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2012-10-26, 05:23 PM
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You reach a large gatehouse in the city's outer wall, known as Rivergate. It stands open. On the other side, you can see the great river rushing by with a stone causeway built into it just inches above water level, the river flowing through channels under and through the stone. The Fortress is built on a large island in the middle of the causeway.

bindin garoth
2012-10-26, 07:18 PM
Maz strolls right in, his head held high. Truth be told, the sight scared him a little. But he really could use the money. And so he walks right in, and asks the nearest guard "Where can i find the Captian of the Watch? Im here to inquire about the job about the spies......."

2012-10-29, 12:28 AM
There are three Guardsmen standing outside the closed gate of the Fortress.

"Job? It's not really a job. If you have information, and it checks out, you get paid for it. Simple as that. You do already have information, don't you?"

bindin garoth
2012-10-29, 06:41 AM
"Unfortunately, I do not. But I was hoping to see if I could talk to the prisoner, I have a ideas on how to get him to talk. I happen to have a few spells that may get him to talk, or to convince him that I'm on his side, and get him to open up to me. I'd just need a second to prepare before meeting him." Maz says with a grin.

Diplomacy (if needed):[roll0]
...... I just realizied I never put points into diplomacy! I'll have to do so next level.........

2012-10-29, 01:49 PM
A black cloud settles over the guard's face, and the other two guards reach for their weapons but do not yet draw them.

"We do not under any circumstance allow random people off the street to just walk in and talk to prisoners, especially ones guilty of treason. I'm just going to assume you're ignorant and inexperienced for now, but if I catch you poking your nose into this again without delivering good information, I will have to detain you for questioning as to your involvement with the spies and traitors. Now get out of here before I change my mind."

bindin garoth
2012-10-30, 09:05 AM
Maz throws up his hands.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry. I just figured I'd offer up my services. I'll leave." He says, as he turns around and walks away.

'Not as easy as I thought....' He thinks to himself. Still, he wondered what he could do.......

He believes he has a plan, but would prefer backup before doing so. And so, he wonders back to the plaza, making a few inquiries along the way, of course. In addition, while it may be a bit dangerous, he takes a few of the lesser known back roads to see if his inquiries have drawn any attention from the spies. After all you never know who's listening....

Gather Information check to learn about the spies. Specifically, how and where they were found out. I have a feeling I won't find anything, but hey, it's worth a shot.

2012-10-30, 12:03 PM
He unfortunately finds nothing. It seems that no one in this district knows anything beyond what the Town Crier has said.

bindin garoth
2012-10-31, 06:26 AM
Maz decides to give up on finding the spies at the moment. While there were a few possible things he could do, he figures it'd be best left to someone who was better at gathering information.

He instead decides to peruse the recovery of the stolen item, and heads to Cassatta at Sunderham's Imports.

2012-10-31, 11:53 PM
Inside, you see a short human sitting behind the counter reading a book. He briefly looks up at you then goes back to reading.

bindin garoth
2012-11-01, 06:07 AM
"Are you Cassatta? I'm here to inquire about the stolen goods job." Maz asks the man at the counter.

2012-11-03, 03:46 AM
Without looking up, "Do I look like a female dwarf to you?"

bindin garoth
2012-11-03, 03:28 PM
"Sorry, sorry!" Maz says putting his hands up. "I had only heard of the name, not of a description of the person. Is she in here?"

2012-11-03, 04:34 PM
"No, of course not. This is just the store front. Our main office and shipping is just off of Pier 2."

bindin garoth
2012-11-04, 08:05 AM
"Ah ok! thanks" Maz says as he turns around to leave. To the docks, eh? He had heard some crazy rumors about them, but he could use the money, so he continues on to the pier.

2012-11-07, 11:55 PM
You reach a large gatehouse in the city's outer wall, known as Rivergate. It stands open. On the other side, you can see the great river rushing by with a stone causeway built into it just inches above water level, the river flowing through channels under and through the stone. The Fortress is built on a large island in the middle of the causeway.

Looking past the island, you can see another large gatehouse on the far shore. Just beyond this gatehouse is the Docks and outer slums of the city. A shudder sneaks its way down your back.

bindin garoth
2012-11-08, 06:45 AM
'I have a bad feeling about this place........ But I need the money, unfortunately......' Maz thinks to himself. Luckily, he was confident in his spellcasting, but of course one couldn't be too prepared.

Walking, a little bit faster than normal due to his nervousness, he heads towards the main office of the shop and knocks on the front door.

"Hello!" He shouts out for them to here. "I'm here to inquire about the retrieval job!"

2012-11-09, 02:13 AM
But first!

As you cross King's Causeway, you reach the large gatehouse on the far end of the bridge. No fewer than fourteen heavily armed guards stand at the gate. One of the guards stops you.

"Hold on a moment. What's your business in the Docks?"

bindin garoth
2012-11-09, 06:26 AM
OC: *Gasp* :smalltongue:

Maz was caught off guard by the guards. He hadn't expected to be stopped simply for walking in. were the beefing up security around here for something?

"My name is Maz, and I'm simply here to inquire about a request from Cassatta at Sunderham's Imports, over on Pier 2."

Knowledge(Local): [roll0]

Let's see what Maz knows about the docks, and if they are increasing security for any reason.

On another note, Sorry I've been slow with putting my backstory back on my character sheet. I promise it will be done!

2012-11-09, 04:27 PM
The docks are unsafe dangerous extremely deadly. You don't know why, but that's the rumor.

"Oi, another one! That Cassatta is going to get you all killed, if she isn't already dead herself.

Look, word of advice, if you're determined to go in, then go. Just stay out of the shadows and in the light. If you're not back through this gate by dusk, may Pelor have mercy on your soul."

bindin garoth
2012-11-09, 04:39 PM
Max doesn't know what to make of what they said. Get me killed? Should he take this? Well, he can't afford to keep on skipping out on jobs so...... wait, us? There were more? Well, he better hurry, he wants that money!

"Get us killed? What are you talking about?"

2012-11-09, 04:48 PM
"Yeah, you're not the first to come this way looking for work from her."

bindin garoth
2012-11-10, 11:58 AM
"Well then, I better hurry." He says, and runs off towards the office, and ignoring their advise. He figures he'll be able to get himself out of whatever trouble he gets himself into.

2012-11-12, 07:14 AM
You pass through the gate and make it to the first intersection before you're stopped by four massive looking hobgoblins who look ready for a fight.

"What you do here?"

bindin garoth
2012-11-12, 05:17 PM
"Well, I'm looking to find Cassatta from Sunderham's Imports, over on Pier 2. I have to ask her about a job." Maz says rather flatly. He didn't like the way these guys were looking at him, were they going to jump them? Well, he can't just sit by and let them have their way!

He waits for their reply for the moment, but prepares to unleash a spell should they try to attack him.

Maz makes sure he's more than 10ft away from them.

Readies an action to cast Invisibility.

OOC:Would do fireball but I have a feeling I'd be taken out in a round from the other 3! I'm going to have fun with this if they attack, never played a beguiler before this!

2012-11-12, 06:27 PM
They draw weapons and grin.

