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2012-10-27, 10:21 PM
Early in the day, you are contacted by your respective fixers. Mr. Tanaka has a proposition for you. The more perceptive will note that your contacts, each Yakuza members, seem less than thrilled at forwarding this message to you. More than one of them speak with the air of a man relegated to a particularly unpleasant chore. "He'll meet you in the Minato Ward at 8 pm. In Roppongi."

It's about 9 or 10 in the morning. You have some time to prepare.

da prophet
2012-10-28, 06:51 AM
Hai tang- exited for his first mission makes shure everything is ready. When he has checked if the cats have food for the umphteent time he walks with his dogs before he picks up his equipment aiming to be there at 7 o clock to watch how things work.

2012-10-28, 09:23 AM
After getting dressed, putting on her backpack, and making certain her gun is loaded, the safety is on, and her apartment is locked. Suzuku heads out to find some place to eat, perhaps a local Noodle shop.

Once there, she orders Udon.
(Vehicle included in lifestyle: Suzuki Racing Bike.)
She then heads to the meeting after using her comm-implant to alert her clan of where she is going.

2012-10-28, 02:28 PM
Donovan stares at his commlink screen for almost a quarter of an hour, thinking; he knows Unari wouldn't have set up a same-day meet if it weren't important, but "important" for Unari often means "bad news" for him.

But it's been a month and a half since his last run; he needs the money, and besides, he's starting to get restless. Maybe this is a good kind of run--some evil corporate plot needs stopped or the like.

Okay, so that's wishful thinking. But maybe it's at least something palatable--extracting a willing defector, or some data theft.

Whatever the job will be, he'd best be prepared. That last run used up the last spirit he'd had on call, so that seems as good a place to start as any.

Opening his protocol files on his 'link, Donovan takes down his haraigushi--one of the few items in his makeshift space treated with care--and begins to prepare the area marked as his Lodge, in the one corner of the building not exposed to the elements (much), separated from the world by paper screens, painted runes, and a handmade sign reading "No dogs--beware of pissed-off fire elemental" in English, Japanese and Sperethiel.


Summoning a Force 8 Spirit of Man, which is considered Overcasting for Donovan.

Die pool is: Summoning 5 + Magic 4 + Power Focus 2 + Domain 2 = 13.


The spirit rolls an opposed pool of 8 dice; it will owe me services equal to my net hits, and I'll take Drain equal to the number of hits it scores, modified by my resistance roll and 'ware.

Resistance pool: Charisma 7 + Willpower 4 + Domain 2 + Daredrenaline 1 = 14 dice


2012-10-28, 05:20 PM
With the first wave of the haraigushi, a strange wind begins to blow. It picks up as the summoning continues, confined to Donovan's lodge, carrying dust and debris along with it. Through the haze, he can see a humanoid figure, glowing softly. The wind reaches almost dangerous speeds, threatening to lift the mage off his feet. It's a wonder no one has heard what is happening. As the wind becomes a howling, miniature tornado, the figure moves closer to meet Donovan's gaze, giving him an impression of a plain, dark haired man, dressed in traditional Japanese clothing.

Then, there is calm. The mage will find that his home appears untouched, as if that ill wind had never appeared. Nor has he been injured by the flying debris. But the man is still there. "Well done. Five, then. I am Borei, and five times I must serve you before my obligation has ended. What is your bidding?"

Wow. Ambitious start. The Drain roll will be against Physical damage, then.


But those were some great rolls. Looks like you avoid the Physical Drain entirely, and come away with a good 5 hits.

2012-10-28, 06:54 PM
Sitting upright in a box wasn't the easiest, but with legs crossed and half a NutriSynth bar in his mouth, Koto sat, meditational waveform on loop. He'd heard they were good for relaxing cyberlimbs, if you could unfocus enough the pattern would become a smooth circle. It only cost him a week's cut anyways.
Direct from his simrig, he could visualise an octagon. It was close enough. The shape sprouted a dozen jagged sides as a call came through, and he let out a few choice phrases before answering.

"Yeah? ... You don't say ... You do say. I'll be there."
Koto slid out of the coffin bunk as his contact hung up, catching the nearest rung before dropping to the ground. Last decision before leaving, he took a coat, gloves and white noise device from the rental lockboxes on the first floor. Chances were, he'd get another call before he had to be anywhere.

2012-10-28, 07:18 PM
Donovan stares, exultant, up at the spirit for a moment, his mind racing, deciding the best approach.

Traditional dress, slightly archaic speech; definitely old-school, so don't be casual. Spirit of Man, but made a windy entrance--Air Mage in life? Spirit of human wind--breath, maybe, speech, or wind generated by climate-control?

Grateful for the traditional blessings and greetings being displayed on his link, Donovan takes his best guess at the most appropriate form, and silently wishing himself luck, he bows deeply, but keeps his eyes firmly locked with Borei--hoping to signal respect and humility, but not submission.

"Soon I walk into danger, O Kami, to pay a debt I owe to my superiors; I beg you, attend me in Reikai, where I may call to you when my need is greatest." That should do it; hopefully mentioning the debt is good for a few brownie points--debt and honor and obedience, very Japan, good fit for the old school. I hope.

Careful to maintain eye contact, he continues with the ritual--the prayers to share his magical knowledge with the spirit briefly, the prayers to establish how he'll call the spirit back from the Astral, and--heartfelt, and rather nervous--the prayers of thanks.

2012-10-28, 07:27 PM
Michael is anything but happy. He didnt have a choice when he had to leave NeoNet for good a year a go and it was necessary to leave the UCAS after a few beginner problems in the shadow side of business. With his origin within a megacorp with strong japanese ties, he is familiar enough with japanese culture and etiquette to make it the best choice for a new start, but still it wasnt home. Although its not like the streets in Boston had felt like home either. At the moment he is still on the fence to believe he could feel anywhere at home again.

