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2012-11-13, 09:40 PM
I will generally be putting spoiler tags with people's names above them for things only one character is supposed to directly see. Both for spy intrigue stuff and for dream quest things like this.

You stand upon a great salt plain. The skies are tainted an amber orange color as though the sun is setting, but no sun is visible. To your left and before you lies a black blue ocean reflecting the orange sky upward. In the center however your vision is drawn to a singularly black tower. You know in your mind that it is the object of your quest; it is kinghood, it is purpose, it is greatness.

The white raptor perched on your soldier begins to speak, its feathers stained with the red of fresh blood. "Your path is one of gore and blood; a road paved with crushed bones. All those who block your way to the tower must be crushed if you meet even one of us on the road we should be cut down."

To your right stand a man with braided beard and wearing a crown of iron. His eyes are pure white without pupils and his teeth are made of the purest silver. He also speaks words of advise. "The quest is not price enough for the reward you seek. What price are you willing to pay? What contracts are you willing to make? Who are you willing to sacrifice?"

With that last question white fills your vision.

The view from your barred window is much the same as it always is. The priestess still stands atop the waves as though they were solid ground, preaching all the time as her congregation stand stock still drowning in the rising tide. Your captor enters the room behind you, he never uses the door you know not how he enters. He is a man with a short white beard and the robes of a physician but does not care for your physical well being. He speech is the same as always. "Have you yet decided to join the sane? You have not enough time to have a full session, but think of this. If you do not exist at the pleasure of the gods then why do you exist?"

The prison dissipates to white before you can answer.

You stand on a beach with hundreds of others. You are all watching the sermon of a priestess dress in a funeral shroud and a mask that resembles a deer. The tide is rising up her legs even though she stands atop it unharmed. You struggle to leave, to escape the certain doom that awaits you should the waters reach you lips, but you cannot bring yourself to leave the congregation. You cannot understand her words but its cadence and song is enthralling you to stay. The ocean is now rising over your head. You open you mouth for air that you know is not there...

You sit in the dank dark dungeon room. You have never truly left and even if you could the halls are patrolled by horrible black creatures whose mouths fill their whole face. Perhaps you should simply go back to sleep.

The sky is an amber orange above you as you wander this forest of flesh. You only guy is horrible black tower that rises above the treeline. It gives you a concrete frame of reference that can guide you out of this horrible forest. The trees are made of human skin and muscle, their knots are the faces you can barely recognize: a bandit you killed, village friends you left behind for a life of adventure, and still others you are sure you have never seen before. Even so you have to keep running, it's following you still through these woods a great black beast with six legs and a horrible white mouth. You hear its roar like a pack of wolfs and white fills your vision.

Black Oak
You stand in the burnt out ruin of a court house. I appears to have gone through a severe fire leaving only the bricks that make up its exterior walls intact. Through a whole in the rear wall you can see an amber sky and a horrible black tower against the horizon. Seated at the judge's stand is an enormous humanoid creature in black robes with a skull like hyena's in place of a head. It is holding entirely still, only its occasional motions to the one seated in the witness stand betrays its ability of motion.

Said witness looks much like the shaman of your childhood tribe, but far more monstrous than even your most clouded memories would allow you to think of him. A large beast of an ogre his hair is wild an black like a lion's mane, eyes a horrible sickening yellow color, and with skin flush to the point of being red. His rant continues.

"... One as flawed as this should not be allowed to live. They are a threat to the established order, tapping into a power other than ours. We must destroy it with all due haste as it should have been destroyed so many years ago."

For the first time sense your appearance the judge opens its mouth to speak.

"The court of death does not deal in what should be done, or what must be done, only what has been done. There is no convincing argument that you have brought forward to convince me that something is unnaturally prolonging this one's life or that she has in some way violated the natural order. Death is not your domain and you fire cannot consume the entire earth. This case is dismissed."

The witness appears to be moving to continue his argument but your vision is blurring to white.

