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2012-10-26, 01:30 PM
Chapter 1

Master Roh sat down his table, checking that the papers are in order. Crossing the Kremonian borders would be a hassle without those, one that he could easily spare for the adventurers.

Besides, he had to keep his mind occupied, for he feared he would sink into madness otherwise; Like the others. His hands shook uncontrollably as he unfolded one of the letters, forcing him to grab his own wrist. Tears ran down his cheeks, but Roh could not pin down the thought that caused them. It was new, another effect of the theft? He quickly caused erased their trace with a spell. At least something so basic was still within his grasp,

One envelope had all the paperwork, and he had six more for each of the adventurers, in case something happens to the driver and they'll need copies.

His head suddenly feeling lighter, Roh let go of his wrist, confirming the shaking has subsided, and folded the paperwork back into the envelopes. As he heard the incoherent ramblings in the hallway outside his door, he sighed before putting the envelopes in his pouch and leaving the room.

Outside the room was Apprentice Kale, a young boy, which in itself was extremely rare in the Academy, with great skills in the Arcane, and more. The boy was having an argument over the validity of a multi layered bacon-cake as a pillow with a chicken. From Kale's rage, the chicken was winning.

Roh shook his head and led the child back to his room. Kale was one of the lesser cases; Roh wasn't sure of the reason. It could be a combination of his strong mind and how fresh the knowledge of Lost Arcana was in his mind... But his arcane powers had manifested in ways that made keeping Kale contained... Difficult.

On his way back, Master Roh saw the driver getting the horses ready. It's a long way from the Academy, Roh thought. Perhaps that's why they managed to catch that lead. Whoever did it, traveled such a long way that he didn't manage to raise defenses fast enough. If there are other locations, perhaps they are protected already...

His hands shook once again, but Roh didn't even notice. The thought that so much rested in such unexperienced men that just barely able to learn the Lost Arcana was too unsettling for him. He took a deep breath and moved towards the first floor where they waited.

A small crowd, half a dozen men and women waited by the large wooden doors for Master Roh as he slowly walked down the stairs towards them. He shook slightly with each step, but managed to keep a steady pace without the risk of collapsing. Behind him, followed a chicken.

Roh was tall, with long brown hair tied with a thin black band behind his head. His beard used to be neatly trimmed, but has grown messy in the last few days, with Roh avoiding cutting it for obvious reasons. His black eyes were unfocused and tires, visible circles under them. He wore the formal black Academy robes with green decorations, but the robes were wrinkled and fell awkwardly around him.

"I'm sorry for the wait." He finally addressed you as he reached the bottom of the stairs. "I had a couple of things to take care of while the driver got ready." He took out the six envelopes and handed each of them to you in order. A smooth black ink writing notes your names on the designated envelopes.

"It's hard to know what to expect. The driver is very experienced, so nothing should happen to him, but in case things go south, these envelopes contain the necessary paperwork for you to clear the border with ease."

Roh ignored the quiet clucking of the chicken as he stepped towards the doors and opened them into the yard. Two large, black horses were tied to a large carriage. One of the horses had white stripes going through it's entire length, while the other one had a large red spot on it's right side and at the end of it's nose.

Master Roh stepped towards the front of the carriage, where an old man stood and talked to the striped horse. The man stopped as Roh approached and walked to him, limping slowly, his cane providing support. He quietly took an envelope from Roh and nodded as they exchanged final words.

With that done, Roh turned back to you and nodded. "Everything is ready for the trip. Usually, it would take you almost a week to get to Kremon's borders from here, but with Old Euwig here, it should take you two days." He turns his head slightly for the driver's confirmation.

"He will take you to Lireon Village, which should be close to the Lire Dome... Haven't heard much of it, so I can't really tell you what to expect." Roh lowers his gaze before continuing. "My friend managed to trace residual energy that looked similar to Lost Arcana, so that is our only lead at the moment. I will continue looking for information from here while taking care of the other members of the Academy."

"One last thing... I know that you weren't official members of the Academy yet, but to accept such a mission on the Academy's behalf, I see no other option to call you. Please, accept these." Master Roh holds out six rings which are the same as the one he is wearing, a snake wrapped around a black arrow engraved within the gold.

"These are rings that are worn by the Academy members when they are out on missions on it's behalf. It would grant you favor with any past students of the Academy, mostly masters that have left after learning their share of the Lost Arcana. Besides those, there are plenty of men out there that owe the Academy and will gladly repay their debts by aiding you. You will need those as well, to prove that you haven't stolen the rings." He hands you bracelets made out of what appears to be tiny scorpion tails attached to each other.

"All participants of Lost Arcana wear those outside of the Academy. I... I know much is on your plate already, but please... If you find people wearing these bracelets while you are out there, check on them. They might be badly hurt, like some of the people here. If you can help them, please... Even arranging passage for them to get to the Academy..." The thought of his brethren out there, their minds shattered by an unknown force, being far away from anyone who would understand, pained Master Roh.

Euwig nodded at Roh before turning away and climbing slowly into the driver's bench, his bones almost creaking as he grabbed the reins. The chicken set by his side.

"You'll succeed." Roh said finally and waited.

The Great Skenardo
2012-10-26, 02:06 PM
Jack Whisper
Jack stood by as old Roh handed out the rings and bracelets and papers. As they crossed his palm, he couldn't stop the voice in the back of his mind which wondered innocently how much the jewelry would fetch.
Dismissing the thought, he smiles at Roh, but lets him finish talking. In truth, he was quite pleased to be going on this mission. If he had learned anything from life up to this point, it was to up stakes and move away whenever his luck caused catastrophe, especially since each catastrophe he caused seemed to be larger than the last.
You could almost take pride in Mayhem this bad.

Still, Jack Whisper smiled an easy smile. Amongst the other inmates of the Academy, it must be said that he is among the least exotic. While his frame is robust and his shoulders broad, he is definitely human, and aspires to nothing greater by his well-worn traveler's garb than a well-prepared warrior or a particularly debonair highwayman. Certainly his thick leather gloves and the long curved blade strapped to his back add to the mercenary impression.
He is ruggedly handsome and often rough-shaven, with a thick curling mustache being his sole concession to personal vanity.
"Thanks, Roh," he says, "You can be sure we'll move quick as winking." He glances up at the sky. "We can do introductions on the road, of course. Lots of quiet uneventful-" He pauses to stand on one leg and rap his shoe sole with his knuckles before continuing "space between here and the border."
He hops up eagerly into the wagon, sidling to the side nearest the driver, where he begins chatting easily at Euwig.

2012-10-26, 02:32 PM

The tall and very dense Zaavariel stood there listening to Roh, a wry smile on his face which abruptly turned to a frown when he was handed two conspicuous pieces of jewlery. He is a stark contrast to Master Roh, as he stands there is little more than his traveling leathers, his pack, and his prized possession, a lightless obsidian black blade made by his own hand.

Though he smiles, his golden tinted eyes glance around, bringing in all that is around him...More than just identification....possibly tracking....

Zaavariel politely pockets the jewelry into his pack before addressing Master Roh, "I will do my part to ensure that your confidence is well placed."

2012-10-26, 05:10 PM
A short and lightly built female elf with a pair of short swords who you recognize as Uthavel from around the academy accepts the ring and papers with a nod. "I will do my best to ensure the same return of the Lost Arcana Sir"
She puts the ring on before climbing into the carriage.

2012-10-27, 12:22 AM
Barimm bowed deeply and took the gifts from Master Roh. While he wasn't familiar with anyone else, he had quickly grown to respect Master Roh in his short time here. As he felt the small weight of the ring and the bracelet, he felt as if his entire community's hope and dreams were left in his hands. For a moment, he imagined his one and only love, white and pale in her forest bed and on the verge of death. Taking a deep breath, he pushed the image out of his mind and smiled.

"I will be sure to look out for anyone we see," he replied simply to Master Roh. Boarding the carriage, Barimm took his time as he looked at the others. He wondered what they had originally come for, and what stories they were willing to tell, and what stories they weren't.