While he was working on a routine maintenance on one of his flyspy drones, his commlink inserted a small message about a meeting with a possible employer in his view. A deep sigh was the answer. Michael despises what he has become. A lowly shadowrunner with the chosen streetname of "Overwatch", beeing moved as pawn at the corps will. But his rational side quickly took over. He needed the money. And with his particular skillsets this was the most effective way to do it.
He considered for a moment doing some research on the Johnson before accepting the meeting but scrapped the idea. He couldnt be choosy right now. His last reserves had been spend on the couple of drones he has and 2 months rent for this loft.

But having to accept the meeting didnt mean he had to come unprepared. He checkes the matrix for as much information about this Mr Tanaka as he can find with the bare minimum of clues about him he´s got already. He also sends his 4 flyspy drones early to the meeting point and positions them to act as moble survailance cameras on the streets around the meeting.

extended datasearch on Mr Tanaka:

Mithric Gunn
2012-10-28, 08:54 PM
Katsu grins, thinking, Hmm, Tanaka, wonder if im related. Probably a fake name, though.
He looks around his small apartment, then reaches under his bed, dragging a long steel chest into the light. After unlocking it, he pulls out 2 bows and a case of arrows, then a suit of flexible armor, a combat knife.
He tucks the knife in a sheathe behind his back, puts on the armored suit, leaving the hood down. He then puts on a pair of pants, the kind with buttons down the side for easy removal, and tops it off with a worn dark blue hoodie. He Selects one of the bows, and collapses it down, storing it in a cloth bag, then putting it in the bag.
Then, he take 12 arrows, and carefully puts them in a quiver, storing that in the back pack as well. Then, doublechecking that the hoodie and pants cover his armor, he shoulders his backpack and heads out to the meeting.

2012-10-29, 12:02 AM
As one of the staff serves you a bowl of noodles, someone greets you in a cultured sounding English accent. "Good to meet you. I am Mr. Tanaka." The speaker is middle aged, well dressed, and clearly not Japanese. Rather, he looks half Caucasian, half Asian. "No need to get up. Please, enjoy your dinner while I see about contacting the others."

Borei does not move an inch as the mage continues. The last steps of the ritual are far less dramatic than the spirit's appearance, though no less effective. Donovan will feel a tangible bond now connecting him to the spirit. "As you wish." Borei moves to the mage's side, then fades from physical view.

Michael soon finds himself spoiled for information on Mr. Tanaka. It is, after all, the alias of choice in Japan for people who want to hire shadowrunners. Overwatch learns of equivalents to the name. To whit, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Sato, and Naka-udo-san. Of course, that is not immediately relevant to him. At length, he discovers an individual using the name in Roppongi who is purchasing dinner in a noodle shop. (This) Mr. Tanaka is impeccably dressed and appears to be half Caucasian. After a flyover of the district, your drones relay footage of the same man.

Roppongi, a district in the center of the Minato ward, looks more like a stereotype of Neo-Tokyo than an actual part of the sprawl. For the benefit of tourists, Japanese culture is exaggerated considerably. The district includes a full scale mockup of a Shogun era village, complete with costumed actors. When you arrive, it is evening, and Roppongi comes to life with neon signs advertising bars, gambling parlors, and a variety of other services that would be illegal in other areas of the city.

Although it is relatively early in the evening, the district is crowded with vacationers from abroad, as well as many Neo-Tokyo's youth. It is an easy place for a non native to blend in, and you find that is precisely why Mr. Tanaka chose this as a meeting place. He most definitely isn't a Japanese citizen.

The well dressed man who greets you in front of the noodle shop is in his mid-forties, with greying black hair and a very expensive looking suit. He greets you with a bow and what sounds close to a British accent. "Good evening. Thank you for accepting my invitation. Please sit down. We have much to discuss and a fairly short amount of time to do so."

2012-10-29, 12:14 AM
Smiling as pleasantly as he can, feeling painfully underdressed, Donovan takes his seat, scanning the nearby Astral for anything out of the ordinary--and getting a good look at the others assembled at the shop.

2012-10-29, 09:46 AM
"Would you like to sit? To be honest, I must apologize, I had thought I would have had more time. Apparently it took me longer to get here than I had anticipated." continues eating her noodles at a measured pace.

(Or do you prefer it in Nihongo?)

da prophet
2012-10-29, 10:02 AM
watching his clock nervously hoping that he would get a heck of money for this run.

2012-10-29, 02:56 PM
Koto bows respectfully, accepting the invitation to sit, though he waits until Mr "Tanaka" moves to sit down before following through. He doesn't take off his coat, and he definitely doesn't take off his gloves.

"The nightlife is ... vibrant here, is it not, Mr Tanaka?"

2012-10-29, 03:08 PM
Suzuku glances at the man that just sat down as she finishes her noodles. "Konbanwa. Nihonjin desu ka?"

2012-10-29, 03:31 PM
Beeing somewhat of a control freak, Overwatch detailed out 3 different escape routes before going to the meeting. One can never be too careful. But overall he liked this meeting place. As a westener himself this is one of those areas where he can sufficiently blend in.
So he leaves his gun in his Rover which is parked 2 blocks away and moves to the meet, trying to appear just like a regular tourist. His Flyspy drones are still circling the area on the lookout for anything out of place.

Once he arrives at the place he returns the bow respectfully and sits down. Even though they are both westeners, japanese tradition must be followed here.
"Thank you for the invitation.
If time is short, as you indicated, I suggest we come right to the point. How can we help you Mr Tanaka?"

