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2012-10-23, 04:50 PM

Junon - Once a small fishing village, now a naval city reminiscent of Midgar. The citizens are in preparation of the welcoming Ceremony of new president, Rufus Shinra; the smell of the sea drifting in the air.

As the streets filled up with the citizens waiting for the parade to begin, a sort of discomfort and negative tension can be felt in the atmosphere. No one wanted to show the new president up, nor did they want to be arrested for ruining his day.

Let's have our heroes introduce themselves.

2012-10-26, 01:54 PM
Gabriel had finally found this SOLDIER 3rd Class, which Shinra had assigned him with, though he hadn't really been talking that much with the guy. Gabriel had only intoduced himself and not much else.

2012-10-26, 07:07 PM
Hime staggers through the streets, smelling faintly of fish and brine, wanting for nothing more than a proper, hot shower. And maybe some cocoa. And some new headphones - a stray bullet broke her old pair as she made her daring escape, leaving her to spend her time as a stoaway listening to nothing but the voices. Something seemed a little different about them for some reason. Like they were accepting. But she didn't want to trust them, no. It was bets if she never mentioned them to anyone again. She'd had a week of sailing to figure out what she'd do when she reached Junon, but nothing like what she had hoped for - or that had been hoped for her - seemed attainable anymore. The key to using an assumed name was to not get involved in too much business; she certainly wouldn't be able to continue her doctor training. Perhaps she could at least find some understanding man and be a housewife that only ever talks to about 3 people for the rest of their life. It would make hiding possible at least - and she could only run for so long. Especially in these heels because DAMN, if she knew she'd be on teh run that day, she'd have at least worn trainers.

Hime checks in with a local inn. Thinking of how best to throw people off her track, she rents the room for a week, but decides she'll leave by this time tomorrow. All under a fake ID of course. An odl boyfriend hooked her up once for attending parties - she wouldn't be fooling any Shinra Turks with it, but it was good enough to get a room. She can't exactly sleep that night, lying awake all throughout even if uninterrupted