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2012-11-09, 05:11 PM
It is the first day of the new year - and in Torth, this makes it the Festival of the Eleven-Pointed Star, the celebration of the city's founding and time for reflecting on the life of an adventurer.

For the common people, it is a strange sort of holiday. Many of the powerful guild members embark on challenging adventures into the wilderness or nearby ruins. The guilds themselves turn inward, holding celebrations of their patrons' lives, or affirmations of the guild's history.

It leaves the city oddly uncontrolled, as even the guards relax their hold. This topsy-turvy day does not quite have a festival air, but it leaves the city in an unusual state, lawless and poorly guarded. It is, however, according to legend, the safest day of the year - even the gods will go to ground rather than risk running into the bands of adventurers scouring the landscape for miles around.

The heavy adamantine gates of Torth are all but unguarded on this day, wide open to allow any inside and marked only by a few hooded or armored figures apparently relaxing by the door. Heavier crowds than usual are winding their way into the city and to the market - one of the benefits of the day is the ease with which one can find even black-market goods.

2012-11-10, 01:13 AM
Stobbs took in a deep breath as he looked out at the new targets for his devilishly clever pranks. His mind swirled with so many possibilities for mayhem he did an unconscious wiggle in anticipation. Stobbs simply looked back at his companion Napaj and gave a small yet somehow sinister smile. "Are you ready to have some fun?" he asked in his slightly high pitched voice.

2012-11-10, 10:35 AM
Daveak wanders the streets, taking in the crowds. This is only his second Festival and he still isn't quite sure what to do with himself during the day. As he turns a corner what is clearly an adventuring group rushes past. "Think of all the good they could be doing instead of traipsing through the woods on a lark!" he mutters to himself, even as part of him wishes he was going with them.

2012-11-10, 05:30 PM
Aradin slowly walks into the city. The outer ceiling was devoid of clouds and the Furnace was shining bright today.
"A good day."
He mutters under his breath as he walks around trying too see everything that's going on there.

Guilds this thought set him on track As good a way to find a job as any, I suppose... and he starts looking if any (mercenary/adventurer's) guild would accept new members... and if it does, he spends some time on learning about it's reputation. I will not end up a bandit!

2012-11-11, 12:29 AM
"Do I need to keep both my eyes on you, or can I do some sightseeing too?" Asks Napaj to the question posed by Stobbs.

2012-11-11, 01:08 AM
VaZarr, disgusted and frustrated by the throngs of people around her, walked adorned in her armor with a great blade on her back and wrapped in her dark cloak.

I. Hate. People. If it wasn't a necessity, I wouldn't be here....but I need money. Alone and broke I can do little.

2012-11-11, 01:38 AM
As Napaj expertly questioned Stobbs intentions he completely lost himself as he saw perhaps the least happy individual he had ever seen, an Orc that walked near by talking to himself. It was at this time that he decided that this person needed a smile. Moving through the crowd he moved behind the huge man. With a flick of his and a jumble of muttered words he cast a small spell to make it appear and smell as if the man had soiled himself.

Prestidigitation two rounds one for soil and one for the smell

He tried to hide in the crowd and observe his target but it was far to funny. He burst out in laughter as soon as he saw the success of his prank.

2012-11-11, 06:08 AM
The orc pauses, sniffs, looks down, and then glares at Stobbs. Surprisingly, he doesn't make a threat, or launch himself at the spellcaster, but shouts out to the crowd at large.

"Oh, look who thinks he's funny!" he bellows. There's a brief moment as those nearest the orc glance at him, and then at the laughing gnome. "Why aren't you with your guild friends, little gnome, instead of out here harassing innocent civilians?"

"Yeah!" a middle-aged human woman shouts out. "Isn't it bad enough your types lord it over us the rest of the year?

It doesn't take a Sense Motive check to find that the 'joke' is not appreciated, and the crowd, already fairly thick, is turning ugly.

2012-11-11, 06:10 AM
Elsewhere, the would-be adventurers find the guilds and the temples shut and none answering the doors. This is a serious holiday, and one the guilds don't take lightly.

@Vazarr, Aradin, Daveak

On a DC 10 Listen check, you hear some commotion in the crowd, probably about a quarter-mile away

2012-11-11, 06:24 AM
Accidental Double post sorry

2012-11-11, 06:30 AM
Stobbs seemingly oblivious to the crowds malcontent continues laughing as he sputters out, "What guild?" His laugh sputters out a little as he begins to notice the foul mood growing. He continues his spell to clean the false soiling and remove the scent. "This town has no sense of humor at all," Stobbs slightly high pitched voice shows no remorse for his 'clearly genius' prank. With that he begins to walk away looking for some support from Napaj, the only one who seems to laugh at his pranks these days.

