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2012-10-26, 10:34 PM
This is where I will post all mission critical, judge type, and kill posts. This is my authority. As such I will only post the first scene when all players are set and ready.

2012-10-28, 12:51 AM
Shock, that was of course the first sensation one experienced when anyone was brought out of cryo. As your tube cells opened to the highly filtered air aboard your shuttle. A man sits in front of you, tight black leather seems to cover every portion of this man's body excluding his head. Multiple military commendations plant him at least as an admiral by navy standards. He seems to have been the one to wake you as his rich deep voice is the first thing you hear other then the crackling of your stiff joints.

"Evening boys. Teas on the table and the commander is ready to brief you."

He seems to be interested in how quickly you recover from cryo. Neither of you are suffering from cryo sickness and you aren't sick to your stomach. Spartan 501's A.I. is not currently connected to him, and is in "sleep" in storage. Neither of you are currently suited up, but the armory is clearly marked through the door to your right. You could go straight there, but you don't have standing orders to do so. The bulkhead to the bridge is seen just past the leather clad man, and he would not stop you if you went to head to the commanders room. Non-cryo sleep personnel have their bunker are to the door at your left and if you continued back along the hall the cryo tubes are stored in, you would be in the hanger for deployment. Easily noticeable is that you are currently on the Living Flame, a battle ship you boarded for a set of missions around the galaxy.

2012-10-28, 01:08 AM
Scooter considers his options for a moment, deciding it's best to head straight to the commander.


Kozak makes the choice to go suit up in the armory

2012-10-28, 01:20 AM
(To scooter) As you start to head for the bridge the man in leather rises and slides a keycard that he had previously hidden that causes the bulkhead to beep. The door slides open to your approach and it slides open to reveal the wide open deck for clear visibility and functionality of the crew. As you enter the commander is in full regalia. He sits in his captains chair conversing with 3 separate holograms. The yellowed hologram in the center you know to be your personal A.I.; A green A.I. stands closest to the commander and seems to be the ships onboard computer by it's simplistic appearance. The last is a solid blue of a default A.I. designation. You can only assume it belongs to the other Spartan in the room. He is already in full gear and is talking quietly to the commander. As you approach he falls silent adn stands next to the commander. Commander Tavus turns to you and smiles saying in a warm voice,

"Ah, 501 is awake, how'd you sleep Petty Officer Scooter?"

Behind him you can see you A.I. peeking around the commander to wave to you.


(to Kozak) The armory door slides open as you approach it. The armory is the same old simplistic design. Parallel rows of armor racks stick ot either wall. While the right wall is obviously reserved for the armor of a spartan since there are 2 cells with unmanned armor at the ready and 1 cell now vacant. The right side of the room is clearly ODST and Marine armor racks. Each cell has a simple pass-code to access your armor, of course so only you can get to your armor. Your armor is hung upright inside the mesh cage and is ready to be strapped on and taken into combat as soon as you open the doors.

2012-10-28, 01:27 AM
I slept well sir. I'm rested and ready for action


Kozak dons his armor and heads out to meet with Scooter and the Commander for breifing

2012-10-28, 01:38 AM
(to scooter) The commander gives a bit of a smile and nods as he turns and pulls your A.I. chip from the console. The holo-display of Pilot flickers off as he extends the chip to you.

"Alright then, armor up, boot up Pilot. Meet back here in an hour with Sergeant Gagnes and the other two ODST's. You are free to get acquainted with the team going to be accompanying you on this mission."

The commander gestures to the urban camo style, balck and white painted spartan next to him.

"This is Aguas. He will be the leader of the mission when you hit groundside. You are dismissed."
(to Kozak) The doors to the bridge slide open just in time to see Commander Tavus gesture to a spartan you have never seen before and inform Scooter that this new spartan's name was Aguas, and that he would be in charge when yo hit planetside. Currently, your armor's systems are set to restricted while on board, but will be activated in the drop shells.

2012-10-28, 01:46 AM
Kozaks walks in and nods toward Scooter, he then turns his attention to the Commander "Sergeant Gagne reporting for duty!" then proceeds to shake hands with CO Aguas


Scooter hurries to the armory and and puts on his armor then inserts Pilot in his slot and boots him up

2012-10-28, 02:03 AM
(To Kozak)
The commander nods to you and decides Aguas can handle this, he needs to keep in control of the ship. The Spartan shakes your hand carefully...knowing the difference in stregnth and having mastered it. His voice sounds like someone gave him gravel to chew, low, scratchy and gruff.

