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2012-10-30, 03:43 AM
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A Giant in the Playground Production
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Blue Lantern
Legends of the Empire

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2012-11-08, 02:01 AM
All is well in the small logging town of Gorben. There is food to spare since the hunters have begun protecting the town. Other supplies are running a bit low since the traders of King's Merchants Guild are late, but that is typical these days. The dwarfs and men of the Iron Mountains have been traveling farther north as of late, and it should only be a few weeks until they arrive.

Most of the empire's cities have exchanged their ancient coinage for Souelian crowns, but not Gorben. Here there are crowns, but the townsfolk held onto thier claws, talons, and netts. (copper, silver, and gold, respectively.) And where there is an excess of money, there comes alcohol. Art's Tavern opened just last year and now the town buzzes every night with music, laughter, and the breaking of furniture.

The laughter of drunks barely echos down streets all the way to the south side of town. All is quiet. That is, until an ugly, half naked youth comes running up the street, peeping into window after window, as if looking for something. Most buildings are small huts, to which his activity provokes a "Get out of here you filthy animal!!"

He continues running up the street until he happens upon a large stone building with green banners hanging on either side of the large oak door, into which a unicorn rampant has been carved, and painted white.

His pause is only momentary...

2012-11-08, 03:25 AM
Niyak felt her half-orc body heave a relieving sigh as she ritualistically knelt down at the giant oak tree that was found just outside the church. The day had been long and full of studying, and Niyak was more than ready for her bed. Placing her hands among the tree's roots she began her evening prayers, whispering each word out loud almost as if she was talking to the tree.

Upon her she wore a rather thin cloak that clung tightly to her body. Her long brown hair, which was only a few shades darker than her skin, was woven in a single braid that fell down her back. At the moment her grey hazel eyes were hidden behind tightly closed lids.

It was while she was in the midst of her prayers that a strange assortment of yells began to cut through her concentration. After attempting to push forward with her prayers for a few more minutes, Niyak gives up and slowly opens her eyes. To her surprise, she spots the homeless boy whom she knows lives in the nearby woods. It wasn't like him to venture into town. Curious she watches him wondering what he was up to.

2012-11-08, 02:40 PM
The Animal

*sniff sniff* Lady-scent is stronger...THIS way his head swivels about seaching for the one called Niyak. Spotting her next to a tree, he rushes to her, gibbering in a panic. "Home got bad-smell, bad-" *he spits on the ground with a look of disgust* "mans. Killed one, more come! Need help!" He clutches to her leg, shivering slightly and sweaty from his frantic run.

2012-11-08, 03:23 PM
Niyak was surprised when the boy made his way over to her,and it took her a few seconds to piece together his pleas. Once the words hit she gave a small nod of acknowledgement to the boy. Her eyes were full of pity as the boy clung to her legs clearly cold and shaken up. Quickly she took her cloak off and wrapped it around him, all the while pulling him up."It will be okay I promise. Follow me I know where we can find help!"

As quickly as she could walk she led the boy to the hunters hall, desperately hoping that they were in. On the way there she made a small stop at the church running in and grabbing her equipment just in case it was needed.

2012-11-09, 12:07 PM
Ikpin Glarus

The cart came to a halt behind the tavern, Glarus half climbed, half fell, off the driver's seat and landed with booted feet squelching in the mud of the courtyard - pain shot up his leg and Glarus swore, reaching for his cane;
Look at how far Glarus must fall, to have travel to this mudhole! No cobblestone in sight, Feh!
His horse stamped its hoof impatiently, Let's get you into the stables my lovely! Glarus thought and absent mindedly petted the horse as he spied around for a stable boy. The horse snapped at him and Glarus snatched his hand away with a curse, scowling ill temperedly at the animal.

His dark thoughts of horsemeat were just then interrupted as he noticed a ragged greenskin and a dirty beggar boy scampering past...

2012-11-09, 12:30 PM
As the pair walks quickly through the town, the sun sets over the horizon. The town is quieter than normal, a beautiful melody from a lute echoing down the streets. Although spring is on its way, it is still quite cold.

As you get closer you see that tables have been dragged into a circle around a bonfire that's been lit in front of Art's tavern. A crowd has gathered to listen to the muscian play; an elven-looking man you have never seen before. He plays an exotic looking lute, is blanketed by a worn out traveler's cloak, and an enormous hound lays on the ground next to him.

You hurry past. Among the crowd are Marcus, captain of the guard, and Sasha, the sister of Ehlonna that is supposed to be on duty at the hunter's hall tonight...

2012-11-09, 01:54 PM
"We are almost there I promise..." Niyak casts a worried look down at the boy as they pass the circle. "It is late, the hunters should be in by now. Could you tell me any more information about the man you killed? Did he look a little like me?" She made a small gesture to herself. She couldn't help but to wonder if the Orc raiders were back.

2012-11-09, 03:03 PM
The Animal
As they walk past the large hound, the boy makes a low, feral hissing noise, like a house-cat's warning at a stray dog that's tree'd it. He looks up at Niyak and shakes his head as he taps her on the chest. "Taste like...dead. Taste like bad rot. Taste like" he spits vehemantly at the ground several times.

2012-11-09, 03:51 PM
Glarus flicked a silver coin at the stableboy when he arrived; Here, boy. Take care of the horse and transfer my possessions indoors. I will be with your master shortly. And may the Graces be kind if I find anything missing when I get back...
Time to explore the lay of the land... he thought and hobbled into the street after the raggedy pair. Information rarely comes to a man, best to limp out and find it, teeth gritted and knuckles white.

2012-11-10, 01:15 AM
Niyak's grimace grew when the young boy described the men. "Taste like dead..." Her fist clenched to her side as they walked. She could faintly remember reading about a few undead creatures in her studies, but why would they be here? In the forest? Ehlonna please be with us. She sighed as her eyes drifted back to the boy carefully examining him. "Did it hurt you?"

2012-11-10, 02:49 AM
Animal (you know, like the Muppets!)

The wild child touches his wounds and they begin to close, he sullenly shakes his head in response. Unable to cope with all the attention and the village and its people crowding in around him, he turns one scared eye up at Niyak and his form melts away into that of a young, lean tiger. The same eye still peers up at her from under the orange and yellow and black striping, and the big cat nustles up against her leg with a soft, deep purring.

Casting Lesser Vigor then shapeshifting into "safe" form :smallcool:

2012-11-10, 03:09 AM
The music begins to fade into the background as you put the center of town behind you, and it is replaced by the sounds of steel on steel and frantic yelling!

