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2012-11-08, 11:05 AM
For Marius, Seric, and *Korney’s character* this adventure begins when the Spymistress gives them a mission. The briefing is as follows:
“A couple of weeks ago, we began to get reports of hauntings in the Starkspear mines, up north in the Frostwall mountains. There have been tales of skeletons and ghosts and demons invading the mines, and strange lights and sounds coming from the caves at night. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t worry too much, but these rumors have been a lot stronger and more persistent than usual, to the point of a lot of miners refusing to go up or dropping work early. Also, we just recently uncovered a large vein of black onyx in those mines, so it’s marginally more probable that there’s a necromancer just moved in. All I want you to do for now is head up, investigate the mines yourselves, and send me a report. The Quartermaster will give you a Ring of Sending so you can report your findings back in. If it’s only rumors or some low-key ghoulcaller you can try to clear it out with the miners’ help, but if you find anything major get out of there and call for reinforcements.”

2012-11-09, 08:48 AM
"Tsk! It is their duty to work in the mines. Refusal is intolerable, especially as they have no firm evidence of anything amiss," Von Pinn would like to have some of the miners beaten as an example to the other slackers but such harsh measures are outside of her legal remit. "We will investigate as you command and report back. Who is it that is in charge of the mines, your grace? I'm sure that questioning the man closely would be the best place to begin."

2012-11-09, 08:58 AM
"No firm evidence? Whatever they have seen has clearly spooked them enough for them to refuse to work. I'd say that's evidence enough." Turning to the Spymistress, Marius offers a small bow. "Rest assured, we will find out what has spooked the miners, and we will assess the situation to see if we can handle it. We should be able to have the mines up and running again in no time."

2012-11-09, 09:13 AM
The Spymistress smiles slightly at the two. "Lord Tyrion Stark is in charge of the mining operations. Loyal man, but very little imagination. He doesn't know what to make of these rumors either, which is why I'm sending you."

2012-11-09, 09:49 PM
"Miners are usually brave enough to confront such spooky creatures by themselves. It's not easy to scare a man who works mostly on the darkness." sais Flowdy while scratching his beard.
"I hope we solve this matter with haste. Nothing worth of contemplation in such a vulgar place." points Flowdy while waving his hand with desdain.

2012-11-09, 10:12 PM
The Spymistress smiles beneficently. "I hope you solve it quickly too. Now, unless you have any further questions I suggest you report to the quartermaster for the Ring of Sending and get on your way."

2012-11-09, 10:33 PM
Flowdy bows and leads the way to quartermaster's depot while thinking how could he make the trip worth it. Maybe I could as for some onyx for a new fountain pen...

While diverted in his own toughts he finds himself in front of the quartermaster while his partners are already talking to him.
"If you happen to have a map of the place that would be helpful."

2012-11-09, 10:36 PM
"Yes, of course, just a moment...Ah, here you go."

The quartermaster presents Flowdy with a slightly battered map. I'll draw up the actual map and post it in the OOC thread sometime tomorrow.

2012-11-10, 04:20 AM
Furious at herself for using the wrong title, Von Pinn pales even further than normal, a sharp contrast to her black breastplate and cloak. She salutes sharply at the dismissal and then stops as the old court conjurer dithers and asks about a map. Why didn't she think of that?

Without further comment she turns on her heal and marches away to the quartermaster to collect the ring.

2012-11-10, 04:03 PM
"Here you go, Madam!"

The quartermaster drops the golden ring into your palm.

"Now, I Think that should be it... Oh, silly, what am I thinking? Carter!"

A young blond boy comes running in.

"Take these three to the stables. They're going on a mission up north and they'll need horses."

He turns to the party. "Unless you'd rather take the boats? It's upriver, so it'll be a longer trip, but it's a lot easier if you aren't good with animals."

2012-11-10, 09:05 PM
Marius pauses. I never did learn to ride. He clears his throat. "I'd prefer the boat, personally. Assuming my companions are amenable to that."

2012-11-10, 09:54 PM
"Well, I never managed to learn to swim, so in case of a fall, I preffer getting by butt hurt than my lungs drowned." estates Flowdy looking at his comrades.
"How hard can it be to ride a horse? All we need is a carrot and a pole."

Flowdy turns to the quartermaster "I assume you will provide us with food enough for the travel too." sais smiling as he knows he is abusing his authority, even if it is for a trivial matter... it is one he doens't want to do himself.

"Worse case scenario..." Flowdy sais back to Marius "...if the horses escape we could walk. It could take longer but I will make it lighter for you reciting the 1000 verses of Apoquenom, the Farmer King, and his love for potatoes. It's fascinating, one can't believe that he managed to find 1000 rhymes for potato"

2012-11-10, 11:47 PM
The quartermaster makes a half-bow to Marius.

"Boats it is then," he says. "Charter, please take these adventurers down to the docks. There should be (he starts flipping through some kind of ledger) a runner-boat going up to Frostcove in a few hours. (he's found whatever he was looking for.) Make sure they get on their way fine."

He addresses himself to the party. "And apart from that, all I can do is wish you good luck."

2012-11-11, 06:37 AM
"Whatever is fastest, I suppose, " Seric wasn't particularly comfortable on horseback or travelling by boat. They were simply tools to make use of to her. "As we are gong to be underground we will need lanterns, flint and steel, sunrods, rope, pitons, that kind of thing."

2012-11-11, 08:38 AM
The quartermaster seems slightly amused. "Now, now, let's not get too greedy here!" Nevertheless he presents everyone with a sunstick, a couple of torches, and a set of flint and steel before bustling them out of the door and (vicariously via Charter) down to the docks.

2012-11-12, 11:48 AM
About a week later.

You disembark from the boat onto the Frostcove docks. The air is thick with the oily smell of fish and the rude chants of the fishers. You are politely but definitely pushed further into town as the docks fill up with workers unloading crates of supplies and trade goods from the south and refilling the boats with fish and crates of gems(under the watchful eyes of several guards).

"Those frost-headed miners had better sort of whatever's wrong with em," remarks one of the dockworkers to a stevedore. "This is the last of the shipments that came in afore they went all loco."

2012-11-12, 12:23 PM
"It seems things are starting to get noticed in town. Maybe it got worse while we were traveling." sais Flowdy to his partners.
"Do you want to spend some time asking the townsmen about the rumours and whatever incredibly useless informatio they might have heard? Or can we head to the mines already?" sais Flowdy. His partners knew him well enough to know that he was not mocking the townsmen intelligence, it was a real and scientific observation about their commoner knoweledge. Flowdy believes that if you want to knoe the truth about something, you better see it with your own eyes.
Oddly enough, he could spend hours listening to old tales, legends and myths told by any old granny or drunken bastard.

2012-11-12, 12:56 PM
"Ah yes, listening to the peasants prattle endlessly about their dull little lives. What could be more interesting?" Seric has a great deal of disdain for those unable to raise themselves out of such menial lives and has no interest in them, "If you wish to listen to them, be my guest. I will seek out those in charge and question them." She looks around for a guard or an indication of where the town lord\mayor might live and work.

OOC I think it's a great idea to speak to the common folk.

2012-11-12, 01:04 PM
"Ah yes, listening to the peasants prattle endlessly about their dull little lives. What could be more interesting?" Seric has a great deal of disdain for those unable to raise themselves out of such menial lives and has no interest in them, "If you wish to listen to them, be my guest. I will seek out those in charge and question them." She looks around for a guard or an indication of where the town lord\mayor might live and work.

OOC I think it's a great idea to speak to the common folk.

Well, there are several guards right next to you on the docks, keeping an eye on the loading of the gem shipments. The governor's house is up on the northern end of the town, because that's the part that smells the least like fish. (You'd be able to see it coming up, it has its own private dock.)

2012-11-12, 04:57 PM
"Ah, I see where I shall be heading," indicating the manor to the north, "we should secure rooms before scouting the land and planning our attack. I mean our plan of action."

Keeping an eye out for a reasonable inn on the way north she begins to walk away from the stink of fish. "Check in, secure out gear and then head out again. We will cover more ground if we split up."

2012-11-12, 05:22 PM
Flowdy raises his voice a little as he sees Seric walk away. "Don't make any trouble!"
He turns to Marius and sais "She always want to split up, and it's always a bad signal."

Flowdy looks arround for the most vissible inn, assuming she will go there once she is finished.
"I will go there and check up for us four, see if you can find a trader caravan to the mines and we can avoid the walk, please. My bones are not happy with all this river moisture." sais as he walks towards the inn.

OOC: I asume I will find a big and central Inn. Edited Ogodei out, WOOPS! :smallredface:

2012-11-12, 06:00 PM
Marius shrugs. "I guess that leaves me to speak with the common folk, then. Well, may was well start here." He turns and heads down the docks, looking for someone who seems to know something about the situation at the mines.

I don't think Ogodei is with us yet. Aren't we meeting him between here and the mine?

2012-11-12, 06:08 PM

Unfortunately for Seric's refined nostrils, the inns all seem to be set along the waterfront and smell even more of fish than the rest of the town. A brief walk brings her to the governor's house, a large and well-bulit two-story erection at the northern end of town. It is surrounded by a heathery lawn dotted with numerous pine trees and with one corner given over to a small garden. The late afternoon sun is shining straight on the windows, so it's impoossible to see inside the house. The lawn itself is surrounded by a waist-high hedge of holly, nicely trimmed and showing a good crop of berries.


The town has at least a half-dozen inns, all of which seem to feature fish cuisine and a lot of ale, as well as serving women in low-cut dresses. (If you'd like to make a Spot check, you may notice more details about some of the inns.


Yes, he's not in yet.

Marius soon spots the worker who'd complained about the gems. He's now carrying a basket of fish, and is about to walk right past Marius.

2012-11-12, 06:15 PM
Marius holds up hand, palm out, toward the dockworker. "Excuse me, dockworker, I wonder if I might ask you a few questions about the situation in the mines?"

2012-11-12, 06:31 PM
Spot [roll0]
Maybe for speed reasons, you could make this kind of no-risk rolls.
Listen, spot, initiative and the like. I thinks it's better in a PbP id the DM rolls them instead of waiting for the player to post the roll.

2012-11-12, 06:57 PM

The dockworker sets down his fishbasket. "I dunno nothin about the mines, but I'd be glad to answer any questions you got."


Three of the inns have various interesting quirks that Flowdy's keen eyes notice. The first, The Crimson Door, appears at first glance to be a regular inn, but Flowdy notices the subtle details in the carvings and lamps that mark it as a brothel.

The second, The Whirling Dervish, is notable for having a sizeable crowd and a small band already, at least an hour before dinner and well before inns ordinarily are that full.

The third is the Silver Dart. On the surface, there is nothing remarkable about this inn, but Flowdy spots a red-haired youth climbing in through the garret window. Something about his posture, even in such an incongruous position, makes Flowdy aware that here is a bard of exceptional skill.

2012-11-13, 02:27 AM
OOC. I meant for us to find an inn before dashing off so I could meet up later.

Seric marches up to the front door, her red and black cloak billowing behind her. Knocking smartly she waits a moment for the doorman to admit her. "Good day. I am Seric von Pinn, Inquisitor of His Majesty the King. I wish to speak with the master of the house."

2012-11-13, 07:15 AM
The butler blinks a couple of times before disappearing back into the house. After a few minutes of waiting, he returns to the door. "The Governor is ready to see you. Right this way, please." He leads Seric in through the door and off to an office immediately to the right of the foyer. The Governor is sitting behind his desk, looking mildy bored and annoyed.

"Yes, what do you need to speak with me about?"

2012-11-13, 09:34 AM
Marius smiles, lowering his hand. 'Actually, most of my questions are about the mine. My companions and I have been sent to investigate the recent string of happenings that have left the miners spooked and refusing to work. Can you tell me anything you've heard about what's going on? And if there have been any strange happenings around this area?"

2012-11-13, 09:41 AM
"Greetings Governor," Seric salutes, "Thank you for seeing me without an appointment. I won't take much of your time." She spends a few minutes outlining the troubles at the mine and there reasons for being there, "So you see as part of the investigation it is important that I question those in authority to determine if there is any background information that may be pertinent. Even something that may seem unrelated may help us considerably."