2012-10-27, 01:26 AM
Kiuran takes up the items and stows them her backpack, bowing politely. For a moment, she thinks on how this adds to her allegiances. To her people, the Azurin, to her order, the Knights of Thysa's Flame, to her fellow Ashen, to her wood elf teacher, and on and on. Well, one more couldn't hurt.

Kiuran steps into the carriage, hoping to grab a seat nearby a window. She moves about slowly and deliberately, trying to avoid her pale blue monks robes catching on anything. Although her clothing and equipment seem simple, her forehead sports a prominent tattoo of a closed eye. Additional filigree-like designs surround the eye, although it's hard to make them out without closer inspection or asking her about them.

Kiuran nods at each of her travelling companions as they enter, then looks out the window thoughtfully.

The Great Skenardo
2012-10-27, 02:19 AM
Jack Whisper
Jack chats aimlessly at Euwig, irrespective of the old man's participation.
"... begins with a single step, really. But if you've got a wagon those thousand miles start looking a lot better. When you walk everywhere you go, it's easy to resent the folk on horses and that: anyone with a beast to bear them. Horses are expensive to feed! But with light heart and light foot, You'll pass the miles easy enough."
He leans against the side of the wagon, crossing his legs and looking up at the sky through the tall, leafy trees around.
"It's a good omen for a new journey you know; fair weather, fair start! And it'll be nice to be traveling with hale and interesting folk."
He addresses those in the wagon at large,
"Am I right? Company's grand, On the Road, In the Bed, and in the Ground, so they say."

2012-10-27, 02:47 AM
Chihanna listens to Master Roh. She feels a bit out of place standing next to the others. Armor, weapons, simple clothes that covered them so fully. She was standing there armorless, weaponless, and in expensive clothes that did little to cover more than enough for the simplest imagination to fill in.

When the items were handed out, she took them with a well practiced smile. Showing gratitude, but lamenting wearing them due to how much they would clash with her normal clothing, and on how rather ugly they were for jewelry. Would it have killed them to have had them made by a reputable craftsman with some degree of taste?

As they are filing into the carriage she smiles. He bend is low to give the men in the carriage a fair show of cleavage before turning back out to face the master. We will all do our best to please you master!, is piped out enthusiastically.

Spinning back towards the group, she steps into the carriage and asks ever so sweetly, Now where is there room for me to sit? Any volunteers to sit with me?

2012-10-27, 02:57 AM
As Jack turns away, Euwig mumbles "Horses are cheaper to feed than men." But he quickly silences himself as Jack turns to look at him, pretending he said nothing.

As everybody climb up, Euwig swiftly commands the horses with a weak tug at the rains and... Nothing happens. That is, nothing inside. The carriage seems to move so smoothly that if it were not the shifting of the view outside the windows, nothing would indicate you are actually on the move.

The carriage is roomy, with three benches that could fit comfortably at least nine men. By the ceiling are hanging unlit lanterns and under each bench is a footlocker for personal items. A small stand in the middle has a bowl of fruit, some bread and cheese, various nuts, two pitchers, one of water and another of mead and eight mugs. A few small small bows feature different spreads for the bread, with different knives for each.

And so the first day of the journey has begun. What do you do?

2012-10-27, 03:26 AM
Kiuran waves at Chihanna, calling her over.

"I'd love to have someone sit with me, if you don't mind helping me with something," says Kiuran, pulling out a wine bottle. She begins pulling out several unadorned, pure white glasses from her backpack. As she does so, she addresses the whole group.

My Cheraiya told me on my first lesson that people who travel or work together for a good length of time should all drink from the same glass. I told him I was seven but he didn't care. For that Wood Elf tribe it's apparently good luck for the group to drink from the same bottle. He gave me these ivorywood glasses as a gift when I left home, in case I ever traveled with others, or found a student of my own. I'll admit it's the first time I've brought out these glasses. Still, I would be honored if you would drink from them.

2012-10-27, 04:04 AM
Uthavel smiles "A quaint tradition, while it may be a little hasty to form such a bond nothing ventured nothing gained, eh? I am Uthavel for those who do not know me" and she reaches for the offered glass, continuing to smile.

The Great Skenardo
2012-10-27, 09:53 AM
Jack Whisper
Jack turns away from the driver and devotes some attention to the others in the carriage. With hardly a hesitation, he plunges into the conversation.
"Aye, well, you'll have to excuse us mayflies if we rush into familiarity, friend elf." He spreads his gloved hands eloquently, "When fifty or sixty years is your lot, your only chance is to jump in with both feet and hope. We humans in particular are always in an awful rush."
He leans forward, quirking an eyebrow. "On that note, I'm Jack. But Jack or Hans or Dunnykin or Nancy: it's all the same to me, so call me what you like."

2012-10-27, 10:02 AM
"Nancy is such a fitting name for you." Euwig says as he sips from the white glass.

2012-10-27, 10:23 AM
Zaavariel looks atJack, "The candle that burns brightest is often the first to be extinguished, who are we to judge. Call me Zaavariel, I am familiar with such traditions among elves of the Wood."

The Great Skenardo
2012-10-27, 11:19 AM
Jack Whisper
Jack turns his head towards Euwig, his brown eyes a little less friendly.
"Oho, I can see we have a Wit here. Nancy you can call me if it suits your fancy, But lest you take my good nature for weakness, I'll state that there's strength enough in these arms to shake the dust off the manners in an old man's brain, if I chose to take offence."
The easy smile returns to his handsome face as he turns back to the other members of the party. "What a card! We're all going to be fast friends on this trip, I can tell." His gaze falls on the proffered cup, and he takes it with a shrug. Sniffing it, he remarks,
"Smells like fine stuff." He raises it to his lips in a ritual fashion, then puts the cup down, the wine itself untouched.

2012-10-27, 03:50 PM
Chihanna sits next to Kiuran and helps her distribute the glasses of wine with a smile on her face. A soft chuckle escapes her lips at the banter over names.

My name is Chihanna, and I do have to agree about candles. Though the one that burns brightest is also the one that attracts the most attention and addoration. And in this age who doesn't want to be addored and admired for even a little while?

After all, there is nothing in this world more exhilarating than having the eyes of countless onlookers focused solely on you. Watching your every move and slightest gestures as if in rapture. Holding their breath when they see something enticing and exciting that they could not tear their eyes away to save their lives.

She shivers a bit before running her hands over her bare arms.
Brr...gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

2012-10-28, 01:25 AM
Thanking Kiuran and Chihanna for the drink, Barimm slowly sipped the wine. He couldn't help but laugh as Chihanna breathtakingly described the wonders of the spotlight. She reminded him of Rhene; both of them just couldn't resist the spotlight no matter what. Thinking of Rhene, suddenly his heart pained once more. Sighing, he finished the glass and placed it back down.

Looking at Jack, Barimm thought he resembled someone from his village. A rather kind person, but quick to anger and even quicker to fists. Even though most people didn't like him, Barimm actually thought such direct personlaities were refreshing and more honest than most.

Clearing his throat, he smiled and looked at the others. He didn't want to be rude after all.

"Hi, my name is Barimm Volmond. I think I'm the newest one here since I only arrived at the Academy a week ago. I think we all can get along quite well, even if only for the sake of this journey."

Looking out the window of the carriage, he sighed. "I still can't believe how something could have taken the Lost Arcana like that. Who could have so much power?"

2012-10-28, 02:47 AM
"Thank you all. I am Kiuran, Ashen Knight of Thysa's Flame," says Kiuran, bowing slightly. She takes small, slow sips of her drink as she listens to the others. She raises an eyebrow slightly as she listens to Chihanna, but says nothing and continues smiling politely as she listens.

When Barimm mentions the Lost Arcana she perks up. "I'm not familiar with any cases where knowledge itself was stolen, but if we gather more information, perhaps some of my fellow Knights would be able to help us. The Knights of Thysa's flame have dealt with many mind affecting threats in the past. If we spoke to more people afflicted, I could send a report to the nearest chapter of the Knights."

2012-10-28, 12:22 PM
You can hear a few snorts from the front of the carriage, then Euwing's voice talking in an unknown language which is hard to figure out over the horses.