"You no go. You pay toll."

bindin garoth
2012-11-12, 07:03 PM
"Hmmm...... What if I don't want to?" He simply asks with a rather wide grin, before seemingly fading from view.

He should be 10ft away from them now, and able to cast Invisibility without any worries.

Casting invisibility.
Moving 15ft to the right.
Move Silently check: [roll0]

OOC: Yay first combat! Hmmm.... Now how to deal with them. They'll most definitely come after him if he simply runs away.....

Choices choices...

2012-11-13, 08:33 PM
Since they are aware of you, and they haven't moved to attack you (your specified trigger), you get neither your readied action nor a surprise round. Please roll for initiative.

bindin garoth
2012-11-13, 08:43 PM
Initiative roll:


Does this mean I only go invisible first if I win initiative? Or have I already done so?

Please be high please be high! :smalltongue:

Edit: Not even average...... Lets hope they roll horrible....

2012-11-13, 10:48 PM
They roll horrible.You go invisible!

They rush to where you were, swinging wildly. They, quite predictably, miss.

"Come out, come out, where ever you is!"

bindin garoth
2012-11-13, 10:57 PM

Now it's time for fun! Let's see what a Beguiler can truly do in combat....

Maz just smirks as he see the hobogoblins swinging about. Just as he planned, they were surprised and unable to counter his simple tactic. Now, to see what happens when they're surrounded.

With a bit of effort, he reaches out to his arcane energies, and tugs. Soon, the area the hobogoblins are in is filled to the brim with ghostly warriors, all poised to strike them at a moment's notice.

Casting Legion of Sentinels (spell in PH 2, basically summons a bunch of warriors in an area that can only attack through AoO). It fills a 10ft emanation, trying to capture as many as possible in the area. This'll also let me see how skilled they are without breaking my invisibility! That is, if they're smart enough to attack the warriors instead of moving around....

Since it's an emanation, there are warriors in the air too, right? As in, directly above the hobogoblins, and can attack them too?

Next step, to get them to move and provoke AoO's :smallbiggrin:

2012-11-14, 02:34 AM
No, it doesn't go up into the air.
Three panic and try to run, provoking AoOs. The obvious leader grabs a whistle hanging from his neck and blows loudly into it.

bindin garoth
2012-11-14, 06:17 PM

How many attacks did they provoke? Were they badly damaged?

Or do you need me to make the rolls? If so, how many?

I'll admit, I didn't expect them to necessarily run around like that.:smalltongue:

Maz grins at the hobogoblins. He hadn't expected such a simple spell to provoke such a reaction from the warriors, and couldn't help but grin at the sight of it.

The leader, however, was annoying. He was attempting to rally them up! Well, we just can't have that now, can we?

But he needs to be careful. What if these ghostly warriors aren't enough to protect himself from the warriors? So instead he moves away, purposefully making noises while he walks to draw their attention and hopefully having them move again and take more damage from his warriors! But to be safe, he says a quick chant, and a few gestures later, and a bunch of him appear alongside him! Of course, they are invisible too!

Move back 20ft. Should be close to the limit of range on close range spells. He tries to make more noise than normal while walking to draw their attention and know his general direction, but not enough to know his exact location.

Casting: Mirror Image. Creates [roll0] +2 images.

2012-11-14, 09:17 PM
The three that fled each provoke 2 attacks while fleeing, though only 5 of the warriors are within range to attack any of them. The leader does not provoke.

You are invisible with invisible doubles. You hear another whistle answer from a few blocks away.

bindin garoth
2012-11-14, 09:54 PM
Great. Allies. If only I had actually remembered a spell component pouch, I would be able to cast suggestion on the leader and have him tell the reinforcements away...... I just realized this keeps me from casting my main offensive spell, fireball, too! (gained ability to cast it from googles.

I think this is my time to beat it. I don't think I'd be able to tackle on reinforcements with my low hp.... Then again I have mirror image up, and the adventurer inside me is telling me to press on.......

Screw the job, it's not worth my life!

I'm guessing it's close to dark time in game? Never go to the docks at night......

Then again, I could be up against a bunch of level 1 warriors and not even know it...... The adventurer in me is embarassed :smallredface:

On a side note, how do you handle character deaths? Just create a new one, you review it whenever you have a moment and ta da, you're in again?

Maz hesitates when he hears the second bell. Great, reinforcements! He reaches down to a pouch...... Or where he had meant to put a pouch once he had bought it! He curses himself silently. Now his greatest spells were beyond his reach....

Perhaps today just wasn't his day. He decides it time to beat it. He can always come back..... Might be best if he comes back with buddies!

Oh great, now that he thinks about it, he'll have to give up his appearance. They know what he looks like now. Luckily that was easy for him, but he had worked so hard on this appearance too.

Now's not the time to get lost in thoughts, he decides. He starts to sneak away from the warriors, and back to the main street. While moving he takes a quick second to retrieve some disgusting greenish liquid, in a vial of course, out of his haversack.

'Good thing I picked some of this up....' He thinks to himself, for if he uses it with his invisibility spell, it'll last twice as long!

Move 15ft away, moving to the dock entrance
Move Silently:[roll0]

Screw it, he's running!
Move 30ft away, moving to the dock entrance. He keeps towards the side of the road so that anyone running down the center of it won't run him over :smalltongue:

Move action: Retrives Doppleganger Bile from his havardsack. When used with an invisibility spell, the duration is doubled!

As a note, how far is the entrance from where I am currently? I'll be willing to burn through several invisibility spells to get to the entrance.

Once he gets into the crowds, he's safe :smallbiggrin:

Or so he thinks.

If worse comes to worse, he'll be trying to get all of the enemies in a group and Glitterdust them and hope they have bad will saves....

2012-11-14, 10:23 PM
I'm guessing it's close to dark time in game? Never go to the docks at night......Early afternoon. You've got about 4 or 5 hours until dusk.

On a side note, how do you handle character deaths? Just create a new one, you review it whenever you have a moment and ta da, you're in again?Pretty much, but repeat players do get a little bit of preferential treatment.

Before I proceed, knowing you have several hours remaining, did you want to continue forward and just avoid them or do you still want to run away?

bindin garoth
2012-11-14, 10:44 PM

Well, to be honest I'd feel like I had better odds with a spell component pouch to fuel some of my best spells.


The adventure calls! I'll give it a shot, if it comes down to it I have tanglefoot bags and invisibility potions.

I'll challenge them!

Hmmm...... I have several instant action stopping spells, so as long as all of them can't get to me I'll be ok? Let see, I have mirror image for protection anyways.....

Maz throws all images of running away out of the window! He was a fighter for crying out loud! Well, a mage, but he was raised and trained by the dark side of the city! And he already backed down once today, he won't do so again!

Deciding it's time to reveal himself, he figures it'd be best if he can disable them all.

With this in mind, he starts his attack. First he'll make it hard for them to move. He lifts his hands, and the whole area around them seeming to shake and move around, or at least to the hobogoblins. Unfortunately, it affects some of the ghost warriors too, but not all of them.

This is medium range, so I'll back up another 10ft first.

They are still in the Legion of Sentinels spell area right? Or on the opposite side of it?