You stand in the burnt out ruin of a court house. I appears to have gone through a severe fire leaving only the bricks that make up its exterior walls intact. Through a whole in the rear wall you can see an amber sky and a horrible black tower against the horizon. Seated at the judge's stand is an enormous humanoid creature in black robes with a skull like hyena's in place of a head. It is holding entirely still, only its occasional motions to the one seated in the witness stand betrays its ability of motion.

The witness is an ogre who appears to have been hewed out of pure marble, wearing clothing of the finest gold, in fact if not for his movements you would assume him to be a statue. He speaks "Why is one of this lineage restricted to the place of subordinate. He is of my realm and should be the one who is seated upon the thrown. The Lawmaker's candidate is no more qualified and lacks that which makes a king. You must reconsider."

Before the judge can respond your vision dissolves into white light.

With a jolt the world comes back into focus just as you had left it. The Band of the Lion remains in wait at the forest's edge for House Targ's forces to pass by so that they can make a flanking ambush. The Madmen hired by House Volg will tie them up in the front lines. The past weeks have seen a rarity wherein almost all of Legar's various mercenary groups have been fighting on the single side of a conflict. King Frollo had dictated at the beginning of the month that all current hostility cease and all houses immediately declare was on House Targ, which had at the time had the largest and most well supplied armies of all the noble houses. Even now they still have numbers but the purses of all five rival houses means that their opponents have the upper hand in arms and training.

If anyone wants to do anything before the enemy forces arrive now is the times as the next update will be direct conflict with them most likely.

2012-11-14, 01:00 AM
Yosei will meditate, asking his ancestors for guidance in the upcoming battle.

2012-11-14, 02:57 AM
Shika finds an optimal place to disappear and fades into the brush.

(Taking 10s for 25 Stealth 17 Perception)

2012-11-14, 06:02 AM
Black Oak blinks as she snaps out of her vivid daydream. She's covered in a thin sheet of sweat and her breathing is slightly labored. Bringing a hand to her chest, she briefly considers the troubling images she has seen, even as she quickly scans her surrounding.

Right. They are here waiting in ambush for their current targets. She can't allow herself to get distracted no matter how disturbing what her mind's eye had just came up with. Taking a deep breath to focus herself in, she strings up her bow and goes on the move. The forest is her home no matter where she goes. In it, she very much reigns supreme.

With a small effort of will, she gives herself greater alacrity, moving as if the forest could flow around her. The kind of harmony only years of solitude in the deepest and darkest parts of the woods could make possible. Then she finds a verdant hill filled to the brim with bushes and undergrowth. Perfect for her to slink into and hide despite her size. More importantly, it gives her an overview of the area so that she can look ahead and warn everyone of the coming of the troops.


((She's casting Longstrider, then she takes 10 on Perception and Stealth for 22 and 24 respectively. As soon as she sees the troops, she'll give everyone a warning by doing a bird's call.))

2012-11-14, 12:56 PM
After about 10 minutes of meditation, Yosei rises, apparently satisfied. He grips Kurobuchi in its scabbard, not yet drawing it to avoid any stray glint of reflected sunlight that might alert the foe.

Finding a likely spot to watch the road, Yosei tenses for action, ready to strike.


10 on Perception and Stealth gives me 16 and 12, respectively. Yosei will ready an action if he sees someone coming down the road, to cast Vanish.

2012-11-14, 02:05 PM
Samuel yawns as he awakes, this wasn't his normal dreams of chasing down varmints and eating them. This dream made him think..., he hadn't thought about it much lately. Sure, he thought about the conditions under his ogre rule weren't the best and considered maybe another would be better. But now he served another, a human, Gustave, he seemed a better lot.

But he shaked the thoughts out of his head, they were supposed to take down some foolish House that showed weakness. Although, he had to say House Targ had some good ideas about harmony with ogres, althought maybe there were deemed too violent by the other Houses.

"So, how long are we supposed to wait, are we sure they coming this way, Gustave?

