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2012-11-10, 06:59 PM
The Sharn evening has been rent by a torrential downpour for hours. Every inch of the city is wet and slick, and clear vision is all but impossible. Even the captain of the Blood of the Wind, the airship all but reserved for use of Boranel's agents when he has need of them somewhere beyond the city, had struggled returning to the docks of the city.

It is a horrid night, and one befitting Traveler's Night, the night when monsters are said to wear the face of innocents and seek refuge from the cold, only to feast on those foolish enough to let them inside. Tradition has evolved that a gift is to be given to any creature who comes to the door, but never to invite them in.

Nothing but a monster would be walking the streets tonight.

That, and the Misfits Company. There is no real name to this group, and there are perhaps half a dozen creatures outside of King Boranel himself who know of its existence. Thirteen creatures bound to the service of the crown, agents that act where even the Dark Lanterns cannot. Most of the rest of the Company act alone in deep cover in other countries, but this group has been bound together by a surprising effectiveness, one respected by the Company's Handler, Alcoransys.

The Company has just returned from a mission deep within Valenar, hoping to find evidence of the Shadow Houses latest plots. Nothing had come to light, so it is with the resigned feeling of failure that the group disembarks from the airship. The half-elves of the Blood of the Wind are sealing the ship against the continued rain, the captain, Braeilyn, watching with a practiced eye.

The first order of business will be a debriefing at the Highest Towers, as soon as the group disembarks and gets moving.

2012-11-10, 07:38 PM

As the group makes its way down the gangplank off the ship, the tiny silver dragon fades into invisibility and gives its wings a lazy flap. Clyde finds a comfortable-looking Misfit and drapes itself over the other's shoulders like a limp rag.

2012-11-11, 01:54 PM
Fraan floated along the ground with the group. If he could walk, one could tell how dejected the poor soul was. However, Fraan floated and only recently discerned how useful it would be to look like he was walking. If one wanted to tell how depressed the teen was, with relative ease, they could tell by looking at his face. Unfortunately they would also see the fact that the person in question was transparent. Fortunately, the hooded cloak Fraan was wearing hid the transparency of his being and just about everything else.

Regarding the failure of his mission, Fraan had failed to uncover any truths about the Shadow House's plot. As he thought about the problems he encountered, he came to realize that many of them could have been helped by a bluff or his telekinetic abilities.

The manifestation continued floating with the group at the proper elevation that seemed normal. The cloak just touched the ground with little drag occurring upon it. This placed the depressed soul's height at about six feet. Its what he had adjusted to, always trying to get the cloak to where it almost dragged upon the ground. Fraan took a mental note for when he got back to his private quarters he would be certain to have a servant bring in a large mirror so that he could practice looking as if he was walking.

Blue Lantern
2012-11-11, 05:00 PM
Reuel walked in long elegant steps, almost dancing, humming between himself, his inhuman grace all but screaming his nature, despite the long clock and hood he wore for the sake of apparences, we cannot have people pointing and screaming at the mean faerie come to snatch their children from the cradles, ha, he hasn't done that in decades.
"Gloom glooomy gloomy, gloo gloo gllooomy" he felt the humor around, dripping like the rain, no place for summer there, were they feeling bad fot the failure, wait, what was the mission again... not that it matters, yet somehow it does, fascinating the group he was dealing with.

2012-11-11, 11:03 PM
Looking at Reuel, Fraan noted the supernatural grace of his walk and decided to study it, wanting to mimic the grace. He felt almost jealous of Reuel and his blessing of allure. But that wouldn't stop Fraan from assisting Reuel in his times of need. However it would definitely influence how the teen wanted look when he 'walked'.

Cyborg Mage
2012-11-13, 12:20 PM
Measured. Even. Orderly. Garamn walked in the same way he thought. His arms swung like pendulums at his side, unerring and unvarying in their motion despite the weight of of the battlefist on one side. His walk unflinching despite the lashing rain. There was no need for a theatrical reaction, after all. Such mechanical order was almost the entire essence of his being, truth be told. "I think, therefore I am" interpreted quite literally. And he was doing quite a bit of thinking right now.

