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2012-10-27, 11:45 AM
Conscientia, the capital city for worshippers of Ioun. Her symbol hangs everywhere, whether it be on banners, on street signs, on posts, on flags. Even at night, many of the symbols shine brightly, illuminated by magic to serve as a guiding light to everyone within its safe walls.

Ioun is, first and formost, the god of knowledge, skill, and prophecy. Every building is meticulously crafted, each a sign of worship to their god, and the many bizzare and unique structures stick out even now, in the hour where the singular moon reigns supreme.

Large parts of the city is occupied by fantastic libraries of all sizes and shapes, with the central library a wonder of its own, constantly filled with people updating and sharing information. But far from the hub of activity, 4 people enter a local church quietly, the ornate double doors closing behind them silently.

Boendal, Hawthorn, Rain and Torhen step through into the peaceful sanctuary quickly noting that the place was empty, save for the pope sitting quietly in one of the pews, a brightly shining crystaline sphere floating in the main aisle, and the four of them.

As soon as the last person filters in, the the great orb cracks and falls into shards on the temple's floor. Only a smaller orb of the same material is left intact in the center.

Shortly, the shards littering the floor begin to align themselves and reform into a humanoid form. The orb rises into its hand. The clear, glassy being regards the pope and PCs for several minutes before turning abruptly and executing a bow to the pope.

It then turns to the PCs. Words begin to form, slowly at first, then more rapidly with practice, "I am Arkaya. I am to assist in and document your investigations into the ebb of divine magic."

The old man, dressed in white long robes rimmed with yellow, gives a gentle smile at the construct, and call out in a voice that was laden with age and wisdom, but clearly enunciated, a whisper that seemed enhanced by the confines of the church, "My children, please, do sit," he said, gesturing at the many empty seat, "You may be confused why you are here, with people you hardly know. All will be explained in due time. Arkaya, dear, if you may...?" he quried, gesturing at the pesdestal, as if wanting it to say a few words in the name of Ioun.

2012-10-27, 02:25 PM

"Of course, Most Holy."

The construct bows again, then takes its place as protocol dictates.

18th Avenger
2012-10-27, 09:28 PM
Last to step into the beautiful building by dint of him being the replacement, the big half orc did as the old cleric bid, taking a seat on one of the pews close to the dais, his back straight against the rest with his brawny arms folded across his chest and trying not to look impressed when he saw the construct, Arkaya.

There was an air of serenity about the place, Tor thought. Living for most of his life in Conscientia, one couldn't turn in place without finding one of the libraries and temples within sight. He knew of good people associated with the faith of Ioun who did their best for those less fortunate and had nothing but respect for the institution.

The construct took her place among them, and it looked as if the Pope, or rather Arkaya, would begin with one of those little opening prayers those of the faith were fond of. He kept quiet, as was the proper thing to do.

2012-10-28, 01:29 PM
Boendal step into the church. The dwarf was grumbling a little for being waked and called in the dead of night. Upon seeing the pope Boendal salute him as it was proper, decided to keep a straight face and wait.

Bewilderment was all over his face when the construct took form. Quickly regaining his composure Boendal kept quiet. Things started to look serious, whatever was going to happen he had to be ready.

Then he did as he was told and took a sit.

2012-10-28, 01:53 PM
Hawthorn entered the church sitting on the shoulder of Rain of Autumn, thinking that would be less conspicuous than a pixie flying around in the dead of night. While not particularly enthusiastic about this "secret mission," anything was better than being stuck in school. Hopefully it'd give him a chance to see the world, too.

As the impressive display of mystical power ended, Hawthorn jumped off of Rain's shoulder and flew to the plushest pew in sight, settling comfortably into its massive cushion.

2012-10-28, 08:08 PM
Harboring some feelings of unease toward the mission bestowed upon her by her master, Rain of Autumn enters the temple and notes the impressive display, wondering if the crystalline man could perform this feat without pain--or if he felt such things.

Swiftly and silently following her small companion to an empty pew, Rain's eyes dart around the church as she awaits the crystalline construct's elaboration. Once she was sure everyone had been seated, Rain silently nodded to the crystalline being, attempting to imply she was certain none would interrupt his speech.

2012-10-28, 10:16 PM

Once attention is focused on it, the transparent construct begins to speak.

"A few months ago, a handful of highly-placed and skilled practitioners of magic noticed a minute degree of unreliability in their blessings. These divine specialists resolved to address the issue through more fervent prayer."

"Additionally, His Most Holy of Ioun sought to approach this irregularity with reasoned study. Through the course of several weeks, my wise creator reviewed various experiments, observations and auguries. He has concluded and prophesied that divine magic is waning, with a better than 95-per-100 certainty."

"Unless certain steps are taken, the illumination of Ioun as well as other divinities, will fade from this world."

"Some of these steps should be taken by us, to best ensure that this fate is avoided."

2012-10-28, 11:42 PM
The pope tiredly rubs his eyes, nodding at the construct in approval. Sighing deeply, he stands up, letting the long robes flow about his form.

"Even now, our connection to Ioun wanes..."

Suddenly, energy pours out from his frail form, a warmth feeling that comforts all of those in his presence. But something seems...diminished, weakened, as if this feeling is only a shadow of what it was supposed to be. Those more attuned with Ioun and the divine arts can catch a brief glimpse of Ioun herself, though this image is brief and weak.

"This is what is happening," he says, as he falls back into the comfort of the pew, looking even more tired, "I...do not know why, much as it pains me to say so. I have talked to the popes who favor Corellon and Bahamut, but both seemed to be suffering the same problem, and can offer no solution."

"I have a favor to ask you, all of you. Boendal and Torhen, protectors of the people, Hawthorn, student of the academy, Rain, acrobat and champion, and Arkaya, cleric of our faith. I have no clear direction for you, but I can offer you paths to take.

A friend of mine suggests that it could be the work of some of the darker religions. We have not heard from them, and we know not if they are the cause. It would certaintly be possible if the despicable Vecna is behind this.

Alternatively, you could go to Diimopheus, capital city of Corellon. They are organising groups to search ancient temples and libraries for clues and possible rituals.

This is all I have to offer. Please do suggest any other plans of you can think of them..."

2012-10-29, 01:58 AM
Arms and legs folded in a meditative seating position, Rain reflects on her teachings.
"Master Xon-Karzajj once taught me: all beings hold divinity in regard. Following that mote of insight, it would be unwise to assume the worshipers of Vecna have had a hand in this misfortune without first coming into possession of any proof of their misdeed.

"While I would not doubt Vecna's influence in these affairs, his priests should be harmed no less from this ebb as any other cleric. It'd be wise to first speak with those in Diimopheus; maybe they'll have uncovered some secret worth making note of before we pose a hasty quarrel."

Rain looks to the others, eyes darting as she studies each of their features, wondering if there was more to their gathering than mere coincidence, as she awaits a response.

2012-10-29, 04:16 AM
The lady had a point, touching his beard he said.
"I agree with the lady. As much as i want to find a solution quickly. We can't charge a temple on some assumption, but we have to make haste before the faithful gather in every church and start going at each other for answers."

He waited for the other to share their thinking.

18th Avenger
2012-10-29, 05:40 AM
With his face creased in thought, Tor grunted.

"In all honesty, things like magic or gods are a little beyond my thinkin'. I believe in the strength of will and the goodness of people, no matter what race or creed."

He sat a little straighter. "But because you came to my teacher an' me, asking for help, you'll get it. Or my name ain't Torhen Treads-Far."

The half-orc put a great grey hand to his chin. "I'm with the monk and the dwarf. Not to mention my teacher might still have friends in Diimopheus." He nodded at Rain and Boendal in agreement. "Besides, we shouldn't jump to conclusions just 'cause someone worships a god of a darker stripe. For all we know, ol' Missing-Head might really be going deaf too."

2012-10-29, 12:51 PM
"I hear Diimopheus is a blast, anyway, so sounds like a solid plan to me.

But I got one question. How do you know for sure the bad gods are losing their powers, too? If we're not jumpin' to conclusions that the Vecna-heads DID do it, then we can't just say for sure they didn't."

He jumped up from his seat and flew over to hover in front of the half-orc.

"If you're the same Torhen Treads-Far that I heard of, then you know how to get around the parts'a town where the sun don't shine, if you catch my drift? While we're in the oh so fair city of my ancestors' patron, why don't we see if we can round up one of ol' Right-Eye's clerics and see if he knows the score? Either they ARE up to something, and we got ourselves a lead, or they ain't, and they'll wanna team up since we'll all be in the same pickle anyway. What do you guys think?"

18th Avenger
2012-10-29, 01:22 PM
Tor tried not to go with his gut instinct and swat the buzzing pixie out from his face. Rather, he did what Teach taught him to do; focus not on who's talking but on what was being said. Simple enough. The half orc focused on the fact that one of the tiny-folk even heard of him and tried not to grin.

"Well, we can try," he responded rather dubiously. "I'm not on first-name terms with any Vec-heads, but some of my mates might know where they like to get watered." He turned to the party. "We don't go out of our way to pick fights with them, but we'd rather they stay out of our turf. They make folk uneasy, see." Tor offered by way of explanation. "We been burned before by the Vec-heads..."

2012-10-30, 12:38 AM

"We may end up exercising both options. Since our time is limited, I expect it'd be sensible to pursue the option more readily available to us. Diimopheus would be a bit of a journey. Seeking a cult of Vecna may well be no easy task."

"I suggest we seek leads. If none materialize, we then depart to Diimopheus."

2012-10-30, 03:13 AM
Boendal looked at Tor
"Sounds like a good old beating on a priest to me. It's not that i disagree on getting clues from here but i'm not fond of kicking helpless people."

He took a small pause and continue
"That is, if you and your people can find a Vecna cult. Anyway if everyone follow your plan i will too"

18th Avenger
2012-10-30, 05:26 AM
"Which is what we won't do, master dwarf. I agree with you when I mean that we were gonna ask 'em nicely."

From his barrel chest, Tor's voice was deep and bass, like the low grunting of a bear. The tone of his voice had a hard undercurrent, a man who kept all the promises he'd made.

Tor then favored Boendal with a great tusked smile that took the edge of his fierce appearance. "Besides, we're the good guys, right?"

He turned to the others. "So while some of us arrange passage to Diimopheus, the others will wander about town and see if we can chat with the Vec-heads, if we can find them. That sound right?" The half orc still looked skeptical as to whether or not they could find the cult of the Lord of Secrets or one of his representatives.

2012-10-30, 11:04 PM
"Now, now, I didn't mean to say we should split up already, and I definitely didn't mean to say we put the beatdown on a helpless clergyman. If you put words like that in my mouth, it'll only give us wee folk a slightly worse reputation than we deserve. I'm just sayin' we keep our options open."

He looked at Tor. "Sorry 'bout the misunderstanding, didn't mean to make you out to be a common thug. Let's head to Diimopheus, see what's what, and if we have the time, check out some gambling dens, or speakeasies, or wherever it is the Lord of Secrets keeps his underlings."

2012-10-30, 11:40 PM
The pope smiles warmly, standing up to leave.

"It warms my heart that you have taken so readily to the service of Ioun, and I thank you for that. It seems that there is a general concensus to head to Diimopheus, and there will be a carriage waiting for you at noon at the north gate, if this is what you want. I'm sorry, but an old man like me cannot withstand the rigors of a late night's sleep, and I have to retire lest I suffer tomorrow morning. Arkaya, dear, may this help you in your travels."

Within the folds of his clothes, he pulls out a holy symbol, pressing it into Arkaya's crystal hands.

"My Ioun guide your thoughts. Thank you all so much for your time." he says, before leaving through the double doors, leaving everyone alone in the church.

This curious holy symbol can light up if you will it so.

Power (At-Will): Minor Action. While you hold the holy symbol, you can set its light to be bright (10-square radius), dim (5-square radius), or off.

18th Avenger
2012-10-31, 02:52 AM
"S'okay, little guy. I know you meant nothing by it." Tor held his hands up in a peacable gesture.

In a small gesture of respect, he looked up at the pope and bid him a good night. From what Teach had told him about the old cleric, a good night's sleep was the least he'd deserved. The half-orc looked to his new colleagues once again.

"But fact stands, though. We might find ourselves by the north gate later nodding off in our boots. The underworld here's small and quiet. Vecna likes secrets, right? That means they don't advertise an' that means it'll make any search much harder."

2012-10-31, 03:00 AM
"That's it for tonight. A good night rest will do us good."

turning to Arkaya he said "If you have nowhere to stay for the night, you can sleep in my room. Those things you call bed are too soft for me anyway."

"Good night, every one."

2012-10-31, 06:56 AM

"Thank you, Most Holy, for the aesthetic and apt metaphor for Ioun's enlightenment."

Addressing Boendal, the construct continues, "Your offer of hospitality is appreciated. It is my understanding that I have a few other items to collect to aid us on the journey. I will join you shortly."

It then walks with some deliberation to a bundle nearby and clothes itself. It fastens the holy symbol to the front of its garb like a badge.

Unusually for a cleric, Arkaya is wearing hide armor.

2012-10-31, 11:36 AM
After a good night's sleep, the five meet each other at the front gate at noon...and sure enough, there is a carraige waiting for the party. Drawn by two horses, the carriage itself seems pretty standard, a large but simple white affair, and although the driver (as well as some passerbys) look curiously at the diverse group and one crytalline being, the journey starts without any interruptions, as the driver stays quiet for the most bit.

The journey there is pretty quiet, and for two hours, only the chitter and chatter of birds and other wildlife give you any indication of your surroundings.