(if I take 10 on Perception/Stealth, I get 16 Perception/13 Stealth (would be 17 but large size lowers it)

2012-11-14, 03:38 PM
In the time leading up to the conflict, Bevel works with his alchemy set brewing poultices for the battle. As he grinds ingredients into dust and mixes them into various liquids, pouring them into a number of small glass vials, he also drinks from a number of small vials.

All in all he brews four healing remedies, two steroid poultices, and an extract which promotes speed of movement.

After he has finished his chemical work Bevel moves throughout the camp dispersing some the remedies. One for Gustave, naturally. One for Alershtein, Black Oak, and Yosei as well. In addition, he gives one of the two vials of steroid to Gustave as well. It is, after all, necessary for the leader to look his best. Finally, he searches for the ninja, but not finding him holds onto the speed extract for the time being.

"You'll want to take this second one just as you enter combat," he says to Gustave as he gives him the potions.

2012-11-14, 04:03 PM
Given that she'd made sure to let everyone on the team know where she would be laying in ambush, Black Oak is hardly surprised when Bevel shows up to offer her a small vial. The strange and lean swarthy ogress would smile gratefully and tussle the much smaller man's hair as if to express her silent thanks.

Once he's gone she nocks one of her arrows into her bow, the thing more a javelin by the standards of the average man than anything designed to strike at range. Yet her hidden reserves of strength make the improbable feat of strength simple enough. She doesn't falter in her vigilance, keeping watch for her 'friends'.

2012-11-14, 06:37 PM
Yosei accepts the poultice with a silent nod of thanks, loosens Kurobuchi in its sheath, and returns to watching the road.

2012-11-15, 05:01 PM
Meinhard greases his crossbow in anticipation of the attack

2012-11-18, 10:16 PM
Gustave addresses the Band one last time as the enemy near.

Gustave: I have recieved word that Sir Travis is traveling amongst the Targ men and as he is the son of Edward head of house Targ there would be a large monetary reward for relieving him of duty without relieving him of his head. Any soldier or group of soldiers responsible for capturing him will receive half of whatever House Targ is willing to pay, or failing that all of the highest bid offered by local slavers. They are also being led by General Charles or no house, who has no family to ransom him, I am willing to offer a personal bounty of one thousand gold crests to his killer.

Shortly thereafter you hear a Black Oak's bird call and House Targ's forces move into view. They are an assortment of men and ogres in chainmail, all visibly tired from a day's forced march. They pass barely fifty feet from the tree-line where the Band's front-most members sit in wait, but are unable to spot them due to their lethargy, the mercanries' proficiency in stealth, or some combination of the two. The troops organization is clearly effected by their commanders as near their general the majority are properly marching in straight lines with their back straight, but the rear and side guards appear to be little more than armored rabble, stooped and moving as a disorganized mob. Just as the rearguard comes into view directly in front of the Band's sight you hear the signal cries by the Madmen meeting with the front, a high almost child-like cry of ecstasy followed by the sound of drums. On Gustave's signal the Lion's front line charge forward to meet the rearguard, while the archers begin raining down volleys on the enemy further afield.

The rearguard now sits around 50 feet from your current location save for Black Oak who if she chose to remain at her old location is now behind the rearguard and 120 feet from the nearest enemy (you can however have chosen to regroup at the band's location before the Targ troops passed by. There are additionally about thirty NPC members of the Band of the Lion who you can direct or order around if you are in the immediate vicinity, but can otherwise operate on their own.

2012-11-18, 10:32 PM
Perception to try and identify General Charles.

If I can identify him, I will cast Vanish and stealth move to within 30 feet of him.

Perception: [roll0]
Stealth: [roll1] (+20 due to invisibility)

2012-11-18, 11:06 PM
Bevel nods calmly as the enemy approaches. "Ahuh." He grabs one of the other soldiers as they move past and speaks loudly to him. "I'm going to use you as a marker. When you attack, do so so from the left or right, and while they're distracted with you I'll put a bolt in their heads. Go now." Bevel moves forward with the soldier he commandeered, but makes sure to keep a 25-30 foot range away, utilizing the distraction to attack an unguarded enemy.

Sneak Attack: