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2012-11-04, 03:54 PM

This is the second in-character thread for Total War: Broken City. The first thread may be found here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=249643).


They found her body for the second time just after third bell, when they finally cleared away the remains of the dying enchantments on the room where she lay. It was a long, wide room around the back of the palace, near the very upper stories. The roof was made of glass and sloped down to the floor, lighting the set of comfortable lounge chairs and tables, which were covered in books and papers. A perusal of them could tell the reader anything they needed to know about the day nine months ago when city politics suddenly became very interesting. Here was a ledger of expenses accurate up to halfway through the month, here was a list of crimes that still needed to be judged, and here, open in the lap of the dead woman, were the updated records of tariffs on Traitor’s Bridge. The sorceress Desoui, inexplicably, had not yet begun to decompose, and appeared as if she were simply relaxing in the chair, head lolled back as though asleep. The only mark that she was not alive was the paleness of her skin, the thin trickle of dried blood snaking down her face from the neat red hole in her forehead, matching the neat little hole in the glass wall. It was here, in that little hole, that the magic of Daisong Palace first broke, when the assassin’s dart somehow breached the wards stretched across the window and surrounding the sorceress herself.

Welcome to Sav Altulas, once the capitol city of great and fabled Talidor, one of the three kingdoms that made up the Shattered Lands before the Zancharian Empire came and went, more than a thousand years ago. The city has gone through some rough stages since then, lying in ruin for a time before being found and rebuilt into the pit of refugees and decadent, bandit-bred nobility that it is today. It was, until very recently, ruled by Burgravet Desoui, a sorceress that everyone thought was immortal. They were, very recently, proven wrong. Desoui is dead, murdered by gods alone know who, and the power-hungry people of this ancient city are showing their true colors once again. For the first time in a hundred years, the natural-born conspirators of Sav Altulas are not held in check by the fear of magical wrath, and when the dust settles only one will rise above the nest of vipers to claim the now-empty throne.

A new year begins in the old city. Wake up, my friends; there still is much to do.

2012-11-04, 04:22 PM
Gear's Chosen

Gearfist Meeting (PM) Alright, so if you provide 4 morale or wealth I can have it done easily by the end of the month.

Once we've finished using it to jam the wheels of bureaucracy, may I suggest another use for it? The Bookbinder Guild are almost certainly going to find out that we're creating something to rival their petty little monopoly, and with their monopoly on the Newspaper market that might have some adverse affects. So, I'd like to propose we, as well as any other sympathetic and interested factions, use our press to publish a rival newspaper.

2012-11-04, 04:33 PM
Gearfist meeting [PM]

"A splendid idea. We have some experience with writing from the Torch, I'm sure that can be transfered over. The Ram should be interested as well, I'd assume.

We can provide you with manpower and money [2 wealth, 2 morale].

2012-11-04, 05:25 PM
SGA/Ambassadorial Guard [PM]


''I realize your reluctance, but rest assured SGA will be putting considerable resources into this operation. We are an organization with certain clout and resources. It's becoming increasingly clear to me, that Ambassadorial Guard requires more funds and men to manage the troublesome visitors to our city. If we resolve this issue, I will see that you have them.''

''Mr. Bloodhand, have you managed to contact this Andouir?''


''Oh, Captain. While you are here, can I ask you about Elsinier Ambassador, who visited our city some time ago. I believe it was still during the reign of Burgaveti Desoui. At th very least, I'd like to know the name of the man, though more information would be appreciated.''

Militia of Order & Justice [7]

[I wanted to double-check the name... And then didn't.]

''I'm not dealing with this one. But I fear, there is a ''person'' in this city, who does. I'm working on remedying the situation. Perhaps, you could be of another type of assistance. Can your Law Magic set up anti-theft wards? Do note, that I'm not talking about stopping petty theft, but preventing certain individuals from getting their hands on means of interacting with entities, like Blood-In-Black-Water.''

2012-11-04, 05:45 PM

Happy New Year! went up the cry from the island home. The gentlemen tossed back champagne and congratulated eachother, wearing silly hats around the big grandfather clock. It had been an ...interesting year, and they were looking forward to seeing what came next.
"My good friend Pontiss has taken the liberty of thickening the ice around this island so we can go skating. Just thought I should warn you, don't go outside the area we've lit up." Founder took a drink from his glass. "Well, you can, but I don't advise it; unless you enjoy freezing to death."

"Gentlemen, to a new year!"

[edit: I guess I missed the new year by a few months. Oops.]

2012-11-04, 05:57 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty

To the SGA [PM]
Commander Brandan drops by the SGA main office, and hands two transcripts directly to the guards on duty at the door, requesting they're delivered to the SGA members.

To Ram The Blackfists have just approached us with an interesting offer. In essence, they're giving us an example of one of their hand presses in order to help us up size it and create something more industrial scale. Unfortunately, our budget is rather stretched at the moment, so I am curious whether you want a stake in such a project? We'd be happy to mass produce any pamphlets of leaflets of yours you wish, and in exchange we'd merely ask that you assume the full costs of electrifying your remaining territories (i.e., I wouldn't supply 2/8 of the wealth/morale necessary)

That deal sounds exceptional. We will supply 4 MOR and 4 WEL to pay for and install your lightning wires. When you complete your printing press, I can already think of a few pamphlets we would like to have produced.

Commander Branddan waited outside, unsure if the SGA would want to talk to him.

To the Council
To the Ram

"I'm not libelling you, Constantine. Your refusal to discuss our compromise proposal is a sign of unwillingness to compromise."

"You have had power in this city for nine months, and all you have done is gather to you the tiny minority of factions who support your ideals, then refuse to budge from your position at all."

"Will you entertain fundamental changes to your position, or do you still refuse to do so? If you continue to refuse, you are a hindrance to the meeting."

To the Council:

"We would ask for more time before a meeting of the entire city. We would have the factions of the city know our proposal before the meeting, give them time to consider it, and discuss it with us one-to-one, before initiating such a chaotic gathering."

"We would be frankly disillusioned if the Ram Revolution has not been doing the same."

To House Wallen [5]
"No, that is as I understood it. Thank you for clarifying."

"The obvious permanent members of the House would be the Esoteric Society, Heladuit Court, House Laurier, House Wallen."

"The majority of the large factions in the city already support us. The small factions have not been approached. Lets correct that now. I'll send a message to the Lodstrom Party and EGSE"

To the Lodstrom Party, House Wallen, and Esoteric Society [5]
"I wish to hold a meeting, in two weeks, with all the noble factions of Sav Altulas, to discuss the formulation of a noble house, to serve as an executive organ of the government."

"Your contacts with the nobility are much better than mine, so I respectfully pass the matter onto you. Please invite all the respectable noble houses you know to attend."

((Tell me when you've spoken to them, and I'll start the meeting))

To Gregoria [PM]
"Certainly. You may relay the message to them. I hope it contributes to resolving this dispute. I will wait here, if I may, to hear their response."

2012-11-04, 06:04 PM
Wardens to the Free Masons and Carpenters' Guild

We've acquired a source of high-quality lumber near the City. In case you are interested in purchasing some at a fair price, we're willing to negotiate an offer of Wealth from you.

2012-11-04, 06:07 PM
Mercantile's Guild

UAL[Commerce hall PM]
[only invited them here to keep this as quiet as possible...]

the UAL representitive is let in by the guardsmen outside the commerce hall and taken to a small room offto the side of the main hall. under close watch of course...

"so i have a proposition for you and your boys...as i'm sure you have heard, there are thousands of refugee's coming in from the Shattered-lands thanks to the civil war in Gregoria...i would like you to round up some of these refugee's and organize them into special work gangs who will then be put to work on aiding in the construction of the new SGA emerald mine, which should open up a whole new world of possibilities and work oppurtunities. if necessary, come next month i could pay you for your work. what do you say?" the old merchant that was responsible for meeting with the SGA, just waited patiently for a response.

2012-11-04, 08:06 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)


"James' poor excuse for a democracy is nothing more than a facade for his monarchy. It would be controlled by him, the nobles, and those with the money to bribe themselves into it, just like any dictatorship. The blackfists are also not attempting to seize power NOW. When they do, I'll almost certainly find myself allied with the nobles against him. The problem is that neither side likes democracy - I have few strong allies, and our relationships are quiet to the public."


Judges can be EBSA members, but if I take control of the city, I must uphold the statutes of the deal that gave me control - the jury will decide sentence and punishment, however the judge will have the job of advising them on precedence and other legalities. Also, be sure to keep your people working on their official jobs - If I find any members of the Bureaucracy trying to arrest people or other such things without the permission of the Revolutionary government, I'll kick every one of you out and run the prison with my own people.


You are one only of the people of this city I have been unwilling to negotiate with James, because of your insistence on handing all the power in the city to the nobles. Even in the supposedly liberal new ideas you and your followers were discussing, the nobles controlled if laws got passed, and the richest people of the city (who are nobles in all but title) can bribe their way into government, and both are more powerful than the people, not to mentioned aligned in attempts to oppress the people.

I am willing to allow the nobility to have a say in the government. But it should be the same as every other man. Your ideas for houses are not entirely useless - but the house of merchants is a shameful attempt to legalize bribery, and the other two houses should be open to all men. The nobility claims that the gods gave them the right to rule, or that they are naturally better men than the rest of us. If this is true, they'll be able to win the elections by convincing the people of the same thing.

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-04, 08:26 PM
To the Champions of Sovereignity and GM
Milord; we stand by the decision of calling the Council meeting.
The nobility is already represented there (Both Lodstrom Party and the ESGE are there). House Heladuit is made up of merchants, and to be frank their “nobility” is arguable. House Laurier is a great, honorable house, but they are mostly foreign merchants. I’m unsure of wether they should be considered nobles in the traditional sense.

Finally, your Majesty, I will take the liberty of pointing out that Lodstrom Party is currently under my direction, and willing to get representation for nobility in the new government.
House Wallen is merely one of the founding Houses of the Party. The Council Representative is Madame Beteoui.

Your proposal would isolate the nobility from the other cores of power in the city (Mainly, the EBSA, the SGA, and the populace).

Set up like this, the Noble Chamber would have no way to set policy, no real power over external or internal politics, no mint. Not even lawyers. We would be a union of fools sitting down, writing fool’s laws nobody would respect or uphold.

The Blackfist would be right to laugh at us! I certainly would laugh at them if it were them instead of me.

So we are going to the Council, to start to work to create the New Government.
If the Ram (Or anybody else, for the matter) refuses to compromise, then we’ll just kick them out. Everyone agrees on the necessity of advancing.
We’ll gain nothing leaving the Council ourselves.

OOC to GM: Is what I said about House Laurier and the Heladuits accurate? I’ll correct this statement if I’m wrong.

We offer the help of the Guild in building the fort, lowering the price to 7 Wealth.

To Wardens
We are a little short in money this turn. We will happily make you an offer for the timber next turn if you haven’t sold it.
If you ever have needs to build large buildings, feel free to ask! We offer the best budgets and workers in town!

Letter to the Council
”We ask both the Ram and his Majesty the King to stop this meaningless discussion.

We shall discuss the formation of the new government in the Palace Hall, as the united, popularly-chosen provisional government that we are.”

I.E: The italics and the underlines are written exactly like that in the original document and the copies sent to the rest of the factions. Historians would consider it a particularly amusing letter in centuries to come.

The letter continues:

“Lodstrom Party is working to improve a specific proposal, which was first presented before in the King’s Meeting. All Council representatives will be free to present their own if they like, and are encouraged to do so.

If we are ever to get out of the dreadful crisis we are in, we’ll only do it by discussing and compromising. That goes to all factions.

After the meeting next month, we’ll have an agreement for a definitive government or a civil war. There is no place in between.

Signed: Madame Beteoui, Lodstrom Party Council Representative”

2012-11-04, 08:27 PM
SGA/Bookbinder’s Guild [PM]

’’I thank Commander Brandan for bringing this to our attention.’’

’’Guildmasters. I believe we must inform Gears and Ram, that we take protection of our business interests seriously and that Bookbinder’s Guild has monopoly on printing in Sav Altulus.’’

[Also - can UAL assist with organizing workers for Fort construction as well?]

2012-11-04, 08:32 PM
The Silversmith's Guild

"I agree. A stern message must be composed.

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-04, 08:35 PM
The Mason & Carpenters Guild agrees completely.

Grimsage Matt
2012-11-04, 09:00 PM
I'll prep the bombs for our response. We're still working on remaking the Naplam, so it might not be as stern as we might like.
OOC; Also, already sent in my EoT

2012-11-04, 09:02 PM

''Well, good thing we have UAL representative visiting.''

[Let’s send the Goons]
[I think Technists Guild was inventing something interesting for us this month... Anyway, turn is next Friday.]

2012-11-04, 09:20 PM
Gear's Chosen

Gearfist (PM)
Excellent, I will approach the Ram as well then. Are there any other factions you believe might be interested in such a venture? The Wren perhaps? Or Bloodhaven?

Ram Revolution (8)
In the interests of..mitigating any blowback from the Bookbinders Guild over the creation of an independent press, the idea has been mooted to create a competing daily or weekly broadsheet, if perhaps one with a slightly more focused editorial policy. Would yo be interested in such a venture?

2012-11-04, 10:21 PM

Ram Revolution PM
Join the process. Compromise. Understand that the work will be slow, and it will be a fight every step of the way. This is how policy is changed, and governments are shifted. Your only other option will probably bloody insurrection, which will have the whole city aflame much to the Blackfists delight.

Ram Revolution
The compromise was made without our input, without the actual judiciary. A judge who cannot sentence is worthless. The entire process hinges on the blatant fact that the laymen of this city cannot comprehend the intricacies of city law- there is simply too much to know. People are transitory, uneducated, and prone to emotional ties- all things a good judge is not.

The reason for the Halls of Final Judgement is to do just that, to be the arbiters of final judgement. What purpose is a judge when he spends every waking hour of a trial not deliberating, but tutoring those who have no wish or reason passing judgement on the most basic of legal tenets. Whats worse, due to every jury is a new randomly selected group he will have to spend more time teaching again.

Is that what you want? A teacher? A chaperone to lead the sheep to the correct response? It is a farce. We would rather establish a new prison than be hamstrung in such a way.

We agree whole-heartedly with the Lodstrom party. One way or another this must be dealt with, or else this fragile tower of cards is going to crash down on all of our heads and the people of the city are going to have to pay for it.

2012-11-04, 10:32 PM
Mercantile's Guild

i agree completely. we must not sit by and let this go unanswered, as that would only prove us weak.

Technists Guild: what were you working on? currently i have Sorenson and my workshops planning to help with the mine and fort construction, but i will gladly divert them to help you with your project instead...

[i dont see why UAL cant do both the mines and the fort.]

Grimsage Matt
2012-11-04, 10:37 PM
We have some explosives for the mine, and we're sending over a Codebreaker for the Shadownet.

As you know, the Gear's Chosen have devloped Electric power, and are using it to generate heat and light. However, it's not that safe. We're currently working on insulator cables to improve safety. THEN we're doing the Napalm research.

2012-11-04, 10:52 PM
Chosen To Technists I apologize for the lateness of the reply, but we will be electrifying the Underdocks this month and will be happy to provide you with examples of the wiring we use and how it reacts when a current is run through it. Honestly most of their current damage being caused is from the lighting and not the wiring itself, but anyway...

On a somewhat different note, we understand that you have some experience with the creation of handpresses, corret?

Grimsage Matt
2012-11-04, 10:54 PM
Technists to the Gears
Yes, we have experience, but due to the Bookbinders also being part of he SGA, we use them only for internal paperwork and memos. We are no longer in the business of selling them.

2012-11-04, 10:55 PM
Mercantile's Guild

very well. i will help with that next turn then. things should be easier all around next turn in terms of funding since i am after all spending most of mine on blackpowder weapons this turn.

however, with that said. i do think napalm is a bit overkill in this situation. as far as i understand it, the Gears and Rams are just using illegal printing presses? perhaps issue a warning and retaliate if they dont give them up?

Grimsage Matt
2012-11-04, 11:00 PM
We've heard rumors about things in the area. And as a great Sage once said, "When dealing with a old thing trapped underground, there is no such thing as overkill. If anything, thgere is not enough overkill."

The Napalm is not for the people who operate the illegal printing presses. It's incase we find anything else that needs some overkill.

2012-11-04, 11:02 PM
To Technists Ah, such a shame then, to be held back by such antiquated structures. Regardless, I wasn't asking to buy one. It's a bit late to get them off the market anyway I'm afraid.

Instead, I'd like to offer an exchange of expertise as it were. Thanks to the generous, if extremely unpunctual, Militia we've come into possession of the plans and designs left behind by the cults of Lead Farrows. They have some extremely interesting theoretical and planning work done on the feasibility of auto-gyro's, and given your Guilds fascination with the sky I though you might be interested in such knowledge.

In return I merely ask for your help on a few small, and completely peaceful, if controversial projects we're working on.

2012-11-04, 11:13 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)


"I plan on it. The meetings between myself and Blackfists dealt with nothing more than contingencies for if James tried to force his demands at sword-point. I am not in a plot to overthrow the city, simply to ensure that no one marches in and forces people to agree with something.


What if the judge gave a range for the sentence, or a set of options? One man, even one highly trained man, cannot be given the right to sentence a man. The judge could, however, tell the jury that a man must serve between 15 and 45 years in prison, or pay a fine between 10 and 50 gold pieces, or serve 5 years either in a work gang or in the armed forces, and the jury decides within the range set by the judge.


can you tell me any more about this broadsheet? What would be it's main focus, and where would it be distributed?

Grimsage Matt
2012-11-04, 11:14 PM
Technists to the Gears
Well, it's half because as members, they can get the other ones to take action aganist us. Otherwise, we might be convinced to lose a few near the underdocks.

But, yes that sounds intresting. Always a good thing to aquire addtional knowledge, and there might be something useful in there.

As for contraversial projects, you have no idea why Desoui cracked down on us, do you? We can handle it. We're already working on Insulator cables, add a little safety feature, but we're intrested to know what your thinking of.

2012-11-04, 11:30 PM
Gear's Chosen (8)

To Ram Consider at the moment the prospective contributors and yourselves, the blackfists and ourselves it would almost certainly be much more focused on the issues and causes of the Lower City. If the Press works to specifications if could probably be distributed everywhere we have manpower to get, to be honest.

Its goal would to be providing a political, and likely radical and republican, view on the events of the city. With a strong, focused editorial policy we might be able to establish an alternate major newspaper in the areas where we have some trust among the populace. As well, I'm sure you have plenty of friends lounging in Scholars compass who would love to write a piece or two.

To Technists Oh, no need for another unfortunate losses in your supply, we've managed to secure a specimen for ourselves through other channels. Our ambitions run somewhat grander at the moment; an electrical, industrial press. If you could provide some minor aid if this, we'd be happy to let you print runs of whatever holy books you wish, as well as those tracts on workplace safety you are so found of.

Beyond that, we would like to do some joint work on the industrial power of electricity. Something I'm sure you would be interested in regardless.

2012-11-04, 11:32 PM

Ram Revolution PM
Excellent. Then there may still be hope. I urge you and your revolution to trust Lord Wallen and his Lodstrom society, as from what I've seen is that they truly want to better the city as a whole. Barring that, lets not set the room on fire, we just cleaned out that palace.

Ram Revolution
That is an... acceptable proposal to an extent. I suggest for issues that are... unimportant enough (Think most kinds of theft, public indecency, minor assault, and the like) that a judge does not need a jury, to expedite the whole situation.

If we need a jury for every burglar and drunk in the city the system will break down. Murderers, Rapists, and the like will get their time before the people. Also, until there is law legislated, consider this a temporary affair. If the system breaks down we will let you know, and we will cease being apart of it.

2012-11-05, 12:49 AM
Mercantile's Guild

okay, you will have the support of my workshops next month.

[hehe, now i feel stupid:smalltongue:]

2012-11-05, 06:02 AM
The Champions of Sovereignty

To Council
"The answer to my question then is no. You will entertain nothing less than determining all power in the city by popular vote."

"I began in the same position as you, determined to achieve absolute monarchy, but I have compromised my position for the good of the city. Now I would divide power between the nobility, merchants, and popular vote."

"I urge you to reconsider your position before the meeting, lest your stubbornness be the cities bane."

To House Wallen [5]
"The council meeting is a formality. We had the consensus in our meeting last month. We will be glad to hear what improvements the other council members have thought of since our last talk, but the overall direction will be the same."

"We consider it a forgone conclusion."

"I understand the Lodstrom party follows your lead, but there are other respectable nobility in the city, who are not part of your party, whom we would want to speak to."

"We recognise House Laurier's nobility. They have already asked us to be in the House of Lords, rather than that of merchants. The Heladuit Court will be given the same choice."

"We would not have the House of nobility isolated, which is why we have been assembling the house of merchants as well, and would soon begin on the popular house."

"If the city is to fall into chaos, let our majority have a functioning government, that we might bring order quickly, and with minimal casualties."

2012-11-05, 06:08 AM
Blackfist, Public announcement

"The Bureaucracy seems to misunderstand our terms. We negotiated them with the King, who ensured us that he had the power to decide such issues entirely on his own without consulting anyone else.
We have his promise that juries, not judges, will decide all cases, guilt and sentence. The justice will be back in the hands of the people.
If that is not the case, if that promise is changed, we will keep the prison. We will not have citizens, even criminals, thrown into the maw of the bureaucracy for processing. It's that simple."

2012-11-05, 06:12 AM
The Champions of Sovereignty

Public Statement:

"I said I would be willing to accept it. I did not say the bureaucracy would be willing to accept it. But we assumed you had spoken to the Ram, and agreed with them not to allow the bureaucracies influence. If the Ram has broken your trust, raise the issue with them."

2012-11-05, 06:39 AM
SGA to Ram/Gear’s Chosen & Bookbinder’s Guild [7]

''It has come to our attention, that you are planning to build printing equipment. This would unfortunately interfere with the Bookbinder’s Guild monopoly on printed word. Unless you receive permission from the Bookbinder’s Guild, SGA requests that you refrain from pursuing this course of action.''


Mercantile Guild

I estimate value of Little Zanchar for you to be 16 [WEL]. This covers 10 Credit, leaving 6 [WEL]. I ask either payment this month or for you to guarantee my credit with the Exchange.

[I think 6 WEL is fair price.]
[I also request, that income from Little Zanchar this turn goes to me – I sort of already budgeted it in.]
[Just a note – Market Guard are my business partners. They aren’t a private army and you shouldn’t expect from them more than protecting the Little Zanchar.]

Peacocks [7]

''It appears somebody was stealing my Morphine. I’ve arranged for oversight over it [1 MOR], but I admit, I was mostly counting on my reputation to prevent thefts. Unfortunately it wasn't enough and what’s worse, a tainted batch of Morphine ended up being stolen. I don’t have the right resources for it, but would it be possible for you to locate those responsible and demonstrate, what happens, when one steals from Peacocks?''

''I’m working on several venues of expansion for business.''

''First, if you have interest, I can arrange for girls with good vocals or dancing ability, as well as class, to work in the Opera. It’s a good place to catch an eye of wealthy merchant or a nobleman. Their patronage can be most valuable.''

[Cue Moulin Rouge plot]

Second, I can arrange with Mercantile Guild to allow for unimpeded flow of supplies to our enterprises.

[Not certain where Peacocks get poppy seeds right now]

Third, an expansion in either Stocks or Blackgage Districts is possible – which one would you prefer?

''I’m also providing you with access to Prison Records from Gatehouse Prison. I’m certain, that you’ll be able to put that information to good use. I must say Blackfists have been most sincere in their apology over that earlier incident. Perhaps we can revive that project with the Football games?''

2012-11-05, 11:55 AM
Mercantile's Guild

Little Zancher:
its a shame most of my funds are tied up then. otherwise i wuld gladly pay up front...as it stands right now however, i think i willl speak to the Exchange on your behalf and pay later.

[of course you can keep the incomes from this turn...they probably wouldnt be of any use to me this turn anyways]

[i assure you, i know the Market Guard is not my personal army. sounds to me like our relationship will be somewhat like what i have going with the Hosts-watch responsible for protecting the Travelers Quarter.]

[you looking for a loan from the Exchange?]

2012-11-06, 02:06 AM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)


Calm down. Juries will be deciding both the guiltiness, and punishment of anyone convicted of the crime. The judge will be there to provide advice, if asked for, and to suggest appropriate punishments based off of past cases. Neither will be enforced unless the jury decides upon it. If this is unacceptable, then convince the EBSA not to attack, and we will keep your and James' agreement.


The jury process may be skipped, IF the criminal pleads guilty and requests to skip the process. He has the right to wave his rights, if you will. Other than that, judges will take a mostly advisory role, informing juries of precedent relevant to the case at hand. While it takes years to master the law, I doubt it takes a long to get a brief course on a single case.


so, what now? I don't want to have to take on the SGA and their cronies just for a newspaper. Do you and the fist have a plan for this?


Dammit James, your creating a "democracy" where 2/3 of the government isn't elected! You claim your compromising, when your just finding new ways to keep the nobles and the rich in charge! Either admit your creating a monarchy and no more willing to compromise than myself, or actually let the people have a say in the government. All I'm asking is for a share of the power. How can I compromise my position further without going back to having no power like I did before this mess. You ask for all the power, giving you endless room to compromise, yet give only token change. Your giving away baubles, while keeping the true treasures for yourself.

That being said, what if the three houses are kept, are voted in by the public, but your only eligible for office if you are a noble, or have donated some ungodly sum of money to the government? The people get to pick which of your cronies get in the government, which means they have to at least pretend to care in order to get elected, but you'll still keep most of your power? It'd be a start, at least.

2012-11-06, 06:50 AM
The Champions of Sovereignty

To the Council:
"If we're going to give the people power that way, then we don't need the house of commons. Just the house of nobles and merchants will suffice."

"We would also need a way to stop the merchants or nobility from consorting with each other. If there are only five positions in the house of merchants, and only five merchants nominate themselves, the people would have to accept them."