Mission now classified as failure.
Probability of further leads being presented: undefined.
Recommendation: review gathered information for the possibility of secondary leads.
Will present this option at the debriefing if desired.

Spot check:

Blue Lantern
2012-11-13, 04:55 PM
Rain is like darkness to the sight of a cat, makes the world a boring place indeed...
He stopped midstep... the hood inclined slightly and he gazed intently in the rainy night...
His hummings grew louder, and with merry voice he intoned a verse...
"I spy with my little eye...
are we not alone under the weeping sky..."
He resumed the walking, was it someone he knew? "Silly child, not that good playing hide and seek"

2012-11-13, 06:07 PM
It seems like there might be someone or something perched on a bridge between the two nearest towers. There is no clear movement or any indication that any such thing, if it is really there, is paying any attention to this group.

To get a clearer picture, someone would need to move closer to whatever it is.

2012-11-15, 09:28 AM
Gliding forward, Fraan tried to discern what it was but he cant see through rain. So, moving closer, the teen tries to focus past the rain to get a greater view.

Moving 80 feet forward and doing a better spot check. [roll0]

2012-11-16, 02:36 PM

Noticing Fraan's interest, Clyde decides to assist in the investigation. A short series of teleportations take the tiny dragon to within a stone's throw of their observer.

His mind reaches out to the stranger, Nice weather we're having.

Flee the scene til he's about 20 feet or so from whoever's watching them, still invisible. Preferably behind or to the side of whoever it is, since a dry spot in the air might be a bit obvious right in front of their face :smallcool:

2012-11-16, 05:48 PM

When you are about 40 feet away, the creature snaps its head up, tilting its head as if listening. When you draw closer, it takes a moment for the thing to re-orient, but you strongly suspect it has a good idea where you might be.

When you focus to actually reach out to it, you see two things.

First, it is not remotely humanoid - it looks much like a human-sized lizard - not human-shaped, like a lizardman, but like a large, fanged and clawed predator. It seems to be wearing light armor covered in spikes.

But what next hits you is what the creature is standing over. A human corpse, mangled and torn to pieces, rests on the bridge, blood already washed away by the rain. The creature seemed to be digging at the body, as if looking for something.


Roll initiative to determine where you act in the surprise round

2012-11-17, 01:16 AM

Clyde shoots a message back to the Misfits, relaying what he sees. The tiny dragon's point of view changes in a heartbeat, as he suddenly finds himself looking down on the grisly scene from several stories up in the air, directly over his previous position.

[roll0] Standard action to Flee the Scene 45ft straight up.

Cyborg Mage
2012-11-17, 04:40 AM
It wouldn't be correct to say that the warforged straightened up, given that he was already standing at his full height, but he certainly gave the impression as he shot a glance in the direction of the Company's local dragon.

Are we under attack?


2012-11-17, 10:17 AM
Finding itself alone, the creature digs at the corpse, more frantically than before.


Everyone can roll their initiative - anything over 3 acts before the very poorly-rolling velociraptor.

2012-11-17, 01:18 PM
[roll0] Initiative
EDIT: YES! Natural twenty!

2012-11-17, 05:10 PM

Not at the moment that I can see, but once this thing is finished mutilating the corpse I assume it just made, someone surely could be next.

The dragon gathers his thoughts a moment, then swoops down on the urban velociraptor, hoping to subdue it before the corpse is unrecognizable. At the moment his tail snakes out, a 20ft radius of light errupts around Clyde like a becon.

Clyde's post-surprise-round action, use fly-by attack to fly in, poke the velociraptor, then fly as far straight up as he can with the movement he has left for the round (60ft fly speed) The attack breaks his invisibility, and as a free action, he activates his Protective Aura (20ft bright light, magic circle vs evil for any allies in range with +4 deflection AC vs evil and +4 save vs evil spells/things. Also a 20ft Lesser Globe of Invulnerability (new 3rd level and below spells/effects are suppressed in the 20ft)

[roll0] (counting the +2 for invisibility)


And if the attack hits, Fortitude save DC 27 vs poison (sleep 1 min // sleep 1d3 hours)

Blue Lantern
2012-11-18, 04:21 AM
"Unwise..unwise... I don't like to exercise so late, it's rude."