2012-11-13, 10:07 AM

"I'm afraid I have little more information than you do. I didn't even really take notice until about two weeks back, when the gem shipments started coming in more infrequently. I sent a message to my counterpart at the mines, but didn't get anything intelligent in return, just a brief scrawl about the miners having another superstitious fit and not to bother him with such things. Then this last week there haven't been any shipments of gems at all, and there ought to have been three. Apart from a few rumors among the fishers of seeing demons prowling the edges of the lake, that's all I have."


"There ain't nothing going on, that's the whole *boop* problem! It's been a whole week and not one shipment of gems come in, when there oughter been three, and this what we're loading is the last of the lot stored here. Dunno what we'll do if those miners don't stop jumping at boogies by the time the next ships get up here. Half the town works in the shipping, and most of the other half sells stuff to the first half."

2012-11-13, 10:46 AM
Marius nods sympathetically. "Sounds like this is becoming a serious problem, then. And there haven't been any strange occurrences in the local area around the town?"

2012-11-13, 11:07 AM
He shrugs, "Quoth at the Silver Dart figured out how to hard-boil an egg with no water last week."

2012-11-13, 11:10 AM
The third is the Silver Dart. On the surface, there is nothing remarkable about this inn, but Flowdy spots a red-haired youth climbing in through the garret window. Something about his posture, even in such an incongruous position, makes Flowdy aware that here is a bard of exceptional skill.

Flowdy smirks and heads to the Silver Dart. Bards always have a good story to tell, and this one looks like he checks things himself instead of just hearing them from other people.

Flowdy opens the door, enters and closes it after himself. He heads to the counter and asks the owner "Greetings, I would like to rent 2 rooms for tonight. At the upper floor if possible, last time I was here I liked the views from your garret window."

2012-11-13, 11:13 AM
"Sounds good. We've got two rooms free on the second floor, they're a silver each or two if you want meals. Meals do come with entertainment, though."

2012-11-13, 01:01 PM
Marius shrugs. "Interesting, but not particularly relevant. Thank you for your time." Marius presses a gold piece into the dockworker's hand, then turns and leaves the pier. Maybe the others will have more luck.

2012-11-13, 02:03 PM
"I doubt that the common folk will have anything but red herrings for us," that was Seric's idea of a joke but she did not laugh or even smile, "Thank you for the information, I shall note your cooperation in my report. Oh, one other thing. Where would be the best place to hire a local guide?"

OOC this might be a good place to introduce a druid but if not we could genuinely do with someone with local knowledge to show us around.

2012-11-13, 02:55 PM
At the Silver Dart:

Flowdy goes upstairs alone telling the owner he knows his way. Once in the upper floor he makes sure there is only one way out and stops for listening. After a couple of seconds he begins opening doors and puts his ear on the surface of the ones that doesn't open, looking for any clue leading to the redhead bard who broke in.

Listen [roll0]
I suppose he can easily know what room is the one with the window the bard used.

2012-11-13, 03:05 PM

"You needn't worry about guides. I've been considering sending another message to Eddard anyway, so it would be easy enough to have the messenger escort you as well. I'll get the letter drawn up this evening and you can leave tomorrow."


After a few moments, Flowdy hears the sounds of beautiful lute music coming from the ceiling. A quick search reveals a planked ladder at the end of the hall, leading up to an attic trapdoor.

2012-11-14, 10:11 AM
At the Silver Dart:

Flowdy walks towards the ladder trying to make no sounds and listens to the tune, trying to figure out if it is a known one or an original work.

If nothing happens: After a while he starts climbing the ladder and salutes the bard boy with a smile. "Greetings little break-in, my name is Flowdy." he then waits to see if the bard responds in a friendly manner.
If something different than the music is heard: Flowdy listens carefully to the other sounds, with his mind starting to move to all known rituals that may involve music. He carefully climbs the ladder and checks whats is going on on the room.

2012-11-14, 10:40 AM
After a few moments of trying to open the trapdoor at the top of the ladder, Flowdy realizes that either it's locked or there's something heavy on it. Above him, the music breaks off and there is the *click* of a dropbar.

The trapdoor slides open to reveal a face, red-haired and with green-gold eyes. As he sees Flowdy, his eyes visibly darken to the hue of pine needles.

"Well, Flowdy, what are you doing up here? You don't work here and there's no reason a guest would want to get into the attics."

2012-11-14, 11:16 AM
At the Silver Dart:

Flowdy smirks and answers "There is no reason for someone insterested in good stories to follow a little bard breaking into an inn attic and then starting to play a tune? You must mistake me for a person with no curiosity" Flowdy moves his arms up "Are you going to throw me a ladder or will you keep and old man's neck looking up any longer? I can already hear my bones crack"

2012-11-14, 11:25 AM
"I prefer not to invite strangers with dubious intentions into my room. Let's talk in the hall."

He twists and drops to the ground with a practiced tumble, landing in a perfect three-point crouch. Behind him, the door slams shut.

"So, do you have any purpose here other than pestering musicians?"

2012-11-14, 12:04 PM
At the Silver Dart:

Flowdy claps at the landing "Actually my friends and I are going to the mines to see if we can help with their problem. I'm sure someone with your fine ear might have heard something that could be useful." sais Flowdy while we slowly starts walking towards his own room, and then invite the bard to come in. "And if you happen to have a good poem, it would be great, mister..."

2012-11-14, 12:22 PM
At the Silver Dart:

Flowdy claps at the landing "Actually my friends and I are going to the mines to see if we can help with their problem. I'm sure someone with your fine ear might have heard something that could be useful." sais Flowdy while we slowly starts walking towards his own room, and then invite the bard to come in. "And if you happen to have a good poem, it would be great, mister..."

"You take me for a POET!?!?" His eyes are so dark now they are almost black, and his hair is standing on end so it looks as if his head is on fire. He turns on his heel and disappears back into the attic like a spider, locking the door behind. The tune that starts pouring forth from the attic a few moments later sounds like a thunderstorm dueling an army of trumpets.

2012-11-14, 12:30 PM
At the Silver Dart:

"Well, a bad mannered poet." Flowdy goes back to the counter and asks the owner about the bard living on the attic.

2012-11-14, 12:36 PM
"Oh, Quoth? He's a bit strange. Came up from the south with his lute looking for a place to work. Well, I needed a bard so I gave him the attic room and took him on. He's a wonderful musician, can play songs like you'd never believe. Plus he can do a bit of magic, I've seen him start fires by glancing at the wood or boil an egg with no water."

2012-11-14, 12:59 PM
At the Silver Dart:

"I see." sais Flowdy while asking for a drink. "Say, what are the news from the mines? I'm actually traveling there to see if I can be of any help."

Flowdy take little sips of his drink as he listens to the Inn owner

OOC: Can the Arcane Mark spell be casted visible for me and my team members but invisible to any other?

2012-11-14, 01:11 PM
At the Silver Dart:

"I see." sais Flowdy while asking for a drink. "Say, what are the news from the mines? I'm actually traveling there to see if I can be of any help."

Flowdy take little sips of his drink as he listens to the Inn owner

OOC: Can the Arcane Mark spell be casted visible for me and my team members but invisible to any other?

"The news from the mines is that there isn't any news from the mines. Usually we get a gem caravan every other day (excellent business, by the by). For the past few weeks the mining caravans have slowed down, and all the miners are telling horror tales. Then about a week back the caravans stopped coming altogether. Nobody here really knows what's happened."

I'll say that you can, but only if they're touching you when you cast the spell. You can always do one that only you can see.

2012-11-14, 01:17 PM
At the Silver Dart:

"And nobody was sent there this last week to check?" Flowdy thinks for a moment if this could be robbers, but is the spymistress is interested in this, there must be something else. "Do you know anyone reliable at the mines? Someone I could ask there and believe what he sais?"

OOC: I was thinking in marking the Inn's door so my teamates know where we are staying, I guess we will find another method later.

2012-11-14, 01:31 PM
"Governor sent a couple of messengers to the mines trying to find out what's going on, but all we got back was a couple of scrawls from the mine governor telling us not to bother him and a double earful of boogie stories from the miners. Quite good recounting in the common room."

2012-11-15, 01:28 AM
Seric thanks the governor for his time and goes to meet the others at the inn.

2012-11-15, 08:06 AM
The next day, the three are provided with horses and the messenger leads them out of town. The first couple of hours are uneventful, but round about 11ish, a mysterious figure smashes out of a nearby copse of pine trees and starts shambling towards the group. At a distance, it looks human, but closer examination reveals something from a nightmare. The creature’s left arm is a long, fleshy club, oozing some kind of clear pus. The creature’s right foot has been replaced with some sort of claw, and its flesh, visible beneath the tattered black rags it wears, is mottled crimson and white.
It stumbles up to you, babbling incoherently, “Oh great fire defrind me! Turn back the weave of the seven-pandered fist!” It briefly sinks into some sort of muttering that you can’t catch. Then it spots Von Pinn, and seems to recognize her!
“Oh, sister, unspeak what was said! Speak back the words that unweave me, that I might be broken and free! Oh sister, aid me!” It’s almost on top of you by now, and is staring at Von Pinn with a desperate fascination. If for some inexplicable reason someone is not paying attention to this spectacle, they might note a second figure emerging from the copse, this one clad in the felt leggings and tunic of an Easterner.

DualShadow, you’re up!

2012-11-15, 09:02 AM
"What manner of creature is this? Defend yourselves, it means to attack." Vonn Pinn unhitches her flail, dismounts and steps into a defensive posture. As she gets into position she tries to wrack her brains for some idea of what this monster is or what ritual or spell it was babbling about.

Out of character I'd have the greatest sympathy for this poor wretch but Vonn Pinn just sees a threat. Possibly a diseased threat. Kill it. Kill it now. There was me hoping that the name of the campaign was a good thing and we'd have fluffy bunny people or cat people as the new species. :smallwink:

I'm dismounting because I have no ranks in ride and I don't fancy making a DC 20 ride check (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/skills/ride.htm) each round just to stay in the saddle.

Move action to dismount.
Free action for knowledge checks and spot check.
Standard action to attack if it comes into melee range.

Knowledge (Religion) [roll0]
Knowledge (History) [roll1]
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) [roll2]
Knowledge (The Planes) [roll3]
Spot check [roll4] to see if I notice Ogodei

I'm guessing aberration so Knowledge (Dungeoneering) is probably the one I want.

Initiative [roll5]
Attack with Flail [roll6]
Damage [roll7] bludgeoning damage
Confirm critical [roll8] on a natural 20
Critical Damage [roll9]

2012-11-15, 09:38 AM
"Right behind you." Marius dismounts as well, unsheathing his great sword in the process.

As Seric, move action to dismount, drawing weapon as a free action while doing so.

Initiative: [roll0]

Rolling knowledges:
Arcana: [roll1]
Dungeoneering: [roll2]
Local: [roll3]
Nature: [roll4]
Religion: [roll5]
The Planes: [roll6]

Will determine attack after determining initiative order

2012-11-15, 10:19 AM
Serics's flail whirls through the air and catches the creature in the chest with a crack. Almost at the same instant, the messenger unsheathes his sword and slashes, catching the creature on the club-arm and leaving a wound that bleeds green-yellow.

Result of Seric's check:
While Seric has never seen anything like this creature in the books of her church, she does recongize that its inhuman parts match perfectly in coloration, shape, and appearance the species of demon known as a lemure.

Result of Marius's check
Marius, on the other hand, is reminded of a description he once read of what was produced when a teleportation spell went badly wrong and randomly jumbled together all the people being teleported.

The creature is caught totally off-guard, so you get a surprise round. Seric hits, dealing the creature the requisite damage. Marius and Flowdy can also act, and are within melee range of the creature. Ogodei also gets a turn, but he's about 100 feet out. The messenger draws his sword for a move action and attacks the creature for standard:

Damage: [roll]1d6+1

2012-11-15, 11:05 AM
The Easterner druid remains silent as he walks toward the fight as he withdraws his scimitar from his side. Seeing the party attack the aberation on sight make him smile for such horror should not exist.

Ogodei uses a move actiont to draw his scimitar as he moves 30 feet forward heading to the fight which leaves him at about 70 feet away.