2012-11-06, 01:29 PM
Ram Revolution


The House of Commons is so the people can have a DIRECT influence on their government. As for the problem of the nobles and merchants consorting with one another, when have the entirety of the nobles been able to agree on the 5 of them that are the most important? the same question can be asked for the merchants. Look at all the trouble your going to to keep all their power intact. Are they really going to give up their one way to get true power again, even to another noble? Though if it is that worrisome, we could invest in the house of commons the power to have a vote of no confidence, kicking out an officeholder whom a 3/4 majority of the common house feels is not fit for government, and barring him from running during the next election, as well as the election to find his replacement.

2012-11-06, 02:09 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Council:
"I'll accept a reshuffling of the popular power, but simply increasing it? You're not in a position to bargain for that."

"The noble house is supported by six factions of the city. The merchant house is supported by six factions of the city. The house of commons is supported by one, you."

"Frankly, giving equal power to the house of commons is an extravagant gift. That you do not accept it I can not understand"

2012-11-06, 03:40 PM
Ambassadorial Guard to SGA (PM)

Elsinier Ambassador

Ah, yes. I remember that one. He was the last true ambassador we had here, and I'm not too sure what became of him. Mr. Hael Redreuq--I hope I'm pronouncing that right, I was terribly embarrassed to have gotten it wrong a few times when he was still in the city. He vanished one day, and Desoui ordered the embassy shuttered, and that was the last I heard of him. Charming fellow, though a bit dour. Ice elf, you know.

Militia of Order and Justice to Doctor Vassari (7)

That is a goal that the Militia wholeheartedly supports. We could certainly construct such anti-theft wards for such a purpose.

Gregoria to Champions of Sovereignty (PM)

General Rhodarmer

"Thank you for your patience, Mister...or, ah, Lord? My apologies, I'm not sure what your title is. Lord Ambrose seems appropriate. The response from the orcs has been, so far as I can tell, positive--the reactions of the important individuals, at any rate. There is a small faction that has reacted to the whole mess by hating humans in general, but I think I managed to frame your message in such a way as to appeal to the more moderate members of the uprising." The General chuckled. "Your arrival here has really been a godsend, you know. I'm not entirely sure that your masters will end up feeling the same, but that will, in the end, be their problem rather than mine."

He hands Ambrose a letter, written in the precise, clear hand of someone who is painstakingly making sure that they don't give even the slightest impression of illiteracy.

Orc Uprising

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your message to our people. We are not entirely happy with the idea of kings at the moment, for reasons that should be obvious, but reading kind words is always a pleasure, even if these particular ones may have passed through the hands of and been edited by the good General. He is using you as a tool to push for reconciliation and displacement, as I am sure you are aware, but he has good intentions and desires the end of this war as much as I do. I must admire the man, at least, for coming up with a solution that looks like victory to both sides.

We will be seeing each other in person soon enough, I think.

Yours sincerely,
Brigwa Stonecutter

UAL to SGA/Mercantile's Guild (PM)

Aye, we could do that, boss. Might even say that's what we're best at, yeah? You want miners, we can get you some miners.

Ragnar Lodbroke (PM)

Your statements about the Heladuits and the Lauriers are accurate, though the Heladuits certainly like to present themselves as nobility.

Bookbinder's Guild to SGA (PM)

This is very, very disturbing news. An industrial-scale press owned and operated by three of the most revolutionary factions in Sav Altulas could set Runner's City aflame within the month with uncontrolled and poorly-planned rhetoric. We must act quickly.

Peacocks to Doctor Vassari (7)

A good reputation is nice to have, but we find that coin sometimes weighs more. And there is a lot of coin in morphine and other such drugs, Doctor. We'll see what we can do, but we are perhaps more inclined to see such leakage from your supply as the natural order of things than you are.

Your proposal for the opera has excellent merit, I must say. The operation with the Mercantile's Guild, perhaps less so--we would rather not increase the supply of opium, as that would tend to cheapen our wares. Besides, we already have some friends in the mountains who deliver product of known quality to our doors.

As for expansion, I can see merits to either one. Stacks has the Traveler's Quarter, where business would be brisk indeed, while Blacksgage has the University, which is soon to have students trapped in its dark and musty halls. Both are enticing opportunities, though the more immediate one would be the Quarter, as I do not believe the University has opened its doors quite yet.

2012-11-06, 04:49 PM
Ram Revolution


You tell me to compromise, then admit that your giving up nothing as well. You are nothing more than a hypocrite. How do you expect the reshuffling of power to change things, if it doesn't increase public power? We have no power as it is, there is no place to go but up. You will "reshuffle" our power until we are back to where we started, downtrodden and oppressed.

I am willing to compromise and give you two houses of three where the popular people cannot be elected, and this is not enough for you? You would be king, your cronies will control the government, all I ask is that you let the people chose which cronies. I've given you as much as I can without going back to what we started with under the sorceress. Now it is your turn to compromise, you arrogant *******. For one in the history of monarchy, be willing to do yourself what you tell others to do.

2012-11-06, 04:58 PM
Blackfist to the Ram [8]

See? We never talked much to James, I must admit, but then, there was never much sense in that. He doesn't want the population to have any say in the government. At least not to a degree that makes a change. He wants your support, without having to buy it, because currently the support of nobles and merchants means more to him.

Face it. We and our allies are on our own, whether we like it (and each other) or not.

2012-11-06, 05:08 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty

To Gregoria [PM]
General Rhodarmer:

"Sir will suffice, I haven't earned anything greater. Thank you for the letter, it is good to hear their are reasonable parties on both sides. I hope you can find a resolution to this conflict that satisfies both sides. I will offer what aid I can."

"Is there to be a meeting between the sides of the conflict any-time soon? If I may, I would attend. I'd like the chance to speak to everyone in person."

Orc Uprising:

Dear Brigwa Stonecutter,

"Thank you for your response. I of course understand your reluctance, your people have gone through hardships a thousand times worse then any man should endure. Hopefully I might prove to you in the years to come, that it is people that ruin a land, or make it great, not the system by which the land governs itself."

"I know little about the complexities of this conflict, and my lord does not wish to put any pressure on your negotiations with the humans. He would merely provide aid, for whatever decision you make. If migration of your people is necessary, we would gladly help you carve out a portion of the shattered lands for yourself"

2012-11-06, 07:41 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)


I know, James can be a bit of a ass. I have hopes that not all the nobles are willing to go to war just to keep their monopoly. You never answered if I was able to negotiate slight changes in your system for the prison, by the way. The details can be found in my previous message to you. Considering how vocal you are about things you dislike, I'm inclined to take your silence as an OK.

2012-11-06, 07:49 PM
Blackfist to the Ram [8]

Small changes, yes. But we still want the jury to decide the sentence. Part of this proposal to the king was to create division between him and the EBSA when he accepted.

2012-11-06, 07:54 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)


understandable. Had you told us before hand, we would have refused to cooperate from the start. I will ensure that the jury decides the sentencing and guilt.

2012-11-06, 09:04 PM
Sausage Guild
Def Esp 6

Shattered Lands
Unfortunately we do not feel that we can contribute anything to patrolling the Shattered Lands this month. Most of our Ansigaris division is committed to patrolling the Gilded District. The rest we had allocated for the Under City expedition, especially if a mine is planned. And we would also prefer to keep our guards on hand in case this threat to the Bookbinder's Guild escalates.

Shadow Web
We can contribute (4 Esp) to the sweeping of the SGA's assets. We would propose first securing the Commerce House then sweeping Gilded as their are known foreign agents there, then moving through the rest of the SGA's territories.

We also have a proposal for this Shadow Web. It is not particularly common knowledge, but the Conductor in his tower manages to track all financial affairs through the city simply by analyzing what happens in his neighborhood. We have confirmed that he is even capable of locating distinct acts of forgery that would otherwise go unnoticed. We believe this proves that careful analysis of information can reveal much. Even beyond what agents in the field can overhear. And as merchants we of the SGA are much more capable at analysis than anyone else. So we propose that the Shadow Web, rather than being a physical network of agents, incorporates an information analyzing organization which can track the movements of the city from the scraps of information that most would consider useless and uninformative.

To the Mercantile Guild
You have 10 Esp? We wonder if you would be willing to something for us. Nothing overt, but as we mentioned above we are interested in knowing what goes on in the city. Even scraps of otherwise mundane information can prove valuable when taken as a whole. As such we have taken a contract with the Blackfist. We provide Runner's City with food at cut rates and in return they provide us with their take of information. However they are somewhat unreliable, and what's more have less than 10 Esp, at least that they are willing to allow us to know about. So if possible we would like to transfer our contract to you. Of course changing the discounted sausages to something more suitable to your business.

Emerald Mine
We are willing to offer the other [3 Econ], but we note that there are more things than just Emeralds down there. Things which could quite frankly be described as horrors of the deep. We are quite confident of our ability to deal with any horrors, but note that doing so will preclude most of our other SGA involvement, besides the Shadow Web.

(If I'm going to be fighting literal Lovecraftian Horrors I need everything down there in the tunnels. Zemalac will my new diggers provide any bonus here?)

Archeological Dig
Knowing the danger are the other members of the dig still interested in going? We are after all going to be clearing out those tunnels anyway for the mine.

Blackpowder Weaponry
We are willing to fund this up to [4 Econ] now. Possibly more depending on how fast these weapons can be put into production. We are most anxious to better equip our forces in the tunnels. However we believe that using domestic mages for this matter is much better than relying on foreign agents. After all there is a far cry between providing technicians for limited maintenance and providing enough mages to actually produce weapons. One of those is a sound business strategy which increases reliance on you, the other lessens it and may in fact introduce competitors to your own field.

(Have I mentioned that my EoT has made me really nervous yet. Also I thought that the technists already have weapons to reverse engineer. They were just limited on production.)

Stat Cap OOC
I can increase stat caps by neighborhood. I have no idea how to bring this up IC.

He is refusing to talk to us beyond the letter saying that he is refusing to talk.

Bookbinder's Guild's Rights Infringement
A serious matter indeed. Have the Gears and Ram responded yet?

To the Exchange
There is no need to rush production. We simply wondered if you required any assistance.

To the Gear's Chosen
We are not in a hurry, but we would prefer not to pay that far in advance of actual construction. For one thing we have yet to see any actual evidence that this power would be of use to us. We will wait and contact you again next month.

To the Ram Revolution
That is perfectly acceptable and was in fact our original plan. However certain efforts require the attention of our engineers and diggers elsewhere and we now expect a slower expansion than we had anticipated when we first contacted you. We doubt that our Metro will reach you this month, but we will contact you again once we are ready to extend it through Runner's City.

To the Champions of Sovereignty
We tentatively accept your invitation to the House of Merchants. However things have come up which make it possible that we will not be able to attend any House meeting this month.

2012-11-06, 09:29 PM

Gentlemen, mind your tongues! While entertaining, nothing is less beneficial to efficiency than a profanity contest.

Grimsage Matt
2012-11-06, 09:35 PM
To the SGA[PM]
So, theres bad stuff under the city eh? Well, we'll make guns. And we'll send our guards down there soon.
OOC; I only have 4 MIL, and I'm kinda defence oriented. So, we'll fortify the tunnels.

Small change to me EoT. The Econ that would be using the Blasting powder is instead fortifying the joint. From what Arcane says, we need some serious defences down there.

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-06, 10:12 PM
"I must say I aprove what you said, Lord Founder.

May we meet in private before the Council Meeting? I feel that we nobles have to arrange some private situations.

Madame Beteoui."

"I'll be honest with the different Houses of the SGA: I'm surprised you prefer the Merchant's Chamber (Where you only get to decide taxes so far) to the place you would have in the Commoner's Chamber (Definitely the first force, you would probably get more votes than the Ram) and the Noble's Chamber (Second or third force but with no trouble to gain support for anything you needed).

I can't help but to think that the strategy of gaining your own chamber only to have the power of paying low taxes is a bit narrowsighted.

If you postulated representatives from your districts to the Commoner's (And they would win, in your districts at least), and supported the Merchant families that have noble ties to send representatives into the House of Nobles; you would have a valuable place to decide everything that comes and goes in the city.

And that's beyond taxes... Think of the foreign trade oportunities; of the economic reliefs should you need them; the possibility to further support industry; the control you would have on the work policies, the possibility of creating laws that further punish copyright infringement and Guild rights....

I believe that it lies in your best interest to support a two chamber sistem like the one I'm proposing, with you in both sides of the power.
I am open to suggestions; however.

If you think I'm wrong, I'd like to know the reasons to improve my proposal; including the Merchant's Chamber as a separate part of the government should I be convinced of its value.

Respectfully, Lord Henry Wallen"

To Doctor Vassari
Doctor; may I be so bold as to inquire your opinion in the latest Council discussions?

I believe it would be best to the city if they could stop expressing their emotins for a second.

2012-11-06, 10:17 PM
Mercantile's Guild

Shattered Lands
i believe we should have enough forces to maintain the forts this month even without our support. most of the potential bandits and raiders will likely be busy with the Wardens

Blackpowder Weapons
put your wealth towards something else...i just decided to pay the entire price up front myself, so i wont need your funds. i probably should have done this several turns ago but better late than never i suppose...

i would be open to that, but you will have my support either way.

[i just marked in EoT that i will help with the Shadow-Web. very general so my ESP helps no matter what...]

Sausage Guild
[yeah, that merger with UAL really helped...]

hmm...aye, i suppose we can help with that...

[the way i understood your deal with blackfists is you just use my ESP in terms of reading others messages. that correct]

Bookbinders Guild
no, they have not responded yet...however, the Rams have already expressed their desire to not get involved in a feud with us over such a trivial matter.

2012-11-07, 12:50 AM
Gear's Chosen (8)

I'm sorry, I was unaware that the monopoly extend outside of the guilds themselves. Are we likewise prohibited from attempting to treat our wounded, from the Incarnation of new designs, or from working fine metals? If so, I'm afraid that we must respectfully decline to recognize your authority, and if not then why the inconsistency?

Gearfist (PM)

Well, that's certainly a bit more of a response then expected. Shall we continue our efforts and try to exact some concessions, or just give up on the enterprise? I must warn you that such as construction will be pretty much impossible to keep secret, at least to those who know what to look for.

Also, just in terms of what messages I can see, you espionage is now 12, correct?

Technists Guild
So, any response?

Sausage Guild
Ah, unfortunate. If you can tell us what sort of uses you might have for it, we could perhaps do some research for you?

Grimsage Matt
2012-11-07, 12:59 AM
Technists to Gears

We're currently doing Insulator research, but what do you want us to look into?

2012-11-07, 01:09 AM
To Technists Um, did you see my last post? number..27?

Although at this point I would instead settle for keeping sausage guild enforcers from collapsing Factories South and leaving my work in peace :smalltongue:

And of course, joint work on industrial potential for electricity.

To Champions of Sovereignty
Greetings. Both as a representative of the Gear's Chosen and the various faiths and temples of the Mendicant's Fields, may I ask what position exactly institutions of faith would have in your proposed government?

2012-11-07, 05:21 AM

Ambassadorial Guard

At this point, we will limit ourselves to uncovering the Andouir’s Scheme. We require your expertise and knowledge of Ambassadorial Row and assistance of any agents and informants [ESP] you have.

Espionage Spending

A. Secure Commerce Hall & establish protection for SGA Records Trait [ESP + MIL]
B. Uncover the Andouir’s Scheme [ESP + certain Trait]

[So… MG: 10 ESP, Silver: 4 ESP, Sausage: 4 ESP, BH: 4 ESP = 22 ESP? A: 8, B: 14 or A: 10, B: 12?]

[It would be better if at least 1 MIL is protecting Commerce Hall… Trust me. If all your MIL is away, bad things can happen. Ansigiries?]

Sausage Guild Proposal:

The analyzing of information method would require MOR action to organize information collection, organization and analysis. Commerce Hall Trait should help, since it provides for a place where all records would be stored.

Merchant’s Guild: Traitor’s Bridge Traffic, records on Diplomatic Missions
Medico Guild: Patient Records
Silversmith & Heladuit: (?, though Patron of Arts with new Opera may help…)
Sausage Guild: (?, people using tunnels & meat orders?)
Technist Guild: (?, organize aerial surveillance?)

Sausage Economy

''You can put it into making rations to keep our forts supplied, if you know how to preserve meat long-term. Or into Archaeological Mission.''

Archaeological Mission

''I assume, we’ll be digging in places with less monsters and more books. [Library Trait is 90% done].''

''Also, if possible can you provide specimens of the creatures, you’ve encountered below for Daimot University. I won’t ask for live specimen, though one would be perfect, but even dead ones could give us great insight in the workings of their organisms.''

[My MAG is all spent, but if you want to study them, my Traits can help.]

Increasing Stat Caps

I figure it’s not that hard. I just have like 4 free stat caps, even with transfer of Little Zanchar, so I don’t bother.

Exchange/Mercantile Guild [4]

I’d like to take a loan of 6 [WEL]. You can check with Mercantile Guild, they’ll back this loan.

Peacocks [7]

''You are right. As long as these thefts don’t grow excessive, they can be overlooked.''

''I’ll make arrangements about the Opera.''

''As for Mercantile Guild. I admit I haven’t been paying attention to the underworld goings. Do you have competition, whose supply we should cut?''

SGA/Lord Wallen [PM]

''This assumes we won’t try to dominate Commoner’s Chamber as well. Which I believe would make sense to do. We’ll have guaranteed seats in the House of Merchants, and as you’ve said – people in our Districts will vote as we tell them, electing our men to House of Commoners.''

''Well, we can always put the issue to vote.''

Lord Wallen [7]

It’s a power struggle. Which I would say, I prefer to fight in the streets.

SGA & ESBA to Gears’s Chosen [7]

''You mean to say, you’ve been violating the Bloodhaven’s monopoly on practice of medicine as well? I’ve went to a considerable effort to rid the city of the Quack Doctors, with their bloodletting, leeches and counting birthmarks. I suggest, that you get your ''medicine men'' to take a medical certification test at the nearest ESBA office as soon as possible.''

''As for working on fine metals, as long as it’s not a commercial enterprise, you don’t need to register with SGA.''

Blackspell Watch [5]

''The Opera should go smoothly. That creature, that you sighted - does it look like a problem? Anyway, I expect a good security in the Opera House and would like you to make a sweep of the building, before the performance, just in case. If everything goes well, you can expect fatter purse, when your salaries come this month.''

[Opera performance is this month?]

Zemalac [PM]

Mr. Hael Redreuq: check in the Prison Records.

Who is Orsag (some sort of Deity?)

A Cold Morning

''I suspect it could be done as a favour to another nation, but that’s just a speculation. The man’s name is Andouir.''

Vasari paused, waiting to see, if Wren recognized the name.

''You should have met, his representative. A woman, I believe. I don’t know, if you’ve exchanged words with her, though the fact that she attended that event, while Andouir now refuses any attempts at communication are telling. I suspect, that she has informed him, that the city lacked proper government to interfere with his operations.''

''There’s been disturbances in the Gilded. I suspect their aim was to sabotage trade, though again, that’s speculation. I’ll give you full report on those.''

2012-11-07, 05:44 AM
Gearfist [PM]

I say continue. The entire idea of monopolies is silly.

And we do indeed have 12 espionage.

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-07, 05:49 AM
The Order of the Wren

To Blackfist, Ram [PM]
"Well , gentlemen. Given the current situation, I would like to make the proposed move, splitting the SGA and the Wardens this month. However, due to the sensitivity of such an operation, I won't move unless I have your support. This sort of operation cannot be allowed to fail."

"I trust you both will support me in sowing dissent between the Sausage Guild and Wardens?"

2012-11-07, 05:58 AM
Gearfist [PM]

"Absolutely. However, we won't be able to use our full resources for this, as we also must hunt certain criminals and prepare the anti-ESBA measures.

2012-11-07, 07:36 AM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Gear's Chosen
"You said yourself your church did not want a position in the government. Has this changed?"

"My current government plan has room for a house of commons, granting executive power to an elected body of city representatives. As an organisation of significant clout, I'm sure you would have no problem getting your followers elected into this body, if you so desired."

"I however, have a bit of trepidation regarding this House. Namely, few people in this city seem to think it is a good idea. I do not want to include it if it merely complicates things. Would this house be to your satisfaction?"

To House Wallen:
"It seems your 'house of commons' does not have the support you thought it would. I still hold it would weaken the government if introduced, but I was willing to take that loss if it helped form a united government."

"It does not seem to be achieving that. Tell me why the House of Lords, and House of Merchants would not suffice on their own?"

To the Council:
"Constantine, you represent 5% of the cities people. Your position warrants I offer you six times less power then that which I offer the merchants."

"I am not doing that. I am offering you equal power to both the house of Merchants, and the House of Lords. Why?"

"I certainly don't need your approval. A new government can be formed without. It would be stable and stronger than most."

"But it would not be the best it could be. It would not be supported by everyone. I want your support Constantine, and you've shown you're not willing to accept a proportionate amount of power, so I'm offering you more."

"A House of Commons with equal power to both the House of Lords and House of Merchants. Equal power, just to satisfy you. Why must you still refuse it?"

2012-11-07, 09:15 AM
Ram Revolution

Sausage Guild

That's fine. Simply give us warning before you start boring into our territory.

Fist/Wren (PM)

I'm for it. Taking away some of James' supporters might get him to stop being a pretentious twit in the council. How are you planning on going about it?


Why do I not accept it? because it will mean next to nothing. Were the merchants and nobles as opposed in their thinking as they are to the commoners, it would work. As it is now, however, both answer to YOU. You can control 2/3 of the government, which makes your plan no more than a sham of a democracy, especially when you consider that neither house actually has elected members.

I am not asking for all that power for my 5% of Sav Altulas. I'm asking that power for the 90% of the city that is disenfranchised, whether they live in The Pits, The Factories, Downline, The Sky District, or wherever else someone is who right now has NO SAY in their government. The people who had the terrible misfortune to have the last name Smith instead of Wallen, who only have enough money to feed their family, rather than enough to buy a mansion and pay for entrance to the Merchant house. Those people outnumber you and your cronies James, even if you don't realize it yet. If you continue to try to promise change and give nothing in actuality, they'll prove it to you, even if I try to stop them. You cannot oppress a people forever.

I'm not even asking you to let these people control the government, just to pick who does. Your cronies are in charge still. All the people want is to choose which ones. You ask for a compromise, and this is it: I want the people to be able to elect everyone, you want a government of non-elected nobles. Why can we not compromise on elected nobles? The house of commons will do little more than write laws with the other two houses arranged against it, you know this. Give the people some form of real say in their government James. Prove to them your a king worth following, rather than just some kid from Runner's City who's forgotten his roots.

2012-11-07, 09:27 AM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Council
"You are conflating democracy, with the well-being of the populace."

"No man in this city has done more to help the people than I have. As King, my first priority would be the people. I would feed the hungry, provide houses for the homeless, jobs for the unemployed. Free health care for everyone, Free education for everyone, fair courts for everyone."

"The people want these things. They do not want democracy, I am only offering it for your sake."

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-07, 09:32 AM
The Order of the Wren

To Blackfist/Ram [PM]
"It is simple enough. The Wardens have indicated to me that they dearly wish revenge upon the Sausage Guild for their attack and the loss of territory that came with it. If it were to appear that the Sausage Guild was suppressing anyone in Pepperstoch who once or currently supports the Wardens... they would be outraged."

"Indeed, we may even be able to incite riots against the Guilds men. The stronger reason we can give for the Wardens war, the better. When war breaks out, the King must choose his allies. I believe he will choose neither side, but whatever he does, his position is weakened. Additionally, I believe that if we offer to support the Wardens, they can be brought to our side. They have been dissatisfied with the King since he halted their war with the Mercantile Guild."

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-07, 10:11 AM
To the Champions of Sovereignity
That seems like it, your Majesty, for two reasons. One, I originally designed the traders and peasants to be together in that chamber.
Actually the traders wish to do a double: Taking the Trade Hall and having representatives in the Commons as well as in the Noble's.

And the second reason: The commoner's seem small because because the people of many neighbourhoods in town have no representatives in the current government.

I'll make you a quick list:

- Blackfist neighbourhoods: Fat tippest Factories North, Dockside.
- Wren neighbourhoods: All God's Hollow, Lack's Own, Tragic Court, Castaways.
- Gears neighbourhoods: Factories south Mendicant's Fields, Icy Mont Old Jack's Run.

Of course that was caused by the factions controlling those neighbourhoods who refuse to negotiate.

And I would have to list Doctor Vassari's neighbourhoods, who despite having high representation in the Trade Hall, would have a right to send representatives to the Commons.

Further more, the Militia if Order and Justice territory; the Warden's territory; and Your own territory.

Of course I believe that the Peasants in Guild or Noble controlled territory should have a right to send representatives.

They currently have no voice, so they are not listened to.

And that should give some hindsight as to why I want that Hall so much: If we create a government where the commoners have a voice (A real one, as small as that may be), we will break the spirit of the Wren and the Blackfist's revolutionary movements and give their people something to rally to.
The people want free education, and free healthcare as you said. Some of them want a say in how things are done.

Your Majesty; I will be blunt. We will have to go to war with the Blackfist and the Wren someday.
It will be better for us if we are the head of a bigger government that appeals to all of the City's social classes.

Some of the proposals presented here are, some aren't.

I have a new proposal that I will send to the Council in short time.

2012-11-07, 10:25 AM

If I may just bring your attention to the historical precedent, which you seem to be ignoring, no democracy has ever succeeded. People would be more inclined to believe that the populus is qualified to govern if there was any evidence for the fact at all. There simply is not. I can name a dozen cases in which some revolutionary set up a 'democracy,' and every time, whomever was chosen to lead has become a dictator because they did not know how to handle power.

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-07, 10:35 AM
OOC: Nyrt your lack of response to my last message... Was it deliberate?

To Council
Lord Founder is; well.... Right. Full democracy is too unstable to work.
That doesn't mean that the traditional way of ruling has no problems. We should aspire to more here.

I will say however, that despite some things that it would have been better to leave unsaid, I believe I have a compromising proposal that will make averyone unhappy. And that is the whole purpose of this isn't it?

