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The UN

Pu1: (7) LA10, diplomacy 3, Govern 3, Propaganda 3, Marksmanship 1
Pu2: (1) Acting 3
Pu3: Consumer Goods 1/2, Farming 1/2
PU4: (1) Economics 1
PU5: (2) Marksmanship 4 4/6

Needs a year
5 food
11 CG

CG 7
2 Advanced Hydrogen Fuel Cell's

The ship
Planetary Lander upgrade to colony ship lv15
Ramjet addition lv11
Suspended animation equipment lv5
Ship protective armor lv13
Sensors lv13
Ship Counter Espionage facility lv15
Nanete self defense system-weapon disable lv15

Automated buildings
Automated Advanced Hydrogen Fuel Cell factory lv7 (same as fuel cell except holds 4 energy)
Automated Advanced Hydrogen Fuel Cell power plant lv7 (for a total of 6 energy each consumed)
Automated Chemical Plant lv7

Usable Buildings
Housing lv5
School lv9
Farm lv11
Consumer Goods Factory lv11

Automated Space Mining Nanites lv5
Construction tools lv9
Construction Nanites lv9
laser rifles lv13

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The Cybernetics Core

PU's (start gaining points at turn 16)
1 - cybernetics 6, diplomacy 1 (29 xp)
2 - Robots 6 (27 xp)
3 - commando 4 (14 xp)
4 - physics 4, fringe 1 (16 xp)
5 - economics 4 (14 xp)

Suspended animation equipment (Level 5)
Mineral Scanner (Level 5)
Ship Landing Gears (Level 5) (provides ship a bonus to armor, and help buildings inside resist natural disasters= level and allow everything to get down in one shot, pu's are only limited by how many Suspended animation pods there are)

Mining Tools (Level 7)
Mining nanites (Level 7)
Ramjet (Level 7)

Construction Tools (Level 9)
Construction nanites (Level 9)
Human/Machine Grafting Lab (Level 9)

Automated Farm (Level 11)
Consumer Goods Factory (Level 11)
Shipboard Recycling Unit (Level 11)

school (Level 13)
General purpose Factory Solar Cells (Level 13) (this may need more clarification, is it a solar cell factory or a general purpose factory. It can only be one, though the general purpose factory can make solar cells at 25% level)
Laser Rifle cybernetic implant pu 3 (Level 13)

Solar Cells (Level 15)
Solar Cells (Level 15)
Biometric Scanner (Level 15)

Nu’ro Corp.
(start gaining points at turn 6)

PU1 Overlords (20 xp)
Economics Lv5 (Economics 20 xp)

PU2 RND (26 xp)
Robotics Lv5 (Economics 20 xp)
Farming Lv2 (Economics 6 xp)

PU3 Crafter’s Union (36 xp)
Construction Lv3 (Economics 9 xp)
Factory Construction Lv3 (Economics 9 xp)
Renewable Resource Power Facilities Construction Lv3 (Economics 9 xp)
Tool Construction Lv3 (Economics 9 xp)

PU4 Harvesters (18 xp)
Mining Lv3 (Economics 9 xp)
Prospecting Lv3 (Economics 9 xp)

PU5 Security Force (0 xp)

3 level 5 non-military tools
Housing lv5
Suspended Animation Lv5
Ramjet lv5

3 level 7 non-military tools
Automated Farm lv7
Solar Panel Array lv7
Laser Rifles lv7

3 level 9 non-military tools
Automated Consumer Goods Factory lv9
Construction Nanites lv9
Factory lv9

3 level 11 non-military tools
Planetary Lander lv11
School of Teaching lv11
Mining Tools lv11

3 level 13 non-military tools
School lv13
School of Economics lv13
Combat School lv13

The Geneshifters
(start gaining points at turn 11)

3 tools of 5th-level
Laser pistols
Hospital bays
Powered pickaxes

3 tools of 7th-level
Gene-mod bays
Advanced Construction tools (versatile)

1 military tool of 5th-level
Trevors (Near-unkillable modified chimps with enhanced strength, speed and senses as well as tentacles coming from their body)If its because they regenerate themselves almost like a worm does then that would be ok (with there head being the part that allows it to do that, no cutting them in half for double the amount. And it would take time to regenerate.)

Flying Cars level 9= Move: Allows a PU to move 9 hexes for the cost of one energy, or up to 18 hexes if there is a place to charge at the destination. This movement does not require an action

Mind-meld helmets level 9. (Method of controlling ship), let you shorten the "reaction time" if an engine takes damage, the mind-melded guy gets the information near instantaneously, and mind-melds can be transferred from machine to machine. Comes with anti aggression AI.

Food-Recycler level 9(recycles fluids and organic matter into food, does not brake)

PU1 workers
construction level 3 1/5 (economics 10xp), Astronauting level 3 1/5 (physics 10xp)

PU2 volunteers
Doctoring level 2 (Life science 5xp), maintenance level 2 (Economics 5xp), politics level 2 (liberal arts 5xp)

PU3 scientists
xenobiology level 2 (Fringe 5xp), Gene-Shifting level 3 1/5 (fringe? or Life science? 10xp), Science-Toolmaking level 2 (physics? 5xp), Cloning level 2 (fringe 5xp)

PU4 clones
farming level 1 2/3 (Economics 4xp), engineering level 1 1/3 (Economics 3xp), combat level 1 1/3 (Libral Arts 3xp)

PU5 Admins
Administrating level 2(Liberal Arts 5xp), engineering level 2 (economics 5xp), computing level 2 (economics 5xp), Diplomacy level 2 (liberal Arts 5xp), Tactics level 2 (Liberal Arts 5xp)

PU6 Astro-ers
piloting 2 (physics, 5 xp), general maintenance 3 1/5 (Economics, 10 xp), exploration 2 (liberal Arts, 5 xp)