Initiative: [roll0]
How far are we from the enemy?

2012-11-18, 07:26 AM
The raptor's head snaps up just before the dragon strikes it; it seems capable of countering some of the benefits of the dragon's invisibility.

The dragon still catches the creature in the side of its head; it snarls as it is wounded.

[roll0] [roll1] [roll2]

With a howl, the creature slumps sideways next to the corpse.

Cyborg Mage
2012-11-18, 07:46 AM
Entity classed as hostile. Preparing to engage.

Light flares from the psiforged, spreading in every direction along with a disembodied sense of touch. Some people might mistake it for a lightning strike-before it started running across the tower, anyway. Not that anyone would notice. After all, nothing but a monster would be out this night, and they would notice a spiked fist in their face much more readily than some pretty lights.

Manifesting Touchsight, then moving diagonally towards the blue area at full speed. I assume that's a wall?

2012-11-18, 11:00 PM
Seeing his draconic companion attack this foe, Fraan prepares for battle by casting two of his favorite spells and gliding forward as much as he can while still reasonably casting. In moments he would be ready to tan some hide!

Cast Shield(standard) and Sadism(swift) then move as close as i can as close to the opponent as possible.

Are we able to chat about strategies we could use on the OOC? Because i think a very common one would be the use of baleful transportation with Clyde and Fraan so that he can close in on the action sooner. If that's the case I am going to travel upwards and forwards so that I can get closer to Clyde, which hopefully has moved to the other side of the velocoraptor, and next turn use it to tactically flank our opponent. After that, ill charge and maybe wipe it out

2012-11-19, 12:49 AM

Clyde's mind reaches out to his companions, Not sure that's completely necessary, friends. An image follows the words of the dainty dino sound asleep. Although there's a chance he could wake in a minute or so. An apologetic mental shrug accompanies the last message.

2012-11-19, 01:31 AM
"Oh? Is that so, want me to see what I can do to pin it to the ground just in case it wakes up?" Spoke Fraan, actually it was closer to a shout so he could be heard over the rain but it sounded more like him simply speaking than a shout. "You had me use two spells of the day over this thing? Impressive. What is this creature anyway?"

2012-11-19, 01:39 AM

The tiny dragon fades into invisibility once more, and with a lazy flap of his wings it lights itself onto the velociraptor, perched like a house-cat. No clue, really...perhaps we should alert the authorities to the creature and the mutilated unfortunate underneath it?

2012-11-19, 02:11 AM
"Clyde, do you not mind if you get rained upon? It's practically a torental downpour out here!" Inquired Fraan as he contemplated the rain for a moment.
During his contemplation, Fraan, drew his scimitar and walked on over to the creatures position.
Do I mind the rain? Thought the manifestation as he brought his finger out from under the cloak. The rain passed through it until Frann mentaly felt the rain along his finger. At first it was just his thoughts, but then it became reality as the rain landed upon his fingers and he felt the cold of the rain upon his skin. Enjoying the sensation he stretched his arm out and felt the whole of his arm being covered in the joyous sensation of rain. "Mind over matter eh'?"

2012-11-19, 06:22 AM
As the discussion moves on, the lizard twitches and lunges to its feet with a snarl.

The group can hear vague shouts in the middle distance; it's possible the original attack, or at least the howl a few moments ago, caught attention.


Anyone who was reasonably within arm's reach gets an AoO when the creature stands from prone

2012-11-19, 01:59 PM

Rain is a beautiful thing, why would it bother OH! The creature's awakening startles the tiny dragon, as it is dumped onto the cobblestones.

Fore-going the AoO....Clyde had a decent reason to put it to sleep in the first place, since it was eating remains that should be identified, but now that that is stopped, and the party's here...