"I hope you guys are ready, it seems that our first day of travel will not go uneventful. We will encounter trouble in a few minutes, and not the diplomatic sort."

The Great Skenardo
2012-10-28, 01:42 PM
Nancy Whisper
Nancy's eyebrows lift as Euwig gives his warning.
"Fancy that! Bandits on the road out to rob and murder; Ooh, that does take me back. Well now chums," The line of his mustache sets itself a bit more grimly,
"Here's the first real test of the fellowship, eh? Anyone front-line, form up with me. If they've got a line we'll hit it. Now mark you hit the man I hit, because there's a word for anyone gone toe-to-toe with me, and that's 'victim.'
If they're on horse and have no magic, we can keep backs to the carriage and give them rays and bolts and arrows. No bandit fights to the death if he thinks he can still get away."

2012-10-28, 02:20 PM

Zaavariels eyes focus when trouble is mentioned, "Hit them hard. Hit them fast. Make them regret their pitiful existence. I'll be in the front.". Zaavariel begins his battle preparations, still wearing naught but his traveling leathers.

Zaavariel draws his great obsidion blade, crossing his arms he begins muttering in Draconic as he brings forth arcane protections, wrapping their protective energies around himself strengthening with each recitation.

Cast Mage Armor
Cast Shield
If we are more ham a few minutes away from expected,trouble, he will wait on his casting of shield until thy are closer.

2012-10-28, 05:02 PM
"I hope it's only bandits" Uthavel says before casting a few buffs and drawing her swords.

Cast Mage Armour
Cast Alter Self: Troglodyte

2012-10-28, 06:18 PM
Barimm looked around, surprised how eager everyone seemed to be. Taking a deep breath, he tried to peer outside to see who or what was going to attack them. Looking at Uthavel, he nodded. "I agree. It seems too much like a coincidence that bandits are attacking us now, when we've barely left the Academy. We should be careful. They might not leave us alone so quickly. At the very least, they might be here just to slow us down and make sure we don't complete our task in time."

Leaning forward, Barimm tried talking to Euwing. "Can you tell us what's the issue outside? Who are they? What do you they want? You can't avoid them?"

Looking back at the others, he took a deep breath. "I....I'll try my best to help," he said simply.

Spells Prepared

0th Level Spells
Create Water
Create Water
Detect Magic
Detect Magic
Cure MInor Wounds

1st Level Spells
Lessor Vigor
Lessor Vigor
Spider Hand
Winged Watcher

2nd Level Spells
Gust of Wind
Blinding Spittle
Snake's Swiftness, Mass

Preparation: Assign my +2 Bonus to Con, raising my HP to 37.

2012-10-28, 08:45 PM
Chihanna sighs and looks to her nails for minute before smiling to the others. I do believe I will join the boys in the front. I hope I don't break a nail or ruin my clothes. They were epensive and I'd hate to have filth ruin them. So who wants to help me pick a dance partner? With that she lightly cracks her knuckles and awaits the carriage to slow down.

When the carriage slows and is about to halt she will cast detect magic to better enable her to pick targets.

2012-10-29, 12:25 AM
Kiuran only removes her pack, then flexes her hands and stretches her legs. Once she's satisfied with how limber she is, she says "Understood, master Jack. I will support your fighting from the flank first, let me know if you need me on the front instead. The sooner we can get them to stop fighting though, the better."

Kiuran looks around the roof of the carriage. She then turns to the driver and says "Master Euwig, is there a hatch or anything to the roof? I would like to get a better view."

2012-10-30, 02:50 AM
The carriage sped on the road as it entered the woods. You hear strange words exchanged and then Euwig calls out, "these aren't bandits. It's a very bad omen for the beginning of a journey... Nobody outruns the hounds."

You can now feel the ground shaking under the force of an unknown force. Euwig pulls a lever and the roof of the carriage splits in the middle as it both parts fly apart. Then the walls begin to fall down, partially folding under the carriage's floor. You notice on each side of the newly created platform is a glowing rune circle.

As the carriage finishes transforming around you, two giant canine-like creatures crush through the trees. They at over twice the height of an average man, with coppery red fur, silvered fangs four feet long and completely black eyes. Around their legs are four more dog sized replica of the hounds. As they are running, they are quickly catching up to you, leaving scorch marks on the road with each step.

I didn't want to keep this thread without a post for too long but didn't have time to start combat so... Yeah.

You have a chance to take a single standard action before combat starts, but you will lose it if you don't take it before my post later this evening.

You can, but don't have to roll your own initiative.

2012-10-30, 06:20 AM
Well I've already cast my buffs and drawn my weapons...
Initiative roll I suppose?

2012-10-30, 07:19 AM
Zaavariel takes the opportunity to reinforce his arcane protections.

Use this action to cast my shield.

The Great Skenardo
2012-10-30, 07:46 AM
Hans Whisper
Hans doesn't see any reason to let them get the first attack. It being beasts, there wasn't any need to scrape or pose. Instead, He simply turns and speaks a few syllables like shouted oaths.
From his fingers springs a bolt of green energy, pulsing in an unwholesome manner, speeding towards one of the larger hounds.
[roll1] (Magic)
on hit, Fort DC 17 or be Sickened for 1 minute

2012-10-30, 12:40 PM
Due to lack of access to better means, you win initiative for the first round. I'll roll for anybody who doesn't do it in the first round tomorrow.

Opponents are 20ft away.

James Whisper hits but the canine doesn't seem ill.

2012-10-30, 02:32 PM
Barimm's eyes widened when he saw the hounds suddenly emerge behind them. Standing up, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up on end. These were foul creatures and they were definitely sent to slow them down. Turning back to Euwig, Barimm tried to steady himself while the cart finished transforming.

"What are these things!" he yelled as he shifted from feat to feat. Turning back to the hounds, he readied himself. This wasn't a scenario they could avoid anymore - he had to make sure that these creatures not chase them any more. Even if they managed to slip away, the hounds would no doubt harass them at night again.

"Euwig, slow down," he said as he widened his stance. "I think I have an idea!"

Barimm uses his standard action to....ready jumping off the carriage the moment it is safe to do so, like when it slows down or stops completely.

Initiative roll!


2012-10-30, 02:44 PM
With his great obsidian blade resting upon his left shoulder, Zaavariel raises his right hand and lets out a jet of flame at the first enemy....


Casts Ray of Flame at lead enemy
Ranged Touch[roll1] And sets the wagon on fire....
Fire Damage[roll2]

The Great Skenardo
2012-10-30, 05:37 PM
Jack Whisper
Jack rocks back in his seat, laughing heartily when Barimm leaps up and demands the slowing of the cart.
"Haha! So noble! There's enough o' your kind in the graveyards for the earth to fair spit heroes, but you want to join 'em so bad as that!"
Jack calls over his shoulder
"You don't need me telling you Euwig, but never you spare the whip on them horses!"
He slaps his knee as he draws his heavy blade.
"Not an hour out, and here's you ready to tackle the hounds of hell on foot!"
He almost casually conjures another sickly green bolt of energy and fires it off at the same hound.

Fort save DC 17 or be sickened for one minute

2012-10-30, 08:20 PM
Chihanna looks to the beasts and her comrades. Her brow furrowing for a moment. If only she'd have packed some kind of a real weapon. Instead she can not do much but prepare for the inevitable collision with these beasts.

Initiative: [roll0]

2012-10-31, 01:25 AM
Uthavel does nothing

I thought the platform was bigger. :smallredface:

2012-10-31, 02:30 AM
Kiuran calmly sizes up her foe for a moment, before winding up her right arm. A pale blue throwing axe materializes in her hand, and in one swift motion she's thrown it at the same dog Jack and the others attacked.

"I believe master Jack has a point, engaging on foot seems unsound!"

Attack roll for throwing axe, second range increment. [roll0]
Damage roll if hit [roll1]
Initiative [roll2]

2012-10-31, 02:58 AM
greenpotatoAre you throwing your sword? Because I thought it's pretty clear you are on the platform carriage and the dogs are on foot 20ft behind.

I'll be making a normal post later the day but I'll say now. The carriage isn't going to stop, but you can jump down without any harm.