2012-11-15, 11:34 AM
Flowdy watchs his horror as his comrades attack the creature without hestiation "wow! I now know to never ask for your help if I get transformed against my will by some kind of evil mad wizard!"
Flowdy gets his crossbow ready in case the creature decides to turn himself into something dangerous.

"If he doesn't defend himself, let him speak! ...if he can still breathe."

OOC: I have never rolled for evere knoweledge at the same time as a free action. But as the DM said nothing I guess it is alright.

Know. Planes [roll0]
Know. Dungeon [roll1]
Know. Local [roll2]
Know. History [roll3]
Know. Arcana [roll4]

Only in case the creature attacks:
crossbow ready attack [roll5]
damage [roll6]

2012-11-15, 12:01 PM
ToySoldier, since you said you said you would be determing your attack once you knew your place in the initiative order, and it's now your turn to attack, I went ahead and rolled for you. If you don't want me to do this again, just tell me and I won't.


Marius's sword flashes in a tremendous arc, cleaving through the thing's shoulder and deep into its chest. It stares for a breif instant, an unreadable expression on its face, and then slumps to the ground.

Is anyone going to try and heal or stabilize it over the next minute?

2012-11-15, 12:02 PM
Marius steps forward and swings at the creature.
Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2012-11-15, 12:09 PM
Marius steps forward and swings at the creature.
Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

Same thing happens either way.

2012-11-15, 12:10 PM
OOC: Is this... wow, Marius is really fast, I see teo of them !!! :smalltongue:

Flowdy lowers his crossbow and sais "I know you don't have much apreciation for life, but if not for saving the creature's life, could we tie him up and heal him so we could get some information? Maybe he is a worker of the..." Flowdy suddenly readies his crossbow again, not very elegantly, an points to the figure walking towards them with a scimitar on his hand.

2012-11-15, 12:29 PM
Forgot initiative roll. [roll0]

2012-11-15, 12:36 PM
We're not in combat anymore, so you can act freeform. (Though if anyone is going to try and stabilize the whatever-it-is, you'd better do so now).

2012-11-15, 12:48 PM
Huh, swordsage'd by the DM. I find it funny that we got the same damage roll. Anyway, Marius has no ranks in Heal, so...
Marius pulls a cloth from his belt and wipes the blood from his blade. "If you or Von Pinn want to try to heal it, be my guest. Healing really isn't my forté. I am curious to study it one way or another, so if we could take it with us until we make camp..." His voice trails off as he notices Flowdy pointing his crossbow at something in the distance. "What are you...?" The question trails off as well as Marius sees the person in the distance. He takes a few steps towards the newcomer and calls out to them. "You there, Easterner. Who are you and why are you here?" He rests his blade on his shoulder as he speaks, keeping a firm grip on it.

2012-11-15, 12:57 PM
Seeing the creature getting crushed without his help, Ogodei sheaths his scimitar back and continues to walk toward the group.

He answers Marius question with a slight bow and a humble voice "Ogodei, I was sent here by my elders to investigue what ever disturb this area." The Easterner keeps his eyes out on the group a moment before looking at the creature.

"But I am not the important thing around here, it is." he says pointing the creature.

2012-11-15, 01:19 PM
Flowdy Relax his crossbow as the newcomer seathes his sword. Once Marius is ahead of him, he dismounts and try to stop the creature's bleeding. "Have you been chasing this creature for long? Any idea what or who he is?"

Flowdy looks at the messenger and makes a signs to let him know some help would be appreciated.

Heal [roll0] I think you need 15? I'm not sure.

OOC : hahahahaha tourniquet to the neck hahaha

2012-11-15, 01:40 PM
Heal [roll0] I think you need 15? I'm not sure.

OOC : hahahahaha tourniquet to the neck hahaha

Okay, that actually made me laugh out loud IRL. Good job.

As Ogodei sheathes his weapon and bows, Marius sheathes his sword as well. "Greetings, Ogodei. I am Marius. My companions are called Flowdy and Seric von Pinn." Marius gestures at each of his companions as he introduces them. "We've been sent on behalf of the spymistress to investigate some strange rumors coming from the mines near here. We're as surprised by this creature as you are."

2012-11-15, 01:59 PM
Flowdy's first attempts at bandaging the wound fail dramatically when his foot slips in the thing's blood, causing him to elbow the thing right where Von Pinn's flail had already struck it. While the messenger does not slip, his efforts at bandaging are somewhat amature and do not seem to help.

2012-11-15, 02:56 PM
Flowdy watches his blood covered robe grimacing. "Hey Ogodei, I just met you and this is crazy, but this thing's dying, so help me maybe?"

OOC: Too much ?
Wait for the arrow to the knee jokes.

Edit: Sorry toysoldier, too much reddit tonight http://i.qkme.me/3qs18t.jpg

2012-11-15, 03:53 PM
That song is bad, that reference is bad, and you should feel bad. :smallmad::smalltongue:

2012-11-15, 04:00 PM
Flowdy watches his blood covered robe grimacing. "Hey Ogodei, I just met you and this is crazy, but this thing's dying, so help me maybe?"

OOC: Too much ?
Wait for the arrow to the knee jokes.

[OOC]DualShadow isn't live, but if you (or Marius) wants to attempt a Heal check to stabilize this thing, the messenger can give you a +2 bonus on it.

2012-11-15, 05:29 PM
"You wish to heal it? It was trying to kill us." Shaking her head at the these soft hearted weaklings, Vonn Pinn nevertheless saw some merit in questioning the creature, "Very well. I shall keep it alive but only so I can torture it for information later."

Seric is joking about the torture but only someone who knows her well could tell. That is assuming torture is illegal in civilised countries, otherwise she's completely serious.

Cure Minor Wounds for 1 hit point should stabilise it.

I'm also going to cast Detect Magic on it as well. Something is clearly wrong and it may help to determine what kind of magic is at work.

2012-11-15, 06:01 PM
"That thing may hold information indeed. the druid echoes right after Seric. Kneeling down next to the creature Ogodei examines the creature, "Lets hope it will make more sense than it was making previously. All he seemed to say were some plead to have him severed from the other parts. 'Unspeak what was said' ... the Easterner gets back on his feet and scratches his bearded chin "I am gonna go with the obvious and say that it was a spell."

2012-11-15, 07:25 PM
"It looks like the end result of a botched teleportation spell to me. I'm not sure there's anything we can do for it as it is."

2012-11-15, 07:32 PM
"It could be, but I have never seen a teleport go wrong so I don't know if this is the result of one." Flowdy thinks for a second "In any case It seemed to me that the creature was intelligent, in pain and looking for help."

Flowdy starts looking on their packages for some rope for tying up the creature. Then he looks at Ogodai "What exactly were you sent to look for? And what have you discovered so far?"

Suddenly a thought crosses Flowdy's mind "You were very fast in attacking this thing Seric... and it certainly looked like he knew you... this isn't your fault, right? RIGHT?"

2012-11-15, 10:07 PM
Seric's healing magic does seem to stop the bleeding (though the thing doesn't look like it'll be concious anytime soon), but it also has another, more curious reaction. As soon as Seric sends the pulse of energy, the thing's body distorts. The fleshy club of a left limb sprouts crude, stubby, fingers, and several large patches of regular skin appear where before there had only been spongy, oozy flesh. At the same time, though, the left side of its face appears to melt, one eye and part of the thing's nose and mouth becoming a blank and featureless expanse of flesh.

The Result Of Von Pinn's Detect Magic
At first glance, there appears to be no magic about this... whatever it is. However, a second glance reveals the faint but palpable afterimage of a spell. [roll0] However, Von Pinn is unable to guess what kind of magic it is.

2012-11-15, 11:00 PM
The messenger addresses Marius. "Sir Zauberklinge? I was just wondering what your plan was for dealing with this thing. I don't think any of the horses will carry it, and I suspect you don't want to bring it into town anyway (Probably get it chased by a mob with torches and pickaxes), so if you want to interrogate it I'd suspect you'll have to camp here for a bit. But if you're going to do that I should probably go on to deliver my message, which is why I'm asking."

2012-11-15, 11:06 PM
Marius blinks in surprise at the creature's sudden shift in form. "Seric, do that again. I want to see what happens next."

Marius is going to use one of his uses of Arcane Attunement to use Detect Magic as well, keeping his gaze on the creature.

2012-11-16, 01:46 AM
"In the lower planes there is a creature known as a lemure. A soul given over to fiends to torture for eternity, their bodies know only suffering. Parts of this creature bears some resemblance to a lemure," Seric thinks that a dispassionate examination is best, "See how the skin exposes nerves here and here. There is also a lingering magic on it but it is faint. You're the expert, Flowdy, can you see if you can tell more?"

Seeing the transformation and hearing Marius' question she ponders, "The gifts I am granted are not to satisfy your curiosity. However I do not wish to camp here. Bind it and I shall heal all of its wounds." Once it is properly secured she prays over the prisoner and cures it of the damage inflicted.

Someone must have Use Rope.

Cure Light Wounds [roll0]

2012-11-16, 05:02 AM
OOC: Im at work now. I have already rolled knoweledges.

2012-11-16, 06:46 AM
As Seric's power surges through the creature, the wounds start to pull shut and the break to it's chest grows firmer, but it is still unconcious. Seric's surge of positive energy again causes the creature's body to mutate, as the patch of blank flesh seems to move sideways until the thing has a full muth again but no nose and only two vertical slits for eyes. The fingers of its left limb continue to develop, while its right hand curves and twists into a claw.

Results of Seric's and Marius's Detect Magic
You can both clearly see the afterimage of the spell Seric detected, and you can see the aura as Seric casts her healing, but there is no visible magic triggering this change.

2012-11-16, 10:37 AM
Flowdy looks insterested as the creature transforms back each time Seric uses her healing magic.
"I'm afraid I know as much as you do about this phenomenom." sais in response to Seric's question "I'm sure I could find more information about it at the Sacred Library of Aptum'neman but unless you have a teleporting power strong enough to travel three thousand kilometers I don't think it's a viable option."

Flowdy tells the messenger "You are free to move ahead, but if I were you I would not go alone until we know what "circumstance" did this to this man, maybe it is still arround."

Flowdy starts making knots to tie the man's hands once he has them again.

OOC: My knoweledge rolls told me nothing new.
I'm taking 20 for the knots. If it is not acceptable, then use this roll: [roll0]

BTW totally made up the library name, if there is an actual library of mighty power tell me the name and I will edit it, I hope it is OK.

2012-11-16, 10:54 AM
Ogodei looks at the creature with great curiosity as it is being healed. " Most curious reaction to healing." Shifting on his feet and still scratching his bearded chin he ponders. Clearly clearly not against the idea of binding the creature the Easterner let it happen.

2012-11-16, 11:06 AM
With a lot of time, and rope, Flowdy wraps the creature up in a confused tangle of rope, knots and loops. It remains unconcious, and doesn't seem inclined to change anymore.

[OOC] The thing won't recover conciousness for another few hours (unless Ogodei uses one of his Cure Light Wounds, which would definitely bring it to conciousness), so if you're going to do anything in the meantime, tell me. If not, I'll just skip to when it wakes up. Also, just want to make clear that the creatures stays in the form it's assumed until it gets zapped again.[OOC]

2012-11-16, 11:55 AM
Seric looks around for some long branches or small trees to make a litter or stretcher out of. "I am unwilling to remain where we are and wait for more of these creatures. The messenger is also our guide to the mines and I do not fancy getting lost on the way there with a hostile enemy loose. If we cannot bring this...thing...with us or question it now then I shall kill it and be done with it."

2012-11-16, 12:04 PM
Seeing his intentions, Flowdy helps Seric get branches. "I would like to carry him. Maybe we can assemble some kind of hammock to carry him between 2 horses. Could you help us Ogodei?"

2012-11-16, 12:33 PM
You successfully piece together a hammock-like assembalge of branches, the ropes entangling the still-unconious creature, and more ropes. It's getting close on noon. You set off towards the mines, dragging the unconcious...something on its litter. A few hours later, not far out from the mines according to the messenger, the creature begins to stir and mutter incoherently, though its words are incomprehensible through the ropen gag over its mouth.

2012-11-16, 12:37 PM
"I think it's waking up. Should we interrogate it here, or wait til we get to mines?"