Also forgot I ahd ranks in [roll0]

Blue Lantern
2012-11-19, 02:31 PM
Reuel joined the commotion in the middle of the bridge, he bended a little to give a look at the... thingie... then jerked back sniffing disgusted.
"This sound smelly... "

Draw the rapier and the runestaff from the bag, moving at the center of the bridge (R9 if free)

2012-11-19, 10:53 PM
Assuming you let the one minute pass and let me move to the beast and ready an action to attack it when it moves count the second attack otherwise just count the first.
1: Hit(touch)[roll0] Strength[roll1]
2: Hit(touch)[roll2] Strength[roll3]

2012-11-21, 08:50 AM
The creature stumbles for a moment at the ghost's touch, but without further action hurls itself off of the south edge of the bridge, launching itself towards the side of the tower.


It scrabbles at the bricks and stone of the tower's edge and scrambles down and around the far side, moving with incredible speed along the surface. Further attempts to attack it could cause it to lose its footing and die (or, given that what is below Sharn is more Sharn, seriously injure someone else). You could try to follow it, or try to discover something useful about its victim, hopefully before the police arrive.


You are forbidden to reveal your connection to the Brelish crown, as you act outside the normal legal hierarchy. However, you have had run-ins with the Sharn law in the past. With your tendency to deal with unusual problems, you have frequently ended up on the watch's radar in connection with some grisly or unusual crimes. You have consistently proven helpful overall, but you are not a welcome sight to any watchman, and a target of low-level suspicion.

(In a mechanical sense, you qualify as "known, with slightly negative associations" with respect to the Giant's Diplomacy rules. Think how the cops view Shawn Spencer or Jessica Fletcher)


2012-11-21, 05:05 PM
High Speed Clyde

Clyde, still invisible, begins a series of blinks and wing-flaps, following after the creature, lest it harm someone else. To his companions, I'll follow this one, and if it seems necessary, put it down. Try not to get arrested again, yes?

2012-11-23, 05:49 PM
Okay, dont get your self killed either! If your not back to base in one day we will presume your dead! Shouts back Fraan, his voice definitely being a shout this time.

2012-11-23, 07:04 PM
As the dragon vanishes into the wet darkness, the bridge echoes with the arrival of the Sharn City Watch. At the head of the group of about half-a-dozen people of assorted races is Commander Ordon, a gruff, middle-aged man the Misfits Company has had passing encounters with. He has no patience for stories, and while dutiful, does not like looking too hard for answers.

The guards are fanning out around him as he takes in the three creatures - human, elf, and warforged, gathered around a prone figure - before one of his corporals gasps, and it is clear they have realized the figure is dead.

"You," Ordon growls. "Why am I not surprised I've been called out on Traveler's Night to find you here? Just for kicks, why don't you try explaining what, exactly, is going on here."

Just as a reminder, Diplomacy rules are over here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9606632&postcount=2). When using Diplomacy, you should note in spoiler tags, if not entirely clear, what you are trying to encourage the target to do, and what you are offering in return - successful rolls encourage a course of action from a target, rather than changing their attitude.

And yes, 'nothing' is an acceptable offer for people you're talking to.

2012-11-23, 10:58 PM
"I am sorry sir but me and my allies are probably just as in the dark as you upon this, within the exception that we know what caused this tragedy." Spoke Fraan as he began his explanation.

"When we arrived from our destination we saw something, not knowing what it was, we ventured forth and soon discovered the creature in question. Some strange reptilian creature, with spiked armor, as big as you or I! In moments we engaged in combat and soon we placed the creature in a poisonous sleep... However it awoke from its slumber unlike how we anticipated and ran away along the side of that tower. " The manifestation tilts his head in the direction of the tower in question, making sure that his hood doesn't uncover his face.

"Currently I have my fastest member after the beast with more poison to make it rest. I anticipate only five or so more minutes until its returned to here, deeply asleep." The explanation pauses but shortly resumes into something else.