I was trying to prank VaZarr but NPC's work too. Stobbs is a equal opportunity prankster

2012-11-11, 06:59 AM
"Good one, but perhaps next time you should choose someone not quite as big..." And I continue to walk towards my destination.

2012-11-11, 07:06 AM
Walking away proves to be much more difficult than anticipated. The crowd has not formed an impassable circle, but the two spellcasters find their way barred by a wide circle of angry people.

2012-11-11, 07:25 AM
As the people try to impede Stobbs be grows more and more impatient with the crowd. "That was perhaps a harmless prank and I would intend to leave it at that, I ask that you allow me to leave peacefully, the alternative involves a very angry dragon and honestly I do not want to do anything that drastic, especially over a harmless prank." Stobbs demeanor was calm and peaceful, with a hint of anger. Stobbs felt as if he was being blamed for a lot of crimes he had not yet been given the chance to commit. As a precautionary action he took a stance that would give the impression that he was far more powerful a wizard than his stature would insinuate. This was mostly just leaning back with his hands elevated.

I don't know if you want a bluff role for the 'threat' of the dragon when he does intend to "summon" one as a distraction if need be. Either way the bluff role if needed is.

2012-11-11, 07:27 AM
"It was just a joke, no need to be so angry. I always heard this was a good nature'd town that enjoyed making new friends and having fun..."

[roll0] for a diplomacy on the crowd.

2012-11-11, 08:24 AM
Listen check


Having nothing else to do, as the guilds are closed, Aradin decides to check whats going on, not far away, where there is a commotion in a crowd.

2012-11-11, 09:29 AM

Napaj's hurried attempt to placate the crowd seems to have no effect on their attitude.

They do seem worried about the gnome's threat, up until one crowd member, a stout half-elf man, shouts, "Oh, if he were that powerful, he'd be out traipsing with a guild! But we know how to deal with mages that walk around like they own the place!" The crowd roars its approval, and the circle grows tight enough that easy escape is not on the table.

2012-11-11, 09:50 AM
Stobbs lets out an exasperated huff, "Again with the guilds, I told you before I'm not of this city, or of your guilds, but have it your way." Stobbs takes a step back, and away from those closest to him before 'summoning' the Great Dragon. He Looks up as if seeing something unexpectedly awesome, A great 'portal' opens some three hundred feet above him. It is roughly sixty feet in diameter and appears to be crackling with dark energies. As Stobbs continues to look up FiddleSticks his long time companion and fellow deviant begins to speak from behind Stobbs his thick Draconic words spill out seemingly from nowhere. As Fiddlesticks speaks so does Stobbs now, also in Draconic. They say "You have been warned, I will bring great destruction down upon you. Flee for your lives or suffer for eternity." repeatedly and only slightly off from each other to make his voice appear otherworldly. The cinematics from the eyes of anyone who actually knew what he was doing were obviously excessive. Also as the words are spilling out the ground around him slowly begins to blacken.

Silent image and a continuation of the prestidigitation.... ((the next feat of great power will be the class action lawsuit for the hate crimes sure to follow))
DC 16 if interacted with

2012-11-11, 10:02 AM
"Let us alone, for if you do not your flesh will melt, and your hearts will burn. Those that claim to love you will be tested when they hear the news of the magic and wrath I will rain down on you this very day if you choose to not heed my words and leave now. Your children will shudder the next time this festival comes as they are reminded of what happened this very day , to all those who dare to stand against me."

And I ready Burning hands...

2012-11-11, 10:18 AM
Hearing a commotion off in the distance VzZar moves to investigate...

Don't know why I rolled that IC.

Anyway,mwith double moves and a quarter mile to go I'm 14 rounds away.

2012-11-11, 10:42 AM
As Daveak is brooding in his own thoughts he hears people shouting from somewhere nearby. "Ah! My very own adventure!" he thinks as he begins heading towards the noise as fast as he can

Base speed 15 feet... if I double move each round to go a quarter mile takes me 44 rounds!!! "Oh, I'm a cleric I don't need a higher base speed" he said to himself at character creation

2012-11-11, 10:46 AM
Aradin still goes towards commotion.