However, slightly after two hours, the carriage suddenly stops, and you hear the driver cursing under his breath while the horses neigh loudly.


As you exit the carriage, you notice a huge stone blocking the path. A kobold stands on top of it, and on its signal, kobolds burst from the trees to face you, grinning wickedly as they ready their weapons.


It is everyone's turn.

2012-10-31, 11:51 AM

Glancing at the assembled kobolds, the construct pauses to evaluate the situation.

Knowledge (Nature) checks:KM: [roll0]
KD: [roll1]
KS: [roll2]
KW: [roll3]

Passive Insight: 19 (Are the kobolds imminently hostile, or do they wish to parley first? Which one is in charge?)

2012-10-31, 09:16 PM
If they seem hostile, the following, otherwise delay actions:

Rain of Autumn readies her battle stance, snarling at the tiny beasts.
"I doubt they wish to parley, but intend to take what they can. However, I can tell them now, we have nothing of value, at least, nothing for you," she speaks, addressing the supposed leader atop the stone. Looking back, she speeds towards the nearest kobold and attempts to sweep it with her leg.

moving to -b,11 and using Dragon Tail on KM. [roll0] vs Fortitude for [roll1] damage and knocking the kobold prone

18th Avenger
2012-10-31, 10:18 PM
Tor had a good morning, prior to the departure. Teach had kept a cot ready for him as soon as he'd gotten back from the church. The big half orc spent his time well; some brush-up lessons on the essentials then a big breakfast followed by some playful roughhousing with Teach's sons and daughter. A good morning, it had been.

Prior to his departure, the old human recalled a few names the group could look up when they reached Diimopheus. As usual, he was warned to proceed with caution as it had been a while since Teach had traveled. Also, it was never known until it was too late who could be watching. Vigilance would be the watch word.

But above all, Teach wished Tor well, even seeing him off at the North Gate.

The ride had been uneventful and the half orc's vigilance wasn't paying off. Until the rock in the middle of the road came up to greet them. He hopped out of the white carriage to stand next to the construct, Arkaya. He could see the one kobold not too far from where they stood. He kept his back to the coach and took a look around. Sure enough, he cold see a couple more bursting out of the treeline.

Vigilance, what?

Tor put a hand to the mace at his hip, before hunching in a predatory pose and snarling at the intrepid little beasts.

Rolling to Intimidate (looking to incoming kobolds)

2012-10-31, 10:59 PM
At the sound of the attack, Hawthorn comes flying out of the carriage, glowing green with a wellspring of magical energy. Seeing three kobolds close to him pulling their weapons out, he reacts quickly, and grabbing a tiny dagger from his belt, lets the energy flow from his arm into the blade before letting it loose with a slash, sending a blast of energy spiraling towards one of the foul little critters as if it had a mind of its own. Before waiting to see if it landed, he flits over to hover near Boendal and Torhen, feeling a bit more secure with a couple larger bodies nearby.

Chaos Bolt towards the kobold at C4
[roll0] vs Will
Damage [roll1]
If the attack roll hits and is even, secondary attack on the kobold at F2
[roll2] vs Will
Damage [roll3]

Then move to D13

I'll also roll for my resistance for today: [roll4] It's Poison!

2012-11-01, 07:19 AM
Arkaya states calmly, "The kobolds intend to kill or rob us, neither of which is acceptable. The wyrmpriest on the rock is their leader. Our driver is in a tactically poor position and must be protected."

The glassy construct then forms and fires a bolt of psychic energy from roughly where a human's heart would be located.

Standard: Gaze of Defiance [roll0] (Edit: 21, see OOC) vs Will targeting KD in -D26 for [roll1] Psychic damage and granting allies a +1 Power bonus to attack rolls against this enemy. If the target attacks Arkaya before the end of his next turn, this bonus increases to +3.
Move: Walk to -D24.
Minor: Perception roll to look for hidden enemies and observers: [roll2]

2012-11-01, 10:18 AM
Boendal thought that those creatures where to dim to negotiate with.
Boendal went to the nearest kobold and hack at him with his axe.

Reaping strike
moving to -a,10
[roll0] vs AC
[roll1] damage
If miss, the target take 2 damage
Boendal mark the kobold.
it take -2 attack roll that doesn't include Boendal.A marked ennemy that is adjacent shifts or makes an attack that doesn't include Boendal, Boendal can make a basic attack against that ennemy as an immediate interrupt.

2012-11-01, 12:01 PM
Rain sweeps her leg, knocking the kobold down, and as it tumbles to the ground, Boendal decisively ended its life with a well-aimed axe chop to the neck. The death of the kobold sent another one into a frenzy at the death of a fellow kobold, but as it charged the monk, the chaos bolt by Hawthorn knocked its javelin to the side, preventing it from stabbing the shifter clean through the heart.

Meanwhile, Arkaya lets loose a blast of psychic energy that slams into the Dragonshield, and the driver quickly draws a longsword that was hidden under the carriage.

"Missy, I sure well can take care of myself. I just don't like fighting, cause it's too tiring for me." he grunted, as his blade bounced off the other Dragonshield.

Suddenly, Tor roared, a huge guttural sound that stopped the charging kobolds in the vicinity. They started to back away slowly from the ferocious thing, but the Wyrmpriest hissed in Draconic and they stood their ground.

For those that know Draconic:
"Fools! If you run, I'll hunt you down myself and feed you to Myrin herself! Attack!"

Similarly emboldened, the Dragonshields attack, each of them cutting through their respective opponents defences (7 damage each). Quickly ducking, the slingers behind them unleash a volley of stones, though the proximity of their allies made it very difficult for them to hit anything, and the special yellow stones hit no one.

Total Damage Summary:
KD: 7 damage, +5 temp hp
KD 1: +5 temp hp

Arkaya: 7 damage
Driver: 7 damage


It is everyone's turn

2012-11-01, 12:22 PM
The kobold's weapon sends shards of crystal flying, but doesn't seem to unduly bother the automaton. Following the strike, the remaining energies flare out, highlighting weak points in the dragonshield's armor.

Since the dragonshield attacked Arkaya, all allies now enjoy a +3 power bonus to attack rolls against it until the end of Arkaya's turn.

2012-11-01, 05:07 PM
Suddenly surrounded by sounds of battle, Hawthorn looks around at the three kobolds closest to him, and calculating the potential ricochet from countless classroom accidents, fires another twirling bolt at one of them before floating up to the top of the carriage to get a better handle on the situation, all the while cackling as he shouts, "This is way better than midterms!"

Chaos Bolt at KM3
[roll0] vs Will
Damage: [roll1]
If attack is even and hits, ricochet to KM2
[roll2] vs Will
Damage: [roll3]
Same thing, ricochet to KM1
[roll4] vs Will
Damage: [roll5]
Same thing, ricochet to KM
[roll6] vs Will
Damage: [roll7]

Then move to B14, on top of the carriage

2012-11-01, 07:26 PM
Spotting the javelin fall to the ground to her side, Rain smirks.
"Many blessings, Hawthorn!" she bellows, taking in her surroundings. Rain takes note of the blockade she inadvertently left the driver and Arkaya to handle. "I'm sure you can handle yourself, but don't get killed while doing it!"

If Kobold M1 is downed:Double move to (-H, 22)
Otherwise:First things first, Rain internalizes. The shifter tosses a black braid from her eyes and quickly taps the kobold with a finger to throw it off-balance and follows up with her other arm crashing into its chest like a wave against the shore, pulling the kobold closer. Rain raps on Boendal's shoulder for his attention. "I'm going to help the driver!"

Dragon Tail on KM: [roll0] vs Fortitude (+3 from Arkaya)
Damage: [roll1] and prone
If Dragon Tail hits:
Centered Flurry of Blows on KM for 5 damage and KM moves to (-D,11)
Move 6sq. to (-F, 17)

18th Avenger
2012-11-01, 10:45 PM
"Wanna fight that much, do ya!?"

As another kobold drew level, Tor snarled fiercer as he drew his mace and stomped forward. He drew his brawny arm back and aimed a swing at the kobold's head, intent on rearranging its draconic features.

Move to D-17 and Regular Attack on KM 5
Attack Roll: [roll0] vs AC

If roll is successful: [roll1]
Adding Furious Assault: [roll2]

2012-11-02, 05:17 AM
Boendal took a quick glance at the Arkaya and the driver. He decided to take care of the creatures on his end.
Roaring he stroke the kobolt.

Reaping strike
moving to -c,10
[roll0] vs AC
[roll1] damage
If miss, the target take 2 damage
Boendal mark the kobold.

2012-11-02, 07:42 AM
Arkaya clicks a couple of times, then shifts backward and blasts his attacker again.

Move: Shift to -C23
Standard: Phantom Bolt [roll0] vs KD's Will for [roll1] damage; on a hit, KD grants CA and may not make OAs UEMNT.

2012-11-03, 06:59 AM
Hawthorn, in his excitement, misses completely, and as he flits up to the safety of the carriage. The kobold he was aiming at snarls at the shot, and yips to his fellow kobold, and both of them nimbly clammer up the carriage after the pixie. The first one immediately takes a dagger to the eye, and he falls back down, quite dead. The second, taking advantage of the situation, manages to make it to top, and engages in a brief tussle with the pixie, but a slight push and a quick slash ensured that the out-of-balance kobold joins his friend.

For those that know draconic:
"Get the stupid fairy!"

Near the fallen kobolds, Tor lunges forward, but the javelin has a slightly longer range than the mace, and Tor was pushed back with a quick jab to the chest as the kobold sniggers (5 damage).

Meanwhile, Boendal quickly dispatches the kobold near him, allowing Rain to rush off to help the driver. The other kobold rushes in to stab the dwarf, but the fighter was quick enough to dislodge the axe from the other kobold's skull to block the incoming javelin.

As the monk approaches the driver, he notices the driver's longsword deflecting off his enemy's shield, giving the kobold an opening to slice him for 9 damage, while the other Dragonshield dodges Arkaya's arcane bolt of energy, his sword slashing the crystalline being for 7 damage. However, as Rain turns back to the other three enemies, he sees a white stone, a red stone, and a blast of arcane energy flying towards him. He quickly sidesteps the red stone and the blast of energy, but the yellow rock explodes in his face, covering him with some sort of sticky, white substance.

Total Damage Summary:
KD: 7 damage, +5 temp hp
KD 1: +5 temp hp

Arkaya: 14 damage, marked by KD
Driver: 16 damage, marked by KD 1
Tor: 5 damage
Rain: Immobilized (save ends)


It is everyone's turn!

2012-11-03, 07:14 AM
The blow staggers Arkaya, which begins sparking psychic energy. The construct lurches into a strategic area and unleashes a large flare of divine magic.

Move: Walk to -F24, provoking an OA from KD.
Standard: Beacon of Hope [roll0] (activates on 2+)
vs KD will [roll1], weakening UENT on a hit.
vs KD1 will [roll2], weakening UENT on a hit.
vs KS will [roll3], weakening UENT on a hit.
vs KS1 will [roll4], weakening UENT on a hit.
vs KW will [roll5], weakening UENT on a hit.
Arkaya, Rain and Driver all healed for 5. Arkaya's Healing powers now heal +5hp UEE.
If the power fails (1 in 20): Spend AP to retry [roll6] with the attack rolls, above.
If Arkaya is still bloodied, Minor Action Healing Word on self for [roll7] plus a HS (+7) healed; activation 2+: [roll8]

2012-11-03, 09:34 AM
Deflecting the javelin easily with his shield. Boendal started to laugh and with a grin said loudly"I already rip apart your friends. Your next !"

Reaping strike
on KM1
[roll0] vs AC
[roll1] damage
If miss, the target take 2 damage
Boendal mark the kobold.

If the kobold die move to -b,15
If not keep position

2012-11-03, 11:57 AM
"Ugh, got filthy kobold blood on my dagger."

Hawthorn drops the dagger and grabs another from his pouch, making a mental note to pick it up later. Looking up, he spots the fray at the front of the carriage, and runs up to the front of the carriage before letting loose another arcing shot into the midst.

Move to A16 and Chaos Bolt at KS1
[roll0] vs Will
[roll1] damage
On even hits, ricochets...
[roll2] vs Will
[roll3] damage
[roll4] vs Will
[roll5] damage
[roll6] vs Will
[roll7] damage
[roll8] vs Will
[roll9] damage

Man, I just cannot get more than a six on my first roll...

18th Avenger
2012-11-06, 06:30 AM
Tor stood his ground as the cut on his chest bled slowly. He ignored the initial spike of pain.

"Gonna take more'n that to scare me off!" The half orc growled. He lunged forward, keeping his eye on the spear, and swung his mace at the smaller dragonoid's head once again, his intent just as murderous, though his attack seemed to be a little more guarded.

Move to D, 19 and launching Melee Basic Attack on KM5
Attack Roll: [roll0]

If successful: [roll1]
Adding Furious Assault: [roll2]

2012-11-06, 10:05 AM
Rain pauses for a moment at being covered in the sticky substance and shudders. I hate kobolds. She inhales and makes several quick spinning strikes at the kobold-knight, hoping the movement will free her of the paste binding her to the ground.

Five Storms on KD1: [roll0] vs Reflex for 12 damage (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=14179404&postcount=53)
If hit: he takes another 5 damage (from Centered Flurry) and slides to (-G,23) for a possible OA for the driver.
Save to end: [roll1]

2012-11-09, 01:10 AM
As Boendal and Tor dispatch their foes alike, a huge burst of light fills the area, an invigorating flare of divinity that soothed the followers of Ioun, but sent the kobolds screaming in pain.