Cast Vertigo field, centered on the Legion of Sentinels spell.

All must make a fortitude save DC20 (Already included: +1 from illusion veil, +1 surprise casting) each round or be nauseated for 1 round. The 6 sentinels closest to hobogobolins (especially the damaged ones) are immune to this effect. Once a creature fails a save, they do not need to make any more saves.

All attacks within the field suffer a 20% miss chance. And most importantly, all terrain is considered difficult terrain.

Next round: Offensive time! I am using quite a bit of 3rd level spells though..... Probably should cool it down a little.

2012-11-15, 01:33 AM
All of them, even the leader, become nauseated.

bindin garoth
2012-11-15, 09:12 AM
Maz grins. Everything was going perfectly! Now they would have such a hard time getting to him, not to mention they'd either have to move through his ghosts or take extra time to move around them!

Still, as time had told him over and over again, it's best to be extra careful. He pulls out a vial of disgustingly green liquid, and his face clearly shows that the smell isn't much better. Still, he holds onto it, while holding his left hand towards the leader.

"Not much you can do now, huh?" Maz sneers. His gloves briefly glow, ad release 3 speeding bullets of force towards the leader.

Move action, draw a vial of Doppleganger bile from the havardsack.

Standard action, sacrifice 1st lvl spell for the gloves, cast magic missile.

[roll0] Force damage to the leader. Not much, but whelm is just weak, and whelming blast would catch some of my legion in it.

2012-11-15, 06:13 PM
About that time, [roll0] additional hobgoblins arrive. These, unlike the first four, are heavily armed and armored, obviously trained soldiers. They quickly assess the situation and prepare to rush you en masse.

Your turn.

bindin garoth
2012-11-15, 06:32 PM
OOC: Hmmm......... I should probably run. But I still have to meet up at the store with the others, and was just having fun in combat with this class too......

Well, taking on 10 enemies when you only have 28 hp is deadly. Luckily I can change my face as needed thanks to being a changling....

You know what? I'm going to push my luck. Let's see how good their will saves are....

Maz is starting to get worried now. 10 foes all together? Things were getting out of hand. If only he had remembered to pick up a spell component pouch! Then things would be much much better. But surely he didn't have to run immediately, did he? He decides to try and take them on, hoping to blind the new warriors who arrived.

With but a few simple movements he causes it to rain golden dust above the 6 new warriors, which seem to be guided straight into their eyes!

Casting glitterdust on the 6 new warriors. DC 17 will save or blinded.

Move back 30ft, or in the middle of the 20 groups if they are on opposite sides of me.

*crosses fingers and hopes for the best*

2012-11-15, 10:22 PM
You know, you could have run away deeper into the Docks in the direction you need to go, right? They weren't exactly blocking your path down a narrow street or anything.Two of them fail their saves, becoming blind and running in your general direction, swinging their weapons.

The remaining four charge you, moving into flanking positions as they do. Two of them manage to hit you, while the other two manage to just barely miss.

You take [roll0] and [roll1] damage.

You seem to be pretty well surrounded...

bindin garoth
2012-11-15, 10:45 PM

Yup! Just the adventurer in me called out to at least try and fight them first! :smalltongue:

Don't worry, I still have a trick up my sleeve. :smallbiggrin: A true adventurer never runs out of tricks!

Did you include the Mirror images and the miss chance from them?

A rather large gash opens up on Maz's forearm. Maz is undaunted by the blows, however. He had hoped to blind more of them, and to continue fighting. But it looks like that wasn't happening....

So instead, he uses a small trick he developed, and makes it seem as if he was defending himself, when really he was casting a spell. Soon enough, he disappears from view...

Using my concealed spellcasting skill trick (opposed Sleight of Hand check vs their spot, they won't be able to make AoO if they fail the check)

Sleight of hand check: [roll0]

Casting invisibility.

Move 15ft in any open direction. Move Silently: [roll1]

2012-11-16, 02:54 AM
Yes, I included the mirror images. That's why only two of them hit. They all rolled high enough to hit...You manage to escape from them without provoking any attacks.

bindin garoth
2012-11-16, 03:19 PM
Maz continues his get away. He would go ahead with going towards the shop, but he's afraid he'd run out of his arcane energies along the way. He'll simply have to come back later, perhaps tomorrow. He's heard of strange things happening at the dock.

Still remembering he has foes all around him, he decides it's best to continue his escape. He casts a quick spell on himself, and makes his escape.

Cast Expeditious Retreat on self.

Now moving 30ft, moving silently [roll0]

Edit: Clarifying, heading towards the entrance of the docks. Aiming to head back into town, hopefully to the plaza where he can get to some shops.

Edit 2: OOC

I'm visiting family this weekend, don't expect many posts from me!

2012-11-17, 02:16 PM
You manage to escape the fight and are now standing not far north from Dockside Gate. The river and the city are in front of you to the south.

bindin garoth
2012-11-17, 02:25 PM
Maz, knowing he has to change his appearance, moves to any nearby shadows and uses his natural changeling ability to change his features. He now appears to be a slightly shorter man, with sharp green eyes and messy brown hair. A scar appears on his right check, as if caused by a knife.

He decides to name this form Mark, and heads tot the north market place in search of a magic item shop. He hopes to find a spell component pouch.

2012-11-17, 05:56 PM
As you approach Dockside Gate, the guards stationed there stop you.

"Hold. What is your business in Aldhaven? When did you arrive?"

bindin garoth
2012-11-17, 08:30 PM
OOC: does this count as the same encounter or not? May use my skill trick again if it counts as another encounter.

Great, should of waited to change until I got to the city. Maz (Mark) figures it'd be best to tell the truth, or at least a partial truth. After all the best lies had some truth to them.

"Guards, I am in fact a citizen of Aldhaven. Names Mark. I was originally coming to pier yo for the stolen item job, but some info from some of the people who work here convinced me I'd be best to avoid it."

2012-11-18, 04:18 PM
"I don't remember seeing you go out. So, tell me another one."

bindin garoth
2012-11-19, 10:17 AM

1. Does this count as a separate encounter for the purposes of skill tricks?
2. Are the gates behind the guards shut or left open?

"Yes, unfortunately I was ambushed by some thugs and was force to flee. Luckily I know how to change my appearance quite well, and did so that I won't be recognized by them." Maz said. If this didn't work, he'd have to either change back into his original form, or sneak past them.

2012-11-19, 04:15 PM
1. yes
2. open"Right... So prove it."

bindin garoth
2012-11-19, 04:47 PM

Would Maz have some sort of ID on him, where he is already a citizen?

To simplify things, if he does not:
He will tell the guards to give him a moment while he "changes" back to his original form. To do this he will go to any dark place nearby (but not back the way he came), and change back into his 'Maz' look. He will then walk out to the guards and say "See? I told you so! Now you recognize me?"

He is still keeping an eye out for any nearby hobogoblins, and will roll a spot check (in next post since this is an edit) and listen to see if he spots/detects any.

bindin garoth
2012-11-19, 08:01 PM
OOC Part II:


2012-11-19, 08:27 PM
Being an orphan, you would not automatically have become a citizen upon reaching adulthood. We'll just assume you acquired legal citizenship at some point though. You have your ID, but without the matching physical form, the guard will not accept it.You step into a shadowy alley out of sight and being to change form. Suddenly, you feel a magically sharpened dagger stab you in the back!