While waiting for an answer, Overwatch takes a quick look at Mr. Tanakas commlink. He has no intention of hacking into it(yet), but just logs on with a public account, checking if there is any information publicly available. He guesses that there is either very little or mostly false information to be found that way, but that could still be informative.

2012-10-29, 03:56 PM
She frowns at the extra westerner. "Are you aware that you are being rude? I probably shouldn't bother asking, most of you tend to be rude. Even when you think you're being polite." She then orders some tea, and something slightly sweet, such as fruit if they have it. "Would any of you care for something to drink?"

2012-10-29, 04:35 PM
While apperantly ignoring the japanese woman, Overwatch responds with a private message sent directly to her commlink:
On the contrary my dear. In fact I think the usage of endless ceremony with someone after he has indicated that he is pressed for time is very inconsiderate from your side.
But more importantly: Fighting openly in front of a potential employer is probably one of the most cliché forms on unprofessional behaviors there is. So if you have any other issues feel free to raise them in private, but please stop making us appear like squabbling teenagers.

During that he keeps his eyes and attention on Mr Tanaka.

Mithric Gunn
2012-10-29, 04:55 PM
Katsu arrives outside the bar a bit early, and after checking for any signs of a trap, he heads in, and takes a seat.

2012-10-29, 05:30 PM
Suzuku, upon receiving this message, records it. her face twitches slightly, in what almost looked like malevolent excitement, but was gone almost too quickly to notice. She shows her teeth to overwatch in what looks like a smile, other than the eyes. She replies over internal comm in a similar manner. "To the contrary. What you consider ceremony is not extremely time consuming. Those that do it well end up high, those that do not have difficulty getting work. I would also like to point out, that were he truly pressed for time, he would let us know in a polite manner, such as getting down to business, as you so ineloquently put it. What he meant by being 'pressed for time' was most likely that he needed a swift response, since telling you to hurry would be an assumption of your being lax, and therefor an insult. I can go into further detail for you if you wish."

2012-10-29, 05:49 PM
Koto stares at her, bemused that she would bother with the question, before gesturing back to the rest of the group.
It's clear Koto wasn't going to go into detail when a possible job offer sat infront of them.

Out of curiosity more than actual concern, he loaded a small lie detection sensorsoft into Mr Buzzkill, giving the agent orders to pay attention to whomever was speaking in the small gathering.

2012-10-29, 06:19 PM
She raises an eyebrow at him, "Nihonjin dewa arimasen." (Then you are not japanese.) She makes it more a statement than a fact. "You speak grammatically correctly, but you speak incorrectly. You are very good though."I have an advantage in knowing the proper forms. While you may not, your phrase was... flawed. Also, when you speak to someone, to be polite, you should generally make it a question. For instance, let us say that I have an easy going boss, and I require a few days off next week for family reasons. I know that he would give them to me. I will still ask him if I may have those days off, since it would be impolite not to include my boss in the decision making process. Therefor telling him I need those days off is rude. These are mistakes most... outsiders make. Outsiders here, being a commonly used term (gaijin) to refer to anyone not of Japanese decent. It is considered rude, but I am refering to all non-native japanese, and the visitors.

Mithric Gunn
2012-10-29, 10:39 PM
As Katsu watches the exchange, his features are tinged by a hint of disgust. He thinks to himself, We haven't even gotten the job and already they're arguing. The pay had better be good.

2012-10-29, 11:38 PM
"English will be just fine, thank you." He clearly understands Japanese, but the man is more comfortable speaking in a familiar tongue.

With a pensive expression, your prospective employer then responds to your speculation. "While I do recommend you begin the job immediately, I wouldn't say you are on a strict time limit. As for the actual nature of the task itself..." He pauses to drink from a cup of tea. "A certain individual currently residing in Denver has asked for, and been allowed a meeting with an associate of the Wanibuchi-gumi. I ask that you make contact with her and ensure her safety as she travels back to Neo-Tokyo. Please understand that I am not authorized to disclose further details before I have your collective acceptance."

2012-10-29, 11:48 PM
Picking Overwatch as the most approachable--at semi-random, given his lack of information--Donovan sends him a private message, in educated but obviously non-native Japanese: "My English vocabulary is limited to technical terms; I'm pretty lost. Will you help me?"

2012-10-30, 03:38 AM
Overwatch does his best to translate Mr Tanakas words with another message, but it looks like his japanese isnt much better than Donovans:
The job is an escort job. We are to travel to Denver, find a specific woman there and bring her back here safely to meet with a member of the wanibuchi-gumi. He needs everyone to accept the job before going into details.

Looking at the rest of the team, Overwatch considers for a moment if they are equiped for a job like this. Between the troll, the ork and the heavily cybered human, they should have the muscle department covered. With any luck this elf has some magical abilities if that ring is really some kind of focus. And this yakuza-lady surely also has many useful abilities, even if they are not that obvious. The only issue there is that most likely she will assume to be in charge of the rest of us. But I´ll have to deal with that once the situation arises.
Overall that leaves me with planning, matrix security and drone support. That can work.

He opens a private group conversation with the rest of the team and writes in japanese:
I would accept for now. Of course some of the details are still very important, but that is a risk I am willing to take. Does everyone agree?

Mithric Gunn
2012-10-30, 05:19 AM
Katsu comments, Well, there is one little detail I would like before I sign up. How much is he paying?

2012-10-30, 06:18 AM
Even if he is telling us how much is is willing to pay, there is no way to evaluate if what he offering is enough or not without knowing the details of the job. I prefere accepting the job first, then hearing the details and finally negotiate for an acceptable payment opposed to negotiating the payment first without knowing any details of the job.