You quicken your pace and see the hunters hall quiet and dark, the door ajar. There is no mistaking the sound of battle, it has grown louder and is coming from the direction of the lumberyard on the northeast side of town...

2012-11-10, 03:48 AM
When the boy transformed, for a half a second, Niyak withdrew out of wonder and surprise. Quickly she snapped out of it and attempted to run a reassuring hand upon the tiger's head.

"So this is how you have survived...I've always wondered. What wonderful gifts Ehlonna has blessed you-"Her sentence is cut off as the sounds of a small battle met them. Hurrying she ran past the the hunters hall, after seeing the door ajar, and ran straight towards the noise of battle. It appears as if my warning is too late, my healing skills may be needed!

2012-11-10, 04:22 AM

The tiger purrs more vigorously, his eyes barely open a fraction of an inch, as Niyak pets him, the ordeal with the dead-taste-men falls into obscure memory and melts away. His eyes pop open when the petting starts. Nice-lady runs...man-fight-sounds... His powerful legs propell him towards the din of battle, quickly outpacing Niyak, running almost twice as fast as she is. Nice-lady is Silly-lady, four-legs-run, not two-legs-run!

2012-11-10, 04:25 AM
Wonderful Glarus' eyes swept over the merry crowd by the bonfire, then focussed on the minstrel 'Where have I seen this musician before?'

Knowledge Local [roll0]

But nonetheless, the raggedy pair seemed to be heading somewhere with purpose, best to know that purpose. Glarus shifted his weight and hobbled into the night - he'll catch up... eventually...

2012-11-10, 12:58 PM
You sprint from the main road and past the guard house, across the bridge that goes over the stream that runs through town, past the carpenter's house and through the thicket.

Upon reaching the cleared section of forest surrounding the lumberyard you see about a dozen men, hunters and town guard, engaged in battle with almost twenty orcs! Dead woodsmen and fallen orcs litter the area, blood staining the ground.

2012-11-10, 07:10 PM

The tiger becomes a boy again in the blink of an eye, he tips his head back and begins to hum, sounding a lot like a bullfrog croaking on a lily-pad at night. The vegetation in the area responds, growing up around a cluster of the orcs trying to trap them and hold them tight.

Swift action to shapeshift back, standard action to cast my last 1st lvl spell, another Entangle! The biggest group of orcs together within 440 ft will be the target (in a 40ft spread), reflex DC 14 for entanglement, lasts for 1 min.

2012-11-10, 07:22 PM
Curse and blast this useless leg of mine! Glarus staggered to halt and leans heavily against the wall of a building, not one house away from the merry festivities. The ragged pair had disappeared ito the darkness. Glarus stamped his cane in annoyance and, after a moment, turned back and headed towards the laughter, song and merriment that sang so sweetly in his ears.

2012-11-11, 01:24 AM
The wounded guards and lumberjacks huddle together in the center of the lumberyard as the remaining guards and the hunters form a semi-circle around them.

To your right is the sawmill and shed each of which have guards and hunters backed up against the walls, standing at the ready. To your left are large piles of logs and timber, the largest of which two hunters stand at either end of; two of the tallest, heaviest, strongest, ugliest half-orcs you have ever seen.
An orc scrambles over the pile of logs and jumps down, about to stab the taller of the two hunters in the back!

In the same instant, half a dozen orcs charge through the space between the lumber and the buildings and as they do so, the ground comes alive! The weeds in the area quickly wrap themselves around the orcs legs causing a few of them to fall...

More orcs pour in from around the sides in an attempt to flank the group!

The other hunter by the log pile sees the ambush out of the corner of his eye and pivots on his heel, swings his poleaxe in a low arc, and cuts off the foot of the orc just above the ankle. He swings the poleaxe over his head and buries it into the orc's back as it falls, sending blood spraying across his wolf-skin mask.

In the center of the group of the wounded stands a mageblade, hurling white-hot missiles around the piles of lumber, around the corners of buildings, and weaving in between the trees on the far side of the clearing. It seems each and every missile finds its mark; orc after orc howls in pain...

Arrows whistle through the air in your direction, narrowly missing you!

Blue Lantern
2012-11-11, 05:19 PM
The two riders stopped their horses just at the margin of the woods, to decide a plan,
"So, you think we should go straight?" asked the youngest of the two.
"It's dark, and inside the forest we'll be blind" responded the other, apparently a servant or bodyguard of sorts.
"Maybe we can leave the horses here and follow the limit of the woods, we should get some light and with some luck not get noticed"
"Maybe, but it'll take forever and we still don't know what we are facing, I say it's too risky"
"So we pretend to be knight... damn I don't like to go on in civilian clothes, someone might recognize me."
The servant hid a smile and stayed silent, preparing his weapon, meanwhile the youngest keep complaining while putting a shawl around his head and tried to remove and hide any recognizable sign from the saddles and garment, lucky the traveller clothes and didn't have many, they weren't .
"I'm not a rider, surely I'll end up with some broken bones, hopefully not the neck one." said the youngest while mounting in the saddle again, trying to hide himself more than he could with the cloak and hood.
"Don't sell yourself short milord, you are not new to falling from high places after all." responded the second men with a smile.
"Yeah, you talk, I'm not the one who fell from the horse for a bolt in the chest just a few days ago, let's go."

Take the crossbow and load it, the we go toward the city.

2012-11-12, 01:38 PM
The clash of steel grows louder as you near the lumberyard. The mageblade has cast dancing lights, and the shadows cast by the men and orcs play across the ground and over the bodies of the dead. Over thirty bodies litter the clearing, and the battle appears to be between a dozen orcs versus ten or so of the townsfolk, many of whom are half-orcs. You hope you don't accidentally stab the wrong one in the darkness.

Blue Lantern
2012-11-27, 05:31 PM
"Let's try to go around the main group..." yelled Arthur while at the same trying to juggle with the horse and the
"Please don't make me fall, please don't make me fall..."
In a second he raised his crossbow, aiming at the rearmost orc on the line, hoping not to make an horrible and fatal mistake.

Ride check:[roll0] to guide with knees
Attack roll: [roll1]
Damage: [roll2]

Well, at least I won't fall.

2012-11-28, 10:01 AM
Silver missiles scream through the air around you as the mageblade sends them into the group of orcs trapped by 'The Animal's' spell. They scream in pain.

Niyak runs through the battleground to the group of wounded in the middle, and lays her hands tenderly upon them.

