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2012-11-02, 05:18 PM
Captain's Log
Entry The First

When Ivory Wing comes coasting in over the slums of Rabban, the crew can see the blasted ruins that still mar the city after the Aerium Wars. Spotlights pick out a berth on the landing pad for you. The pads were the first things to be repaired after the bombings; without air travel, Rabban would die. People may be freezing to death in the streets, but the city still lives, at least.

Your purpose in Rabban is a little... shady, to say the least. You’re carrying a certain package for a certain local crime lord; the rest of the cargo is legitimate. A smoke screen should the Coalition Navy decide to do a “random search” of your vessel, or if customs become unaccountably nosy.

The whine of a ricochet rings out in the cargo hold, causing you to flinch and duck behind the crates you’re using as a shelter. Peeking over the top, you see that most of the thugs attacking you are busy hauling off the cargo you’ve been unloading, with one of two taking pot shots at you, forcing you and the rest of the crew to keep your heads down.

The thieves making off with your cargo are hard-eyed men, dressed in rough clothes, their faces under the grime carry the unmistakable marks of desperation; they’re not giving up on this score without a fight. From their appearance, it’s likely that these guys are some opportunistic local scavengers who just happened to spot you unloading your ship and took their chance at some easy cash.

It’s pretty fortunate that you were less than half way through unloading when they attacked; if you hold tight, they’ll probably just take the crates out on the landing pad and clear out before the Ducal Militia arrives, leaving you with half your cargo. Is your cargo really worth getting shot over?

2012-11-03, 01:31 PM
"Hey now, boys. No need to get violent over this. Besides, I'm certain you don't really want trouble, just looking for some cash. Come on in here" Edward ducks his head down under a crate and draws Negotiator as more bullets whiz past his hiding spot "and put down those damned weapons so we can work something out. Docking charges or something of the sort. What do ya say?"

In a much lower voice, he mutters to the nearest of his crewmen.

"Did we already unload the box?"

Whichever ability/skill you think is relevant
Willpower 1d10
Persuasion 1d10

2012-11-03, 05:47 PM
Kian crouches behind a crate, just ahead of Edward, looking back at him while trying to stay out of sight. He wasn't quite ready to take a bullet, but wasn't fond of losing his stuff to whoever had a gun. Keeping behind cover, he slowly opens his wilderness suit toward Edward, revealing a few grenades of various flavor he kept on him for just such an occasion. Edward wouldn't need to shout, he would know Kian could read his lips. He was in position, now he just waited some direction, and a bit of coordination.

Staying Hidden: Agility+Stealth

EDIT: Ow...

2012-11-04, 11:46 AM
Roll, roll, roll, to convince the evil thieves to leave our stuff
Willpower [roll0]
Persuasion [roll1]

2012-11-07, 05:17 PM
There's a puzzled silence for a moment, which is only broken by the sound of Kian elbowing a crate as he checks his grenade stash. However, the thugs don't seem overly bothered by it.

There's some whispering outside for a moment, before one of them calls back in the tones of the deeply suspicious;

"How much are we talking here?"

While it's not an outright capitulation, they have stopped shooting at you and stealing your stuff.

2012-11-10, 01:44 PM
Edward peeks his head up, trying to spot whoever was shooting at them.

"Why don't you boys drop those guns and we'll talk it over, huh? What's the hourly rate for dockhands round these parts? You've spent a good 10 minutes getting those crates moved to somewhere they'll be a bit more useful for us, so let's just give you each an hour. And there've been all these bullets flyin' round your heads and what not, so there'll have to be some extra for danger pay. How 'bout we all put our guns down and walk out to the center of this ring o' boxes you boys nicely made and we'll work out a contract, eh?"

Edward starts the peace process the right way, dropping his pistol audibly to the wood in front of him and rising to his full height, hoping that if they decide to shoot him, they at least aim for his armored chest.

2012-11-11, 04:16 AM
Seeing the situation was turning away from violence as Edward took control of the situation with his classic silvery tongue, Kian eased his tension. Clicking the safety on his derringer, he shoved it into his sock and pulled his pants leg over it. Pulling the hood down off his wildness suit, he felt for his wallet. It contained about 670. The thought of paying some of these pricks to not steal their stuff irked Kian's greed a bit, but the plan did have a certain appeal when compared to being shot on the ramp of their own ship. He gave his friend a nod as he waited, listening as well as his lousy ears could for how the bandits would respond.