2012-10-30, 09:14 AM
After encrypting a comm channel with the group, Koto puts in his two nuyen, then waits.
If he's not willing to tell us any details, then either we're assumedly able to handle it. I'm not discounting anything worse, but we shouldn't be too paranoid to make this work for us. I'm in.

2012-10-30, 09:21 AM
"I am afraid I will not be accepting without details first. That would be rather like walking into enemy territory without knowing if there a few dozen people right around the corner with swords.

da prophet
2012-10-30, 09:59 AM
seeing that all the experieced shadowrunners is asking for more details hai thang says "not to be rude good sir but i would need to get a little more information before taking this mission.

2012-10-30, 01:15 PM
Donovan sends a quick private message back to Overwatch--Thank you--then joins the group thread.

I don't think asking for more details will get us anywhere; Mr. Tanaka's already made it clear he's divulged all he's going to. If we push for more information, he may just walk away; if we accept, then our willingness to accommodate him in this fairly significant way is one more bargaining chip when we negotiate payment.

2012-10-30, 10:39 PM
"The problem here, is that while I have no issue with what you have said so far... What I do have issue with is that I do not know if this job will cancel out any of my contracts, what I should prepare for in way of possible hostilities, and I have no idea if the person requiring escort will need assistance with anything she may be transporting. While none of these points individually, aside from the initial point merits any serious doubt on my part, all together these issues mean that I would be required to prepare for any conceivable situation. This leaves me with some difficulty. Most likely it leaves the others here with some difficulties as well. For one, which company do you represent. I require this at least, if they are a rival of my employer I will decline. I may still decline, dependent upon the other details I have requested."
Negotiate Attempt:[roll0]
Spending 1 Edge: [roll1] or 2 successes, if variant edge rule is in effect.
5, or 6 sux

Mithric Gunn
2012-10-30, 11:06 PM
"I don't really care about all that, sir. I'm a freelancer. The only thing I would want to know is about how much you're paying. And whether you're paying for expenses or paying us an advance."

2012-10-30, 11:24 PM
Donovan winces slightly as the elegant Japanese woman continues to negotiate with Mr. Tanaka.

I've only been here a few years, he thinks to himself, but isn't negotiating at the meet some sort of deadly insult to your fixer and Mr. Tanaka? Or was that drinking before Tanaka does?

I really need to get Shidou to resend that Shadow-etiquette guide he found; I'm getting pretty lost.

He starts slightly, realizing that people were beginning to give Mr. Tanaka their decisions.

Hoping that he won't be considered rude for switching back to Japanese, he indicates his assent.

2012-10-30, 11:53 PM
Mr. Tanaka purses his lips in contemplation. "I suppose you have a point." He taps a finger to his chin. "What, specifically, do you wish to know? I will answer as many questions as possible. Moreover, I will tell you that I represent a man calling himself Jurojin. The successful completion of this task will require you to meet with him, in any case. It is most unlikely he will prove to be an enemy. Both factions of the Japanese syndicates consider him a valuable ally."

The ghost of a smile then appears on his lips. "Of course. I forgot. I am prepared to offer you 2000 nuyen each per day, with an additional 20000 upon completion."

2012-10-31, 12:00 AM
"So there is little to no chance of contractual negation. Good to know.

First. Will combat be expected?

Second: Will we be required to leave the country, and if so, third, will transport back be provided.

Fourth. Will she require any additional assistance aside from an escort?

da prophet
2012-10-31, 01:01 AM
will experiece be needed? to be honest i am jjust a hunter- this is.my first run, it might be good for you to know. also i wont be in this buisiness for long if i may speak frankly.

Mithric Gunn
2012-10-31, 01:33 AM
Katsu looks up at the apparently new runner, and sends him a message, Thats not exactly a bad thing, kid. you can hunt: just turn your skills around. Think of what you'd do to stop a hunter. Between you and me, I think your insights could be invaluable, and you look like you'd be a great guy to keep around if things get hairy. And in my experience, they usually do.

2012-10-31, 08:17 AM
Overwatch is pulled in two directions by the news coming their way. Working for Jurojin could be a major step up for all of them. But that also raised a lot of questions: Why would Jurojin send a group of shadowrunners outside his normal circles for a simple escort job? Especially including so many metahumans, gaijin and unexperienced runners among them. From Jurojins point of view their group could be looked as a collection of very disposable assets, perfectly suited to be sacrificed in some kind of setup. That Yakuza woman doesnt really fit in that scenario, but maybe she has done something to fall out of favor, maybe without even knowing it. Or maybe she is even a secret representative of Jurojin, sent here to make sure that plan works exactly as planned.

But he couldnt afford to turn this job down. Leaving his eyes and ears open for any sort of betrayal would have to do. He just had to figure out quickly who of the team he could trust...

da prophet
2012-10-31, 10:07 AM
yeah im in, i realy need those money, just want to get as much as possible. tang tells the group and to mr tanaka he says "thanks for your time, but may i get some more money?"

2012-10-31, 10:14 AM
Suzuku's face goes blank as she opens a private channel to her Shiawase handler, and leaves a message detailing the current job she has been offered, and requests information on whether or not this might be in conflict with her contract with the corporation. She asks for immediate response.

She then glances about, at the other runners present, and considers how useful they might be in this endeavor since none aside from the huntsman seem to have any valuable skills apparent.

She then glances at the 'new guy' and considers how he might be useful. She simultaneously attempts to run a trace on each and everyone present using their faces as the search template. ((How useful he might be, rather. Since he is new.))

"I have no more questions at the moment once those which I have outlined are answered. Then I need a few moments to contact some people and give them some tasks and information."

