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Grim ranger
2012-10-26, 07:11 AM
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Round 1 begins!

Snowember the 1st, Valley of Shadow

"The Overlord has fallen!"

This is the piece of news that quickly spreads through the goblin tribes conscripted from all corners of the now-former master's empire, now fighting for their lives in Valley of Shadow, at the methaphorical doorstep of the Overlord's fortress. A vast citadel of black, volcanic rock, the fortress of the now former Overlord is clearly taking brunt of the assault of combined human forces, the more loyal and deadly followers of the Dark Lord attempting to win the battle that has already been lost in the minds of many. The humans press ever onward, and there is little doulbt that the day has been lost, the last lingering magical power of the Overlord dying out in great flash in middle of the battlefield.

For the goblins, this event represents quite an opportunity. Ever since the drafting of the tribes to this now lost war effort, all of the tribes have sustained significant losses in life and wealth alike, and not only from the hands of humans: The Overlord was never very kind master, expecially not to those he considered beneath his personal attention. Now, their old master is dead and the human army has moved on to breaking the remainings of resistance posed by the Overlord's lieutenants, giving the goblin tribes an ample opportunity to leg it with minimal casualities.

Now, with their fate once more in their own hands, the leaders of the goblin tribes feel the call of Pyrhekk. Urging them to go and seek out their ancient homeland, Gobberheim, the god sends a star carreening across the night sky, the bright point clearly visible even through the perpetual cloud cover of the Valley. Pyrhekk proceeds to warn the goblins vaguely of the great dangers and challenges ahead before departing the minds of his awestuck subjects.

Now given a new purpose, the goblin families begin to move, starting a journey that not even the wisest can tell the end result of...


No game: It is very difficult to find game in midst of clashing armies, and as a result the goblins have to try their utmost to guarantee their survival in midst of the chaos until they can depart the battlefield. The results of all hunting rolls are halved, rounding up.


Fleeing the Battle: As the goblins flee the battle, they must still be wary of the human army that is still actively looking to rout any part of former Overlord's forces that it can find, given that they will show no mercy to the fleeing goblins. Every time a goblin tribe takes Resource action this turn, there is 1 in 6 chance of them running straight into Human War Party. The goblin family can make haste and post lookouts in order to be warned of approaching war party in time, but doing so halves the result of any Resource action they take this turn (rounding up).

If a goblin tribe has the misfourtune of running into Human War Party, they are immediately attacked and must defend themselves. The stats of the Human War Party are as follows:

Human War Party: 1d6+3

Other families may assist the families who are drawn into combat as normal, but if they do there is no retreat: it will be death or glory!...or what passes for glory for a gobbo anyhow.


Loot: The battle between the armies of humans and your old master has left scores of corpses laying around, at times entire companies having been butchered as the battle has raged back and forth. Any goblin family can attempt to find loot by rolling 2d6 and consulting the table below to see what they find. Goblin family can only attempt to find loot one time: they are in a rush, after all!

2: nothing
3: 1 wood
4-5: 1 food
6: 1 crafting reserve unit
7-8: 2 wood
9: 2 food
10: 2 crafting reserve units
11: axe, bow or spear (pick one)
12: a mysterious box (if one family finds this, it cannot be found by others. After first roll of 12, the 12th slot changes to 2 wood + 1 food)

2012-10-26, 09:19 AM

They came out of the swamp like ghosts, mixing with the milling hordes of goblins the way oil glides across the surface of water. It was clear: they were interlopers here. Adash moved at their head, clearing a way through the press. Every so often one of his hands would dip down to snag something off of a corpse. The other members of his tribe, young and old, followed suit. A Mirefox lived by what he could scrounge, regardless of the circumstances.

Woodcutting: [roll0]

Looting: [roll1]

Human ambush imminent: [roll2]

They came out of the swamp like ghosts, and just as silently they departed. Only when they were a good distance away did the Council give Kivlem clearance to begin his rites. Straw and cloth and bits of salvaged lumber all went into a pile, and he said his prayers for warmth and community as he doused them with holy liquor. These were short rites, nothing like the full ceremony, and everyone was grateful when the first spark came and the fire blossomed to life.

Building a large fire.

Currently at fire: Ruhda-ka, Mirefoxes, Draketooth, Thirsty Arrows.

Three spaces currently available at the Mirefox fire. Everyone is welcome, first-come-first-serve, at no cost.

Draconi Redfir
2012-10-26, 10:51 AM

The Redfir's stuck to the trees as they made their way through the valley, they had lost many warriors in the defence of the Overlord, with only two or three not yet fully-trained combatants staying behind to protect the rest of the family. They has few supplies and morale was low, the village Elder's had volunteered to stay behind to allow the healthy and young to travel unencumbered, but Ragal had refused to let them, not just yet. He would need their experience in the days to come, if there were any days to come. Every now and then they would find a corpse or two in their path, when they did they salvaged whatever they could before moving on, it was unwise to stick around, though they did take time to gather any availible firewood they could easily pluck off of the trees.

Looting:(2d6)[9] (+2 Food)
Woodcutting (1d6+1)[6] Divided by two (+3 Units of lumber)

They were fortuitous in their efforts, finding satchels of food on two of a small pile of five corpses next to the treeline, two human, three goblins. Ragal couldn't identify their fallen brothers, by name or by family, but a small prayer was uttered for them nonetheless. From the looks of things this was one of the few fights they had been victorious over, the rest of the goblin warband likely surviving long enough to die in another battle. The Family kept moving, knowing well they would be rationing the food sparingly, it was still a long trip to the edge of the valley, they would need every resource and ally they could find. Though in the back of their minds each of them was worried, nightfall was coming...