2012-11-12, 06:15 AM
Hearing the bandits whispering at one another, Kian peeked out around the box he was crouched behind. His hearing had never been very good, but he had learned a few tricks to overcome that, such as how to read lips...

Alertness (d10) + Perception (Lip-reading) (d10)
Here goes...

2012-11-14, 02:59 PM
The four men drop in to a huddle, and start whispering to one another. After a few moments, they straighten up and call back to you;

"Fifty ducats. Each."

In the distance, you can hear whistles starting up - and they're getting closer. The Ducal Militia are on their way. The men shift uneasily - they've not put away their guns, although they're not pointing them at you right now.

They're talking about just shooting you both and stealing your ship. The only thing stopping them is that none of them can fly a ship.

2012-11-15, 10:02 AM
"I'm impressed. You boys get paid damned well for dock work 'round here." He turns his head to Kian and says, chuckling, "Maybe I should get off here and sign on with them" Keeping his hand low, so only Kian can see it, he makes a trigger-pulling motion towards the robbers. "Well, boys, you let me know how many of you there are and I'm sure we can work it out. I'll talk to my men and see how much we can pool and I'm sure we can get us a deal worked out here."

2012-11-15, 05:26 PM
Seeing his good friend's signal, Kian grins. Reaching into his coat, he pulled out one of his prized fragmentation grenades. He had spent good money for the opportunity to steal these, now it was time to see how they worked. Hopefully, Edward could explain away any explosive damage to the Militia later but such thoughts were not heavy on his mind immediately. He bit down on the pin and pulled it loose. One New Vardia...two New Vardia...THREE! He counted in his head, and then leaned out of cover and lobbed the sucker as close to the middle of the bandits as he could.

I just realized that I don't have any sort of skills invested in throwing, whether athletics or ranged weapons. Bit of an oversight on my part. Ah well. This seems like as good a moment as any to spend two plot points for a boost.

Rolling Agility (d10) plus plot points (d4)

2012-11-17, 10:59 PM
Oh, fragmentation grenade... I love you so much...

INITIATIVE (Agility (d10)+ Alertness (d10)


2012-11-18, 10:43 AM


2012-11-19, 03:04 PM
As the grenade goes out, you duck behind some crates for cover; the thugs have no such defense.

There's a sharp crack along with the acrid smell of powder. There's also the clatter of shrapnel hitting the walls of the cargo bay. For the first second or two after the blast, there's dead silence. Then the screaming starts.

Peering over the top of the crates, you can see that three of the thugs are lying down and covered in blood. They don't seem as if they're going to be getting up again. Ever. It also seems that you may want to do some really serious cleaning when this is all over.

The fourth thief is rolling around on the ground, clutching at one arm and doing pretty much all of the shouting. For such a scrawny guy, he sure can make a lot of noise. But even over his screams, you can hear the whistles; there are more, and they're getting closer.

2012-11-23, 06:19 PM
"You finish off that one. I'll take care of the guard. And if you have time, get the damn package hid."

Edward takes his best speed out towards where the sound of the guard whistles are coming from, yelling all the way.
"Help, help! Me an' my crew been attacked! Murder most foul!"

2012-11-24, 01:37 AM
Kian nodded his reply. He hadn't ever seen carnage quite like this before, and was shook up a but. But Edward's quick order got his mind back on track, and he pulled his derringer and clicked the safety off. Edward ran ahead, Kian knelt down at the dying bandit, pointed the gun at his head, looked toward the sky, swallowed hard and pulled the trigger.

That done, Kian holstered is gun and began pulling at his wilderness suit. Wouldn't do for the militia to see him wearing this. Turning around, he ran up the ramp and draped the suit over the package. Now, he thought, if I was in the militia, and I was searching a ship looking for nothing in particular, where would I not bother to check?

Looking for a nice spot to hide the package, and my wilderness suit while I'm at it. Not sure if this is Agility or Alertness, but they're both d10s. Also, covert (stealth (d8)).

2012-11-25, 11:12 AM
The first group of official types to arrive at the crash are a few local constables. They're a grimmer, shabbier bunch than the militia - often acting as little more than thief-takers. They slow as they approach, clutching their halberds and clubs warily, clearly hoping that all the shooting and exploding is over.

Rabban's a rough city at times, but even here the constables aren't used to seeing people hit by grenades - gun shots, certainly. Knives, swords, clubs, strangulation and so forth are pretty common causes of death - but people blown apart are too much for the constables, and they look pretty green at the sight outside your cargo bay.