Mithric Gunn
2012-10-31, 03:17 PM
"I'm in," Katsu says, his average looking face scanning the others.

da prophet
2012-10-31, 03:50 PM
Suzuku's face goes blank as she opens a private channel to her Shiawase handler, and leaves a message detailing the current job she has been offered, and requests information on whether or not this might be in conflict with her contract with the corporation. She asks for immediate response.

She then glances about, at the other runners present, and considers how useful they might be in this endeavor since none aside from the huntsman seem to have any valuable skills apparent.

She then glances at the 'new guy' and considers how he might be useful. She simultaneously attempts to run a trace on each and everyone present using their faces as the search template. ((How useful he might be, rather. Since he is new.))

"I have no more questions at the moment once those which I have outlined are answered. Then I need a few moments to contact some people and give them some tasks and information."

im sorry for telling you something the go should tell you but i got erased daily if that may help you. :smallbiggrin:

2012-10-31, 04:17 PM
Overwatch waits for Mr. Tanaka to answer the remaining questions and then nods acceptingly.
"I also accept your offer."

2012-10-31, 06:22 PM
"The woman you are expected to escort certainly has enemies. It would be most unwise to not expect opposition." The man seems to mentally go over each question as if they were items on a list. "You will be required to meet the woman in Denver. The Sioux sector, specifically. We intend to cover any travel related expenses. Aside from your protection, your charge will not require any other services of you."

Mr. Tanaka then turns to Hai Tang. "As far as I am concerned, your most important qualification is to ensure the task ahead is completed skillfully and efficiently."

He then redirects his attention to the rest of the table. "Excellent." He taps a button on his commlink. "There are are a few other matters to be addressed." Each of you receive a picture of a dark eyed Chinese woman. "The name of your charge is Choi Mu, a citizen of Denver currently under the protection of the Golden Triangle Triad." Tanaka then produces a papyrus scroll from his pocket. "They have been informed of Mu's meeting. Use this to identify yourselves to her hosts, and they will turn her over. Finally..." He reaches for his device again, and each of you receive 2000 nuyen. "Your first stipend. Now, are there any further questions?" With your agreement, he seems freer to provide answers.

2012-10-31, 06:27 PM
She picks up the papyrus scroll and examines it. I would think a copy of the mark that will identify us should be issued one to each of us, in this way if one of us is killed or otherwise lost in action with the mark, we are not left unable to complete the assignment.
Her face once again blanks a moment.
It seems that this job is not in conflict with any of my current contracts, or agreements. I accept.

2012-10-31, 06:54 PM
A possible explanation raises just another question in Overwatches head:
The Triad connection could be an explanation why Jurojin doesnt want to use his usual Yakuza allies for this job. But if that is the case, what is this other Yakuza woman doing here?

But openly he raises only a more practical question:
"Would you have any resources available that would help us avoid border control or another way to get some less than legal equipment into and out of Denver again? If there is some combat to be expected, I would like to not be forced to leave anything behind that I might need."

Simultaneously he starts looking for the next suborbital flight from Japan to the Denver International Airport in the Sioux sector. He would prefere to drive to another city within Japan if necessary to avoid landing in one of the other sectors in Denver and thus adding another border control.

2012-10-31, 06:56 PM
I will check if I can arrange for the proper shipping papers for the equipment. I will however require a list of all such equipment, in non-specific terms. Guns for instance, might be listed as farming tools.

2012-10-31, 07:07 PM
Tanaka shakes his head. "Unfortunately, obtaining another copy of that scroll, or its seal will be impossible."

2012-10-31, 07:17 PM
She unzips her bike armor a little ways and puts it down the middle of her front. Alright then. I just need to get a document tube. So, does anyone here care to take me up on my offer of providing legal transportation papers for the transportation of questionable good? No, good then only I need that.

She makes a comm call to her handler requesting the necessary authorization for air-travel and for transportation with her side-arm, with her bike listed as 'cargo'.

2012-10-31, 07:29 PM
Overwatch sends a Trid Image of his Nissan Doberman drone with a mounted Ares Ingram White Knight LMG to Suzuku.
"If you would be able to arrange shipping for this drone, I would appreciate it.
I will be bringing a couple of surveilance drones as well, but none of those should provide any trouble at security."

2012-10-31, 07:33 PM
Suzuku then amends her request for the shipping of the the drone, with the image attached. Not the car? Your choice. It's done. The request is submitted.

2012-10-31, 07:40 PM
"Transporting my car halfway around the world, to somewhere I hope to be only about a day, seems exessive. Renting a car there is probably MUCH easier."

Mithric Gunn
2012-10-31, 08:03 PM
"I have a few small items that might come in handy. My bows can be listed as hunting equipment, but HE and phosphorous arrowheads would probably raise some eyebrows."

2012-10-31, 08:11 PM
I think we can do without those. I'm probably straining on my budget as is.

Mithric Gunn
2012-10-31, 08:48 PM
"Yea, I expected as much. I can always try to get a few when we get there."

da prophet
2012-11-01, 12:35 AM
i have s gun, could you get it to denver? i may list it as hunting but i dont think cops would not understand why i hunt with a medium machinegun. could you fix it? tang asks the woman.

2012-11-01, 10:50 AM
She looks at him with curious amusement, "A machinegun? Why, yes, Give it to me, I'll put it in among my belongings, and promptly turn it into Shiawase, because I don't much like the idea of those being in japan sir. Guns brought the downfall of honor in this world."

da prophet
2012-11-01, 11:10 AM
She looks at him with curious amusement, "A machinegun? Why, yes, Give it to me, I'll put it in among my belongings, and promptly turn it into Shiawase, because I don't much like the idea of those being in japan sir. Guns brought the downfall of honor in this world."

the downfall of honor came with humanity not with guns. the important thing is how you wield them. i look at myself as honorable even though i live of killing animals, i would even say im honorable in shadowruning cuz i dont do it solely for my own sake.