"Pleasure meeting you Sergeant. I hear you have prior experience working with 501. Good, will make it easier to bond the team up. You can call me Aguas, 526, or I personally prefer to be called Nexus if you don't mind."

He breaks the handshake before gesturing to the bulkhead, inclining for you to lead the way.

"Care to join me in the barracks for some quick R&R while we wait for Tavus to call us back in here?"

(To scooter)
By the time you reach the armory, a woman at around 7' is claiming her own spartan armor. The underarmor shirt she is wearing marks her as Spartan 600 and she pretty much ignores you as she collects and equips her armor. Her armor is a deep sage green. The visor itself is a reflective silver and as she looks at you suiting up, she asks simply.

"Ah. Finally rubbing the sleep from your eyes."

Strangely enough, she left right after saying that, not giving you time to respond. Still, soon enough you were fully equipped in your own Mark IV armor and one by one your primary systems came online. Within seconds of your HUD loading, you can hear your A.I. chime in.

"You know, I watched you sleep. The whole time. I tried to make it sound less creepy.....but you were a popsicle."

Once again, a joke almost formed at the mind of Pilot, before he just screwed it up. Oh well, it wasn't going to be funny anyways. Still, your armor was up and running and already you could feel the armor syncing with your muscles so that you would be able to activate your enhanced agility at a moment's notice.

2012-10-28, 02:20 AM
Kozak follows Nexus to the barracks but keeps his distance. Once in he finds a seat on some crates in the corner.


Scooter heads out to speak with Spartan 600

"So what do I call ya?"

2012-10-28, 02:34 AM
(To Kozak.) In the room are 2 other ODST's, you have not met either of these men either. Today is full of meeting new people. Nexus doesn't really say anything else as he leads you in, but there is some food on a medium coffee table in the center of the room. You are hungry from not having eaten anything in quite some time so the food and drink is very appealing. The other ODST have their helmets off and are eating carefully, not gorging themselves.

Before you have time to move over and eat some as well, you hear a familiar voice from the hall, and shortly the door opens as another unknown spartan enters, followed by Scooter.

(To scooter)

She keeps walking as if she didn't hear you, even to the point that she moved into the moved into the barracks without a word. Stopping at a solid metal chair, she spun it and sat cross legged over it. Nodding to Nexus, who obviously knew her. Only then answering Scooter's question.

"Well, for public knowledge I go by Kat, since my name is Katherine. My nickname is Irons though if you prefer that. I respond to both."

Taking up with naming themselves, Nexus continues the chain.

"Nexus, Aguas, or 526."

Next the ODST who seems to be drinking more than eating. As he turns his head it is clear he ha d a close call, since he only had one eye. He says simply. "Name is Buck."

The other ODST seems to be completely out of it, since the red haired young man doesn't respond for a few blank moments before he looks around.

"Erm....Ryans.....no nickname. First mission. Nice to meet you all?"

It is obvious he is green as grass, but doesn't seem to be intimidated by the Spartans.

Scooter would notice Kozak in the corner. In your helm, Pilot chirps in.

"I say you could take the girl in a hand to hand fight. Go for her breasts. They are her weak point!"

2012-10-28, 03:02 AM
Kozak gets up and walks over to the coffee table, grabs a drink. He then goes over to Ryans and introduces himself to the room

"Names Kenneth you can call me Kozak though" (To Ryans) "So this is your first time huh? Stick close to me and ill make sure you get through this alive"

Kenneth extends his hand to Ryans


Scooter actually found himself chuckle a little at Pilot's joke "hey you actually managed to let off a good one there Pilot"

(to room) "My name is Scooter Kellie you can each call me Scoots, Ghost, or Phantom your choice. I aint to fond of being called by a number though, so use that one sparingly"

2012-10-28, 11:25 AM
(to Kozak)
There are some nods as you give your name to them. Everyone seems to acknowledge it. Ryans looks you over once and gives a soft chuckle.

"I'm not worried Ken-...Kozak. There aren't just us 3 ODST, there are 3 Spartan's on this mission."

(To scooter)

You get pretty much the same. Though the tone of the room is one of light amusement, might be your nickname scoots. Still, the team seems to be a functional group of people and there is no friction between any of them.

(To Both)

Clapping his armored hands together to draw his attention to himself, Nexus begins to move to the back of the room, and opens up a personal storage box, drawing out a holo-map. It is empty, but as you watch it lights up with multiple shapes. It's a simple above view map of a facility and some outlying woodlands. A clearing near the far left of the woodland has been marked in red as Nexus begins to speak and point at the red area.

