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Grey Knight
2012-11-13, 06:02 PM
(characters (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=13916570#post13916570), info (http://greyfire.no-ip.org/w/index.php/Onward_to_Minetown))

Scene: The Wizard's Rest Inn, Paxe Town. As you enter the building you are struck by the smell (pity you can't strike it back) of dozens of unwashed adventurers, most of them gathered around the noticeboard. The inn's regulars, the watchmen and the slime mold farmers, those pointedly stay on the other side of the room.

Moving to see what all the excitement is about, you see a poster proclaiming a reward for any adventurers willing to help out with the effort to restore access to Minetown. You recall hearing that a fell mood came over the dwarves and gnomes, and they have collapsed the main entrance to Minetown from the surface. The poster goes on to say that you would be expected to trek through the (gulp) Dungeons of Doom to reach the town. Once there your job would be to evacuate all Yendorian citizens... including the famous Izchak! Wow!

The other adventurers are quite enthusiastic, and are variously talking about "that one time I met Izchak, I wonder if he remembers me?", or "What on earth are the gnomes playing at, anyway?!" and quite a bit of posturing about how the speaker would be out there taking the job right now except for this important business he has, or how he took an arrow in the knee, or any one of a number of other excuses.

The poster asks any interested parties to report to Fort Paxe for further information and equipment.

What will you do next?
(5 XP for a stylish and well-written entrance post)