The hunters round the saw mill and attack the orcs on the east side of the lumberyard, while on the west front Wulf and his comrade cut down orcs like grass, blood spraying in all directions!

From the trees on the west side of the yard comes the loud twang of a crossbow and the thunder of hooves! A bolt imbeds itself into a tree inches from an orc's ear. He turns and shouts to the others.

"They are calling for retreat!" Bellows one of the halforc hunters as he blocks an attack by the orc he is fighting. The orc swings again at his face and then turns and runs!

The rest of the orcs shout to each other and withdraw, scattering and running into the woods in all directions. The hunters chase the orcs northward into the moon-lit wood, and after hastily healing another woodsman, Niyak hurries up to catch them!

Arther Ighturn:
After your bolt narrowly misses the first orc you see, they call for retreat, and he and two others come charging straight towards you. Surprisingly, they don't attack you! There is a town guard and a wizard hot on their heels! "Stop them!" cries the mageblade when he spots the pair of you riding towards them!

2012-11-28, 12:02 PM

The tiger tenses, scared by all the ruckus of the pitched battle. When the orcs retreat he briefly considers giving chase, but decides to cling tightly to Niyak's skirts and follows after her instead. Orcs leave...no need hunt. He assists her with healing the wounded as best he can and stays within easy reach of the healer-woman.

Will try to stay within 50ft of Niyak. The Animal has 1 lesser vigor and 4 cure minor wounds available to cast on wounded folks, preferring the more injured/dying if there are any.

Heal checks to identify dying vs dead (if any), if needed.

2012-12-02, 03:57 PM
"After them!" shouts the older of the two horsemen, turning his steed around. He spurs his mount after the orc through the dimly lit woods, over the road and into the tree line on the far side.

The orc trips and falls, and the horseman quickly closes the distance. The orc gets up and runs again, but suddenly the man brings his horse to a jolting stop, her hooves digging into the dirt and breath snorting white clouds from her nostrils in the cold night air! The man leaps from his mount.

"Milord!" he calls as he rushes to the area where the orc fell. "Come quickly!" He kneels down next to the reason the orc tripped: A man in his late twenties or early thirties, wet and apparently frozen to death lays among the weeds!

"HEALER!!!" He calls frantically.

"You grow more amazing by the minute," says Niyak softly as the dirty youth runs over to a wounded guard and runs his hands over the mans wounds, closing them with divine power.

"HEALER!!!" comes a frantic call from the woods.

"Something is wrong," she says, casting a worried glance at her new friend, "Let us make haste!"
She leaps to her feet and dashes into the woods in the direction of the cry, her single braid whipping through the wind behind her!

She finally reaches the pair in the woods and kneels down next the unconscious man, placing her hands on the man's forehead and chest. "Please, Ehlonna," she whispers, "Spare this man's life!" The man's skin begins to glow under Niyak's palms, and the air around them feels a little warmer.

The man's eyes flutter open and he looks at the faces gathered around him.
"Do you know where you are?" asks a young half-orc woman, clothed in soft leather. "Are you alright? How do you feel?"

Suki / Wulf
A young blond-haired man stands half-dressed in the moonlight, one hand is badly broken, and his once-handsome face has been destroyed by his former orc captors. "Uhh... Suki?" he says as armed men begin to enter what's left of the orc camp.

The halfling ties her belt, scoops her shirt up off the ground, and pulls it over her head and down her lithe form. As the cloth falls from in front of her eyes, she sees a pair of half-orcs standing before her, staring.

A man and another half-orc appear in the clearing from the other side of the woods, slowly approaching the headless orc corpse. More men and half-orcs appear on the other side of the camp, running to the other orc prisoners to see if they are alright...

2012-12-02, 04:34 PM

I suddenly grab the woman's arm, and pull myslef up slightly. I peer into her eyes with mine. My voice raspy from the cold, I attempt to utter my warning. "Tracking... Necromancer. Dangerous... Must warn... townsfolk..."


...Dagobah... system...

Blue Lantern
2012-12-03, 04:31 PM
"Will you stop calling me lord in front of everybody." murmured Arthur anxiously, while kneeling toward the injured man, he did not have a clue what to do about it, luckly the responsibility got lifted by the arrival of an healer of sort...
The man, just recovered, tried to talk but a raw cough stopped him, silently Arthur offered him a sip of water, trying cautiously to help him swallow.

2012-12-05, 12:06 AM
Suki finishes putting on her gear, and walks over to the wagon, grabbing an extra sword and two sheathes, which she then straps to her back.
She then sets about finding her original equipment.

2012-12-05, 12:20 AM
Niyak's hazel eyes widen with concern.
"A necromancer? Can you be sure?" She looks around anxiously for the youth that came running into town only minutes before, warning of dead men in the woods.
"We must warn the hunters upon their return. This abomination mustn't be allowed to taint our land."
She continues to run her hands softly over the mans body, spreading the warmth of her healing powers. The numbness gives way to the pins-and-needles feeling of returning circulation to the hands and feet.

She then gently slides her hand under the man's head to help him lift it as the younger of the two horsemen offers him some water.
"I am Niyak. I live in a small temple not far from here where you can recover for the night if you wish. Can you stand?" Her half-orc features seem to soften as she speaks, earnestly hoping that her healing has helped enough that he can do so...

Darain gains back 9 HP.

2012-12-05, 12:23 AM
Suki / Wulf
"I am Lerg." Says the first half-orc, unblinking as he watches you finish getting dressed.
"I'm Kuff!" Chimes in the second one finally realizing his mouth was hanging open. "How can we help you?"
"Make sure the women are taken care of!" orders Tobias, pointing back towards the prisoners. "I swear," He hisses, lowering his voice as he turns to you, "I've never met a half-orc with an ounce of manners."
The two run off to meet up with the rest of the town guard as they take care of the survivors.

After rummaging around in the carts you and Tobias find your gear along with some smelly rations, hard tack, and other food stuffs which obviously belonged to the orcs, and dozens of masterfully made swords, silks, and wines.

2012-12-05, 12:27 AM

"Darian... Harris... such pretty eyes... undead aids... and killing everyone... gave him away..." Yep. What a charmer. I sip some of the water. "I think I can walk. Thank you... for your help." I get up, trying my best not to lean on the woman. "I very much appreciate your help."