[roll0] + [roll1]

bindin garoth
2012-11-19, 08:49 PM


Single hit points! Not good for a caster :smalleek:

Why is the song "Another One Bites the Dust" stuck in my head? :smalltongue:


Maz suddenly feels his body go limp as the dagger from seemingly nowhere stabs him in the back! He quickly turns around, but it is too late, it's clear the damage is done. His tries to catch his breath but seemingly cannot. Is it the end?

He'll just have to do what he does best! He decides that he'll continue to be attacked if he doesn't take out this one out, at least. Luckily, he has some tricks up his sleeve.

He takes a quick step back, and with a quick chant, casts a spell. He slowly fades from view......

5ft step back.


If the character can somehow see him, he'll cast (as an immediate action) Hesitate (http://dndtools.eu/spells/players-handbook-ii--80/hesitate--2951/)

2012-11-19, 10:42 PM
You win initiative, barely, but when you look, you are unable to see your attacker.

bindin garoth
2012-11-19, 10:58 PM

You're going to make me burn through all of my spells aren't you?

Maz is unable to find his attacker. However, he quickly realized it must be from invisibility! Figuring it'd be best to at least know who attacked him.........

He calls upon what little reserves he has left in his arcane magic, and clears his eyes, ready to see whoever attacked him!

Casting see invisibility!
Just to be safe:
Spot: [roll0]

2012-11-19, 11:28 PM
You fail to see anyone.

As if from nowhere, a sparkling dust begins to settle over the area, perhaps tossed into the air by your unseen assailant. The powder sticks to you, revealing your location. You hear a malicious snicker.

bindin garoth
2012-11-20, 12:14 AM
Maz is now worried. The attacker obviously know where he is now. If things are left the way they are, he's a dead man.

The man (or woman) obviously knew of how to target his weak points. But he knew of one thing that stopped them. People with this.... Talent, needed to be able to precisely see the persons body, and anything that obscured the foe's body would stop them. But he decides against this tactic, and decides to do something a little bit different.

''Time to take a gamble.' Maz thinks to himself. He casts but a spell he used before, hoping to confuse the attacker.

Soon, multiple images of him appear out of nowhere.

Casting Mirror Image. [roll0] Images.

1 3rd level slot left.......

2012-11-20, 12:36 AM
A hairless, grayish blue-skinned humanoid silently steps out of the shadows, stabs two of the illusions, which disappear. He then vanishes into the shadows once more.

bindin garoth
2012-11-20, 08:32 AM

Is he a changling? Or do I recognize him as looking similar to one?

Hmmmm..... Didn't provoke an AoO before, meaning he's more than 5ft away from me...... Idea!

Maz decides it's best to run at this point. There's no way he ca win in his condition, especially considering the foe has some way of hiding, despite there not being too much cover around in the area.

The biggest problem was, would this guy persue him? If so, running would be useless, unless he managed to change his looks without the man seeing him........ That was his only option at this point. He had wasted too much power attacking the hobogoblins before!

Well, in any case, he first has to escape. If he can just get to where the guards are, he can at least have a moment of relief. He casts a short spell and starts his escape.

Casting Expeditious Retreat.

Running 60ft towards the guards.
Checks to spot the opponent:
spot: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]

If I can spot where the opponent is (or the Hiding is lost for some reason, such as an AoO against me), I'll cast Hesitate as an immediate action.

2012-11-20, 10:31 AM
You manage to escape the alley, provoking no AoOs. You spot movement and turn to face your assailant, but, no, it's merely a windblown leaf. You are able to return to the guards unmolested.

Just so you know, his hide modifier is so high that you basically can't Spot him.

bindin garoth
2012-11-20, 06:35 PM

1. Do I recognize the enemy as a changling or droppleganger? Or do you need me to make a check?

2......... HOW high of a level is he??? Then again, I suppose you could of maximized the check with a smaller race/reducing size spells/powers, Incarnum, competence bonuses via items, ect.... But still. Over 24! :smallannoyed:

I have a bad feeling I need a way to take that guy down......

Maz continues his way to the guards as fast as he can. He limp seems to slow him down a little, but he continues on, aware of what'll happen if he doesn't continue.

As he gets closer to the guards, however, he's aware that they'll question what happened to him. He decides it's best to keep up his invisibility (despite being covered in glitter), until the last second or when he gets close enough. He figures that the guards will be able to tell where he is, but not able to make out the exact details of his face/body, and uses this to change his appearance in front of them without them knowing that he did. It only takes him a second to change his features back into 'Maz,' before dropping the invisibility.

"Now do you recognize me? And see what I mean about people are after me?" Maz says to the guards, gesturing towards the particularly painful stab wound on his back.

Continue my way to the guards.

Take a full-round action to minor shapeshift back into Maz while still under the effects of invisiblity. I may be covered in glitterdust, but the actual invisibility spell hasn't been cancelled, and thus they shouldn't be able to make out the finer details of his face/body until the invisibility is lifted.

2012-11-21, 12:30 AM
I promise you that he is only 6th level.

It was actually dust of appearance, not glitterdust.It does not appear to be a changeling or doppleganger. In fact, it looks like nothing more than a particularly cruel human with bluish skin and no hair. he also appears to have missed a few meals lately, giving him a thin, wiry build. Its dirty loincloth did little to hide its form.

"Well, going into a dark alley around here is just stupid. We did warn you to stay out of the shadows before we let your through. Welcome back."

He steps aside to let you pass.

bindin garoth
2012-11-21, 12:38 PM

Maz doesn't like you level 6 characters :smalltongue:

Maz says nothing in return to the guard's comment. What could he say? They did warn him.

He begins his long hike to the Nothern Marketplace, avoiding any dark allies or the like. After that last bout, he decides it's best to make sure he can clearly see his surroundings.

As soon as he gets there, he uses his knowledge of the city to make sure he goes to the magic shop with the best deals.

Knowledge(Local): [roll0]
Gather Information if the Knowledge Local doesn't reveal anything: [roll1]

2012-11-21, 07:11 PM
North Market turns out to be a "market" in only the loosest sense of the word. It is mostly a residential area, but there are still a large number of shops of various kinds. Almost all the buildings are two stories in height, the merchants and craftsmen in this part of the city typically living above their shops/workshops. Most shops seem to sell common household goods or other basic nonperishable goods. There are a few workshops and several places selling raw materials and scrap metals.

[roll0] hours later, you find that there are few magic vendors in North Market. Most are in Mages' Quarter or Midtown near the Plaza. However, you are directed to one small magical trinket shop named simply Trinkets.

You also hear of Pirner Outfitters, a general adventurer supply store in the district.

bindin garoth
2012-11-21, 09:40 PM
Maz decides he'll try out the simple small shop named Trinkets. Small shops tend to be more personable anyways, and perhaps he can convince the store owner to give him a discount! Well, he doubts that he'll be able to do so, considering he's not the best at being diplomatic.