One of them, though, seems to take the carnage in his stride. He's an older man, grey and grizzled with a scar across his face that narrowly misses his eye. He hefts his halberd thoughtfully as he runs his eye over the scene.

"Well," he says, then pauses until one of his constables finishes throwing up. "What's been going on here, then? Someone been after yez with grenades?"

2012-11-30, 04:14 AM
Edward sketches out a quick salute with his hand.

"Aye, sir. We were just landing and gettin' ourselves all set to unload, when these... fellas came up on us and started getting to work before we could make it down to our cargo bay. Covered by rifle fire. We came out to stop them and returned some fire of our own. I tried offering to pay them cash to just leave us alone and one of them pulled out a grenade, I'd guess plannin' on perpetratin' some more mischief when we stopped fighting. Me mate noticed the treachery and shot him after he had pulled the pin but before he threw... It seems to have ended up a bit messy for him."

With a shake of his head at the corpses around the explosion

"Here I was thinkin' Rabban was finally on its climb back up... Maybe not."

2012-12-04, 05:52 AM
There we go, safe and secure...I hope, thought Kian, setting down the package and stuffing his wilderness suit behind it. Now let's see...I better get where I can help Edward. He's good with words, but no telling how people will act when stuff blows up.

If the area where Edward is talking to the constables is visible from the ship's cockpit, Kian will head there, in case things start turning sour and we decide to leave. Otherwise, Kian will move toward the top of the cargo ramp, trying to get a good view while still staying inconspicuous.

2012-12-04, 03:05 PM
The sergeant looks at you skeptically, but to be perfectly honest he probably looks at everyone like that. He runs an eye across the cargo still in the hold, and the few crates lying broken on the floor where they fell off the cart when the horse bolted.

"And what's so valuable that folk like these will kill for?" he drums his fingers against the haft of his halberd for a second, and then asks another question;

"So, ye're good shots, then?"

This is all taking place just outside the cargo hold - whether you can see from the cockpit is up to you, as the ship is your guys'.

Also, if you intend to lie about the cargo, please roll Intelligence+influence/deception or any other plausible combination if you can explain it.

2012-12-09, 02:16 AM
"Well, y'know sir, not a thing in particular they mighta known of. We hadn't been here a bit when they started takin' stuff. Can't imagine theyda snuck in and looked through our crates without us hearin' it. For our cargo, foodstuffs and trade goods and the like. Just enough profit to keep us flyin', boss is hoping. Y'know how it is, I'm sure."

Nodding at the second question, Edward nods mournfully to the sergeant.

"I'll only say this, sir, gotta thank my lucky stars the boy wasn't a military man, with the good sense to stay behind cover while he chucked that little packet o' death, else it'd be us in chunks and them walkin' off with these boxes. Or, talkin' to you, at least, sir."

He offers up his revolver to the sergeant.

"Can't say I'm a damned good shot, but I can make 'em when they count."

Tried to specifically avoid lying while talking about the cargo, so I'm hoping Willpower + persuasion. The second paragraph is obviously a lie. I'll roll all 4 and you can take them as you like.

Willpower [roll0]
Persuasion [roll1]
Intelligence [roll2]
Influence [roll3]

FYI, I went with lucky stars as a particular reference to the awakener fortune telling/ belief. Take it as you will.

2012-12-12, 09:22 PM
Kian, having stowed his contraband, moved toward the cargo door. Edward was talking down the constables. Good for him. He always had been good with words. Kian turned and did what he was good at, namely, watching. Looking for a spot where he'd be inconspicuous without being suspicious, he sat and watched his partner, allowing him charge but ready to step in when necessary.

2012-12-13, 01:35 PM
The sergeant grunts as he takes Edward's gun.

"Well, if you was to be good shots might be we could make this whole thing go away a lot faster," he makes a slight motion and you notice the constables pulling back a few paces. "See, militia gets all riled up about grenades and gunfights in a major city and that means they want to make an example of someone - and the ones that started the fight aren't alive ter be strung up by their thumbs. But you? You are,"

He lets out an exagerated sigh.

"Would be a shame to see such nice boys as you and yer buddy go through all the bother of an official investigation. If only yez could do something that'd impress the militia enough that they'd just let yer go,"

His dark eyes sparkle as he grins at you.

"Get my drift here, boy?"