2012-12-05, 12:40 AM
"At least they recognize an attractive woman." She snickers and then grabs another elven made longsword, two sheathes, drops them beside her, puts on her armor and buckler, her cloak, her belt pouches, her backpack, the dwarven amulet, and straps on the swords over her cloak to keep the cloak from billowing. She reaches over, gives tobias's good hand a squeeze, and heads over to make sure that Hera isn't worse off than before.

She then tests one of the wine skins to see if it is palatable, if it is, she hooks it to her backpack.

2012-12-05, 07:38 PM
The Animal

In tiger form, the child sticks close to Niyak, curling in and around her legs and purring. He behaves, for all intents and purposes, like her pet.

You got yerself an animal companion! lol

2012-12-06, 11:18 AM
Darian / Animal / Arthur
The young half-orc blushes slightly at Darian's response.
"Easy," she says, helping him to his feet.
"You," she says to one of the guards just arriving, "Go and tell the captian there is a necromancer in the area, and he could be attacking the town at any time! Hurry!" She turns the the others and says, "we have this under control. Please go back to the lumberyard and tend to the other survivors, if you cannot move all of them, I will send some of the sisters to you with hand cots to carry them back."
Niyak then turns back to Darian and the two helpful strangers. "Come, let us find warmth at the hearth of Ehlonna!" and looks down at the lean tiger to see if he will follow.

You pass by the hunters hall, town hall, jailhouse, as you head back into town. All are dark and empty; their inhabitants chasing the orcs through the woods. You also pass by Art's tavern, the patrons now all asleep save for the elven minstrel and his giant dog, and the bonfires are burning low.

The abbey is a long wooden structure with many windows just behind the temple, a small garden circled by trees lays between them.
Upon your arrival the sisters of Ehlonna take the horses to the stable and stoke the fires, warming the rooms within the abbey walls. They offer you food, water, clean cots and warm blankets. Niyak informs the Abbot of the need for healing at the lumberyard and he makes the necessary arrangements. She then shows you the small rooms where you can stay and keep your things, telling you you can sleep in the main hall by the fire if you wish.
"Unless any of you require anything else, I will be heading to the garden to pray. May Ehlonna grant you peaceful rest this night."

Suki / Wulf
The wine is actually quite good. Tobias finds his swords and backpack, cursing when he finds his gold is gone.

Heading over to tend to Herra, you find the hunters have checked their wounds and helped them to their feet.
"Well hello there!" Says a tall, dark and ruggedly handsome man, "I'm Jack, you two look like you've seen better days, how are you faring?"
"I'd say they came out alright!" bellows Lerg, bursting out with laughter. Jack ignores him.
"Don't you mind him," he says, "He was dropped on his head as a child. We chased the orcs from a small town not half an hour from here," he continues, gesturing south, "Please come back with us and stay a few days to recuperate! The hunter's hall isn't particularly homey, but it's dry and warm, and we have a healer there that can assist you in your recovery. The walk isn't long, and we will guard you on the left and right on the way back."

Jack gestures to biggest half-orc in the company, who heads over. He is dressed in dirty leathers and grimy chain mail, and wears a mask made from a wolf's head. He carries a poleaxe that is sticky with blood, much of which also covers the front of him.
"This is Wulf," says Jack, "He is one of our best. Wulf, guard these ones with your life. Cover them on the right flank, and watch out for those bear traps."
"Hi." he grunts.
"Many of the orcs ended up with missing legs on the way out here," he informs you, "We had a bear hunter come through here awhile back and adapted his traps for our own needs. Well...Shall we?" he asks you and the others.
"Squirrel!" he calls to a small looking man as the hunters begin to move out, "You keep watch." The small man nods, sheathes his sword, and climbs a tree near the edge of the camp...

2012-12-06, 11:48 AM

"I don't plan to stay long. Even if the minion of evil does not appear, I will have to return to his trail soon. Regardless, I once again thank you for your help, fair priestess."

As much I would like to think the Ehlonnans and town's guards would be able to keep everyone safe, I have long since given on such hopes. I check mybow, making sure the curves is still bending properly, and the string is still taught.

After dropping most of my equipment, including my coat and my scarf (I seem to have lost my hat), in the room, I return the hall, and sit by the fire. Flames of such a fire have become a common sight in my recent travels. People can get a better look at me now. I am of average build, and my medium length black hair is mildly curly. My green eyes have bags and shadows under them, and it looks as if my slightly gaunt cheeks have not seen a razor in several days.

"Followers of Ehlonna have always treated me well. I have considered formally joining the church, but recent events have prevented me from doing so." I mutter.

2012-12-06, 03:45 PM
"If I see any more orcs on the way back, I'mma kill 'em, just like I did these. Well, to be fair, I didn't kill one of 'em. Hope you have hot water for a bathe."

2012-12-06, 03:55 PM

The tiger follows closely on Niyak's heels. When they arrive at the abbey he curls up next to the hearth and purrs softly for a few minutes. Good place...feels safe...feels home.

2012-12-07, 01:45 AM
Suki / Wulf
After a quick inspection of the camp and merchant's carts, Jack leads you, the freed prisoners, the hunters and the town guard back down the hill and through the woods to town. Along the way you see many dead bodies, mostly orc, many of which are missing feet. The company moves as quickly and as quietly as possible; only the rustling of leaves is heard, the moonlight occasionally reflecting off of a helmet or axe blade.

Soon you are on the main road, traveling through a dense part of the forest and arrive at the hunters hall, which you can tell lies on the north side of town. Jack exchanges a few quick words with the leader of the hunters before taking the town guard and heading back into town.

"I saw some extremely large tracks heading away from camp," whispers Tobais, leaning over slightly, "We might want to bring that up in the morning..."

"Com'on." growls Wulf. Apparently the discussion between superiors is boring him. "I'll show you where you can bathe." He leads you through the mess hall and past the kitchen to a small square room with a large tub. Bending over, he scoops up the pots and pans from the bottom of the tub and throws them on the floor. He reaches into the tub again and pulls out a kettle.
As you stretch out your hand to take it, he pulls it away to sniff it for a second, then hands it back to you.

As you warm the water in kettle over the fire in the kitchen, you hear a roar of anger coming from the mess hall:
"Where in the blazes is she?! Good-for-nothing, tree-hugging, dirt-worshipers!!"
There are a few responses not readily apparent then;
"NO! I'm going down there right now!!"

Unless you plan on intervening or doing something major, basically the captain of the hunters is pissed that the on-site healer isn't there when you guys need her, and he is going to go get her. She will then heal everyone and you will get a full night's rest. Anything else you would like to do before bed?