I took it that you attacked, then moved, because you would provoke an OA otherwise. Shifting is a move action, and you can't walk shift more than 1 square. Moving normally would provoke an OA.

However, the flash of light also distracted the other fighters, and only the crafty driver had the mind to shut his eyes, allowing him to strike the Dragonshield in the chest. (7 damage)

Recoving from the lights in their eyes, the kobolds furiously unleash their counterattack, one of them cutting the driver for 3 damage, while the other strikes Arkaya for 4 damage. The two slingers aim at the pixie on the carriage at the behest of their priest, and though they couldn't shoot it down, the wyrmpriest managed a shot that struck the monk for 6 cold damage.

Total Damage Summary:
KD: 7 damage, +5 temp hp, weakened UENT (Arkaya)
KD 1: 2 damage, weakened UENT (Arkaya)
KS: weakened UENT (Arkaya)
KW: weakened UENT (Arkaya)

Arkaya: 13 damage, Arkaya's Healing powers now heal +5hp UEE, marked by KD
Driver: 14 damage, Arkaya's Healing powers now heal +5hp UEE, marked by KD 1
Tor: 5 damage
Rain: 6 damage, Arkaya's Healing powers now heal +5hp UEE.


It is everyone's turn!

18th Avenger
2012-11-09, 02:16 PM
It was a satisfying thing to watch the kobold who hurt him fall with one good swing of his mace. A part of Tor thought he might have hit a little too hard.

But then again, the little fellow drew first blood. Therefore, the furious blow that caved its skull in was fairly deserved.

The fight was far from done. Much of the melee was now focused around the rock blocking the road, where the kobolds' leader and retinue were holding their own fairly well.

Tor decided that they couldn't have that. He slid his mace back into his sling and drew his hand crossbow. Searching the treeline, he found a spot that looked to be a good place that offered a good view of the melee and moved to it.

Sheathing Mace (1 Minor Action), Drawing Hand Crossbow (1 Minor Action) and moving to B, 25

2012-11-09, 08:20 PM
Hawthorn nimbly floated around the two stones headed his way before grimacing at the two kobolds who had launched them.

"Hey hey now, you almost hit me!" he shouted. "You should be more careful, someone might get HURT!" With that, he launched another bolt, aimed at the two kobolds who had tried to strike him.

The current map has an error, Hawthorn should be at A16.

Chaos Bolt at KS1
[roll0] vs Will
[roll1] damage
Ricochet to KS
[roll2] vs Will
[roll3] damage
Ricochet to KW
[roll4] vs Will
[roll5] damage
Ricochet to KD
[roll6] vs Will
[roll7] damage
Ricochet to KD1
[roll8] vs Will
[roll9] damage

2012-11-11, 12:09 PM
Another kobold dead. Those creature were weak but numerous.

After dispaching the foe, he turn to help the others at the front. To make it in time he moved closer then throw himself into combat to take yet another Kobold.

"What's up Arkaya. Getting busy around here"

moving to -d,20
charge to -d,24
Melee basic attack on KS
1d20+6 vs AC
1d10+5 damage
Boendal mark the kobold.

2012-11-13, 11:12 PM
"It is indeed a bustling melee, Boendal," the crystalline being replies. It then alarmingly separates into component shards for an instant, each winking out and reforming in a more strategic location.

Move: Teleport to -C23 using Shard Swarm racial EP. Enemies adjacent to Arkaya (KD) grant it CA UENT.
Minor: If any ally is bloodied, use this action for Healing Word; otherwise it is unspent.
Standard Action: Gaze of Defiance on KD. [roll0] vs Will for [roll1] damage. If it hits, KD grants Arkaya's allies a +1 Power bonus to attack him UENT; if he attacks Arkaya during this time, the bonus scales to +3.

Note regarding Beacon of Hope: This power actually heals all allies in the initial burst 3 for 5hp. Thereafter, for the rest of the encounter, Arkaya heals 5 extra HPs with its Healing powers -- regardless of target.

2012-11-14, 01:53 AM
"It is unwise to turn your back on a tiger enraged, little dragons!" Rain shouts as the shifter sends herself into a spinning fury of butterfly kicks and open-handed strikes.

She shoots a glance at the kobold shaman, shuddering a bit from the cold as she flatly speaks the words, "Don't worry, imp-perched-on-stone, you're next."

Move: Five Storms: Rain shifts one space over, to (-H,23) and attacks with Five Storms, using her Centered Flurry on KD1.
Standard: Five Storms on KD1: [roll0] vs Reflex for [roll1] damage
Five Storms on KS: [roll2] vs Reflex for [roll3] damage

2012-11-14, 07:10 AM
As Tor drew his crossbow, he moved closer for a better look, he spotted the pixie, perching on top of the carriage, firing off a blast of arcane energy that ricocheted off one of the slingers, and straight into another. Hissing at the pixie, they fire back, and though Hawthorn managed to dodge a yellow rock, the red one hits him, bursting into flames. (6 damage, ongoing 2 fire damage (save ends)).

A blast of light from Arkaya sent one of the kobolds howling in pain, giving Boendal the opportunity to stab it. However, a wild swing catches him across the jaw for 5 damage). Off to the side, the other kobold with a shield successfully parries the driver's blade, and with a push, sends it to the side, scoring a slash for 6 damage. However, such a move gave Rain the time to strike in his unprotected areas, though the slinger had the sense of mind to step away.

"Not before you get first, stinky shifter..." the wyrmpriest said harshly in broken common in reply to her threat, blasting an orb of energy that struck the ground at the monk's feet.

Total Damage Summary:
KD: 16 damage, +1 Power bonus to attack him UENT, marked by Boendal
KD 1: 19 damage (bloodied)
KS: 13 damage (bloodied)
KS1: 12 damage (bloodied)

Arkaya: 13 damage, Arkaya's Healing powers now heal +5hp UEE
Driver: 20 damage, marked by KD 1, bloodied
Tor: 5 damage
Rain: 6 damage
Hawthorn: 6 damage, ongoing 2 fire damage (save ends)
Boendal: 5 damage, marked by KD


It is everyone's turn!

2012-11-14, 07:40 AM
"Be careful you silly monster. You almost cut my beard !"

His beard was none of his concern right now. Blow to the head could be more than deadly, he was lucky. Taking a better stance than when he had come charging, he launch another attack

Covering Attack (encounter power) on KD
[roll0] vs AC
[roll1] damage
Boendal mark the kobold.

18th Avenger
2012-11-14, 09:47 AM
The priest was the core of resistance, that much was obvious to Tor as it hurled spells at his party. Even as he had hurled magic at Rain, Tor was sighting down his bolt, controlling his breathing before loosing his shot. No taunt before the squeezing of the trigger, no grin. There would be no other more disheartening blow then to see a bolt suddenly sprout in your chest with absolutely no warning.

Tor didn't see his bolt land, but he did notice that one of the priest's retinue was looking plenty menacing. The half orc dropped the crossbow and held his mace in a two handed grip, his teeth bared as he readied himself for its attack, should it come.

At-Will: Disheartening Strike, [roll0]
Result: [roll1], -2 to Attack Rolls Until The End Of My Next Turn If Damage Is Done

Second Action: Drop hand crossbow, draw mace and grip two-handed (Versatile)

2012-11-14, 12:37 PM
Hawthorn's eyes lit up with an angry gleam. "Like playing with fire, you dumb lizard?" Ignoring the licks of flame still lingering on his clothes, he rushed forward to take cover behind Arkaya, not wanting to leave himself in the open too long as he made his advance. He shot off another bolt from behind the construct, and readied himself to get his fiery revenge.

Move to -B, 22

Chaos Bolt on KD
[roll0] vs Will (if this is odd, I get a saving throw: [roll1]
[roll2] damage
Ricochet to KW
[roll3] vs Will
[roll4] damage
Ricochet to KS
[roll5] vs Will
[roll6] damage
Ricochet to KD1
[roll7] vs Will
[roll8] damage
Ricochet to KS1
[roll9] vs Will
[roll10] damage

And finally, a normal saving throw for the end of my turn. Edit: Whoops, forgot this one, but guess it didn't matter.

2012-11-15, 12:19 AM
Rain sneers toothily at the kobold shaman, letting a giggle slip as she turns to face the armored kobold beside her. They are certainly creatures of powerful will and determination, but a threat that must be put down if the group is to continue in its path. Without hesitation, Rain delivers a high kick to the kobold, using an open-palmed strike to the back of its head in an attempt to unbalance it and make the kobold fall.

At-Will: Centered Flurry Dragon's Tail on KD1: [roll0] vs Fortitude for [roll1] damage and Prone
Move: Five Storms to shift to (-I,22). If the attack would down KD1, shift to (-I,24) instead

2012-11-15, 08:35 AM
Arkaya clicks a couple of times with concern for the driver. It then channels divine power through its orb, pronouncing a strange word that twists the man's body, expertly closing his wounds. The same orb then flares with psychic power, amplifying the dispassionate stare of the construct as it assaults the mind of a nearby kobold.

Minor: Healing Word on the driver. Activation 1+ [roll0] for [roll1] plus a surge of healing.
Standard: Gaze of Defiance on KS1 [roll2] vs Will for [roll3] (Edit: Crit! 12) damage.
Move: If Healing Word fizzles, convert to Minor and re-attempt [roll4]

2012-11-16, 01:00 AM
As yet another of Hawthorn's blasts and Tor's arrows fly overhead, Boendal stepped in, and with a heavy sweep, his sword clanged against the kobold's. You could hear him grunt, trying to stop the blade, but to no avail; it literally broke under pressure, as Boendal drew back his blade and pushed forward again, stabbing it clean through. Its eyes looked back at the dwarf's, a look of utter disbelief, before the spark in them disappeared forever.

Just then, another kobold screams, a truly horrifying sound as it clutches its head as Arkaya concentrates on it, writhing and turning on the ground, before it finally goes limp, blood pouring out of every orifice on its face.

The other slinger watches in horror as one by one, each of its allies die gruesomely, and watching Rain effortlessly sweeped another kobold's feet from under him, making it fall face flat onto the hard, unyielding ground, just to have a sword rammed down its neck, it finally snaps, and makes a break for it.

The wyrmpriest screams after the fleeing kobold, but with no allies to back him up, he hightails it as well.

For those who know Draconic:
"Come back here, or I'll skin you alive myself!"

Total Damage Summary:
KS: 13 damage (bloodied)

Arkaya: 13 damage, Arkaya's Healing powers now heal +5hp UEE
Tor: 5 damage
Rain: 6 damage
Hawthorn: 8 damage
Boendal: 5 damage, marked by KD


2012-11-16, 07:37 AM
Combat Is Over
Each person gets 125 exp.

Cleaning yourselves of the stink, blood and sweat, you find a tidy sum of 90gp among the corpses, and after a little thank you for healing him, the driver settles the horses, and continues the trip.

The rest of it is rather uneventful, and you reach Diimopheus another 2 hours later without further incident, joining dozens of other adventurers and merchants entering or leaving the city.

As you pass through the grand gates that glow with a deep mystical blue, you see a vibrant city of magic, with structures that defy gravity, floating or even moving, as people mill around, doing their daily business, apparently desensitized to the wonders around them. The driver gets off the horses, stretching his aching muscles from sitting so long, and turns to the group.

"Welp, there ends the trip. If you'll excuse me, I'll drown myself in the Drunken Eye. My favourite inn 'round this parts! The good pope told me to point you to ol' Skinny over there, so I guess I'll see you then." he said, pointing to a tall lean male elf, before walking away, waving goodbye to the group.

The elf stands in a group, apparently in an animated discussion or debate with a dwarf and a dragonborn.

2012-11-16, 07:13 PM
After the fight Boendal checked his axe. Breaking his enemy weapon gave a good feel but taking care of your equipment was the warrior duty. The blade was fine apparently, the kobold one must have had a weakness in his.

At last they arrived at Diimopheus. "It's a pretty city indeed, but if i had to choose i would not let fly those structures like this. I would be scared to take a building to the face if any of those things fall."

after the driver finished talking Boendal said with a smile ""Thanks for the ride. If we are free tonight I will share a mug of beer with you. If not i'll gladly do so another day. Then he waved goodbye to the driver.

Boendal then take some strides to get to the elf's group. "Excuse me good Sirs. I'm Boendal Grindcutter, me and my party have been sent here by the Ioun's pope of Conscientia. It seems that you are organising groups to search ancient temples and libraries for clues and possible rituals. We are willing to help in those searches, in the hope of finding a solution in the wavering links to the gods. So, what do you say ?" Stroking his beard he waited for an answer.

2012-11-16, 08:59 PM
"I am Arkaya," the construct states, "The priesthood of all lore acknowledges common cause with that of the priesthood of music and flowers. The power and influence of our divinities in this world must endure."

2012-11-16, 09:11 PM
Hawthorn once more takes a seat, without asking, on Rain's shoulder. He cheerily waves as they approach, and leans forward eagerly to hear the elf's response.

2012-11-16, 10:11 PM
Stepping out of the carriage and rubbing her sore backside, the shifter thanks the driver, giving him the occasional smile and nudge.
"You fight well, brave driver. Like our dwarf-friend mentioned; if we're still free, I'd be happy to toast you a cup. May you travel bright paths."

Folding her arms over her chest as she joins the rest of the group, Rain sizes up the trio of the elf, dwarf, and dragonborn before leaning her head closer to Hawthorn.
"I wonder what they've found... they seem... excited," she whispers to her miniature companion.

2012-11-16, 10:55 PM
"As I have said for the upteempth time, no! The both of you can't just wander in alone!" the elf said, rather exasperated.