2012-11-16, 12:40 PM
The messenger "It's your call, Sir Zauberklinge. However, I do think that there's a high risk of this thing getting killed if we bring it into town, so I would suggest that we try interrogating out here first."

2012-11-16, 12:47 PM
"Ah yes, we wouldn't want it to get killed when we took such pains to keep it alive, " Seric dismounts and walks to the prisoner where she ungags it, "Creature, can you understand me? Do you have a name?" Lessons in interrogation were coming back to her. Simple questions first, get the enemy talking and they'd reveal more than they intended.

2012-11-16, 12:54 PM
"Beware the man with the long fingers! For he seized me and smote me upon myself and I was made one and many! Beware the outstretched fist, O sister!"

2012-11-16, 01:05 PM
"Yes, because that's helpful. Who's this "man with long fingers?""

2012-11-16, 01:42 PM
The thing shrieks something totally untranslatable in Infernal and yells some kind of spell. A brief surge of black fire wreaths the thing and fades again without any visible effect.

2012-11-16, 01:46 PM
The thing shrieks something totally untranslatable in Infernal and yells some kind of spell. A brief surge of black fire wreaths the thing and fades again without any visible effect.

OOC: I am sure this is the kind of things you hate to hear from a player but... I speak Infernal.

2012-11-16, 01:49 PM
I knew that. When I said "totally untranslatable" I meant "too obscene to get past the *boop* filter". You may fill in the blanks at your leisure.

2012-11-16, 02:59 PM
"Is that your name?" Seric does not speak infernal.

2012-11-16, 03:13 PM
The thing bursts into a very off-key song :smallconfused:

"Imagine there's no fire
A-burnign up the sky,
No stone ablaze below us
It's easy if you try."

"Imagine there's no wind
to batter stone and seas
No blowing storms to break
apart the mighty oaken trees"

"Imagine ..."

2012-11-16, 03:28 PM
"Imagine... how does it follow!" Flowdy is writing down the song on his adventurers poem's scroll.

2012-11-16, 03:49 PM
The thing breaks off in the middle of the song and starts babbling in Infernal

Since only Korney understands

"Great Lord of the Dark, why hath this befallen me? Where are thy arms to rend, thy sword to smite? Rip me from myself that I might return unto thee!"

2012-11-16, 04:01 PM
"This poor soul is clearly mind broken. He must have escaped from a horrible experience that redered him mentally unstable." sais Flowdy with a serious tone. "It is not safe to asume he may not try to commit suicide or attack other, but I will like to keep him captive for further interrogation and investigation. There is probably some warehouse at the mines where we can hold him"

Flowdy refers to Seric again "Could you please use your remaining healing abilities on him before we go to sleep? Maybe some more healing will revert his condition and he regain some sanity"

2012-11-16, 04:14 PM
Not appearantly inclined to assert its sanity, the creature begins to intone: "Ouroubrinda, Ouruborinda, Ouruborinda ba-ba-hee! Ouroubrinda, Ouruborinda, Ouruborinda ba-ba-hee!" For a brief instant a whirling disk of crimson energy appears above its body and there is a flash of heat and the odor of sulfur. Then the disk vanishes again.

2012-11-16, 04:30 PM
Flowdy stares at the creature with the sulphur smell still in the air. "Maybe we should muzzle him before he casts something." He takes off one of his socks and put it inside the creature's mouth, then cover it with a tight rope.

"I hate doing this things." sais looking at Marius.

2012-11-16, 04:33 PM
The creature mutters something incomprehensible through the gag.

2012-11-16, 05:59 PM
Ogodei recoils when he sees the black fire. Taking a few steps back and sitting down he takes out from his backpack a book and some writing material and he begins writing his observations. Adding the latest show of floating disk and the odor of sulfur.

"Maybe its not entirely his sanity but rather conflicts within himself that causes the randomness in his outburst. Healing it may solve some of the problem but we may risk the chance of losing some information if it vanishes along with some of the other parts.

2012-11-16, 06:11 PM
Do you want to proceed into town or wait here?

2012-11-16, 06:13 PM
OOC: I would like to wait to see Seric's decision in healing him and camping here before continuing.

2012-11-17, 05:19 AM
"I have used the healing powers granted to me for the day," Seric doesn't seem inclined to help this creature any further, "It's babbling nonsense anyway. Let's just kill it and be done. I'm happy to if you're too squeamish though I'd like to see if your magic changes its shape like mine does. Did you recognise the spell it was casting or where that portal was going to?"

Spellcraft [roll0]
Because of the disk of energy, smell of sulfur and Infernal I'm guessing lower planes but can I get more specific than that?
Knowledge (The Planes) [roll1]

Guess not. :smallfurious:

2012-11-17, 04:03 PM
You arrive before much longer. Starkspear proper is a small cluster of buildings and sheds built against the base of a particularly large mountain. On first evidence, it appears to be a fairly ordinary mining town, small and rather bland, with dozens of small, neat houses, a couple of taverns, and a handful of shops. A small castle-like affair on the south-side of the village serves as a combination governor’s house, storage facility for gems, and barracks for the small squad of militia and guards.
As you enter the town, you begin to see subtle signs of a nervous populace. Bunches of mint hang at windows, while small mirrors hang in front of many doors, and at least one house has bunches of monkshood (or as it’s also called, wolfsbane) strewn over its welcome mat. Very few people seem to be outside, and those that are scuttle quickly from house to house, clutching silver pendants or small wooden charms. The sweet (if slightly off-key) strains of lute music and singing voices waft from the small chapel on the west side of the village, even though it’s the middle of the afternoon and not the usual day for worship services.

You are suddenly very glad that you've hidden the whatever-it-is below a tarp.

2012-11-17, 04:51 PM
"These people are really afraid. Was it this bad the last time you were here?" asks Flowdy to the messenger.
"We should probably visit the gobernor right away so we can hide him"

Flowdy checks mentally the list of myths that involve the charms and items people are using while moving towards the gobernor's castle.
"I would like you to acompany us Ogodei, as we seem to have the same objetive. Figure out what is happening here." Flowdy checks Marius and Seric to see if they have anything different in mind.

2012-11-17, 05:04 PM
When you arrive at the fort, you are stopped by a guard. Upon announcing your business, he looks rather emberassed.

"The governor sent down instructions that he was not to be disturbed for the next couple of hours."

Results of Korney's knowledge checks.

Mint is supposed to have cleansing powers, warding off ghosts and unclean spirits. Wolfsbane, as suggested by the name, is supposed to cause werewolves to revert. Legend states that no vampire will willingly look in a mirror, because it shows them as they were as humans. Silver has the same properties as in regular D&D.

2012-11-18, 11:58 AM
"We are sent here on official mission redarding the recent events on this place and we believe time would be an important matter, so please go give him the message that we are here, and let him decide if we are more important than what he is actually doing." Flowdy sais to the guard, talking with a tone that admits no excuses.

OOC: I don't want to hog the game, but as nobody was saying nothing...

2012-11-18, 01:05 PM
"That includes by us. He won't recieve your message until he's done with his current...business."

2012-11-18, 01:14 PM
"And what business is more important than the King's business?" Seric barged past the guard, "Direct us to his apartments."

"Oh, and we need a cell for our prisoner. Come on man, what are you waiting for?"

Intimidate check [roll0]

2012-11-18, 01:56 PM
The guard follows you, looking miserable. It isn't hard to find the Governor's rooms, but when Seric tries the door it's locked.

2012-11-18, 09:33 PM
When Seric's attempt to open the door is unsuccessful, Marius steps forward and pounds three times on the hard wood. "On behalf of his majesty the king, and the Royal Spymistress, we command that you open this door and permit us entrance!"

2012-11-19, 09:06 AM
That at least seems to get a response. A few moments later, the door opens to reveal the governor with a sheet wrapped around his waist. Sitting on the bed behind him, facing the door, is a very pretty redhead wearing absolutely nothing but a rose in her hair.

"What in all the worlds is going on?!" the governor half-yells. "Is the town being attacked by snow-demons?"

2012-11-19, 09:25 AM
Marius pulls out his credentials and holds them up where the governor can see them clearly. "That's what we intend to find out, and we would appreciate your cooperation in our endeavor."

2012-11-19, 09:32 AM
"What is going on here?" Seric fumes, "That's exactly what I'd like to know!" She barges into the governor's room and snatches up a blanket or sheet to cover the woman with. "We come all this way on the King's business with reports that the mines have ceased operating and the miners are cowering in their homes afraid even to venture out for fear of ghosts and goblins and other tales. What do we find when we arrive but the man in charge apparently taking advantage of this poor, young woman." For all Seric knows this might well be his wife but if you're going to invade someone's privacy and order them around in their own town then you may as well go for broke.

"Child, " she draped the sheet around the redhead's shoulders, "What has this beast done to you? If he has abused his authority then I will see him pay dearly. Come now, confess. I shall protect you."

2012-11-19, 10:01 AM
The girl's face is the picture of utter amusement. She falls over backwards off the bed (shedding the blanket again, incidently) and rolls on the floor in peals of laughter. The governor, on the other hand, seems to be too disoriented to even talk intelligebly and simply keeps sputtering, "Wha...but...but...but she..."

2012-11-19, 11:48 AM
"Is quite clearly mad," Marius finishes for the governor. "Given everything I've heard about your reaction to the issues in the mines, I've half a mind at this point to send a report requesting an official investigation into your conduct. I suggest you put on clothes, answer our questions, and provide us with the help we need."

2012-11-19, 12:43 PM
The governor seems to have remembered where he put his wits.


A pair of guards appear.

"Escort these...kassavassassras... out of this building and don't allow them back in. Keep them under surveillance. And have a messenger ready to leave for Winterfell in an hour."

You are politely escorted out of the room (the door slams behind you) and then out of the keep.

2012-11-19, 01:54 PM
"Kassavassassras?" Seric turns quizzically to Flowdy, "Is that Infernal?"

2012-11-19, 02:02 PM
It's Cryan, actually.

2012-11-19, 04:06 PM
Ogodei remained silent during all the trouble within the city, it was not his place and to be honest he wasn't all that comfortable within them. 'I have officials from the capital to deal with such things. Don't need to bother myself.' he kept saying to himself.

The dealings with the governor was something else, a perfect exemple of how hideous living beings can get and he didn't meant physicaly. Turning to see the keep one more time he speaks "Does he really have the rights to throw you out?"

2012-11-19, 04:25 PM
A few minutes after you are thrown out of the castle, another soldier comes running out and announces to you and your two escorts,

"Governor Eddard is going to send a message to the Capitol requesting verification of your (points at the party) credentials. Until he receives that verification, you're not to use those credentials for anything. There's a mage at Winterfell that can Send to the Capitol, so you shouldn't have to wait more than a day or so for that verification."

2012-11-19, 05:39 PM
Marius rolls his eyes at the messenger. "Oh for the love of-- Look, so we interrupted his torrid little affair with that girl. He's a government official, and frankly we don't have time for this. We wouldn't even be here if was doing his job." He sighs and waves the messenger off. "Tell Eddard we need to see Lord Tyrion Stark. If he's going to make us wait, he can at least be useful."

2012-11-19, 06:05 PM
"Quite frankly, I'm a bit surprised he blew up like that too. But he's been getting more and more obsessed with that Copper for weeks now. I suppose your lady's interpretaiton of that scene touched all his nerves at once."

Lord Tyrion Stark is the district governor. He's at Winterfell, a day's travel to the south. Eddard is the governor of Starkspear.

2012-11-19, 07:24 PM
"What do you mean Copper?" Flowdy asks the guard who seems to be more reasonable than the governor. "Anyway, we might as well begin with our job here while the capital response arrives."

"Is there a place were we could stay for the night? And- Oh! I almost forgot. We need to keep the man we brouht locked up until further notice. Give him only water and fo not take off his gag. He might be an important source of information in the future."

Flowdy stretched his arms and asks his companion. "Well, shall we start with the questions?" he randomly picks a house with some amulets hanging from the door and starts walking.

Flowdy knocks the door and wait for someone to open "Good day, my name is Flowdy and I would like to make you some questions. I came here because I heard some spooky stories causing troubles arround here and I might be able to help you... if you let me."