2012-10-31, 11:39 AM
"If you want to jump, then jump! But I will not be stopping this!" Euwig calls out. Instead, he pulls a lever, which causes a large net to appear and shoot at the dogs. It catches one of the smaller dogs and pins him to the ground, but it quickly burns it off and begins to run behind the others.

Jack's and Kiuran's attacks hit at the large canine, but it doesn't seem to care about them. Zaavariel attempts to deliver a flaming ray into the dog's head, but the latter opens his mouth and seems to consume the fire, his fur gets an extra red shine and his fangs grow longer and redder.

The large dogs quickly outrun the carriage and attempt to bite at the platform and it becomes obvious that they are not merely hungry. The three smaller dogs jump up from the heads of the pact leaders and into the platform, one of them getting a good enough leap to throw itself head first into Chihanna, while one attacks Barimm and the third attempts to nibble at Uthavel's heel.

Attack vs Chihanna:
[roll1] + [roll2]

If crit threat:
[roll4] + [roll5]

Attack vs Barimm:
[roll7] + [roll8]

If crit threat:
[roll10] + [roll11]

Attack vs Uthavel
[roll13] + [roll14]

If crit threat:
[roll16] + [roll17]

The fourth hound is 60ft behind, the two large ones are within melee's reach of the platform.

2012-10-31, 12:02 PM
Knowledge Check(likely planes) to identify(max 10)[roll0]Darn...too bad its untrained...

Initiative order?

The Great Skenardo
2012-10-31, 12:12 PM
Jack Whisper
Jack sizes up his opponents, laughing as he finds himself waging battle against demonic hounds on the roof of a speeding carriage. His brown eyes flicker in concentration, and by his side a shadow materializes, spiraling up out of the ground. It looks for all the world like a panther made of smoke and motes of yellow light, but its transparency reveals its illusory nature.
With an easy laugh of contempt, Jack swings his heavy blade onto the nearest small hound.
Jack isn't a fool though; he keeps well back from the edge of the carriage and the slavering jaws of the big hounds.

if successful, the hound must make a modified level check (1d20+HD+Wis+resistance to fear) vs
[roll2] or be shaken for the rest of the encounter

Jack's Shadow Companion applies a -2 penalty to AC and Saves to all adjacent enemies. Jack doesn't care about its well-being, so it positions itself to affect as many of his enemies as possible, but most importantly the one he's currently engaging.

2012-10-31, 12:32 PM
Initiative order?

Post as you wish, I'll handle initiative in description (when it matters). It's your turn, then opposition.

2012-11-01, 12:12 AM
Kiuran holds her hands as if holding a sword in a low guard.

"Thyssa guide my hand..." she whispers, suddenly lunging at the nearest large hound. As she brings her hands in an overhead arc, a huge pale blue greatsword materializes. Unable to hold back, the full arc goes back down into the side of the carriage, biting into the wood.

Expending Emerald Razor as my maneuver, using a greatsword. Additionally, power attacking at -4 attack, for a bonus of +8 to damage.
Melee touch attack [roll0]
Damage [roll1]

2012-11-01, 12:41 AM
Uthavel says a few words in an arcane tongue and then stabs the closest of the larger hounds, electricity crackling down the length of her blade.

Now I can attack right? :smallredface:

Same thing I tried to do before, shocking grasp delivered via a short sword
Attack roll: [roll0]
Sword Damage:[roll1]
Spell Damage: [roll2]

2012-11-01, 01:59 AM
Barimm looked down as the small dogs jumped onto the platform. Easily evading their small bites, he turned back to Euwig. "No you don't understand!" he said as he danced around the animals underneath him. "If we truly cannot outrun these demonic pests, just leave me behind! The rest of you should try to escape! That's more important!" He said those words almost with worry in his eyes, although one would wonder exactly why he was fretting so. At the very least, he made the dogs look like uncoordinated puppies more than hounds from hell.

Turning back to the little beast at hand, he swept his leg and punted the beast with all his might. "This might be their plan! Even if they only delay us, that could end up costing us a lot!" Realizing that convincing them was unlikely, he added another swift kick to the dog. "Well if we're not slowing down, might as well punt these pests back to where they belong..."

The dog's attack missed.

Don't they provoke Attack of Opportunities?

If so here are my attack of opportunities: use them if they are necessary, and use none if they aren't!

AoO 1



AoO 2



AoO 3



AoO 4



Here is my Standard Action Flurry

Attack 1


Attack 2


Five foot step to step closer to the big beasties.

2012-11-01, 07:32 AM
Knowing that he could catch up to the carriage if he needs to, Zaavariel simply steps off and enters a Whirling Frenzy of death... dancing back and forth with his great blade, its momentum never abating...

5'step off attack nearest enemy

Whirling Frenzy Round 1/5
Power Attack(-2+4)[roll0]

Power Attack(-2+4)[roll2]


2012-11-02, 04:05 AM
The hound jumps up, managing to dodge Jack's blade. Kiuran's attack is aimed at the large flame-mouthed hound, but the swing is too wide and even running, the giant dog manages to time his duck correctly. Uthavel's stab manages to hit home, barely piercing the canine's hide, but the spell discharges and electricity runs through his body, causing the dog to jerk and lose pace, forcing it to catch up a bit. Barimm's first kick hit the head, leaving the dog dizzy and open to another attack which send the dog flying to the left side of the carriage, almost causing it to fall off the platform. Zaavariel's blade slashes through one of the lesser dogs, not letting it room to maneuver it's blood sprays across, it doesn't look like it still has a long life expectancy.

The non-fire buffed giant hound rushes back to the carriage and is about to take a bite of the back wheel, but at the same time, the dog kicked by Barimm hits the left magical circle and it seems to activate it. Suddenly, the sides of the platform fold under it as a protective armor for the wheels. Uthavel and Kiuran feel as if a hand pulls them backwards, preventing their fall, but the dog that hit the rune doesn't share the same experience, as he falls down the ground and rolls behind the carriage, remaining on the road, unconscious. The protective platform shields the wheel from the giant dog as it hits it, causing it to splinter but doesn't manage to reak through.

The flame mouthed dog growls at Kiuran and opens his jaw, letting a stream of fire out, covering the platform with magical flames. Luckily, the platform doesn't seem to catch on fire, but the flames are hot.

[roll0] Fire damage for everybody (but the hounds) Ref DC18 for half.

The small dog attempts to fight back and jumps to take a bite out of Zaavariel, but leaves an opening as he attempts.
Zaavariel can take an AoO against the dog. If the dog will survive, I'll roll for attack as soon as Zman does.

Chihanna seems to be unable to quickly react to all the action and the dog continues it attack.

If crit threat:

Euwig calls out over the action, responding to Barimmm. "Don't underestimate their intelligence! They want to stop us, they won't just chase you down. They'll continue the attack and get to you later."

The Great Skenardo
2012-11-02, 11:06 AM
Jack Whisper

If he fails the reflex, Jack will swear as his flesh blackens and sizzles, and pull and use his Wand of Cure Light Wounds on himself:
If he Succeeds on the save, He'll wince, but attempt something different. Channeling his eldritch powers through his shining blade, he attacks the nearest hound with a hideously powerful blow laced with nauseating green energy while the Shadow Companion saps its luck.
[roll3] [roll4]
Fort DC 17 or be sickened

2012-11-02, 11:27 AM
Zaavariel whips his blade at the beast....


2012-11-02, 11:28 AM
Trying to edge the burst of flame...

Resist Fire 5

2012-11-02, 12:24 PM
The blade severs the dog's head mid-leap and it's blood is splattered over Zaavariel as the body blows into a rain of ash with a sudden flash of fire.

2012-11-02, 02:12 PM
Also, I take it I didn't leave the carriage like I stated? Or I wouldn't have taken th flame attack? I guess I'm having a difficult time visualizing things at present.

2012-11-02, 03:53 PM
Kiuran growls back at the flame mouthed hound, growing more feral for a moment as draws on her teachings of the Tiger Claw discipline. She jumps from her crouched position, bringing the heavy greatsword in a wide circle as she spins. She somehow doesn't fall over from this reckless attack, but it leaves her guard slightly open.

