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2012-10-23, 12:28 PM
Velusia is a small planet almost entirely covered with salty oceans. The only landmasses are chains of volcanic islands congregated in the equatorial regions. Several volcanoes are still active. The rocky cliffs support hardly lichens and small bush like shrubs, but they lack large trees while farther inland thick jungles coat the landscape. The oceans team with plankton, algae, and schooling fish and immense aquatic predators complete the food chain. The shallow oceans (near the volcanic islands) contain numerous coral atolls inhabited by a dizzying array of invertebrates and fish. The north and south poles are ice covered oceans.

Mount hollow, Velusia’s largest city, and only starport is situated in the shaft of an extinct volcano. Established as a base of operations for Nexcore Mining Corporation, the city is dirty and run down. The city occupied the interior of the shaft at first and then expanded into the mountain side for increased space (more living quarters, storage, and so on). Catwalks and platforms are everywhere. A main batter of six turbolifts provides access to different levels, although ladders and ropes suffice for minor trips.

Mount hollow is divided into four strata. The topmost levels compromise a starport, complete with four durasteel landing pads at the rim of the volcano. A fully shafted service area is presented for refueling and repairs. Nearby storage facilities and heavy equipment cargo transfers are provided for merchants.

The first few levels beneath the starport contain hotels, cantinas, gambling halls, holovid theaters and other amenities for travelers. A shopping promenade overlooking the shaft is a popular stop for visitors.

The mid levels contain living quarters and offices for NMC employees. These areas are mostly carved into the volcano walls and are inhabited by humans and Aquar.

The Lower levels were originally designed to house thousands of Aquar manual laborers and miners. However, NMC’s financial woes have caused this area to become a seedy location used by unemployed Aquar, petty crime lords, thugs, and other scoundrels. This area is dirty, dimly lit, and wrought with crime and gang wars. The bottom of the shaft is a polluted pool of water that collects during rainfall. A massive filtration and purification refinery processes and pumps clean water to the upper levels for use.

Senator Vilhona, a local Aquar, requested a military presence after he received troubling news of reported sightings of separatist droids. No substantial evidence existed, but the news was troubling enough for the republic to grant his request and send reinforcements. That was roughly a week ago; thanks to the squads close proximity to the planet when the request was approved squad 104 has been assigned to the task. Your investigation so far has lead to no new leads, and the original witnesses are less than useful.

With the grateful senators help you were able to acquire a temporary training area. Located on the side of Mount Hollow and before your squad lays a cluster of three ruined buildings. All the buildings are one story tall, the two adjacent smaller square shaped ones take up about a quarter of the total size while the longer rectangular one takes up the other half. The jungle has reclaimed a portion of them; thick colorful trees pierce and crack their shells for all to see. Fixxer has set up a couple training droids to defend the area from your assault.

Crude Map (http://imageshack.us/a/img404/2472/crudeimage.png)

Here we go first game *breaths heavy*