"For gods sake, we can handle ourselves! Riskkar and I, we work best, just the two of us." the dwarf replied angrily.

"Indeed. We've handed dozens of tombs before. We have quite the impressive record without any help."

"But-oh, there you are. Excuse me for a moment."

Dragging the group away from the two, the elf tugs frustratedly at his hair.

"Ahh, so you're the group sent by the pope of Ioun. I'm Skarianol'li, or Skar for short. I've been told to expect a construct. That must be you," he said, gesturing at Arkaya.

"Dear, we don't exactly...tell people the problems that's been happening. I know you're a cleric of Ioun and all, but the less people know about this issue, the better...and oh, I know you!" he said, bending down in front of Hawthorn. "I'm the brother of one of your teachers. He told me a lot about your...exploits. If you have time afterwards, I have a favor to ask of you."

Standing up, and making sure that no one else is listening in on their conversation, he says quietly. "Right, so you're here to help us look for knowledge on this...issue, right? I've a group of two right here, a bunch of mercenaries who has volunteered to help us explore one of the of the ancient temples. They even know how to go there. But they don't know anything about the situation, and I don't plan to tell them. They'll likely sell the information away to the highest bidder. But I need someone to look after them, and to actually look, instead of pillaging everything, and just 'bringing every bleedin' scrap of paper', as the dwarf so callously puts it. Oh course, they're quite a handful, and I understand if you don't want to work with them. I can just arrange for you to explore another temple that's a little further away, and wait for one of our own clerics to come back, before sending him with them."

18th Avenger
2012-11-17, 01:05 AM
As they arrived in Diimopheus, Tor waved good bye to the driver as the rest of the group turned to their welcoming wagon, a tall elf in discussion with another dwarf and a dragonborn.

He stayed in the group's tale as Arkaya and Boendal chatted up elf, who'd broken away from his comrades. He stood just behind Rain, upon whose shoulder Hawthorn sat. The half orc's curiosity perked up at the mention of other groups apparently tearing apart old temples for documents.

"These other mercenaries," He asked the elf in his low voice. "Will they be any trouble? How many are they?"

2012-11-17, 02:53 AM
Pausing at Tor's words, Skar looks confused for a bit, before laughing, realizing what was the assumption.

"No no no! These two over there are mercenaries, and they're willing to offer their help for some coin. Furthermore, they know the location of a certain temple we have a little difficulty finding. They can be useful, but I'm not willing to share what exactly we're searching for, but if someone who does know doesn't follow them, its very likely they may accidentally destroy what we're trying to find.

We appreciate their help - we'll appreciate any help now! - and they're by no means any trouble."

18th Avenger
2012-11-17, 04:57 AM
Tor caught where he might have misunderstood, opened his tusked mouth to correct himself then thought better of it. Instead, he nodded firmly.

"I see. We'll take your word for it."

His rough face suddenly lit with a thought. "Here's a thought; after we get settled in, why don't we set off and looking around on our own? Let's call it a 'gesture of cooperation'." Tor looked at the rest of the party. "What say y'all?"

2012-11-18, 09:32 AM
Boendal nodded looking at his compagnion"Okay, I'm fine with taking them along. I just hope they will not screw us up for some petty treasures." He waited for answers.

2012-11-18, 11:17 PM
Hawthorn frowned at the elf's mention of the mercenaries. He whispered to Rain, "I don't trust mercenaries...When a man's working for coin, who's to say someone else ain't payin' him more than you?" At Tor's words, he piped up. "Here, here, I'm all for setting out to do some looking on our own as well!"

2012-11-19, 09:25 PM
Rain nodded her head once in agreement with Boendal, and looked to the elf as she absorbed Hawthorn's concern.
"I see no problem in adding to our retinue. But, messer Skar, if you won't mind me asking, what exactly are we looking for? It would do to be able to identify it when we see it and prevent any undue harm from our... handsy allies, wouldn't it?"

2012-11-19, 09:29 PM
"If permissible, Skarianol'li, I could use a chance to recover my energies following the eventful journey we just undertook. Afterward, I would be quite willing to accompany your hirelings in this expedition. I, too, would appreciate any knowledge about our mission which you may provide."

2012-11-20, 01:05 AM
"Of course, of course" Skar said is reply to the latest query. "We are also not sure what to look for - there are only theories and ideas about this issue, and there's nothing concrete to date. But you know more, and your cleric might be able to discern more than them."

Waving the dwarf and the dragonborn over, he tells the group of 7. "Delrin and Riskkar, this shall be the party that will be joining you. I would recommend leaving tomorrow morning, where everyone has sufficiently rested, and there is ample time to look for what we need."

"Bah, the bunch of you will just hinder us. Metal-brain over there will make a good diversion though" the dwarf sneered, and walked off in a huff.

"Don't get in our way, and don't be late. Tomorrow, 10 am, at the North Gate, if that is fine with you?" the dragonborn asked, more cordial than his friend.

2012-11-20, 03:16 AM
Hawthorn bristled with anger, catching his tongue before he could say anything TOO terrible. Nevertheless, some of his anger eeked out.

"Excuse me, sir, but you are the ones accompanying us. Make sure your friend knows not to disrespect us like that again, or else he'll have a little problem, if you catch my drift."

He grimaced at the dragonborn, arms crossed.

I suppose I'll pair that with an intimidate check to see if he backs down...? [roll0]

18th Avenger
2012-11-20, 09:51 AM
Tor frowned at their presumptious attitude but kept his mouth shut. Hawthorn had said all he'd wished to say in the matter anyway.

Least the dragonborn's friendlier.

By way of response, Tor only glowered, folding his arms over his chest. But he did nod at the dragonborn's (Riskkar?) instruction.

"10 in the morning, the North Gate. We'll be there."

2012-11-20, 11:01 AM
Boendal smiled wryly after the departure of the two. " If they try anything funny against us, I think I'll personally bash their heads. I hate when people are all talks."

After this Boendal told his compagnions "I'm gonna explore the city and try to find a library. In a city that big I'm sure i can find some writing about combat techniques and tactics."
making a small break he continued
"Later on, I will be going to the Drunken Eye to share a mug with our favorite driver. I will probably sleep there."
He waved goodbye and went.

2012-11-22, 12:59 AM
Ignoring the pixie, Riskkar nodded, and proceeded to follow the dwarf, leaving the party to do as they wish.

18th Avenger
2012-11-22, 06:15 AM
Tor watched their two new companions and Boendal disappear into the press of people. He turned to those who remained.

"Well, Boendal seems to have the right idea. What say we look for lodgings? My mentor told me of other places where we could find room and board for fair prices. Or we could join Boendal later at the Eye after we look around?"

He fished out a list from his pocket. "Here's a list of my mentor's old contacts when he was an adventurer. We could ask them what's the score." He ambled over to them and showed them the list, which didn't just contain names. It had a letter.

You Lug,

I've my suspicions as to why the Pope sent that missive. I'll keep my eyes open here in Conscienta and find out what I can. In the meantime, here are some names you ought to look up. The first two are friends of mine from the old days. The last one, you might want to watch out for. He's looks to be a slob, but he's dangerous, you mark me.

Paul Six-Peppers, you can find him in the Magistar's Tankard. You can't miss him. Red hair, probably going to grey, and wearing a dumb-looking old robe.

Gillen the Iron Rose, Paladin of the Raven Queen. She might not be there, but check anyway. There's also a chapter house where the Queen's followers can stay when in the city. She'd have a clue as to what might be going on.

Lastly, find the one they call Oris the Mouthy. Might be dead, but I highly doubt it. Looks like a slob, but way smarter than he looks. He's worn a seat down in the Third Eye. Better bring lots of cash.

By the way... I can't thank you enough for taking my place. I'm grateful.

Watch your gear when you sneak around. You always forget to tie down your tools.

- T.

2012-11-23, 12:12 PM
Hawthorn scowled angrily as the dragonborn walked away, and spat to get the bad taste out of his mouth.

"Hmph. Hope he remembers to check his sleeping bag for fire beetles."

"Here's a list of my mentor's old contacts when he was an adventurer. We could ask them what's the score."

Hawthorn hovered over to look at the list of names.

"Well, I would normally say that the sloppiest and most dangerous is our best lead, but the whole money thing is an issue...our lack of it, I mean. I'd be up for a visit to ol' Lady Death's abode, a paladin seems like a good person to ask about divine know-how."

2012-11-24, 01:31 AM
Rain wrinkled her nose. She'd been both patient and silent longer than she'd been used to, and the soles of her feet were twitching. Once the introductions were over, she sighed.
Quite the blunt guys. I like that, she thought.
"Don't let them get to you, Hawthorn. Wouldn't do to pinch your own nerves over some mercenaries." Though I did feel a bit insulted...
"Instead, I feel I'll join the big guy in looking for these guys. As for choices... I'll have to agree with Hawthorn. A paladin might have some notes of interest... if we can find her. What about you, 'Kaya?" The shifter looked at the construct expectantly as she stretched her toes.

2012-11-27, 01:01 AM
"I concur, Rain of Autumn. Let us seek this paladin's counsel."

2012-11-27, 06:51 AM
Rain, Tor, Hawthorn and Arkaya
After asking around, you manage to find the chapel-house; not a difficult task, since this building is an oddity in a city devoted to Corellon. Where the rest of the city sports banners bearing Corellon's symbol and buildings are glamorous and beautiful, the chapel-house has a darker theme, and carries a solemn air about it. As you approach, a local priest comes out to meet you, dressed in the black garb of those devoted to the Raven Queen.

"Yes, may I help you?"

As you enter the library, you notice a very dirty dwarf pouring over a couple of maps (though he handles them very roughly). What stands out though, is that he bears your clan symbol around his neck.

18th Avenger
2012-11-27, 10:55 AM
Tor grinned at his new colleagues. "A'right! Let's get to it then!" He turned to walk down the avenue, his steps sure and purposeful, even though it was obvious he had never been to this city.

It was a good thing that Tor's mentor had given him a list of names to start with upon their arrival into Diimopheus. What wasn't so good was that his master had not given them a map. He would've liked to ask the elf, Skar, but he had left them to their own devices.

So the four of them spent a glorious, if somewhat exhausting, afternoon wandering around the avenues, taking in the sights while asking the natives questions. Eventually, they were directed to one of the city's calmer districts... But not serene like the rest of the city. This area was still... Cold, like a marble crypt.

They happened upon the chapterhouse and a representative who greeted them at the gates. Tor gave a shallow, if not clumsy, bow.

"Good afternoon, brother. Is there a Lady Gillen of the Iron Rose in this 'ere outpost of the Raven Queen? Please tell her that Marq the Ghostwalker sends his regards."

2012-11-27, 10:36 PM
Rain, Tor, Hawthorn and Arkaya
"Lady Gillen? She's...in a bad shape. But since you mention the Ghostwalker...follow me." the priest said, leading you into the chapel-house. Guiding you through the area, she leads you to part of the domitory to an area clearly reserved for the sick. In one of the beds lie the paladin, unconsious and breathing shallowly. Her skin has an unhealthy pale hue, though there seems to be no mark on her.

"She returned from an expedition against Vecna and their necromancy, but she fainted before she could say anything. Only the Raven Queen can determine whether she will live or die now."

2012-11-28, 01:49 AM
Inclining itself a bit toward the unconscious paladin, Arkaya clicks a bit as it views her.Heal (diagnosis): [roll0]
Arcana (analyze magic): [roll1]
Religion (any curse, etc.): [roll2]

18th Avenger
2012-11-28, 11:14 AM
"Is it bad, Arkaya?"

By any standards, Tor wasn't exactly what you'd call outgoing. But since they entered the foreboding home of the Raven Queen's followers, the big half-orc had gone positively mute.

But he didn't need words to convey what he felt when he saw Gillen the Iron Rose, a figure right out of Teach's stories, a woman who had ripped the heart right out of an Orcus cult with one well-spoken word, lying in the embrace of her aloof goddess, a hair's breadth between life and death.

It was all obvious in the way he hovered around Arkaya and the sadness in his brown eyes.

2012-11-28, 08:25 PM
"I knew the Vecna-heads were up to no good!"

Hawthorn turned to the priest.

"Hey, old man, what can you tell us about Lady Gillen's expedition? We're on a very important mission from the church of Ioun and Vecna might have something to do with it."

Diplomacy: [roll0]

2012-11-29, 08:19 PM
Rain, Tor, Hawthorn and Arkaya

"There were strong necromatic magic flowing from a crypt some distance south, and Lady Gillen gathered a group to check it out. Reports say she was hit by a particularly powerful blast of necromancy, and fell unconsious. She was a the front lines, charging into rooms to combat them before her allies could follow her properly, so no one is really clear on what actually happened."

You sense remnants of necromatic magic...while not inherently dangerous, the lingering specks are tell-tale signs of a strong necromatic attack, that seemed to have rendered her unconsious.

18th Avenger
2012-11-29, 09:59 PM
It sounded just like her, from the stories Teach would tell. Tor grunted. "Well, that's a lead, if anything." He turned to their welcome wagon, the cleric who'd invited them inside. "But what about that operation? Did anyone go back to poke around those rooms? Are those Vec-heads still in that crypt?"

2012-11-30, 02:24 AM
After looking inscrutably at the unconscious paladin for several minutes, Arkaya at last announces, "Her injuries are not to her body, but to her spirit. In time, she might recover. I will do what I can to aid her."

Religion: [roll0] to banish the remaining traces of the necromantic attack.

2012-11-30, 01:35 PM
Boendal walk straight to the dirty dwarf and said in a joyful voice. Hello fellow Grindcutter. I am Boendal Grindcutter, son of Tangil. What are you doing here ? And why didn't i met you before ? I mean in the mine.