Still, he heads towards the small shop, and knocks before entering. It was late in the day and he didn't just want to barge in if they were in the middle of closing up. It pays to be nice at times.

2012-11-23, 11:53 AM
The front door to the shop has a large window in it. The shop owner stares at you from behind the counter as you approach and and knock. He just shakes his head and rolls his eyes as you enter. Would that you could hear his thoughts, you might hear something along the lines of, "{sigh} Outlanders. Always the friggin' back water out-of-towners." Or perhaps he's thinking something entirely different. You really don't know.

"Greetings! Welcome to Trinkets. What may I get for you?"

bindin garoth
2012-11-23, 01:07 PM

Just fyi probably won't be able to.post until Sunday. Just had a quick sec to get on today

bindin garoth
2012-11-24, 11:11 PM
Maz sighs before he enters. So it would be with one of those storekeepers. Well, there go all hopes of striking a deal. Might as well be quick here then.

"I'm here for but one small little thing. I forgot to stock up on components for spells before traveling around, and am looking for a spell-component pouch." Maz replies to the store cleric.

"Also, I may be grasping at thin air, but I might as well throw it out there. Do you have anything or anyone that needs to be looked into? I'm trying to get word out about my services."

2012-11-25, 01:22 AM
"Yep, we of course sell most basic spell components as well as pouches. Keep them over on the shelves over there. Pick out what you need, but be sure you close up the jars after.

What services are those?"

bindin garoth
2012-11-25, 06:40 PM
Maz walks over to the shelf and quick starts sorting through the items, dropping only the finest items into the pouch he picked up. He is neat about it though, and makes sure to put everything back up perfectly in order.

While doing so, he responds to the shopkeeper.
"I specialize in gathering information and similar activities..... Unfortunately, my name isn't well known, and I have a slow down of work right now."

"Alright, so how much for this?" He asks, bring the back full of spell components to the storekeeper.

2012-11-25, 11:32 PM
He scratches his head as he replies, "Then wouldn't it be better for your name to not be known? I mean, if people know you, then the people you spy on will come hunting for you. I mean, I know if you told me enemies secrets about me, I'd kill you in your sleep with no qualms about it."

He looks through the reagents, charging you the PHB prices for the pouch and any components with a specified cost.

bindin garoth
2012-11-26, 12:11 AM
"Eh, that's true. But it's also true that they can't do anything if they don't know who learned of their secrets. I'm not the only one who does things like this. Besides, there are other was to..... Discourage such tactics." He says, paying for the pouch.

"Well, if that's everything, I'm outta here. Thanks for the items." He says with a quick wave of the hand before heading out.

He figured it was best to just keep on following the jobs he heard about on the streets for now. But first rest was needed. And even before that, he should make up a new disguise........ Where to hide was the real question? Sure, he was out of the docks, but still..... He was scare of the shadows. At least for now, especially considering he was especially weak for now.

He instead steps into the nearest bar. He steps to the back where the bathrooms would be, and when alone, he uses his ability to assume a completely new form.

From there, he heads back out and to the nearest moderately priced inn. He wasn't completely broke yet, he wasn't going to stay at those second rate inns!

Details of new form:
This form appears to by a tan, tall male elf with raven black hair. The hair is tied back into a ponytail, and goes all the way down to the middle of his back. His eyes are a sea green color.

2012-11-26, 12:54 AM
You come across an inn named The Fool and Chariot. The inn is a large two story timber framed building with fine masonry on the first floor decorate with a mural of a jester being dragged behind a chariot. Inside, it has a smooth stone floor, wooden walls, and a number of empty tables. A collection of tankards gathered from across many different lands occupies several shelves behind the bar.

There doesn't appear to be anyone inside.

bindin garoth
2012-11-26, 02:03 AM
Maz's instincts immediately go off. Something wasn't right...... This place should at the very least have a receptionist here. Moreso, it should have a crowd of people down here at the bar, drinking.......

He's not sure what to make of the situation. Perhaps this wasn't the best place to be after all. But, he wouldn't just turn around from this. He instead prepares by readying a minor spell, should anyone or anything assault him. He also draws a tanglefoot bag, should he need to delay any attacker.

Knowledge(Local): [roll0]
To see what I know about the inn

Ready an action to cast Net of Shadows at the first person to attempt to attack him. Others are targeted if they appear to be with the person. Move action to draw a tanglefoot bag.


Should noone immediately be detected or attack him, he will proceed to look around the ground floor, covering the whole area. He will not move up to the second floor quite yet.


Does it look like a fight broke out at all, or any other signs of stuggle?

2012-11-26, 04:21 AM
You see no one.

Nothing seems out of place, nor are there any signs that anyone has been here lately. The tables are all cleared, the seats pushed in, and the fireplace clean of any soot.

bindin garoth
2012-11-26, 10:09 AM
Maz is confused. If no one was here, that means something was definitely wrong, and yet there was no signs of struggle. It means wherever they went, they went willingly....... Or worse. Except Maz wasn't sure what worse would be.

Well, might as well check the logbook before checking the upstairs. He can at least see the last time anyone stayed here.

After checking the logbook, he continues to move upstairs. Perhaps there was something upstairs that wasn't downstairs. Or not. But he had to at least look into it. Besides, if he doesn't find anything upstairs, he'll just scan the entire place with a little bit of magic, hopefully finding out something.

Holding readied action. I forgot to put up the dc, it's DC 17 will save. Also, since I have 1 essentia invested in Illusion Veil, it lasts an additional round.

Spot: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]
Search: [roll2]
Move silently: [roll3]

Maz will head to each upstairs floor, slowly and carefully, and try to open each door. But before opening each door, he searches the door for any traps. If the door is locked, he proceeds to pick it, taking advantage of his extra long picks, and picks each door from 5ft away.

Search for traps/Open Lock checks:

Search: [roll4]
Search: [roll5]
Search: [roll6]
Search: [roll7]
Search: [roll8]
Search: [roll9]
Search: [roll10]
Search: [roll11]
Search: [roll12]
Search: [roll13]
Search: [roll14]
Search: [roll15]
Search: [roll16]
Search: [roll17]
Search: [roll18]

Open Lock: [roll19]
Open Lock: [roll20]
Open Lock: [roll21]
Open Lock: [roll22]
Open Lock: [roll23]
Open Lock: [roll24]
Open Lock: [roll25]
Open Lock: [roll26]
Open Lock: [roll27]
Open Lock: [roll28]
Open Lock: [roll29]
Open Lock: [roll30]
Open Lock: [roll31]
Open Lock: [roll32]
Open Lock: [roll33]

2012-11-26, 02:12 PM
He is unable to find any sort of log book. However, while searching around, he hears the sound of some sort of movement coming from the basement.

bindin garoth
2012-11-26, 02:56 PM
Maz is started by the noise. 'The basement?' He thinks to himself. Slowly but surely, he creeps over to the door, trying to make sure not to make any noise while walking towards this.

As he gets to the door to the basement, he'll search the door quickly before actually opening it. Can't be careless afterall. He proceeds to slowly open the door, if the door is unlocked. If not, he pulls out his hand lockpicking tools and gets to business!