"Well, until Tavus gives us our splinter teams and orders, I will give you all the overview. This clearing will be our drop zone, we are going in by Orbital Drop, so Kozak is in charge of checking everyone's drop pod before we drop off since he's the most experience ODST here. We are dropping into an area of unknown hostiles. The facility..." He drags his finger across the holomap, creating a thin white line that displays the facility being 6 miles away from your drop point "...went dark about 7 weeks back. There were no reports of an attack, but the outpost is silent as can be. We can't pick up any radio chatter on planet except from the colonists near the other side of the planet who still keep in contact, but refuse to scope the outpost."

He takes a pause and stands up a bit, giving you all a full view of the map. "Any questions?"

2012-10-28, 06:32 PM
Scooter chooses to stay silent


Kozak chooses to stay silent

2012-10-28, 07:24 PM
(To both) As there was no questions he stood up and did a bit of stretching out a bit.

"Well then good. Check weapons. Get your systems unlocked and meet me in the bridge for full briefing."

At this he starts to head out, and the rest of the team puts back on their headgear if it has been removed, and mostly migrates for the armory, only Kat and Nexus headed for the bridge.

The man who was clad in leather is now gone from sight and the door to the bridge unmanned but open access to all.

2012-10-28, 09:54 PM
Kozak heads to the armory grabs his weapons and goes to the bridge


Scooter does the same

2012-10-28, 11:30 PM
(To Both) As you equip yourselves. you can't help but notice the only weapons Kat has in her arsenal is the standard combat knife and grenades. A strange looking crossbow type weapon, and a pistol. This was her equipment. The ODST both go with he standard DMR, and Assault Rifle combo.

Shortly, you all move to the bridge, the bridge is extremely lively, and for the first time, a planet is in full view of the windows on the walls, it is made of more land than water and there are green rings hanging about this planet. The commander waits until everyone is inside.

"Good, glad everyone is here. This is going to be a covert mission, if you die. Family will be told you were killed in a covenant incursion. The hostile is unknown and only one base is out of contact. The base can only be reached by way of going on foot, or special landing codes. As there is no one giving out the codes, the only option is on foot. The last squad of marines was tore apart by the local wildlife and their hog demolished. So we're sending you instead. The enemy might be covenant, or insurrectionists, maybe it was ovverrun by beasts.....and we hope to God it isn't flood. No matter what, it is your job to clean up. You will be split into 3 teams, 1 ODST and 1 spartan per. Kat, Ryans. You are apart of the forward team. Scooter, Gagne. You are the recon and special ops team. You will need to move anywhere at a moments notice and stealthily handle any issues. Aguas, Buck. You are on Survelliance, backup, and recon."

He pauses at this time as your positions you will start at light up on the holomap before you.

"Sergenat Gagnes, you are to check over the drop pods and brief the Spartans on drop procedure. You have 30 mins till you drop in, dismissed."

2012-10-28, 11:41 PM
Scooter knew drop procedure from the many times he had working with ODSTs so he just waited for Kozak to fill in Kat and Nexus


"Okay ladies whatcha your gonna wanna do when you get in your pod is to strap yourself in, make sure everything is working, and as your dropping hold on tight, and pray to god your chute works. Cause if it doesnt your gonna have one hell of a landing. Any questions? "

2012-10-28, 11:50 PM
(To both) They nod and go to their predesignated pods, each one having a number stamp and a name assigned to it. Even so, everyone is crawling up in their pods, ready for drop. There is an extra pod after everyone is in, but a quick glance reveals that the pod is for supplies in case the mission lasts a few days.

A few minutes of idle chatter are available for use.

(Free post :3)

2012-10-29, 12:03 AM
Kozak decides to take this opportunity to complete his missionly ritual of writing a letter to his family, tossing it out and then closing the hatch of his pod to await drop


Scoots decides to pass the time with a quick "you ready?" to Pilot while he closes his hatch

2012-10-29, 12:10 AM
(To Kozak) An orderly comes by and taps your hatch pointing to the later. Showing he would send it.
(to scooter)
Pilot chirps in, "Ready as can be. I have no control over this pod so if you smash into a chunk of debris, you'll at least be a star.....you know...."

2012-10-29, 12:39 AM
*sarcastic* hmph funny Pilot.

Scoots and Kozak await drop

2012-10-29, 01:02 AM
(To both) A few more minutes go by before finally, the klaxon to announce the drop begins to blare and in each of your pods you hear.

"Well, do us proud soldiers. There will be a party when you get back.....and if anyone is dead. Collect their tags and bury the bodies."

A few more moments pass as the pods self-test themselves. Your bracings tighten against your armor as the hatch pods open. The only system you will have full control over in drop will be the comms. You can talk to each other on the way down.