I'll give what Richter is proposing some credit. Why not make some seats permanent some elective?

The King would be... The King of course. Head of the Executive, with power to name Ministers and so on.

Then two or three Halls... Depending on the will of the people.

We could have 15 fixed seats in the Noble's (For the Old Families) and 50 elected seats.

Then 15 fixed seats in the Commercial and 50 elected seats.

We add 30 Commoner seats there that can be occupied by anyone in the city, noble or peasant alike; except for people who are already occupying a seat in other Hall.

I'd give the Commercial Hall more power; by letting them prepare all economical Laws.

The Commoners could have the power to create laws in social matters.

In criminal or political matters they would act together.

All laws would pass through Noble's for review and aproval.

Let city-wide elections to decide who gets to go to those seats.
Constantine may be angry because he gets less seats than the rest; but after all; the people of the City would decide who gets the other ones.

And since the government will be formed by peple who actually know how to rule, it will be harder to corrupt it.

Finalliy, the EBSA should prepare a Commission of Experts to help the Halls observe and modify the Law, creating a new more comprehensible code adapted to our times.

2012-11-07, 10:43 AM
OOC: @Ragnarno, sorry. I've been really busy lately and have probably missed a few things. I'll take a look. Thanks for telling me.

[edit] Madame Betoui
I would love the oppertunity to speak to you in person.

2012-11-07, 12:38 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

City-Wide Healthcare:

The Champions propose a city-wide effort to raise money, to establish a Bloodhaven clinic in every district in the city, and train the necessary doctors to run them.

The Stacks, Lomb Circle, Spicers Circle, Gilded, Oldtown, Blacksage, Sky, Heavensgate, and the Smokeyards are still lacking clinics, and people are dying because of it.

To House Wallen [5]
"I have a few things to discuss with you in private. Commander Bran is at the SGA offices. I understand you have representation there. Would you be so kind as to go and talk with him?"

To the Shipwrights guild, Carriage houses, Hosts watch, and Drovers [5]
"Greetings. Are any of you able to contribute to the establishment of a bloodhaven clinic in the Stacks?"

To the Mercantile Guild [5]
"Do you have any spare funds to help with the establishment of a Bloodhaven clinic in the Stacks?

To the Bloodhaven [5]
"Greetings. Obviously I'm going to need to be collaborating with you quite a bit to get these clinics set up. Let's start with the basics. What do I need to know?

2012-11-07, 01:46 PM
The Gear's Chosen, the Wren, the Ram [PM]

"One more thing we should talk about. The King's government. I have a suggestion there. As we have all seen, for now, the chamber of elected commoners will have no power whatsoever.
We have one proposal for this. We sabotage that system. I propose the factions of Runner's City pool their resources (and the power of our press, when we have one) to get members of the Blackfist elected. We will promise that we will use those positions not to further our power, but to be as obnoxious and disruptive as possible."

To James:

"A good idea. We can provide [2 t.wealth[ for that. Our entire income for the month. We'll send ito Doctor Vasari. Along with the bodyguards [2 p.military] we gave the Doctor last turn and our other earlier donations, we hope that this will be an adequate contribution for now."

2012-11-07, 02:15 PM
Gear's Chosen (8)

Gearfist (PM) Very well, could you perhaps dedicate some of that to ensuring that there's no sabotage efforts on the Press? I'll do my best, but my spy network is kind of laughable.

Also, I think you may have meant to be talking to other people in those last two messages? I'm not in Runners City to start with.

SGA I'm sorry, I was unaware a license was required to give a man a splint if he broke his arm working at the factory. And the Celestial Network currently composes the largest amount of worked copper in the city, as we charge a fee for wiring it into people's homes.

Beyond which, if your guilds all hold monopoly's, surely we are horribly violating that of the Technists with every waking action? We are willing to compromise to ensure peace, but we're only going to recognize a groups monopoly if they have proven more competent in the field then we could hope to be, The Sausage Guild with regard to blood magic and such for example. Or Vasari's work with serious medical issues. But we are not going to recognize the Bookbinders' monopoly merely because they have held since antiquity and put pitiful bounties on any who violate it. If anything we'd put ourselves forward as a replacement.

Champions of Sovereignty I'll be frank with you, going on the reasonable assumption that you would rather not create a chamber of priests to represent the faiths of the City, I would like to petition for a pledge, preferably enforced by the Militia's Law Magic, that yo will not interfere with the autonomy and rituals of the city's legitimate faiths. And a list of what those are including ourselves and those we represent of course.

2012-11-07, 02:29 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Gear's Chosen [5]
"A few months ago the sausage guild confirmed the nature of my blood. It posses a unique magical signature, one which identifies me as a direct pure descendant of the ancient kings of Sav Altulas."

"This signature granted the ancient kings magical gifts that assisted them in leading their people, and was a symbol from the gods that these men had divine authority to rule."

"You don't worship those ancient gods. What do you think of it?"

2012-11-07, 02:31 PM
The Chosen [PM]

OOC: I'm just bad in geography. I meant you, the Wren and the Ram.

2012-11-07, 02:46 PM
Sausage Guild

To the Gear's Chosen and Champions of Sovereignty [5]
We apologize for this intrusion into a private conversation, but we would like to clarify that we have neither confirmed nor denied the origin of King Jame's blood properties. The sample was too small and our study time insufficient.

We can confirm that the blood has certain magical properties which make it's bearer more suitable for kingship, we will let King James decide if he wants to say what those are, but not where those properties came from.

We are willing to research this if necessary and if more samples are provided.

To Gear's Chosen
Unless you happen to have a large supply of shaper mages we doubt you can determine the compatibility of what we need. We have certain ideas, but they require experimentation with the raw lightning you would provide to verify. However if you can determine if it can be converted into pure magical power that would be helpful.

To Ram Revolution
If all goes well we will be near your districts by next month. We simply need to get through the Smokeyards first.

SGA/Lord Wallen
As Dr. Vassari says we never said that the inclusion of the Merchant House would mean that we would refrain from participating in the Commons House. We assume that the member of the SGA that are nobles will also be participating in the House of Lords. We simply wished to ensure that the area of taxes is subject to the group of people most knowledgeable as to what effect those taxes will have on the economy of Sav Altulas rather than those who have a smaller understanding of economics. Especially since taxes have habit of falling most heavily on the merchant guilds.

Blackpowder Weapons
(Enough to buy the weapons or enough to build the factories?) As long as we are able to outfit our guards with these new weapons we are willing to provide, or not provide, any necessary funding.

Mercantile Guild
Yes read messages that you can for [1 Econ/Turn]

Espionage Spending
(I vote for a 10 12 split)

(There will be mil in the area, I usually send a good sized patrol around Gilded every turn. It won't be specifically concentrated on the Commerce Hall though.)

Sausage Economy
We may not have been clear. Any extra funds we have available will be put towards the continued construction of our Metro.

Archaeological Mission
We cannot dig anywhere else until you tell us where you actually want us to dig.

We certainly plan to capture as many specimens as we can though.

Stat Caps
(I haven't hit my caps either, but I know how for those of us with less neighborhoods.)

Monopoly Issue
What are we going to do about the Gear's Chosen continued insistence on denying the Bookbinder's Monopoly?

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-07, 03:03 PM
A Cold Morning

The Wren pauses a moment after hearing the name. "Andouir? You have no other name?"

"Andouir is a noble house in the Kingdom. Many of the kingdoms knights come from that House. Loyal men. Famously so. They serve a Duke, who was named... " Another silence stretches.

"Agima. Duke Agima. Not a bad man, near as I remember. One of the few in the Chamber who actually wanted to do something. Strengthen Merdallan so it didn't fall to the Empire. There was talk of him making an attempt at kingship... But no chance of that after the most recent coup. I hear he has become much more conservative since that mess."

"If your man's an Andouir, I have no doubt he'll be in the Dukes service. Notoriously loyal, as I said. As to what motive he'd have for disrupting Sav Altulas... I do not know. "

2012-11-07, 03:24 PM
A Cold Morning

''Famously loyal? Desoui was clearly going senile. I can see how that assassin got to her.''

Vasari sighed. ''Well. She’s gone and we are left with the bucket. Worst case scenario, it could be part of a ploy to set Empire on us. By sacrificing Sav Altulus, Duke will give Merdallan breathing room. Well, Stormwings at our walls might or might not happen; hopefully it’s something more innocent. We need to learn what game Andouir is playing and see what should be done. I would prefer good relations with Merdallan, but pawns we must not be.''


''I’m currently working on attracting students to the Daimot Univercity, Faculty of Medicine. Hopefully with time we’ll have enough doctors to provide full coverage to the city.''

''I’m prepared to supply 4 [WEL], half of it King’s Tax, half my personal funds. I will continue to finance this project, as the funds become available to me.''

SGA & Bookbinders to Gears [7]

''Considering improperly treated broken hand can heal wrong and make that person a cripple for life, certainly you see the need for proper certification. It helps to maintain standards. What if somebody with less expertise then you did copper wiring with lightning and it caused fires or shocked people? This might turn people against the very idea of lightning wires and ruin your reputation.''

''I’ve thought that what you and Technist Guild were doing was different or they didn’t mind competition, as they haven’t brought any complaints against you.''

''Well, I see no indications that you can provide superior quality over the well-established and respected Bookbinder’s Guild. How do you intent to back your challenge?''

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-07, 03:33 PM
A Cold Morning

The Wren considers the idea. "Weakening Sav Altulas for Illarym attack? No. I can't see it. If he wanted the Empire to attack Sav Altulas, he would want us strong, to waste the Empires resources. Besides, in that situation he would also want strong trade relations between the Kingdom and the City. Such good relations would frustrate the Empire, and make Sav Altulas a tougher nut to crack."

"Still, the opposite is also unlikely. I don't think Merdallan could conquer Sav Altulas himself. I have no idea what he is playing at, if Agima does have a hand in this."

2012-11-07, 03:41 PM
Gear's Chosen

Champions of Sovereignty This does raise a question, what do you claim to be king of, exactly? Sav Atlus was not a city state in ancient times after all.

Anyway, we worship the Supreme Will, a transcendent presence who grants inspiration and revelation to correct the flaws in this world and enact its correct alignment. At the moment, we don't really consider the political arrangements of mortals to be that important compared to more physical and metaphysical things, but if you can more solid proof, who knows? Maybe your kingship is part of the Plan.

This, however, is rather different fro mthe question we asked.

Sausage Guild Well, we'll see what we can do.

Blackfist (PM) Fair enough then, if I can wring the concessions I want out of James right now, you're welcome to use our representation for yourself. Otherwise we'll need to maintain a voice for our core territories but you can have the rest.

SGA Yes, ourselves and the Technists Guild enjoy cordial relations, but we are both fundamentally in the business of progress and invention.

Efficiency? Scale? With the Celestial Network and a few other projects currently just being implemented, we can produce much more for the same investment in power and with much less manpower.

2012-11-07, 06:14 PM
Mercantile's Guild

King James
i agree with the need for Bloodhaven clinics in every district, but i simply dont have the available funds this month. next month however, i should be able to contribute a fair amount of wealth.

Blackpowder Weapons
To buy the weapons. i believe we are holding off on the factories this month so me/Technists can put more resources towards it....

Sausage Guild
sure, sounds good to me...just dont tell the Blackfists, your transferring the deal to me. i would rather not give them a reason to bring their ESP to bear on me...

Espionage spending
10 and 12 split should work. i will just put 5 towards both...will also have my trade and diplomatic records sent over.

Exchange/Dr. Vasiri
i will vouch for the good doctor.

2012-11-07, 08:17 PM
Zemalac (PM) Quick question, it's 6 wealth to build a industrial press suitable for the Blackfist's purposes, right? How well does it scale? That is, how close to rivaling the Bookbinders would I get with 10 Wealth/Morale, Van Ryan, and Undead Labour, as well as being in Factories South to take advantage of my location trait?

2012-11-07, 08:23 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9):

Fist/Wren (PM)

I see no reason why the plan to split the Wardens and SGA can't go ahead and start. I'm afraid my agents are all already on assignment this month, but I think I can find some people to assist next month, if you need them.


Sadly, my meager funds for the month have been allocated already. I would be willing to donate funds to your hospital building next month, however.


I can agree to such a proposal... If James is willing to compromise for once, as he has often accused me of being unable to do, we may have an arrangement the entire city can live with.

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-08, 08:45 AM
To the Champions of Sovereignity
Your Majesty:
1 - I'm paying back the loan I took to rebuild Dogma, so I have no money left to contribute. I can offer 3 Wealth for next turn.

2 - If it's a Military matter, Ser Wallenstein can go. He understands those matters better than me. I'd be a burden in such a talk

Madame Beteoui arrived at the Founder Manor, exactly at tea time.

"Lord Founder, I have been wanting to discuss certain matters of importance to us and the city.

How dependant do you think we should be on the King?"

OOC: Sorry to ask, but what is Lord Founder's first name? I figure she would call him by that name, instead of "Lord Founder".

To Council
Well, what does the rest think?

2012-11-08, 09:01 AM
SGA/Bookbinders to Gears [7]

''Efficiency and scale are not proper grounds to challenge Bookbinder’s monopoly. It’s not like the current demand for the literature goes unsupplied. The main issue is the quality of the product. Books are the repositories of knowledge and culture. Now, Bookbinder’s Guild has standards and quality, honed over generations. Can your men tell a good book from bad? Because if you expose city to a deluge of subpar books, riddled with typos, bad grammar and poorly worded rhetoric… Why the standard of culture would go down, words would lose their meaning, foolish ideas would mix with wise, until one couldn't tell them apart. We’ll soon have savagery, panic and riots on the streets. Books are serious business. You must see, why we feel such pressure to maintain monopoly, as civilization itself is at stake here.''

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-08, 09:17 AM
The Order of the Wren

To Blackfist/Ram [PM]
"That depends how much the Blackfist are prepared to contribute. We can't risk failure on an operation like this. It could destroy us."

2012-11-08, 09:23 AM
Blackfist to Ram/Wren [PM]

"Our military will be unoccupied, but probably be of little help here. All of the Fingers are available, of course. And we can use at least half of our manpower and espioange [6 esp, 4 morale?]

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-08, 09:40 AM
The Order of the Wren

To Blackfist/Ram [PM]
I can contribute many of my spies to this. (10 ESP) Every small contribution counts, however. The difference between success and failure may be a knifes edge.

2012-11-08, 10:14 AM
The Champions of Sovereignty

To Council:
"I will not accept this proposal."

""A house of commons was my compromise. I was willing to accept that utterly unnecessary weakening of the state to satisfy the Ram. This is too much."

"That weakness would be significantly reduced, if the irrationality of the populace could be limited. Requiring all voters to be educated in politics would be a good first step."

To House Wallen: [PM]
Commander Bran is waiting outside the SGA Halls, sitting on the base of an old worn-down statue.

As Ser Wallenstein approaches, he turns and hails him, dropping down to stand beside the man.

"Glad you could make it."

Bran takes a final look around, making sure there was no-one within earshot.

"I'll get straight to the point. The Ram and I may be able to find a compromise, but it will be a sham. Neither of us are actually willing to accept it, it is merely a delaying tactic."

"The Ram will not stop until they have complete democracy. Themselves, the Blackfist, Wren, Gears Chosen. They will plot in the shadows, use their agents to turn us against each other. Weaken us to the point where they can eliminate us completely, or force us to accept their proposal."

"Ironically, if we are to instate a stable House of Commons, we must destroy the Ram Revolution. The Blackfist as well."

To the Gears Chosen
"While I do think religions should be free to practice, so long as they do not break the law, I must question the ramifications of legitimising a religion that works actively against my rule."

"You consort with the blackfist, direct enemies of order and stability, a threat to the well-being of the citizens of this city."

2012-11-08, 10:50 AM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)


Looking over my plans, I could defer part of them to next month, and supply 3 ESP and 1 MOR to help. I'm afraid that is the most that I can spare right now.


a proper political education? Says the boy from Runner's City? Tell me James, who was your tutor growing up? Who led you in your political education? Or have you not had a formal one, and are therefor unfit to rule?

Both of us made our original compromises, and we were still to far apart. Building a working government requires more than simply a single compromise James. If you had been properly educated, you'd know that. Now quit acting like a child and try to act like the king of a ruined city that you wish you were. It's not about what you want anymore, or what I want. It's what can get all the city to work together in peace. If your too stubborn to budge slightly for that, then you're no better than the Blackfists.

2012-11-08, 11:08 AM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Council:
"You did not address my point. The Government would provide free education for all citizens. All citizens would learn the basics. After this is complete all citizens would have the option of taking an in-depth study of politics."

"Any citizen that wants to influence the government could study this course for free. After it's completion they would be eligible to vote."

2012-11-08, 12:08 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)


Will they be eligible to vote after the basic course, or the intensive study? I would assume the basic course would give you everything you need to decide who to vote for, while the intensive study would be to prepare someone for running for office or other government jobs, but I could be wrong.

I would assume you plan to wrap this into any sort of childhood education that they city might offer? There would also need to be some sort of class for adults that they can take at night or other times of day, due to their needing to work a job.

If only a basic course is needed, you can take the class within... say 3 months in an adult education class, and it's incorporated into childhood education so that when your old enough to get a job and move out, your old enough to vote, I can agree to your voter requirements, if you agree to the revised government.

2012-11-08, 12:32 PM
Gear's Chosen (8)

To SGA And how does what you describe differ from what the city periodically descends into regardless? And are you really going to commit yourself to defending their rag of a newspaper as something full of well researched and calmly considered facts? And I can assure you that our Initiates and typists will be extremely precise and correct when it comes to the grammar of syntax of things.

To Champions of Sovereignty Consorting is a rather dramatic way of phrasing it. Like the Ram, they are helping to fund various exalted projects of my order, mostly centered around electrification. If anything we've stymied them in their ambitions to fully control the Underdocks.

2012-11-08, 12:36 PM

Free education? Certainly not at the university. I wouldn't have it government-funded either. Then it could simply be denied funding if it doesn't comply. A government-funded lower education is acceptable, but the board of education, not the government, must control the funds.

Perhaps we ought to keep our distance from him. He seems to be picking a fight with both the Ram and the Blackfists. Ooc: It's Bennet, Ben to those who know hom really well.

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-08, 01:25 PM
"That does sound reasonable, Bennet.
Surely we must make sure that the city gets throgh this crisis, right? Many of our members are already discussing about the future. Do you think that war is inevitable?

If a war was to happen, what would be your position?"

To the Champions of Sovereignity [PM]
"I understand, and agree. What should be the first step? We are far from the conflict zone, but can offer a good deal of agents starting [next turn].

Are we alone in this, or is anyone else our ally?

We could try to separate the Ram from the Blackfist."

2012-11-08, 02:46 PM

House Wallen [PM]
If it were to come to armed conflict, as my organisation does not command any significant military force apart from the guard organisation that patrolls the district, which would be difficult to bring away from their territory to fight in the nower city, I would be unable to provide militairy assistance. I would philisophically support James, as he has been a great help in the conflict in Blacksgage. I would not do anything that would endanger the university, however, as it is this city's premier center for education. As such, I would possibly be able to supply t.wel, esp, or maj, if absolutely necessisary, but I would not wish to bring the resources of the university to favor one side or another, as likely that would disenfranchise potential students. In any event, it comes down to the situation. I would not wish to support conflict between factions within the city, but I shall be prepared to defend myself and the university. I thank you for the warning, Madame, though I suspect your motives are political in nature, indeed when are motives ever not?

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-08, 03:08 PM
"My motives are indeed political. The current city Government will be divided by this conflict, and I am preparing to look for allies for those circumstances.

You haven't said much about my proposals in the Council; and perhaps you were wise in that regard, since it's hard that any of those proposals will come to happen without conflict.

I wish to propose a defensive alliance, as of now. We will defend each other should anything happen."

2012-11-08, 03:25 PM

House Wallen [PM]
"Indeed. I have tried to keep myself out of the argument between James and the Ram Revolution representative (Nice bit of illiteration there) except wherenecessisary. I don't wish to be seen as being a threat to them, as I do not control significant military force."

Founder removed a sleek red and gold feather from his pocket and began to wave it around while he talked.

"The alliance is a good plan, so long as neither of us deliberately provokes attack. As the combat should stay in the lower city, I don't believe this will be a significant problem, but in this situation it is better to be safe than sorry."

A small tongue of flame appeared at the tip of the feather, and Founder used it to light a cigar he had produced from somewhere on his person before quickly extinguishing it in his drink.

2012-11-08, 05:21 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To House Wallen [PM]
"Thank you for your understanding."

"Thank you also for the offer of your agents, but they are unnecessary. Plans are already in motion so that the Ram and Blackfist significantly weaken themselves over the next few months, without us having to act directly."

"Then we shall move in for the final blow."

"If you would support us, I merely ask that next month you publicly condemn the Wardens. Condemn their attack on the mercantile guild, their violent methods, their acceptance of questionable prison wardens, their continued lack of contributions to the city. Use whatever speech you feel necessary to convey that the nobility does not support them, without being too obvious."

"I'll do the same, then we can both go off into the shattered lands, and kill warlords for a few months."

To the Council:
"No. basic education would not provide the necessary knowledge and skill-set to vote rationally and constructively. It would need to be a longer course, perhaps a year, to ensure it covers every issue a voter might encounter during their life, and it would need to be something citizens opt-into. We do not want everyone voting, we only want those motivated and keen to contribute."

"If additional funds must be granted to the university, we would ensure they are put under the permanent control of the university rather than being supplied each season anew. Perhaps they could be granted official lands outside the city, from which to collect their finances."

2012-11-08, 06:05 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)


A years education? You mean that you want only the upper class voting - no one else has a year to dedicate to nothing but learning for a year. Unlike you and the nobles, James, most of the city works for a living. Besides, if all your doing is voting, you don't have to know every issue, you simply need to know how to find a representative that does - it is then THEIR job to vote on each particular issue. Joe Schmo off the street isn't going to be voting on each and every idea, he's going to be voting to put politician X or Y into office, and then trust THEM to vote for them. They simply need to be able to recognize what's wrong with the city and then listen to find out who can fix it to their liking. That doesn't take a year, that simply takes a brain to think and ears to listen. You are still trying to rig your government to appear to give the people a choice but keep power in your cronies hands. At least the Blackfists admit to your face that they want to burn the city down, instead of trying to convince us that really, their remodeling while they strike the match.

2012-11-08, 06:28 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Council:
"You are wrong. Basic education does not provide the necessary skills to vote rationally. Further education must be provided. Otherwise the system will be dominated by irrational voters, leading to weakness and instability."

2012-11-08, 07:13 PM

"Objection! We don't want to burn the city. If that was our goal, we would have done it. Our goal is much harder. We want to free the citizens and give them all equal rights.
And James, you should finally just admit that you don't want the people to vote at all. At least be honest once in your life, instead of fallling over your own feet in an attempt to please everyone equally, lying to them all to get their support no matter what, until you are in power and can leave lal those promises unfulfilled.
Look at this man, people. This boy. How he is running from house to house, promising all of you the world when he is fully aware that all those promises contradict each other. What makes you think that you will be the one he is honest to, the one whose bargains he will honour? If he can not keep all of his promises, what makes you think he will keep any of them?
Is such a man fit for any kind of office? He is false. Most likely he is a liar too, and if he isn't, then only because so far he could twist the truth without breaking it. Does such a man deserve any trust? Can he be called a leader? Is that your idea of a King, Sav Altulas?"

2012-11-08, 07:51 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)

Response to Blackfists:
The comment about burning the city was a metaphor - I didn't expect you to actually go around trying to set the city aflame. You simply state your goals outright, so that we know what to expect.


The blackfist are right James. Your pathetic policy of appeasement is going to get no where. You are striving for peace in your time - and failing at that - rather than peace in everyone's time, as you should be. Either stand up and fight for what you believe in and quit lying about it, or work to compromise. But stop claiming to do one, and trying to do the other. Frankly, I'm tired of it, and I'd be willing to bet the others are as well.

2012-11-08, 09:32 PM
Gregoria to Champions (PM)

General Rhodarmer

Something of the sort is being arranged, yes--or at least that is my dearest hope. However, I am afraid that your presence there might be inadvisable. Certain individuals of the uprising are sure to be present at the negotiations who might not take kindly to you. Specifically, I am thinking of the individual said to have killed King George himself. As much as I wish to see Deerblood's head roll for his regicide, his continued existence is regrettably necessary at the moment, as he personally saved the leader of the uprising from execution at the very beginning of it and is something of a symbol for them. I am not entirely sure how he would react to an emissary of another king being presented to him by his most hated enemy; whatever the case, I would rather not give him any excuse to react in any way other than to follow Stonecutter's lead.

However, if you wish to speak with Stonecutter personally, I think that may be arranged. Just not at a general assembly of our side and theirs, I beg of you.

The Exchange to Sausage Guild (6)

No assistance is required at the moment, thank you, unless you desire to have further input into the designs. Our men who run the Mint know their business well.

Ambassadorial Guard to SGA (PM)

"I will do what I can, sir," says the captain, bowing briefly to those assembled. "If I may, I will now take my leave."

Exchange to Mercantile's Guild, Doctor Vassari (4)

Dear Sirs of the Mercantile's Guild:

Doctor Vassari has requested the loan of [6 WEL], to be backed by the Guild. This will mean that you will be called upon if the Doctor stands unable to make repayment: do you understand and agree with this position? We understand that you have vouched for him, but we would like to make it clear in no uncertain terms what that means in this particular situation.

Peacocks to Doctor Vassari (7)

Weeeeellll...we have rather more literal ways of cutting off the supplies of competitors than you are thinking of, I believe. That aside, it is quite certain that a large faction of the nobility have their own personal suppliers, but we have in the past deemed it unnecessary to supplant them--the risk far outweighed the projected profits. Now that they are focusing on politics, however, we may look to reopen the issue.

Blackspell Watch to Doctor Vassari (7)

We aren't sure what it is, sir, so we can't say if it'll be a problem or not. We'll keep an eye out, though, to be sure.