After being able to open the door, he only opens the door enough to poke his head through and look inside.

Move silently check: [roll0]

Search check: [roll1]

Disable Device (if trapped): [roll2]

Open Lock: [roll3]

Listening for more noises: [roll4]
Spot once I poke my head in: [roll5]

2012-11-26, 10:11 PM
The door is unlocked. Inside, you find that the wooden stairs leading down have collapsed. Half buried in the rubble is a man who appears to be unconscious.

bindin garoth
2012-11-26, 10:38 PM
Hmmm...... The man looks unconscious, but is he? Maz can't help but think. He would shout out to the man, but he was worried that any noise of the like would disturb anyone else down there, if there was anyone else. Most likely there was, or so he thought. How else would of this collapse happened?

He uses a minor spell to communicate with the man, seeing if perhaps it would rouse him. Of course he had another spell that might too, but that created a loud sound, and would give away his location.

After finishing the spell, he whispers seemingly into the wind. "If you're somehow awake, don't move. Just whisper to respond. I'm directly above you, I'm going to come down and help." Couldn't just leave the man like this after all.

He finds a nearby sturdy object and pulls out some rope from his havardsack. Quickly giving the rope a quick tug to make sure it was secure, he uses it to lower himself down to the ground of the basement.

Upon getting down to the floor, he immediately scans his surroundings before moving to the man, and checking to see if he was alive (if he didn't respond).

Casting message spell.

Move Silently: [roll0]

Use rope:[roll1] To tie the rope to the most secure object on the floor I can find.

Lower myself down the rope.

Spot: [roll2] Once in the basement
Listen: [roll3] once in the basement.

Heal:[roll4] to check on the man. Untrained.

Still holding onto that tanglefoot bag incase he finds enemies.

2012-11-27, 12:13 AM
He does not respond.

He appears to be breathing.

Paranoid much? :smalltongue:

bindin garoth
2012-11-27, 10:28 PM

Well, you see, I'm one of those careful (yeah, right :smalltongue:) adventures.

If I don't see or hear someone, it means:
1. My spot/listen rolls aren't high enough
2. The enemy is invisible
3.You are never alone. Don't even go there.


After checking on the man, Maz decides to check out the basement. He carefully walks around, looking to see if he can spot any clues as to what happened, or find another person down here!

He slowly creeps around the basement, taking his time to get a full view of the area down here. He takes particular note on any potential escape points, damaged areas (other than the initial rubble), ect.

He also keeps an eye out for any particularly valuable items. Perhaps he'll find something? Depending on what it is, he may take it while the man is unconscious.

After he's finally done, he'll try to remove the man from the rubble, and attempt to wake him with a spell.

Move Silently: [roll0]
Listen: [roll2]

Survival (Untrained):[roll3] to see if he can find any traces of other people who were/are down here, where they might of gone, and any similar info.

Search: [roll4] To find anything unusual or valuable.

As stated above, he may or may not take anything, depending on what he sees/finds.
Cast rouse on the man.

2012-11-28, 01:23 AM
The basement is entirely filled with large casks of wine and ale and several crates of stored foodstuffs.

bindin garoth
2012-11-28, 06:31 AM
Was there any sign of anyone else having been there?
Any other exits?

Did the spell work to awaken him?

2012-11-28, 10:06 AM

Sorry, was posting from my phone and didn't get it all typed out before I had to go.When you drag him from the rubble, you reopen his wounds. He begins bleeding out.

bindin garoth
2012-11-28, 08:41 PM

No worries! Its that irritating RL disease going around that's getting in your way, isn't it? :smalltongue:

Maz is worried for the man's life now. He was no healer! He thought about trying to stop the bleeding, but he wasn't good at that stuff. Beside, what about all of the blood he would get on him? How would that look to the authorities?

He figures it's best to find someone. And fast! This man would bleed out if he didn't get the attention he required!

And so he runs. As fast as he can. Unfortunately, the dagger wound in his back starts to bleed again, and he almost lets out a yelp of pain from reopening the wound. But he continues on until he is outside.

"I NEED A HEALER OF ANY SORT, ANY HEALING POTION, IMMEDIATELY! HE'S DYING!" He yells out once he gets to the streets. He keeps on repeating this, turning blue in face until he gets the attention of anyone who can help. He immediately leads them back to where the man is.

2012-11-28, 11:55 PM
Worse than that. It's jury duty. :smalleek:It takes you two round to climb back up the collapsed stairs and back into the street, and a third round for someone to respond.

"I'm a cleric. Take me to him." The boy who answered is young, maybe 13 or 14, but he's the only one who isn't ignoring you or staring without acting.

bindin garoth
2012-11-29, 12:17 AM


I've been lucky and not had it yet. But of course that's the keyword.

I wonder if the excuse, "Nut judge (sir or ma'm), if I con't get back the city will fall in shambles due to reckless PC's! They'll actually survive the docks!" :smalltongue:

Any interesting cases?

"Good! He's right in the basement! You'll have to climb down, the stairway collapsed." Maz says before hurrying back. He leads the cleric down the rope and to the man.

"Thanks for the help. I just found him in the rubble over there; came looking for a place to sleep. I tried pulling him out but he started bleeding out unfortunately." Maz says.

"Name's Maz, by the way."

2012-11-29, 03:06 AM
The cleric doesn't waste any time climbing and simply jumps to the bottom, badly twisting his ankle as he lands. He reaches over and lays his hands on the man, "Cure light wounds!"


The "-9" hovering above the man's head fades as he regain consciousness.

bindin garoth
2012-11-29, 09:53 PM

-9? :smalleek:

I cut it that close?

Maz sees the cleric twist his ankle, flinching at the sight. That had to hurt. But before he can get to the cleric's side, the cleric had managed to touch the man with his magic!

Whew, what a close one. Relief washed over his face as he saw that everything would be ok. He moves to the clerics side, offering him a hand to help him up.

"Thank you.... Sorry, I never got your name." He says to the cleric, rubbing the back of his head slightly nervously.

2012-11-29, 11:58 PM
He focuses two more spells on the wounded man, then a couple cure minor wounds on his own ankle.


"And I'm out for the day... great.

It's Albert.

Are you okay, sir?"

The man grunts as he tries to sit up.

"Yeah. Damned stairs collapsed as I was heading back up. Strangest thing is I just had them repaired not a week ago."

bindin garoth
2012-11-30, 12:10 AM

Out for the day? :smallfrown:

And I was hoping for some healing myself

"Just had them repaired? How many times have they collapsed? Name's Maz, by the way."

Maz steps up to help the man up. Maz did think it was funny the stairwell collapsed at least twice....... Sabotage? It seems like a weird way to do it however, when you could, say poison the food, make his business become ruined, or a number of other things. Still.....

"I'll admit, I was surprised when I came in and saw no one around..... Business not doing good?" Maz asks the man. That was his other main concern. Perhaps these two things were connected?

2012-11-30, 03:20 PM
"Never before. There was a bit of rot, so I hired a guy.

What? No. Pub's just not open for lunch, only breakfast and dinner."

bindin garoth
2012-11-30, 09:59 PM
"Well, that would explain it." Maz says.