Finally, the countdown to launch begins...

A shattering silence soon prevails as all the pods launch at once, jettisoning you into open space as you drift for the planet....

((Anything you want to say over comms?))

2012-10-29, 01:06 AM
Scoots stays silent


(to all) "Lock and load people we are going feet first into hell"

(to scoots) "Hey Scoots ill see you on the ground"

2012-10-29, 01:17 AM
Luckily, the drop goes EXACTLY as planned. There are no casualties at all, and you each impact in designated ground. The shock upon hitting the ground is tremendous, but as usual, there is a check call for everyone. Everyone responds in as green, and all at once your pods open.

The area in front of Kozak and Scooter is an open field, they cannot see the other drop pods, but that is to be expected since you were landing in different areas to being with. The dense forest you will have to make your way through surrounds you from all sides, and the sounds of the forest are not at all noticable. The atmosphere registers as breathable on your HUD.

(To Kozak) Your Visor reads a red outline to your direct left, but it is not in motion or registering as a known threat. There are no white markers in the area or yellow markers.

(To Scooter) Pilot suddenly chirps up as soon as you land. "Sir, as soon as we landed I picked up a constant signal of three letters in Morse code. It is local so I can see why it was un-noticable from orbit. The letter are, R, U, and N. It is not on the official distress channel.

2012-10-29, 01:33 AM
Kozak lets scoots know about his blip on the radar and we decide to go check it out

2012-10-29, 01:38 AM
As you approach the red mark on his visor, the forest goes dead. The only sounds accompanying your sounds such as breathing and the moving of your body, is the hissing of your pods as the outer shell cools. Coming around the tree to investigate, you find a oddly shaped transmission box, specially wired to register as a living body, and register as a covenant troop.....in other words.

A trap.

A single beep comes from the box, your only warning before the explosive beneath activates.


2012-10-29, 01:52 AM
we choose to get behind the tree next to the explosive to shield the blast

2012-10-29, 02:04 AM
The tree splinters at the blast, but the stray wooden splinters merely glance harmlessly off your shields. There is not rebuttal at all. No sudden ambush. No more flashes of red, but you DO get a call from Aguas.

"Oi. Scooter, what was that? Your shields fluctuated then we heard a blast. I have full green on your life signs, any equipment damage?"

Your equipment is thoroughly undamaged, but one can be fairly certain, if that bomb was meant to be a trap. Someone must have set it, and you probably weren't the only ones to hear that explosion.

Even so, you don't have the clearance to stay here without checking in, you are recon. So you have to move to your point. On the opposite side of the clearing is the dirt path you will be taking to your overwatch point. The river near your point is what you will use to transport yourself quickly and covertly if backup is needed. The trip will take you a few hours if you go carefully, and around 2 hours if you haul it.

2012-10-29, 02:11 AM
Kozak takes point as we head carefully to the overwatch point

2012-11-01, 05:29 PM
Halfway to the point it begins to rain suddenly, though based on the readouts given, this rain will do no harm to your skin and is just high in oxygen. It however is in a torrent of rain and the ground quickly turns to slick, sloshing, mud. The way now is hard and full of sloshing about, though you aren't cadets so you don't fall on your bums. Soon enough, you arrive at over-watch and set up camp with the supplies from your pods. Soon enough you are set down, a break tarp shielding you from the rain as you watch lights bloom out across the base you will be infiltrating. A message comes over your comms from Nexus,

"We'll sit still in this rain and move out when it stops.....those lights are pretty curious though, nice floral pattern. I heard they deliberately grew the flowers over the base since they only come out during large amounts of water and darkness....they are quite calming."

2012-11-03, 02:24 AM
"Somehow I don't find hostile defenses... calming" Scoots chuckled


Kozak stays silent

2012-11-16, 11:45 PM
(To Scooter) Your AI is quick to add on to your comment. "Of course, defense is a bit better than hostile offense......Though I do have a problem. Above ground maps show that there is a better spot for a lookout on approach to the outpost. Maybe we should relocate?"
(To Both) You quickly set up your camp in a matter of moments, giving you a camoflauged tent that is literally invisible to the naked eye from the outside, and doesn't appear on high resevoir energy detection either.

You have time to remove your armor and talk if you so needed to, but Kozak's monitor measures multiple green forms moving around near the clearing you landed in. They are larger than hunters but seem to be bulky and slow. After a moment a crack of thunder can be heard and a yellow shape joins the green mob, this one appears to be the same...just...sharper. They don't seem to be interested in your pods or where you are now, just the area around the bomb.