Lascelles has been working like a madman, is all I know about the progress of the play. Some gentlemen from Sky stopped by to suggest that the premiere coincide with the opening of the University, which seems to have set him off.

Thelonius (PM)

Prison Records

M. Hael Redreuq
Race: Ice elf
Charge: Special
Distinguishing features: White hair, amber eyes. Scarred hands, as though from acid.
Consignment: Solitary, standard silver-warded cell. Special precautions are described below.
Ration: Normal.
LTTD: Normal.
Circumstantial: Guards checking on prisoner/cleaning cell must be deaf, and armed with pistols. No blades of any kind are to be allowed near the prisoner, from swords on down to penknives and arrowheads. Bullets are to be dipped in white ash before loading. Report any unusual activity to Thousand Voices before reporting to warden Exarn.

Orsag the Guardian

Orsag is the Shield God of the Risen Pantheon, worshiped in Merdallan, the Merchant's Water and partially in the Shattered Lands. The Imperial Mother Church of the Illarym Empire, in turn, consider him to be a king of demons.

Champions (PM)

The Carriage Houses, Shipwright's Guild, Host's Watch and Drovers all express interest, but they are working through the Mercantile's Guild these days and will abide by whatever the Guild decides.

puppyavenger (PM)

At that point, you'd have a little over half of the Bookbinder's capacity. However, that is more than they ever devote to one project, so you'd definitely be able to match or outpace their printing if you focused your efforts.

2012-11-08, 11:17 PM
Mercantile's Guild

to Exchange/Dr. Vasiri[4]
while the Guild does not believe such precautions are necessary, we will agree nonetheless.

2012-11-08, 11:48 PM
The Exchange to Mercantile's Guild/Vassari (4)

Normally, they are not: however, in this case the good Doctor was the first to suggest the measure, as otherwise we would have had to request time to arrange our finances first, to not only procure the sum for him but also to see to it that late or lack of repayment would not break our operations here. However, with a loan backed by a trusted party we are able to dispense with such precautions; in this case, we know perfectly well that your Guild is good for the money.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Doctor Vassari, you may expect the agreed sum to be along presently.

2012-11-09, 10:04 AM
Peacocks [7]

''ESGE is also focusing on the Daimot University. Some of their members have been rather involved in smuggling in their past, I believe and as such would have certain influence in that area. I think a generous donation to the Daimot University may convince them to be ''supportive''. I meet Lord Founder regularly during the Board of Education meetings, perhaps I can bring up a subject of how certain situation with recreational drugs can be better managed by people with experience.''

''Lord Wallen is thoroughly involved in politics. There is a planned meeting of the Provisional Council to establish Parliament for the city. I’m a member of the Council, so I’ll keep an eye on the opportunities there.''

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-09, 02:47 PM
To the Champions of Sovereignity [PM]
"Understood. I will keep most of my men in town for the next few months. Appaerntly the Threat of MU is not gone, and we must work against it.
My Master will speak publicly against the Wardens [Next month]"

To the ESGE [PM]
Madame Beteoui laughed.
"Oh, Benett, you always manage to do the most charming things! Would you please light one for me?"
(She took a cigarette out of her purse)
"It doesn't smell of tobacco. I prefer mine rose-scented. Imported directly from Verdan. Aren't they splendorous?"

"On the war matter, we will support the King as much as we can, without becoming targets ourselves. He IS fighting our enemies, after all.

We can speak in any moment you want. Even though we think differently about many things, we can help each other."

(She made a smoke ring)

"Isn't that so?"

2012-11-09, 09:14 PM

House Wallen
Indeed! And I must say those cigarettes have a most agreeable aroma. In the meantime, I have buisness to attend to. It is possible the situation may change, but if it does, you'll be among the first to know.

2012-11-11, 01:39 AM
Heladuit Court

D.Esp: 4


To Silversmiths:

Apologies, but understand that after your foray into Hobbespot, it was difficult to 100% trust you would follow through on your retreat from our land. It appears you took a number of our goblins with you, but we'll let that be. We are at peace, now.

OOC: So I had a paper due on Wednesday, finals week coming up, etc. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to this game. So.... in my EOT, I mostly just looked at the SGA projects and threw my resources at them. You're welcome.

2012-11-12, 09:14 PM
Turn 10 Results
March, 1033 DR

The Sav Altulas Standard
Filled With Delicious Cake

Sponsored by the Bookbinder's Guild


Internal leaks in the Technists Guild have been dealt with.

Rumor has it that the Guilds are mining emeralds deep beneath Gilded. Whatever the case, a lot of money, black powder and men have been going down into the earth, and the Silversmiths do seem to have more emeralds in their jewelery of late.

The Celestial Network, that strange lightning-capturing machine, has extended its wires into Pisser's Kingdom, Imperial Third and the Underdocks. New insulation provided by the Technists Guild has also made the system somewhat safer.

The Silversmith's Guild has been expanding its infrastructure.

The new opera house has had its first opera performed. Moidreph; A Tragedy of Stars, by Alscot Lascelles, tells the story of the archmage Adel Moidreph, the man who built Longspeak Tower and who died there when the Zancharians came calling. Notable highlights include Meridia Heladuit performing as a singing star and Moidreph's muse, elaborate costumes setting the stage for the next year of city fashion, and rumors of the Blackspell Watch chasing off demonic creatures in the shadows.

An SGA sponsored expedition to a set of nearby mines has resulted in less gain than expected.

SGA agents have performed a security sweep of the Commerce House. Rumors on whether or not they found any spies are contradictory.

The Mercantile's Guild, with SGA assistance, has completed a string of waystations and forts meant to protect caravans between the city and the Illarym Empire.

The markets of Little Zanchar are now owned and operated by the Mercantile's Guild.

The Shipwright’s Guild has held a vote of its members, the results of which has led the Guild to distance itself from the overarching structure of the Mercantile’s Guild. Shortly thereafter, a petition was sent to the Wardens requesting an expansion of patrols to their neighborhood, for the protection of Guild property and the populace at large.

Clockwork Swords have been spotted training in Factories South, under direction of a Laheim mercenary.

Towers have been raised over Factories South, with lightning flickering between them.

The Gear's Chosen have build a set of industrial presses almost large enough to rival those of the Bookbinder's Guild, who, as is their habit, immediately posted a bounty for their destruction. Appeals through EBSA and SGA channels are still ongoing, but in the meantime mercenaries are already gathering.

Patrols in Blackfist, Gear's Chosen and Wren territory have specific instructions to watch out for EBSA agents.

EBSA Greycloaks are a massive presence around their field offices this month, awaiting an attack that never comes.

A new collection of books assembled by the Church of Neposh, Bloodhaven, the Sausage Guild and the Esoteric Society of Gentlemen Explorers has been installed in Daimot University, just in time for the grand opening. This assembly of books includes Desoui's library and much of Lord Pontiss' personal collection.

Harvey Hashawk, the leader of the Church of Neposh, has been wounded by the Empty Blood Gang during an attempted assassination attempt in Annosus. Combined Militia of Order and Justice and Fist of Neposh forces have the gang on the run.

A new Bloodhaven Clinic has opened in the Stacks district, in the Traveler's Quarter.

The Peacocks are expanding their operations into Southside Black.

Riots in Pepperstoch after rumors of blood magic and Guild mistreatment of the citizenry have led to the Ansigaris losing control of the neighborhood. Rioters are prevented from entering Allscross in pursuit by the Conductor.

A band of Gregorian orcs has entered the city from across Traitor's Bridge, bringing news that the orcish uprising has left Gregoria and established itself in a formerly-ruined village near Sav Altulas, called Tregon.

A combined Warden and Champions force has routed the Stone Wolves, driving them from the area near the city.

The Wardens and the Champions are collaberating on the construction of a fortress to control nearby lumber yards.

The Order of the Wren is recruiting assassins.

The ground rumbles under Fat Tippest as the Sausage Guild metro expands.

The Ram Revolution has formed a permenant police force for areas under its control in Runner's City.

The Blackjack Boys are recruiting.

Orc scouts have been sighted near the city.

Rumor has it that the Empire recently made an attempt to test the defenses at Riven Pass, and were handily repulsed by the Winterborn Guard.


Secret Messages and Hidden Happenings

Wardens and Champions


Bookbinder's Guild to EBSA (15)

We would like to request your assistance in dealing with this blatant breach of Guild monopoly by the Gear's Chosen. They were warned ahead of time of what the consequences would be if they chose to pursue this route, and have gone ahead with it anyway: now they must answer to the Guild.

Bookbinder's Guild to SGA (PM)

We would like to request your assistance in dealing with this blatant breach of Guild monopoly by the Gear's Chosen. They were warned ahead of time of what the consequences would be if they chose to pursue this route, and have gone ahead with it anyway: now they must answer to the Guild.

Bookbinder's Guild to Gear's Chosen (8)

Good day, sir. This is your first and only notice that certain items and services owned and operated by your organization are in breach of a lawful monopoly of the Bookbinder's Guild. Should you be able to prove that you were unaware of the monopoly laws before construction of your press, and that you did not intend for the breaking of those laws to occur, we would be willing to purchase your press from you at cost: otherwise, I am afraid we very much have the right to seize it (as outlined in the Guild Unity Decision of 648, copies of which you may find in your local EBSA field office).


Bounty Board
All prices listed are in t.WEL unless otherwise stated, and will be paid out immediately upon confirmation by the bounty poster.

Elias DuKree: Red hair, close cut. Reddish-brown eyes. Scar on left cheek. Possibly a scar on right leg, depending on how the wound healed--might have a limp. Wanted dead. 4 from Lord Protector.

Unknown Raiders: Whoever stole the Imperial weapons meant for the Wardens from the caravan delivering them to the city.
2 from Imperial Trade Ministry

Blackfist Press
1 from Bookbinder's Guild

Unknown Murderer: Whoever killed the people found dead at the opening of the Wallen Wing at Bloodhaven Hospital last month.
4 from Doctor Vassari

Chosen Press
4 from Bookbinder's Guild

Turn 11 Begins
April, 1033 DR

2012-11-12, 09:43 PM
To SGA I apologize that our discussions were obviously somewhat incomplete when the Press was being Incarnated, but it was unavoidable.

Regardless, I am regretful to say that the Press is a holy object and to remove it would be heresy of the highest order. Therefor I have a compromise. We will accept SGA censors of a sort to monitor anything printed by our Presses, and remove anything slanderous, untrue, or even factual but negative or negatively phrased regarding any member of the SGA.

To Technists With the installation of your new safety measures, would you like to proceed with our end of the deal and electrify Gaspar's Folly this month?

2012-11-12, 10:15 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)

Militia of Order and Justice/Church of Neposh

Your recent actions in Annosus, while useful for their work in driving out the gangs, have been causing harm to civilians. We request you halt these actions immediately - we suggest you take the time to actual try your criminals, rather than simply killing them in the streets. That way your not only living up to your name (in the case of the Militia) but are also capable of sorting the innocent from the guilty BEFORE killing them.

2012-11-12, 10:33 PM
To Mercantile Guild, Bloodhaven, Blackfist, Wren (separately)

Greetings. With the completion of our current work for the Ram, we wish to continue the expansion of the Celestial Network and are curious if any of you would be willing to help finance the bringing of Light and Progress to your territories?

Referring specifically to Little Zachnar for the Mercantile Guild

For the record, with recent innovations we can happily advertise that each neighborhood electrified aadds one to the owners stat cap

2012-11-12, 10:43 PM
The Sausage Guild
Def Esp 7

Urso Bloodhand comes out of the deeps still slick with the pale blood of underdwellers that were a bit too bold. He calmly surveys the rioting in Pepperstoch before calmly turning away and calmly writing a thank you note to the conductor.

He then calmly punches a hole in a nearby house with his fist before calmly walking away. Every sausage guild member within 50 feet has very much not calmly gotten out of the area.

To the SGA (PM)
First we would request that two wealth generated from the emerald mine be given to the sausage guild coffers. We note that the mine lies below the Bunkers, the expedition was largely funded by the Sausage Guild, and most importantly we are about to be engaged in what is likely to be substantial fighting and need the resources.

We are willing to forego our share of the next two or three SGA projects, although we are unlikely to be able invest much until the present threat has been dealt with.

No as to the present threat itself we have proof that the Blackfists incited the riots in Pepperstoch. We feel that these ruffians have gone unchecked for long enough and that at the very least the Blackfists need to be swept off the streets like the gangs they are. Afterwards we can rebuild their parts of Runner's City in the same manner as Dogma was rebuilt, although hopefully without the starting atrocities. It will no doubt much improve the city if the SGA handles that neighborhoods rather than the gang leaders which currently do.

We hope that the other members of the SGA will see fit to aid us in this endeavor. We will likely need aid to offset their more nefarious agents. (Apparently I wasn't supposed to see the actual stats, but I think I can safely say that they have a lot of espionage to be able to pull this off.)

To the Champions of Sovereignty
We believe that the Blackfist Brotherhood were behind the recent riots in Pepperstoch. We feel that this has crossed the line from political argument to a clear and present danger to the city. Will you aid us in dealing with them.

To the Wardens
We know we have had our differences in the past, but know that we were not responsible for the problems in Pepperstoch. No the Blackfist Brotherhood has seen fit to incite riots for who knows what reason. We would ask if you would be willing to help us deal with them. In return we will surrender any claim we might have had to reclaiming Pepperstoch and aid in the project of your choice after this has been dealt with in proportion to what you are able to aid us with.

To the Blackfist Brotherhood
We wonder why you have done this thing. We thought that we had a solid business agreement. And you know as well as us that the rumors you have spread are utter lies and that we treat our workers fairly at all times. Something you say that you strive for.

But despite this we are reasonable people. If you are willing to turn over to us one neighborhood and [2 points] we are willing to consider the matter settled. If not then we will show you how criminals are dealt with by the Sausage Guild.

To the EBSA
What is the punishment for vandalism, assault, slander, libel, forgery, impersonation of an officer, and incitement to riot?

2012-11-12, 11:22 PM
To Laheim Contacts (PM?)
Fair greetings and good tidings.

Given the virtuous conduct and wondrous success of the Commander we have retained, we are currently experimenting with the possibility of hiring a corp of your troops to serve as NCOs and assistants to him in his training.

As such, I'm here to inquire about a possible renegotiation of the prices you previously gave. We're willing to commit to hiring a corp to act as trainers for a full five months, and as they will almost certainly not be seeing any frontline combat we'd be willing to accept those soldiers recovering from lingering injuries, as long as they can see and correct the manifold flaws of our forces.

In return we'd ask for a slight discount, paying [3 wel] a month instead of [4]. We would be willing to make any sort of magical commitment you would like regarding the time frame we would pay for, although the reputation of your houses and the results you've shown is more then enough to guarantee that we would pay in full.

2012-11-12, 11:32 PM
Mercantile's Guild

this is some good food... General Brador muttered to himself, stuffing his face at one of the local establishments in the Little Zancher. he had been sent over by the guild to meet with Market Guard leaders and make sure they were willing to accept the guilds backing. They were good soldiers, these Market Guards. they reminded him of the Hosts-watch and that could only mean good things for the future of the guild, he was looking forward to working with them...

to Market Guard
greetings...would you be interested in performing a joint series of war-games with the guilds own troops? this should serve to improve your own ability to guard the markets, especially as the guild troops will be led by one of the finest soldiers in the city...

to Gears-Chosen
we will see whats available after SGA contributions. have you fixed some of the safety issues the network seems to have?

Mine wealth
I dont object to the Sausage Guild keeping the profits from the mine...

we have acquired the weapons and now all thats left is establishing the necessary infrastructure and magic devices needed to develop them.

Technists: willing to improve your infrastructure? i can help with that.

just a note: most of my ESP will be fixing this while situation regarding the Shipwrights guild...i believe it may involve the meralldon conspirators...the rolls suggest that, if this was a pure Esp operation, then i estimate atleast 7-8 Esp is what went into this.

2012-11-12, 11:37 PM
To Merc guild
Yes, the Technist Guild has graciously provided insulation for the wiring which has greatly reduced the fires and such which annoy everyone so much. While irrelevant to the Correct Design of the city, they are not heretical and so will be fully implemented.

We are willing to provide 1 Wel towards the construction ourselves in exchange for the right to sell electricity to homes and businesses independent of the Guild, meanign you would need 2 Wel or Morale (labour) for basic wiring, and 3 for full light and heating in the district.

2012-11-13, 06:12 AM
SGA to Gregorian Orcs [5]

''I welcome you to your new home. My name is Morden Vassari of the Medico Guild and I speak here as representative of the Sovereign Guilds Association. We represent the craftsmen and merchants of the Sav Altulus.''

''You need housing. We have the masonry guild. You need clothing, weapons, provisions, we sell them. Any resources, labor or skill of yours, we are willing to buy. Or perhaps you are in need of coin? Then we can extend a credit.''

''Now as Doctor of Bloodhaven, the hospital of Sav Altulus, I’d like to request a permission to open a small clinic in Tregon to treat your sick and wounded.''

Bloodhaven to Church of Neposh

''While we are aware of your excellent healing Mages, the Bloodhaven is ready to provide treatment for your illustrious leader.''

ESGE [4]

''I believe I can secure some anonymous sponsors for the Daimot University, though it might require a certain action on your part.''

[What does your ''Realpolitic'' Trait means? It might be useful for certain project.]

SGA/Bookbinders [PM]

Gear’s Presses

We have several options.

First, take advantage of the Gears offer to send censors to control the printing, and make them be very, very slow in their work as well as creative in what constitutes slanderous or untrue things spoken about SGA.

Second, petition King James to aid us in protection of our monopoly. We’ll probably require to sweeten the deal for him, but it can be done.

Third, contribute to the bounty on the Presses.

Fourth, attempt a more direct solution to the issue.

Emerald Mine

I don’t mind granting 2 WEL to Sausage Guild, though I recommend that they sell most of the mines output to the Silversmith Guild or form a joint venture.

SGA Projects Fund

I’m prepared to contribute to organizing infrastructure for it. Should we issue shares to invite more capital*?

[*Not certain how advanced financial science is in Sav Altulus. We might consider bringing Exchange in on this.]


I would be surprised, if it weren’t Blackfists*. I would suggest we make the action official – declare our grievances publicly, give Blackfists a chance to respond and then act accordingly.



I will assist the Mercantile Guild in the issue.

Trade Policy

Illryum Empire.

We now have a defensible route there, so we can see, if there are markets for Emeralds, Merdallan Wine (we need to check if it would affect our chances of buying it from Merdallan).

(Mercantile Guild: can you check it with your Merchant Contacts?)


I believe it’s clear what’s happening here. I believe our best course of action is to let things continue as they are.


1. Our ESP action was to improve security of the SGA/Records Room. Did we achieve anything in that regard?

2. If we start selling Merdallan wine to Illaryum, would it create a problem in acquiring it?

Zemalac [PM]

1. What comes to mind, when one says Talidor, without extensive research. What works of theirs survived centuries in the people’s memory? Their magic? Their army? Their trade? Great men? Structures?

2. How much do I need to repay to Exchange?

3. How important is Lake Brecombe & River to the City? To the nobles (esp. Fisher Houses)?

2012-11-13, 06:53 AM
The Champions of Sovereignty:


King James celebrates the opening of the clinic in the stacks, reiterating his intention to build one in every district in the city. The next district intended is Lomb Circle. King James graciously requests aid from anyone who can spare finances to improve the well-being of the people of Lomb Circle.

Shattered lands:

King James requests assistance from any factions with military forces to spare, in clearing the bandits and other dangers from the shattered lands.

To the Sausage Guild:
"I'm afraid the shattered lands demands the attention of all my forces. Things are getting tougher as we push further out, and we've already suffered significant casualties."

2012-11-13, 07:07 AM


''It appears King is occupied with war outside of the city to come to our aid.''

[Okay – I’d like to hear a plan of action from Sausage Guild, before making any proposals.]


''The King has requested military assistance in clearing the Shattered Lands. I believe it’s an opportunity. I have reasons to believe that the nobles of the Sky District could be interested. Of course they lack an army to act. What they do have is money. So we approach them and offer to give them an army, for their money. War can be a profitable thing – selling weapons, uniforms, provisions, hosting troops in our force for a fee, you name it. And the more of the lands fall under control of friendly factions, the more coin flows from trade into our coffers.''

2012-11-13, 07:25 AM
Blackfist Brotherhood to the Sausage Guild [8]

"We have seen some of the reports you have seen, and we can ensure you, it was not us. Consider this.
Would we beat and blackmail the population we are claiming to protect?
Would we attack the people who provide food to the refugees in Fat Tippest?
Would we attack someone who has never done us harm, at the other end of the city, when we have the King and the nobles to repell?

We offer our condolences and want to make certain that this was very much a misunderstanding. However, we can not give up any of the neighbourhoods we control. If you want to ask us for help, we can certainly provide some men to help with rebuilding after the riots, but the territory we hold remains ours. We are also very interested to go over these reports and this so-called evidence again with you and get to the bottom of who is framing us here.

And just an aside: perhaps you should consider why James, your great and noble ally will once again not choose sides and instead promise help to everyone willing to bow to him and then not deliver it.

2012-11-13, 08:46 AM
Blackfist Brotherhood t othe Technist's Guild [8]

Any update on those firearms?

2012-11-13, 09:05 AM
Wardens to Sausage Guild

Blackfists? That does not make much sense. May I request to see your proof?

We know from experience that Pepperstoch is a volatile neighbourhood full of demagogues of all stripes ready to incite a mob into fury. That is why we need to pacify it. If the citizens there heard of your blood magic they would throw you out on their own, without any further action necessary by an inciting party.

We will move in and pacify Pepperstoch in any case, but if your proof is indeed solid, we will consider helping you fix this wrong.

((OOC: Instead of a project, I'd like the recognition of Exarn's claim to the Prison. But not the Arena - that should lay to rest the whole blood game problem.))

Wardens to Gregorian Orcs

We've taken control of large lumberyards and cleared good mining sites near the City. If you are interested in purchasing these materials for the construction of your homes, we'll provide them cheaply in exchange for you pledging to protect the eastern bank of River Tethys near Sav Altulas from any future foe. We will pledge to protect your homes against any attack from the Shattered Lands as well.

((OOC: This is basically meant to tie Tregon into the domain of Sav Altulas in the long run. Since most of the interesting parts of the game happen within or in relation to Sav Altulas, I figure you won't be against that.))

Warden Announcement

Warden patrols will be entering the Drydocks and will be placing the neighbourhood under our protection, as they have requested. Any criminals are given the options of surrender and a lighter sentence, exile from the neighbourhood or strict punishment or death according to Warden codes if caught within the neighbourhood.

Armed Mercantile Guild troops or agents are not welcome. Civilians or off-duty soldiers will not be accosted.

Wardens to Shipwright's Guild

We are interested in building a fortification including a small dock some distance downriver, to better control traffic on the river and be able to defend the city in case of hostiles trying to use Tethys to advance. For this, we will need boats and other equipment. We have control over large lumberyards near the City in the Shattered Lands that could supply you with quality lumber for a fair price in exchange for your help and expertise.

Wardens to Blackfist Brotherhood

We do not trust the Sausage Guild accusations. What is your side of the story?

Remember what we said the last time we fought their tunnellers. Those words still ring true.

2012-11-13, 09:15 AM
Blackfist to the Wardens [8]

Why should we do what they accuse us of? We let them tunnel under Fat Tippest. They deliver our food. They are at the other end of the city from us, and they are not nobles or "kings".

No, we haven't heard a word of this before today. It is frankly ridiculous.

2012-11-13, 09:29 AM
Wardens to Gear's Chosen and Technists' Guild

Our expeditions to the Shattered Lands have come upon enemies utilizing large numbers of massive machines of war, alight in unholy flame and almost unstoppable by conventional means. If your people would have the time and inclination to study and pinpoint weaknesses in these things, you would be free to take a pick of their remains.

Wardens to Gatekeeper's Guard

Our troops are being stretched thin as of late. I would like to request some of your men to bolster the initial patrols in Drydocks, just in case the Mercantile Guild attempts something they would later regret. We would be grateful of any assistance you can provide. This would not be a long-term solution, but instead just a stopgap to tide over the transition in the neighbourhood.

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-13, 09:47 AM
The Order of the Wren [8]

To the Gears Chosen [8]
If you have fixed the issues with fires, perhaps. How much wealth would be required to manage this?

To Blackfist, Ram, Gears [8]
Are you able to meet again this month? I think recent developments merit a new discussion.

To the Andouir [?]
Very well. If you wish to converse with me, I will oblige you. Name a time and a place, and I will be there.

2012-11-13, 09:52 AM
Blackfist to the Wren [8]

We certainly can.

2012-11-13, 10:12 AM
SGA Press Release

Trade with Illaryum

The SGA is happy to announce, that we have completed defences of the trade routes to the Illaryum Empire, making travel and trade much safer. Of course the costs borne by SGA to ensure security of the trade must be compensated, so as such there is a possibility of tariffs on all merchants traveling this route. I wouldn't lie to you in that they may appear rather heavy at first.

However, let me assure you, that should such tariffs be instituted, they will be waived for merchants operating their businesses in areas under control of SGA, such as Mercantile Guild and House Laurier. In fact the SGA would act to accommodate merchants, who would decide to shift their operations from other areas of the city, by constructing new warehouses, trading houses and market areas.


We are saddened to see Shipwrights to leave the aegis of SGA and wish you the best of luck. We should warn you, that with this, Shipwrights Guild is no longer under trade protection that SGA extends to all of its members. As such we can expect establishment of alternative ways of water transportation. I’m sure the boys of Technist Guild can surprise us. Await new press releases by SGA.


First – scrap my proposal to fund noble’s army. We don’t have resources right not. I believe SGA should reassert it’s position in the city – Blackfists, Wardens, Gears… They must be shown our power. I ask all members of SGA to give to this fight.

I hope you won’t begrudge me for making a press release. Fighting Wardens with swords is suicide. So let’s crush them with our purses. We just need to take control of the trade with Illaryum, which is almost in our pocket with those forts and then direct all of it to our Districts. Their troops must be fed, clothed and armed. Let’s see them do it with no collections from the Spicers Circle, while our profits grow.