"Albert, thank you for the help. I'm sorry, I would give more if I could, but please except small donation for your church for your help." He says as he hands him a some gold (30gp). He didn't have much to spare, but he himself hated it when clients were stingy and didn't deliver on their promises. Oh, he got his revenge on them all right, but that didn't make it enjoyable.

He figured he deserved it for helping out. Especially after taking that fall; he may of only twisted his ankle, but it truly had looked nasty. Luckily he had some healing remaining to heal himself, otherwise the healer would of needed healing! How ironic it sounded - but Maz was letting himself get distracted. He walks over to the rubble, and starts to examine the rubble. Why would of the stairwell collapsed twice in a row, despite being repaired?

It could of been shoddy repairs, but he doubted it. The owner surely wouldn't of paid for some cheap half-done repair.

Not quite sure what kind of check you want for this, but Maz is inspecting the rubble to figure out what caused the collapse.

So here's what I'll do:

d20 roll: [roll0]

And here's the skill modifiers of what might be used for the check:
Search: +13
Spot: +4
Knowledge(Architecture) :+5, untrained

Edit: ....... It's been a long time, twenty. How nice it is to see your face again :smalltongue:

2012-12-03, 01:43 AM
Sorry that he's out of spells... He's only a 3rd-level apprentice, and it's late in the day.Albert thanks you and takes the gold before leaving. You never even got the chance to ask how to get in touch with him again if you wanted to... Stupid stairs distracting you.

The owner joins you in examining the stairs, but it quickly becomes clear that he's just pantomiming the act as he has no clue about carpentry related matters.

Your own investigation does show something unusual. It seems as though the stairs were repaired recently, but the repair work was done with the intention of it only lasting a few days before collapsing. It seems someone wanted this man to fall and die.

bindin garoth
2012-12-03, 07:11 AM

No problem! He'll just have to seek out someone tomorrow!

"I don't want to scare you, but....... It looks like someone wanted you dead. These repairs were intentionally made weak, so that they would collapse after a while. Is there anyone that you know who may do something like this? Also, who'd you hire to repair the stairs." He says, and then realizes he may be asking a bit too many questions. Especially when this could turn into a job.

"Look, I do information gathering for a living, and I'd be more than happy to look into this for you. But.... I need a place to stay. And I can't work for free. Pay is always worked out afterwards, depending on how satisfied you are with my work. And it might not be a bad idea to have someone around here who could protect you should something like this happen, which I could do while I'm here."

2012-12-03, 07:55 AM
A look of panic fills his eyes. He can only sputter for a few moments until he is able to regain his composure.

"K..Kill me?! Why?! I don't know why someone would want me dead. Oh, this is terrible, terrible. What am I going to do?!

Oh! Yes, yes, of course! You're going to stay here for free and make sure they don't come back and try again! I'll accept nothing less."

bindin garoth
2012-12-03, 07:51 PM
A gleam in his eyes appear, as an idea suddenly pops into his head!

"You know, I just got an idea, Mr....... I'm sorry, I don't think I ever got your name."

Maz continues "I have a very uncanny gift of appearing as other people. We could hide you upstairs while I run the business, waiting for the attacker to strike again. This way, we can keep you safe! We'll have to disguise you too, just not as badly due to keeping you out of sight. What do you think?"

2012-12-03, 08:52 PM
"Adolf, and no way. I'm letting you having full control of my business. I don't care if you did save my life."

bindin garoth
2012-12-03, 09:51 PM
Maz puts up his hands. "Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean it as taking over your business. But I can see where you're coming from. I'll figure out what happened, although I could use some rest first. Today's been a long day for me."

Maz proceeds to start heading up the rope with Adolf. He scrunches his face for a second, as if he for....... Ah, there it is!

"While I'm thinking about it, who'd you hire to take care of these stairs?"He asks the man.

2012-12-06, 10:20 AM
"A half-elf named Bartholomew. He's a traveling merchant that comes by here sometimes. Friend of mine. He sells various knickknacks and does repair work."

bindin garoth
2012-12-06, 07:05 PM

Sorry to hear about how busy life is for you! Hope everything is ok!

"Travelling merchant, huh?" If he was truly a travelling merchant, what reason would he have for sabotaging and killing this man? But he could just rule out this merchant because of that.... He decides to sleep on it for now.

"I'll talk to him tomorrow, see what I can find out. For now, think you could show me a place to sleep? Today hasn't exactly been the best day for either of us."

Of course, at that moment, Maz feels the stab wound throb. He flinches slightly at it.

2012-12-07, 02:11 AM
"Sure, I'll let you stay awhile for free. You did save my life after all."

He gives you the key to one of the upstairs rooms.

bindin garoth
2012-12-08, 01:11 AM
Maz quickly heads up to his room, and collapses in the bed. But then he remembers, he may not be safe here.... Perhaps he should change his looks? Then again, if the owner finds him looking completely different, who knows what would happen. He quickly runs downstairs.

"I forgot to mention, you may find me looking.... A little different tomorrow morning. Just a precaution I normally take when sleeping. You'll recognize me by the fresh-looking scar on my left check. Also, if anyone asks, I'm not here."He says to the man, before heading back to his room.

When he's sure he's alone, his form starts to shift. He then collapses on the bed, and the sweet mistress of the night soon finds him sleeping.

New form appearance:

Maz now appears to look as a middle aged man, one who could use a good shave. His eyes are dark blue, his hair a dirty blond. He appears quite muscular, although anyone asking him to lift anything will soon find out he's anything but that. He also has a single scar on his face, a single vertical cut on his left check that still looks recent.

2012-12-11, 05:02 PM
The shop owner seems unsettled when you mention your shifting form but nods politely.

You sleep soundly and unmolested despite the loudness of the tavern goers that evening.

After 8 hours of sleep, you awaken. It is now just after 10 PM.

bindin garoth
2012-12-11, 08:53 PM

Yay, Rizban's back! :smallbiggrin:

'Well, no ambush. That's a good sign. I've already done enough to anger folks in the area.' He thinks to himself after waking up. He rest had been quite hard, most likely due to the exhaustion from the fights that day. It had been quite some time since he had been through such an ordeal.

After meditating to regain his arcane energies, he proceeds to head downstairs.

If there is a crowd still there: (figured doing my actions like this would speed things up a little)

Maz will take a quick took around from the stairwell, looking to see if he spots anyone or anything unusual. After taking his time (trying not to look to suspicious), he heads back up to his room and proceeds to cast his spell. It had been a long time since he had used this spell, but it was undoubtedly useful for what it does. Assuming the enemy was weak minded, of course.

He proceeds to maintain concentration on the spell, and overlooks all of the customers in the area, as if he was trying to spot someone or something particular.

Afterwards, he joins the owner (wherever he may be) and strikes up a small chat, before asking "Anything unusual?" He makes sure to mention his scar on his left check and the name Maz (although not claiming it to be his own), to make sure the owner knows who it is.

Spot: [roll0] Looking for an out-of-place customer.
Cast detect thoughts. (only if it's not obvious he's using it after casting it. If it is he won't cast it, due to customers being able to tell he cast it).