"We will have the beast in custody shortly but we have not been able to discern the body quite yet. Then again we have not had the time to try, but now that you are here, we don't have to worry! What can your men make of the body? "

Fraan does as he is told, recalling the event as it played out, but leaving out more things that could defend the groups innocence until he can discern the captains reaction and what to make of it.
I'm hoping that if he still presses onward we could mention the claw marks on the body and the tower, proving that we didn't do it via nobody having the claw size. Also I'm changing the subject into something that seems more pressing so that he wont think about us and will adjust to this more pertinent matter.

2012-11-24, 04:43 PM

Clyde flaps into the air and up over the side of the bridge after the lizard thing. As it begins to climb down, the tiny dragon attempts a risky move to keep it from escaping or getting far enough away to do more harm. He tucks his wings in and shoots down the side of the structure towards the raptor and brushes its shoulder with his tail, careful not to actually sting the creature. A moment later Clyde is back up on the bridge.

Cast Flee the Scene attempting to take the raptor with me, he gets a DC 18 Will Save to resist.

Blue Lantern
2012-11-24, 05:01 PM
"Dum dum dum... if dead could speak... but we don't have a cleric here... dum dum dum" Reuel, incurant of the people around bended toward the body, examining it accurately...
Just to make thing easier for the diplomats.
Spot: [roll0]
Search: [roll1]

2012-11-25, 01:55 AM

(Previous post editted to reflect the not-dimension-dooring)

When Clyde pulls up level with the creature, he drops his invisibility and attempts to communicate with it once more, this time calling upon his empathy with the wild. What is your purpose, large-one?
He projects his inner energy and postures his body language to convince he creature he means no harm, and that he's curious.
[roll0] Clyde speaks every language ever, and can speak with animals

2012-11-25, 08:33 AM
The sidhe manages to drift over and examine the corpse as his compatriot is pleading with the watchmen. Aside from the deep gouges from the attacker's claws and teeth, he finds some largely innocuous items - a few rings (one with the Cannith coat of arms), an unobtrusive wand, and an old diary with a mark similar to the coat of arms on the ring.

There doesn't seem to be any identification on him, at which point Ordon notices Lord Reuel. "Hey! What do you think you're doing? Get away from there!"

One of the lieutenants shoves the sidhe firmly out of the way, glaring at him. The lieutenant, a half-orc woman, pauses after she does, eyes fixing on the items Lord Reuel had noticed. "Boss, you'd better look at this."

Ordon slips over, scowling when he sees the ring. He glances up at the assembled party. "I think it'll be best if you come downtown to give us a full statement. Otherwise, you'll be explaining yourselves to House Cannith, and they aren't nearly as nice as I am."

The lizard spins its head and snarls at Clyde. "Leave me alone, sorcerer, or I'll forget myself and kill you too!" it snaps. It scuttles further down the tower.


Make a Spot check...and an Intelligence check

2012-11-25, 04:49 PM
Fraan once again tries to reason with the commander. "Sorry Ordon, but there is no fuller statement than what I have told you. Its best that we put our current differences aside and see if we can track where that beast went? I have great faith in my companion, however your men would be better suited to help search for the murderer than to stand around here working with empty hands."

The manifestation paused for a moment so that he could collector his thoughts.
As much as I want to punch that Half Orc, its best that I avoid anymore information regarding why our group was away. A full explanation is impossible right now as that would require us to talk about where we came from...And that would not end very well.

In the ghosts mind he creates a new idea and after only a short moment decides to make it happen.
" I want to catch this monster just as much as you do, Ordon. Can I recommend an exchange? My group brings this beast back, nice and helpless. And you let us continue on our merry way! No work on your part and we dont have to use up more of our time in this not so pleasant weather! Everyone but that murderer is happy! "

This time I am going to try and make him work with us in place of forget about us. He gets his murderer and we get to leave his sight![roll0]

2012-11-25, 05:55 PM

Fear not on that account, I could subdue you without either of us coming to harm if that were to happen. Perhaps we should stop somewhere so you could tell me what happened. Maybe I can help you.