Mithric Gunn
2012-11-01, 04:21 PM
Katsu chuckles, "Honor's a liability in this game. Professional ethics are much more useful."

2012-11-01, 05:47 PM
"I would disagree - both have their place in keeping a savage trade civilised. We haven't killed each other yet."
Koto smiles, taking a cigarette packet out of his pocket; one smooth motion from his coat to sliding a cigarette from a torn hole in the pack, brought back up to his lips before offering one to each present.

2012-11-01, 07:49 PM
"I guess we will have enough time to continue this exchange of philosophies on the plane. But for now I think we shouldnt keep our Mr. Tanaka here any longer.
Thank you for the opportunity and we will be on our way as soon as possible."
To the rest of the team he says:
"There is a suborbital flight leaving for Denver in 3.5 hours. I suggest we take that one and meet at the airport. If anything else comes up you have my commcode."

Overwatch once again bows respectfully and turns to leave. His Rover Model 2068 drives by and stops for a moment to allow him to get in and the 4 flyspy drones to land inside through an open window.

He drives home packs a few clothes and drives back out to the airport again. All the while he starts a couple of Data Searches on the rest of the team, the target Choi Mu and the Golden Triangle Triad in Denver. He also looks at a local Denver newsfeed to check if there is anything important going on there right now.

Extended Data Searches:
Choi Mu:

Golden Triangle Triad:

on the rest of the team, I think its better if Im not doing any rolls but instead every other player decides what can be found about him easily

2012-11-01, 08:10 PM
"I politely refuse, buy thank you for the offer. I don't smoke. I will provide transport for your drone. Dewa. Shi-tsurei shimasu." (Well Then. Excuse me.) ((Shi tsure is one word. however, site blocks it because it is racist. :smalltongue:))

2012-11-01, 10:40 PM
"I insist. May it be an auspicious symbol of beginning, as we prepare for eventful times."

2012-11-01, 10:51 PM
Seeing that Koto isn't putting the cigarettes away when Suzuku tries to refuse, Donovan decides to take one to avoid giving offense, which he then lights and smokes with apparent ease and pleasure.


Casting a Force 2 Trid Phantasm to create the appearance that Donovan is smoking the cigarette. In actuality, he's just pocketing it to dispose of later when he won't offend anyone.

[roll0] to cast, [roll1] to resist the Drain value of 4.

2012-11-01, 11:13 PM
She takes the offered smoke, and puts it into one of the external protected pockets of her riding armor. "I will be checking it for tracers and nano-tech. if I find either, you won't be offering anyone another. Still want me to take it?"

2012-11-02, 12:17 AM
Koto pauses for a moment, then lights his own cigarette. His lighter makes a pronounced, clear tone as it opens - nothing unusual there, for yakuza. As Suzuku puts her cigarette away and Donovan lights his own, he offers it to neither.
"That depends on how much you wish to insult the old ways, Suzuku-san."
Talking casually, Koto continues, "Nothing crude in this, either. It's a herbal blend I prefer. Mild Betel derivative with certain G3 extracts."

Mithric Gunn
2012-11-02, 01:16 AM
Katsu takes his leave, and calls his weapons contact, asking him to get ahold of a full suit of Form Fitting Body Armor.
He has the money for it now. 1600 or more?

da prophet
2012-11-02, 01:55 AM
tang takes his leave. before he goes trying to find someone that may get his gun to his destination for him. mutterin about those humans and their foolishness- his adoptivebrothers were never that way.

2012-11-02, 01:04 PM
She sighs. "I'm afraid that I learned as a child never to accept gifts from strangers. The lesson seems no less valid to me now. If they find nothing wrong with it, I will then smoke it. I have, after all, accepted it. So, since it is a matter of time, assuming that there is nothing wrong, your token will be accepted. Therefor no one needs feel insulted."

2012-11-03, 06:19 PM
Mr. Tanaka bids you farewell as you take your leave. "Thank you again for accepting the invitation. Good luck."

Your employer is true to his word, insofar as providing transportation goes. His generosity has limits, however. You fly commercial (specifically, economy class). Moreover, you are only taken as far as the airport in the Sioux sector. Once you have filled out your applications for your vistor visas, you are led by AR overlays and staff who are more suspicious than helpful to the entrance. There, you will find taxis and other public transportation.

What SINs are you broadcasting?

2012-11-04, 02:41 PM
Suzuku checks if there are rental cars available at this airport. If not, she checks if there is a rental agent nearby, from whom she can rent one (or, preferably, a motorcycle.

(She broadcasts her normal SIN, as always. yay for fame's bonus on social skills, which I forgot to use while negotiating...)

2012-11-04, 03:25 PM
During the flight, Overwatch rents the a moving van in Denver and asks it to meet them at the airport once they land. A moving van should be easily rentable, doesnt appear out of place in most places and has enough place in the back to hide a good deal of equipment or people.

da prophet
2012-11-05, 01:17 AM
grishnik- standing almost ten feet tall gets pulled out of the line by the security but his sin works well enough. afterwards he tries to find the rest of the group.

2012-11-05, 03:31 AM
Outside, the team finds an elf in the uniform of a van rental company waving at them. He is holding an AR overlay displaying the name Douglas in hastily scribbled letters. Next to him is a moving van. When he sees Overwatch, the elf will transmit him some paperwork. "There you go, sir. That's 120 nuyen a day, plus the same for a safety deposit."