1300 ft (?) / 40 ft (double move) ... 33 rounds ? maybe 31 (if 2 passed already)

2012-11-11, 11:11 AM
Shouts among the crowd cause it to thin, many of the people dispersing. The movement, while rapid, does not appear panicked, but rather purposeful.

The circle around Stobbs does not significantly decrease; there are still close to a dozen people of varying races gathered around them. The half-orc glowers, and behind him, the half-elf squints.



"Ha! Do you know what Rath will do to you when he catches up with you?" the orc snaps back. "Un-aligned mages summoning demons on the Festival Day? Go ahead, bring your worst!"

2012-11-11, 11:51 AM
To anyone who arrives on the scene, this is what is apparent:

A gnome standing beneath a gleaming portal to unknown regions, a hissing creature perched on his back. A young woman stands near him, hands oddly tense, as if preparing to rend something apart with them.

A circle of mostly unarmed creatures, of most of the common races, thinning as other citizens flee the scene, scattering almost purposefully towards some place far from the sight.

To anyone familiar with the city and the Festival, they know no one of any particular skill is nearby to help keep the peace.

2012-11-11, 12:00 PM
Stobbs looked down at the Orc his eyes locked on him. The Portal begins to ripple as a giant Red dragon's head starts pushing though. "I have no wish to bring harm to this city, but if you do not leave me be I assure you I will rain fire upon you and this city. Now.... Leave... Us... Be." In his mind Stobbs began to worry that his small prank was going way to far. He also wondered who this Rath character was and the impending punishment he felt in his bones was incoming, if he was caught.

2012-11-11, 12:01 PM

Approaching the mob of people surrounding the unfortunate Spellcaster, VzZarr draws her great blade and shouts in the common tongue, "Begone pitiful cretins!" hoping to disperse the mob with surprise.

Intimidate[roll0]How I wish Intimidate was based off of Strength when threatening....

2012-11-11, 12:05 PM

Looking at the swirling mass and now emerging Dragons head she attempts to determine the nature of the spell...


2012-11-11, 12:21 PM
Upon arriving at the scene Daveak leaps in fright at the portal. "That creature will tear the city apart..." he thinks to himself, and casts hold person on the conjurer.

will save DC 15.

2012-11-11, 12:22 PM
Aradin finally reaches the center of commotion and sees... a Dragon!
He confidently comes closer to it, draws his axe and prepares the shield.
"Come at me you foul beast! In the name of Moradin and Whurain clan I swear I will cut off your ugly head!"

Intimidate: [roll0]
Meant mainly for dragon, but he doesn't like dragon-summoning people neither.

2012-11-11, 12:31 PM
After using the threat on the peasant, Stobbs noticed that he couldn't move. In his mind all he could think of was "Oh... NO...its Rath" Stobbs then concentrated and made the dragon recede into the portal.

2012-11-11, 12:32 PM
As the gnome freezes in place Daveak shouts "Dismiss your conjuration and surrender!". Seeing the dragon go away he then turns to the crowd

"This man is now in the custody of the church of St. Cuthbert! Disperse at your leisure and allow the proper authorities to handle this situation"

2012-11-11, 12:34 PM
"Yes, you beast! Run away, like a coward you are! I will find you and get you anyway!" Shouts Aradin shaking his axe at the dragon.

2012-11-11, 01:07 PM
Seeing the mess of others engage them self in the dispute, VzZar decides to gather more information... Muttering her eyes glow as she looks round, at the gnome and his conjuration and tries to figure out what is going on...


2012-11-11, 05:51 PM
The appearance of a recognized religious authority, and the dispersal of the apparent hostile magic, seems to take some wind out of the crowd's anger; dealing with a stranger is one thing, but churches take notice of the fate of their clerics.

There is still a sense of business further away, but much of the crowd disperses. The half-orc, however, stands firm, glowering at the gnome, and now the newly-arrived cleric.

"Cleric you might be, but you've no right to dispense justice of any sort," he growls. "If you insist on taking him to 'custody', you'll deliver him to the city guards to await justice when the guilds find time to deal with him."

2012-11-12, 12:14 AM
"What authority do you have in this matter? These people were about to attack my friend and I, we were merely defending ourselves from these worthless scum."