OOC: I guess some Diplomacy won't hurt, but I preffer actually roleplaying conversations instead of just rolling. In case you don't share my opinion, here is a roll [roll0]

2012-11-19, 07:34 PM
"Copper's the girl... Wait, gagged and locked up? Who are you talking about and what did he do?"

The guard grabs Flowdy by the arm as he approaches the house. "I think you'd better not. The Governor's in a howling fury and I'd probably get in trouble if I let you start grilling people before he's confirmed your identity. Tell you what, we'll take you guys down to the Silver Pick and get you a place to stay for the night."

2012-11-19, 07:48 PM
"We'd certainly appreciate that. I don't suppose you could supply us with any more information on Copper?"

2012-11-19, 09:30 PM
"Who. Have. You. Bound. And. Why."

2012-11-19, 09:46 PM
"With all the respect young man, it is not of your business. You might want capital confirmation of our authority, but until then you should assume what would happen if we are who we claim we are." sais Flowdy with a sigh.
"We don't plan in causing any trouble here, in fact, we are here to help. But don't defy us. Remember we report directly to the crown."

2012-11-19, 09:59 PM
"Actually, it is our business, whether or not you are what you claim. If you have taken someone prisoner in self-defense, then tell us that and we shall know your justification. If you have arrested someone, tell us that we may arrange the trial. Any way you cut it, it's our business, especially if you want us to hold your captive for you."

2012-11-19, 10:08 PM
"Self-defense, then, as best we can tell." Marius motions at the cart with the tarp over it. "He's under that tarp, if you want to have a look. Just, uh, don't scream, alright? We don't want to cause a panic."

2012-11-19, 10:45 PM
"Believe me, that's the last thing I want. But why would...(He flips up the tarp. The thing responds with a muffled scream, squeezing its eyeslits shut. The soldier hurriedly lowers the tarp again.)...Oh God. Now I see why you wanted this thing locked up."

"Gerald! (a soldier comes trotting up) Take two men and lock this thing in one of the holding cells. Don't let it be seen, Governor would probably blow his top altogether if there's a riot. Report its existence to him once it's secured."

"Now, let's get you to the Pick."

You are escorted down to The Silver Pick, a largish tavern in the middle of town. As you enter the main room, a young man with flame-red hair and ash-grey eyes stands on a platform, waving a burning branch around excitedly as he recounts his tale.
“…I have seen the corpse dancers with my own eyes. I have seen them walking the streets by night, wearing the bodies of those slain by their frost-spawned allies. I have seen their skin as pale as the frost that is the heart of all evil, their eyes as black and empty as a starless night. But despair not, for there is still hope. As all evil is born in the heart of cold, so all evil has a foe in fire. Fire is our weapon against the evils of the night, and it alone can defend us against the dancers. The light of the sun, the warmth of summer, these will weaken and confuse the dancers, and true fire alone among all things can kill them. Sword and spear and stick and stone, these may destroy the body the dancer wears, but they can no more harm the dancer itself than poking holes in a man’s shirt harms the man beneath. But touch a dancer with fire, and it burns not only the body, but the dancer itself. Where there is flame, you are safe. Carry fire, and they will flee from you.”
Half the room bursts into applause, while most of the rest is full of confused murmurs.

“How do ye know all this?” asks one of the miners. “Has anyone besides ye seen these corpse dancers of yers?”

“I have!” volunteers one of the serving maids. “I was looking out my window when I saw two of them, just like he described. They were just walking through the streets, and then I saw a man further up the street. He’d had a bit too much to drink, and was wandering through the streets trying to get back home. The dancers saw him at the same time I did. They rushed at him, and he turned and I got a clear look at his face. It was Isaac. For just a second I saw him, then those things were on him. They just touched him, and he arched his back and went all rigid for a second, then he just went limp. The dancers just dragged him off.”

2012-11-20, 06:26 AM
Looks like I missed some action

"The governor does not give orders to us. We do not answer to him." Seric is certain of that. "We will work with the local law of course but we will not abide by any restrictions that that pig of a man may try to dictate to us."


At the Silver Pick, Seric looks distastefully at the rabble rouser, "No good will come from this, mark my words."

"It is more evidence of the corruption of their leader that they allow such trouble makers to operate with impunity. Such talk will only endanger lawful citizens as someone will act on false information or poor assumptions. They should be coming together as a community, not looking at one another with suspicion. They are stronger as a whole."

Knowledge Religion [roll0] to see if his talk of corpse dancers is familiar and if the fire has a particular religious connection.

EDIT: My highest skill and I get a natural 1. I am cursed by the dice gods. :smalleek:

2012-11-20, 06:49 AM
"We all have seen that their governor isn't exactly insterested in solving problems. Maybe they have no other choice" sais Flowdy to Seric. "Let's find out."

"Excuse me sir!" shouts Flowdy at the tavern "Wouldn't it be better to let the guards and the governor take care of that? If it is as you said, he must be doing something, right?"

2012-11-20, 07:33 AM
The maid turns to Korney, and you are struck by the uncanny resemblance to the woman you just saw in the governor's rooms. "Good sir, I know exactly what the governor is doing, and it's not dealing with the dancers. He has other concerns in both his heads."

(A general explosion of laughter.)

The fire guy jumps onto the end of her speech, "And even if the governor were devoting every moment to fighting the children of the cold, he and his cannot be everywhere at once, cannot guard every home or escort every man. These people must know how they can defend themselves, or they will be slain."

2012-11-20, 07:48 AM
OOC: See, now we know for sure that Seric was right and the governors is doing nothing.

Flowdy looks back at Copper and recognize her. Waits a bit until the speech is over and approaches her. "Milady, if you have a moment we would like to buy you a drink."

If her accepts: Once they are all at a table and Copper join them Flowdy asks "I believe your name is Copper. I'm Flowdy, this gentlemen are Ogodei and Marius, and you already know Seric."

"We are here to help as much as we can and we do believe your story about strange creatures. Could you tell us everything you know? When did this start, what has been happening, anything." Flowdy waits patiently with a piece of scroll and a feather ready to write down important events.

OOC: Just and OOC reminder, if she cooperates, we should take her to check the prisoner, maybe see recognices him.

2012-11-20, 07:55 AM
The girl giggles. "I'm not Copper. My name's Candace, but everyone just calls me Candy. Copper and I are friends. No, we're not related, Yes, it's weird that we look alike."

2012-11-20, 05:31 PM
OOC: I have made the same questions to her than I would have made to Copper.

2012-11-20, 08:41 PM
"Are these 'dancers' the reason that the miners have stopped work? I think it best if we see one of these for ourselves. If it is some spiritual infestation then only those versed in such metaphysical matters can hope to defeat them. What we need is information."

OOC. Can you tell us what the defences of the town are like. Can the inhabitants retreat to a central keep where they cannot easily be picked off one by one?

2012-11-20, 09:03 PM
(In a confidential wisper)

"Oh, it's not just the dancers. Those aren't so dangerous without allies, even Ozai would admit that. See, the dancers can only use dead bodies, and they can't restore any rot the body may have suffered, so to be dangerous they need fresh corpses. And for that they need allies, vampires or murderers or somesuch. So for dancers to be walking the streets, someone has to have come in first and killed off people. Ozai is stepping around that on purpose, it does folk no good to remind them that one of their number is a murderer. Everyone knows it, of course, but they don't want to think about it.

And it gets worse. Several of the most recent spate of mystery deaths have been among the guards, so our killer must be among them. That plus the governor's attitude is why everyone's here instead of down at the fort. Plus I don't think anyone really wants to admit just how bad it is."

2012-11-20, 10:16 PM
The Easterner takes more notes on what the girl says but remains silent for the moment.

2012-11-21, 02:36 AM
"Either the governor is helping these creature or is weak and ignorant, unable to respond properly. Either way it seems clear that he is unsuited to his position."

Seric thinks for a moment, "We need to target our response. Where does it originate? Where are these creatures concentrated? What gives them their power? Do they have a leader? If we can take out the head of the serpent, the body will die.

"We have three enemies to combat:

One: These mutated lemure creatures.
Two: These 'corpse dancers'.
Three: At least one murderer, possibly part of the guard.

In addition we have the incompetence and corruption of the governor.

The question then is which is the greatest threat? Which one should we target our resources at first?"

2012-11-21, 06:54 AM
Flowdy listens to everything with caution "Maybe we could follow those dancers back to wherever they hide at day."

"And... do you think we could talk to Copper later?"
OOC: If Copper goes to the governor's bedroom often maybe she could search for clues for us or even let us in to search ourselves.

2012-11-21, 09:09 AM
"COLOR="DarkRed"]We have three enemies to combat:

One: These mutated lemure creatures.
Two: These 'corpse dancers'.
Three: At least one murderer, possibly part of the guard.


"Lemurs? Aren't those Terran? How'd they get all the way up here without freezing, and how could they possibly be dangerous?"

Terra is a massive jungly continent to the south, somewhat similar to Africa.

2012-11-21, 09:24 AM
"No, Candace, lem-yur, not lem-er. It is a kind of devil from the lower planes, the hells. A soul given physical form and used as fodder in the endless wars they rage. They are twice as powerful as a normal man but weak compared with their masters. That is something that concerns the security of the realm. If something is somehow bonding lemures to people then they have considerable power. Such a threat cannot be tolerated."

2012-11-21, 09:33 AM
Candace's eyes go wide. "You found one?" she whispers.

At the same moment, a voice comes from the door.

"You again?"

It's Copper, finally wearing some clothes. She's clad in a thick fur coat, and you can just see bright red shoes peeking out from under the hem. She's still got the rose in her hair.

"Candy! Come on, I've got the funniest story to tell you about these four. You won't believe what they did when they learned Eddie and I were 'busy'."

Candace smoothly slips off the seat and the two of them disappear up the stairs.

2012-11-21, 05:33 PM
"Well, this was interesting information." sais Flowdy putting his writing tools into his bag. "Ogodei, I believe you are some kind of druid? Could we rely on you to follow this "dancers" tracks?"

"If they have been attacking the guard lately we could watch over there."

2012-11-24, 09:03 AM
Well, since nothing more seems to be happening this evening, I guess we'll skip forward to the next day (you all enjoy a fine sleep.) So it's a bright new day, what do you want to do with it?

2012-11-24, 11:36 AM
Before the day skip;
"While I know the basics of tracking, I fear I am not a trained tracker. But I am not against trying."

Waking up to the not yet bright new day, Ogodei enjoys a walk outside for no reason other than to see the rising sun.

It was when the sun was fully raised that the Easterner returned to the inn to awaits his new companions to get ready. How do you want to use this new day?" he asks openly to the group, "We could give this tracking idea a try."

Sorry Korney, I must have missed the notification about someone posting.

2012-11-24, 11:40 AM
"My pride wants us to wait for that governor to get the news about our credentials back. My reason says we don't have time for that. If you're willing to try tracking the things, that may be our best idea."

2012-11-24, 01:57 PM
"I agree with Marius, let's not wait. We should start looking arround where the last abduction took place." Flowdy sais while eating some breakfast with the others.

"Let's see first how well we can hadle it Ogodei, I heard some stories about your people using wolves to track, sorry if I assumed too much. It wasn't my intention to sound racist." apologizes Flowdy.

After that he pack his few things and starts walking towards the barracks.

OOC: I said barracks because I suppose it was there. I don't remember where the Inn customers said it happened. If they nevr did, I ask the Innkeeper before leaving.

@DualShadow: I'm not used to druids, but can't you summon a dog or a wold or something with track?

2012-11-24, 03:32 PM
On the way to the barracks, the image of Lady Natalia (the Spymistress) appears before you, traced in silver fire.

"Recieved message relay from Governor Eddard Stark questioning your credentials. What has happened? And who's the Easterner? Over."

The spell shifts to Reply mode.

2012-11-24, 05:18 PM
Marius replies quickly and professionally. "Governor refused to see us on arrival; attempted to use credentials to meet; he got upset. He appears incompetent or corrupt. Easterner's a druid. Over."

2012-11-24, 05:23 PM
The image of Lady Natalia nods once and then winks out.

2012-11-24, 07:30 PM
Flowdy clears his thoat "Well, I guess we will find no more obstacles from the governor."

"Or maybe even more" he whispers.

"So, Ogodei, do you have anyone to report to?" Flowdy starts a little chat wit the Easterner, they don't really know him, and he doesn't speak much. He tries to know more about the place he comes from, his social position, his skills, whatever information he could share as small talk while they reach their destination.