The body armor is completely legal, and wouldn't even require a test for your contact. We can assume you stopped by your friendly neighborhood weapons store to get it before the flight.

2012-11-06, 06:20 AM
Your data search reveals the following.

Fortune has not been kind to Choi Mu. Before 2065, she was the leader of the Red Dragon Triad in Denver. However, it was that organization that took some of the worse damage from Ghostwalker's rampage. Damage that it never recovered from. The Red Dragon was finally finished after a failed attempt on the life of Yakuza Oyabun Kasigi Toda. Toda marshaled his people in an attack that would sweep Mu's group off the face of Denver. She, however, survived, and was granted asylum with the Golden Triangle. Choi Mu currently holds the low level leadership position of Sheung Fa, and is regulated to bureaucratic work.

The Golden Triangle Triad is one of the two remaining syndicates of its kind in Denver (the other being the White Lotus). It's main sources of profit come from drug dealing and prostitution. When it comes to getting an edge over the competition, they have a preference for magic over cyberware, and most of its leaders are Awakened. For some time now, the Golden Triangle has been in a feud with various Vory groups, who are trying to strengthen their hold over the area.

Their "territory" includes the neighborhood of Englewood and the area around Happy Canyon Mall.

da prophet
2012-11-06, 09:09 AM
slightly queasy after his first tip by plane Tang asks: can we take a little break before this mission, i just need to calm down my stomack and find my baggage meet you here in five minutes. before hastily moving towards the toilets. afterwards he changes to his body armour, gets his guns and bow and gets himself some soda before returning to the rental car.

2012-11-06, 10:06 AM
Overwatch shakes the elfs hand and transfers the money.
"Thank you for bringing it in person. This personal touch is really nice in the age of VR dealings. Most likely we are not going to need the van for longer than a day or two, but I will let you know if that changes."

Once they are at the van he notes to the rest of the team: "I have two seats up front. The rest of you will either have to ride in back or find their own transports."

Then he collects his doberman drone, packs it into the van and makes sure its operational.

"Alright. Anyone got a reason why we shouldnt drive directly to the Triad to collect Choi?"

2012-11-06, 02:06 PM
"I'll ride in back. With your permission, I'd like to ward the van..."

Mithric Gunn
2012-11-06, 05:21 PM
" I'll take the back as well."

2012-11-07, 04:43 PM
"I'll take the passenger's seat."

da prophet
2012-11-08, 06:15 AM
oh well i guess ill have to walk if it is not enough space tang says releasing his dogs so they may strech their legs after the flight

Mithric Gunn
2012-11-08, 06:23 PM
"I'd say we go straight there. I'll suit up." Katsu gets into his armor, breaks out his bow and quiver, then activates his camouflage.

2012-11-09, 08:33 AM
Overwatch drives towards the Happy Canyon Mall and once there tries to find one of the Triads hangout places. If that presents a challenge, he will instead approach one of their drug dealers.

2012-11-10, 05:50 AM
It isn't especially surprising that the Golden Triangle Triad has chosen Happy Canyon Mall as one of their main bases of operation. All the staples of a shopping center are still there. Stuffer Shack, electronics and clothing stores, and a food court. But all of this is framed with Chinese architecture and AR displays in the language (English translations, generally accurate, are given). Moreover, the usual suspects are supplemented by stores for Asian specialty goods and themed spas.

One establishment, however, likely doesn't cater to shoppers. A two story building identifying itself as the Temple of Inner Light stands in the middle of the mall, advertising services for those of the Buddhist faith, as well as practitioners of the Wuxing magical tradition. Standing rigidly at attention, and with a sullen look about him is a hulking troll with a single horn. He is dressed in a coat embroidered with strange symbols. His commlink displays the name An Peng.

2012-11-10, 01:55 PM
"A troll mage... how unusual."

da prophet
2012-11-10, 06:18 PM
searching the area with suspicious eyes looking for trouble.

2012-11-13, 03:41 AM
Katsu and Suzuku's eyes are drawn to a set of windows on the second floor of the mall building. The room is darkened, but they can just barely make out a couple of people moving around. It is nearly midnight, now, and aside from the troll standing in front of the temple and yourselves, Happy Canyon is deserted.

da prophet
2012-11-13, 09:51 AM
maybe we should just wait till the morrow, when it is more people to be used as witnesses? tang says, his hunting instinkts telling him that this may be a trap, like the ones you use to catch big game.

2012-11-13, 02:57 PM
"In japan, a smart woman does not travel alone at night. It does not matter if the area is busy. If the woman has training as I do, or is in my territory however, a smart man does not try. I do not know much of these Triad. So I will not trust them. I will also not turn around."

Suzuku walks up to the troll, and pulls out the scroll. "Hi there."

2012-11-13, 03:35 PM
After Suzuku speaks but before she leaves the car, Overwatch reacts:
"Agreed, but wait a second."
He pulls out one of his Kanamushi microdrones and hands it over to her.
"I am going to stay in the car and watch the area to avoid any suprises. Take this one with you in case I ask you to drop it somewhere inside. It could be useful.

Also I would appreciate a live-feed from one of those going in, so that I can stay informed."

He also starts his 4 Flyspy drones and positions them around the block to be able to have a good view over all the adjacent streets.

2012-11-13, 04:14 PM
Suzuku declines the drone. "I am not, and will not be a spy. I would not be able to look in the mirror. If you want a spy, find the local police, I understand that their concept of honor is nearly non-existent." She then performs her previous actions. (Walks up to troll, says hello, shows him the scroll.)

2012-11-13, 04:27 PM
Overwatch is befuddled at the Yakuzas reaction, but then shakes his head while mumbling something unintelligible and checks if someone else is following her and is willing to take the drone inside.