2012-11-25, 07:41 PM
Ordon glares at Fraan. "I want an opportunity to discuss this with you, and I won't accept no for an answer. I'll expect you at noon tomorrow at our main office; keep in mind I know where you room. I'll tell my people to keep an eye out for your dinosaur, and we'll look into anything you happen to provide to us subsequently." He nods at the half-orc. "Craul, get the body somewhere you or a Jorasco grunt can take a look at it. Get an image of the scene and start collective evidence."

The half-orc salutes and pulls out a small cube that she sets about five feet from the body. At a whispered word, it begins to glow dimly.


The creature glares at Clyde, eyes bearing tremendous ferocity, for an almost interminable moment.

"Let me get on stable ground...and I'll come quietly," it says at last, gesturing down to where there seems to be an open window.

2012-11-25, 09:16 PM
As much as the Teenager wanted to shout at him "are you threatening me?" he knew it would go nowhere but down. It's best to just leave it for now, improving our rather bad relations with Ordon would prove more useful than showing off how powerful I am.

"What a unique item, just what does it do? Spoke Fraan above the rain, not to anyone in particular but his face was to Ordon. Thankfully his hooded cloak covered his face and thus his secret.

2012-11-25, 09:39 PM

Clyde patiently waits for the dino-guy to get to the open window, and follows him in. My name is Fistanperaclesiasticlyde, most call me Clyde for short. What's your name, and what's your story? The tiny dragon's eyes glimmer with curiousity as he awaits the creature's explaination.

2012-11-26, 07:40 AM
"Thrashk proprietary magic," Craul replies curtly.


When Clyde slithers through the window, it is to find no sign of the lizard. A man in slick black leather armor stares at the dragon as it appears.

"My story? Excuse me, who are you to barge in here without a by-your-leave?" he demands.

Just bookkeeping: [roll0]; [roll1]

Blue Lantern
2012-11-26, 11:53 AM
Reuel went very still, and silent, as a statue, incurant of the rain, his voice went out in a penetrating whisper that maneged to get through the dizzing noise
"Do not touch me, ever"
his eyes were focused on the impudent man, one hundred and one scenario of what he could have done, should have done to that useless thrash blazed his maind, a dozen dire ants devouring him from the inside, throwing him off the bidge one arm at the time, the glamor of the rain swallowing him, playing a lute with cord made of his tendons while his screams make the counterpoint, ...
His feline gaze gleamed...

Probably better if someone stops me before something bad happens..

2012-11-26, 07:09 PM
"Reuel, hold your self." Spoke Fraan, softly yet firmly, like the way you would talk to your best friend when you don't want him to do something, yet loud enough for those that listened to him to hear.

" You are better than attacking something as weak as that half-orc, force is probably all it knows. The manifestation's voice is loud enough to be heard by the entire squad even with the powerful rain.

"One of the last things we need is the blood of an entire force of the city guard on our hands. Its your job, as something much greater than they are, to hold your self back when they can not."

His hood still remains the same way, down and easily covering his face and the figure is fully covered, some might guess that nothing was in the cloak! They would only be partially right.

" Ordon, keep your men and women in line! The last thing you want is a fight between us. So far you have indirectly threatened my life and have been naught but rude to my party. If you keep pushing things as they are then it wont end in anything else but the slaughter of your squad."

Okay so this could be either diplomacy or intimidate so ill roll both. Fraan has two goals here, to either have Ordon back off and give them some room or to have them attack first, tell his superiors that it was self defense and say that his squad as rather out of control.

Ordon has a lot to lose if he doesn't control his men and oh so little to gain by attacking us.

Bah! Faill on my part via the rolls

2012-11-26, 07:19 PM
Cause I sometimes make a silly typo:smallredface:
Diplomacy [roll0]
TT_TT snake eyes...

2012-11-26, 11:59 PM

Oh dear...pardon me, but I would swear I just followed a tortured soul this way.

2012-11-28, 06:04 PM
"In line? We have a right to evidence, whatever your sticky-fingered friend may think! And if you find my trying to keep an eye on persons of interest, witnesses or suspects, threatening, I doubt you have a place in this city. I don't care who you really are, interfering with my investigation, and threatening my people for doing their jobs will earn you no friends."

Ordon draws close to Fraan, poking his finger towards him, glaring. "Now, I said you could make a report to us tomorrow at noon at our offices. And I'll stay with the same deal, as long as you leave now."


The man gives the dragon a strange look. "Tortured soul? I don't know what you mean by that. And I don't appreciate dragons bursting into my home."

2012-11-28, 06:09 PM

To himself: How suspicious...I wonder...

To the man: I'll be going, my mistake, Goodman, please accept my humblest apologies.

Clyde uses Flee the Scene to teleport to a perch somewhere high up behind the man, then fades into invisibility. His after-image remains for a few seconds, then blinks away to nothing. Clyde observes the man for a few minutes to determine if he's being fooled by the man.

2012-11-28, 09:47 PM
"Okay, I shall accept your offer. But I want you to keep to that word" Fraan turns around and continues his path along the bridge. When he is certain that he cant be seen by those who would be surprised by his flight, Fraan floats off the side of the bridge. Now it was time to either give chase to his draconic friend, go back to base with Lord Ruel or eavesdrop upon Ordon.

Since he said "Could", that means I don't have to go report to him! However it would be wrong of me not to tell him what happened, maybe there is something I know that he doesn't that would help him solve this case. Guess I have to make room for it on my schedule tomorrow! However I am going to go on my terms, not his... Maybe I can have some fun while I do so.

Blue Lantern
2012-11-29, 05:11 PM
Walking and striding over the bridge, Reuel coasted the ghost, murmuring in a strangely serious voice "The killed one was of Cannith House, I smell a mystery, we should check for the scaly."

2012-11-29, 07:52 PM

Once he no longer sees the dragon, the man glances briefly around the room and stalks for the door. He moves fairly rapidly, but not so fast that the dragon can't keep up.

He moves through the streets of Sharn nonchalantly, although something about his manner seems uneasy - his attention seems less focused on potential followers than on the everbright lanterns keeping the city lit even in the dark of night.

After a few moments, it is clear that the man's direction is clearly downward, deeper into the city's underbelly. It occurs to Clyde that he's far from his allies, and the depths of Sharn are home to people who might find invisibility little hindrance.

And then there are the rumors of creatures that can steal even a bird's power of flight...

2012-11-29, 09:57 PM

It's been a fair amount of time, and I think I've learned all here I can. This man is almost certainly the same creature...but only almost...best to let the authorities pursue this further. Clyde commits the man's description and last known location/direction of travel to memory and begins moving back to where he left the other Misfits, using a combination of flight and teleportation-blinking, anxious to get back before they got themselves into any trouble.

2012-12-02, 01:11 AM
"Okay, since I will be meeting with that head honcho of the guard tomorrow, lets go catch up with Fishanpersacesiasicleticlyde. I think i finally said his name right for once! Spoke Fraan, giggling at how horribly he probably butchered his poor teammate's name.

2012-12-02, 09:17 AM
The return to their base is relatively uneventful, save for the continuing rain, which drenches the dragon and fairy thoroughly before they return.

When they do, the Highest Towers are lit in expectation of their return. Unfortunately, also expecting them is Alcoransys ir'Dellynth, a distant cousin to the king, a master spy, and their handler. The human woman, slight and unassuming, is standing well within the entrance hall when Fraan, Lord Reuel, and Garam arrive. She takes in their appearance with a measured gaze.

"Well, let's have it," she says evenly. She has never stood with formality, except for demanding proper respect for herself. After a moment, she glances around the room. "Wait a moment - where is Fistanperaclesiasticlyde? Don't tell me you got him killed."

2012-12-03, 12:51 AM
" Our comrade should be joining us shortly, we had an encounter with some reptile and Clyde went chasing after it. Darn thing killed a man from one of the houses. Anyway, the guards came in and wanted and explanation from us so I told them what happened and it didn't go so well after that. Ordon wants me to go in at noon for a full report. Clyde has probably teleported back the reptile, nice and asleep, to the authorities and is on his way back. " Explained Fraan, however the incorporeal creature was more focused on sewing Clyde's full name into his memory than he was talking to his caretaker.