Searching for Allies

Grimsage Matt
2012-10-26, 03:07 PM

Well, the old master was dead, and any gobs dumb enough to stay here are getting killed by the humes. Better git out of here. But of course, first to grab anything that is easy to grab. And if any humes find čem, well, wečll gut those paleskin freaks.


Just their luck! All they managed to find was some bloody metal bits, not enough even for some spears or a axe. Well, can scavange more later. Not even any of them hume beasts, them horses, don't look any good. But the boyz seen something! Humes! Well, they seem ter have spoted us, so it's do or die. Hope of o the others show up...

2012-10-26, 04:27 PM

"Great Scaled Ones...hear us..."

Falon Darkfang gazed out over the vast plains. The Overlord had fallen, crushed by the human army. Though the tribes were weakened, they were also free. Was this good? Was this as the ancestors wished? Falon could not say. But it certainly was what happened. And now, if his tribe was to survive, they needed food.

Resource Action-Hunting-Posting guards to prevent getting dead by humans.

Food was scarce, and the Draketooth could not find much. Enough to feed themselves, luckily, but nothing to save, nothing to share.

Falon himself would not hunt. No, he had other things to attend to. First among them would be to check among the corpses of the fallen, human and gobbo, to see if anything useful could be scavenged.

Loot Action-[roll1]

Falon collected mostly burnable material, things which could serve to increase a fire's size. If his family were to survive, they would need this wood.

After that, Falon would have to secure his family a place at a fire. He saw the flames of the Mirefoxes' blaze, and carefully approached. "Brother Kivlem Finishes The Circle, our warriors are cold, but will soon return from hunting. May we share in your fire this night?"

2012-10-26, 06:15 PM
Family Katta "Bone-Crafters"

First war with the other tribes, then drafting in from the Dark Lord. This was a dark day indeed for Katta and his now truely puny clan. The vast majority of warriors were now dead, and the Dark Lord had need of their craftsmen. Gaurds were posted in order to look out for the Humans and others of the mortals who slew the Dark Lord. They would need to find their allies if any existed for them, and find weapons.

Posting Gaurds/Looking for Allies and Looting for Weapons




2012-10-26, 07:33 PM

Moe Ruhda-ka calmly stalks out into the former battlefield. He was not afraid of the humans, or the fighting. The pitiful Overlord had lost, leaving the tribe to fend for itself. That didn't even matter...all that mattered now was the hunt. There were still rabbits in this area, if one knew where to look. Moe's keen eyes spotted the markings for a den. Lighting a branch from the nearby wreck of a smoldering wagon, he plunged it into the entrance hole for the den. A trio of panicked rabbits poured out, and Larry and Curly, Moe's sons, hit them squarely with sling stones. They would eat well today. On their way back, they cannibalized one of the smoldering wagons, getting some nice firewood out of it. When they reached the camp, however, the Mirefoxes already had a nice blaze burning. Taking places around the fire, the trio began skinning and cooking the rabbits, Moe tossing his to Kivlem, with a curt nod of thanks for the fire.

Tribe Ruhda-ka was the first to be allowed to share the Mirefoxes' fire, a reward for Moe selflessly giving up a few of his meals to Mirefox children during the lean winter a few years back. It was times they did not like to talk about, but an unwritten agreement stood: The mirefoxes built the fire, the Ruhda-ka hunted the food, and all were fed and warm.

Gathered: 3 food
Looted: 2 wood

Ate 1 food, gave 1 food to Mirefoxes
Stockpile: 2 wood, 1 food

2012-10-26, 11:08 PM

The emaciated circle of goblins parted slowly, admitting the interlopers. Gaunt, painted faces stared back at them in the flickering light. Children were hidden behind their mothers.

In a voice like dry twigs snapping, Kivlem spoke. His dialect was strange, only half-comprehensible to the new families. "You are kin, and you are welcome here. We will turn no family away from the blessed shelter of Pyrhekk."

Draketooths added to fire.

2012-10-28, 08:56 AM
Thirsty Arrows

"Food is scarce here," said one of the Thirsty Arrows' scouts and the chieftain and his best hunters were debating on what they should do.

The Daughter of Seyhja - as the Arrows call their spiritual leader - smiled despite the desperate situation. "Look, the humans and our slain brethren have left us a lot of things to take. We shall take what we need, take what we can find."

Roll to loot (will decide resource action later): [roll0]

"Food! We found food!"

Seyhjin smiles triumphantly as she hears the news. "See? Wasn't that hard. We can keep ourselves fed for a week."

"But your divine grace, we lack firewood. We'll still freeze to death..." said a goblin who was with the looting party.

Seyhjin eyes the goblin angrily. "Well what are you waiting for? Go find firewood. There's a plenty of trees around here to fell!"

Thirsty Arrows take the woodcutting resource action (all necessary rolls will be rolled in OOC thread.

The Arrows also request a spot at the Mirefoxes' campfire. They offer 1 unit of wood even though the Foxes asked for none.

The Zoat
2012-10-29, 06:57 AM

'QUIET! This council meeting is NOW IN SESSION! According to our sources, THE OVERLORD IS DEAD SO LET'S CELEBRATE GUYS!' The celebrations last for a while, but soon the messenger, Flight-Of-The-Butterfly arrives. 'The human army is coming, I received a tip-off from a wandering traveller, he says they're looking to mop the rest of we goblins up.' The council immediately collapses inwards into a hasty discussion, with the eventual bill of orders being to a: Loot the general area and b: Gather food for storage. before c: Running the hell away.

Roll for looting: [roll0]

Roll for hunting: [roll1]

Roll for avoiding the people: [roll2]

'Council! We've no wood!' 'Well what are we to do?' 'Search for allies!'

2012-10-29, 10:59 AM

Soon, the space around the fire is crowded with the bodies of unfamiliar families. The Mirefoxes press in towards each other, huddling together in hopes that they might weather this tide of strangers.

Thirsty Arrows added to campfire, and gift accepted. One spot left.

The Zoat
2012-10-30, 06:46 AM
'Who shall we ask for help from?'

'The Mirefoxes seem good.'

'Go on then, send over Runs-Hastily.'

'Wonderful, let's go!'

Asking for a spot near the Mirefoxes camp.

2012-10-30, 11:03 AM
Crabcrafters added to camp, Mirefox fire is now full.

Icarus Smith
2012-10-30, 04:58 PM
"They Say he's Dead! The Humans cut his head right off...chop!" The first voice was full of ghoulish enthusiasm.

"No no no they stabbed him and now he's still alive, but useless up in that tower of his!" Another said in tones of fear, as if the Warlord could still hear.

"Either way he's dead as a doornail, so get back to work getting that grate open!"An older female voice, gravelly and impatient was followed by the sharp Crack of a ladle against thick goblin skull.

There were a few grumbles, but the two Firetongues bent over the refuse grate in teh Warlord's kitchens bent more seriously to their task. It cost them the last dulled kitchen knife to do it, but they managed to tear the grate off is moorings, and one after another the red-and-brown mottled goblins poured into the hole.

Aunty Bittersweet was the last, watching the rest of her clan escape. Mostly girls of course. The Warlord had not been kind to plump, soft-bodied goblin warriors.With a grunt she lit a chair leg soaked in rags on fire and hopped in as well, reaching up and snagging the grate with her laddle. With a screech it slid right over their escape. With any luck they'd make it through to the Warlords storehouses on the rear end of the Citadel, and find everyone too busy beating themselves silly to notice a couple dozen goblins hoofing it towards the woods.

Ahead of her were a few other torches, and the inevitable arguing and complaining all goblins fell to as a default. It took nearly half an hour's walk(plus a five minute break in order to switch to new torches), but finally the were crawling out of a wide-mouthed pipe. No human would think of the water and slop pipes as an escape plan, since only the Firetongues, small for goblins anyway, could have fit comfortably, nevermind a human or a dwarf.

With the fires and shouts of war coming from the other side of the Citadel the clan fell into the semi-organized rabble rather quickly. Torches were snuffed out and tucked away carefully, and a few good whacks with a rock had them in the Warlords supply rooms.

"Grab what you can, no dallying! Anyone not done in five minutes gets to see if the Humans are as 'good' as they say!"Bittersweet hissed as they spread . A few of her quicker, smarter girls she pulled aside, shoving them towards doors and windows. It'd mean less carried out, but at least they'd know if anyone was coming!

The firetongues whispered to themselves as they scattered, returning obediently when Bittersweet smacked her ladle against a support beam three times After that it was a mad, chaotic dash through the fight outside, merging with other goblin tribes in the scramble for the shelter of the woods.

Seeing the large, roaring campfire surrounded by refugee goblins already, Bittersweet gestured and the Firetongues set to work. An efficient, warm fire, smaller than the main conflagration, but comfortable nonetheless gave the tribe its first place to rest...and after throwing together a hasty meals felt far better off. Still, a few of her tribe cast longing glances at the larger group nearby.

Building a small bonfire by using two units of wood.

2012-10-31, 05:13 AM
Thirsty Arrows

After ensuring their own safety, the Arrows send out scouts to see if there are more goblins that could be saved. Soon they spot a group of goblins pursued by a human war party.

The scouts return and as soon as the chieftain of the Arrows hears the news, he sends messengers to each of the other goblin families that made it safely out of the battlefield. "Let's help the Tallcloaks". (Etcetera's goblins)

Draconi Redfir
2012-11-01, 12:28 PM

After perhaps an hour of searching, the Redfir's are finally able to see a faint glow further into the woods. They approach cautiously, fearing they may be walking into a human camp setting up for the night. Instead however, they are releived to find two large fires sitting next to one annother, the largest of the two surrounded by goblins of all sorts, the smaller housing only a single family thus far. The Redfir's approah the smallest fire and offer to share what food and lumber they have in exchange for a seat for the night.

Offering Lumber and Food to the Flametounges and joining their fire.

2012-11-06, 02:19 PM
Turn 2 begins!

Snowember the 2nd, Greenwood Forest

The Tallcloaks stand tall as the human war party charges, blades raised high and battle standards drawn. With the main army occupied in the final assault on the overlord's citadel, the nine goblin families join together as the whole horde could not, slaying the war party to the last man beneath the burning red sunset.

The smell of blood and fire fades as the morning sun rises and the surviving goblin families slip away from the battlefield. The desolate, rocky valley of shadow is left behind as the fleeing hordes move into the nearby Greenwood Forest, following the path shown to them by Pyrhekk.

But even as the trees yield both shade and concealment to the goblins trekking through, the battalions of the human army have not given up their crusade to wipe all goblinkind from the face of the earth. Not near, but not nearly far enough behind, the baying of tracking hounds dogs the goblins' heels...


Lush: The forest is thick with good, strong wood that will burn well. All Woodcutting rolls are improved by +1.


Evading Pursuit: The well-trained hounds of the enemy are skilled at sniffing out the trail of goblins. There are six dog packs pursuing the horde, and each will follow a scent until it catches its prey. Unless, that is, they are thrown off the trail by the use of clever tricks. A tribe can construct ONE of the following on its turn:

Bait - one unit of food can give even the bloodthirstiest hounds pause.

False Camp - two units of wood can build a decoy fire, drawing the attention of the hounds to a spot where there are no goblins.

Trap - three crafting units can build a pit or cage trap to detain the chasing hounds.
At the end of the turn, the hounds will randomly choose a destination, either one of the actual campfires or one of the tricks laid down by the tribes. No two packs will arrive at the same destination (unless there are less than six options). If a dog pack finds an actual campfire, all tribes at that fire must fight, with a +1 bonus for each tribe beyond the first (if more than one pack is at the same campfire, the hounds also get a +1 bonus for each pack beyond the first).

Ravenous Hounds: 1d6+1


If a pack of hounds is caught in a goblin Trap, it can be tamed with one unit of food. Tame hounds provide a +1 bonus to fighting rolls.

2012-11-06, 08:17 PM

Woodcutting: [roll0] +1 lush, +1 profession

Building a large bonfire. Four out of five spaces available.

2012-11-06, 09:02 PM

Falon scooted up one of the trees, searching for a vantage point to view the forest from. Getting high enough, he cast his eyes back to the field of battle, and saw the movement in the brush, and heard the baying of hounds. "By the Firebringers." Sliding back down, Falon addressed the Draketooth. "Brothers, hear me. We are tracked by human hounds. We must take care not to be taken. We hunt, for now. But when the time comes, we will use our food to lure away the dogs, if need be." One of the tribesmen spoke up. "Couldn't we tame the doggies?" The cry was taken up by other members of the tribe. "Doggies!" "We love doggies!" "Want the doggies!" Falon held up his hand for slience. "Taming the hounds is a possibility. But right now we have no food, and must take the time to find it instead of preparing traps for the hounds. Now, go! And may the Great Scaled Ones watch over you!"


If other Tribes provide traps, the Draketooth will help provide the food necessary to tame the dogs, in exchange for one of the packs.

2012-11-07, 03:33 AM
Thirsty Arrows

Niija Poisontongue was thrilled when she heard the Arrows would finally get to go hunting. Harvesting wood had been disappointing. She checked her daggers and arrows and left with the group of hunters, already drunk with the thrill of the hunt.

"Kill kill kill!"

Hunting: [roll0] (+1 perk)

The Thirsty Arrows reserve a place at the Mirefoxes' campfire. Offering one unit of food.

Following Seyhjin's advice, the Thirsty Arrows "generously" offer two units of food for sale. 1 unit of food costs 2 wood or 2 craft (or a combo of 1 wood + 1 craft), OR if a goblin family wishes to buy both food units, it'll only cost 3 wood/craft. (The Arrows are also interested in trade agreements, such as crafting something for them in exchange for 1 food each round.)

The Zoat
2012-11-07, 05:39 AM
'Hey! I've a plan!'
'What is it, Hamgo?'
'Apparently the Thirsties are offering food for crafts!
'That's great!'
'I know, right guys!?'
'SO let's get crafting!'

[roll0] (perk)

Offering one TWO c-units to Thirsties for food, offering one to mirefoxes for seat.

2012-11-07, 11:44 AM

Food accepted from the Thirsty Arrows. Spot at the campfire provided.

Spot at campfire provided to Crabcrafters. Craft unit not accepted. Please put that towards building traps.

2012-11-08, 05:07 AM

The Thirsty Arrows' food merchant greets the Crabcrafters.

"Uh, our shaman said food's been so scarce that it's worth more than wood or crafts right now... BUT she has a deal to propose! If you'd be willing to give us 3 units of crafting stuffs, you'd get 2 units of food and 1 unit of firewood! That'd pretty much ensure your survival this week AND next week! How's that sound?"

(OOC: The original "generous" offer was 1 food for 2 craft units or 2 food for 3 craft units. :smallwink:)

Draconi Redfir
2012-11-09, 12:55 AM
Ragal could tell from the mummer of the other families that they were being chased, hardly surprising considering the ruthlessness of the humans. Still they had to get the dogs off of their trail, there had to be some way to deter them and throw them off.

Then the plan came to him, Ragal sought out the sneakiest and fastest of his family, coming up with six goblins in total, two runners and four sneakers. Ragal told the sneakers to spread out to the other families to gather a small object from each of them, a scrap of rag or a twig they had used to prod at last night's fire with, something easily replaceable or that otherwise wouldn't be missed. To the runners he instructed for them to wait. The rest of the family would gather lumber while waiting on the sneakers, after which the runners would take a small portion of the lumber and the objects of each family and run far away from the camp, twisting this way and that, looping around and doubling back in confusing manners while rubbing the objects intro trees and the dirt and the like. Once they reached a far enough distance away they were to build a fire with the lumber and throw the objects into it, then they were to search the woods for any flowers or other smell-producing plant or animal matter they could find and rubbing it into themselves to disguise their own scent. They would then return to the primary campsite, again taking erratic movements and doubling back on their own path a few times before finally returning, just in case.

With everything sorted out the family split into their respective groups, Ragal sitting with the runners as they waited, again planning their next move. With the plan in motion there would be no time to search for food, if they did not gather a significant amount of lumber, they would need to ask for another family to share it's food out of the kindness of their hearts...

Woodcutting: (1d6+1)[6] (6 units of lumber, + existing units, = 7 total.)

Ragal was pleased to see his family return with a sizable bounty of firewood, the sneakers returning shortly afterwords with some small objects from most, but not all of the other families, there was no need to add a Redfir piece to the collection, as the Runners themselves would be providing their own scent during the trip.

With everything collected, the runners took off, each carrying a small log with them strapped to their backs as well as the different scented cloths. Ragal whispered a silent prayer to Pyhekk for their safe returned.

With the plan in motion, Ragal looked towards their remaining stockpile, they still had a fair share of lumber among them, perhaps one of the other families would be willing to trade for some food.

Creating a false campfire far away: -2 Lumber

Offering no more then three units of lumber or a seat by a fire to the Ruhda-ka in exchange for food. (-1 to 3 lumber)

Total remaining lumber: 5 if the Ruhda-Ka reffuse the offer, 4 if the Ruhda-ka accept one piece of lumber, 2 if the Rhuda-Ka request three units of lumber, 3 if the Rhuda-ka accept either two units of lumber or accept a position at a (small) bonfire in exchange for food.

The Zoat
2012-11-09, 01:39 AM
"Deal! You have our gratitude, kind sir!"

2012-11-09, 03:18 AM
Thirsty Arrows

The Arrows thank the Crabcrafters and carry the supplies to their camp and bring the craft materials to their own camp.

"Honored Seyhjin, our traders managed to buy crafting supplies, we can now make a trap!"

"We still don't know how much the hounds eat. We have to know whether we can afford to keep them around."

Resources: 1 wood, 2 food (one reserved for taming hounds, another for the gobbos), 3 crafting units (quite possibly building a trap)

The Arrows build a trap (assuming no or low upkeep cost)

Icarus Smith
2012-11-15, 02:37 PM
The Firetongues set off with the rest of the goblin families, their shorter, more rotund forms keeping pace surprisingly well. Or maybe not so surprisingly, considering the stern look on Aunty Bittersweets face as she puffed along in their wake.

As they traveled the braying of hounds to the rear quickened their pace. Not enough to stop them from bundling as much good, clean wood that the Forest could grant them. At the very worst a block of flaming wood to the snout would make even a war hound give pause.

That night, despite the braying of hounds in the distance the Firetongues went full hog with their fire, the massive pillar of rich wood blazing with a heat that would make a blacksmith sweat, and left Aunty Bittersweet's ankles feeling far, far better.

Building a large Fire. Other families welcome for 1 food or 1 wood, OR a pet doggy/different trade

2012-11-15, 11:44 PM
The Draketooth once more approached the fires of the Mirefoxes. Falon bowed low to their firemaster, and presented him with a gift of wood. "To ease the making of the great fires in the future, brother. We are thankful you allowed us to share your fire's warmth in times past for nothing in return, but we wish to repay you as best we can."

Draconi Redfir
2012-11-16, 12:35 AM

The Rhuda'Ka had refused the offer, Ragal was worried, his family may starve tonight if they didn't find food soon.

Then one of the Flametounge women approached him, informing him he and his kin could take a seat by their fire in exchange for some of the Redfir's firewood, after some discussion she even agreed to share some of the Firetonge's food for the night in exchange for an equal share the next morning. Ragal agreed and had the family move over to the Flametounge fire, paying the price of the firewood and bowing before their hosts before taking a seat. Ragal made a note to sit next to Aunty Bittersweet and thank her properly for feeding his family this night.

Giving: one unit of lumber to the Flametounges. Total remaining: 5.

2012-11-16, 12:50 AM
Draketooth offer accepted and spot at the fire provided.

2012-11-16, 07:58 AM

Lingering at the edges of the tribes, the slithering goblins were cold and hungry. And there was little in the way of good news on the horizon, what with the baying of hungry hounds behind. But Katta' saw the plans of the other tribes unfolding. Now was the time for a plan of his own. To two of the most likely tribes, he sent runners.

Bowing low, the Bone-Crafter scout approached the council of Mirefoxes, sniveling as he went. "To our brothers and sisters, greetings! If you but accept us at your fire this night and two nights more, we will make you a fine axe that will improve your already keen cutting."

The second scout practically groveled at the feet of the Thirsty Arrows. "Brothers and sisters, we beseech you--trade us some of your food this night and two nights more, and we will make you a well-strung bow to better your hunting."

Offer 1 axe to Mirefoxes in exchange for fire in turns 2, 3, and 4.
Offer 1 bow to Thirsty Arrows in exchange for 1 food in turn 2 and 2 food to be paid later (1 in turn 3 and 1 in turn 4, or 2 in turn 3).

2012-11-16, 12:58 PM
Bone Crafters given a spot at the Mirefox fire, but instead of crafting us an axe, try and trap us a dog.

2012-11-18, 03:56 AM
The Thirsty Arrows show the Bonecrafters the two piles of food they have. "That is all that is left. We already traded most of our food crafts and a place at the fire. And we're hoping to catch a few hounds too... we wouldn't let you starve, but ask the other families first, some of them have a plenty!"

2012-11-18, 01:53 PM
One unit of food given to the Bone-Crafters.

2012-11-26, 01:46 PM
Huddled together in the night, the warmth of the fires seems to give the goblins a strength they could scarcely find individually. The baying of the hounds seems to thin as one of the packs veers to the distant north, lured by the scent of a fire left unoccupied. The howling turns to whimpers as the jaws of cunningly laid traps spring closed to snare several of the other pursuers. In the end, only a single pack of mangy animals finds its way to each of the massed goblin camps, where the beady-eyed refugees wait with primitive arms ready to the defense.

At the bright flames of the Mirefoxes, burning branches and hurled rocks send the hounds fleeing into the night. The victory is so facile, so complete, that the motivated goblins find themselves composing new taunts and jeers to send up as the dogs run with tails between their legs.

The battle of the Firetongue camp is far more difficult, the stuff that legends are made of. Bite and bark collide for hours on end before the combined might of the goblins emerges victorious. The Redfirs hoist their tattered banner high, and the other tribes join in a mighty Huzzah in celebration of another night survived!

Somehow the Bone-crafters manage to find food for the night--grubs under logs, earthworms dug from the soil, and the like. The real meat is spent taming the three packs of trapped hounds to do the bidding of the goblin tribes. The spoils of victory are hungry, after all.

Grim ranger
2012-12-02, 02:07 PM
Turn 3 begins!

Snowember the 3rd, Heart of the Greenwood Forest

Journeying deeper into the midst of the Greenwood forest, the goblins can breathe somewhat easier: their human pursuers, encumbered by their armor and heavy supply wagons, dare not to venture after the goblins into the dark center of the forest, most likely due to fear of ambush. Their hunting hounds having failed as well, the humans will most likely abandonn the hunt as fruitless. However, this does not mean that the goblins will still find their journey to be easy in the future, but for the time being the danger has passed.

As they begin reaching the deeper parts of the forest, the goblins get the uncanny feeling of being watched... But every time they try to catch a glimple of their mysterious followers, they only see faint, ghostly lights, or hear ghostly giggling taunting them. The leaders of the families, however, know the tales about the heart of the forest, passed down by the eldest of the goblinkind to their followers. It is said that the heart of the forest is magical place where spirits gather: some malicious, some good-natured, all very strange and capricorous. It is also said that these spirits can be bargained with for power, but that the prices they demand can sometimes be most dear...


Lush: The forest is thick with good, strong wood that will burn well. All Woodcutting rolls are improved by +1.

Predators: The heart of the forest is a dark place, and various magical beings prowl it's depths, looking to prey on beings weaker than themselves. Unfourtunately, this often includes foolhardy goblins. Fourtunately, said beings, as most animals, are afraid of large fires. All fires require additional 2 wood to build this round due to increased illumination required to keep the predators at bay.




Spirit pact: Any goblin family may, if they wish, try to commune with one of the various spirits inhabiting the heart of greenwood forest in order to bargain with them. Attracting attention of a spirit requires 1 unit of Craft (an idol), Food (a food offering) or Wood (a pyre made in their honour). Upon attempting to attract attention of a spirit, the player of goblin family making attracting spiritual attention rolls 1d6 and consults the table below.

Spirit manifestation:
1: No spirit is interested in the offering of the goblins.
2: A weak spirit is attracted by the offering.
3-4: A normal spirit is attracted by the offering.
5-6: A strong spirit is attracted by the offering.

Barganining with the spirit summoned is done via in-character discussion. The bargains themselves have to follow the following rules:

1: No Bargain is valid if it is made under duress.
2: The parties that have agreed upon a bargain and given their word to honour it are bound to honour the terms of agreement they have agreed upon, but only have to fulfill the bargain to the letter. For example, if suitably powerful spirit agrees to bargain that requires it to "make [the other party] immortal", it is perfectly within the limits of the bargain for the spirit to bestow immortality without sustained youth.
3: If the terms of the bargain have been violated by one party, the entire bargain becomes null (for both parties), and the bargain breaker automatically and inevitably suffers a punishment that has been decided upon in the bargain itself. The punishment varies with the strenght of the spirit making the deal: strong spirits may demand the punishment to be instant death, while weaker ones can only enforce lesser punishments such as loss of benefits gained as a result of the bargain, physical pain or perhaps curse of bad luck.

The strenght of the spirit summoned mostly determines how extensive of a deal can be made: weak spirits usually cannot offer things such as supernatural abilities or good luck and focus more on physical things, while the strong spirits can even offer those things. Of course, the stronger the spirit, the more they will demand from the goblins... And there is no way to tell whenever a spirit is hateful or benign but by trying. Goblins can attempt to bargain just about anything out of the spirits, and the bargains can unlock many things (such as new game mechanics, resources, factions and so on), but can also have unexpected or significant drawbacks mechanics-wise.

If either the spirit or the goblin family refuses to make the bargain, the chance for making a bargain is immediately lost and no exchange takes place. This does not mean haggling cannot take place, though.

2012-12-02, 04:16 PM

Woodcutting: [roll0]+2

Sacrificing wood to summon a spirit: [roll1]

Building large fire.