2012-11-12, 01:05 AM
As the temporary paralysis begins to wane Stobbs closes the portal under his mental control. The Halfling cleric who stepped out surely sounded official but of course you could never really tell what was a ploy and what wasn't. "Ah spoil sports," His words slowly creeping through his magically stiffened lips. As Stobbs began regaining feeling he in his digits he prepared to defend his hot headed friend with a great flash that truly spoke to his showy nature.

Saved, so now I shall ready color spray. With the Trigger as hostile action towards Napaj or I

2012-11-12, 05:21 AM
"That's not for either of us to decide, stranger," the orc retorts smnugly. "Here we have people called po-lice, who in-vest-i-gate possible crimes, to determine whether the accused are guilty."

2012-11-12, 05:27 AM
"And what crime do I stand accused of hooliganism, tom-foolery, general mischief, oh dear." Stobbs was now openly mocking the fellow. "I must truly be a demon sent to ravage the streets, hide your valuables and hold your children close, Sir Smelly-Britches has discovered the most evil of evils here" Stobbs was holding his full laugh back in fear that he wouldn't be able to react if he did. "Now run along young one before I paddle you for causing such a fuss."

2012-11-12, 06:35 AM
"What do we care, lets go and let these fools quarrel with themselves" and I motion to Stobbs and start walking away.

2012-11-12, 08:46 AM
The female half Orc stops starring at the magics in play and begins laughing, it is deep and throaty. "Such a simple illusion, it's hard to believe so many bought it.". She walks forward and gives the half Orc male a shove, asserting her dominance in the situation.

"You have no grievance besides a frail ego."

Strength Check[roll0]

With an 18 Str check and a 21 Intimidate, and knowledge of magic, I'd hope that he backs down. Otherwise this commoner needs to be taught a lesson.

2012-11-12, 09:11 AM
Aradin looks like a kid who just learned there is no Christmas this year.

2012-11-12, 09:31 AM
Stobbs simply laughs as the female orc explains to the irate citizen that the portal and dragon were nothing but a rouse. "Oh why did ya have to tell the dimwit," another round of laughter bursts out along with, "He.... really.... thought..." As he mocked the male orc, he noticed the sad face on a near by dwarf. As he tried to stop his laughing it was suddenly restarted as he suddenly knew how many people had truly bought his cinematic exploits.

2012-11-12, 10:40 AM
"To use my magic on these people would be a waste of my blessed gift..." Says Napaj indignantly. "They surely are bottom of the barrel in this town, perhaps we should be moving out soon"

2012-11-12, 10:57 AM
The relative silence is rent by the crack of displaced air; four humanoids appear at the near-center of the space, and one, a particularly tall dwarf in full plate armor, snaps a hand up and shouts a single word.


In the moments after the shout, a human man of about average height gives the relatively empty square a quick glance, frowning in distaste. "It seems there are not quite as many dragons as we were led to believe," he mutters.

The other two, a squat, gnomish woman in scraps of leather armor, and a scowling half-elf in half plate, swing their gazes around the square in wary watchfulness.

Their clothes each bear bright, distinctive color schemes, but on top of that, there are pins stuck prominently on each of their chests, looking to be about the same colors of the city's flag.

Everyone make will saves; on a failure, you are compelled to stand in one place and take no actions, even mental ones; you may re-roll the will save on turns after the first one you spend taking no actions.

On a success, you can choose to roll Initiative and taking a round's worth of actions.

Group Initiative - Newcomers

Stupid forum syntax...


2012-11-12, 11:06 AM
Aradin just stands there, he wouldn't get in the way of authorities... because they are authorities, aren't they?

Initiative (in case it's needed) [roll0]

Save [roll1]
(Next rounds)


2012-11-12, 11:08 AM
As the newcomers arrive, VzZarr attempts to thwart the enchantment... But can't overcome it, but still she tries...


2012-11-12, 11:11 AM
Daveak opens his mouth as if he is about to speak, but is then frozen in place by the newcomers' magic

2012-11-12, 11:16 AM
Elrin, not normally one to wander into cities, had decided to make an exception that day. The stories she had heard from eavesdropping on passing people told of a great festival, so she had emerged from the forest to see it. If she had known there would be so many people here, the elf might have decided against going.

However, once the commotion started Elrin was far too curious to keep from going to investigate. Normally when she heard people get this loud it meant something important was happening, normally some kind of conflict. If she was lucky, one would die and so Elrin could just scare off the wounded party and take whatever interesting trinkets the dead one had. As the strange being appeared and threats were made, she moved a bit away from their front, hoping to stay out of any sudden magic. Magic was a tricky thing to deal with, it generally made people very hard to take from.