I’ll wait for Sausage Guild to detail his plan for Blackfists and we must decide on action regarding Gears.

Zemalac/SGA [PM]

Coin-Speak Translation: Merchants of Spicers Circle. We’ll ruin you with heavy tariffs, unless you move your operations to SGA controlled areas. Toodles.

2012-11-13, 10:17 AM
Wardens to Imperial Trade Ministry (PM)

The guilds in Sav Altulas have constructed a series of fortifications within the Shattered Lands now that we've started eliminating the raiders again. While a safer route to the Empire and a following surge in trade is very much welcomed, they plan on monopolizing that route by establishing massive tariffs on everyone using the road that is not one of their own merchants, including Imperial trade.

I would like to humbly ask of you to announce that if the tariffs are not kept to manageable levels for all traders, you will increase your own tariffs in response for the Guild merchants. The threat should be enough to force them to back down, after investing so much into the forts.

Grimsage Matt
2012-11-13, 10:23 AM
The Airyards

Due to requests, and rumors of possible invasions, the Technists guild will be embarking on the creation of a Sky Dreadnought, in order to better protect the city and serve her intrests in the shattered lands.

To the Blackfists
At this time, we are slightly wary of giving weapons to you. It is nothing personal, but as the sausage guild, is currently having problems with you, we would perfer not to provide you with the weapons out of hand. However, if you could look into some rumors for us?

To the Gears Chosen
We would perfer Little Veras be connected first. Mostly as a trial run, and to see how effective they are.

To the Wardens/Gears
We would be intrested, but would also request that those who head out be allowed to invesitage other leads as well.

2012-11-13, 10:27 AM
Blackfist to the Technists

"In that case, we will simply hold on to Tippest a bit longer, then. No payment, no delivery. I think the citizens like our support anyway.

What rumours, and what would the payment be for that? And why should we trust you to pay up?

To the Chosen [7]

Certainly! Network away! We'll send some money your way for the installation, though we don't have much. If you need workers, recruit in Tippest, there's still unemployment there.

Incidentally... could the electricity be used as a defensive weapon? Would electrifying things like fences, doors or windows be possible? What about traps?

Grimsage Matt
2012-11-13, 10:38 AM
To the Blackfists
We're trying to track down something that a Man called Morvec left behind, or rather, his vaults. It's just that you are better at gathering and shifting through information then we are, so we were just wondering if you were intrested.

Or, you could patch things up with the sausage guild. We'll give the guns reguardless.

2012-11-13, 12:24 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)


I can meet this turn.

2012-11-13, 12:24 PM
The Sausage Guild
Def Esp 7

To the Champions of Sovereignty
If you really believe that clearing out warlords who are not directly threatening the city is more important than dealing with people willing to actually incite riots inside the city, then we probably can't change your decision. Bear in mind however that loyalty is a two way street.

To the Blackfist Brotherhood
We don't know why you would do such a thing. Perhaps because we are allied with King James for one. However quite a few of the men who incited the riots confessed to working under your orders. So we'd say it's not so much a matter of if you did it, but what convoluted rationalization took you down this path.

To the Wardens
Our proof is the words of the inciters themselves. We were able to capture several of the men behind the rioters and they all claimed to be working under the orders of the Blackfist. Admittedly their compatriots managed to rescue them when our forces on the scene were pushed back, so we no longer hold them prisoner for further interrogation, but the claim seems credible and consistent.

We would be willing to support Warden Exarn's claim to the prison. We have never been particularly impressed with the way that the Blackfist released throngs of unrepentant criminals on the streets of the city.

Gear's Press
We are willing to support the SGA in whatever is eventually decided on. However we would not be able to provide any actual troops if a more direct solution is required. At least not until this situation with the Blackfist is resolved.

SGA Projects
In fact we will not be able to contribute to any projects materially until this situation is resolved. It is regrettable, but we simply must make sure that our current assets are protected before moving on to a new endeavor.

The Blackfists
In the privacy of this hall we will admit that our proof against the Blackfists is not solid. In fact it's downright shaky and quite likely a frame up, although a sloppy one. It consists of confessions that the members of the riots we managed to capture gave us. Ones that they started speaking almost before we asked any questions. And all those captives were subsequently lost when our guards were pushed back completely. We also have some paperwork implicating House Wallen, but it's even more circumstantial than the confessions.

We believe that someone was trying to fool us into attacking the Blackfists or Lord Wallen. Or possibly the aim was simply to get us to attack anyone so long as we attacked. I believe the intent was to use the riots in a similar manner to waving a red flag at a bull. With the intent that the Sausage Guild would go charging head long into battle. Then the next step would be to reveal another source as the cause of the riots, which would likely be another frame up, but one put together more carefully than the first. Not only would the Sausage Guild have weakened itself, but our credibility, and possibility the image of the whole SGA would be damaged.

They however have made a mistake if they believe that the Sausage Guild is composed of brutes who act first and think later. A common mistake admittedly as most do not see beyond the veneer of our butcher's aprons, but a mistake nonetheless. We will not go haring off into Runner's City after the Blackfist. After all we remember what we ourselves did when the Wardens were foolish enough to commit their entire army elsewhere. No we will contain these riots and we will investigate the true culprit. Once we have found them we will exact a vengeance on those who attempted to use. Not with a bloody rampage, but with the full force of the law. We will not let it be said that the Sausage Guild acted illegally when we finally act. And if the perpetrators refuse to submit, then and only then will we use the force of steel rather than words.

As to who actually committed it we have no solid suspects. The Wardens perhaps, we know they have been acquiring substantial numbers of agents, and as we said earlier if they could provoke us into sending all our forces elsewhere it would leave us open for a reversal of our attack on them. Perhaps King James whose possible reasons we will get to in a moment. And of course the Blackfist themselves are not out of the question. Framing yourself and then revealing the frame is a classic criminal misdirection to remove yourself as a suspect.

Now as to our actual plan we will need support to both prevent any additional agent provocateurs from inciting more riots and to investigate the true culprit. Since Andouir is not apparently a problem we think the SGA's agents can be redirected to this without leaving us open elsewhere. Although we understand if the Mercantile Guild wishes to deal with their own issue first.

We should note that if this enemy is trying to provoke us into an unthinking attack then we think it would be a good idea to keep them thinking that. As such we will continue to act as if we mean to attack the Blackfist in retaliation right up until the point where our forces don't move out.

King James
We would note that as much as the Blackfist are arrogant ruffians who probably need to be wiped out of the city they do have a point about King James. We have never seen him do anything to actually help us or another member of the SGA. If any of you have we are willing to hear it, but it is our opinion that King James is trying to promise everyone the moon and then keep it for himself.

Consider also the fact that he has refused us aid. Deeming actual rioting and a neighborhood burning down less important than dealing with a bunch of warlords who have never bothered the city, and in fact provide one of our principal sources of trade. Quite frankly whether he is behind the riots or not we believe his intention is to move his forces out of the city, wait for the fighting to commence in full, and then move back in when everyone else is weakened. Not only can he claim to be restoring order to the city, but everyone else will either be too weakened to fight him or to grateful for being reinforced to care, or both. As such we will not support anything that would help King James at this point until he actually shows himself to be willing to back his words with deeds.

2012-11-13, 01:19 PM

[I think with our investment into Commerce Hall Security we can do double PMs]

Sausage Guild & Events [PM]

''I'm prepared to supply my agents or an equivalent assistance to finding the truth. I would recommend contacting Militia of Order and Justice as a neutral third party to assist with restoring order and verifying the findings of our agents.''

''I have trusted and spoke in support of King James, because he seemed to be able to keep the Wardens from attacking us. It was my sincere hope, that SGA and King could work together to rebuild Shattered Lands and his rejection of my honest offer was a bitter surprise. With the recent happenings and his lack of reaction, this trust has grown thin. I don’t know, if James supports the machinations against us, but he doesn’t condone them either. The Sausage Guild's words about promising us the moon and then keeping it... I must say I'm sceptical about democratic principles, but I have an open mind and that Parliment idea of Lord Wallen and Ram might have some merits. But King's refusal to compromise there seemed a little unreasonable to me. ''

''I would urge Sausage Guild to reconsider about providing [WEL] to the project to control the Illarym Empire’s trade. Wardens are one clear foe in front of us. They wish to destroy SGA and King James leash proved to be a thin string, instead of chain I hoped for. This is a perfectly legitimate way to strike against them, and it’s a strike they’ll have trouble countering.''

''I’ll need to hear others thoughts about the ways to deal with Gears situation, before advocating a course of action.''

2012-11-13, 01:21 PM
Church of Neposh

To Ram Revolution, Militia Order of Justice (DESP7)

The Men who are killed in the streets are assassins who were caught red handed killing civilians or Church/Militia soldiers and then chased to your people. They are using your influence in the area to hide and act like civilians, trying to bring our forces to arms against eachother. The Church/ Militia are more than capable of capturing and convicting the gang in the area. We would ask that for the next few turns you remove your people from the area so we can clear the reminants of the Gang without incident.

To Bloodhaven (DESP 7)

Thank you for your concern, but I should be back on my feet in a month or so. One of the Anarchists got a good nife in my back. There is a small way you could assist. Could you ask the Ram to move out of Annosses until we have the area cleaned up. We are trying to track down the Empty Blood Gang and their group is accedently protecting gang members who are posing as civilians after their hit and run attacks. We know they mean well, but we have the situation under control.

To Evening Games Club/ Silver Blood Gentleman’s Association (DESP 7)

We understand that some of your current sources of income have come under some problems of late. We are offering to let you relocate your factories to the Pews and Orn Torte, where workers are present, cheap, and do not persecute those who have higher stature.

2012-11-13, 01:28 PM
Ram, Militia of Order & Justice, Church of Neposh [7]

''Everybody knows that Militia of Order and Justice always keeps their word. If they promise to act in good faith, while your withdraw your men, you have nothing to fear.''

Militia of Order & Justice [7]

''I'd like to inquire, if Militia could send some men to assist in restoring order to the Pepperstoch. As you know, there were rumors of blood magic and dark rituals. Those are completely false, and I believe Militia is the best suited to dispel them. The sooner order is restored, the sooner assistance can be brought to the people. If you require compensation or a service in return, the SGA will be prepared to arrange one.''

2012-11-13, 01:29 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)

Church of Neposh/Militia of Order and Justice

Do you have any proof of these claims? For each of the civilians you killed? While I have no doubt that some, or even many of those you killed last month were criminals, if even one wasn't, then you and your men are murderers, just like those you were hunting. The Revolution will not stand by and allow innocent civilians to be killed. Capturing and trying your suspects will prevent this from happening, and you'll still get to kill them. We would even be willing to lend assistance, if you wish.

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-13, 01:37 PM
Order of the Wren [8]

To Ram, Blackfist [PM]
This time, once again, it is Lonecutter who greets the representatives of the Ram and Blackfist. "Gentlemen. An interesting month. The little jaunt into Pepperstoch worked, but some of our lads got caught, and before they got freed, claimed to be Blackfists. Not ideal. Not ideal at all, and I apologise for the miscommunication that caused that. "

"I reckon the Sausage Guild will be on the attack within the month. They don't know about our involvement, so they're sure to go for the Blackfist, if they come. Best prepare some surprises for them, no?"

"Personally, I like the idea of cutting the head off the snake. Take out Bloodhand. Between us, shouldn't be an overly hard job, and I have on good authority that the Wardens will lend us their Assassin to do the deed. Additionally, they plan to be harassing the Mercantile Guild, so he shouldn't be able to count on support from that particular ally."

"The King and the Nobles should stay out of things. Between us and the Wardens? I venture we'll have ourselves some cooked Sausages. All we have to do is prepare the oven."

2012-11-13, 01:53 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)

Blackfist/Wren (PM)

We can offer a military detachment, as well as the use of our paramilitary police force and some of our militia (a total of 6 MIL, 7 MOR, 1 MAG, the police [2 MIL/2 ESP] and Gen. Krodok.) in order to help hold off the Sausage guild while you take out Bloodhand. We would also be able to offer a small amount of help with the take down of Bloodhand, if needed (4 ESP), though we would prefer to have them for other plans this month.

Also, Blackfist, what happened to the prison deal last turn? I was under the impression that we had made a solid deal.

2012-11-13, 01:54 PM
To the Ram, Wren [PM]

"Unexpected perhaps, that we would do this, but we recommend caution. There are enough false leads that the Sausage guild may not come after us. And we have an ace or two up our sleeves.
By all means, let us plan for the worst. But we don't have to throw the first stone, in this war.

About the prison.... well, we still haven't had any word back about James actually accepting this, even though he told us so in the first round of talks. We first want actual word from the EBSA and James that they will accept the deal as proposed."

2012-11-13, 01:55 PM
Church of Neposh

To Militia Order of Justice/ Ram Revolution (DESP 7)

That is what we are telling you. This is a war against a group that kills for joy that is currently in progress. They currently kill civilians at every oppurtunity. We, and I'm sure the Militia Order is right along with us, can assure you that we are not causing the death of any innocents.

Again, your assistance is thanked, but isn't nessicary. We would prefer your men leave the area for the next month to keep this kind of misscomunication from happening.

2012-11-13, 02:08 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)

Blackfist/Wren (PM)

"I don't suppose you'll clue us in on these "aces"? I do agree with you that we should not launch the first overt strike. Let James and Bloodhand soil their good name by officially throwing the city into civil war. But planning will prevent us from being destroyed off hand, before we can manage to strike back."

Church of Neposh/Militia of Order and Justice

The Revolution holds property in Annosus, in the form of a small cafe, commonly referred to as the "freedom arches". If you give us your word that it will remain our property, and that our people will be offered safe passage there and back to our territory, we will agree to back out. Don't think this means we won't continue to watch out for the people of the city though. Be sure your only taking out the criminals.

Blackfist/EBSA/King James

Is everyone involved in agreement with the prison deal we started last month? James and the Fist don't try to kill each other, I take over the prison, where the verdict and punishment for each case is decided by a jury chosen from the city at large, and advised by a judge provided by the EBSA, should they wish it?

2012-11-13, 03:43 PM
Speaker for the Houses to Gear's Chosen (8)

A most suitable arrangement. As they are only to be used as trainers, I am sure the Houses of Laheim will agree to the proposed change in price. I will see them to your door as soon as is possible.


In answer to Thel's questions:

1) Indeed, though you also discovered that no one had attempted to infiltrate your proceedings.

2) I do not believe so, no, so long as what you're doing with it does not come to the attention of some of the more radical lords in the Chamber of Nobles. The merchant-princes of the Water do similar things all the time.

Thelonius (PM)

1) The old roads and the standing stones are the more common structures associated with Talidor, as well as various other massive architectural projects--Longspeak Tower, the cistern in Orn Demati, etc. A general respect for specific locations has endured as well, as seen in the Orn/Sav prefixes.

2) 8 WEL.

3) The lake is largely seen as belonging to the nobility, while the river is used for trade and industry. Both are of course important to the city, it being bound by their paths.

Shipwright's Guild to Wardens (4)

Certainly, sir. It will be good to have some business on our own, apart from the Mercantile's Guild.

Gatekeeper's Guard to Wardens (6)

We'll see what we can do. Our men have signed on to patrol Milanus, but I am sure we can find some volunteers if we offer a small bonus for the time spent in Drydock.

??? to Wren (8)


Any time after noon this coming Thursday would suit, at the Merdallan place on Embassy Row. Understand, I more wish to learn what your compatriots in the Guilds mean for my work here, and believe I will find in you more genteel conversation than among their number.

Sir Terrance Leon, of the House of Andouir

Shipwright's Guild to SGA (4)

In regards to the recent announcement by Doctor Vassari, I am afraid that the good Doctor is in error. We have not left the Sovereign Guilds Association, and indeed never intend to; we merely thought it best for the future of our guild to begin working beyond the structure of the Mercantile's Guild, as we had not been receiving much work under the auspices of that organization. Already, we have begun arranging new orders with new clients while working on our own, leading many withing the guild, as well as me personally, to believe that it was the right decision to make. I am sure that an organization dedicated to working for the independence and rightful sovereignty of the Guilds will not begrudge us our new direction.

Imperial Trade Ministry to Wardens (PM)

Such measures are already common tactics for this Ministry. Thank you for the warning: we will keep a wary eye on the situation, and make any response necessary.

Trade Minister Moth

Evening Games Club/Silver Blood Gentlemen's Association to Church of Neposh (7)

Hm. An interesting proposal, sir, and one not without merit; yet, also not one without its own host of problems.

Militia of Order and Justice to Doctor Vassari (7)

Under normal circumstances, we would be glad to assist: however, in this one, I am afraid we must see to the ending of Empty Blood first. Aside from that, I believe the territory is currently disputed by the Wardens, and I see no merit in getting into a dispute with them over so trivial an issue.

Gerald Neilson to SGA (PM)

Good day, sirs. I understand that you requested my presence for some discussion?

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-13, 04:38 PM
The Order of the Wren

To ??? [PM]
The Wren makes his visit at the agreed upon time, travelling alone, though with a blade at his side. Once beckoned inside, he removes his cloak and face coverings, showing his true face.

It is fairly unremarkable. Grey eyes, faint red patches underneath them the mark of Redeyes poisons. A strong chin. Brown hair, cut short, somewhat unevenly. His expression is unreadable as he greets his host. "Good afternoon. As a courtesy to you, Sir, I have not hidden my face. However, I must ask. You knew of my identity - How?"

2012-11-13, 04:41 PM
SGA to Shipwrights [4]

''Well the issue here, is that you’ve joined SGA as part of the Mercantile Guild, not independently*. As such you’ll need to apply for membership once more.''

''I’m rather surprised with your explanation – was Mercantile Guild preventing you from taking independent contracts? I’d have assumed that within the Mercantile Guild structure, you’d have more jobs, from their contacts with merchants [Trait]. Your decision to invite Wardens, to protect your territory, is also a bit puzzling, considering their reputation. If you were in need of protection, you could have petitioned SGA to either form an independent watch or extend protection of one of our watch organizations.''

''You know, that there is a certain bad blood between Wardens and SGA, due to their opposition to trade and desire to crush any power structure, capable of threatening their dominance. If they extend their control to the river fleets, they’ll be able to eliminate trade, they deem undesirable and place a sword to the Mercantile’s Guild throat. So you can see how this issue is rather sensitive to SGA.''

[*If I’m mistaken and Shipwrights Guild applied to join SGA separately, then of course the issue is moot.]

2012-11-13, 04:45 PM
Wren/Ram/Fist We can attend as well

To Wren/Ram/Fist (PM)

The Ice Elf Joshua represents the Chosen.
When it comes to defense, I'm afraid some projects of our own and the need to protect the Press limit the amount we can commit. But I can offer [4 Mil] and the Gilded Pyramid to help defend the Blackfist.

The offensive operation is completely and utterly beyond our means to help with I'm afraid. Subtlety is really not our thing.

Oh, and just to keep thing somewhat private, the defensive measures possible with the Celestial network are...well lets say that our idea's were rather less subtle then yours. You see, there are vents designed to shoot off any excess energy in the event of a surge. It would be perfectly possible to create such a condition purposefully in a local area in order to activate a vent. that is, to flood somewhere with lightning and fry everyone there. As I said, we are not a subtle faith.

Technists/Wardens Are we expected to provide our own guards? If so, I'm afraid current tensions in the city make it impractical for us to go. If not, Van Ryan himself will go accompanied by some Incanters and Designers.

We must also second the request of the Technist guild.

To Wren, Blackfist Regarding electrification, it would be 4 wealth to power and provide light and heat for a neighborhood. We can partially pay for it, providing 1 Wel and reducing your cost to three. Since we only really need the manpower, this can be paid in morale as well.

Thanks to the Technists Guild, fires are now much less common.

To Technist Guild Little Veras works just as well.

To Sausage Guild I'm afraid our research last turn was rather inconclusive. However, in order to reduce current tensions and act as a toke of good will, if you can link up to Little Veras with your tunnels we'd be happy to provide you with a electrical font for only the initial payment of [2 Wel]

2012-11-13, 04:55 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Sausage Guild: [5]
"Okay. Let's hear your proof. If it's convincing, I'll give you my full military support."

2012-11-13, 05:01 PM
SGA/Gerard Neilsen [PM]

''I and my fellow Guild Leaders are glad to meet you Mr. Neilson. We’d like to discuss several business issues with you.''

''First, in a conversation we once had, you expressed a desire to have an operating Aeroyard in Sav Altulus. Well, we have one now. I hope it would make things much more convenient for you*.''

''Second, I would like to reassure you, that SGA supports trade. I realize your college, MecLochire had run into some difficulties, due to Wardens, but we’ll make sure the same won’t extend to affect your own shipments.''

''Third, I believe of organization, dedicated to promotion of trade and craftsmanship could be a good business partner to your organization. We’d be interested to cooperate and provide support for your ventures.''

''Now, our interests are simple. We wish to establish a flow of trade to feed the factories of the Smokeyards and we wish to preserve our organization, against those who would destroy it, as well as destroying trade of this city or making it much more difficult for honest merchants, such as you. Your knowledge of the Warlords would be a great asset in this. I realize, how valuable your time is, but we are not without resources to provide compensation.''

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-13, 05:14 PM
The Order of the Wren

To the Gears Chosen [8]
There will be no need for your subsidy. I can pay my part in it's entirety. I would suggest not wiring up Castaways for the time being, however. The buildings are...close, and wooden. Being slums. I would fear for the whole neighbourhood. When I have the time and resources, I will see them rebuilt in stone.

When that time comes, I will gladly see your wires reach them. Until then, some of the more sturdily built neighbourhoods under my control can use your assistance.

2012-11-13, 05:15 PM
Blackfist/Chosen/Ram/Wren [PM]

The Thumb, the Blackfist's General and greatest fighter takes the stage.
"Perfect. Currently, we are in peace talks with the Sausage Guild. They claim to be willing to make peace, but I do not believe it. They demand payment without making any guarantees. And payment that we will not deliver. Specifically, attacks on our own allies. Provoking riots in their territories, the way we did in theirs. Of course, this can not happen.

However, the Littlefinger will use these talks to delay them long enough to give us time for preparation.

Together, our troops outnumber theirs by a good deal, our intelligence indicates that. Furthermore, our agents are so much better than theirs that they will be fighting blind. They will be fighting across several neutral districts, in our territory. We have the Wild Mages on our side, trained Guerilla troops, the support of the population and the home advantage. We can defeat them.

Now, the Index, our scholar has prepared several plans for simple electric traps. In essence, we want ot use the Celestial network, if it can be expanded to our territories this turn, to build simple electrical traps. Electrified tripwires and doorhandles should be easily enough possible, he tells me. Flooding tunnels, corridors and doorways with electrified saltwater should be possible as well. Could we hope on the Chosen's support in setting this up?

2012-11-13, 05:34 PM
Wren/Ram/Gear/Fist (PM) Joshua nods somewhat hesitantly While we'd be happy to provide our technical support and the use of the network itself, there is the issue of cost. We have prior commitments to the Technists guild we must honour, although we may get some recompense form that depending on how things work out.

Regardless, the traps themselves are easy, although I still don't see the problem with just flooding any streets or tunnels they advance down with arcs of lightning. We were hoping to do some work on a battery of some kind this month, but we can put the resources into that as well. The Problem is, what neighborhoods do you want electrified, and how much can you contribute?

Also, we have an industrial press, what are we going to use it for?

To Wren Wonderful. given the..problematic nature of All Gods Hallow, perhaps The Tragic Court this month?

2012-11-13, 05:40 PM
Wrenchosen Ramfist [PM]
"Ah, yes. Certainly. We can provide money [2 t.wealth] and manpower [8 morale]. Would that help?
We think that the advantage of traps over large-scale electrifiying would be twofold. One, we can lure enemies into traps. Two, our own troops are more adapted to hit and run fighting on a small scale, not battles out in the streets."

2012-11-13, 05:44 PM
Order of the Chosen of the Revolutionary Brotherhood (PM)+ GM Assuming that you don't really care for the amenities like lighting and heat to be immediate, and since Tippest and the Underdocks are already wired, that should be enough to wire everything but Downline. And Van Ryan was quite clear that none of us are ever going back into Downline after last time.

I'll have to get back to you about the cost of developing and implementing the traps.

GM: How much would developing and implementing the traps he mentioned cost?

2012-11-13, 05:59 PM
Merdallan Meetings (Wren, PM)

The man known to Sav Altulas as the Andouir is shorter than one might expect of a knight, and more wiry than bulky. His dark blond hair is cropped short, so to better fit inside a helmet, and the lines of his face are as hard and brittle as ice.

His voice, when he speaks, is entirely different than his appearance, warm and deep. "Indeed, good day to you as well," he says. "Your question, though abrupt, is certainly to the point, and with an answer that can be easily found: I attended one of your speeches. In the, ah, Castaways, is it? Whatever they call the damp hole where you live now. A far cry from your past life, to be sure, but while in that rough crowd I recognized a certain manner with similarities to an address given to the Chamber, many years ago." He stops, abruptly, and examines the Wren more closely. "The years since then have used you ill, it seems," he says. "But no matter. I have not invited you here to speak of royal politics, but rather of this disreputable city in which I now find myself. Specifically, I wish to speak of your guilds, and their spy-men who have been trying so blatantly to find what I am about." He is glowering, now. "What they desire, I cannot hazard a guess, save to send me to an early grave from lack of sleep when my men interrupt my rest with fresh reports."

Shipwright's Guild to Doctor Vassari/SGA (4)

Ah, once again, sir, I am afraid you are mistaken. We were not part of the Mercantile's Guild structure at the time that the SGA was formed, and while we were not one of the founding members we did join shortly thereafter, along with the Bookbinders. I'm not entirely sure what the issue is here.

As for your specific questions regarding our decision, all I can say is that our last major client was the Mercantile's Guild, creating their merchant fleet for them, which as anyone can note has yet to see use, having simply rested in the Tethys for the past few months. We expected further contracts from their merchant contacts as well, but since such contracts ended up not forthcoming, we decided it might be best if we went our own way. As we were separating from the Guild's hierarchy, we could not expect the protection of the Guild's guards, and as we have no practical police force of our own, we determined that employing the nearby Wardens to preserve law and order would be the best course of action.