Using Rabid Wolf Strike, power attack again at -4, -4 to AC for this round.
Damage roll [roll1]
Reflex roll [roll2]

2012-11-02, 04:10 PM
Also, I take it I didn't leave the carriage like I stated? Or I wouldn't have taken th flame attack? I guess I'm having a difficult time visualizing things at present.

You also said you are taking a 5ft step, which wouldn't be enough to get off the platform.

@Rarkasha Entering melee with one of the larger dogs would leave you hanging on to the dog too, as the bridging part of the platform is now used as a shield for the wheels.

2012-11-02, 08:01 PM
Barimm smiled as his kick had accidentally helped protect the carriage. But the defense seemed meager at best; it wouldn't take long for the large dog to tear through it. He hated how cramped the platform was feeling, especially with all these people on it. But at the very least they were keeping the small dogs off of him. He was about to tackle the large dog that was attacking the carriage when he suddenly felt a searing sensation behind him. Doing his best to duck and weave around the flames, he cursed his bad luck. He really needed some space to work.

Reflex Save


2012-11-02, 08:07 PM
Dodging the worst of the flames, Barimm turned his attention back to the great beast again. Realizing that the others were in no position to help, Barimm smiled and flexed his fingers. He wasn't a loner, but he wasn't used to being in the middle of such a large group. It seemed a little too constricting for him and it wasn't how he was used to doing things.

"I understand Euwig. I guess I can try this instead," he said as he smiled. Tensing his legs, he jumped directly on top of the large hound beast. Raising his hands, he began pummeling it over and over again.

With a move action Barimm jumps on top of the large dog!

Jump Check


Balance Check


Tumble Check (if needed)


With a Standard Action, Barimm Flurry of Blows the large hound's head.

Attack 1


Damage 1


Attack 2


Damage 2


2012-11-02, 08:11 PM
Smiling as he landed on top of the large beast, he laughed at how easy it seemed. When he was younger, he had made much more daring and riskier jumps than this. But still, this was a large and deadly opponent and he knew better than to take them lightly. Still, it was a little jarring for him and his attacks were not the best he could make.

Balancing for dear life, he tried to shout to the others. "Gang up on those other hounds! I'm going to stop this one from wrecking the carriage anymore!"

Already the beast was beginning to slow down as a strange golden texture seemed to spread from Barimm's hands down towards the hound's head. His attacks were lethal and to the weak points in the hound's head. Barimm was not holding back - he needed the carriage to be safe and to not be delayed.


Barimm covers roughly 15-20 feet with his jump - that should be enough right?

2012-11-02, 09:30 PM
Chihana regains her balance after the initial assaults. Burned and bleading a bit as she looks to the nearest hound. She spins herself sending two strong kicks for the beast's head before whippling her long out infront of her hoping to slice into the beast's neck.

Reflex save vs DC 18: [roll0]
Attack [roll1]
Crit confirmation [roll2]
Damage [roll3]
Crit damage [roll4]

Attack [roll5]
Crit confirmation [roll6]
Damage [roll7]
Crit damage [roll8]

Braid Blade
Attack [roll9]
Crit confirmation [roll10]
Damage [roll11]
Crit damage [roll12]

2012-11-03, 06:48 AM
Sorry, thought I'd still be in range. Please disregard my last post, except for the reflex save of course.

Kiuran lets go of the pale blue greatsword as a pair of throwing axes materialize in her hands. She turns to face the smaller hounds, sighting in the closest one. She flips the one in her right hand as she throws the one in her left hand, then throws the other. The greatsword clatters to the ground and begins to fade away, and within a few seconds it is gone.

Full action two weapon throwing with +2 throwing axes, going for target within 10ft range increment.
Damage rolls

2012-11-05, 02:08 AM
Uthavel attempts to dodge the licking flames and retaliate with her blades.

Reflex save: [roll0]

1st sword stab [roll1]
1st sword damage [roll2]
2nd sword stab [roll3]
2nd sword damage[roll4]

2012-11-05, 02:10 AM
confirm critical[roll0]
critical damage [roll1]

2012-11-05, 02:05 PM
As the flames wash the carriage, Jack whips out a wand that quickly surrounds him with a warm healing glow, cooling his seared skin and easing the pain. Zaavariel's sword broke through the second dog, vanquishing it.

Barimm leaps from the carriage and lands on the large flame mouthed canine. He grabbed at the fur with one hand while smashing into the hound with the other. The bones cracked under the force and the hound lost speed, falling behind the carriage. He quickly managed to regain senses and attempts to throw off the balanced Barimm by smashing him into a tree.

Make a reflex save vs [roll0]
If failed, Barimm takes [roll1] damage.

Also make a balance check vs [roll2] + damage taken (which is none if save successful)

If balance check failed, Barimm falls to the ground, prone, and takes another [roll3]

Chihana's attacks missed, besides one kick landing softly in the third dog's ribs, while Kiuran's axes get buried in it's hide. Even as Uthavel's sword slashes at the hound and it seems it's in a very bad shape, the dog is still standing.

It growls and is about to bite at Uthavel, after the sword stab that especially stung, but the large hound that isn't busy being ridden barks quickly, commanding the small canine and changing it's tactics. The dog lowers it stance and suddenly it's skin is turning black. With a sudden blast, the blackness expands out of it's body and for a moment, you can't see a thing.

The darkness doesn't entirely vanish as you find yourself in the middle of a cloud of blackness. Nobody on the carriage can see more than 5ft. Chihana and Uthavel have 20% miss chance vs the dog, Kiuran wasn't in melee so can't see the smaller dog at all.

And then, Uthavel sees a sudden figure emerge behind her, the fourth dog finally catching up and leaping into the carriage attacks.

During the flash of darkness, the dog attacks at you. You are flat-footed against the attack:

[roll7] (you are flanked)

You can hear a clang that brings an image of fangs hitting metal, but without sight this is the best you can assume the large dog that just ordered this blackness is doing.

The Great Skenardo
2012-11-05, 03:06 PM
Jack Whisper
Jack clicks his tongue in annoyance. Moving cautiously forward, he stalks towards the Dark dog, the yellow eyes of his shadow companion mere pinpricks in the stygian cloud. With cry of Triumph, Jack Whisper lashes out with another vicious sword strike.

Fort DC 17 yadda yadda
[roll1] Misses on a 2 or 3.

2012-11-05, 05:12 PM
Uthavel tries to reposition with a 5ft step so that she's no longer flanked.
She then stabs the same dog shes been harassing with her short sword

She takes 8 damage,

Delivers another shocking grasp via a short sword
[roll1] sword damage
[roll2] spell damage

2012-11-06, 12:54 PM
Chihana curses her lack of sight and the dogs. She wishes she could see so that one of her few spells would be usefull, but doesn't want to risk the other's safety by casting blindly. So she resigns herself to trying to fight in this condition. She lashes out again at the dog with a series of punches before whipping her hair out again.

For miss chances low is miss.

Attack [roll0]
Crit confirmation [roll1]
Damage [roll2]
Crit damage [roll3]
Miss Chance [roll4]

Attack [roll5]
Crit confirmation [roll6]
Damage [roll7]
Crit damage [roll8]
Miss Chance [roll9]

Braid Blade
Attack [roll10]
Crit confirmation [roll11]
Damage [roll12]
Crit damage [roll13]
Miss Chance [roll14]

2012-11-06, 01:15 PM
First I'm rolling the Reflex save and the Balance check -



2012-11-06, 01:39 PM
Barimm's eyes widened as the hound ran towards the tree. Before he could even react, he felt his body slam into the thick tree trunk. The tree cracked under the huge force, almost completely splintering into two. Even as he felt the air stomped right out of his chest, Barimm struggled to hold on. Barimm felt like a rag doll, constantly being flung around. But as he raised his head, he saw the carriage engulf in darkness and his heart jumped into his throat. No matter what, the cart could not fall - not so soon!