" Oh yeah, Garaim has the info related to our latest assignment but what's most important to know is this." The manifestation pauses, dramatically, for a single moment. "We failed."

2012-12-03, 01:15 AM

To all: Sadly, not quite... an image of the man Clyde encountered enters everyone's mind, The creature ducked into an apartment and when I followed him in, this man was in his place, and acting quite suspicious. I followed him undetected to the rougher neighborhood before returning here. He should definately be investigated, but there was something odd about the attacker, as though he is perhaps suffering under a curse of some sort that steals his will and forces him to commit attrocity.

As the dragon fills everyone in on his short adventure, he fades back into visibility, lounging on top of the hearth, licking himself dry.

2012-12-03, 05:33 AM
Alcoransys seems to take this in stride. "Well, I would advise being as helpful as warranted to the authorities; especially if this creature found a way to elude you, it may prove a danger - wait. What house was this man from?"

Blue Lantern
2012-12-03, 04:14 PM
"hihihi... the Cannith..." replied Reuel with mirth, "a nice gift they got served." he watched for her reaction with almost bored nonchalance.

2012-12-03, 05:52 PM
"Oh, gods," she groans. "Anybody would have been better than that. No. Jorasco would have been a nightmare; people getting all worried about people killing the medics. Phiarlan would blame Thuranni, and we'd have another shadow war on our hands. Medani and Thrashk would go all vigilante on us. And I don't even want to think about Sivis. But...and this is the important part...none of them would complain to my boss and make it my problem!"

Somehow, she has a drink in her hand. "Garam, I'm going to have a new assignment for you. The rest of you...well, go give your testimony tomorrow, while I pray Cannith doesn't annoy someone enough that they make this my job."

2012-12-04, 05:53 PM
Fraan thinks for a moment and comes up with a quick question for his boss. Is there anything specific that you wish for us to say? What about anything we dont want to say? I'm asking for even the obvious things, we don't really want anything bad to occur.

The ghost waits for her to finish what she says, knowing that he is still going to want that large mirror for practice.

2012-12-05, 06:21 PM
She rolls her eyes. "Don't tell them who you work for. Don't tell them where you were coming from. But don't lie to them - the last thing I need is Cannith digging around because they're convinced we're involved in a conspiracy against them. Use common sense."

2012-12-07, 04:35 PM
With that, she leaves the band alone to (as appropriate) take their sleep or stare at the wall for eight hours.

The next day dawns clear and peaceful; there is no mention of the murder in the papers, and no sightings of anything like the creature Clyde had followed. Given their employer's insistence they all appear the police station, it soon comes time when it would be reasonable for the group to leave, lest they upset King Boranel's representative, if not the police.


Some basic headlines and stories found in the papers this morning.

Lyrandar Price Increases Spark Protests - A recent 5% rise in Lyrandar air and sea fares has caused much discontent among the people of Khorvaire.

Sarlonan Gifts Bring Together Thrane, Overseas Nation - The Sarlonan government has gifted Thrane with crystalline barriers that are said to hold back the dread grey mist of the Mournland, and keep out the monsters that lurk at its edge.

Ruken Challenges Royal Expenses - Ruken ir'Clarn, a legislator in the Brelish Parliament, has been speaking out against the exorbitant expense of protecting the children of the Brelish Crown, claiming that such drain on the government coffers simply exemplifies the waste of a monarchy.

Grand Conference Fallout Heightens Tensions - Skirmishes throughout the Eldeen Reaches continue after the Greensingers' attempt to bring together a conference of druidic sects to discuss common goals simply heightened the deep splits between the quieter groups such as the Greensingers and Wardens, and the more militants like the Gatekeepers, Ashbound, and Children of Winter.

2012-12-09, 03:15 PM
" Who here wants to pay our not-so-friendly friend from last night a visit?" Fraan pauses for a moment and notes a problem.
"We could also report back to our caretaker since there might be an assignment there."

Yeah, i dont want us to die quite yet