Boendal was really intrigue indeed, more intrigue by the dwarf than by the maps. The clan was not that big it was weird to meet someone from the clan he didn't know.

2012-12-01, 03:35 AM
Rain, Tor, Hawthorn and Arkaya
As Arkaya sets to purifying Lady Gillen, the priest talks to the party.

"According to reports, we managed to chase them off, with some casualties on both sides. We're still exploring the crypt to find out exactly what they were doing. Lady Gillen probably knows the most - you'll have to ask her if she survives."

The dwarf looks up at you, confused by your words.

"Wha? Whazzat you're talkin' about? Wha's a Grindcutter, some sorta band? Oh, you mean this?" he said, gesturing at the symbol. "Stole it off some wee lass, and stabbed 'im in tha back! Why, he related to you or something?"

18th Avenger
2012-12-01, 01:09 PM
Tor was just about to respond when he felt the hot tug of magic in the air and turned to see the shardmind standing by Gillen's bedside. To the half orc rogue, who only had the barest inkling of how magic and it's practioners worked, it seemed to be deep in casting.

The aura Arkaya and the paladin's prone body radiated was of healing, of goodness and light and of a cool beer on a hot day, with one of his mother's meatpies in his great hand. He had a good feeling, and willed himself to believe that Ioun would see Gillen through.

2012-12-01, 05:14 PM
Rain continued to ruminate in the rearguard of the group, one hand fidgeting with the tongue of her waist sash as she ground her teeth. The shifter considered herself good at empathizing with others, and could only imagine the pain the paladin felt.

She kept an open ear to the discussion, all the while thinking - formulating plans, imagining possible connections. Rain looks back to Tor, who appears on edge.

2012-12-02, 12:54 PM
Hawthorn sighed. He should've known this mission wouldn't be simple.

"How's she look, Arkaya? Will we get to pick her brain tonight? Or should we wait till getting back from our party with the Numbskull Brothers?"

2012-12-02, 02:10 PM
"Her recovery will probably not be immediate, Hawthorn. We should seek other priorities. Perhaps some indication of the cultists' activities remains in their former lair. Since we already are committed to accompanying the mercenaries, I believe it wise to rest and prepare ourselves to accompany them."

18th Avenger
2012-12-03, 07:00 AM
Tor gave the unconscious paladin a once over. He didn't know what Arkaya's magic did, but it seemed to be helping.

"There's little else here to ask," the half orc agreed. "We can find Six-Peppers after we get back from the crypt crawl." He turned back to his party.

"So what say y'all; the Drunken Eye to meet up with Boendal and maybe get some dinner down?"

2012-12-03, 07:00 PM
"Sounds like a plan to me. I'm ready to drown myself in a pint. Literally."

2012-12-03, 09:06 PM
Rain nodded at the proposal.
"We've done all we can here. We should see if, maybe, Boendal has come up with anything on his end." She turned to address the priest and offered a brief salutory gesture. "You've been most helpful and courteous, sister. I offer my regards to your church and wish lady Gillen health."

18th Avenger
2012-12-04, 12:22 AM
"Thank you for your time."

Tor nodded in respect to the priest as he led the party out of the chapter house and into the street. The lamplighters were out as the afternoon began to darken into early evening.

He scratched his hair. "Now, where's the Drunken Eye again?" The half orc muttered as he tried to get his bearings, leading the party out of the Temple District and hopefully to the Drunken Eye.

2012-12-05, 02:50 AM
Boendal tried hard to keep a straight face then said "Well it's not important. What are seeking on those maps ?"

If anything he swore to make this Dwarf eat his teeth and take back the symbol.

"Wanna go to the Drunken Eye to talk about it ?"

2012-12-05, 09:29 AM
"Nah, gotta loot some tomb for the gold. Money to be gotten from the tomb and from the city! They're actually paying people to loot tombs for once, by Moradin's hairy arse!" he guffawed, eyeing one particular map, before tearing it to pieces, much to the chagrin of a nearby libarian, who didn't seem to have the nerve to reprimand the dwarf.

2012-12-09, 06:40 AM
Boendal lost his temper. He grab the dwarf by his colar. Okay now, listen to me and listen carefully! First, you give me your information on the map you just teared up and on the tomb loots. Second, give my clan token back before i smash your face so hard wind gonna pass throught it. And make it quick Understood !

[roll0] Intimidate

2012-12-09, 07:20 PM
"Bah, tha' map I tore was useless. Useless! That's why I tore it. Get your grubby fingers off me! And I'm not givin' ya my token. That's mine, I tell ya, MINE!" he shouted back, shoving you backwards, straight into a bookshelf. Finally, the librarians spring into action, unable to take this affront to the library any longer, and shooes both of you out by different exits, so you won't be able to bother each other OR the library any longer.

You reach the Drunken Eye (with Boendal arriving a little later than the rest), you enjoy a night of merry-making with the driver, with him telling amusing tales of kobolds and dumb thieves that he has encounted on his travels.

You hear a rumor about Skarianol'li, that he was looking for a sorcerer with strong magical reserves for his magical research, which you be related to him asking you for help earlier.

After a good night's sleep, you reach the gate on time, and there, you see an interesting sight. The dwarf and the dragonborn wait there, but the dwarf has a huge barrel tied to his back, almost as big as him, and smelling faintly of mead. The dragonborn is dressed in strange, ritual-like robes with lines running down the dress that glow faintly.

"Let us go." the dragonborn said simply, and the dwarf grunted.

18th Avenger
2012-12-10, 04:08 AM
The ales he'd consumed the night before were coming back to haunt him. Tor looked surlier than usual when they'd found him passed out in a bench by the fire. The greasy breakfast he'd down might have helped his mood, and Hawthorn and Rain were courteous and considerate when they roused him. Adding to everything, the sight of Diimopheus in the morning was enough to rouse the spirits of anyone walking down its paved streets.

But it would never register, with his grumpy-looking face. Well, not so grumpy, at least.

They met Skar's companions from the other day. The dragonborn was dressed in cleric's robed and looked even more supercilious. The dwarf carried a cask that could've been his twin.

"You're actually gonna drink all that?" Tor wasn't averse to the occasional hard drink, but the amount of alcohol the dwarf carried simply staggered his belief.

2012-12-10, 10:26 AM
Hawthorn's entire body ached. His head mostly from attempting to drink his weight in alcohol, but the rest of his body from when a drunken bar patron snatched him off the table without much care for his well-being, shouting something about "finding the green fairy." He refused to heed Hawthorn's warnings of vengeance, and had gone home with the left side of his hair burned off.

So now, after rousing Tor and packing his things for the trip, he lay curled up in one of the pockets of Rain's rucksack, fighting the waking world for as long as possible. The constant motion of walking made it hard. Eventually there was a pause in the motion and he heard the muffled voice of the dragonborn. He peeked his head out to take a look, squinting in the harsh sunlight. Seeing the two of them in their outrageous get-ups was not making his morning any better.

"Jackasses..." he muttered under his breath, and slipped back into his half-slumber.

2012-12-10, 10:30 AM
Arkaya approaches the gate, inclines its head toward the mercenaries, then awaits the moment of departure.

2012-12-10, 03:10 PM
Boendal was refreshed, he hadn't drink like that for ages, and the beer were good little too sweet to his dwarven palate. The others seem to have a little hangover. Boendal was quite most of the morning. He kept thinking about the backstabbing dwarf, remorse was all over him. No, he was a warrior it would be an insult to warrior's way to act like a backstabber and kill that fool in an alley.

Upon arriving at the gate Boendal saw their guide. He thought "That lizard is a wizard, he will be useful to find artifact. I have to keep an eye on him. He can steal the artifacts we are looking for."
When they started to walk, he said with a small grin
"Nice backpack by the way"

2012-12-11, 06:52 PM
The dwarf stared murderously at Boendal, and tried to say something involving profanity, but the dragonborn stepped in, shushing him.

"One of the reasons why we prefer to work alone is because our methods tend to be unorthodox, and we are tired of the incredulous stares and whispered words of disbelief. Our hostility has reasons." he said calmly. He actually doesn't seem affected, and the dwarf is.

With that, you set off, the two of them setting a strong, but not punishing pace, travelling relentlessly till dusk, with only minor breaks for food and drink. With that, you spend a night under the stars, in a clearing of a forest, a campfire a santuary against wildlife and the cold.

18th Avenger
2012-12-11, 08:45 PM
Tor offered to take the first watch, with his back to the fire and a stone's throw away as he watched the treeline. The hard pace hadn't even bothered the half orc, just the way it didn't both his companions (especially Arkaya and Hawthorn, who was sleeping in Rain's pack).

He took with him a foul weather cloaked borrowed from one of his companions and found a nearby rock. Tor dirtied the cloak before sitting on the rock and draping the garment around his shoulders. Tor controlled his breathing, slowing it down until, for all the world, he looked just like a big rock in the background. He kept his handcrossbow in a ready grip.

"So how much farther do we have to go?" He called back to the campfire, his eyes never leaving his watch and alerting his companions to where he was. More to the point, if he stared into the fire, it'd blitz his low light vision. Tor learned a lesson like that the hard way, a lantern glaring into his vision during a robbery back home in Conscientia.

2012-12-13, 12:46 PM
"Not sure," Hawthorn called back. "Thing 1 and Thing 2 are passed out already, so you'll have to ask them in the morning." Having slept in Rain's pack for the better part of the day, he now lay wide awake on a bed of pine needles he fashioned for himself, far enough from the fire that its light didn't dim the starlight. He couldn't remember the last time he had been so content. There was nothing better in the world than sleeping under the stars. Sure, there were several nights he had snuck out of his dorm to go traipsing out in the woods, sometimes with a couple of his more adventurous classmates, but the ambient light from the city had always dimmed the stars to a smattering of pinpricks.

Here, the whole of the universe was laid out before his eyes. One by one, he picked out familiar constellations, remembering days long gone when his father would spin legends of the figures depicted in the sky - long lost tales of eladrin lovers and heroes, trickster satyrs and seductive dryads. He had never known if the legends were true, or just fancies his father made up to amuse him, but it didn't matter. To him it meant that there was more out there than what he could see, an entire world full of stories waiting to be told.

Hawthorn searched for his favorite, the constellation of the first pixie, that nameless daughter of the Summer Queen and Corellon, but the stars it consisted of were dim, and even at this distance the fire dimmed all but the bright one that marked her winking eye.

"Hey, Tor. Do half-orcs have legends?"

18th Avenger
2012-12-13, 10:10 PM
Tor shook the blanket off his head, to look up at the stars as well. As far as he could see, there was no need for his security.

"No sure about a set series of myths and legends," said the half orc. "It always changes per tribe or group. When I was growing up, my mom'd tell me all sorts of stories. She worked part time as a librarian, when she wasn't minding the store."

He gave the pixie's query some thought. "But my favorite would have to be Jorrin and his magic bag."

Tor got up and sat closer to the fire. It was a favorite tale among half orc children all over the nation. Jorrin Lightsteps was one of them, a nobody, more than likely a product of violence but raised right and true, from some obscure little town who grew into a warrior of guile and might. When he fought a battle of wits against a wizard, Jorrin tricked his opponent into giving him his magic bag and stuffing the wizard into it.

Since then, Jorrin's adventures grew only wilder and adding a great personage into the bag. It even culminated in him stuffing a demon prince into it and beating against the ground until the prince agreed to leave him alone. Tor chuckled as he related the tale to his friends.

"It's a good tale. He's part of why I learned as much as I can. Strength of arms can only go so far. Smarts," he tapped his forehead. "That's the way to go."

2012-12-16, 04:59 PM
Boendal put off his blanket. Sleep will not do just yet. he got close to the fire, took a branch lying on the ground. Got out a little knife from his bag and started to carve the wood. That had been a while since the last time he carved something.

Carving out of stone or wood was an old tradition among the Grindcutter. Like his old masters said once "If you can be precise like the builder and the artist, then weapons will not be tools anymore, they will be a part of you". He chuckkled a little, carving was more of a habit than a hobby for Boendal.

Listening to the over two. he said glancing at the pixie
"All races have legends, little one. Even your race must have some interesting tales."

Boendal resumed carving and before continuing
"By the way before i forget, what happen in town when i wasn't with you guys ? I mean, we got drunk a little too quickly at the Inn for me to catch on."

2012-12-18, 11:56 PM
"Well we went to go see this Lady...Gilly, was it? Paladin of the Raven Queen. Well turns out we mighta been right about the Vec-heads all along. They bruised her up something fierce, and if it weren't for our fine Arkaya she'd probably be joining her dark lady right about now."

Hawthorn sat up to look at the dwarf. "What with her being properly conked and all, though, we couldn't get too much useful info out of her. How 'bout yourself, ever end up finding a library?"

2012-12-20, 01:21 PM
Remembering yesterday was easy, but not in detail Boendal the drinks at the inn where quite strong.

"The vec-heads huh. Seems like we will have a little talk with them in the future. As for my day"

He paused in his carving and clean the knife on his knee

"No such luck. Lots of wandering in town before finding one that looked interesting. I got in and found a dirty little groundling fumbling with maps. That thing had got a token from my clan, I thought he was just someone I had never met at the mine. That bastard doesn't even deserve the title of dwarf."

Boendal Stoped for a second, with rage in his eyes.

"That groundling told me right away that he back stabbed one of my kin to rob him. I lost my temper grabbed him by the collar and tried to get the token back. Finally, one of the librarian got between us and throw us out from different exits. After that, I was a little disheartened, and got to the Inn."