Gasping for breath, Barimm started to claw his back up. The hound howled in pain as Barimm climbed right on top of its head. Raising his fist, he yelled as he drove it down again and again. "You foul beast! You desecration of nature! Get. Out. Of. My. WAY!"

Barimm takes 6 damage but still manages to hold on.

So Barimm uses a Standard Action Flurry against the hound.

Attack 1

Damage 1

Attack 2

Damage 2

Deciding my move action after seeing my rolls.

2012-11-06, 04:48 PM
As the hound started to buckle under his blows, Barimm looked up at the carriage. He gulped as he saw darkness engulf the entire carriage as yet another small hound jumped on. Even worse, it seemed like the smaller hounds were following the orders of the larger ones. If he could take them out first, maybe that could stop the worst of the assault.

Eager to get back to the others, he tensed his legs and jumped off. Even in mid-air his body started to change and shift. His clothes melted off as he transformed, revealing his true and wild nature. The black tattoo across his shoulder shifted and glowed, transforming into ancient druidic runes that sprawled across his body. His eyes glowed white as a cape of feathers grew from his back. It almost seemed like he soared through the air.

Landing on the ground, he quickly took off for the carriage, aiming for the other large hound this time.

So assuming the hound is incapacitated enough, Barimm spends a move action jumping off again and ready to take off.

If the large hound he is on isn't incapacitated though, Barimm should just stay on, but he still shifts.

Shifting is a free action and it gives him a +2 bonus to Wis and the ability to see invisible opponents.

Tumble Check

Jump Check

2012-11-08, 04:09 PM
Jack's attack goes wide, cutting at darkness and shadows. Uthavel strikes at the new foe, discharging the spell into the canine, causing a sudden flash of light to clear the darkness for a short moment. In the flash of light, Chihana delivers a swift kick into the dog's shin, followed by a solid hit with her hair blade... Into the dog's head.

The darkness quickly clears up and the group can see the large flame-mouthed dog getting it's life smashed out of him as Barim leaps from it's back with a fancy display of nature magic, rushing towards the other side of the carriage.

The other large dog attacks one of the horses, a loud clang is heard as his teeth bend the skin of the horse... Which sounds like it's made of metal.

The last small dog's skin turns black, just as the last one did, and a flash of blackness spreads right away.

Flatfooted against the attack:

If crit:

The Great Skenardo
2012-11-08, 04:31 PM
Jack Whisper
Jack lifts his eyebrows in a kind of disbelief as he watches the idealist make diabolic dog-hash.
Shaking his head, he leans casually on his blade and watches the remaining firey hound try and attack the horses.
Almost as an afterthought, He raises a gloved hand and squints at the giant creature. He scrapes his thumb through the air in a cutting gesture even as his shadow apparition stalks closer to its remaining prey. He observes the effect for a second, then shrugs and tosses another sickly green bolt of energy at the hound.

Moving shadow companion to platform adjacent to giant hound (-2 AC/Saves)
Then uttering a Hexblade's Curse: Will DC 16 or -2 to attacks, saves, skill and ability checks
Finally, sickening blast.
[roll1] Fort DC 17 or sickened

2012-11-08, 08:44 PM
Drawing the massive V shaped greatsword from thin air again, Kiuran hurries through the cloud to try and find the closest enemy. Struggling through the darkness to the last spot where Uthavel and Chihanna were, she eventually finds it, slamming her attack where she caught a glimpse of the hound.

Power attack at -2
Damage roll

2012-11-09, 02:57 PM
Chinhanna sees the darkness begin again and breaks for the front of the carriage. She leaps to try and clear herself from the darness hoping to gain sight of the large harge attacking the horses. Her hands moving and her voice drowned out in the commotion. She tries to conjure a patch of grease under the large hound to make it fall to the ground.

Move action towards head of carriage and jump [roll0] to clear darkness.

Standard action: cast grease under large hound. DC 16 REF save or he falls prone.

Tumble [roll1] to reduce damage if I fall off the carriage and would take falling damage.

2012-11-10, 06:17 PM
Uthavel manages to dodge the attack and continues to hack away with her shortswords

Misses, my flatfooted AC is 20

1st sword [roll0] to hit, [roll1] damage
2nd sword [roll2] to hit, [roll3] damage

2012-11-10, 09:59 PM
Fire was burning in his lungs as Barimm struggled to catch up with the carriage. Taking deep gasps of breath, he slowly started to outrun the staggered hound behind him. As his feet pounded the dirt road, his cape of feathers glowed brightly, spreading and shifting as if he had real wings. Each step seemed to send him flying down the path, and before long he was within reach of the carriage. His glowing silver eyes easily penetrated the magical darkness, revealing everything as it was. "Foul occult magic," he said as he pinpointed the dogs within the shroud. "They're to the right of you! One of them on the right, just a few feet out of way!"

Soaring forward, he saw one of his friends leap off. Before he could even react, he saw her twist her body in mid-air, trying her best to land safely on her feet. She was nowhere as nimble or graceful as he was, but it was still a strong effort. Suddenly he saw the large hound begin to skid and fall, and he was almost sure it was Chinhanna's doing; these people were quite skilled indeed!

Taking advantage of the dog's momentary weakness, he jumped again. Aiming for the dog's head, he clasped both of his legs around it's large neck. Squeezing with all his might, he tried his best to hold on and stop the devil hound from its rampage.

So I don't know how far away the carriage is, but Barimm tries his best to close the distance to it. If this is within a move action (40 ft.) perfect! If not, then he'll spend a Full Round Action running (160 ft.)

He has the ability to See Through Invisibility and Blindsight 20 ft so if possible, I would like him to help pinpoint where some of the hounds are.

If possible, he would jump onto the large hound.

Jump Check

If he has a Standard Action left over (which I don't think he does, but just in case), he attacks the large hound with a flurry.

Attack 1

Damage 1

Attack 2

Damage 2

2012-11-13, 02:52 PM
The large hound clears the grease with only a slight speed reduction, able to keep on it's feet although now by the front wheels of the carriage. It attacks at the protective layer and the wood cracks and splinters, revealing the wheels behind them. Barimm rushes after him, and is almost there, but the grease is still in front of him...

Uthavel and Kiuran attack at the smaller hound, injuring it to great extent.

Please roll miss chance next time.

The hound attacks Uthavel again:


if crit: [roll]1d20+7[roll]

Now you are within distance, although the carriage and the hound are faster than you so you would need to charge every turn if you want to attack.

Also, you are caught within the Grease.

2012-11-13, 08:18 PM
Chihanna rolls up to her feet and curses that she didn't get the beast. She immediately breaks out into a run to catch up to the carriage. Her legs carrying her as fast as they can before she jumps to try and either land back on the platform or at least catch it and pull herself back up ontop of it.

Move action: move 40' to catch up to carriage.
Second move action continue to move is necessary and jump [roll0]

2012-11-15, 05:00 PM
Kiuran feels relief as her blade meets flesh, drawing her greatsword into a high guard back behind her right shoulder.

"Persistent..." she mutters, bringing the blade down in another high strike, leaving her guard open as she over extends for her attack.

Using Rabid Wolf Strike for real this time, bringing Kiurans AC down by 4. Power attack at full. Rabid wolf strike gives +4 to attack roll, +2d6 damage.

Miss chance [roll0]
Attack [roll1]
Damage [roll2]

The Great Skenardo
2012-11-15, 05:14 PM
Jack Whisper
Jack scowls. This was all getting to be less and less fun with these clouds of night around him. Making his way back through the inky cloud to where the hound lashes and snaps, He hefts his heavy curved blade and swings!

[roll0] (and -2 to hound's AC from shadow companion)
[roll1] + [roll2]
Fort Save DC 17 or Sickened (and -2 to hound's save from shadow companion)
[roll3] Misses on a 2 or a 5.

2012-11-15, 06:14 PM
Barimm cursed as the carriage and the hound seemed only farther and farther away. He knew he could still catch up but hound had already exposed the front wheels and he shuddered at the thought of what would happen if the hound managed to tear them apart. With a scream, Barimm charged forward as his knees pounded the dirt road.