Spaces available at large fire. Units of wood available for spirit summoning. Just ask if you need anything.

2012-12-02, 06:29 PM

Falon petted the massive hound by his side. The goblins had captured three of the humans' packs, and by the grace of the Old Scaled Ones, the dogs had proven amendable to Falon's offerings of food. The two tribes who'd made the traps gained a pack each, and the last had gone to the Draketooth. Falon smiled as he watched his clan bumble around atop their new canine companions. "Brothers! Sisters! We have been blessed by the gifts of the Great Scaled Ones. It is well that we enjoy these blessings. Now go. We must find food this night for our cousin clans, as well as ourselves."

As the Draketooth mounted their new pets, one approached Falon. "Darkfang, will you not join us in our hunt?" Falon shook his head solemnly. "No, brother. Bloodscale and I have other business to attend to. This place reeks with the power of the Ancestors, and I would speak with them."

Taking some of the wood his tribe had salvaged from the battlefield, Falon and his hound Bloodscale journeyed into a clearing in the wood. Lighting a small fire, Falon found herbs and plants of power, and placed them within the fire, giving the smoke a pungent, sweet smell. Breathing deeply of the smoke, Falon spoke in the tongue of his dragon ancestors. "Oh yea old spirits, I, Falon Darkfang, master of the Draketooth clan, would have conference with you."

To hunting!


And spirit calling.


2012-12-03, 04:30 AM
Thirsty Arrows

Mounted on their newly acquired and tamed hounds, the Thirsties go hunting!

Hunt! [roll0]

They approach the Mirefoxes' fire, carrying rabbits and other animals skewered on wooden sticks. "You goblins hungry?"

Offering 1 food for a spot at the campfire.

2012-12-03, 09:38 AM
Food accepted. Thirsty Arrows added to campfire.

2012-12-03, 10:21 AM
The Bone-Crafter rank-and-file approach mighty Katta' with grumbling bellies. "We hungry, boss!" they complain, the unsatisfying fare from the previous night having given them the crummies. "We want meat!"

"Patience, young ones. Any of you good hunters? Any? No. So we do what we do best. We craft and sell for food, and stay warm with Mirefoxes. Maybe you are lucky gatherers today, and we craft TWO tools!"

Slightly placated, the wiry goblins fan out to find the things that make for great bows, or spears, or axes, or hammers...


Craft Hammer for Bone-Crafters.

Elated with the finds, Katta' sends runners to the Draketooths. The scent of fresh meat nearly sends the runners into a frenzy, so filled are they with hunger. "Oh mighty hunters with much food, Bone-Crafters offer you more: we give you a bow to help hunt! In exchange, you give us three food for three nights."

Offer Bow to Draketooths in exchange for three units of food, to be delivered one per turn for the next three turns (faster if Draketooths choose).

Draconi Redfir
2012-12-03, 06:30 PM

Ragal was grateful to see his runners return the previous night, and the victorious battle against the hounds and only increased Redfir morale as they continued their travels in the direction chosen by their powerful god. There was still a debt to be paid however, as the Flametounges had fed the Redfir's the previous night out of the goodness of their hearts, and every favour must be returned in kind.

Ragal once more gathered his family and instructed the best fighters among them to go out and seek food for the night, these wood were full of predators so they would need to be careful. They agreed and armed themselves with whatever sticks or stones they could find and proceeded to begin with the hunt.

As the young ones left, Ragal was approached by the family Elders, they informed him that they should do their best to appease the spirits of this place lest they feel their wrath. Ragal nodded in agreement, personally taking a log from their spare firewood pile and creating a small pyre in honour of the spirits.

Hunting: (1d6)[5]
Appeasing the spirits: (1d6)[3]

Total Lumber remaining: 4

The hunt goes well, the Redfir's return with a large deer carcass wich should feed them for many days. Ragal honors his agreement with the Flametounges and provides them with a leg of the deer, and the promise of annother or a log or two of firewood in exchange for a place by their fire should they make one.

Total food remaining: 4

A normal spirit appears and offers a bargan as Ragal finishes his Pyre. Ragal thinks it through for a moment before speaking.

"i request for you to provide for my family what we need the most, when we need it the most. What do you seek in exchange?"

Grim ranger
2012-12-04, 12:43 PM
Draketooth Spirit

A massive shape of a dragon flows together from combination of smoke and ghostly light, the witchfires int he eyes of the great beast somehow managing to look amused as they gaze down at Falon. "My name is Nalinaoth, little goblin" the great dragon spirit says, the words rumbling out like faint echoes of slowly beginning thunderstorm "And your offering has piqued my interest. What do you seek from me, Falon of the Draketooth clan? It has been a long time since any of your kind entered this forest."

Redfir Spirit

The spirit Redfirs have called forth, a sly-looking humanoid figure composed of sickly green light, spreads it's appendages with a somewhat chittering laugh. "That is very broad bounty you seek, yes! Hehehehee! Perhaps too much! No one can see the future, and no Bargain can be made if it cannot be upheld, not by us! Narrow down your needs, and I shall name my price!"

Draconi Redfir
2012-12-04, 06:16 PM
Ragal nodded out of respect, appologizing to the spirit. he would need to rethink his request, if not change it entirely.