Gerald Neilson to SGA (PM)

"Indeed?" Neilson's bland expression fades into something approaching interest. "An aeroyard? That is grand news indeed, sir, and if I could be given a tour of the facilities I would greatly appreciate it. My employer's operation in the city, I understand, has been using the river, so we have not had any issues with your Wardens, but if there is an aeroyard..." He pauses for a moment, fingers flicking idly against his leg as he does sums in his head. "Excellent news," is all he says in the end. "Now, as for your business proposal, I suppose I could offer some advice, if only as recompense for the service you have done me by providing access to your city from the air. You must bear in mind, however, that conflict in the Shattered Lands is not so bad for my business as you might think." This last is delivered with a wry, self-depreciating smile.

2012-11-13, 06:02 PM
Blackfist to Chosen et al [PM]

"Our primary plan for the press was to take on the EBSA with Operation Paperflood. That will have to wait for a while now, for obvious reasons."

2012-11-13, 06:07 PM
To the Group in need of a snappy name (PM) Well, we have it and we might as well use it. Anyone need any pamphlets or newletters mass-produced?

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-13, 06:18 PM
Merdallan Meeting [PM]
Edward Sallen smiles. "I see. My apologies for my curt introduction, but my anonymity is important to me, at this moment. As for the Guilds.. I am not their ally. The Good Doctor, Vassari, is a personal friend of mine, and I have been taking an interest in this matter for one reason"

"What does the Kingdom want here in Sav Altulas? You still serve your Duke, I assume. I would be scandalised to see an Andouir otherwise employed. All the Guilds want to know is your business. If my intelligence is correct, you disrupted trade to the Illarym. But you have been supporting efforts to move into the Shattered Lands, and other such moves. "

"Vassari has a pet theory. He believes you are trying to make the city a threat to the Illarym. Strengthen us, but stop us from developing ties with the Empire. Then, you cause war between us, to weaken the Illarym, and strengthen the position of Merdallan. Is he far off? "

2012-11-13, 06:44 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)

Chosen Wren Ramfists (PM):

"Other than plans for the defense in case of attack, is there anything else we need to discuss at this meeting?"

2012-11-13, 06:50 PM
Gear's Chosen (PM)

Well, you already have them rigged up to spray lightning at random through the streets, so turning that into traps doesn't require much further work. Just the addition of triggers, mainly.

A Merdallan Meeting (PM)

Sir Leon is quiet for a moment. "I see," he says at last. "Your friend the Doctor is more astute than I had hoped. Indeed, he is very close to the mark, closer than I would have thought possible. Is this all that they desired, these Guilds? To determine what I was doing in this wretched city?" He sighs. "If I had not thought they would be opposed to my goals, I should have told them myself. All this skulking about, it is undignified, even if in the end it should advance my lord's grand plan."

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-13, 07:02 PM
A Merdallan Meeting [PM]
"Of course, if your plans were counter to the interests of the city, they would oppose you. Indeed, I cannot countenance this plan as it is. But our aims are not so dissimilar. "

"I will not bore you with details, but I intend to take this city into my own hands. I would build it up, much like you have. But I would make it strong. Strong from trade with Merdallan, but also strong from trade with the Illarym. I would have Sav Altulas unified under one ruler, as Merdallan should be, and will have it stand as an ally of the Kingdom. An ally, though. Not a pawn to be sacrificed. As for the Guilds themselves... I do not think you will have to worry about the Guilds for much longer. "

2012-11-13, 07:13 PM
BlackRam WrenGear (PM) Well, if we're going to be having these monthly, maybe formalize things a bit? Something like the Guild Hall might be a worthwhile investment.

Beyond that, the traps shouldn't be a problem to set up with the manpower the Blackfists have put at our disposal.

So the question remains, anyone want to use the Press for anything? At the moment we can't really spare the manpower to write anything inflammatory or insightful.

As well, would anyone be interested in investing in a weapons program? We've been doing some side work on portable lightning casters, as man-portable weapons to sweep streets and clear buildings.

2012-11-13, 07:17 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Orcs of Gregoria
"Any troubles settling into Tregon?"

"Also, we'll hopefully going out into the shattered lands again this month. One thing we're keen to do now is secure land and resources for you. I understand if you're not ready to help yet. Either way, is there anywhere you particularly want us to explore?"

To the Humans of Gregoria [PM]
Ambrose leaves the city to meet with the Humans of Gregoria again.

2012-11-13, 07:19 PM
SGA/Gerard Neilson [PM]

[Okay, I switched from my Kill-All mode, and can think rationally again.]

1. Illrarym Trade Plot is a lot harder to pull off, then I first anticipated, mostly because we don’t have anywhere to direct the Empire’s Trade from Spicer’s Circle. Don’t say Underground.

2. We might be getting more profits with summer from there, if we keep the trade route operational. Most people haven’t realized, it’s in place.

3. Mercantile Guild… You have a fully operational, armed, merchant fleet that just sits in the river?

Gerard Neilson

''I understand, that you don’t mind the current environment in the Shattered Lands. Wardens and Champions are intent on changing it quickly, while we are prepared to work within existing framework and foster gradual change. And gradual change can be accounted for and factored into business model. For example, a lot of small clients, turning into one larger one, would make logistics easier.''

''Depending on how things develop, Sav Altulus may require a considerable amount of your goods, and the more trade, the deeper our pockets would be in that time. Let me just say, there are certain developments that should eventually result in a business boom for you at some point in the future.''

''We are interested in increasing our trade with Agia Lonecutter. We have an armed river merchant fleet for such venture and death of Redeye could play into our favour. Do you know anything that can help us secure a lucrative agreement? I’m also personally interested in Orn Demati. Would you know anything about the situation there?''

''Any other Warlord, that can prove to be a reasonable good trading partner?''

Drydocks, SGA/Zemalac [Fluff-PM] :smallsigh:


''Yes, sir. Mercantile Guild’s Mighty Merchant Fleet. It was built for trade, capable of carrying cargo from one side of Tethyr River to the other, faster than any other ship, currently in water. And those state of the art mortars would give any would-be pirate a run for his money. We are just waiting for orders to set sail.''

''And how long, have you been waiting for orders?’’ Vassari was choking on words.''

''Four months, since November, Sir. I... I think we've been forgotten.''

''I see.'' Vasari's stare could turn a man to stone at that point. The next word he spoke was indecipherable Shattered Lands slang.

SGA/Shipwrights Guild [4]

''Ah, I apologise. Of course, you are part of SGA and thus not under such threat. And as part of the SGA, perhaps you would consider accepting a SGA funded watch? Wardens are efficient in hunting down crime, but they are also ruthless and brutal in their methods. And you realize that they’d be running Drydocks under their own laws, which are not exactly your own. Their hatred of Warlords would mean you wouldn’t be able to get any contracts from that area and the way they operate, you will be answering to them, not the other way around.''

''A SGA Watch however would be answerable to you, and although its final authority would be SGA itself, you can expect us to always act in the interest of our members.''

2012-11-13, 07:19 PM
Wardens to Technists and Gear's Chosen

Well, if you cannot provide your own guards then we are currently unable to set up an expedition due to the unrest in the city.

As for being able to pursue your own lines of inquiry, no-one is stopping you - the Shattered Lands are wide open. But my men will not follow you as you wander around, and in such a case you will have to make your own way.

Wardens to Sausage Guild

May I confirm I understood you correctly. Your only evidence is that a set of captives you luckily caught in an operation that took you by surprise and defeated you soundly told you that they were working for the Blackfists, then were immediately freed before any sort of real investigation could take place?

I'm sorry, but that is not enough for us to wage war upon people who have done us no wrong. The Blackfists are a force for instability and chaos in the city, and I would like to see them removed eventually, but to me it looks like here they have most likely been framed, and I refuse to do the dirty work of true criminals for them.

If I am wrong and it is them, then I apologize.

Wardens to Gatekeeper's Guard

Thank you. You are good, honourable men that I am proud to be associated with.

2012-11-13, 07:51 PM
SGA (Medico Guild) to ESBA/Bookbinders [7]

''I would like to know, what the law says about the actions of Gears Chosen, in violation of the monopoly. Can members of Gear's Chosen be fined or jailed, if they refuse to follow it? Or jailed, if they refuse to pay the fine?''

[What's the Prison status? Do we need to construct a temporary one?]

2012-11-13, 08:00 PM
Mercantile's Guild

looking to the rep from the shipwrights guild, the old man responsible for representing the Mercantile's interests at these meetings just sighed and said "i believe you are misinformed...why, just this last month, these very same ships delivered the payment for the recent Blackpowder Weapons...they have also participated in several other expeditions..."

[atleast thats what i mentioned in my EoT whenever i was shipping money. mainly as fluff but it was there nonetheless. during my war with Wardens they even had orders to bombard their supply lines if they deemed it helpful to the situation.

i believe thats how my Merchant Marine trait got added to that battle.]

i will wait before making any plans regarding the shipwrights and the Drydock...i dont believe i want to antagonize the Wardens quite yet, although that day isnt far away if they keep this up...

King James
i agree that King James is clearly attempting to play everyone against eachother for his own gain, but we cant let him manipulate us...

Blackfists/other projects
we need to show that we are not pushovers willing to serve as everyones money bag for nothing in return...as such we will support the Sausage Guild in their investigation...again, we shall wait before pledging any amount of resources though.

i would also like to reiterate the desire for a military buildup to put on a show of force and further prove we will not stand for anyone threatening our interests...

is there a market for Meralldon wine in the empire?

also, Wardens mentioned something about massive war machines being deployed against them...could my warlord contacts trait provide me with more details on them?

Technists Guild: i think you should help the Wardens examine these machines. but instead of looking for weak points, you should instead figure out the best way to develop these things...

2012-11-13, 08:11 PM
Ram Revolution [D ESP 9]

Ramfist Chosen Wren (PM)

Where should we meet? I have an empty parliament building, but somehow I doubt that the fists and wren will appreciate the symbolism.

2012-11-13, 08:32 PM

1. I think the main issue is that the merchant marina wasn’t doing any actual trading, which seems to be a waste. Is it capable of carrying out trade? I’d like to set up a trade route to Agia Lonecutter.

2. Okay. Let’s not antagonize Wardens, especially with all that Blackfists business, stabbing us in the back. However, I’ll try to get them to accept SGA Watch. This way we may lose them, but Wardens don’t gain them.

3. Can you provide 6 WEL to Exchange? And invest in Merdallan Wine trading with Market Guard of Little Zanchar? We can ship it to Illarym and Agia Lonecutter. She needs to repopulate her kingdom’s ruling class and Wine would greatly expedite that process. Also shipping other stuff.

4. A military build-up… We’ll need to consider how to do it, there are several ways to organize it.

2012-11-13, 09:05 PM

May I inquire as to their nature?
[OOC]: realpolitik just gives me a passive bonus to dealing with political events, I think. I assume it's something of that sort.

2012-11-13, 10:01 PM
Mercantile's Guild

to Technists Guild/GearsChosen
Technists: can you confrm you did indeed fix the wiring of the Celestial network? just a precaution you understand, since i am not on the best of terms with the Gears...hopefully that can be put behind us though...

1. i would certainly hope my fleet is capable of carrying trade goods. thats what it was originally developed for, despite it being needed elsewhere.

2. i agree with the SGA watch proposal. commisioning ships actually netted me some influence last time so i may eventually couple that with just a bit of ESP and bring them back into the fold.

3. i will see what i can do about the wine and the exchange...

4. ormaybe an espionage buildup...i was considering that at one point in time.

2012-11-13, 10:10 PM
To United Rabblerousers of Sav Atlus(PM) Fair enough. I don't suppose the Palace is available either, regardless of how magnificent the irony would be.

To Bookbinders (8) Given the futility and needless destruction of open conflict, may I present a peaceable offer regarding our current Press? In essence, we would be willing to hand over control of the press to you giving the following three conditions.

1. The Press stays in Factories South and continues to be used, it is a holy Incarnation and must fulfill its purpose. We would have no problems per se with it being moved, but that's obviously rather impractical, especially since it is electrically powered.

2. Those Chose Initiates capable of operating the Press are granted the status of Journeymen in the Guild, in order to not render their valuable training useless. I'm sure you'll want to keep an eye on anyone with the training regardless, yes? .

3. We have two (2) months to print various forms and books for private interests who helped fun the press. We give our most solemn oath, which we are willing to back up with any magic you care to name, that none of these are intended for widespread distribution or public consumption.

In exchange, after two months, we would turn full operation of the Press in Factories South over to your own Guild-certified agents.

If you reject this sensible and well considered offer, and pressure your allies in the SGA into war, I must give you a warning. Should you direct forces to destroy us and all our work, we will retaliate We have the ability to mass produce hand presses, and if you are determined to cast us into dust we will spread them to every madman, demagogue and revolutionary in the city Let us be clear, we want to reach a civilized and diplomatic solution, but we won't die quietly.

2012-11-14, 12:43 AM
A Merdallan Meeting (PM)

"Mm. Good. I do not pretend to know why you have made this city your home, and have such grand plans with it in mind; but I will not dispute that it benefits me and mine. See to your guilds, your one ruler and the strength of your city, and as for the rest, well, we shall see."

Rhodarner to Champions (PM)

Welcome back, Ambrose. A grand service you have done us, sir, a grand service indeed, though I am now finding myself short on labor with the absence of the orcs.

Gerald Neilson to SGA (PM)

"Mmm. Lonecutter. I wish you the best of luck with that one," Neilson says. "You may find her in Demati, yes, and the only advice I can give you is not to irritate her soothsayers, as her family in general and her in particular put much stock in their omens."

Shipwright's Guild to SGA (4)

Nonsense, sir! We have already acquired a lucrative contract from the very corner that you say from which none will be forthcoming. As for your other suggestion, that of a Guild-sponsored watch, it is not without merit; but as we have already petitioned to the Wardens for their services, and would not want to play the scrub by rescinding our invitation, I am afraid we may want to table that discussion for a moment. Certainly it will be an option if we prove dissatisfied with Warden patrols, but we are bringing them on to apprehend criminals and protect the drydocks from arson and other vandalism, things which the Guild does not of course engage in. I am sure we will have no issues with them.

oblivion/SGA (PM)

Merdallan wine: Yes, but less so than elsewhere, since the Empire and the Kingdom dislike each other so much.

War Machines: Most likely the work of one Brother Told, an exiled former member of the Monks of the Ascension. He works with the Stone Wolves upon occasion.

Bookbinder's Guild to Gear's Chosen (8)

Are you entirely certain that the press cannot be moved? We are indeed inclined to accept your offer, except that the press being in the Smokeyards makes things more difficult. Our location in Blacksgage gives us ready access to the University, Sky district and the banks of Gilded, all of whom are most likely to use our services; meanwhile, your few blocks of factories border the illiterate poor of Runner's City, the busy working-men of the Smokeyards and the degenerates of the Untima, none of whom require material printed in the normal course of events.

2012-11-14, 12:57 AM
Mercantile's Guild

okay, after that display, i feel inclined to level the entire Drydock area to the ground...

[in all seriousmess, i think we should divert some ESP to put some distance between Shipwrights and Wardens...]

i propose we try to convince this Brother Told to work for us...could be useful ifpush comes to shove...

War Machines:
Oh joy...Stone Wolves...didnt i kill their leader a while back? filthy brute of a man. his warg was probably cleaner than him...

this Brother Told character...why was he exiled from the monks? selling secrets perhaps? could my Warlord contacts arrange a meeting? what kind of man is he? and finally, would he work for someone else if they payed him more than warlords?

2012-11-14, 01:12 AM
To Bookbinders Guild

Assuming that you are willing to cover the ,fairly substantial, costs involved in moving the Press, there are two main problems. First of all is the fact that the Press is electrically powered, the first complex mechanism so powered in all of creation. As the Celestial Network only extends through the Smokeyards and Runners City, we cannot commit to reaching Mewlings with it for at least four or five months, possibly more if the situation in the city boils over. At the same time, such an innovation requires fairly constant upkeep and adjustments, which I presume would be somewhat unwelcome in Mewlings.

If I may suggest a solution, perhaps move the printing of the Standard to Factories South? Wit the reopening of the University much more of your resources will obviously be committed to printing academic and scholarly texts. The newspaper, meanwhile, has always been rather more plebeian in character then most of your other works, being intended for mass consumption. So why not firmly separate them?

2012-11-14, 03:38 AM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To Blackfist, EBSA, and Ram [5]
"We would redirect that question to the EBSA,"

"EBSA, are you satisfied suspected criminals will be tried fairly?"

To Rhodarner: [PM]
"Unsurprising. It will take a long time to recover, but such struggles improve the spirit of a nation."

"I'd like to talk about improving relations between our peoples. Firstly, I'd like to open trade between our peoples, and secondly, I'd like to propose the construction of a Gregorian embassy in Sav Altulas to facilitate further discussions."

2012-11-14, 06:57 AM
SGA/Zemalac [PM]

[Just a reminder – only people with Commerce Hall Trait can view these PMs. Those who joined SGA, but didn’t build a guildhall in Guild’s Row simply don’t have a prerequisite trait]

Mercantile Guild-Wardens

It is my belief, that Wardens have simply bribed the Shipwrights Guild into joining them. If you seek to recover it, I advise hiring House Laurier negotiators. Their silver tounges could prove invaluable.

I also believe that we should take a neighborhood or two from the Wardens in retaliation, the same way they took Drydocks. I ask SGA members to support this measure with this:

[REP], if possible [WEL]
Sav Altulas Metro Trait
Trade Route to Illarym Empire

We control the safest route to Illarym Empire, which gives us a certain edge in negotiations.


1. What neighborhoods in Spicer’s Circle depend on trade with Illarym Empire? If no NPC is listed there, can we still negotiate with merchants in general?

2. Do we need to beat Wardens ESP to conduct secret negotiations?

Agia Lonecutter

Mercantile Guild - can you contact Agia Lonecutter with your Warlord Contact and see, if she would be amendable to increasing trade between us, as well as making sure she doesn't mistake our merchant flotilla for an pirate fleet.

I believe a cooperation with Wren would be possible in this issue.

SGA Projects

I realize the need to focus on security, but I believe a certain project can help us. I propose to sponsor research in Intelligent Birds in the Daimot University. This would both improve our communications and give us unique observers. They would also prove invaluable in support roles for the Airships or marine fleets.

[Either MAG or WEL, 1-2 points from each member].

Wren/Mercantile Guild [4]

The SGA is interested in expanding our trade with Agia Lonecutter. I was wondering if you could assist with negotiations [Legendary Hunt Trait]. The better trade gets, the more jobs for the people in the Runner's City, as the factories increase their production.

ESBA, Militia of Order & Justice, Ansigiries, Blackspell Watch, Ram’s Police [5]

''I was wondering, if it would be possible to organize cooperation between your watch organizations, using the ESBA field offices. An establishment of city wide ’’Wanted Criminals’’ list, information exchange, cooperation and benefiting from each other’s experience.''

''This way, a criminal fleeing Gilded, could be captured in the Old Town and if rouge Mage strikes, the anti-magic of Blackspell Watch could assist or Law Magic of Militia of Order and Justice.''

Bookbinders Guild [7]

''We’d like to inform you that, the Daimot University might be making a considerable order on books. We would of course appreciate the assistance of your proof-readers. Can you keep us informed about the state of negotiations with the Gears – whether they remain a problem to be dealt with or you’ve come to an understanding.''

ESGE & Lord Wallen [4]

''People have being fearing the dark, jumping from every shadow recently. I believe it’s our duty to reassure the citizenry, that Sav Altulus is a safe city. I intend to support Blackspell Watch in making a sweep of the Blackgage District of dark magic and demonic creatures. Could you aid this operation as well, with you guards? Or perhaps make a similar sweep in the Sky District?''

''I’m uncertain about it, but would you be interested in extending Blackspell Watch jurisdiction to the Sky District? If you are interested, the Blackspell Watch would need to be expanded, so they can handle such responsibility.''

Board of Education [ESGE, Church of Neposh] [PM, MOR-Based]


''The party in question have helped us in fighting the MU in the Blackgage District. Not Blackfists.''

''They are interested in certain smuggling operations in the Sky District. If you could assist them [4 MOR]*, they can provide the same service for Daimot [4 WEL]*.''

*MOR is generally less flexible, then WEL, having only 50% efficiency for most actions, so the deal is good.

Soul of Talidor

''Members of the Board. What was Talidor? A mercantile kingdom? A center of religion? A place of learning and knowledge? A powerful military state? Who were its heroes? Who were its villains? Can any of you answer those questions? No. The centuries have passed and, until only pale shadows of the memories remained.''

''What is a man without past? Without roots and ties? A tumbleweed blowing on the wind. Can there be a house without foundation? No. Sav Altulus is a broken city. So what would be the first step to mend it, if not start from the beginning? What was Talidor? What was Sav Altulus? Those questions must be answered, before we can ask, what can it be now?''

''I propose for us to restore the history of Talidor and Sav Altulus, and then bring it to the people. We must tell them, who they were. Who they can be. More than nobles, merchants, priests and commoners, but citizens of a proud, ancient nation. History is the soul of the nation.''

''And we would need to make decisions. The past is like a broken mirror with thousands of reflections. Which accounts to believe, how to interpret the dry facts, on which accomplishments are significant and which are not? We won’t be twisting history to suit our needs, but there is going to be a wide room for interpretation. And in the end, the Soul we’ll restore, will guide Talidor. We are not merely restoring history; we are directing its course. A heavy responsibility.''

[We have Library Trait, Halls of the Dead and Realpolitic to make the history lessons more relevant to current time – create a wave of patriotism.]

[We might consider assistance of Lord Wallen (support of nobles & plus access to their archives), ESBA (access to their records and their field offices can distribute books) and Ram (their public education system to teach history to masses)]

[I see several books – a book for academics, a book for educated and wealthy (nobility & merchants), an educational material for schools, a small book for priests teaching reading and writing to the poor (they don’t have much time to teach, before those kids are off to work in factories) and leaflets with interesting facts to be distributed with newspapers (a mix of entertainment and education, to capture interest of general public)]

2012-11-14, 08:25 AM
Church of Neposh

To Ram/ Militia Order of Justice (DESP 7)

Thank you, we will post guards at your property to make sure it doesn't get damaged.

To Evening Games Club/Silver Blood Gentlemen's Association (DESP 7)

Obstacles come with every endeavor. If you provide funding and bring some of your men to help get factories in the Pews off the ground, we can provide 2 MOR and 3 MAG to help get things productive.

To Board of Education (PM)

There have been quite a few empires in the past, why have you taken such a connection with Talidor? Is there something that happened to Talidor that hasn't happened since, or perhaps it has some link to present time?

2012-11-14, 08:44 AM
Board of Education [PM]

Mostly, it’s because Sav Altulus was capital of Talidor*.

(Or a major city, but I'm pretty sure it's the Capital).

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-14, 08:45 AM
"The Mason's Guild will colabotare with any measures needed to stop this crisis."

I have requested legal watch status for my troopers, thinking in precisely that.
I disagree in the expansion of Blackspell Watch. they have a specific training, and they should stay in the magical district, without straining to protect other parts of the city.

I would be interested in training my men to prepare them to encounter magical problems,

You have not responded to a previous letter, It must have gotten lost in the way.
Could the Wallen Troopers attain Watch status for the Sky District?

They have been guarding the streets for a while, and are experienced and honorable.

We would deliver all caught criminals directly to the Field Office in the district where the criminal was caught; and transfer custody and evidence to you for trial and sentence.

You would be free to use your forces elsewhere. I am ready to retrain my men to make them suitable watchmen if you feel it's necessary to do so.

To Council
Is it convenient to start talks? With the last things that have been happening, somehow it seems pointless.

2012-11-14, 09:32 AM

Bloodhaven (from Julius Lance)
No, I believe it is unnecessary for the Blackspell watch to infringe upon tge territory of my Blackjack Boys. We have the area well in hand.

Board of Education [pm]
Well, I'll have to put you into contact with lord StigBalathad about that. As for the History of Talidor, I believe this is definitely a worthwile endeavor.

Bloodhaven (From StigBalathad)
Ben, I mean Lord Founder put you up to this, didn't he? I've told him I've pur that behind me. Absolutely not! I will not be supporting smuggling through Sky, not after... oh, nevermind. At least, not without knowing more about what is being smuggled... no, perhaps not even then. t

2012-11-14, 10:07 AM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Esoteric Society of Gentleman Explorers
"I'm planning some more exploration in the shattered lands. Would you like to join me?"

To House Wallen
"Do you have any spare men? The bandits outside the city are starting to wear away my forces."

To House Laurier
"Greetings. I have two things to ask;"

"Firstly, how much would it cost to buy a full set of proper Merdellan Steel blades for my soldiers?"

"Secondly, do you have any spare men? Trade's starting to get a bit better, as we clear away the nearby raiders, but there's still a lot of work that needs to be done."

2012-11-14, 10:34 AM


2012-11-14, 10:42 AM

House Wallen
We easily accept the Wallen guardsmen as official watchmen. All they need to be trained in is correct documentation- it isn't enough to dump a criminal at the doorstep with only a watchman's word against his own- the watchman must have evidence, whether documented witnesses or actual physical evidence.

Sausage Guild
vandalism- must repay an item, or community service to fix it.
assault- For a brawl? A light fine. For a deadly attack, a heavy fine and prison, possibly execution if murderous intent is proved.
slander- a light fine
libel- a light fine
forgery- A heavy fine and prison sentence
impersonation of an officer- An officer of the law leads to a heavy fine, and prison time or execution depending on the motive.
incitement to riot- Usually a large fine and prison sentence.


Bookbinders Guild
We will do what we can through the law first, and we shall let you know if they will follow the law peacefully.

Gears Chosen
We have been asked by the law-abiding members of the BookBinders guild to issue a cease and desist order on your printing press. Hand the press over, and you shall be compensated for its destruction, or prepare for a full criminal investigation.