2012-12-07, 03:52 PM
Just bathe. get some new clothes, sell oiff the orc horde, and find out how much there is, which I suspect will have to wait until town.

Suki heads upstairs. She stops someone and asks if anyone has by chance run across (insert description of Hella's lover). Since they intend to have him resurrected.

2012-12-07, 04:02 PM

Darian scratches Animal behind the ears. "What's your sotry, little fella?" He says softly.

Blue Lantern
2012-12-09, 07:47 AM

"Glad to be of help..." remarked distractedly Arthur while helping the ranger while mumbling to himself "A necromancer also... what a nice vacation..."
He got back to his horse, making sure it was all right, and trying to keep them from freaking out at the proximity of what seemed a pet tiger, and followed the others toward the town, unsure of what to do in the next minutes, until they arrived to the temple, and the half orc offered them a place to stay.
"I thank you for your kindness, if you could direct me to the stables, so I can see to my steed."

2012-12-09, 01:21 PM

The tiger sniffs at Darian's hand. Smells good. He rubs up against the side of Darian's leg and purrs as he stretches and prepares to greet the new day. The tiger stalks over to one of the tables searching for food for a morning meal, gobbling up anything he finds.

2012-12-14, 03:18 AM
"I am Ogden of Fellwood, I would like to extend our thanks and deepest gratitude for your hospitality," says the older of the two well-dressed men. "This is my nephew Arther," he continues, "Please, if you require any assistance, my nephew would be happy to oblige. We would not want to impose on your abbey in any way."

"That would be fine," responds a tall and graceful woman as she beckons Arther forward, leading him and the pair of steeds towards the small stable. A shorter, matronly woman shows Ogden the small rooms that they have available and then leads him to the main hall where he finds Arthur and Darian now warming themselves by the fire.
"I will return with bread and butter, as well as some bowls for the porridge," she says, motioning towards a large pot hanging from the crane at the side of the fireplace. She exits.

There are some bowls left sitting on the tables from earlier in the day, and the tiger wastes no time slinking towards the end of the nearest one and bounding on top of it to help himself...

"My Goodness!" she exclaims upon her return, nearly dropping the bread and stack of bowls on the floor. "Here you are," she continues nervously, setting the bread, butter, bowls and spoons on the next closest table. "If there is anything else you require, please find any one of us and we will help."

"Thank you again, fair lady," Ogden says with a sly smile, taking her hand and kissing it.

"Tamar!" comes an irritated call from the other end of the hall. A middle-aged man dressed in fine green robes has poked his head through one of the double doors. "Come. We have an unfortunate issue to deal with..."
The woman looks from you to the abbot and then back again, saying;
"Please kind Sirs, rest. May Ehlonna's peace be upon you."

Ogden looks towards Arther and shakes his head no, as if to preemptively disapprove of any curious notions he may have.
"We've had quite a long enough day already and it's is late. We should do as the priestess says and get some rest."

The Hunter's Hall is a small, oblong building with the short end facing the road. Taking the stairs up you see moonlight streaming in through the armory to your left, beyond which lays the balcony that sits atop the roof, overlooking the road. Turning to the right you see a large room half-full of sleeping hunters. The dim candlelight reveals the hunters have given up thier cots to the women and are sleeping on floor. All the cots, as well as the candles, a water basin, and a pile of blankets have been arranged in a tight group along the far wall.
"Here you go shorty!" huffs Lerg, motioning towards what is probably his cot. Looking at him here in the safety of town you realize he isn't much taller than you, maybe five feet tall, tops.
"Don't let 'im fool ya, he aint bein' charitable! Cap made us give up our cots!" chuckles his companion Kuff, who is sitting, but you realize is also quite short for a half-orc. You look around at the other half-orcs and humans scattered around the floor. They are much larger than you--normal size. You cast a glance at the one called Wulf. His heavy breathing rumbles from within his massive chest like he's some sort of giant. Luckily he's not snoring.
Lerg's attitude changes at Kuff's snide remark and they begin to argue in hushed tones.
Heading over to the empty cot next to the others you notice that the floor and wall over here are quite warm, and realize that you are probably directly above the kitchen's fireplace.

No sooner do you put down your gear than Cap walks in, cutting the half-orcs' argument short. To your surprise, he is not Jack, or any of the other bossy ones you've met so far. He is golden haired, brown eyed, broad shouldered man in his early thirties, and he drags an attractive rosy-cheeked woman in brown clothes roughly by the elbow.
"Alright you selfish tart! Get to healing." he growls, and you can now see he has overly large canines on his lower jaw. He pushes her forward with a shove.
"Easy." says a now recognizable Tobais as he walks up the stairs behind them. He places a fully healed hand on Cap's shoulder. His nose and cheekbones look like they have healed but the left side of his face is still black and blue.
The young girl begins to pray to Ehlonna and places her hands on the sleeping elven girl as she does so. She reeks of alcohol. She heals Herra and the half-orc. When she gets to you, you smell that drinking isn't the only thing she's been doing tonight. Tobias catches your eye and grins.
Divine power courses through you, healing your bruised and battered body. As you lay down in a comfortable cot in a warm room with a full belly, you cannot help but think; these seem to be as much of a blessing from the gods as the healing was...

Sunlight shines through the windows of the buildings of Gorbed just a little earlier this morning, the warmth of it slowly melting the frost. The thunder of hooves echos through the halls of the abby, waking the priestesses and thier guests as a dozen armed men on horseback ride quickly past.

The riders awaken the travelers and drunks sleeping at Art's tavern with their shouting as they ride slowly by, looking for the town square.
"Where is your reeve?"
"We must speak to the sheriff!"
Men begin to emerge from the sheriff's office, one of whom mounts a horse and rides north to the hunter's hall.

The man, well into his forties, leaps from the horse with surprising speed and enters the hall.
"Ulgoth!" he yells impatiently. "Takachi! Come quickly! The duke's men are here!"
Tobias rises gingerly from his cot, and Kuff, Lerg, and a half-orc boy no older than twelve or thirteen jump up and race each other for the stairs.
"No!" Commands the older man, holding up a gloved finger in warning. "This is a sensitive matter and you will not be granted audience."
Kuff rolls his eyes.
"Figures." Grumbles Lerg. The boy sighs heavily, and turns on his heel; heading for the kitchen.
Two other hunters now arise from their blankets on the floor: Cap and a lean, clean-shaven half-orc who wears his black hair in a top-knot get up slowly, and head downstairs.
"Let's go." you hear them say.