"My appologies kind spirit, i did not mean to offend. would it still be too much to request you provide my family with a gift or means to ensure they do not go hungry again? Or perhaps if it is not, would it be within your power to provide use with the means to do so ourselves?"

Icarus Smith
2012-12-05, 12:45 PM
The Firetongues limp into the verdant along with the rest of the tribes, eagerly scrambling over trees and deadfall to break themselves walking sticks, complaining bitterly about being forced to march on the uneven dirt. Moreso than the other tribes the Firetongues had avoided the unpleasantness of living in the open. A few looked on their fellow tribes' new mounts with envy. A few solid whacks from Aunty Bittersweet(who puffed along like a small bellows without complaint) quieted the loudest of the group, her large, drooping ears waggling. Soon the complaints had ceased, as Firetongue goblins clustered closer together, muttering at the dark, oppressive woods that sprung up around them.

Still, The Firetongues were not a superstitious lot(at least for Goblins), and a forest was simply large piles of kindling waiting to be used for the flame after all. This they fell too with gusto, the largest of the clan sharing the large metal Axe to break the stout branches. Within hours their was a great bonfire roaring, throwing back the shadows.

The transaction with the Redfirs is well received, and the Firetongues offer to cook the rest of their ally's food. It would make good, lasting jerky after all. The Redfirs are brought to the Firetongue fire, allowing them the honor of adding their own fuel to it.

Aunty Bittersweet and a few of the younger Firetongues range outward, searching for the special herbs every Firetongue was taught to speak with the spirits. After a few hours of gathering them the communing fire is lit off to one side in hopes of attracting a spirit with the sweet-smelling incense...yet there is no reply. Perhaps they have been scared off by the fire? No matter, the Firetongues have survived alone so far, and a loss of something not possessed is of no concern.

The Zoat
2012-12-08, 09:05 AM
Afraid I have to drop out. :smallfrown:

Grim ranger
2012-12-10, 02:35 PM
Redfir Spirit

"So you want gift of food! Meat, good plants things like that yes?" the spirit asks, something approaching sly expression on it's spectral features. "This one can arrange so that your clan has the means to never go hungry again, yes! In return, an enemy must be vanquished, yes! Long ago, this one was enslaved by a summoner, t'was very painful. The price of this one is for you to kill every summoner you come across! You need not attack at once when summoner has crossed your path, but once one is discovered by you, you must kill them before any other task is attempted, yes! If the bargain is broken, one week of luck will be lost!"

Something in the deal that is being offered to you bothers you immensely.

2012-12-11, 02:04 AM

The shaman of the Draketooth gazed in awe as the mighty dragon spirit burst from his fire. Transfixed by the blue ghostlight eyes of his ancestor, Falon could for a few moments only gaze on in wonder. Coming out of his awe-filled stupor, Falon bowed low before the spirit. "Oh Great Scaled Spirit, we, the Draketooth clan, are your humble servants. We come before you this day in supplication. Our Overlord, who once held the goblin tribes in thrall, has been defeated by the humans, and our people now march to find our old home, Gobbotopia. We, the Draketooth, wish to recreate the old empire in the name of the Dragon Spirits!" Falon then turned his head upward once more, to stare into the spirit's eyes, and within Falon's own eyes there was a glint of the burning blue fire. "We ask this boon. We wish to be more like you, Nalinaoth. Lend my tribe some of your power, remake us in your image. Aid us in remaking the old empire for the Dragon Spirits."

Draketooth Tribe
As the hunters traveled towards the Mirefox fire to once more request a place to keep warm, they were stopped by messangers from the Bone-Crafter family. "Oh mighty hunters with much food, Bone-Crafters offer you more: we give you a bow to help hunt! In exchange, you give us three food for three nights." The leader of the hunt, a strong goblin named Forktongue, thought over the offer. They had found much food in the forest, and while Falon was off praying to the spirits, it was Forktongue's job to lead the tribe. He was not wise, like Falon was, but he could see the power of the bow, and knew the tribe had much excess food. "We will feed the Bone-Crafters, food for three nights. And in exchange, we will take bow. You will be clan-brothers. Falon makes an alliance amongst the gobbos, a group stronger than one clan alone. He wants gobbo empire. Maybe you join us. For now, we watch each other's backs."

Taking their new prize, and giving the Bone-Crafters food for three nights, the Draketooth tribe made their way to the fire built by the Mirefoxes. Forktongue approached the fire, food in hand. "Mirefoxes, we bring food for the fire! We stay at the fire tonight?"

2012-12-11, 09:52 AM
Draketooths added to fire.

Draconi Redfir
2012-12-11, 12:38 PM

Ragal scratched at his beard as he considered the spirit's request. it was a high order, as the Redfir's were generally nonviolent, and the strange look of the spirit worried him. unfortunately while the pyre had merely meant to appease the spirits, it seemed to attract the attention of the mischievous figure before him, and he would much rather not anger the beings of beyond the world. Perhaps there was still a way to keep this in his favour.

"We shall do this for you, however i must request the right to refuse to slay Kin, fellow Golbinoids as ourselves only. Would you bestow us with the ability to detect and slay these summoners of yours? a weapon or seer that can detect and harm their presence perhaps?"

Yeah Ragal was pretty much hoping for some kind of magical tool or object, the blood of the Bugbears had always caused his tribe to be all but magically void, even during the time of the overlord Ragal had feared his family may fall behind as others advanced through the power of magic, securing the favour and strength of a spirit may allow him to at least keep up.