Looking up at the sky. He stopped talking and looked. After a while he stood up, put his knife and the little piece of wood in his bag. Boendal walked next to the pixie and sat, then he said quietly

"What do you think about that dwarf's barrel? That thing is too huge for just drinking on the way, but I can't think of any use to it."

2012-12-21, 03:15 PM
"Ugh, my head's been hurting too much of the day to think about it much, but it is pretty odd. Best case scenario, he's treatin' us to a drink once our business is done, but knowing him the odds of that are nil to zero. Might be it has something to do with the dragonborn's get-up. If I weren't so hungover today maybe I could've reckoned a guess as to what his dress is good for, but I'll have to take a closer look at him tomorrow. All I know is, this whole business with these two reeks. I don't trust mercenaries, and I certainly don't trust abnormal mercenaries, and them two are exactly that. What do you think?"

2012-12-22, 08:23 AM
I can't really trust them either, they were less than friendly earlier. But they are experience tomb raiders and for now they are our guide, we don't really have a choice but to follow them. Does anyone know this region? I came from the south of constantia, so I'm not familiar with this place.

2012-12-22, 12:50 PM
Rain sat silently, eagerly listening to the conversation, nothing of importance to add for herself, leaning forward as she listened to Boendal's story.

"Sorry, I've lived in Conscientia all my life. I've never been to this region. I'm sorely tempted to do some scouting on the road ahead, though."

She sighed and took a long stretch, wondering whether they would find what they were looking for. She could only hope they did.

18th Avenger
2012-12-24, 12:11 AM
"Gillen. Her name was Gillen. My Teach an' her were close. Ya know, friends."

The half orc scratched at the tied up half-tail at the back of his head. "As for Jozan and Redgar over there," Tor nodded at the sleeping members. "I don't trust 'em as far as I can throw 'em. But as much as we got, we gotta play nice."

Tor looked at Rain. "I can go with ye, if'n you want. My line of work, 's'good to be a little nervous. Nervous gives you edges you wouldn't believe."

2012-12-24, 01:45 AM
Nodding her head at Tor's offer, Rain left her rucksack with Hawthorn and stood with a catlike spring backward.
"I'm fairly proud of my silence, but if there's anything waiting down the road, I'll be glad to have the extra muscle. And like they say, two prowling lions are better than one."

2012-12-24, 09:02 AM
"I rather know what's ahead of us. I would like to help too, but my stealthiness is nil. But if something happens yell and I'll come as fast as my legs can be. "

2012-12-25, 02:19 AM
"Right, Gillen. Sorry, Tor. I'll stick around here. I've no need to know what lies ahead, I'm just enjoying this moment."

18th Avenger
2013-01-03, 11:54 PM
Tor grunted amiably. "That's great, Ms. Rain. Two heads are better than one." He nudged his head towards the treeline. "Those are the likeliest places anyone could approach us. We'll follow the road for a bit before melting into the woods properly."

The half orc led the way, moving much smoother than anyone thought him capable off.

2013-01-14, 02:22 AM
When day broke, Riskkar went to make sure the rest of the party is awake, the dragonborn moving through the party quickly and efficiently, with a briskness that spoke of professionalism...and not much other than that.

Delrin, on the other hand, tended to his own matters, the dwarf making sure the huge barrel was strapped securely to his back.

Another half day's travel, and the two deviated from the path, cutting through the forest, and eventually ending up at a huge stone structure, with a short flight of steps leading down...to a stone wall, flanked by two stone pillars, a small distance apart. There appeared to be no entrances at all, but the two didn't seemed miffed in the slightest.

Delrin groaned.

"Bah. We're early, for once! We'll have to wait till night to get in."

"I'll check Apliicee." the dragonborn said, before walking round the side of the structure, vanishing from view if no one follows him.

2013-01-14, 08:13 AM
The glassy construct has been quiet and withdrawn upon the journey, perhaps content to absorb what it has seen and experienced. Upon arrival, seeing the mercenaries spring into action, its curiosity is piqued.

"Master Delrin, might I impose upon you to ask the underlying reason for our peculiar timing when entering this place?"

2013-01-14, 09:57 AM
"Do you see a door? I don't see no door. If you want to enter now, I would love to hear how you walk through walls." Delrin replied as he settled down for a good long wait.

18th Avenger
2013-01-14, 10:00 AM
Before the dragonborn could leave, Tor stopped him with a calm hand on his shoulder. Like the monk, the half orc's body language gave no sign he spent a good portion of the night skulking around the woods near their camp site. Watching Rain of Autumn melt through the woods was an eye-opening experience to one who made a living sneaking up on people in the dark.

He let go of Riskkar, with a calm grin on his tusked face. "Maybe you could use some assistance?" he asked as pleasantly as he could manage. "I don't think it's too bad a thing, having someone at your back."

2013-01-14, 10:12 AM
Arkaya clicks twice meditatively, then turns toward the wall. Unsurprisingly, a mechanism that opens a door upon the setting of the sun has turned its attention away from the dwarf.

Insight: [roll0] (detect unusual behavior or lying from mercenaries)
Insight: [roll1] (detect illusions)
Perception: [roll2] (detect traps, secret doors, hidden mechanisms)
Arcana: [roll3] (detect magic)

2013-01-14, 10:52 AM
The moment when Hawthorn had drifted to sleep eluded his memory - one moment he had been gazing at the sea of stars, the next moment it had been replaced by Riskkar's ugly mug. Hawthorn frowned as he awoke, but quickly gathered his pack up without complaint and took his place, this time sitting atop Tor's pack, a vantage point from which he could get a good look at the two mercenaries without looking suspicious. He wracked his brain as they traveled, trying to see if he could recall anything he had learned in school that might shed light on Delrin's barrel or Riskkar's unusual garb.

Arcana: [roll0]

He also kept an ear out for the sound of running water, so that he could wash the smokey smell from last night's fire off of him, but heard none.

When they reached the stone structure, Hawthorn wordlessly flitted up into the air as high as he could, searching to see if he could find anything unusual about it, determine anything based on how it blended into its surroundings, or see if it exuded any kind of magical aura he could identify.

If the structure is 30 ft high or lower, Hawthorn can reach the top of it.
Perception: [roll1]
Nature: [roll2]
Arcana: [roll3]

2013-01-15, 02:47 AM
Riskkar turned to face Tor, his expressionless face at odds with Tor's grinning one. "I need no assisstance with revisiting the dead. Once, we were three, Delrin, Apliicee and I." he replied, pushing away Tor's hand gently, before continuing on his path.

Delrin snorted, and filled of mug of ale from the barrel, chugging it down.

If there is a door there, you cannot see it; there seem to be no mechanical systems...or even a crack to signify a possible door. However, there seems to be a faint necrotic magic wafting from the wall, a strange opressive feeling, as if it opposed the light of the sun.

The structure is slightly taller than you can fly, and though you cannot see anything wrong with it (other than the lack of doors), you can feel some sort of necrotic magic emitting from it. Strangely enough, they seemed to be focused at certain spots within the building.

18th Avenger
2013-01-15, 10:05 AM
Tor let his hand drop, his broad face still keeping its pleasant cast. "Did it sound like a suggestion, Master Riskkar?" The big half orc stomped forward, matching the stride of the oddly-dressed dragonborn and yanking him back to face him. "Because it wasn't."

His smile melted away "We're not keeping secrets. Me and mine are open and honest with why we're here. Unbelievably, you are. Speaking for myself, I don't like that. And frankly, I'm quite tired of your high-and-mighty attitude. I'll be coming with you. No arguments." Tor clapped the dragonborn's shoulder. "If you've a problem with me watching your back while you see this 'Apliice', save it. I'll watch over you, whether you want me to or not."

Rolling To Diplomize

- 8 (Wrong Bonus) = 16
+ 1 (Diplomacy Bonus) = 17

2013-01-15, 01:16 PM
Riskkar uttered no word in reply, only turning his head to regard the strange half-orc that seemed so intent on coming with him.

Finally, he simply shrugged, and continued walking, making no move to stop you from following him.

He led you round the side of the structure, and on through the forest for a short distance, the ground tilting upwards slightly as they moved through the trees. After about 10 minutes, he stopped in a clearing, the ground black with soot. The trees at the outer edge of the clearing are charred black, and small stumps stuck out like teeth from some horrendous maul. In the center of the clearing, a small mound rises from the floor, with a single piece of wood sticking out from it.

"Apliicee, a bard that kept our lives merry with tales and drink, whose indomitable will saved my own...who died in a valiant attempt to protect us."

Leaning down, he blew slightly, and the black soot stirs, disturbed. And then, without warning, the dragonborn took in a deep breath and let loose a gentle stream of flame that set the wood alight, a makeshift torch.

"There is a reason that we are here; after all, we are one of the few who know how to enter this place. We have been here before...and this is where she died."

18th Avenger
2013-01-15, 01:36 PM
The half orc kept quiet, his expression and posture sombre as the dragonborn explained himself.

At length, Tor responded. "I... I don't know what to say. I'm sorry for your loss. He was aware of how lame the words felt as they came out of his mouth. When it came to tact, Tor was part of the class that just barely scraped by. She... She must've been something."

He stepped closer to the mound, thinking hard. Finally, Tor raised his voice. "You don't know me, Apliicee. And your friend Riskkar just introduced us. But... I've got something to say... The half orc cleared his throat. " You must have been something to be able to sheepdog a snooty dragonborn and a dwarf who's drunker than most. Life ain't fair, Apliicee. It's a crummy stupid affair that's sometimes ain't worth it. But you're a bard. You must have been good at finding the light in everything, making the bad a lot more bearable for everyone around you." He reached into one of his belt pouches and pulled out one of his few coins. "It ain't much, but call it a token, a small gift from someone still struggling along. What we're about to do won't bring you back, but at least we can bring a measure of good into the world, like you did."

He bent down and left the coin at the top of the mound carefully and stepped back. "Rest in peace, Apliicee. And watch over your friends as they ain't quite done." The half orc stepped back and gave Riskkar a sheepish look at odds with his fearsome appearance. "Sorry... It seemed appropriate to pay respect, is all. I don't know what it's like to lose anyone... But I wouldn't want it to happen, no sir." Tor seemed to struggle with what to say.

2013-01-15, 05:15 PM
Hawthorn flitted back down to his allies, frowning.

"I don't like this place. It feels like there's something...dead...inside. Or somethings, I got the same feeling from a few different locations inside. Any of you get the same feeling? Kaya, your crazy crystal senses pick up anything?"

He looked around a moment, before scratching his head, confused.

"Hey, where's Tor?"

2013-01-15, 10:52 PM
"There is dark magic here that hates the sun. Tor accompanied Riskkar to, as he described it, 'check Apliicee.'"

2013-01-16, 04:35 PM
"Well if what we are looking for is linked with Vecna it is bound to be a dark place.
Delrin how many time did you and your friend came here ? What can we expect from that place ?"

2013-01-17, 08:54 AM
Pausing for a moment, as if contemplating on the half-orc's words, he finally replied, "You might meet her yet.", before turning around, and walking back towards the rest of the group.

Everyone else
"Hmm? I came here once before. Riskkar probably hugged this place more than I did, but you'll have to ask his scaly face yourself. Expect walkin' bags of bones and everythin' that ain't alive for a good long while." Delrin said, chugging another mug of ale, seemingly slightly inebriated. He looked up at the sky, squinting at the sun as it starts to fall.

2013-01-17, 11:49 AM
Seeing that Delrin would not share his ale. Boendal sat on a rock and resume carving his piece of wood, humming an old dwarvish song. He waited for the night.

2013-01-17, 12:17 PM

"It makes little sense for all followers of Vecna to find their lair inaccessible by day. I expect there's another way in for those in the confidence of the cult's leadership."

Arkaya settles itself to wait until the sunset.

18th Avenger
2013-01-17, 10:45 PM
Tor said nothing at the strangely-clad dragonborn's comment, even with the implications. From the stories of his teacher, he knew the risks inherent in the life of an adventurer. Where he stood now was as far as he'd ever come from the walls of Conscientia. The half orc was determined to make his teacher proud.

He followed Riskkar back to where the group was waiting, just as the sun started to go down.

2013-01-18, 01:39 PM
"What's this about Vecna?" Riskkar asked as he emerged from the forest, with Tor tailing behind.

"Bah. Maybe they'll be trying to find some o' their stuff in there." Delrin replied irritatably, taking one final swig of ale before digging out a lantern from his backpack and lighting it.

Riskkar doing the same, they stationed their lanterns at the edge of the pillars, just as the sun went down, and the combined shadows the pillars created merged into one area on the wall.


Without warning, Delrin, clearly drunk, charged straight through the shadows into the darkness, passing through what was previously a wall.

Riskkar, unbothered by this show of drunken rage, simply walked over to Delrin's barrel and held steadily to it, as he focused on the sounds of battle within the struture.

"Best to leave it to him. He's been known to kill his own allies when they intefere." the dragonborn said nonchalantly.


18th Avenger
2013-01-21, 09:43 AM
Tor gave his companions a look as the dwarf barreled into the crypt. Then he turned back to Riskkar.

"Not to throw aspersions on his capabilities or your trust, but what's a sign that things might not be going his way?"

2013-01-21, 10:32 AM
The construct remains still, observing its surroundings.

Perception (estimate number and type of enemy): [roll0]
Insight (detect mercenary shenanigans): [roll1]

2013-01-21, 02:21 PM
Boendal ready his weapons and followed drunken dwarf he stepped in and was in the mood to bash some skulls, even that foolish dwarf skull

2013-01-24, 10:36 AM
"Hey, if he wants to get himself killed, it's fine by me."