2012-12-14, 03:02 PM
What of the inquiry as to the remains? Suki snorts derisively at the remark of 'shorty'.

Suki's first order of business in the morning is grooming. She carefully unbraids her hair, rinses it, brushes it, and re-braids it. Next, she sees to washing her face. Then she gathers her belongings, equipping them in the same order as before.

2012-12-14, 03:06 PM

Darian has finished his morning routines, and is in the main hall by the hearth. He doesn't seem like he wants to stick around, but he is staying to make sure things work out for the people here. Hearing the sounds of the hooves, he moves outside to see what is going on.

2012-12-16, 04:13 PM
Glarus snapped his spellbook shut as the sounds of the horses filtered through his window.
Seeing the number of horsemen, Glarus picked up his cane and started hobbling to the common room, before the new arrivals eat all the breakfast.

Taking a spot close to the door or a window in the common room where he could observe the proceedings, Glarus settles in and observes the show.

Knowledge (Royalty and Nobility) to perhaps recognise the horsemen


2012-12-16, 04:14 PM
Knowledge Nobility and Royalty, properly this time


2012-12-18, 12:32 AM
None of the hunters seem to recognize the description of Herra's dead fiance.
"I think some of us should go check out and see what the guards, are doing and the rest go get the loot from the orc camp." says Tobias when the hunters finally give the lot of you some privacy. "Herra?" he asks.
"I'm not going..." Herra says sullenly.
Tobias turns to you; "Suki?"
The human and elf introduce themselves as Vanessa and Fowellsa, saying they will stay with Herra. Sheka, the half-orc says she will go to the camp.

The sun comes up and lights the cracks around your door as you spend a painful amount of time getting up in the morning.
Grabbing your cane and hobbling towards the common room, you spy something spread around on the floor of the room next to yours. Poking your head in the doorway, you see a circle of glittery grey powder spread around the perimeter of the room. In the middle of the room, near the cot, are a group of small runes drawn out in the same powder...

Art's boy greets you as you enter the room, offering you food and telling you it's on the house. The only two windows in the common room are very small and very dirty, making the only good view of the street a table by the large double doors in front, where a cool breeze blows in.
(The men are wearing blue and green; the colors of the province and of many nobles in the area, but no defining blazon or crest adorns their armor.)

The older guard accompanied by two hunters leads the leader of the garrison to the doorway of the town hall where a middle-aged, well dressed man appears, who you can only assume is the reeve.
"What is all this about?" he demands.
"Sir," replies the armored horseman gruffly, "We had heard rumors of undead wandering through our lands and up until very recently had no reason to assume the validity of these wild claims. It seems, however that this is not the case. We are here now to ask if anyone has seen such things in the region, and the details of such sightings. If no one has seen anything we will conduct a brief investigation ourselves, and then be on our way."
Looking at the mens' bloodshot eyes and drooping shoulders, you can tell they've been on the road for awhile.

2012-12-18, 12:44 AM

I speak up, shoving past the gathering crowd. "I have," I say. "I have been trailing the leader of the undead for several days. I would be happy to render an assistance I can. This necromancer is incredibly dangerous, and should not be taken lightly..." I pull out a map from my scroll case. "I have plotted our trail since I first picked up his tracks. I also wrote some notes. Compositions of undead legion, that sort of thing. It's not perfect, but I hope it can help. If you can kill him, I would consider it a great personal favour." I hand the the map to the reeve, trying my best not to look absolutely obsessed.

2012-12-18, 01:15 AM
"This, uh, will be helpful," The man manages to say, after taking the map from you and looking it over. "Men!" he says over his shoulder to the garrison that has also made its way over to the town hall "Prepare to move out. Scott! Ride back and report our findings thus far, and request a mageblade."
"We already have a mageblade," interjects the reeve.
"What?" Says the captain, his head spinning around.

"Undead??" Sputters the older town guard as the conversation unfolds, "What of the orc tribes that have been stealing from us and killing merchants along the road for the last three months? We've been waiting an unjust amount of time for you and now that you're here you want to go gallivanting around after some rumor of a monster!??"
"Gallivanting? I think not. This is a very serious matter. What is your name sir?" asks the captain.
"Bevil." he growls in reply.
"Well, Bevil," responds the captain "The last three months we have been busy
defending the province from the Qinese rebels...Although, if some of the reports we've heard are true, we have a much more dire situation on our hands, as this man implies," he nods towards Darian.
"What is your name man? It seems that you are not from here, according to your tracks, where do you call home?"

2012-12-18, 01:53 AM

I blink. 'Home'. It's not a word I have thought of in such a long time. I have even corrected the map to merely read 'Ruins' quite a while ago.

"Darian Harris, of the Ruins. Nothing worth noting was left, and even it's name have found oblivion. I dare not speak its name out of respect for the lost. It was thoroughly and so swiftly ransacked and razed. I updated the map as I saw fit. I suspect other small towns such as mine were destroyed, to avoid attention." I keep a straight face, but a single, manly tear rolls down my face.

2012-12-18, 04:33 AM
"To the camp then. I require at least four days of supplies, and a map demarcating the location of the road our caravan was on, and the orc encampment, along with any streams marked out. After we have looted the orc camp, I intend to find [insert name]'s remains, and have him raised. I gave my word. I'm keeping it."

Blue Lantern
2012-12-18, 09:16 AM
Arthur managed to push his way on the top of the crowd, very interested in hearing about the situation.

2012-12-20, 12:49 AM
Tobias quickly packs his things: A bedroll, small pan, and a dagger. He then dons his cloak, puts on his swords and quiver and slings his bow over his shoulder and heads out the door after the older man and the two hunters.
The half-orc woman looks down at you and holds out her large paw of a hand.
"Neshar," she says, "I'm not a tracker or a hunter, I'm a smith and a leather worker. How about you? Ten miles or more through the woods, you think you can find it?"
She looks around at the hunters lazily checking their equipment for any sign of help. The leaders are out of the hall and with them went all authority, it seems. They are more worried about feeding themselves than anything else.
"Anyone want to take us out there?"

"Back to the camp? Ha!" replies one, "Why on earth would you want to go back there?? We have supplies here in town."
"You shouldn't go out there," replies another, "You have been through quite an ordeal, you should rest your body and clear your mind, that your spirit may find peace."

"Where are the short ones? Kuff and Lerg? They'll help us." she asks, looking around. Kuff and Lerg are nowhere to be found.