We have been asked by the Bookbinders guild to give a cease and desist order for their printing press. Do we have SGA support in actually punishing the Chosen (confiscating the press, enforcing fines) if they do not follow the law willingly?

Blackfist, Ram, and Champions
It will lengthen the process, bog it down in needless lessons, and create an inefficiency that I strongly believe is a large part of the Blackfists reasoning- but it should be fair (at least as so far as every jury being just as uneducated in law and precedent as the last).

There was a compromise brought forth that suggested that the judges be able to set a range of the punishment, and the juries take that from there. This would take less legal weight off the juries shoulders, while also keeping the power in their hands.

Grimsage Matt
2012-11-14, 11:02 AM
To the Gears/Mercantile Guild
Ya, we made the insulated cables for them. Help improve the safety a bit.

To the Gears/Wardens
On the Devices, well.... we have a bit of a lead. There happens to be someone who sometimes works with the stone wolves. He's been stealing guild secerts, and well...... Mr. Ryan, may we use a cable on somewhere sensitive without it killing him? Normally, we'd just dump him in the charcoal box, but we need to find out how much he knows first.

The Guild is begining to work on a Sky Dreadnought, mostly for defence. However, we'll be talking to some people for some extra weapons systems.

2012-11-14, 11:14 AM
Wardens to Gears, Technists

The Stone Wolves have been eliminated. I think I know who you are talking about - he managed to escape our encirclement with the help of his machines. We do not know of his present location.

Wardens to Imperial Contacts (PM)

We have heard disturbing rumours of Merdallan agents within the City, most likely working in some capacity to ensure that the future rulership of Sav Altulas will be favourable to the Kingdom instead of the Empire. They've already had some contact with the Guilds who control most of the City's finances, including the main trade route to the Empire.

In addition, we find ourselves in a need to recruit and train new men quickly to both replace losses in the Shattered Lands and consolidate gains therein. Would it be possible to acquire some trainers and/or basic equipment? We've got little to pay with for now, but we are doing our best to assist the Empire within the City and should soon have stores of raw materials that we can hopefully convert to capital.

Wardens to Verdan Contacts (PM)

How much would it cost to purchase Dragon Guns or their like, to be converted into weapons suitable for fighting against both aircraft and armoured ground-based warmachines?

2012-11-14, 11:31 AM

What about my request to support coordination between various Watch Organizations (Blackspell Watch (ESBA Certified), Ansigiries, Lord Wallen and ESGE, Militia of Order & Justice, Ram’s Police)?

Lord Wallen & ESGE [4]

Of course. I myself would prefer Blackspell Watch to keep to Blackgage. A better way would be to establish cooperation between Watches, as I’m currently trying to organize with ESBA.

Lord Wallen [OOC-PM]

Just a note – I was against Masons Guild joining Board of Education, since they just don’t fit. If Lord Wallen himself applied, that would be a different matter.

I’m uncertain what to say in the Council. If you think it’s pointless, then I guess there is no sense to do it.

Board of Education [PM, MOR-Based]

So will the academics of Daimot work on this project. I’m planning to assign [5 MAG] to it. You experience with politics and information from your travels [Realpolitic & Well-Travelled] would be invaluable.

This research would also allow us to identify the old relicts of the Talidor Empire and sites of historical significance. Through the expansion of the Champions and trade routes established by SGA, we’ll be able to send research teams to study them, in the future.

StigBalathad (PM?)

’’It’s not a question of smuggling as much as who is in control of it. The nobles of Sky district are using a number of substances for recreational activities, it’s an undeniable fact. Does it matter who is doing the supplying, if said organization is reliable and can be dealt with reasonably?’’

[MOR is basically to make nobles switch from one supplier to another.]


’’We will defend the monopoly of our member. However, as we understand the Bookbinders Guild is currently in negotiation over the issue. We’ll wait to hear from them, whether it’s resolved or not.’’

Ram [7]

’’The Daimot University will be working on restoring the historical heritage of Sav Altulus. Would you allow teaching of history, from the history books we’ll restore, in your schools?’’

ESBA/Bookbinders [7]

’’The Daimot University will be working on restoring the historical heritage of the Sav Altulus. As such, would you allow access to your archives so our academics could study historical documents. We would also welcome any assistance from your archivists.’’

’’Would ESBA field offices be available for distribution of educational materials about the history of Sav Altulus? We wish to bring the knowledge of our city’s proud history to all willing to learn and you are in best position to distribute this knowledge. Of course we’ll be coordinating with Bookbinders in preparing the educational materials.’’

SGA/Gerard Neilson [PM]

''You must have heard about the recent Champions and Wardens advance into the Shattered Lands. The Stone Wolves appear to have been soundly defeated. I'm curious to hear your opinion on their prospects.''

''Oh, and I was wondering. What are the most advanced methods of communication respectable Deplorian can offer, if he has any such available''.

2012-11-14, 11:57 AM
Wardens to the Mine-lords of the Shattered Lands (PM?)

This is an official warning. We are going to pacify and take control of the regions directly surrounding Sav Altulas. You've seen us annihilate the men you sent to help the Stone Wolves, along with the Wolves themselves - their shattered remnants fled the region. You are surrounded and weak, and the City is directing more and more of its attention outwards. Forts border your lands, our patrols and scouts pass through them.

If you put yourselves under our protection, trade your goods through us to the City and do nothing more to fight against us, we will let you keep your holdings and most of your profits.

If you refuse, we will put the mines under the administration of someone else.

((OOC: I'll be using my entire Rep on this.))

2012-11-14, 02:43 PM
Gears Chosen (8)

To Technists-
and Wardens I can't really guarantee how non-lethal it would be. On the other hand, we have these really intricate acid-etching techniques and we are curious how human flesh would react to them...

Also, we may be able to send up to 4 or 5 five Mil and the Gilded Pyramid, as well as Van Ryan and some Designers and Incanters. Assuming all the guilds see reason anyway.

-And Mercantile Guild So, are you satisfied with their word? I would like to move past our former hostility.

2012-11-14, 02:50 PM
Blackhand to the Sausage Guild [PM]

A small, plump elderly woman eventually shows up to the meeting, leaning on a cane, though smiling.
"Well, then", she says, getting right down to business.
"Nasty thing, this entire story. Now, the Blackfist could plead its innocence a lot here, but my boys are hardly joining any choirs any time soon, I know that. You wouldn't believe a word of it.
There's a better way to make peace here. Money. We did not take oyur district, but as a sign of good faith between the worker and merchant classes..."
She pulls a face, as if she had just bit on something distasteful, then continues.
"We will send you men and resources to replace what you lost. [1 military] of it. That should cover that. And I'm sure a gift of some money could be arranged as well, to grease the wheels of understanding."

2012-11-14, 06:29 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)

Blackfist, EBSA, Champions

I believe the blackfists were against that proposal, and since this is technically a deal between them and James, I'm inclined to give in to them. That being said, if your willing to provide several judges, the city is large enough we can call up several juries at once, cutting down the time it will take to run someone through the system. We'd also need to get, at the least, the major factions in the city to agree that a jury summons is illegal to turn down, or the system will collapse (or at least, only be workable in our neighborhoods). but that can be fully dealt with in time.

2012-11-14, 07:45 PM
Mercantile's Guild

House Laurier
greetings...would you be interested in sending someone down to the SGA hall?

[not sure if they are still a part of the SGA after their whole transition from NPC to PC back to NPC...]

The Guild is of course open to stealing territory away from the Wardens...sounds like fun.

Vasiri's Communications:
intelligent birds? interesting proposal. i do agree they could be useful as messengers and the like...can probably provide 2 WEL since magic isnt my thing.

House Laurier[GM]
[i just put the message here in case they still have a representitive here...]

i hear your negotiaters are some of the best in the city. in an attempt to win back the leadership of the Shipwrights Guild, i would like to hire some of them to work with me in winning back their hearts and minds. i can pay...

[essentially, i am asking for their [persuasive] trait be used to help me. atleast i think thats what the traits called.

to Warlord Contacts(SGA/Wren may read)[PM]
Aia Lonecutter: greetings. the members of the Sovereign Guilds Association of Sav Altulas, would like to know if you are amendable to increasing trade between us. we already have a fast fleet of merchant cutters ready and waiting to ship goods from Sav Altulas to your holdings and vice versa.

SGA/Gerald Nielson[PM]
I would also like to know what kind of weaponry you are dealing in at this time.

any idea on if the next stage of Blackpowder weapons research is making any progress?[referring to [BPW V]]

[currently at stat-cap again thanks to loss of Drydock. looking for ways to increase my strength without actual stats.]

To Gears-Chosen
that is acceptable, should we be able to direct appropriate funds to this.

[i may not know until Friday/EoT due date, so just put in a contigency or something just n case i can direct the funds]

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-14, 08:15 PM
To Doctor Vassari & ESGE
Watch colaboration? It sounds promising. We could unify procedures,and act together in several matters.

To Thelonius & Zemalac OOC PM
I've actually been planning to send Lord Wallen back to school, to hone his magical skills. Never really got around to do it, with all the recopnquering-the-university/saving-the-city-from-menace-after-menace/etc; but now it feels like a good time.

Head of the Student's Comitee, anyone?

2012-11-14, 10:30 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)

Orcs of Gregoria

First, let me welcome you to the city. I hope you will find yourselves as successful in your recent exile as many of us have already.

Now, down to business. While having more people in our beloved city is always fun, would you perhaps be willing to meet with a representative of the Revolution? We support the poor and downtrodden, and many of us are refugees like yourself - there are even many of your fellow orcs in our ranks, and rest assured, they have rights equal to any other being in our service, unlike under that poor excuse for a king you beheaded.

Grimsage Matt
2012-11-14, 10:33 PM
To the Orcs of Gregoria/SGA
Welcome to the city. Hear you got some fine craftsmen among ya. You want to head over to the Sovergin Guild Assosication sometime? Always intrested to have some fresh talent round here.

2012-11-15, 12:32 AM
Gear's Chosen (8)

To House Laurier Greetings, the Celestial Network will very rapidly be reaching the ends of Runners City, and I am curious if you would like to extend the light and warmth of progress to Lomb Circle? Specifically this month we would be able to reach Tremorous.

To Champions of Sovereignty Greetings, the Celestial Network will very rapidly be reaching the ends of Runners City, and I am curious if you would like to extend the light and warmth of progress to your territory? Specifically this month we would be able to reach either Resseville or Hopers.

To Church of Neposh Greetings, the Celestial Network will very rapidly be reaching the ends of Runners City, and I am curious if you would like to extend the light and warmth of progress to Oldtown? Specifically this month we would be able to reach Dozen Dancers.

To Millitia Greetings, the Celestial Network will very rapidly be reaching the ends of Runners City, and I am curious if you would like to extend the light and warmth of progress to Oldtown? Specifically this month we would be able to reach Fractures.

To Heladuit Court [spoiler] Greetings, the Celestial Network will very rapidly be reaching the ends of Untima, and I am curious if you would like to extend the light and warmth of progress to Oldtown? Specifically this month we would be able to reach The Drueger Grounds.

WrenFistGearRam (PM) So, just to be clear, will all the forces I have open be needed for defense this month?

Technists so, who is this man you want to interrogate exactly? what might he know?

2012-11-15, 01:41 AM
The Sausage Guild
Def Esp 7

To the Blackhand
First we would like to correct a misapprehension. We are not merchants. We are workers. The sausage Guild is formed for the benefit of its workers and adheres to the wishes of its workers. The fact that you are equating us with some theoretical merchant class shows us that you are regarding the Guild from the completely wrong perspective.

Now as to your proposal we are willing to accept it. However our good name has been impugned. If you would be willing to investigate Pepperstoch and determine who was behind this it would go a long way to clearing up relations between us.

To the Gear's Chosen
Unfortunately until we can get our current situation resolved we are suspending all infrastructure improvements, including expanding the metro into the Smokeyards.

To the Champions of Sovereignty
We have the confessions of several of the men inciting the riots that they were working under orders from the Blackfists.

To the Wardens
Very well then we will acquire more proof. To that end we ask that you stay out of Pepperstoch. Your methods, while effective, tend to be disruptive, we doubt anything would be left for our investigators to discover after you suppress the riots. We are more than capable of handling this ourselves now that we are aware outsiders are attempting to stir up trouble against us, and no doubt you have better uses for you forces in the shattered lands anyway.

To House Wallen
(Are you going to contact Andouir? He asked for you in the EoT.)

To the Conductor
First of all we thank you for your assistance in keeping the rioters out. Second we have a proposal for you. You are collecting information on everything as it passes through Allscross yes. Well what if you could collect information from everywhere in the city. We have in mind a network of magic. Runes laid below the streets that could track objects as they move and flow around the city. Obviously the details of how various objects would be tracked would need to be worked out, but as a first step we plan to implement such a runic grid underneath Gilded. And we wonder if you would be interested in the project.

To the EBSA
Because all of those occurred during the rioting.

Blackfist Situation
We are currently in negotiations with the Blackfist so perhaps this will all be settled amicably. However we would ask if other members of the SGA could contribute to our security in the coming month. It is possible they are simply trying to dissuade us from attacking while they attack again, and unfortunately our security measures have proven inadequate for such a conflict.

On a similar subject we are contemplating installing a much improved security system. Rather than relying on the memories of our guard captains, who of course can't memorize each member of the guild, we are thinking of creating a magical security system. By using some sort of guild seal we could identify all legitimate guild members easily, and by extension identify non guild members attempting to cause trouble quickly.

We were planning to implement this in Gilded first, but if any other members of the SGA wish to be involved we are open to collaboration.

(It could also build off the security work we did last turn.)

Main problem with any build up is where to put it. With the loss of Pepperstoch I'm at my cap. I'm willing to invest in increasing the SGA's infrastructure though. Give it its own cap. That or something like the security net I'm proposing which is more of a trait than actual stats. Equipping all our forces with guns would also work.

Mercantile Guild-Wardens
None of my metro goes under Warden Territory. They have been a bit leery of letting my tunnelers under their buildings. :)

Also I don't really want to antagonize the Wardens while I'm still not certain if my agreement with the Blackfist is going to hold.

Magic Birds
My magic is going to go into the Guild Seals. Which is going to be more than just objects. It's also going to be grid of runic magic under my neighborhoods that tags anyone entering with varying levels of knowledge based on what the runic grid has on file. So my officers would basically be able to see at a glance if someone belongs or not. I have some ideas for a more offensive approach to keep track of other factions, but I am obviously focusing more on the defense until I feel secure.

2012-11-15, 05:46 AM
The Champions of Sovereignty

To the Sausage Guild:
"Oh, that's pretty simple then. The Militia of Order and Justice should have magic to ensure they're telling the truth. I'll invite them along, and hear the confession myself."

"Where are you keeping the inciters?"

To the Gears Chosen
"We do not have the funds to pay for an extension of your network at this time."

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-15, 06:40 AM
Perfect, then. I will happily train my men in whatever skills you consider necessary. I had thought as much, but prefer to ask for your expertise than go around, assuming things.

Doctor Vassari has commented to me that he has asked you for a similar thing.

I would be willing to create Neighbourhood-Specific watches, and to have said watches colaborating; to restore law to the city once and for all.

To the Champions of Sovereignity
Your Majesty, my forces are continously invested in watch jobs; and it's not convenient to invest them elsewhere. Should the City come to danger, my troops will be a valuable adition to its defense.

To the Sausage Guild and Zemalac (OOC)
(Wha?... I'll read the EoT again; I must have misread. Thanks for pointing it out.)
EDIT: No, I was not contacted by Andouir in the EoT, or so far.
I'll contact him later; when I figure out what is this about :smalltongue:

2012-11-15, 07:10 AM
SGA [PM] (Edit)

Sausage Guild/Mercantile Guild

Perhaps I could arrange for certain information services [ESP], with a certain organization I know, if you could spare some coin.

Lord Wallen (6)

''I would be interested in supporting a project to establish a Sky Watch to police the Sky District. This would free up your [MIL] from the need to protect it from various attacks by ruffians and infiltrators. I’m certain Lord Founder would be supportive as well, as it would allow his men to engage in exploration, in full knowledge that their villas wouldn’t be ransacked in their absence.''

''However, you may know, that I take a certain view on crime. Certain forms of it, I believe are much better managed by criminals. And while murder or theft are things not to be tolerated, there are grey areas, victimless crimes, that harm no one. Now in bad hands, those grey areas can turn bad. There is a certain saying. The best way to keep away a dragon, is to have one. Would you be amendable to such views?''

[[I]All the cool kids are doing it!]

[Proposing establishing a minor NPC like Blackspell Watch, with aid of ESBA and ESGE. It’ll be semi-independent, funded by our factions and nobles of the District.]


Intelligent Birds

I’ll have to put that one on hold unfortunately. A vital research for Bloodhaven has come up and I can’t spare mages.


I’ll contribute [2 ESP]. Of course defender’s job is always the hardest. I advise theMercantile Guild to bolster their defenses as well (some of your ESP to defence perhaps?).


*What happened to the firearms? Didn’t Mercantile Guild spend a ton of WEL to get those?

I’ll support establishing proper SGA operations as an enduring institution, rather than a temporary alliance.

[I say we turn Commerce Hall into Symbol of Authority, give it currently unattached ECO, ESP (with that project of analyzing information) and MIL to defend airship trade and Illarym forts.]

2012-11-15, 01:10 PM
Wardens to Sausage Guild


We will give you a month to search for clues undisturbed by my men if you swear an oath to leave the neighbourhood under our control afterwards and to not attempt any subversion.

2012-11-15, 01:59 PM
Sausage Guild
Def Esp 7

To the Champions of Sovereignty
We aren't. They were rescued in the rioting and we are still tracking them down again.

How much coin for how much information.

Well I thought it was a typo, but maybe not. Who is Lord Sallen?

To the Wardens
No of course we won't swear such an oath. There is no guarantee that we will find the perpetrators in a month and we will retain control of Pepperstoch for as long as necessary. Once we find them then you will help us bring them to justice and we will turn control of the neighborhood over to you as agreed. But we won't bind ourselves to an agreement that could cut our investigation short while it is still underway, then the perpetrators would never be found.

2012-11-15, 02:11 PM
Wardens to Sausage Guild

That is unacceptable. You could as well spend years investigating and not find anything, or centuries if there simply is no traces to be found, if there even was a true conspiracy at work. And we couldn't even know if your investigation had concluded.

As for 'retaining' your influence, you currently have none in Pepperstoch and your investigators will have to work through the rioters. Regardless of whether the riots were instigated by a third party, the people of Pepperstoch despise you now and will continue to do so.

We will give our men orders to work with your investigators in the neighbourhood and hand over to you any evidence we come upon, but we will be moving in.

2012-11-15, 02:15 PM
Blackhand to the Sausage Guild [PM]

"It is in our own interest to clear this up as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We don't want to be known as the group who sabotages other hard workers of the city while they do their duty."
She pauses.
"Who do you think would have an interest in this kind of thing? Getting us to be at each other's throats? I would blame the nobility, but this is not James' style, I think. Neither is it the Warden's. Foreigners, maybe?"

2012-11-15, 02:23 PM
Sausage Guild

To the Wardens
And as we have already said your men will only muddle what evidence there is. We are willing to accept a limit, but one month is too short, we propose three.

To the Blackfist
It could be foreigners, however why are you so quick to dismiss the Wardens. They are certainly eager to keep us from investigating the matter properly.

2012-11-15, 02:23 PM
To Sausage Guild Well, your metro has already reached Fat Tippest, yes? We've completed basic wiring there for the blackfist and could rout your supply through there as well.

2012-11-15, 02:34 PM
Wardens to Sausage Guild

All right. We will give you a choice. Work with our men right now, move in, hopefully our methods will be of assistance instead of muddling the tracks if you coordinate properly. The Wardens are extremely disciplined and can be trusted not to destroy what should be captured.

Alternatively, swear an oath to, regardless of the current results of the investigation and actions taken thereof, peacefully give us control over the neighbourhood of Pepperstoch after two months from this day forward, and to not intentionally attempt to subvert said control later by any means.

2012-11-15, 02:44 PM
To the Gear's Chosen
We are in fact planning to seal the Fat Tippest tunnels as a sign to the Blackfist that we no longer hold them any ill will.

To the Wardens
And why exactly should we swear anything. What do you swear to do in return.

2012-11-15, 03:05 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Sausage Guild [5]
"Oh, okay. I'll wait until they're found."

"Can I help with tracking them down? I understand if you don't want me directly involved, I am biased, but maybe I can help the SGA complete any other tasks that might be occupying your agents?"

2012-11-15, 03:13 PM
To the Champions of Sovereignty
We are actually quite willing to accept your aid in discovering the culprit. We understand that you may have bias, but we will believe the Blackfist will be working to clear there name, and perhaps even the Wardens will help. With so many sources of information in addition to our own investigators any bias should cancel out.

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-15, 03:33 PM
To Doctor Vassari
Your views are... Interesting. Specially given that some of my friends would probably agree.

What do you propose, exactly?

to the champions of Sovereignity
Your Majesty; despite the issue of the availability of my men; is what we discussed [last turn] still relevant?

So, what is the decission on the attack to the monopoly and our Guilds? I will colaborate by any means necessary.

2012-11-15, 04:03 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the House Wallen [5]
"Now may not be the best time, I'll keep you up to date"

"Is there anything your House needs at this time?"

To the Sausage Guild [5]
"Thank you. I'll send my agents up to your headquarters soon so we can get started"

2012-11-15, 04:06 PM


From Stigbalbalathad (not a pm, unless you want to meet)
It does not matter, but I find it worrisome that you of all people, as a doctor, are advocating such use. I myself find such people dull company, hardly capable of advanced logic. No, I would have to know specifics, doctor. If you wish to meet in person to discuss this, I would be happy to oblige, though I may be leaving the city briefly in the coming months on business.
From Julius Lance
Yes, this could be a worthwhile endeavor, however should such a collaboration come about, we would still need to have a degree of autonomy.

Board of Education [pm, I think]
Indeed, I would be able to provide the knowledge of the house historians of the various noble houses in Sky district. Obviously they will have some... minor discrepancies, but not any too difficult to work out.

Champions of Sovereignty
James, could I get specifics on the exploration you are planning?

2012-11-15, 04:10 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Esoteric Society: [5]
"We're taking a breather this month, give us a chance for recruitment, and to give our men a rest."

"I'll get you a copy of our maps, and bring you in on the decision making next month. Would it just be your Lordship, or are you able to free up some of your military forces by next month?"

2012-11-15, 04:46 PM
Wardens to Sausage Guild

We would swear to not move into Pepperstoch until the allotted time or in any other way act to impede your investigation, and to not attempt any sort of subterfuge against your agents.

2012-11-15, 06:13 PM
Wardens, Chosen and Blackfists
[i dont know what we will do about the whole printing press incident, since GM has not responded yet.]

The Guild plans to split its assets between helping you defend, retaking Drydocks and perhaps stealing other areas from the Wardens depending on how things go...

expect atleast 2 ESP or so to help you. normally i would offer all of it to you but i refuse to let the Wardens get too comfortable in the Drydocks and plan to do something about it. they are sending in a company of the Gatekeepers Guard to patrol the area. cant say i have ever heard of them...in other words i will see what i can do depending on if i find it possible to retake Drydock.

i just had another idea regarding a way to help me in Drydock. you can read my message to the Shipwrights and the subsequent message to GM. my goal is to take the neighbourhood outright but plan B is just eliminating any real hold the Wardens have over the area

plan C is of course torching the area...(to be avoided at all costs)


[I support turning the Hall into a Symbol of Authority.]

[i have the firearms but we need to improve the factories infrastructure so we can produce them.]

to Shipwrights Guild
We of course realize that armed soldiers are not welcome, but in order to promote peace between us, would you be willing to accept a team of my engineers? they are well-trained and could help improve your ships.

to GM
sending Sorenson and the rest of my engineers from the Gear to help the Shipwrights would give me some influence over them correct? this would of course be coupled with WEL and ESP among other things.

would i need to contend with the Wardens morale or just the Shipwrights? i understand there is whatever stats Murska put towards this but i think morale could be the deciding factor here.

2012-11-15, 06:38 PM
Stigbalbalathad [4]

I respect personal choice. If a man in a late age, choses to endanger his life in reckless adventures, should I, as Doctor force him to stay at home with his loving wife? No. It’s that man’s personal choice and as it doesn’t harm others, what right do I have to interfere with it? I can however, do my best to lessen the negative consequences of person’s choices. And in case of recreational substances, a more reliable supplier from Elfwatch, which I know to maintain standards and class, would be a safer option.

Lord Wallen [6]

Two things. You persuade the nobles*, that they can do better with a different supplier of the recreational substances. And should a Sky Watch be formed, well, they let people to have their hobbies, if they don’t hurt anybody.

[*Checked with Zemalac – MOR action. Do note that MOR gives only 50% returns in most actions, so it’s less useful then other stats in growth. I’ll arrange for either compensation or favor owed.]


Monopoly: if Bookbinders and Gears reach no compromise, we declare Gears as wanted men – subject to paying fines or jail, should they fail to pay those fines. Between SGA and neighbourhoods, that respect ESBA law, we’ll have a considerable part of the city barred to them. If this doesn’t work, we’ll think of a more direct approach. Hopefully, by that time the situation with Pepperstoch attack would be resolved and we’ll have a free hand to act.

Wardens: if Mercantile Guild is in favour and there are no objections, we’ll make an offer to a neighbourhood under Wardens control to come under our protection, just as it happened with the Shipwrights. And as the Guild said…

Pepperstoch: Sausage Guild determines our response, which I believe is currently investing [ESP] into finding the truth and protecting against new espionage attacks.

2012-11-15, 06:51 PM
i agree with the solution to the Gears-Chosen. the EBSA has already offered its support.

i will of course support the SGA in persuading a Warden neighburhood to join us...i am happy as long as the Wardens walk away a little bit weaker...

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-15, 09:16 PM
To Dwimmercant Families [PM]
Madame Beteoui sat down in her hall. The Dwimmercant representative had arrived not long ago.

After the proper introduction, she asked him something directly.