He didn't even slow down as he slid right over the patch of grease, holding his hands out for balance. In fact he almost looked like he was going faster and faster, his arms and legs pumping the minute he cleared the grease.

Faster, he thought as he came closer to the carriage. His lungs were burning and his legs felt like solid lead. But no matter how tired he felt, he only ran harder, ran faster, and reached his hands outward. Faster! I. can. go. FASTER!

With a scream, Barimm tensed his legs and jumped straight at the hound. Raising both of his fists into the air, he brought them both together right into the side of the hound. "DON'T TOUCH WHAT ISN'T YOURS!"

So the Balance DC to run across a Grease effect is 10. Moving at full speed is a +5 and let's say I assume charging is a +10 (the rule doesn't it is, but let's just say).

Barimm has a +23 to his Balance check. He clears it no matter what.

Moving on, Barimm charges and attacks the hound. Instead of attacking normally, he also declares it to be a Stunning Fist attack. Also he flurries, so make that two Stunning Fist attacks just to be safe.

Attack 1

Damage 1

Attack 2

Damage 2

The hound must make 2 Fort Saves at DC 18

2012-11-16, 04:13 PM
Chihanna jumps up to the platform and rolls into the shadows just as Kiuran drops the sword from above the canine. It is momentarily distracted by the eyes within the shadows that Jack brought within and the sword cuts the dog's head right in the middle. The smoke vanishes as only a small puff of ash remains only to be taken by the wind right away.

Barimm's leaps at the giant hound from the side, fists and kicks swinging. It's first attack hits the dog's ribs from above, but the second one, a strong kick, hits home. It's legs stiffen as it falls to the ground, rolling and hitting the road, bursting into ash from the many hits, already being on the verge of death.

There is a short pause. "It's over." Finally says Euwig and waits for Barimm to get back to the platform before pulling the lever. Quickly, the platform folds up and the carriage is reformed. On the right side you notice on the back it's cracked, with a quite big hole in the front.

"It's too risky to travel during the night with those, we'll have to stop soon."

2012-11-16, 07:40 PM
Barimm slowly walked back to the carriage, practically dragging his feet from the exhaustion. As he walked his cape of feathers slowly settled down, before completely disappearing as he rolled onto the carriage. His shirt laid in tatters around him as his skin and eyes returned to normal. Exhausted, he laid on the carriage floor as his chest heaved in and out, over and over again. His breaths came in short gasps but slowly he calmed down and returned to normal. Within a few minutes, he sat upright and smiled at everyone else. He couldn't help himself as he started to laugh.

"That was a close one," he said with a laugh. "This thing is sturdier than I thought. I thought I heard metal....these aren't horses are they?"

2012-11-17, 03:36 AM
"They look like horses..." Euwig mumbles. "Yeah, they aren't really. They are a sort of magical mechanism that I constructed. How else could they travel indefinitely? Holy horses?" He snorts. "It would have gone a lot worse if they weren't constructs... The entire carriage is my own design, special features all around. People rarely notice or ask about it, but if they do, they are always surprised I chose a life of a carriage driver." He laughs.

2012-11-19, 03:53 AM
Chihanna catches her breath and groans over the affair of her clothes. She was not happy to say the least. Still, she can't help but laugh at Euwig and Barrim. This was definitely going to be a lively trip to say the least. Even if she wasn't sure how well it would go.

Seems we all got to see a bit of what the others can do. I've got to say that I am impressed. Who would have thought we'd have had such capable individuals amongst us. Though I must say that I feel a bit useless compared to some of you.

The Great Skenardo
2012-11-19, 10:49 AM
Jack Whisper
Jack laughs, his good humor restored by an easy victory brought about by the effort of others.
"Clockwork horses, indeed! Well well, seems even Euwig is a man of unlooked-for depth." He puts up his sword after examining the evaporating ichor of the devil hounds.
"But I wonder; I've heard of footpads and bushwhackers on these roads, but hellbeasts? You seemed to know a thing or two about 'em. What's the story behind those, Euwig?"

2012-11-22, 12:36 AM
Barimm shook his head and laughed at Euwig's mumbling. "I'm not quite sure I understand the these magical machines, but I am still glad that they held out so well. The fact that you are so intelligent to make such a carriage - I'm glad I'm on your side!" he said.

Looking at Chihanna, he only smiled and nodded. "You surprised me as well! I didn't quite expect you to jump so spectacularly - you simply didn't seem like the type who would do something as crazy as that!"

2012-11-22, 01:46 AM
"I'm not on any side you could be on." Euwig suddenly turns serious, before turning to Jack.

"This type of... Hellbeasts... Is always directed, while not truly controlled, by someone. Usually by mortals that made demonic pacts of power, not by extraplanar forces. This seemed like an attempt to hinder us while testing your strength, possibly even trying to mark you for future hunting."

Euwig glances back, evaluating the damage. "We don't have to stop, but at least slow down for resource gathering." He says as he pulls a lever. Glancing out the window, you barely notice four large spider-like beings shoot out from under the carriage like bolts. It's not long before you hear the crashing sound of a falling tree.

2012-11-22, 04:16 AM
Kiuran lets go of her pale blue great sword, the blade breaking into many small glowing blue flakes that float around her before disappearing. She clasps her hands together and bows her head slightly in prayer for a moment before responding to Chihanna.

"Miss Chihanna, I know plenty of Knights that would have hesitated in this sort of situation. You would make a good Ashen Knight, I imagine. Speaking of the Knights, it's a shame there are none in the area. It would be nice to notify a chapter master of this type of corruption. Either way, if this continues, we may have to deal with the one behind this directly. Those with the resources or power to make demonic pacts typically are capable of tracking us as well."

2012-11-22, 05:14 AM
Chihanna smiled a bit, "Well, they ruined my clothes. They had to pay for that. No one gets away with tarnishing my clothes and not paying something for it. Besides, we are all here to help one another, and I couldn't stand by to let those beasts harm my comrades. I may not be much in a fight, but once we get to a proper town...my skills may come to better use.

2012-11-22, 05:43 PM
Barimm nodded, acknowledging that Chihanna simply had a better way with words than he did. It didn't bother him too much - he was pretty used to being ignored or disregarded in some sense but he liked the independence from others. Looking back up, he admired the nature as they went past it.

As he heard the sounds of falling trees, he closed his eyes for a moment to thank the forests for its gifts. He knew the others did not think of it the same way - that the forest was theirs to take and use - but Barimm prayed for thanks nonetheless. It is important to give thanks every day after all.

"I wonder if we will be able to make town today," he said when he was finished.

Just adding a little hint of Thanksgiving into my post! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Great Skenardo
2012-11-22, 07:25 PM
Jack Whisper
Jack snorts, but keeps whatever comment he was about to make behind his teeth.

2012-11-23, 12:32 PM
Euwig looked back at Barimm. "We won't be making any unnecessary stops. If there is anything you want right now, just tell me. I can get you pretty much anything while we're driving, although it would be a bit more expensive than usual if I don't have it in my storage. You know, teleportation fees."

As he finishes talking, two of the spider clockworks climb up the side of the carriage. One rips out one of the broken planks, quickly fixating a new plank instead. Then they quickly rush off back into the forest.

2012-11-25, 02:04 AM
"Nah it's fine," Barimm said handwaving Euwig's offer away. "I'm pretty self sufficient and there's nothing that I really need." Staring out onto the road, he took a deep breath and sighed. He had hoped that he could perhaps send word to the druids back home, to tell them that everything was okay and that he could handle it - this mission. He wondered how his beloved was doing, and whether she had gotten any better since the last time he saw her.

Leaning back into his chair, he stretched and sighed. He should throw off such thoughts and focus on the long quests ahead - otherwise he would never see her again.

"Well it doesn't seem like this could get any quieter," he said sarcastically. "Maybe we can talk some more about ourselves? If you don't mind of course," he added quickly.

The Great Skenardo
2012-11-25, 10:11 AM
Jack Whisper
Jack twists in his seat as he watches the spidery creatures go about their work,
"I've never seen the like!" he remarks, "The tick-tock tap of tiny feet and the whirring of blades. If I feared of such things, that'd be the stuff of nightmares, sure enough."
He nods to Euwig, and this time the nod carries a measure of respect in it.
"Well well! I think I'm well provided for."
Kicking back in his seat, he gazes at the scenery moving by.
"Ourselves? So it please you, speak on! I've the sense there's something you wanted to say or ask, hm?"