2012-11-24, 08:55 PM
You guys can still post your conversation on the road to the barracks, this is just what happens when you get there (unless something unexpected comes up.)

The two guards at the door bar your way with their spears. "I'm sorry, you're not allowed in until your credentials are verified." says one.

2012-11-25, 04:18 AM
"You are mistaken. Our credentials have been verified. We received word from Her Royal Highness, the Lady Natalia, half an hour ago. Now get out of our way!" Seric is in no mood to put up with any more of the obstructions that the governor is putting in their way, "Unless you intend to use those spears on the duly appointed agents of the royal family I would move if I were you."

Diplomacy [roll]1d20+2[roll]
Intimidate [roll]1d20+1[roll]

2012-11-25, 12:16 PM
In answer to Flowdy's question, the druid answers with a neutral tone not wanting to say too much about himself right now "I have elders to report to, but no fancy mean to do it."

When the group arrives before the guards he smiles at their attempt to stop them and waits to see their reactions to Seric's brash words.

2012-11-25, 01:59 PM
I'm just gonna roll those dice again...properly.
Diplomacy [roll0]
Intimidate [roll1]

2012-11-25, 03:06 PM
The guards are clearly torn between two alternatives.

"Sorry, but I haven't heard anything about your credentials being verified, and I daren't let you in until I do. Still..."

Before he can continue, the door opens behind him and a couple more soldiers pop out. One of the new soldiers addresses you.

"Oh, good. The governor has just recieved the verification of your credentials and is now ready to see you in his office."

You are politely ushered through the building into the governor's office. The governor is seated behind his desk, clad in Stark grey-and-white and busy writing something. Copper is perched pertly on a chair off to the side. She is clad entirely in what seems to be a single crimson ribbon wrapped around and around her, and tied off between her breasts with a bow. It covers all the important bits, but it looks like it ought to come undone at any moment.

The governor addresses you. "It seems that you are, in fact, what you have claimed to be. The Royal Spymistress, for reasons I cannot even begin to comprehend, has vouched for you. Thus, you do in fact have the right to ask questions of me regarding whatever it is you were sent here to investigate in the first place. That being said, I have before me a formal complaint which I will be posting shortly. I greatly hope that we can get through this quickly and without may having to add any further reasons to this complaint."

"So what in all the worlds brings you here?"

2012-11-25, 03:35 PM
"Excuse me sir, but you seem to not understand the situation here. You seem to believe that we have somehow made anything disrespectful or inapropiate here.
When the truth is that YOU decided to ignore the messengers, YOU refused to take care of the problem on your town, YOU refused to report to our authority with menaces and poor taste even when we showed you our credentials, YOU are here with a half-naked woman receiving us as if we were mercenaries and still YOU have complains?!"

Flowdy calms down for a second before continuing "You will be lucky if you don't end up in jail after the spymistress reads our report, but unlike you, we are here to solve problems, not make new ones."

"We are here to investigate the mine, the problems in delivery and the rumours about the town. We demand full access to your town, the mine and the wharehouse. After what we have seen, we will also ask for a couple of guards to patrol specific zones we ask them to. And you will be accepting all this without questioning it." Flowdy don't usually lose his temper, but he can't handle stupidity in high-charges, people depend of this governor and he spends his days with whores.

OOC: I don't know if this is intimidation or diplomacy so I will roll both and let the DM decide:

intimidate [roll0]
diplomacy [roll1]

2012-11-25, 04:32 PM
The governor grits his teeth and grasps the desk, hard.

"If you actually have questions to ask or even investigations to make, fine. It's a complete waste of any ordinary person's time, but I think you might benefit. But I tell you that it seems you have no purpose here other than to insult me. You accuse me of crimes without a shred of evidence, insult me to my face repeatedly, and now you have the gall to try to command me as though you were my superiors? I will not stand for this. If you have anything worthwile to say, then say it right now. Otherwise, get out of this room before I have you thrown out."

It is clear to the most casual observer that he is a hair's-breadth from losing his temper dramatically and violently.

Copper bounces up and down, giggling excitedly.

2012-11-25, 04:55 PM
Seric looks incredulously at the old mage, knowing that he has a very even temper. She then adds, "Governor, we are not enemies here. We all seek the same thing: an orderly resumption of work at the mines. Our task is to investigate and resolve this problem. Your cooperation is required and you will provide it. Do so in a helpful manner and this will be reflected in our reports."

She turns to Copper, "Young woman, what is your official capacity in this place? Perhaps our questions would best be asked without the presence of your whore." She says this matter of factly in a neutral tone, turning back to the governor at the end. "No sir, your own views of the difficulties, if you please."

Diplomacy [roll0] In an effort to make him less hostile.

2012-11-25, 05:14 PM
"The shutdown of the mines is just the result of one of those fits of superstition that sweep over the miners every now and again. One or two people start telling strange stories, some rabble-rouser or other fans their fears into a roaring flame, and everyone goes around scared of their own shadows for a week or two. Nothing to be done but ride it out. Any day now the miners will start running out of cash, and they'll soon be hungry enough to face their fears and see that it's all just a bunch of rumors. That's all there is to it, as I've explained several times."

Candace's only responce to Seric is a pert :smalltongue:

2012-11-25, 05:30 PM
"I see and what of these, what were they calling them? Corpse dancers? What of our prisoner, the creature that attacked us on the way here yesterday? Are these just 'fits of superstition' too? Even if your assessment is correct what efforts have you made to limit these rabble rousers from causing trouble? Have you arrested the ring leaders, made an example of anyone, put in place a curfew, or limited the congregation of large groups? What intelligence have you gathered? We will need to speak with your scouts and those who claim to have seen the creatures haunting the mines. Have you increased patrols in the area as a way to reassure the superstitious peasants or put in place a posse system where they can accompany trained guards on patrols so that they can see that the dangers are not real but imagined? Have you dismissed the more obstinate miners and hired more willing workers from the nearby communities? For your sake I pray that you have some evidence of the efforts that you have made yourself to rectify this situation." She leaves unsaid that all he seems to have done is toyed with his floosie while the town flailed about blindly with no leadership at all.

2012-11-25, 05:46 PM
"There have been legends about the corpse dancers up here since as long as anyone can remember, but they haven't been seen for decades, if they ever existed in the first place. And as for talking with people who claim to have seen boogies, just go back down to the Silver Pick and ask anyone there. You'll get more ghost tales than you know what to do with."

"As for arresting or dismissing the miners, it would have been both impractical and ultimately useless. If I were to arrest miners for telling or listening to these tales, I'd have to arrest the whole town and I don't have the men (or the jail cells) to do that. Not to mention that it would do absolutely nothing towards getting them to work again."

"And I have put out patrols. They didn't see much of anything, but the rumors took that as one more piece of evidence for the existence of these boogies."

2012-11-25, 07:58 PM
Not happy, Flowdy looks at his companions and say softly "Should we show this... man the guest we brought with us? Maybe he would start taking our presence here seriously once his arrogant blindfold falls."

I bet Copper could do this man's job better. He is just here waiting for things to get solved by themselves. This is not the place for a lazy man like him.
Flowdy's mind curses about the human stupidity and laziness, two of the things he can't stand.

2012-11-25, 11:18 PM
"That might actually be in our best interest," Marius whispers back to Flowdy. Focusing on the governor, Marius' eyes are hard as steel. "Legends, nothing. There have been sightings of the corpse dancers in town, which is enough cause for advanced investigation. That said, at least you're doing something, which, I confess, is more than you had me expecting thus far. Of course, that something clearly isn't good enough, as the mines are not operating, and the Spymistress herself felt the need to get involved in this. Have you done anything toward getting the mines running again, besides waiting?"

2012-11-26, 06:38 AM
The governor seems incredulous.

"You actually believe the storytellers? You do realize that not everything told in a tavern is necessarily truth admissible in a court of law?"

2012-11-26, 07:42 AM
"We live in a world where magic can summon creatures from the air, where the undead can be created and controlled by powerful priests and wizards, where mortal wounds can be healed at a touch or inflicted if they so desire, where fire and lightning are at the fingertips of anyone sufficiently powerful and where the planes themselves are home to creatures of unimaginable power. As a priestess I could drain your life force at a touch, maybe even kill you. Flowdy could drain your arms of all their strength by uttering a few words and Marius could fry you with lightning or with burning acid. Any one of us could use our powers to destroy you where you stand. Is it so farfetched to imagine other beings with even more frightening abilities?" She lifts her holy symbol up and stares him in the face.

"Why do you so blithely dismiss these things? Are you so ignorant of the powers at work in the world? Have you taken any efforts to investigate these claims, no matter how wild? Have you done anything at all?" Her temper was rising but she fought to get it under control.

2012-11-26, 08:07 AM
Governor Eddard grits his teeth.

"I know the difference between legend and truth. This. Is. Legend. Treating it as fact will only make the fit of superstition last longer, a fact you'd do well to remember, since you claim to want the mines to start working again."

2012-11-26, 08:16 AM
Is it just a legend?

Knowledge Religion [roll0]"The story may be legend but the people are connecting real events to the legend. That alone makes it worth investigating. There may be no truth in the myth but something is frightening the miners and they say it is these corpse dancers. You have dismissed their concerns as legend rather than investigate them." Wondering what would convince him to help she latches onto an idea, "We left a prisoner with the guard when we first arrived. Have you made any attempt to question it? Have you seen it for yourself? If not I suggest we visit it now so you can see for yourself the sort of thing that would prompt people to grasp at superstitious ideas."

2012-11-26, 08:57 AM
"The miners are frightened of their own shadows, nothing more. Putting out patrols turned up nothing, and the rumors simply mutated so that somehow "proved" that there were monsters out. It has become clear that trying to disprove the rumors only makes them burn fiercer. Nothing to be done but wait for them to burn out."

2012-11-26, 09:15 AM
"And our prisoner?" Seric wondered if he were deliberately avoiding having to confront the problem.

2012-11-26, 09:26 AM
"What...Oh, yeah, him. What about him?"

2012-11-26, 09:35 AM
"Or you could send someone to investigate the mines, which is why we're here in the first place. Had you just done that, we wouldn't be out here and you wouldn't be being grilled for information that you are strangely reticent to provide. Fine, there are legends in the area of corpse dancers. From my understanding, a large vein of onyx was recently uncovered in the mines. I'm going to hazard a guess that you have no idea how undead are created, and inform you that, to my understanding, it requires onyx." Marius glances at Seric for confirmation about onyx and the undead, not being particularly versed in necromancy himself. "I'm going to try something a bit different, if I may. I'm going to attempt to construct a timeline of events leading up to our arrival here. First, a large vein of onyx was uncovered in the mines. Second, the miners became fearful of something lurking in the mines, presumably something that had not been there previously. Third, you refused to send anyone to investigate the mines and reassure the miners. Fourth, we were dispatched by the Spymistress when word reached her that the mines had shut down. Fifth, the people of this town started seeing corpse dancers appearing in the streets and dragging people off. Finally, we were attacked by a strange creature on our way into town, a thing you may want to have a look at that is currently occupying one of your jail cells. That's our prisoner, by the way. Have I missed anything in there, or does that sound pretty close to accurate?"

2012-11-26, 09:48 AM
"That's a pretty accurate description of what the townsfolk say is happening, though I would disagree about whether they really are seein what they say."

2012-11-26, 09:53 AM
"That doesn't answer the question of whether you've done anything or not to reassure them. The people need to be able to rely on their leader, that he will work to protect them when the need arises, and that he will show them there is nothing to fear when they are frightened." Marius walks over to the door, and speaks to the guard outside. "In one of the prison cells there should be a prisoner under a tarp. Hideous thing. Bring it in here, if you would, please."

2012-11-26, 10:02 AM
Outside the door Marius finds Candy and Ozai!

"Hi! Just waiting for you to be done so we can have a chat with Copper!"

2012-11-26, 10:05 AM
Squeezing the bridge of his nose, Marius lets out a put-upon sigh. "What happened to the guards who were here earlier?"