2012-12-23, 03:47 PM
"Well sir, you'll always find us good folk ready for honest civil service, if that's what yer hopin' for. Almost everybody's done a turn with the military, one point or another and so long as we wouldn't be breaking any laws, couldn't quite reckon we could say no to a town that's needing help." He smiles obligingly and offers his hand up to take the pistol back, "So long as we wouldn't be doin' anything illegal, o' course. We're honest folk who don't like shootin' anymore than the next man, but so long as it's honest work, we'll take it for ya. Could ya mebbe give us a bit to talk over whatever you need done, make sure our cargo's all stored away so that a scene like to this don't happen agin'."

2012-12-26, 01:20 AM
Kian shifted on the crate he was using as a chair, and tilted his head to get a better look at the constable's lips. He felt this was necessary, so as he could be sure that the constable was saying, in fact, what he was saying. Impress the militia? He truly had no idea what he meant, and wasn't sure if he liked the sound of it. Still, a mystery show of skill or whatever was better than having militia crawling over your ship when you're working around the law.


Kian stood up and resumed the process of unloading that had been interrupted by the gunfight, starting with a legitimate box. Hopefully, whatever the constable was asking them to do would be quick and simple. If not, eh, maybe he'd pick his pockets on their way out.

Kian grinned. That would make him feel better...

2012-12-26, 02:22 PM
"Oh, nothin' illegal. Not really. Just need a bit of information that we can't get ourselves without a whole lot of fuss. Find out where some folks are, and what they do. That kind of thing. You go talk it over with your partner. We'll just be waiting here for yer answer," the man grins and waves to his squad, who spread out towards the crates you've already unloaded.

While they seem to be taking a close interest, they're not actually investigating what might or might not be in them.

2012-12-29, 11:40 AM
"Be right back, if'n ye don't mind too much."

Edward quickly makes his way back into the ship, pausing a moment as he contemplates closing the hatch behind him, but ultimately deciding to foster trust, even if faked.

"Kian, good news, they've offered us a job." He shouts as he rounds the first corner, then instantly lowers his voice as soon as he finds the other man.

"They want us to serve a bit of community work for our most terrible crimes. I vote we take it, whatever it is, and use it as cover to get our job done. We'll see about our future in this town after that."
Pitching his voice all the way to a whisper.
"Who are we supposed to be takin' this crate to, anyway?"

2012-12-29, 08:22 PM
Seeing his friend back immediately got Kian smiling again. Setting down his crate, he replied, "I think I got the gist of what he was sayin'. Job sounds like it'll involve sneaking, and I can't say that don't sound fun."

Kian moved around to the other side of the hold, where he had hidden the crate. Pulling out his vest and slipping it over his shoulder, he turned back to Edward and said, "I don't suppose you've heard of a tavern called The Torn Sky? Not an especially fancy place, but I hear the owner makes a specialty drink. "

Under the guise of picking up another crate, Kian ducked behind Edward and whispered: "The buyer's a bloke named Anderswane. Order a 'Corpse Reviver' at the Torn Sky and his go-between'll find us." With that, he heaved another crate up and forward. It was turning out to be an interesting day.

2013-01-05, 03:56 AM
"Well, can't say I've ever heard of it m'self, but I'd bet one o' those fine gentleman has." A wink to Kian and Edward heads back to the officers waiting outside.

"Just took a bit o' convincin', but we'll happily help you folks out with whatever little display it is we can do ye for. So, eh, what is the job, then?"

2013-01-09, 04:10 PM
The grizzled guard rolls his shoulders and gives you a crooked grin.

"Glad to hear it, aye. Very glad. Ain't nothing too difficult. There's this bar, see, the Duke's Head? Well, some people we're not very fond of have been meeting there every night for a few weeks. We want to know what they're up to, but they know all our regular, ah, informers - so's we can't get near them. Want you to head there tonight and just listen in. See what they're up to, like.

"I'll tell yez for free, there aren't nice folk. They're killing types. They catch on to what you're up to, and yer going to see some shooting. You and your boy okay with that?"

2013-01-09, 07:25 PM
Kian watched the conversation out of the corner of his eye as he stacked another box. Listen in. Don't get caught. Well. And he had thought the job was going to be dangerous. He could do this while drunk and clean on the other side of the bar. Heck, he probably would.

Trying to hide his smile, Kian turned to Edward and gave a nod.

2013-01-10, 04:45 AM
"Well, gents, I'm more than certain we can go in and listen to whatever needs listenin' to. There somethin' in particular you're expectin' to go down?"

