he yelled as he scrambled as far away from the rodents as he could.

2012-12-12, 01:10 PM
Alaska- You think you hear-very faintly-laughing.

2012-12-12, 02:03 PM
"So anyone else think this is getting really suspicious? And giant rats, really? What the hell is going on here." California glances around nervously "And where the hell is Oregon?"

Eric Scott
2012-12-12, 02:08 PM
Nevada says with the utmost calmness, I don't know... but, it certainly is interesting...

2012-12-13, 03:29 PM
Pulling himself out of the hole Alaska dusted himself off. "Well, now what? Anyone try to contact Oregon on the radio yet?"

2012-12-13, 09:35 PM
"Oregon? Agent Oregon, come in, we have found Hawaii's armor, any update from you?" California continues scanning around him, checking for any sign of movement.

2012-12-14, 09:59 AM
Jersey checks Hawaii's armour over for any clues they may have missed in the dim tunnels while California was on the radio. She wasn't particularly hopeful, but it was possible there would be some sign to say what had happened to the missing agent.

Jersey will take 10 to search Hawaii's armour, gives a score of 11

2012-12-19, 12:37 AM
Jersey- Your quick search turns up an auspicious clue- on the back of the armor, near the shoulders, there is no dirt. It looks like it has been rubbed off. You see a similar patch around the waist that looks about the size of Nevada's now slightly dirty arms.

Everybody- Your radio turns on, and-"..regr....noaks...hel...sent..."-Static bursts out, intermixed with a familiar voice.

2012-12-19, 11:36 AM
"Well...that was odd. Anyone able to understand that?" Alaska said after his ears stopped ringing from the static.

2012-12-19, 12:56 PM
"I got nothing, although I suspect there was a 'regret' in there. So, we have the armor, why not head to the ship an finish that part of the job as well?"

2013-01-04, 12:58 PM
As per California's suggestion, the group returns to the van and drives back to the ship.
Two days pass and your group encounters a collection of unusually discontent wallabies, using two rounds worth of ammunition each and earning 200 experience points.
When you arrive at the ship, you find a notably familiar wreck of your ship and a more notably familiar wreck of a dirtbike.

Spot/Search/Whatever checks you want to make.

2013-01-05, 12:43 PM
"Well, that was exciting and all, but what now? We have the important bits of the armor, but we seem to have lost Hawaii and Oregon. Somehow, I doubt command will be happy."

Eric Scott
2013-01-05, 03:22 PM
True, Command will not be happy... however, it is not our fault Oregon decided to run off and possibly get killed before we were lead to where Hawaii was assumed to be... says Nevada with a shrug of his shoulders.

2013-01-06, 06:35 AM
Jersey gives the other two a long look before pointing at the dirtbike, "That's Oregon's bike right there, she's probably around."

She hefts her rifle, keeping her sniper shouldered for now, and starts to walk around the ship.

"It wasn't damaged like that last time though, Mass? With me, you three go round the other side. We don't want to get caught off guard."

Without waiting for the others to reply, she starts to circle left around their crashed ship. As she walked she turned her radio on, "Oregon, if you're there and hiding report in."

2013-01-06, 10:34 AM
Jersey- As you walk around the ship, you see that the armor plating is peppered with some light weapons fire, and that there is a new piece of rubbish lying on the ground next to it. Continuing your walk, you see the engine compartment open-it looks like somebody was making repairs- and you see, on the far side of the ship, a hole blasted through the glass.

Everybody- Your radios return static, but you Make a listen check to see what else you hear!

Eric Scott
2013-01-06, 12:08 PM
Of course... Nevada pulls out a Grenade and circles around the other side, keeping his eyes and ears open...

Listen: [roll0]
Spot: [roll1]

2013-01-06, 04:18 PM
California hurry's over to the ship and examines the blast whole in the cockpit glass, as well as checking for any tampering with the ship as whole.

2013-01-07, 08:42 AM
California- There is no hole in the cockpit-the broken glass is from the ground. Regardless, you find that some repair work has evidently been done on the engines, and the ship looks okay from the outside. Well, not any worse, anyway.

Nevada-Your head is filled with the static from the radio, but you hear nothing interesting whatsoever.
You see what New Jersey saw on her way around, but you note that the hole in the glass in front of you appears to have been blasted from underground, not by any detonation on top of it.

2013-01-07, 03:38 PM
Jersey completes her walk around her side of the ship and casts around, trying to notice anything out of the ordinary.

Spot - [roll0]
Listen - [Roll]1D20+1[/Roll

2013-01-07, 03:40 PM
Listen Again - [roll0]

2013-01-07, 05:36 PM
Jersey- You see a large, roughly circular hole in the ground, about two meters diameter, on the side of the ship opposite of your approach. Shattered glass lies around the hole, but more is on the side closest to the ship. You note what look like skid marks near the hole, leading toward the wrecked bike.
You hear nothing of interest.