"We have had the most interesting proposal from Doctor Vassari. He wishes to colaborate and create a Watch, to better control crime around the neighbourhods. He would want that Watch to be... Let's say blind when regarding certain minor crimes."

She paused.

"He has proposed to make the nobles change their suppliers of... Recreational substances.

You have always been a great trader and an honorable noble, and now you are one of the most respected Party Members. How would you feel about such a proposal?

I believe it would be a good idea to keep the supplier the nobles always had, as long as he is a friend of us. Then, it would be better to have the Watch turn a blind eye about HIS actions, don't you think?

By the way, you wouldn't know if the Nobles of the Old families use this substances, right?"

2012-11-15, 10:04 PM
oblivion6/SGA (PM)

Brother Told: You could indeed arrange to meet him with Warlord Contacts. As for the rest, you'll have to learn that for yourself.

Bookbinder's Guild to Gear's Chosen (8)

While your proposal has some merit, I do not believe it is truly a practical one, if only because the editorial staff that manages the Standard must remain in Mewlings so as to keep in close contact with the rest of the Guild. Moving the entire production of the Standard to the factories district, therefore, would be unwise. However, using your press to create the Lower City's portion of the broadsheet is not a bad suggestion, and I believe at the very least a trial run is in order to determine how effective that might be.

Rhodarner to Champions (PM)

"The embassy I can see to easily, so long as certain orcs now living under the auspices of your city don't run into my ambassador too often. Trade may be more difficult, simply because the orcs were the labor force in Gregoria. Replacing them, and thereby acquiring something worth trading, may take some time."

Bookbinder's Guild to Doctor Vassari (7)

Of course, sir. The Chosen, currently, have put forth the proposal that we take control of their press in Factories South and use it to print copies of the Sav Altulas Standard and other broadsheets for the Lower City, a proposal that I cannot say is without merit. I believe we may have come to an understanding, though I do hope to find some way of expressing that this sort of defiance of Guild monopoly is entirely unacceptable.

Vassari/SGA (PM)

In response to these (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=14221255&postcount=173) questions:

1) Mainly Imperial First, but to a lesser extent the entire district.

2) Yes.

Evening Games Club/Silver Blood Gentlemen's Association to Church of Neposh (7)

Well, we'll see what we can do. At the very least it'll be better than throwing good money after bad into Blackfist territory.

Bookbinder's Guild to EBSA (15)

If possible, I think we may wish to settle this issue with the Chosen outside of court.

Imperial Contacts to Wardens (PM)

Thank you for alerting us to Royal agents in your city. We will send someone to investigate the matter.

As for your request for equipment and trainers, we can spare the former but not the latter at present time.

Verdan Contacts to Wardens (PM)

Not all that expensive at all, I expect. Utilizing them may be more difficult--barring extreme strength, most find it much easier to mount dragon guns and the like on swivels, to be used as defensive emplacements or on ships. Your infantry force may have more difficulty with them.

Gerald Neilson to SGA (PM)

"Indeed, I have heard of the Wardens leaving the city once more, though I hadn't heard of the Stone Wolves yet. I imagine they will push outward successfully for another month or two, before getting bogged down as the rest of the minor warlords and despots around here band together. It will certainly be good for business, either way."

"As for methods of communication, there are as many as there are artificers. However, I should note that Verdan is a small island, and most of the people on it are either in Veras, the Ascension Monastery, or are natives who distrust technology. There is not, I fear, much understanding of the sort of distance which exists in the Shattered Lands and elsewhere. If you want something that can deliver messages to someone else in the city, quickly and efficiently, that can certainly be arranged; but elsewhere, I am afraid that a lack of a need for innovation in Veras has sadly left us lacking in some matters."

Mine-Lords to Wardens (PM)

The response from the mine-lords is mixed. Some immediately cede, some respond insultingly, some attempt to kill the messengers. Some don't respond at all, either out of fear, defiance, or because they're too busy cramming their saddlebags with as much gold as will fit.

The Conductor to Sausage Guild (7)

suCh a tHInG WOUlD Be uSEFuL tO Me, tO BE SuRE. veRy usEFUl......,i. I AmGlad yOU BRouGHT THE IdEA tO MY attention, and of course I am interested in the project.

House Wallen/Sausage Guild (PM)

RE: Andouir: Read your EoT again more carefully, Arcane. He did not ask for Lord Wallen.

I wonder who else it might be?

Shipwright's Guild to Mercantile's Guild (4)

Sir, with all due respect, your engineers are men trained for land-based issues. We, meanwhile, have worked for a good long while on our ship designs. Frankly, I doubt your men could have anything to lend to our discussions, though I hate to be so blunt.

Dwimmercant to Madame Beteoui (PM)

The Dwimmercant representative accepted a cup of tea before responding.

"I see no reason to change our arrangements in who supplies us with, as you say, certain substances," he said, amusement tinging his tone. "And I greatly respect your coming to us before proceeding with such a plan. Undue change in such matters has a tendency to bring them to the attention of those who might otherwise have passed by in blissful ignorance. To use a metaphor that one of the Fisher houses as yourself might better understand, this is a boat that I do not feel is in particular need of rocking. And I must say, no watch, no matter what the good Doctor says, is going to do anything but turn a blind eye to certain things in Sky District." His smile did not quite reach beyond his mouth. "One of the benefits of holding a patent of nobility, I suppose."

2012-11-15, 10:36 PM
So to be clear I am going to be working on the Security Grid, working to actually secure myself with hopefully some SGA agents, and work on the infrastructure for the Commerce House.

Also does anyone know a Lord Sallen?

To the Conductor
Excellent then we shall begin at once. Now as we said we intend to start with a Grid under Gilded that will detect humans and perhaps animals since living things are our area of expertise. Do you have any ideas of how we can tag non living objects. We believe we once heard that you were able to do so with coins.

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-15, 11:07 PM
To Dwimmercant Families [PM]
"Of course, of course". Madame Beteoui smiled. She knew what to do next.

"I believe we will go on with the good Doctor's proposal of a combined watch.

It will look good, and give us more power in the long run, specially if we get to name the Commander.

Except we will make sure we are the ones pulling the strings around here, as always. We intend to have the Watch turn just one eye blind. We will make sure it's the one pointing to our friends, of course.

The other one will remain forever vigilant, and even more than before, now that we know that our friends are not the only fish in this particular barrel.

On other matters, you have not responded to one of my last questions.

Do you think we would be able to gain leverage on some of the older families by the knowledge of their... Consumption of these substances? Perhaps make them better supporters of our opinions?

Of course there would be something in it for you. I'd love to be able to buy you a Mansion in Risen Court."

I will be colaborating for the Network, then.

To doctor Vassari
While we agree on the subject of Police colaboration and small, private crimes, it would not be convenient to alter the balance of forces in this matter.

The Nobles are already the most healthy sector of town; there is nothing wrong with their products.
I thank you for your concern. I believe that we should reach a legal decission to legalize certain substances, to take all tha hassle away from the guard.

In those matters; I'd like to propose Ser Wallenstein as Commander of the Sky Watch.

OOC: Do I need to invest anything to create the Watch?

To Board of Education and Zemalac
"Greetings. My family bussiness and my duties to the City and the Party have prevented me from following what has been one of my dreams: Getting my second degree in Magic.

Now I see an oportunity for that: I offer to pay 3 Wealth for my scholarship; and my services to organize a Student's comitee to improve camaraderie amongst them, and create the kind of critical thinking and teacher-student feedback that is vital for the well-being of educational institutions as our venerable Daimot University.

Sincerely, Lord Henry Wallen
(Third Class Mage*)"

*It would be a basic Magic degree.
OOC: Lord Wallen goes back to the classroom to level up. I would use up his action for 3 turns, paying 3 wealth per turn.

In exchange, Lord Wallen would level up and research specific spells (That would be between me and Zem, if I'm accepted)

2012-11-15, 11:20 PM
Gear's Chosen (8)

To Bookbinders That sounds like an excellent compromise, and we would be happy to accept your offer. If we're printing the papers so much closer to the lower city ,we might also have the opportunity to sift through more stories of local interest, properly screened of course. At the moment we are somewhat disturbed by the consolidation and spread of those outfits dedicated to spreading foul poisons and opiates through the city.

2012-11-16, 03:57 AM

I intend to use the dragon guns with three-man weapon crews. One man carries the gun, another the mount and a third the ammunition. If one man is killed, the ammo is split between the others. When a threat is detected, they set up the gun, with a loader, spotter and gunner, and open fire from behind the cover of friendly infantry. Would this work?

2012-11-16, 05:42 AM
Board of Education/Lord Wallen [PM-ish, I won't be spending my MOR every turn for it...]

Daimot Budget:

I request 2 WEL allocation for printing of Talidor History Books. I will shift 2 MAG to teaching bright students, like Lord Wallen, arts of magic.

History of Talidor

I also request Lord Wallen's assistance in reconstruction of the History of Talidor. If the nobles of Sky District could provide access to their private libraries or share the histories of their families, it would be of great assistance to rediscovering the heritage of Sav Altulus.

Bookbinders Guild/ESBA [7]

I'm glad to hear that your issues with the Gear's Chosen are resolved.

Ah. Well, I believe people will see the reason, why SGA strictly enforces monopolies soon enough. Soon enough indeed.


''It appears the conflict between Bookbinders and Gear's Chosen is resolved.''

''However, there is a certain loose end, that I plan to deal with personally. If any of you are doing any joint projects with Gear's Chosen, I advise that you delay them, until the situation is resolved.''

Lord Wallen & ESGE [4]

I withdraw my proposal then, as it appears it’s unwelcome.

2012-11-16, 08:01 AM

Board of ed. To Wallen
If I could have access to your previous education records, we will take you into consideration. I have no doubt that you will be elegible, however it is a matter of formality, you see.

Champions of sovreignity
Many thanks. Indeed, we will travel with limited personal guard, and others. It depends on the spesific expedition, though.

Ah, well that is another matter entirely. It would do well to advocate a more safe alternitive. However, I am afraid I cannot be seen to take money from smugglers to support the college. You understand it would be a public relations nightmare.

2012-11-16, 09:15 AM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)

RamFistWrenGear (pm)

So, do we have any actions that are actually taking place this turn? Do I need to hold my forces in reserve, just in case, or am I free to use them for other projects?

2012-11-16, 09:21 AM
Ramfistgearwren [PM]

Indeed we do. The Sausage Guild does not want to negotiate, they are making ridiculous demands. Therefore, the Wren and I have decided to pool our espionage (and, hopefully yours). We are sending 1 point of military to the Sausage guild as a first round of consolation. As part of that 1 point, we are also sending a good deal of double agents, so for that, we want to use as much espionage as possible.

I say we should use as much as possible of the rest of our resources to prepare for war.

2012-11-16, 11:27 AM

Well, as I said, I can contribute 3 Mil and the Gilded Pyramid this turn. I'm also working on a few projects that will hopefully greatly boost my troops efficiency over the next few months.

Oh, by the way, I've come to an agreement with the bookbinders guild. I've got two months of free use of the Press, then it will be used to Print the Sav Atlus Standard's editions for the Lower City. As well, they've promised to induct all those who work and operate the Press as Journeymen into the Guild. I trust the opportunities are somewhat obvious?

2012-11-16, 11:31 AM
To the Wardens
Very well then we will swear to hand our control of Pepperstoch over in two months time, and not to attempt to subvert that control, if you will swear not to move into Pepperstoch until the allotted time or in any other way act to impede our investigation, and to not attempt any sort of subterfuge against our agents.

2012-11-16, 11:33 AM
Orc Uprising from Gregoria

While most of the Orcs were toiling to make Tregon their new home, a considerable group of them was instead exploring the fabled city of Sav Altulas. Mostly they started conversing with local Orcs, finding out more how the life here is like and the various everyday rules, bussiness ettiquette and other things one would have to consider when living in a new and unknown society. They did not get beyond the first district much this month though.
During one of the walks Krien Roadhand grabbed one of those "Sav Altulas Standard" pamphlets everyone was reading. After a concentrated reading and a quick laugh he handed the pamphlet to his companion Dor.
"You've gotta read this. We're in their news!"

To GM:
I don't know how much scouting I am actually allowed to do in this round beyond the bridge, but if I do get to scout, please tell me what I find out, assuming I only explore the Stacks and taking my negative trait into account. My Orcs are especially looking on how the city Orcs make their lives in the various neighbourhoods of Stacks and will probably converse with quite a few of them. I am also expecting to hear who has say in this area and how they are seen by the people, especially after the lecture of Sav Altulan politics by Ambrose.

Also I don't know if it is warranted to post more info about my negative trait. It is something others would be aware of after all.

Bookbinder's Guild:
From: Krien Roadhand
To: Bookbinder's Guild

I saw that Sav Altulas Standard and you seem quite informed about the city's day to day happenings. If there are any older versions of the Standard, could you send a copy of them over to Tregon?

To Bloodhaven Hospital:
Dear Doctor Morden Vassari.
We have heared only good things about you, although no one told us you were a member of the Guilds too. We would first like to settle in a bit before we start buying and selling on such a scale. Having our own clinic outside of the city sounds interesting, but where would you find enough people that actually want to work with us back in Tregon?
Don't be discouraged but give us some time.

Brigwa Stonecutter, Krien Roadhand

To Wardens:
The houses in Tregon seem to be in quite a good shape, but we may take up your offer if we need more space.
There are still some things we will have to discuss with the rulers of the city before pledging ourselves to it's defence. For now expect us to do what we can to keep us and the city safe.

To Champions of Sovereignty:
"We are ready to help your efforts and do our part in defending the city. Especially if you want to give us our own land.
There are a few conditions, however. [Brigwa hands the Champion's representant the letter they recieved from the Wardens.] Tregon is declared autonomous and under permanent Orcish rule. Any adjacent farm and forest land can be freely used by us. Tributes will only be asked if we are also granted the freedom of conducting our own bussiness in the city and are officially accepted as equal citizen of Sav Altulas.
I know that you may still not have the full authority for all this, so maybe we should also make sure that the council accepts all that. How about we visit it next month and you speak on our behalf? We would of course send our warriors with you as long as you accept our conditions."

To Ram Revolution:
We already heared of your Revolution. Not all we heared was good. But what you say interests me and we are all more then willing to hear from your side of the conflict for ruling the city.

To all SGA (answering Technists question):
I don't know how much some of us are skilled in the finer arts, but each one of us knows how to work and is probably more enduring than any elf or human labourer. We have farmers, miners, hunters, lumberjacks, guards, fishermen, builders, water carriers and pretty much any other jobs that bring you the raw materials for goods.
But could you tell us more about the Sovereign Guilds Association and it's inner workings? Also we heared that one of your members is the United Alliance of Labor. We have no idea though what exactly they do and if we will have to negotiate with them first about things concerning labor. We don't want to get into a debacle like the one with the presses I read about in the Standard.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Krien Roadhand

To Official City Council:
(Def.Esp.4? Or is it open to the whole city?)
We want to inform you that we were officially invited into Sav Altulas by King James himself and that we will be settling in the village of Tregon to the east. We hope to be accepted as equal and free citizen by you.

Signed by the Orc Council in Tregon:
BS, DB, [a few zigzag scribbles], KR & various smaller scribles underneath from elders and ex-overseers.

{OOC: All my posted backround can be treated as in character knowledge}

2012-11-16, 11:46 AM
Blackfist to the Orcs [?]

"The Ram may have some strnage ideas, but overall, there is only one line being drawn in this city. Between the people and James, who would be our king.
Read his promises. He is willing to promise everything to everyone, and then not give anything to them when they have delivered. He promises a democracy, but one where he would rule supreme and the population would have nothing to say.
On the other hand, some want to help the population to achieve what you orcs actually have. The strength to take their own freedom, and to regulate their own affairs. Is that not a noble goal?

2012-11-16, 11:53 AM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Orcs of Gregoria:
"Those conditions are acceptable to me. I will sign to their effect now if you wish, though you are right that I do not have the authority to speak for much of the city."

"You should bring the matter to the council. I am confident they will accept you, and will gladly speak in your favour if necessary."

- King James I

To the Blackfist:
"Blackfist, would you please not lie to our new Orc neighbours?."

2012-11-16, 01:08 PM
School Board/ Lord Wallen (PM)

I will assist with the history this month. While we do not have funds to donate, we will search through the Bleak Cathedral and we will have our priests looking through books. (5 MAG worth)

Also Lord Wallen, We would be honored to have you in our school. If you need any training in Healing or Enchantment, the churches priests will be glad to assist.

EDIT to Gears Chosen

We would like it, but we do not have the finances to pay for such a service. We are currently working on that and we will revist the proposition in a few months.

2012-11-16, 02:19 PM
Ram Revolution (D ESP 9)

RamFistGearWren (PM)

We can contribute 4 ESP to the double agent tactic. It's all we have left after starting the police force's investigation unit. We will also keep much of our available military available for defense, should it be needed.

Orcs of Gregoria

Excellent. I am glad to hear that you are not easily influenced by others, but prefer to make your own judgements. General Krodok, leader of the Revolutionary Army, will come by your town next month for talks, assuming the city doesn't burst into civil war before then. I would come myself, but pressing business in the city will likely keep my tied up here for some time.

-The Ram

2012-11-16, 02:36 PM
The Blackfist

"Dear James.

We have never lied to anyone.

The Blackfist."

2012-11-16, 02:40 PM
To the University Board
Since no one has informed us of any projects we will direct our archivists to continue working on the library. (The mag I control.)

(Guess who is on the University Board, but not the Education Board where everyone is talking in PMs.)

2012-11-16, 02:41 PM
Orks of Gregoria [7]

It’s a policy of Bloodhaven to turn away no one in need. You can make arrangements with the Education Board of the Daimot University to be accepted to the Medical Faculty, to obtain your own professionals. This will require tuition payment, but you’ll have your own doctors. I personally have certain sway with the Doctors of Sav Altulus and I believe, it would be possible to convince them to work with you.

Candlelight Gala at Daimot University

Lord Founder, Lord Wallen, Davan Eldermoss and Chrine Blizzardmarch are cordially invited to Candlight Gala at the Daimot University.

This event is dedicated the Blackspell Watch and its generous supporters.

[Invitation is for fluff, no need to use VIPs]

2012-11-16, 02:43 PM
To the Blackfists
Your representative appears to have gone comatose. We are concerned for her health. Do you wish for us to send for a doctor.

(poke poke :smalltongue:)

2012-11-16, 02:48 PM
Education Board/Sausage Guild [PM/MOR]

''Actually, I believe I have a better proposition. My Mages are currently studying the Wards, Desoui used in her Palace. They would allow creating an environment without decay or pests. Just imagine the possibilities – a meat, that doesn't go rotten, eaten by rats or spoil for as long as a ward is active.''

''My own use of wards would be in the medicine, as sterile environment would be invaluable in hospitals.''

''As for your membership, the Sausage Guild’s blood mages are rather famous. I’ll await for ESGE’s opinion on the matter.''

2012-11-16, 03:19 PM
To the Sausage Guild

"I'm not deaf, sonny. Just gimme a second, will you? These old bones don't work as they used to.
Well, it just does not look like the Warden's style to me, you know? They would stomp in with their soldiers, not start a riot."

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-16, 03:31 PM
The Order of the Wren [8]

To Mercantile Guild/Bloodhaven [4]
It is my regret to be forced to decline your offer. At least for this month.

Blackfist, Ram, Gears Chosen [PM]
My military will be on hand in case of attack. More importantly, my men will assist in preparing the ground. The Prison in particular should be fortified, and preparations made to deal with Sausage Guild Tunnellers.

To Orcs of Gregoria [5]
Greetings, Orcs of Tregon.

I am delighted to see the plan I suggested come to fruition. I believe the solution was best for all. Gregoria keeps its homeland, you gain your freedom.

I write this letter with no agenda, simply to wish you welcome, and warn you to be careful not to believe everything you hear in this city.

I will be watching your progress closely, and hope to your people thrive in Sav Altulas.

The Wren

Merdallan Meeting [PM]
"Indeed. A government friendly to the Kingdom will benefit us all. I hope I can count on you for some assistance, if it is needed?"
The Wren waves away any response, continuing to speak.
"A final question, if I may. The organisation known as the Ram Revolution. They have been in contact with a secret ally, who offered them an opening with which to assassinate the King. Yours are the only messages in this city I cannot easily identify, so I must ask. Are you this mysterious ally?"

2012-11-16, 03:33 PM
To the Blackfists
If you say so.

Very well then. The terms are acceptable to us. A gift of [1 Mil] and we will swear to find the true villains who attempted to set both of us up for conflict. We are sure you are as eager to bring them to justice as we are.

2012-11-16, 03:41 PM
Orc Uprising to Blackfist Brotherhood [5]:
It is such. When it is actually warranted. Of what I know King James still does not actually rule the city. So it may be early to decide to have him removed already. Shouldn't we first see if he is truly so oppresive as you suggest? In any case, we will keep your warnings in mind.

Orc Uprising to King James I [5]:
Expect General Brownshield to join you in the conquest then.

Orc Uprising to Ram Revolution [5]:
We happily expect the general and will provide for him as long as he stays.

Orc Uprising to Bloodhaven Hospital [5]:
I do not know if we can afford a full tuition or if any in our number are educated enough to become studied doctors. We would prefer something like an apprenticeship for some of our people to learn the basics of your arts and the underlying magics. Maybe we could negotiate a small field clinic to be opened here in the future with Orcs working under two or three of your doctors to both help and learn at the best of their ability. How much money would you ask for that?

Orc Uprising to the Wren /Champions of Sovereignty [5]:
Your plan? We hear of you for the first time and don't know what you mean. We thank you for your good welcome, but would still like to know what you are speaking about.

To Sir Ambrose: Could you explain?

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-16, 03:42 PM
Order of the Wren [8]

Orcs of Gregoria [5]
Simple. I suggested the scheme which saw you take yourselves from Gregoria to Tregon, to the King. I consider the King a personal friend, but I also act in an advisory role when I am able.

As for myself. I am not overly important in and of myself. Do you know of the killer Redeye? He was known throughout the continent as a madman and a murderer. If I have some small notoriety, it is in the slaying of Redeye.

I hope I have not caused undue confusion.

The Wren.

2012-11-16, 03:46 PM
Ram Revolution

WrenFistGearRam (PM)

An excellent point. We will see to fortifying the Prison this month, provided the deal where we take control of it goes through. If anyone wishes to offer assistance, it would be appreciated. If the blackfists remain in control, it is their choice to fortify or not, though we will provide aid if they choose to.

2012-11-16, 04:07 PM
Wardens to Sausage Guild

Let it be so. We swear to uphold this agreement on the honour of the Warden Order and the names of our Founders.

Wardens to Gregorian Orcs

That is as much as we can wish for, of course. Hopefully you will be able to settle down without trouble.

We have a long history with the Shattered Lands and know your kind to be hardy and, more importantly, reliable - a rare trait in these gods-forsaken lands. Our dream is to one day return civilization and order into the region, but there is no doubt that we are too weak to do it alone. We hope that we may count you as an ally or, at least, a friendly force in this task.

2012-11-16, 04:27 PM

University Board
There are several cooperative projects in the works at the moment. Among them, there is a plan to collect and publish a comprehensive official history of Sav Altuas and Talidor, which would be included in the university library.

Lord Wallen has applied to study at the university (3 wel per turn for 3 turns in exchange for leveling up a VIP). He has met with approval so far.

A warded meeting room was planned for construction, however it is not finished yet as there are other priorities for many of the university magi at this point.

On the topic of Dr. Vassari's proposal, I believe this is a most worthwhile endeavor. However, I believe this must be undertaken with the utmost care. Desoui's magic is incredibly powerful, and I would not wish to lose mages to backlash from her enchantments.

[OOC: I'd forgotten that the University Board was separate from the Board of Education. Sorry! I should probably keep university-specific discussion here in the future.]

2012-11-16, 04:50 PM
Wardens to Jungle Contacts (PM)

I'd like to put out a subtle call to see if there was any chance of getting my hands on some of those 'poisons with no known antidote', preferrably one that would not be curable by any sort of magic whatsoever, especially blood magic.

In addition, I'd like to know if there was some way to use the Contacts traits without spending Wealth, which I don't have, and, for example, instead using Morale or Espionage or something to convince Jungle tribes to act in a manner benefiting me. I'd have a mission for a single-time use of 4-6 Mil of mercenaries with no ties to the City, but if it costs Wealth I can't get that done.

2012-11-16, 05:08 PM
University Board

I would like to correct, respected Chancellor, that while the History of Talidor and Sav Altulus would be included in the library, it’s my sincere wish to publish it and bring to the people of Sav Altulus. Our history would be taught in the schools and discussed in parlors and coffeehouses of the city.

2012-11-16, 05:15 PM
The Champions of Sovereignty:

To the Orcs [5]
"Thank you. We'll be moving out next month."

((Next turn, not this EoT))

Ragnar Lodbroke
2012-11-16, 08:05 PM
To University Board
The proposal of writing the History of the City has been met with aproval and emotion by us.

We'll spend some time gathering documents, and transcripting the ones we can't give to the University (Some of these Documents are personal Family Relics; and many of my friends are Honor-bound not to give them away).

We will send the documentation to you [Next turn].

Lord Henry Wallen

To the Silversmith's Guild
Would you be willing to meet in private next turn?

I believe we should have a talk.

Madame Beteoui

2012-11-16, 08:50 PM
Mercantile's Guild

SGA to Orcs of Gregoria
as one of the most influential factions in the Stocks, i would like to welcome you to the city. to answer your questions:

the SGA is a collection of the various guilds of Sav Altulas all come together for mutual defense and joint projects. together, we comprise the largest concentration of wealth in the city and our combined military might combined is nothing to shabby.

UAL is not technically a member of the SGA, though many of them work for me. they organize the work and labor-gangs of the city, drawing from refugees and the hard workers others have just thrown out on the street. decent group of people overall.

if you are ever in need of work, contact us, i am sure we could arrange something for you.

2012-11-16, 11:24 PM
University Board
We will direct our researchers to help study Desoui's Wards.