Mithric Gunn
2012-11-14, 12:54 AM
I'll wait out here. If you can hook up a cybereye's view to my comm, I'll be ready to cover your escape.

To Overwatch:
That Yak is likely to get us in trouble. Hell, I thought corporate espionage was most of the job. Can't wait to see how she reacts to my specialty.

2012-11-14, 01:00 AM
Thanks. She uses a secure link to give him access to her sight and hearing.

Katsu:She attempts to transmit a sense of mischievous, shameful fun. "Maybe some time I'll give you access to more than just my eyes and ears."

da prophet
2012-11-14, 12:34 PM
well ill watch the car if people around go ghetto tang says discomforted by letting a woman go into a building alone.

2012-11-14, 01:20 PM
Overwatch turns to the troll and responds slightly annoyed:
"I´ve got the car covered. You are our muscle. Do your job and go in there to protect her."

To Katsu:
I have to agree.
Between her stubborn superiority complex and that totally green troll, this whole operation smells like a total disaster waiting to happen

With the troll, at least Im pretty convinced that he doesnt have an ulterior motive behind his actions. Her, on the other hand, I only trust as far as I could throw the troll.

and btw: please forward me that livefeed

While he is waiting on what is going to happen, Overwatch takes a look around the local matrix without doing any actual hacking.

He scans for hidden nodes, makes matrix perception checks to identify nodes in the vicinity and tries to identify the nodes attributes and running programs(also with matrix perception checks).
He takes his time for all of that and its nothing dangerous so I would buy successes for those checks if possible.

Mithric Gunn
2012-11-14, 02:05 PM
To Overwatch:
If she doublecrosses me, I'll put an arrow through her pretty little Mita-Gumi skull. He forwards the livefeed, as well as his comlink access code. And the kid'll be fine. Everyone's gotta start somewhere.

"You'll be fine kid. Watch her back, and if things go south, kick down the door or make one. I'll cover you."

da prophet
2012-11-14, 02:13 PM
am i just gonna walk straight behind her or keep distanse? tang asks directing his question to the nice man that have his back. before he gets out of the car with his machinegun in his hands- trying to aim at everything at the same time

2012-11-15, 05:35 AM
An Peng hardly reacts until the Yakuza member is about ten feet away. With a hint of impatience, he greets Suzuku with a nod. Nor does he speak until he is shown the scroll. If she is allowed, the troll will take the scroll and examine it more closely. An Peng nods again in approval. "There are more of you, I assume?" His English is deep, gruff, and unaccented. "Please summon them. Choi Mu is waiting."

2012-11-15, 05:43 AM
She waves for them to join her. "My English... is not good. Please forgive."

da prophet
2012-11-15, 06:09 PM
tang already out of the car comes closer, trying to look intimidating and small at the same time.

2012-11-15, 06:44 PM
Overwatch sighs deeply.

"Well, lets go in."
He pockets his mikrodrone and exits the car.
"And for Pete´s sake: tang, lower your weapon. Im not suspecting any need for it for now and we dont want to raise tensions unnecessarily."

He moves up to An Peng and greets him with a respectful bow.

2012-11-15, 08:34 PM
Donovan exits the van cautiously, glancing around, then returns his perception to the material and begins to walk towards An Peng, hanging back slightly behind the rest of the group.

2012-11-15, 08:41 PM
Suzuku rescinds the shared senses relay, and move to enter the structure.

da prophet
2012-11-16, 07:27 PM
tang follows after, starting to feel a little more secure.

2012-11-19, 12:27 AM
The interior of the Temple of Inner Light is faintly lit, mostly by candles, although there are electric lights. You enter into a large room, bare of any furniture, aside from a few chairs stacked against the wall. At the back stands a tall altar, which somewhat resembles the outside of the building. A "roof" and two "columns" frame an image of a bearded man in long robes. Below her sit a series of tin containers, all of which hold burning incense sticks, which emit a cloyingly sweet smell.

Aside from An Peng and yourselves, five other people are in the room. Four are Chinese men in suits, who glare at you with faint suspicion as you enter. The forth is a woman matching the photo Mr. Tanaka gave you. Choi Mu is wearing what appears to be a silk dress, and has her hair cut short and pinned back with chopsticks. She adds an incense stick to the altar, muttering something you cannot quite hear. Then she turns around to address you. "Nin hao. Welcome to Denver."

2012-11-19, 12:31 AM
Suzuku bows slightly. "Wǒ hěn hǎo. Xièxiè. Ni hao ma?" (I am very good. Thank you. How are you?) "My name is Suzuku. We have been hired to escort you, Choi Mu. If you require any assistance, please ask."

da prophet
2012-11-20, 02:19 PM
yes, we will escort you, tang says

2012-11-21, 07:52 AM
Overwatch also greets Choi Mu with a respectful bow.
"Thank you.
I will be driver and tech support on this mission. You can call me Overwatch.
Is there anything we need to talk about before we move out? If you have any indications on who you need protection from that would be very helpful. Otherwise I would suggest to get going."

2012-11-24, 02:08 AM
"No one specific. But the business I have in Japan will require me to meet with a few people who might prove...difficult." The woman says calmly. "Thank you for your help." Her hosts make no move to stop you, but you receive expectant looks from a few of the triad men. "Yes. We should be off, quickly. But there is one last matter to be addressed..."

Everyone check in by rolling a Perception Test, please.

2012-11-27, 08:44 PM
Suzu glances about. "And that matter is, what?"

Her hand rests on the butt of her pistol as she expects trouble. The way the woman spoke, she was certainly expecting it. One more thing... never good words to hear.

da prophet
2012-12-03, 03:21 PM
should we go now, i would like to get the work over with.