As the strange thing (the "dragon"?) disappears and others begin to speak to the small summoner, Elrin recognizes something. The name one of them was shouting was familiar to her...someone had probably mentioned it. Perhaps it was Rondrey's god? If so, then maybe this one knew him. He was quite small, though, not at all like Rondrey. After a bit of consideration, Elrin decides to go and speak to him but she's interrupted by the sudden arrival of the strange magic-people.

Uff. Even more magic. This could become a difficult situation.

Save de la Will: [roll0]

What's the save DC? In the future it'll speed things up if we know whether or not we fail.

2012-11-12, 11:30 AM
Aradin walks closer, unaffected by the spell.
"Halt in the name of...? Who are you to try to control me?!"

2012-11-12, 12:02 PM

That is my will save VS hold.

2012-11-12, 01:19 PM
Her mind caged by the powerful magic it has been struck with, Elrin stands unnaturally still for a moment before coming dangerously close to falling over, just barely keeping from tipping as the spell takes further control.

2012-11-12, 04:14 PM
The dwarf snorts. "The spell doesn't require me to identify my authority."

"Nevertheless, we do have the authority to detain and question...pretty much anyone on-site regarding this incident," the human mage says easily. "I am Rath, current Patrician of Torth. These are the heads of the Priests', Theives', and Warriors' guilds."

That's about 6 seconds, so people can try for their 21 Will saves (remember, per RAW, a natural 20 on a saving throw automatically succeeds, even if the actual number isn't high enough).

Per the spell, the save happens at the beginning of your turn, and doesn't take an action, so anyone who makes it can choose to act.

2012-11-12, 05:13 PM
VzZarr attempts to break her mind free...


2012-11-12, 05:31 PM
"Ohh... I guess it is quite enough to convince me..." Aradin doesn't get closer and his anger vanished somewhere...

2012-11-12, 11:52 PM
Will save #2[roll0]

"You better explain this attack PFQ before my anger seethes anymore and you WILL need you "god" to save you"

Ready Burning hands, ANY action of aggression towards myself or Stobbs will trigger it.

2012-11-13, 12:22 AM
Elrin, still unable to move, doesn't move.

What a shocker.

Will: [roll0]

2012-11-13, 05:29 AM
"Hm, I don't think so," Rath says, and hurls a handful of dust at the woman screaming threats at his (lawfully-appointed, if he is to believed) party.

Of course, the moment he acts, the woman lets loose a blaze of flame at the group, washing over them with...no effect whatsoever. They don't even try to dodge.


Make a Fortitude Save. DC 22

"We were responding to a call that someone was summoning a red dragon into the middle of the city. Did you think we wouldn't have protection against fire?" the man asks disdainfully.

2012-11-13, 06:21 AM
[roll0] fort save

2012-11-13, 01:33 PM
Daveak continues to struggles against the magic but fails to free himself

2012-11-13, 05:54 PM
It is clear Rath didn't intend his snide comment for Napaj, given that the dust seems to have, as it primary effect, to transform her into an inert statue of a woman just finishing casting a burning hands spell.

2012-11-14, 03:48 AM
When I am unfrozen I will Immediately commit suicide. Its been this long and this is going nowhere. PEACE world

2012-11-14, 08:32 AM
Someone has a very low amount of patience for PbP style gaming...

2012-11-14, 05:48 PM
"I trust no one else will plan to make trouble?" Rath asks. He glances quickly at the group, and points at the half-orc who had threatened Stobbs, the gnome himself, and the recalcitrant statue. "I believe those three were the core of the altercation, although I would appreciate anyone who will offer their own interpretation of events. Someone here is going to be convicted of assault, I'm sure of it." He seems entirely unconcerned as the last seconds of his companion's magic wink out, allowing the assembled to do something other than 'freeze'.

2012-11-14, 09:58 PM
"The filthy half Orc here attempted to instigate a mob into assaulting this gnome after a few tricks and minor illusions. No hostile magic was cast. If anyone is to be detained, take him." Finally unfrozen, VzZarr snaps.

2012-11-15, 02:04 AM
As Daveak is released from the spell he spreads his hands out as he speaks
My Lord, I am Daveak Beestinger, cleric of St. Cuthbert. I came upon this gnome casting a spell that appeared to be a conjuration, surrounded by a mob. I forced him to dismiss his summoning before you arrived"