2012-12-20, 05:00 AM
"I am Suki, I am a warrior adopted into a Dwarven clan in the north. Ignore these things, they've obviously less between their legs all together than either of us." She then heads outside.

2012-12-20, 11:24 AM
As you and Neshar cross the street and head into the woods you hear heavy footsteps behind you. It's Wulf.

Brushing past the pair of you, he points out a large bear trap you didn't see earlier. He leads you quickly through the woods, as if anxious to get there, or perhaps irritated that he felt compelled to be helpful. He is very fast, and not just because his legs are twice as long as yours. Even Neshar looks like she's getting tired. You would like to loot some of the orc corpses as you pass by, but if you stopped for a moment you might lose Wulf. Perhaps on the way back.

After a few near-misses with some un-sprung bear traps, you see the treeline and the orc encampment. Wulf stops dead in his tracks. Looking through the trees you see the glinting of plate armor in the morning sunlight. The town guard is already here. Catching up to Wulf you take in the scene:

The small hunter called "Squirrel" is talking to some of the guards. A group of guards is sorting the stuff from the carts into piles, with a well dressed man taking inventory with a quill and ink. Some of the other guards are looking off into the woods ahead of you, and to the left. (North and West, respectively.)

Wulf looks at the pair of you for a moment and then turns and heads back the way you came...

2012-12-20, 11:29 AM
Suki heads out into the clearing. "Excuse me, but some of that is private property." She then names the trading company she was working for. "And the rest of it belongs to me, since I killed the orcs that were here. All on my own. I've just come back to get it, return what belongs to the company, and to my surprise I find thieves. I didn't get any help from the lot of you, and frankly, get the hell out of my encampment." She actually looks quite angry, and prepared for imminent violence. "If you'd like to see first hand what true dwarven battle training is good for, then by all means test my word, my honor, and my courage."

2012-12-20, 12:01 PM
The guards look down at you, a girl, barely standing taller than their belts.
Two burst out laughing.
"You killed how many orcs?" asks one in disbelief.
"I am sorry miss," says another in a polite, stately manner, "But this is a shipment from the Reich Brothers Company, and it belongs to the crown. To make any claim to it would be considered my most an act of treason."
Some guards standing near the ones that laugh start cracking jokes.

"I am Simeon, captain of the guard. You report to me now." He says to Darian, rolling his map and stuffing it in his satchel. He turns to Bevil. "We know of the orc problem. The Duke did not receive his shipment of weapons last month; it is one of the reasons we are here. Take half of my men to the most recent attack site." He motions for some of the guards to follow him.

Just then the mageblade walks through the door. Simeon's eyes widen in surprise, then quickly narrow.
"What are you doing here?" he demands. "You are not in the Duke's books so you must be either out of your jurisdiction or an imposter. Explain yourself!"

The reeve looks around at the gathering crowd and whispers something to the pair of men. They follow him into the keep, shutting the door behind them as they go.

2012-12-20, 12:18 PM
"You should probably ask the prisoners I freed how many orcs I killed, but let us count them. One by the cart, another by the stock, another by the pole, another that was running back over from the trees, I think there was one more. As to your claims of treason, I don't believe you, and more than that, I don't care. If these things belong to you, you should have come to get them." She pulls out one of her swords. "Since you doubt me, come. A little sparring match. I promise to try not to kill you, but that is either mine, or I'm collecting a reward. Choose."

2012-12-20, 12:26 PM
He considers you for a moment.
"Might makes right is it? Or does the number of orcs killed matter? What of the number orcs killed by the hunters? Or the town guard? There are two dozen in the woods between here and town at least. Those men are paid by the Duke, who is paid by the crown. If attempting to pilfer a small wagon wasn't treason, attacking a royal guard certainly is... that sword you hold. It's not from the wagons is it?"

2012-12-20, 12:46 PM
"If it was your job, you should have done it. Perhaps you waited, cowering in town until they attacked? My own weapons were stolen by the orcs you failed to do your job for, so I call it fair trade. Then there was the Caravan, kill plenty of orcs there too defending your crap. And since so many of the people killed on the orc raid were citizens, wasn't it your job to kill the orcs first? You call yourself a guard? You probably couldn't guard an ale. And as for between town and here, I didn't see you here, so where were you? Cowering in town like I said before until they grew the balls to help you was it? As to myu claim, It isn't like I intend to keep the ****, I have someone I have to find and have raised. I gave my word, and I'm keeping it, even if it lands me with my head removed. So..." She begins advancing on him. "What do you think I find more valuable, my life, or my word, and my word, or your life? Because the man I have to get shouldn't have died in the first place, so from what I can see, it's your fault I have to do it in the first place. You want this sword, or the ones in the wagon, or anything else here, you have to help me find the body, and then you get him resurrected. Since you didn't help any of us aside from giving us a place to sleep, I'll consider that fair pay. As I said Choose. I'm getting bored, and it's never good when an angry Dwarf gets bored."

2012-12-21, 02:22 AM
Roll an Intimidate Check.

2012-12-21, 05:46 AM
Intimidate check: (1d20+1)[21]

and an actual roll: [roll0]

I'll bet the actual roll totals 12.

2012-12-28, 12:11 PM
The Runes. A necromancer. Glarus is momentarily caught by indecision, yet quickly grabs his cane and hobbles out to where the dwarf was quickly making the morning even more interesting.

He mulls over the runes as he walked - limped - over to the gathering.
Knowledge Arcana:


Decipher Script: If he was close enough to make any sense of them.


Necromancers have baubles and spellbooks, he thought with glee, as his thoughts returned to the situation at hand.
"Anyone in need of arcane expertise?" he said too no-one in particalar.

2012-12-31, 12:44 PM
OOC: Glarus and Suki are in different areas, see post #59

As you continue to advance on the man, his hand lowers to his belt, producing a club.
"Now look here," he continues in a more frustrated tone, "How else can I explain this to you? These things belong...to...the...crown. My job isn't to police the entire realm, it's to do as my superior orders, which is right now to deliver these goods. You can claim five crowns per head for the orcs you've killed, the standard going rate these days. Be sure to bring an ear.
If that compensation doesn't satisfy you, you are welcome to all the wealth in these carts, if you can kill us all, but I doubt it."
The other men begin spreading out behind him to your left and right.
"Now. Do you still wish to continue this folly, or can we get on with it?"

The man calling himself Darian begins to follow Simeon, the Reeve, and the Mageblade into the town hall, but stops abruptly when they shut the door in his face.