Conceal spellcasting skilltrick (incase someone is observing him and he is unaware of it) [roll1]

If there is no crowd:

Maz will head up to the owner and ask "It's me. Remember the scar?" He asks, point to the scar on his left check, which he had mentioned to the owner earlier.

"Have you noticed anything unusual or different tonight? Or did Bartholomew show up?"

Random Fun Fact:

Bartholomew is the last name of two boys whom my parents are god-parents of :smalltongue:


Spot: [roll2]
Listen: [roll3]

Both to notice if they are being observed or the like.

2012-12-12, 03:21 AM
Yeah, I don't usually post on weekends.

The evening crowd is eating, drinking, and being quite loud. You manage to cast your spell unhindered.

The owner is too busy to chat, though he sees you as you come down the stairs and recognizes the scar.

As you scan the room, you feel that most people in the room are decidedly average. Two people at a table in one corner do not read at all. As you scan across the room into another corner, you feel a sharp pain in your forehead which causes you to stumble and become completely stunned.

bindin garoth
2012-12-12, 07:23 AM

There's someone with 30+ Int!? DANGER! DANGER!

That is all. :smalltongue:

Maz is utterly shaken as the spell backlashes at him There was someone that intelligent here? How!? Of course, there was the two in the other corner, but they might of just had strong wills, or protection from such spells. It wasn't a perfect spell, there were numerous ways to defend oneself from it.

Maz decides to simply observe for now. After all, they weren't directly threatening the owner or himself at the moment. As soon as the stun wears off, Maz moves for the nearest table and orders some food. He was starving, it had been a while since he ate before!

Can you describe the two that made the save and the super high Int guy?

Spot: [roll0] Looking for anything unusual about the three (physically, of course).

Are these guys acting normal (Joking around, talking to others, ect), or do they seem too observant or the something similar. Sense Motive if needed [roll1]

2012-12-12, 12:01 PM
The don't appear to be any different from any of the other patrons. The people are all human and seem to be manual laborers. Nothing sets any of them apart on casual observance.

bindin garoth
2012-12-12, 04:16 PM
'Might as well stick around, see if anything happens. I can always set out once I make sure the owner's safe.' Maz thinks to himself.

He moves to a nearby open table, and orders some food. He keeps an extra eye on those who were able to resist his effect, especially the one who stunned him. If there was a person who could overwhelm the spell, who knew what the person was capable of!

Maz continues to remain there, striking up a casual conversation with the owner if available, but otherwise remains around until everyone has left the area. He makes no mention of the accident or the people he has his eye on for the moment.

2012-12-13, 04:42 PM
The two who resisted you finish their meal and leave.

The one who stunned you seems to be getting slowly drunk, very slowly in fact, despite being on his fourteenth ale.

bindin garoth
2012-12-13, 05:13 PM
Maz decides to approach the man. Besides, what did he have to lose? He could at least learn something from him. Well, maybe. Depends on how much of a drunkard the man is, although he doesn't seem to be as drunk as he should be........

Maz approaches the man's table and asks "Are you ok sir? You seem....... To be drinking quite a bit."

2012-12-18, 02:28 PM
"Better than alright. This is damn good ale! Barwench! Bring me another!" He downs the ale he has in one long gulp.

bindin garoth
2012-12-18, 02:53 PM
"Are you sure? It seems like you...... Very tolerant of the ale....." Maz asks the man, ordering another ale for himself. He's not sure what to make of the man, he had resisted his spell, but yet all he appeared to be was a drunk. But even the ale didn't see to be affecting him....... Perhaps the man had some sort of special resistances?

2012-12-18, 09:09 PM
"Wha? Oh, you noticed? Yeah, I've got high tolerances, probably because my liver um... my liver is long gone. I just drink it for the taste. It's GOOD. You should have one."

bindin garoth
2012-12-18, 10:03 PM
Wha....... What? His liver is gone? Now, this man just wasn't making sense..... How could one live without one's liver? The answer just brings more questions into the young changeling's mind.

Unless......... Was the man a construct? Or a partial one? He had heard of such things, but.... There wasn't anything hinting at such a thing. Unless it was hidden under his clothes. Or perhaps he had a graft of sorts? Maz had heard of such things, people who were willing to go as far as getting monstrous parts put on them just for power. But then again, there were those who also became one with fiends, or merged with star metal.....

"Surely you jest. How could one live without a liver?" Maz replies, unsure of waht to make of the man. As the ale is brought to him, he takes a quick sip. It was better than others he had before, but surely not the best. "It is good, isn't it?"

2012-12-19, 08:39 PM
"Ha! Of course I have a liver! I've just poisoned it with booze so long that I doubt it even notices anymore.

Quite good indeed. It's my favorite brew."

bindin garoth
2012-12-22, 07:38 PM

Sorry how long it took to respond. I've had a lot of stuff going on.

......... Oh. I guess I need to stop taking things so literal, he thinks to himself. He had a bad habit of that.

Maz decides it's best to simply hang around until everyone leaves or until morning. After all, he had gotten his sleep, he can stay up for a while. Besides, it'd be the perfect timing for an assassin to get in as soon as the owner closes up. He has to make sure his meal ticket client doesn't get injured, doesn't he?

2012-12-28, 04:25 AM
The night seems to go fairly quietly, considering most of the patrons are drinking rather heavily.

"So, what brings you here?"

bindin garoth
2012-12-31, 02:32 PM
"Just on some local business in town. I'm not expecting to be too long, although I won't complain with the brew they have here. So what do you do around here?" Maz answers. He decides to continue the chat for now, and will continue to do so until everyone leaves.

2013-01-08, 06:09 PM
Sorry for the delay...I'm just here to drink. If I told you more, I might have to kill you, cook you, and serve you up to my masters with a nice sherry. Oops, I might have said too much...

He grins at his own joke.

bindin garoth
2013-01-10, 12:14 PM
Hey it's no problem! Stuff happens.

Edit: And saw that tomorrow is your birthday! Congraz man, have fun this weeked!

Maz laughs at the joke, but can't help but wonder, was the man really jokings? After all, as the saying goes, no one's ever just joking. Of course that was just a silly saying all the same, but still.

"Heh, the man who can't get drunk is here to drink, eh?" Maz grins.

Sense Motive: [roll0]
To determine if he's really just here to enjoy the drink.

2013-01-16, 09:02 PM
"Yes, I am. It's good stuff, and I do so enjoy drinking."

He drinks another two tankards. You begin to wonder just where it all goes...

bindin garoth
2013-01-19, 01:07 PM
OOC: Did my Sense motive reveal anything?

If only he hadn't daze me with my detect thoughts spell......... :smallfrown:

Also, is there a spot from which I could see the ownerbut not be seen by this guy? I have my suspicions about him...... Than again, this is Aldhaven. I'm suppose to be suspicious about everyone :smalltongue:

And sorry for the long wait time, going through a lot of stuff right now (and yes, you could replace "stuff" with a four-letter word that has the same beginning letter).

2013-01-21, 10:48 AM
Your Sense Motive did not reveal that he was being dishonest or hiding anything.

The owner has a clear view of the entire room from where he works at the bar.