Hawthorn, hovering in midair, crossed his arms and waited for any sign from his allies that he should take action.

2013-02-14, 07:47 AM
Tor and Boendal
You charge into the hole provided by the darkness, and on the other side, you see a short but wide room; the ceiling is within jumping distance, but the distance from one stone wall to the other is considerable. The walls themselves are lined with dust, disturbed only by the numerous skeletons that roam in the area - and there are over a dozen of them! All of them are in bad shape, many seemingly damaged before; a missing skull here, broken ribs there...it's obvious that someone had fought them before. Riskkar is already in the thick of battle, dropping a skeleton right where it stands, all the while roaring and laughing, singing and screaming.

You got a feeling he'll hit you if you get too close...


It's your turn!

For everyone else
Riskkar turns to the group, keeping one eye at the entrance.

"It seems my question has been avoided. What do you hope to find here, that the priest would not share with us? What is it that you have come here to achieve?"

18th Avenger
2013-02-14, 08:02 AM
Tor cursed as his eyes struggled to adjust to the light. With his mace at the ready, he charged for the dwarf's side, intent on making sure he wasn't flanked. The half orc swung his weapon at the nearest skeleton, intent on shattering it to pieces.

Moving to M, 17 and Melee Basic Attack on Skeleton 17

2013-02-14, 09:25 AM

"Vecna's cults are always involved in some scheme or the other, always to the detriment of others, and frequently to the detriment of themselves. Curiosity is an admirable trait. Sadly, meaningless speculation would be more of a punishment than a reward to your desire for knowledge."

2013-02-14, 04:30 PM
Boendal stepped into the room. The drunk dwarf was enjoying battle like there was no tomorrow. Seems like that bashing skulls feeling was to take quite literally. Boendal moved to turn those monstrosities to dust, then he said before striking.

"There is quite a lot of skeletons in here, if any of you outside hear me, a little help would be appreciated !"

Moving to N, 12 Reaping strike on skeleton 13
[roll0] vs AC
[roll1] damage
If miss, the target take 2 damage, Boendal mark the skeleton.

2013-02-15, 08:15 AM
Tor and Boendal
Both Tor and Boendal step forward, their respective weapons dropping a skeleton each. Not to be outdone, Delrin laughed all the louder, and brought his mace down, caving an entire skull in.

"What, yer don't remember little old me? You couldn't stop me before, and you're not gonna again!"

As if in response to his shouting, all the skeletons charge forward, swinging their rusted weapons with abandon, and while Boendal manages to block the attacks, the other two aren't so lucky, and each suffer two gashes (8 damage to Delrin and Tor)


For everyone else
"Oh? Pray tell, what makes you think this place is related to Vecna in any way?" Riskkar asked idly, though his eyes have a certain glint in them as he observes Arkaya. Boendal's words waffle through the entrance, but Riskkar doesn't move, keeping his eyes on the crystal contruct, clearly waiting for its response.

2013-02-15, 08:35 AM
"We can down them easily, don't get overrun though."

Reaping strike on skeleton 12
[roll0] vs AC
[roll1] damage
If miss, the target take 2 damage, Boendal mark the skeleton.

18th Avenger
2013-02-15, 08:37 PM
Bloodied, Tor snarled at the skeletons and skipped backwards to stand beside Delrin.

"Your scaly friend's a wizard or somesuch, i'n't he? We should take this outside, where be of help!" The half orc grunted and smashed his mace at the nearest skeleton.

Move to M, 15 and Melee Basic Attack on Skeleton on L, 15

2013-02-18, 11:19 AM
Hawthorn rattled his brain quickly, trying to come up with a convincing enough lie to tell the dragonborn. After all, it seemed as though he and the dwarf knew more aout this place than they did.

"Our half orc buddy in there has got a paladin friend whose given us some undeniable proof that the Vec heads are up to no good. Her info showed that this place could hold some clues as to what nonsense theyre up to."

Not a complete lie...We did see Lady gillen on the verge of death thanks to some One Eye bastard, and if that aint proof, then I might as well be 10 feet tall.

bluff check

2013-02-19, 10:13 AM
Tor and Boendal
Dodging both of the skeletons attacking him, Boendal's axe cuts a splits a skull right through the center. However, off to the side, Tor and Delrin, both surrounded by more skeletons, have no chance to block every single attack coming their way; rusted blades still manage to pierce skin, and while Delrin just roars all the more and destroys another one of them, Tor isn't so lucky, and the pain caused him to miss. (Tor and Delrin take 8 damage each)

A barrel rolls through the entrance, and the dwarf widens his eyes.


For Everyone Else
Riskkar looked doubtfully at Hawthorn. Before he could respond, a burst of necrotic energy pervades the area, and if you turn around to look at the source, right at one of the lanterns, you see a pale skeleton, dressed in tattered rags, with a pendant hanging from the neck, bearing a twisted version of Corellon's symbol.

"And you would be wrong." A sing-song female voice emanates from it, and it stooped down and grabbed the lantern.

"Apliicee.." Riskkar muttered, and gently kicked the barrel at his feet, letting it roll into the entrance.

Ignoring the dragonborn, the skeleton turned to the party. "If it is Vecna you seek, all you will find here are the bones of the undead. And I give you a choice.

You can try to stop me. You can finish what he has tried to stop before. But one step, and I break this lantern, and your friends will be trapped with a host of skeletons and no easy way to escape.

Or you can join them. I'll close the entrance anyway - I cannot risk anything now!- but at least you have a better chance of making it out here alive."

2013-02-19, 05:48 PM
Boendal said with a scornful voice"Do we have a way to stop those squeletons, or do we bash them mindlessly till they crumble to dust ?"
Boendal stroke again

Reaping strike on skeleton 5
[roll0] vs AC
[roll1] damage
If miss, the target take 2 damage, Boendal mark the skeleton.

2013-02-19, 10:25 PM

"Undeath, darkness, secrets, magic -- and perhaps lies as well. This may not be Vecna's handiwork as you say, apparition, but it may as well be."

Religion: [roll0] Creature Knowledge of Apliicee
Insight: [roll1] Making sense of the undead creature's rant and threat.
Arcana: [roll2] How do the lanterns work? Are they standard or some sort of magic?

18th Avenger
2013-02-19, 11:46 PM
Tor winced at the blows. His bony adversaries had scored some telling hits.

"We're gettin' creamed in here!" He shouted at the dwarves as a grey-skinned hand tried to stem the bleeding. "Let's hold them at the entrance, we can bottleneck there!"

He began to do just that, lashing out out that closest skeleton before slowly making for the entrance with his mace swinging in careful guarding arcs.

Melee Basic Attack
Result (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=14744108#post14744108)

Move to N, 16, with Riposte Strike at the ready

2013-02-21, 07:34 AM
Tor and Boendal
Overconfident, Boendal accidentallly put a little two much weight into a strike, and when it missed, two of the skeletons set upon him, stabbing him for 8 damage (4+4)

Both Tor and Delrin slay yet another skeleton, thinning the crowd, but the sheer number of bony creatures stabbing at them meant that they could not block every attack, and suffered 4 damage each.


For everyone else
"Magic is not just Vecna's domain. Dwell on that. Or you could just ask dear Riskkar here.

Make your decision now! I'll break the lantern..." the skeleton warns.

2013-02-21, 01:49 PM
Boendal shouted"I don't know what you are doing outside, but can you do that quickly and come help us as soon as possible."

Reaping strike on skeleton 5
[roll0] vs AC
[roll1] damage
If miss, the target take 2 damage, Boendal mark the skeleton.

2013-02-21, 02:27 PM

"Riskkar, I'd ask you to please deal with this revenant and keep the entrance clear. I am needed inside."

The construct strides purposefully into the ruin to join its companions.

If possible, advance to the melee and use Healing Word on a bloodied ally for [roll0] plus a healing surge. Activation roll: [roll1] (fails on 1). If able to also attack the nearest skeleton within Range 5, do so with Gaze of Defiance: [roll2] vs Will for [roll3] damage.

2013-02-21, 04:44 PM
Hawthorn frowned at Riskkar.

"Alright, buddy, I don't know what's going on here, but I expect some answers from you as soon as these bonebags are taken care of."

He flitted past the apparition into the depths.

18th Avenger
2013-02-22, 10:21 AM
Move to O, 16 and Melee Basic Attack to Skeleton on N, 17
Prepare Riposte Strike against any attackers

As Tor skipped and parried closer to the entrance, the half orc clearly wasn't sure how much longer he would last. His leather cuirasse was slick with his own blood.

He took a look at Delrin forming the deadly point of their triangle and Boendall, the farther point, roaring with each strike of his axe. The half orc grit his tusked teeth then snarled out a guttural challenge to their undead opponents, daring them to come closer.

2013-02-22, 01:44 PM
Hawthorn looked in shock at the crowd of undead.

"Geez, 'best leave it to him' my ass!"

He flew up to the fray and let loose a blast of flame, catching as many of the skeletons as he could.

Move to P17, Burning Spray on Skeletons 15, 18, and 14.

15: [roll0] vs Reflex
18: [roll1] vs Reflex
14: [roll2] vs Reflex

Damage: [roll3]

2013-02-23, 03:28 AM
Boendal glances to the right, to see Tor strike down yet another skeleton. However, he is having trouble with the same task; the wound he received apparently affected his accuracy, and his blade skidded off his foe's. Behind him, another skeleton made to attack, but Hawthorn bursts in, with Arkaya by his side, unleashing a flurry of spells that took down that skeleton and two others.

The entrance suddenly disappears, but surprisingly, the room is not plunged into darkness; Delrin held a torch, with his free hand, his other busy fending off the skeletons in front of him. Too late, you realize that the battered barrel is not just leaking ale; a dry, black powder seeps from small cracks at the sides of the barrel.


The resulting explosion engulfs everyone in the vicinity, alive and undead alike, and the room is once again returned to darkness.

The shuffle of bones and the squeal of rusted blades tell you that there are still skeletons about, but the lack of screams means that no one got hurt.

The barrel is treated as a trap. Attack: +4 VS Reflex, Damage: 1d8.

{table]Creature|Attack Roll|Reflex|Hit?|Damage

You can't see who else got hit.

2013-02-23, 09:17 AM
Grunting Boendal yelled "By Moradin beard, Anybody hurt!"
Boendal reached in his backpack to free a sunrod and then lighted it, by banging it on his axe. Their foe might not be turn to dust yet and squeletons without eye balls can most likely see in the dark. Time was of the essence.

18th Avenger
2013-02-25, 09:34 AM
"Ask me again in a few minutes!"

Arkaya's waves of healing magic gave Tor the boost he needed, especially after the sudden and unexpected detonation of the barrel the half orc had forgotten about.

Good thing there are fewer bonebags now, Tor thought as he sized up the last skeleton he and Hawthorn flanked. 'Cause I don't plan on buying the farm just yet. He drew back his mace arm and aimed a last solid blow at the skeleton's pitted ribcage.

Melee Basic Attack on Skeleton#14
Damage: [roll1]

2013-02-26, 11:52 AM
Tor unleased a devastating attack that felled one of the remaining skeletons. Two were left now.


1. All PCs
2. Monsters

Tor and Boendal have acted for the round.

2013-02-26, 12:24 PM

The construct raises its orb and blasts at a nearby skeleton.

Standard: Gaze of Defiance at Skeleton 1 [roll0] vs Will for [roll1] Edit: Crit for 12 psychic damage. On a hit, all allies gain a +1 power bonus to attack rolls against this creature.
Move: Advance to N11.
Minor: not used.

2013-02-27, 12:06 AM
Hawthorn flew up in front of the stragglers and sent a burst of flames shooting from his palms. "Just die already! Again!"

Move to L16, Burning Spray on skeletons

Skeleton 1 [roll0] vs Ref
Skeleton 2 [roll1] vs Ref

Damage [roll2]

2013-02-27, 04:33 AM
Hawthorn engulfs the pair of skeletons in a flame, and though they seemed relatively unaffected, it distracted them long enough for Arkaya to destroy and Delrin to wipe out the other.

"...that was fun." Delrin said to no one in particular.

The entrance to the south, worryingly enough, hasn't reappeared. There are doorways to the west and north.

Combat is over.
Everyone gets exactly 100 exp...yeah, I'm surprised it's such a nice number too.


2013-02-27, 09:16 AM

"Riskkar was outside when the barrel detonated. An undead creature showed itself and threatened to trap you all inside. Riskkar called it Apliicee, but it was certainly not friendly. I'm not sure if Riskkar will be able to re-open the entry for us, or even if the undead left him intact."

The crystalline being then progresses toward the former entrance until it reaches what is now a wall.

Attempt to telepathically communicate past the closed doorway with range 5 with Riskkar, or if he's not in range, Apliicee.

Current status
Hit Points: 19/24
Surges remaining: 7/7
Dailies remaining: Beacon of Hope

2013-02-27, 11:22 AM
You receive no response from your attempts at telepathy.

2013-02-27, 12:23 PM
"You stupid excuse for a dwarf, what was those explosives for if not to kill us all!"
Boendal was ready to put his fist into the dwarf face if the response was not adequate.

2013-02-27, 12:27 PM

"Since the success of our mission and our survival may ultimately depend on our ability to cohere, we should postpone discussion of Riskkar's questionable tactic until we are through with this place."

"Delrin, do you know of another egress? What can you reveal to us of your earlier mission?"

2013-02-27, 08:24 PM
"Bah, the explosives cleared out the skeletons, nitwit." he said to Boendal .