2012-11-26, 10:35 AM
Flowdy puts his hand over Marius shoulder "Let's go. There is no use in trying to prove anything to this man." Flowdy looks back at Seric and Ogodei. "We will be leaving now, to make a real investigation about this events. I guess all the town knows by now that we are here, make sure the miners and the guard know that too, so they cooperate. Good day Sir."

"Mylady." sais to Copper as he drags his companions outside.

Once outside he talks to his companions trying to determine his next move "It is obvious now that we are not going to convince this stup- stubborn man. I bet he could be carried away by one of this dancers and yet shout it's a myth."

"Let's go to the barracks were we were. Or do you preffer going into the mines?"

2012-11-26, 10:59 AM
Slamming the door loudly after them she joins her companions as they leave. "Onyx, of course!" Seric finally connects the material in the mine with necromancy, "Candy and Copper seem to be running this place more than the governor is. If I find any evidence against the three of them I will make sure to bring retribution against them to the fullest extent of the law. I shall recommend that the town's accounts be fully audited in my report as well. Someone this slack is no doubt stealing from the coffers. He's not clever enough to cover his tracks. Unfortunately that is not our mission."

With a sigh she resolves to continue rather than allow her anger to take control and beat the governor to death with her flail, "Let's question witnesses, pick up whatever equipment we might need and then head to the mines. I'm sure we can find a guide to take us at least some way there."

2012-11-26, 11:03 AM
With a long look back at the Governor and Copper, Ogodei follows Flowdy out while scratching his beard. Once outside he casts a long look back at the building he just left before looking at his new temporary companions "Let us find Marius back at the prison before we decide without him. Something is really odd here and I don't like it." Ogodei's was feeling ill, not because he was far away from his people but rather at the characters he met so far, something was just wrong.

Reading back I find myself confused at what door was Marius stopped by Ozai and Candy, if they wait for use to finish so they can go to Copper .... I think they are right before the Governor's building right?

2012-11-26, 11:09 AM
"I agree. Something is definitely wrong in this place, but I don't know what. We should start at the tavern; maybe someone there saw or was attacked by a corpse dancer, and they can provide us some additional information. Or the barracks, as the guards will likely be more forthcoming when we tell them we aim to fix whatever problems the town seems to be having. I'm not picky."

2012-11-26, 11:33 AM
"The barracks are probably closer and the tavern is nearer to the market."

2012-11-26, 07:27 PM
Flowdy and the others move to the barrack's door to search for tracks and ask the guards about the recent attacks/abductions.

If there is any guard. :smalltongue:
search [roll0]+5 =18

2012-11-26, 08:30 PM
Before you can really start the search, Gerald (the guard who locked up the...Lemure-thingy... yesterday) comes running up.

"Uh, I think you'd better have a look at this."

You are escorted down to the dungeons, and to a specific cell. A pair of guards are in fornt of the cell. One is panting and has a nervous look in his eyes, while the other is sitting down and unnaturally pale. The cell itself contains a bloody mess of flesh. It is (just barely) recognizable as the human parts of the thing you took prisoner. Its demonic parts seem to have vanished entirely, and by so doing caused the entire body to fall apart. Partial organs pulse wetly within the ruined frame, three fingers and several arm muscles are all that seem to remain of the thing's left arm, and the entire upper half of its face has been removed as with an ice-cream scoop, making visible a mish-mash of gray matter that might, perhaps, be appetizing to a mind flayer, but is merely nauseating to anyone else.

The pale guard reports: "We had untied the thing's forelimbs and ungagged it so it might feed itself. Winch here had just finished ungagging the thing, and was about to hand it the food tray (guestures to a tray of buiscuit and fish), when it cast some sort of curse on him."

Winch pipes up: "Horrid feeling. Like evil forcing itself into my veins. My arms went all wobbly and I couldn't think straight."

The first guard takes up the narration again. "I had my spear at the thing's chest in a second and told it to stop what it was doing immediately. It responded by impaling itself on the spear and hitting me over the head with its left forelimb, casting some sort of curse as it did so. There was an immediate feeling of extreme pain and weakness. I immediately dropped the spear and moved to draw my dagger, but the thing had already collapsed and was no longer moving. I therefore quickly attended to my and Winch's... conditions... and after ascertaining that the effects were neither immediately life-threatening nor easily treatable, I relocked the door and sent Winch to get aid. As it happened, Seargent Gerald came down at exactly that moment, so there was no need for him to go far."

Gerald takes up the narration. "I saw the next bit myself. The non-human parts of the...whatever-that-was... dissolved into a reddish vapor, leaving a distinct odor of sulfur and causing the body to assume the state it is now in."

Fort saves against nauseated: DC 15

Marius: [roll0]
Seric: [roll1]
Flowdy: [roll2]
Ogodei: [roll3]

I thouroughly approve of having Seric be the only one who doesn't turn a hair at this mess, by the way.

2012-11-27, 02:11 AM
Flowdy turns pale at the spectacle. He have seen a man turn into shreds by a bear but this is just... wrong.

He excuses himself, finds a lonely corner and empty his stomach. Once midly composed he returns and sais "So... what part of "Don't ungag him" is the one you did not understand..." Flowdy checks Seric's face as he sees the spark of a smile dissappear. Unbelievable.

This town should be called Stupid Hen. "Do you recognize what's left of this man? Was he from this town?"
"Have you had any encounters with what the townfloks call "the dancers"?
"Are you missing any men?"

2012-11-27, 02:14 AM
"Contagion, one creature infects two who infect two more each. Nasty and quite ingenious," Seric looks closely at the two injured guards and decides to cast Detect Magic to inspect them, "Sergeant, do you have any wine or vinegar to wash out their wounds? I suggest that these two remain quarantined for now. Do you have any healers or those skilled at dealing with curses?"

She then walks over to the viscera, picks it up and has a good look through it. She wants to make sure that the organs are entirely human without a trace of the corrupt lemure form remaining. "What happened to the vapour? Did you breath it in? Did it dissipate?"

"Flowdy, what are you doing? There is no time for such sensibilities, we have work to do." She lifted up the heart to inspect the chambers, "Yes, all there, these look human to me. What do you think? Any alteration or was the lemure part replacing body parts rather than changing them?"

Check out the whole area with Detect Magic. Is there still a sulphur smell?

Search check for the examination [roll0]

2012-11-27, 07:15 AM
(Addressing Flowdy) "In our defense, we had to ungag it so it could eat, and having a guy standing there ready to run you through with a spear will stop any caster who isn't completely loony. And no, no idea who this used to be."

(Addresing Seric)"As for the vapor, it just sort of dissipated into nowhere. And we do have a couple of healers. I'll go send for one, if you think it'd be a good idea."

Detect Magic
You detect the fading afterimages of spells on both the guards

2012-11-27, 08:14 AM
"They both have some fading magical auras on them," She announces to the rest. Indicating a vacant cell she ushers them both into it, "Into that cell, now. I shall treat your wounds. You, keep a spear on him, just in case."

"If I'm right the wound will be covered with a lemure like growth and he'll start to feel the effects of the curse. If not his wound will get a bit better and we'll have to leave him in the cell for a day or two." With this "reassuring" speech she follows them into the cell and, after everyone is ready, casts Cure Minor Wounds on whichever one is least injured.

2012-11-27, 08:20 AM
(Housekeeping roll:[roll0])

Seric reaches out and touches the pale guard on the face. A faint shimmer of healing energy dances around her fingers and a crimson flush spreads out from where she touched the guard, the unnatural pallor beginning to fade.

"Out of curiosity," pipes up Winch. "How exactly are you going to tell whether there's anything wrong with us? I don't fancy camping out in this cell for weeks, and I feel fine now, but I don't suppose that means anything."

2012-11-27, 11:18 AM
Seric examines the wound for any sign of foreign material. As she does so she chats away conversationally. "Oh, it's quite simple. If you turn into an insane, murderous monster suffering in agony and torment as your flesh is slowly replaced by diabolical flesh from the lower planes then we'll know you were infected. If you don't then we'll assume not. Unfortunately we've no idea how long the process takes. It would be useful to have other subjects to test so we can see the progress of this malady."

"Are there any missing miners or townspeople that could be easily identified? If we explore the mines and find more of these creatures we may be able to match up the disappearances with missing persons reports. That would give us an idea of how long the process takes. Our subject was obviously at the end of his transformation. He may have been strong or weak, you know, succumbing slowly or quickly to the disease. There may also be some other trigger for it of course. That's what I'd do. Have a rapidly spread infection with no discernible symptoms and then trigger the change with an event or ritual over a large scale all at once. "

I've like to return tomorrow and do a more in depth examination. There are certain magical rituals that I have not prepared for today. I'd like to Detect Evil and Detect Poison. Protection from Evil and Holy Water also spring to mind.

For now though, once you get us a list of missing people and dates, I suggest we head to the tavern again to speak to any witnesses and then on to the mines.

Taking the others to one side she adds quietly, "Call it paranoia if you will but Candy and Copper always seem to be around. It would not surprise me if they had some connection to these events. They seem far too pleased with our difficulties with the governor for one and very knowledgeable about local events. They may be innocent but I think it worthwhile making discrete enquiries about them as well."

Remembering the possibly cursed guards and her recent thinking out loud she walks over and, for their benefit, tries to reassure them, "Your staying here is a precaution. It seems unlikely that anything serious could have happened from one scratch without seeing something pretty quickly. A few days should be enough I should think."

2012-11-27, 01:22 PM
Winch pipes up, "In that case, could you send to the Silver Pick for some real food? If i'm going to turn in a ravenous murdering homocidal abomination I'd like to have a proper dinner before I go. Last meal and all that."

2012-11-27, 01:55 PM
With a stomach now empty, the Easterner moves back in the building. He sits in a corner of the room, within earshot of the group and starts to write in his book.

As Ogodei hears Seric's talk about Copper and Candy he looks up from his book "I share your feeling on those two. Something is just off with those two ladies. They are too happy, smiling, and to have Copper stand around when the governor deal with us doesn't fit to me."

2012-11-27, 04:49 PM
Marius gives the quarantined guards a gentle smile. "We can certainly do that for you. Do you need anything else before we leave?"

2012-11-27, 05:02 PM
"Could someone let Pastor Duguid know what's happened? Just in case something goes wrong."

2012-11-27, 05:13 PM
"We can do that." Marius turns to his companions. "Well, then. Shall we head for the Silver Pick or the church first?"

2012-11-27, 10:17 PM
Ogodei finishes writing a last line and gets up to meet Marius's gaze "It would not require long to go to the church and warn the Pastor."

2012-11-28, 05:57 PM
As you guys make your way out of the barracks, you notice the messenger from Frostcove getting back on his horse. He trots over to you.

"I've delivered my message and I've got to head back to Governor James. Do you have any message you want delivered to him, since I'm going anyway?"

2012-11-29, 01:27 PM
"I don't think so Sir. If he asks about us just tell him we are investigating."

OOC: ****ing forum stress.

2012-11-30, 12:25 PM
You soon find your way to the small church on the Western side of town.

As you slide in, you see a silver-haired man in black priest's robes praying with a handful of townsfolk. You also instantly feel safe, protected, and much more restful.

2012-11-30, 12:40 PM
OOC: Except for Seric, because she is an evil bitch hahaha :smallamused:

Flowdy waits until he is done praying then informs him "Hello Father, there is a guard asking for your services. It may be possible that he dies in the next days."

2012-11-30, 12:41 PM
"Oh dear. What has happened now?"

2012-11-30, 09:46 PM
Ogodei answers with a matter of fact tone "Problem with a creature. Possible infection or curse."

2012-11-30, 11:06 PM
"Oh dear. Well, I suppose I'd better have a look. Any clue what it was? And where was the attack?

2012-12-01, 10:04 AM
"Ermm... who said anything about an attack?" Flowdy looks suspiciously at the priest.

sense motive !!! that freaking priest is the one summoning lemures!!! [roll0]

Edit: LOL!!!! that priest is a saint!!!!! he obviously have nothing to do with this all!!!

2012-12-01, 10:08 AM
"You just did," replies Pastor Duguid evenly.

Results of Korney's Sense Motive check.
You detect a note of evasiveness in his tone. Something seems...off...here.