He looks from the sergeant back to the ship.

"We only had but one problem with the plan. If'n we both head to the bar tonight, there'll be no one to keep our ship safe from more unpleasantness... Any chance that, round about sunset, you could station a fella here to chase off any other snoopers? As well, we could use a point in the direction of the Torn Sky. Agreed?"

2013-01-12, 12:00 PM
"Don't worry about that. Militia'll be all over the pad for a day or two. Put on a big show to say they're still in charge," he appears to consider your other request for a moment. "Can't tell you exactly where it is - never been myself - but it's pretty close to the pad. Skyfarer's joint. Most folk around here'll know it, I dare say.

"Now, as for what I'm expectin'? Well, can't rightly say. But there's a big stir up lately and I want to know why. Ones your after'll be easy enough to spot - one of 'em has burns all over his face, he sticks right out in a crowd. Likes wearing them, too - likes having folk stare, I guess,"

2013-01-15, 03:56 AM
"I'm more than sure we'll be findin' it on our own, then, thanks anyways. As for your friend with the burns and such, we'll happily keep an eye on him."

He turns to head back into the boat, then turns his head to the guard once more.

"Would you be kind enough to do me a favor and let those guards on duty roun' here know that we'll be comin' by with a wagon to move our cargo, after we do the job and all? Wouldn't want to get shot comin' onto me own ship, eh?"
He smiles, then ducks his head back inside, pulling Kian far enough out of earshot that they can talk.

"Well, wadda ya think? Set up? Legit? Run for it?"

2013-01-18, 02:32 PM
The old man gives a theatrical sigh and gives Edward a how-stupid-do-you-think-I-am look.

"Well, I'll tell my boys to restrain their impulse to, y'know, shoot all those citizens we're supposed to be protecting. Because, of course, no-one could possibly be allowed on one of the landing pads used by most of the air traffic coming in to and out of the city," he shakes his head.

"Tell me, boy, do you honestly think that us - or the Militia - will just shoot you on sight for no damn reason?"

2013-01-20, 07:07 AM
For the sake of this post, I'm going to assume that I've been pulled back into the Ivory Wing before either Kian or Edward could reply to the guard's sarcastic comment. If this mixes up events, we can fix the temporal paradox later in OOC.

Kian stepped up to reply to the constable, but before he can say anything finds himself being pulled back into the ship. Straightening himself up, he listens to Edward's question. Then he smiles.

"Ah, don't go gettin' paranoid on me, now, Edward. These nice folk just want us to do something they need getting done." Turning back out to the dock, he looks once more at the black scar where his grenade went off. "They probably'd have an easier time talking this whole...thing...off if we do get ourselves killed, but that won't matter, cause we won't get killed!" Tapping his lips while smiling ear to ear, he whispers in a practiced tone that his own damaged ears couldn't actually hear, "I can just read their lips, remember? But if you want to make sure, see if you can't get the old guy away from the rest of 'em. Keep him talking, and I'll pick his pocket." Kian's smile widened to a toothy grin.

2013-01-26, 02:32 PM
Edward shakes his head at Kian when he suggests the pick-pocketing.
"There'll be plenty to be made wanderin' the streets. No point riskin' it with the authorities, huh?"

Edward grins at the guard captian.

"Well, sir, speakin' as one of those citizens you're protectin' who wound up havin' to protect himself, I'm in a bit of a "better safe than sorry" frame o' mind. If ye'll pardon me, of course. No offense was meant."

2013-01-26, 03:06 PM
Kian pouts as Edward shoots down his plan. It wasn't like it was really about the money. Maybe he'd have a note in there...? Ah, too late, Edward was already walking back down the ramp. Hmph. Ah well. Kian's filching fingers were twitching, but he wasn't going to disobey his friend. Next time, then.

Tucking his suit under his arm, Kian walked down the ramp and gently tugged at Edward's coat, leading him away from his never-ending conversation with the constable. Turning back at him, he asked, "Where to first? Duke's Head? Torn Sky?" He grinned merrily. Whichever way they went, they were sure to have an interesting evening.

2013-01-27, 04:33 AM
"Us, then them. Let's ask a few dock workers and see if they know where the Sky's at. I've had a couple thoughts about our approach on this job, as well. We can talk about it when we get there, eh?"

Edward flips the guards a brief salute then walks off the docks with Kian.

"If ya really want, I'll bump into him on our way by" He whispers to his companion "But be careful."