Bevil stands with his mouth agape, angry and surprised that his concerns have been given such little consideration. The orc and human accompanying him look at each other and shrug. A tall blond man riddled with scars approaches the man called Bevil and whispers something in his ear and then strides to the steps of the town hall and whispers something to the man named Darian.
"I am an escaped prisoner of the orc camp that man speaks of," he says to you, tilting his head back towards Bevil. "On the way back I noticed the large tracks of an Ogre. If you plan on heading back that way in search of your necromancer, be sure to keep your eyes open. Good luck." His face is still bruised and cut, but his eyes are sharp and clear. The hard expression on his face leads you to believe his intentions in warning you are trustworthy.
Bevil speaks quietly to the human hunter on his left who turns and takes off the way they came. Bevil and the remaining hunter then head for Darian and the porch of the town hall. You take notice of the half-orc hunter as he walks. He is clean-cut and stride is smooth and stately, his head held high, and he doesn't stick his chin out and puff his chest like most half-orcs do. He wears the finely crafted plate leather armor of the Qinese, along with the long curved blade tied to his hip by a sash rather than a belt. His thick black hair is tied back in a top-knot. As the pair climbs the stairs, Simeon reappears.

"Come with me." He orders, waving his hand at the three. They head down the steps and cut through the small crowd to the street, and Simeon collects the rest of his guards. They remount their horses and are about to ride north on the main road when something catches Simeon's eye. "Halt!" he shouts, bringing the horsemen to a stand still.
Everyone follows his gaze.

An old man with a lame leg is hobbling from out of the tavern towards you, a cane clenched tightly in one hand.
"Yes. I do require a wizard. Are you one? Our magebalde will be delayed a day or two and I will not use the arcane lawbreaker the reeve has been unwise enough to use... What say you? Have you a horse?"

2012-12-31, 02:12 PM
She smiles grimly. "And like thugs, someone challenges one of you to a duel one on one, and being cowards, you must all fight against the one together. I'll take the gold, but I'm keeping the swords I have, or you can have them over my dead body. Also, I would like to point out, much of what is in those carts, to my knowledge, belongs to those of us captured by the orcs. So, as I said before, I will say again, thief. I **** on your crown." She turns and heads back for the town, then attempts to find the road the caravan was previously on. She will have to try to find their trail from there.

2013-01-03, 03:33 AM
Glarus bends in the approximation of a bow "Ipkin Glarus, at your service" He taps his cane against his boot, the movement costing him his balance "And yes, I do have a horse - otherwise I wouldn't be getting anywhere at all..."

"I shall meet you presently once I have my steed saddled" and hobbles off towards the stables, shouting for the stable boy.

Spellcraft check to attempt to identify the spell used.
Saddling should take a few minutes, I would like to use that time to get a sample of the dust and maybe scribble down the symbols.
Scribe Forgery (If I need anything else, just say so)

2013-01-23, 01:13 PM
While waiting for the old man to saddle up his horse, some of the guards make small talk. None seem to be taking it seriously. Upon seeing Ipkin ride out of the stables, Simeon turns to Darian and asks him to lead the way.

Bevil and the half-orc hunter accompany the guards through the woods near the lumberyard so they can point out the bear traps. Upon reaching the orc encampment Simeon begins barking orders.

Even though the argument appears to have ended, the guard still seems hesitant to turn his back on you. Just then you hear hoof beats in the distance. All of you turn to look. As the din grows louder, you see the glinting of sunlight off of the polished plate mail of the royal guard. It appears to be almost an entire battalion, maybe two dozen in all, accompanied by two of the hunters, plus a tracker and a wizard.

The town guard all gather around as the royal guard rides into the encampent.
"You!" Shouts Simeon at the man Suki was arguing with just moments ago, "Why has this shipment been delayed?"
"Sir, the orcs ah, a-a-attacked the merchants before they reached our town, Sir! We have only just discovered this camp last night Sir! Af-after the orcs attacked us Sir!" Replies the guard.
"The Duke's arms are strewn about the place! Fine linens in piles on the ground!??" Simeon does not look pleased.
"We-we had to take in-in-inventory..." the guard stammers. "A-and this one was giving us problems; she claimed the shipment belonged to her!" He points at Suki.

Simeon leaps from his mount.
He looks at you, then back at the guard.
"Problems? Who? This girl? A dw--halfling?" he demands, his words becoming raspy as his voice raises to a shout. He strides over to the guard and grabs him by his collar. He leans in close to the guard, forcing him to meet his gaze and whispers, "Are you quite finished with your inventory?"
"Y-y-y-yes." The man gulps.
"Then get on with it. I want that cart full with the Duke's shipment, and that cart full with everything else, and I want fresh horses hitched to those carts within half an hour. Is that clear?" says Simeon quietly
"Perfectly." he replies.

The man then yells at the other town guards to 'throw everything in the cart' and they begin picking the piles up off the ground. You see even the pile of dirty orc belongings getting thrown in the cart on the left.

Simeon turns on his heel, causing his spurs to jingle slightly. He pulls on the edges of his gloves a bit.
"Sorry for the unpleasantness," He says to the ones accompanying him, "Now that this is under control lets see about that necromancer shall we?"
He smiles wryly. He remounts his steed and gestures for Darian to lead the way.
"Darian, if you would please..."

2013-01-24, 01:10 PM
"Necromancer?! Take me with, I'll show the defiler of ancestors what for! Yes, I am a Dwarf, AND a halfling! Born as one, raised as the other. I've no compunction to sit about while there's blood to spill that could be mine!" She moves up, towing her companion with her, "We need a ride!"

2013-01-27, 12:41 AM
"The name's Darian" says the tracker leading the group. "Pleased to make your acquaintance." and he reaches down with one hand and swings you up onto his horse.
"Nashar," says the half-orc. "I'll walk."
Neshar makes small talk with the hunters, who are also on foot, as you travel through the woods. They tell her she could be one as well, inviting her to stay with them as long as she would like.

Simeon and Darian study the map he drew as you retrace his steps back to the river. It is wide and deep, and bits of ice float down steam from up in the mountains.
"You crossed this? In the dead of night??" exclaims Simeon, "It's a wonder you didn't freeze to death! Glarus! Have you a spell to get us across?" he asks.

2013-01-27, 12:44 AM
"You don't need a spell, what are you, a sopping elf? You find a Ford. It's a shallow spot, usually marked by a widening of the water, anyone that's spent time hunting i n the mountains to the north knows this."