2012-11-26, 07:07 AM
Kiuran watches the spiders work, walking over to a window to watch them leave. When Barimm mentions talking about each other, she turns around, looking unsure of herself for the first time since she'd been to the academy.

I... suppose we could. I'm afraid I don't talk about myself much, however. I doubt I'd have anything interesting to contribute."

2012-11-29, 02:52 PM
While Barimm offers to talk, nobody seems to actually pick up on the offer and be first. You sit quietly for a few minutes, the tension slowly building up.

"Fine, I'll be first!" Euwig calls out.

"When I was young, I lived at a small gnomish settlement with my father. My mother loved the tinkering and inventions that the gnomes came up with, but she died when I was a baby, so my father wanted to expose me to her interests, to try and keep her memory alive through me. It worked, as I really got interested by their work. But most of them used magic to enhance their inventions, and I just couldn't get the hang of it. I practiced hard, the motions and words. Got it all perfect, but nothing came out of it."

"When the gnomes saw that a wizard would never come out of me, they tried to convince me that their type of inventions wasn't for me, that I could be a crafter, or aid them, but never match their machines. It just made me work harder."

Euwig pauses, looking into the distance as the clockwork spiders worked relentlessly on fixing the carriage.

"One day, came into the village a man that was... Like me. He didn't have magic, yet he had machinery that was superior to the magical machines of the gnomes. He was able to create warforged by himself. You know, these living golems that seem to have a soul? Yeah. The inventions he had would seem like magic to anyone but him."

"By the time he came, I was fourteen. The mundane mechanisms I learned and mastered had impressed him, or perhaps he pitied me, or felt sympathy, but nevertheless, he took me as his apprentice."

It's nearly sunset when he's done. You feel as if time flew by while he talked...

2012-11-30, 02:16 AM
Chihanna listened intently to Euwig's story. Oohing and Ahhing at appropriate points. When he was done she smiled.

That is really amazing. I wish I could make amazing things like you could!

Guess I will go next.

I kinda lived a boring life. My parents didn't appreciate my love of dance and sent me to a monastary to learn to be a proper lady...well it kinda worked. I learned, but still love to dance more than anything.

After the monastary, I joined my dad's church and was forced into a bit of the diplomat role. He figured other church or court officials would listen more to a "harmless pretty girl" than an intimidating old man. I learned that I have a small gift with magic while talking to an official from a far away land. So, since then I have been working on my dancing and magic.

Great ways to stay fit and slim too! Alot more fun than dieting or running or lifting weights and getting creepy man muscles...you also don't stink nearly as much after a night of dancing as you do from a ten minute run.

The Great Skenardo
2012-11-30, 11:21 AM
Jack Whisper
Jack listens with off-hand interest as people in his group start spilling some version of their life story. He idly fiddles with a silver piece as they talk, nodding complacently to each biographical detail.
"So that's the shape of it? Well well."
He flips the coin into the air and catches it... but slips it back into his pocket rather than check which side comes up.
"Suppose it's only fair for me to go next, aye? My own tale isn't near so interesting as gnomes or dancing." he purses his lips and scratches his mustache, looking reflectively up at the sky.
"Let's see... my father died when I was young, and I never knew my mother; she ran away before I was born, you see. It's just as well though- If they didn't want me, then there's no way they could have borne my younger brother at any price. He's the rotten one of the family, I'm afraid." Drumming his fingers on the heel of his boot, he continues,
"What else... I did manual labor for a while, then once I could no longer be held to do that, I spent some time traveling these roads of ours. See Ol' Jack Whisper doesn't linger any one place too long. Never look back, that's the ticket! You never know who's catching you up."
A moment of silence.
"I'm also a teetotaler, but on this subject I will maintain an infuriating silence. Apologies." Here he tips his hat in mock chivalry.

2012-12-04, 03:47 AM
Barimm was silent as he eagerly listened to the others. He loved stories, and he used to loved listening to the Elder Druids talk about the wild forest. But that was a distant memory now - they were either crippled beyond belief, or too tired from trying to stave off the plague.

Turning to the others, he smiled. Not wishing to share his own bad news, he only shook his head and quietly commented. "I am a Monk," he said as he looked outwards. "I have spent all my time as a monk, but even then I have led a full and realized life. But after...." he winced, as he remembered the last great war. "After that terrible war, the forest was plagued. So that's why I'm here," he said simply.

Stretching, he looked outwards. "I wonder if we're be able to help anyone else out there."

The Great Skenardo
2012-12-08, 01:02 PM
Jack Whisper
Jack merely shakes his head.
"It's a terrible curse for the charitably minded, isn't it, for your one real talent to be violence and killin'?"
He laughs and brushes a finger across his mustache.
"After all; you can break bones better than any man I ever seen, but can you set 'em again? Can you punch the famine out o' the land, or mend a heart that's brake?"
Jack smiles easily.
"The talent makes the man, don't you think? What can the best hammer do in a world where he's run out o' nails?"

2012-12-08, 07:36 PM
Chihanna looked to Jack and fought a scowl at him. She went to gently reach a hand over to rest it gently on Barimm, a kindness in her eyes.

Don't pay him any mind. I am sure we will all be able to find a way to help your people. Might of arms can be used in many ways. After all, it takes strong arms to tend land and nurture plants to grow. We just need patience to bring it back.

2012-12-09, 03:39 AM
Barimm smiled at Chihanna and nodded. He shrugged - he more than understood the virtues of patience and perseverance. Eventually they would recover the Lost Arcana. With the Lost Arcana returned, the Druids will be able to use it to combat the plague, the heal the wounded, to tend the forest. Life will flourish like it always has and it always will as Selūne had ordained. But....he stopped himself from thinking anymore. He promised himself that. No more dark thoughts.

"Your words are too kind Chihanna and I thank you for them. The only problem is that the Druids have been weakened by the theft of the Lost Arcana. I struggle to think how my community fares...but I know we can make it in time."

Without glancing back at Jack, Barimm massaged his shoulder. "A hammer without nails would be useless yes...but a whole range of tools including a hammer is not. Do not mistake this battle as who I am - it is merely the lengths I will go through to make sure we succeed."

The Great Skenardo
2012-12-09, 09:38 PM
Jack Whisper
Jack thinks about Barimm's retort, waggling one booted foot idly as he sits.
"More talents than that, eh? Now there's a thought."
Once more, a kind of crooked grin cracks his rougish appearance.
"Work you miracles as well as massacres? If your open palm be even half as soft as your closed fist be hard, then I wonder I haven't heard word of you before in this wide world."
He laughs again, seemingly his reaction to half the world. Then he grows more serious, weatherbeaten lines showing in his tanned face as his almost frowns.
"Well miracle-worker that you say, can you break a curse?"

2012-12-11, 09:59 AM
Kiuran, quietly watching for awhile, thinks back to her own circumstances.

"I cannot speak for Master Barimm, but the Knights are no stranger to the contradictory concept of fighting for peace. The Ashen, my comrades... are particularly familiar with this notion." She shifts uncomfortably as she continues, as she begins to relate to the situation personally.

"You've seen my weapons, correct? They are not called from the ether: they are an extension of my soul. Beliefs and emotions made manifest, a blade only as sharp as one's convictions. My parents were Azurin, and this ability came naturally to them. I was never told how unusual an ability it was. I don't think they could have prepared me anyhow, for how it feels when you have killed someone else," she raises a hand to touch the tatoo of the eye on her forehead, then chuckles.

I suppose I'm belaboring the point, Master Jack. What I mean to say is, I am familiar with curses, after a fashion. Part of it is inflicted from others: a curse born from dark, old emotions. Another part is my own, born of my own darkness. I can take ownership of one, both, or none, as I please. I hold no delusions on that fact. And I am, in the end, a killer. A hammer, as you say. And I will continue until I run out of nails."