2012-12-01, 01:29 PM
"No I didn't..." Flowdy narrows his eyes at the priest attitude.
"What God did you say you worship again?"
Flowdy checks the priest's holy symbol and the church decoration to see if there is anything weird.
Then turns to his companions and whisper "Isn't it a bit strange that the soldier accepted to be imprisoned so easily and then made us call this priest? I think this priest is involved with the creature, and the soldiers knows! That's how he knows that he could help him. There is something fishy here... and I don't like it."

2012-12-01, 02:12 PM
"This shrine is dedicated to the Creator himself. There are niches for the Archangels, of course, but this town is too small for them to each have a shrine."

There is nothing abnormal about the shrine, except for a rather unusual number of fire motifs.

2012-12-01, 02:28 PM
Knowledge (Religion) [roll0] which religion is the pastor, also what is the cause of this feeling in the church?
Sense motive as well [roll1] Can I tell what he's trying to avoid?

"Your suspicions may be paranoia though I share them. We cannot act without firm evidence though. This town may simply have a very effective rumour mill." Seric does not like the people of this town, "It is as if they are all in on the same joke and we are the butt of it."

2012-12-01, 03:30 PM
Before long, the pastor arrives at the fort. When you go down into the dungeon, and he sees the two soldiers locked up, he is clearly flustered.

"What in the world happened here?" he asks.

Winch responds, "We got hit with some kind of curse from this really wierd monster, and Black Chick thinks we might turn into raving lunatic homocidal abominations over the next few days, so we're locked up here until it can be confirmed that we're safe."

Winch turns to Seric

"I still feel fine, if that has any bearing on the subject."

Pastor Duguid and the two soldiers start praying.

Results of Seric's checks

Duguid is a follower of the Path of the Creator, which worships a single diety that they claim created and rules everything in the universe, including the gods.


The pastor isn't trying to hide anything. (you can tell) Korney got the wrong reading because he rolled so low.

2012-12-02, 05:44 AM
"Do not let them out, Pastor, and keep your distance. They are in quarantine until we can determine that they are not infected or contagious in some way." Seric knows what these bleeding heart types are like. Apt to allow their sense of charity and compassion to lead to weakness, they are unwilling to do what must sometimes be done for the security of us all.

Is Pastor Duguid offering anything other than spiritual support?
Spellcraft [roll0]

2012-12-02, 07:18 AM
Also rolling Spellcraft, because, hey, I have that skill: [roll0]

2012-12-02, 08:35 AM
Seric and Marius
You would both recognize that he's preparing spells.

2012-12-02, 05:23 PM
Flowdy checks every pastor's move, still convinced there is something odd about him.

"Should we continue our duty now friends?" sais Flowdy to the others, wanting to know more about the case before pointing at people.

2012-12-02, 05:35 PM
"I'd like to see what spells he is calling on first."

2012-12-02, 10:08 PM
After the prayers, he briefly taps each of his eyes with the triangle pendant he wears. His eyes glow white as he examines each of the soldiers.

"There's no curse on either of these that I can see, nor poison or infection in their system. I think it should be safe to release them."

2012-12-03, 02:13 AM
"A few days in quarantine won't hurt them, just to be sure. I'm sure that inquisitor Flowdy could explain about instantaneous spell effects, the art of hiding enchantments and what-not, " she considers this for a moment, "but we only have a short amount of time and we really need to get going." Seric was not at all pleased that this false god was so much in prominence in this town. She would have to set aside some time to preach the true religion once their mission was complete.

2012-12-03, 09:11 AM
[OOC] So where do you want to go now? The Pick, the mines, back to yell at the governor some more, somewhere else?

2012-12-03, 11:04 AM
[OOC] So where do you want to go now? The Pick, the mines, back to yell at the governor some more, somewhere else?It would make sense to go to the inn first and then the mines.

2012-12-03, 11:44 AM
The Silver Pick is mostly empty, with neither Candy nor Ozai anywhere to be seen. A few miners are nursing foamy mugs of beer, but there is little conversation. Upon delivering your message, the innkeeper promises to cook up something especially good for the soldiers.

The path up to the mines is a longish switchback style, crossweaving back and forth until it reaches a large cave mouth about two bowshots up the mountainside.

2012-12-03, 11:54 AM
"I propose that Marius and I go in front as we are better protected in our armours. That is unless Ogodei can scout the path in front of us?" It seems as if she has accepted the eastern druid but she still doesn't know what his abilities are.

Seric stows her shield and loads her crossbow. If this is the source of the strange behaviour and monsters then she wants to shoot first and ask questions later.

I'm assuming we want to go 2x2 but how wide is the path?

Seric's armour class drops to 15

2012-12-03, 12:20 PM
You make your way up the path (in whatever order) without any major problems and soon find yourselves at the cave-like entrance. There are a number of large affairs like boxes on sleds, and a map of this section of the gem mines. There are a number of passages, but the one that leads to the black onyx lode is marked.

2012-12-03, 01:37 PM
Ooc: any sound? are there miners? what are the light conditions?

2012-12-03, 01:55 PM
There are no miners, and you can't hear anything other than a few water dribblets and squeaky bat noises. There's plenty of light in this ampitheater cave, but the tunnels are dark enough that you'll need lighting or darkvision.

2012-12-03, 04:46 PM
"Flowdy, copy that map out," Seric bosses the wizard rudely as she gets a torch out of her pack and lights it with her flint and steel. She puts her spare one at the top where it will be easy to reach and looks around for lanterns or candles that the miners must have used.

2012-12-03, 05:03 PM
There are a number of neatly put-away lanterns, and a couple of drums of oil. Also, the more detailed search notices a number of skeleton tracks through the dust, leading towards the vein of black onyx.

2012-12-03, 05:34 PM
"Better me than you, we all know how will it end." Jokes flowdy as he makes a copy of the map in one of his blank scrolls.

"Ok, let's go straigh into the onyx tunnel. Let's get ready for anything." Flowdy adjust the strap well he carries his scrolls and readies his crossbow. He gets a latern and carries it on his offhand.

OOC: I know I said this character will believe scroll were poems casted when read, but I think I will change that a bit.
As far as the caharacter goes, he is just passionate about things that catch his interest, but he is not as loony as initially stated.
I will still probably cast the spells reciting some odd verbal component, but will stop annoying people about poems.

That said I also want to know if Know. Dungeoneering is of any use inside a mine.
(In case it is [roll0])

Edit: In case nobody gets it, it's a joke about women and maps.

2012-12-03, 05:48 PM
Everyone but Marius.
As you advance down the corridor, you spot glints of metal from the shadows, and a faint translucent shimmer in front of them.

Suddenly, a wall of clear goo pushes forward into the light area. It fills the entire tunnel and extends back into it an unknown depth. You can see a ring, a sword, and even what look like a pair of plastic sunglasses embedded in the goo.

[OOC] Initiative rolls!
Marius: [roll0]
Seric: [roll1]
Ogodei: [roll2]
Flowdy: [roll3]

You're currently 15-20 feet from the wall of goo, which is pushing forwards towards you. The wall acts on intiative count 4. [OOC]

2012-12-03, 06:37 PM
Bloody low Wisdom and Spot being cross-class. I assume it was a failed spot check on Marius' part, anyway. Not acting until I have some knowledge rolls done:
Arcana: [roll0]
Dungeoneering: [roll1]
Nature: [roll2]
Religion: [roll3]
The Planes: [roll4]

2012-12-03, 06:54 PM
Indeed some knowledge checks do seem to be in order.
Knowledge (Religion) [roll0]
Knowledge (History) [roll1]
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) [roll2] This is probably the important one to identify oozes and such.
Knowledge (The Planes) [roll3]

2012-12-03, 07:05 PM
You recognize that that's an Ooze of some sort, but not what sort. Also, note that you're first in the initiative order, so it's your turn.

You can't remember ever seeing this before. Maybe some weird sort of sheilding spell?

2012-12-03, 07:14 PM
Flowdy looks full of curiosity at the thing...
[roll]Aply this roll to the pertinent Knoweledge skill, I have +9 on all of them [roll0]

Also, I assume that, since we know our initiatives, we can post out of order and then just get what happens in the propper order, so we don't have to wait for other players.

... and after some though decides to throw the oil latern to the ground in front of it and check if it makes any effect.

throw check needed? [roll1]

EDIT after knowing what it is (I guess I don't say this until initiative 4)
"Be careful! This thing is a dangerous creature. We should not get close to it." shouts Flowdy while walking a few steps back.

2012-12-03, 07:21 PM
Knowledge check results:

You recognize this as a Gelatinous Cube, an Ooze native to many cave systems. Fairly dangerous. See the "pineapple chunk" strip near the bottom of this page (http://www.giantitp.com/comics/GuestStrips.html)

2012-12-03, 07:58 PM
"Gonna have to be a bit more specific than that, Flowdy!" Marius unsheathes his sword, and fires off a ray of frost at the creature.

Talking is a free action, and I believe knowledge checks are, too, so you can actually say that now. Anyway, Ray of Frost: [roll0] Damage: [roll1]

2012-12-03, 08:13 PM
The ray of bluish light strikes the jellylike substance and a grayish splotch spreads across its front, but the thing doesn't seem to be that affected.

2012-12-03, 09:11 PM
"I don't remember the specifics, but that is some kind of Gelatinous Cube, an Ooze native to many cave systems. And I believe it will trap you inside if you let it get close." answers Flowdy to Marius.

I know talking is free, but knoweledge checks are?
If they are really free, then we should get them automatically when we meet something we would know.
I guess we would waste the DM time by requesting him to make the rolls, as well as spot or listen rolls should be, but I would preffer it for speed.

2012-12-04, 12:10 AM
Seeing the creature of goo unaffected by the magic of his companion, Ogodei takes a step forward as he readies his scimitar and shield.

5 feet step toward the creature, draw scimitar and ready shield.

2012-12-04, 04:39 AM
"Finally!" Seric has grown frustrated with the double dealings and lies of the townsfolk and relishes the opportunity of honest battle. She takes one shot with her crossbow before dropping it and readying her shield.

I'm glad that I'd already declared that I'd loaded the crossbow. :smallsmile:

Nobody is actually in melee yet so no -4 to hit, right?
Light crossbow [roll0]
Damage [roll1]
Confirm critical 19+ [roll2]
Critical damage [roll3]

Free action to drop the crossbow
Move action to ready the shield

EDIT: This is the second time Seric has been in combat. Both times she has rolled high to hit and rolled for minimum damage. Clearly the dice gods intend either for her to be merciful or for her to slowly torture her enemies with low damage rolls. The death of a thousand bruises.

2012-12-04, 08:08 AM
As Ogodei advances, Flowdy's lantern comes whirling past him to smash on the tunnel floor. A sheet of fire springs up, and the gelantinous wall recoils from the heat. Seric's bolt shoots past and embeds itself in the thing's gooey body with little appearant effect.

It's Marius's turn again, in case that wasn't clear. There is about a 10-ft stretch of tunnel that is on fire right in front of Ogodei. The Cube is about 5ft from the edge of the fiery spot.

2012-12-04, 06:13 PM
"Sorry about that, should have adviced you. But seriously, be careful getting closer." sais Flowdy when he sees the faces of his companions.

If there is enough room to get a clear shot, he shoots his crossbow and steps back a little more.
He tries to notice if the arrow gets corroded once inside the creature.
attack [roll0]
damage [roll1]

2012-12-05, 02:46 AM
"Why do we need to avoid getting closer?" Seric was ready to charge in but the warning pulls her up.

My initiative is after the cube so I'm waiting to see if it advances.
Also I know that gelatinous cubes engulf people but Seric doesn't. Finally despite playing D&D since AD&D days this is the first time I have actually encountered a gelatinous cube in a game. Why does nobody use the classics?

2012-12-05, 07:43 AM
Marius holds his ground, waiting for the cube to get closer. "What happens if we get trapped inside?"

Trying an Acid Splash this time, as all of Marius' good spells are touch-range, and, uh, forget that. [roll0] Damage: [roll1]

2012-12-05, 07:52 AM
The small splash of greenish acid sprays the cube, but to little appearant effect, merely seeming to add to the oozing slime already covering the thing.

If you try to move forward now, you'll have to cross the section of floor that's on fire.

2012-12-05, 08:28 AM
OOC: well, it seems my roll wasn't high enough to know the specifics, DM only told me what kind of creature it is and that we would look delicious inside it.