"YOU reveal exactly why you're here first. You're as secretive as a thief hiding gold, and I can tell as much you're hiding somethin' too."

2013-02-27, 09:11 PM

"Our reason will likely become clear in time. I am instructed to keep what we're after in confidence, although I will state that this stipulation is something I find disagreeable."

"Riskkar identified the skeleton outside that sabotaged the entry as Apliicee. Your employer and our ally has indicated that you are reliable, if unorthodox. Your responses, aloofness, and apparent bond with this aggressor give evidence to the contrary, Delrin. Let us recover from the battle, then see if we can collaborate more successfully. We have a mutual interest in survival at stake."

Insight: [roll0] to see if this guy is up to anything aside from being drunk and disorderly.

2013-02-28, 12:39 AM
"Bah!" Delrin raised his hands in exasperation.

"For someone who hates Vecna, you sure act like them, being all hush-hush and all.

You say Riskkar's being held up by Apliicee ehh? I guess...well...I need another drink."

"Alright. For the sake of Riskkar, I guess. He got us all into this mess.

Riskkar here was part of a cult. A pretty cool one, I suppose. Basically, it's a bunch of people who originally thought 'Hey, why should we worship Corellon, when we can just worship magic itself?' or somethin' like that. I slept through some of the details.

The cult was pretty small, but there were people from...err...Ioun and Vecna too, I think? They bonded for the sole purpose of studying magic. Not really my thing, but Riskkar was happy, Apliicee was happy for Riskkar, so who was I to complain?

And then, well...the cult broke down. I think. Some arguments here and there, about something something something - I don't care, really - and then, Riskkar got upset and left.

We went adventuring for a lil' while, but it became obvious that he was troubled by somethin'. And then, suddenly, one day, he said he had to come back here. Stuff happened, we based some skulls in, we entered the treasure room over there..." he said, pointing to the door in the west, "and then Apliicee picked up this cool lookin' necklace and wore it. And oh dear gods, it was horrible. The flesh slid off her bones, she scremed bloody terror, and then she started chasing us all over the complex before we managed to escape."

"There, happy now?" he said, poking a finger in Arkaya's face, "Seems like I'm more open about things than a damn cleric, ehh?"

You can't really tell...maybe because the light's flickering slightly, or because he's drunk, or maybe because an omnipotent being just pointed out the fact you got a natural one.

2013-02-28, 01:20 AM

"I must acknowledge that you are more capable of sharing what you know than I am, Delrin. By the standards of my own order, you may count coup against me. Well played. Now, how do you propose we leave this place?"

Heh. Natural 1 doesn't normally mean anything except on an attack roll. Not that a 5 Insight is likely to reveal anything, ever.

2013-02-28, 07:07 AM
"Well..." he said, scratching his head, "The door to the west leads to a dead end, but I think there's loot to be gotten there. Which means...north is the way out...?"

2013-02-28, 09:41 AM
Pointing at the west door."Well west it is for me, i don't want to miss anything important by rushing in."

2013-02-28, 10:18 PM
The door opens up into another room, similar in size and shape to the previous one. However, pedestals and chests fill the area, mostly empty. Delrin pointed at the largest pedestal which stands in the center of the room, on a raised platform. "That's the place where that damned necklace was placed."

A weapon on a nearby pedestal catches your eye. It's a mace, finely crafted, the black shaft of which is decorated in winged and horned creatures. The base is capped with a minature representation of a wicked claw.

A quick search of the chests reveal 100 gold.

Remember that time I mentioned the contest about the best roleplay in my absence? Well...

Bloodclaw Mace +1
(+1 to attack and damage rolls, critical: +1d6 damage)
Power (At-Will): Free Action. Use this power before
making a melee attack on your turn. You take damage
up to a maximum of the weapon’s enhancement bonus
(a +3 weapon deals up to 3 damage to its wielder). This
damage cannot be reduced or prevented in any way. If
you hit, increase the damage your target takes by double
the amount of damage you took, triple if you are wielding
the weapon in two hands.

2013-02-28, 10:45 PM

The glassy being picks its way around the room. It examines the mace for several minutes before being satisfied that it is not horribly cursed.

"If anyone wants to put that to use, know that it feeds on the wielder occasionally, but is otherwise benign."

Arkaya then approaches the now-empty pedestal, examining it for clues.

Perception: [roll0]

2013-02-28, 11:52 PM
The position of the pedestal and its make suggests that whatever was placed on it was very important, and was treated as such. Other than the fact that it was well made, there's nothing wrong with it. The dust on it suggests that the pedestal hasn't been tended to for quite some time.

2013-03-03, 03:07 PM
Hawthorn closed his eyes to concentrate, attempting to sense if anything of interest to their mission might be in this room.

Arcana: [roll0]

2013-03-04, 10:46 AM
Looking over the various bric-a-brac scattered around the room, the only thing you find of interest is a piece of paper, glowing slightly. You deduce that the thing itself isn't magical, but was in contact with a source of magic for quite some time. Upon closer inspection, the paper is a torn piece of a map. The only thing can be seen is that 'Libraries' is marked next to 'Summoning Room'.

18th Avenger
2013-03-05, 12:10 AM
Tor, who'd been in the back of the group, picked up the mace and hefted it, getting a feel of the craftsmanship. The big half orc grinned at the others, looking a little less drawn out from the fight with the animated skeletons and the nasty surprise that took the form of an exploding cask.

"This was almost worth the getting clobbered by bonebags," he said with his basso rumble. He replaced his current mace in his pack and put the new one in his belt. He looked around. "Anything more 'round here?"

2013-03-05, 12:29 AM
"Let's move, there is obviously nothing more to get from here"

2013-03-05, 12:30 PM
Going through the only other exit, which is north of the room with the skeletons, you find youself in a long room. It looks like it used to be an elaborate dining room, but it has fallen into advanced disrepair. The wood of the table had long since warped, and bits and pieces of chairs lie around the room. There are three other doors to the north, east and west. There are plaques on the doors, but only the one to the west and north are readable. The one to the north reads 'Kitchen' and the one to the west reads 'Summoning Room'.


2013-03-07, 01:07 AM
Hawthorn floats into the dining room, stretching his arms out wide so he can study the torn bit of map he found in the treasure room, as it was almost as big as he was.

"Okay, guys, so according to this bit of map I found, there should be some kind of library on the other side of the Summoning Room, and based on the magical residue I'm getting off this parchment, I'd be careful about the Summoning Room. Might be worth it for what we could find in there or the library, but I'm just saying we should be wary."

2013-03-07, 01:16 AM

"I agree entirely. Let us make our way through."

18th Avenger
2013-03-07, 03:59 AM
Tor grunted his assent and was first towards the portal. He looked back at the hovering Hawthorn. "You better come to. You might pick things I can't see or might miss."

It was time to put some of his training back in from the streets of Conscientia to practice. He began by standing by the entrance and getting down on his belly, his dagger in one hand as he began tapping and looking for some of the more mundane traps.

2013-03-07, 07:37 AM
Tor approaches the door slowly, and squinting at the door, he points to an almost invisible string connecting the door to the floor. Taking out a crossbow bolt, he makes a swift cut, cutting away the trigger to whatever trap it was connected to.

The door opens up into another room, which is empty except for a raised circular platform in the centre. The edges of the platform are alight in glowing runes, and a swirling portal swims in the centre. Through the portal, you can see a forest, probably the same as the one outside this place.

There is another door, similar to the one Tor just opened, on the west end of the room.


2013-03-07, 09:53 AM
Hawthorn flies up to examine the portal.

"There's no way this is as easy as 'poof, you're outta here.'"

He examined the runes lining the outside, trying to see if he could get a handle on the nature of the portal.


2013-03-07, 12:43 PM
Looking at the portal Boendal thought they found their way out, now they can fully concentrate on finding whatever is hidden in this building. "Was that your way out last time you came here ?" he asked the other dwarf.

2013-03-08, 09:52 AM
"Nope. I've never been 'ere. We went in and out by the same entrance - you know, the one that's not there anymore."

As far as you can tell, the runes aren't trapped. It seems to be some lesser version of the ritual Linked Portal, and it seems that there's a limited duration the portal will remain open before the runes run out of energy, before the spell has to be cast again.

2013-03-08, 11:12 AM
After taking a look at the runes for a moment, Hawthorn looked up to the group.

"Well, whatever we're planning on doing here, we should do it quick. I'm not sure how long this portal's going to stay open, but it's definitely not forever. So it is just, 'poof, you're outta here, long as you don't miss the deadline.' Let's move on to the library, super-quick."

2013-03-08, 11:23 AM
"Fine by me, i don't want to end up stuck in here"

2013-03-08, 11:24 AM

"Let us proceed."

18th Avenger
2013-03-09, 07:21 AM
Tor nodded and knelt in front of the door, gingerly testing it to see if the door to the summoning room was open (common sense, after all). Though he did take out the wire trap near the portal, he still wasn't sure whether or not it was all the way clear.

He put the crossbow bolt back in its hip bag and drew his dagger from his pack. Taking a deep breath, the half orc lay a grey palm flat against the door and gently gave it a push open.

OoC: Apparently, bags are the smarter way to hold arrows and things. Also, I'm opening the door to the summoning room. Wish us luck, yes?

2013-03-09, 07:37 AM
The western door opens up into a huge circular room, several stories high. Every inch of the walls are layered with bookshelves, and each bookshelf is crammed with dusty old tomes. Ladders are inlaid into the walls between bookshelves and lead from one floor to another, which is little more than circular ledges with more books. There are four such ledges above you.

A circular formation of runes surround an empty pedestal in the centre of the room.

2013-03-10, 09:33 AM
Hawthorn once again flitted over to the runes to study them, attempting to get an idea on the nature of the pedestal.
"Let's hope taking that Runes in Modern Society class paid off..."

Arcana [roll0]

2013-03-10, 10:06 AM
The runes seem to aid the pedestal as a search function. A person must step inside the circle and concentrate on what he wants to find. However, it appears to be as much a safety mechanism/trap as it is a search device; several runes indicate a contest of wills between the individual and the system, and if he loses...well, bad things will happen. It's mentally draining to search, so the indivual must concentrate on something concise and do it quickly.

Game terms:
It's a skill challenge.

18th Avenger
2013-03-11, 07:20 AM
Thought Tor had tales from his teacher never to touch anything that stank of magic, the half orc that the least he could do was watch out for the more mundane traps.

And so, while Hawthorn began studying the pedestal that dominated the room, he went about the room, gently poking and prodding books and other odds and ends with the dagger in his hand.


"What do you find, Thorn?" He called to the little pixie.

2013-03-11, 07:59 AM
The books are worn with time, and the sheer number of them doesn't help any. It's all just a confusing mess to you.

2013-03-11, 08:17 AM

The glittering being approaches the pedestal.

Attempt to locate references relevant to the current magical situation.

Religion: [roll0]

2013-03-11, 10:05 AM
The whole place seems to have no religious theme in mind; all the runes have their roots in the arcane, and none at all in the religious aspect. However, your trained eye finds something interesting. The symbols of the books surrounding you suggest ancient texts from many different religions, and while most are familiar (Corellon, Ioun, Vecna, etc), there are a few volumes with the twised version of Corellon you have seen, and several of a curious symbol that seems to be a complicated multi-sided star, with each point representing a religion.

2013-03-11, 01:20 PM
"It's huge if we have to search one book after the other it will take ages. Little one any idea on what the pedestal is for ?"

Boendal try to look for title on the sides of the books to get clues on them, he started by the bookshelf on right of the bottom floor. He didn't dare touch any of them, he had heard stories of dwarf cursed with plague only by a single touch on a magical book.

2013-03-11, 07:33 PM
Alakokian scans book after book, looking through names of exotic names and bearing curious symbols. Finally, his eyes stop at a particular book; an orange leather bound tome sporting the symbol of a multi-sided star with many other symbols on each point. It seemed...different from the other books somehow.

Delrin grabs the book from its resting place, blowing away the dust from the cover, which read Phases Of The Moon.

"Bah. He said, giving it a quick read, "This thing is ruined! I can barely read anything. Says here...12 moons...ritual complete...something something something. We shouldn't be wasting our time here, we gotta look for Riskkar!"

He storms out of the room, and heads straight into the portal - after all, there isn't anywhere else to go.

If anyone follows him, they would be as stunned as he.

A second moon floats in the sky.

A roll of 1 or 2 for any divine abilities (d20) will now result in a failure, rather than just 1.

2013-03-11, 08:37 PM
"The pedestal is some kind of searching mechanism. You stand in it and concentrate on what you want to find, and it locates it for you. It requires a lot of mental energy though, and if your concentration isn't strong enough...I'm not sure what'll happen. Shall I give it a try? I'm still not really sure what we're looking for, though."

2013-03-11, 09:24 PM

"Time is short, and our supposed ally has left with the one possible clue from the library. Let's follow him."

Arkaya then enters the portal.

18th Avenger
2013-03-12, 07:47 AM
Tor gave up and put a book down (carefully) then turned to watch Delrin storm into the portal, followed by the Arkaya, who was glittering even in the dimness of the old library.

The half orc snorted and gave the pixie a look that seemed to say, "why not?" He put the arrow back in its bag and hurried after the two of them.

2013-03-12, 12:04 PM
Boendal followed after Tor
"At this point it's not recklessness, it's just madness to follow that dwarf."
Then he jumped into the portal with a grunt

2013-03-14, 12:20 AM
"Well, hey, don't leave me behind! Gosh, that lousy dwarf..."

Grumbling, Hawthorn rushes to catch up with the others and flies through the portal. He looks up shocked. "Don't think there's anything in the pixie legends about that..."