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2012-10-26, 11:35 PM
This will be the form for which your character may be molded. You may add additional characteristics like family.

Choose 1 physical ability: boosted agility, boosted strength, boosted shielding;

Choose 2 special abilities: Bubble Shield, Cloaking, Remote Weapon Control/Aiming HUD, Suit Based Auto surgery, A.I.

Full Legal Name:


Number(if applicable)(must be over 500):



Height(outside of armor):

Weight (approximate):


Distinguishing Marks:

Physical Armor Ability:

Armor Special Traits:

Favored Weaponry:

Misc. Equipment:

Prior History(Training is a blank that I shall fill):

2012-10-27, 01:31 AM
Full Legal Name:Scooter Kellie

Aliases: The Phantom, The ghost

Number(if applicable)(must be over 500):501



Height(outside of armor):8 ft
Weight (approximate):115 outside armor


Specific Armor types: EVA helmet

Distinguishing Marks:No distinguishing marks, aside from a tally of scratches on my armor for counting stealth kills.

Physical Armor Ability: boosted agility

Armor Special Traits: Cloaking, A.I

A.I. Specifics: Spartan 501's A.I. is none other than Pilot, previously known as Marcus Talner. During insertion the spartan was seen busting momentarily into uncharacteristic laughter as the minds met one another. Pilot has been known to have a healthy sense of humor.....that only he finds humorous. His sense of joke telling is laid back and at the oddest of times, though never what one would call, "Endangering." Pilot has been know to have errors with long arduous calculations due to his focus for quick results. A unique ability this A.I. seems to hold is hearing anything and everything on chatter so it has been made known to keep him deaf during any private conversations. As for age, Pilot is 2 years old as an A.I.

Favored Weaponry: Shotgun sword

Misc. Equipment: Combat Knife

Prior History: I get my name from the fact my enemies rarely see me til its to late if at all. I'm proficient in stealth kills, but I have a shotgun should the element of surprise elude me.

2012-10-28, 12:32 AM
FFull Legal Name: Kenneth Paul Gagne

Aliases: Kozak

Number(if applicable)(must be over 500):ODST Unit 752

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Height(outside of armor): 6' 5

Weight (approximate): 210

Color: standard ODST gray with Red stripe on helm and shoulder pads

Distinguishing Marks: Left shoulder pad Crosshairs carved in for number of headshots
Chestplate: Covie Killer written

Physical Armor Ability: Boosted shielding

Armor Special Traits: Cloaking and Auto- surgery

Favored Weaponry: Sniper Rifle, BR

Misc. Equipment: ODST standard Visor

Prior History(Training is a blank that I shall fill): During standard training, cadet Gagne had outstanding marks in every combat excercise. It was obvious that he had the stuff for an ODST, so even at the age of 14 he was pulled for the elite training it offered. Due to extenuating circumstances however, his training was almost cut short by a misfire. It was in no way Gagne's fault, but this first encounter left a mental scar on him. It led him to be more cautious, careful, consercative. Making him an ideal person to sit as an authority figure. Best yet, a spartan, specifically one with the designation of 501, called him for a team mission. Unlike most who looked on the Spartans with scorn. He found favor with this one and the two struck a friendship. They work well in a team and have semi-similar equipment. I come from Russia.
I have fought in many critical moments of the war. My unit suffered complete annihilation in the battle of new Jerusalem which has left me a man of few words, however I show complete compassion for my teammates, and am willing to sacrifice myself for the good of the mission.

2012-11-30, 08:21 PM
Full Legal Name: Nitas Lurin Feos
Aliases: Grizzly, Shadow
Number(if applicable)(must be over 500): 685
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height(outside of armor): 6'11''
Weight (approximate): 185
Color: Black with white outlining
Distinguishing Marks: Helmet looks as if it were damaged by sturdy shrapnel and armor looks bigger to compensate with the big build of Nitas
Physical Armor Ability: Boosted Strength
Armor Special Traits: A.I and Remote Weapon Control
Favored Weaponry: MA5K and Rail Gun
Misc. Equipment: Explosive devices