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2012-11-14, 10:17 AM
It's actually the Half-orc prisoner that sees you trying to break your thumb. She kicks Tobias. It takes him awhile to crank his head around to be able to see you with his good eye.

The guards are doing an annoyingly good job at watching you, and there is no way to slip free unnoticed. That is, until one leaves to go do something and Tobias starts yelling at the other one in orcish. This time he doesn't get himself knocked out, the orc argues back and forth with him.

The orc that left went in the direction of the carts. You run the opposite direction until you are out of sight. Upon looping around you find the other orc digging through them, grumbling to himself, and throwing things on the ground.
That is when you see bright silver steel flash in the moonlight before clashing to the ground. A longsword, and by the way it bounced when it fell, a lightweight one at that!

2012-11-14, 10:32 PM
Suki slinks forwards, hoping the noise of the flying weapons might disguise her movements. She then picks up the sword, move up behind the rummaging orc, and burries it as she did to the last one she killed.

2012-11-15, 12:15 AM
His head disappears behind the edge of the cart again, giving you ample time to sneak to the sword, if you can be quiet enough.

Roll a move silently, -2 to dex from fatigue.
Roll initiative just in case you don't beat the DC.
Roll attack, -2 to str from fatigue.

2012-11-15, 01:50 AM
-1 move silently from dex penalty, +4 from size, +3 from dex, any situational bonuses? He is, after all, tossing things around.

Move Silently: [roll0]

Init: [roll1]

If that Move Silently doesn't beat the DC... then there is no way this senario should ever have come up.

Also, what do you think of Suki's appearance? It's in the OOC thread.

2012-11-15, 10:55 AM
If that Move Silently doesn't beat the DC... then there is no way this senario should ever have come up.

Why do say that? Because I should never make one of my players have to roll over a 14? It's an opposed roll, your MS vs his Listen. The dice determine the base DC, I can only control modifiers.

Which yes, you get one from him banging everything around in the back of the cart. He could also be deaf in one ear, but there's no way for Suki to know that at this point. You don't get a +4 to MS due to size, sorry, that's hide. You didn't include the +2 that halflings get as a racial trait however...

Appearance looks good! I like the inclusion of the scar.

You beat the orc's listen so initiative roll is moot...

It's getting colder. The few yards of open ground between the nearest tree and where the carts are feels like a mile. There is nothing with which to hide behind should he look up.

After he buries his head looking for whatever it is you dart out from behind the tree, and you feel your adrenaline kick in. Your nimble feet pick their way through the half-dead clumps of grass and the half-frozen puddles of mud that are common in early spring.

You steal away through the grass like a cat, you deftly scoop up one of the discarded longswords that fell from it's sheath while flying through the air, and shoulder up to the cart. You hear the other guard yelling, spitting and sputtering back in the camp. You have to hand it to him, Tobias knows how to make an orc mad...

Attack Roll?

2012-11-15, 11:06 AM
Supposedly vs flat footed:
Attack: [roll0]
Confirmation: [roll1]
Damage: [roll2](Two Handed)
****ty damage.

2012-11-15, 11:36 AM
I've been DM'ing long enough to know when someone's flatfooted... This actually counts as a surprise round, so you'll get a second attack against him flatfooted. Fatigue. -2 to dex and str. (-1 to melee atk n dmg.)

You near the edge of the cart. The other orc is still engaged with Tobias.
"A-ha!" Bellows the smelly brute, holding aloft a large bottle of wine in triumph. He stands half akimbo, legs appart, fist clenching the bottle in the air, head tipped back admiring it.
Gutting time. You plunge the longsword in from behind, twisting and wrenching on the down-stroke! Blood gushes out.

He turns, half stumbling, swinging his fist backwards wildly in an attempt to clock his attacker, his swing sailing a clean foot and a half over your head. His eyes are wide with surprise as he looks down. He fumbles for his axe to chop you down like a sapling, but he's not quite fast enough. You plant your heel...

Roll your next Attack.

2012-11-15, 11:39 AM
could have just used my confirmation roll for my next attack[roll0]
damage[roll2](two handed)

Suki thrusts up into his groin.

2012-11-15, 12:19 PM
Right, good point. Also, does Suki have a butt/groin-stabbing fixation like George Lucas has a hand-chopping fixation, or what? She did that in the first encounter too. If it's merely an issue of height--the Achilles tendon would be more debilitating and femoral artery more lethal...:smallamused:

The dolt lets the bottle fall to the ground as he grabs his axe, lifting it over his head. Too late. You thrust the cold steel upwards, cutting cruelly through his groin. Blood spatters your forearm as his intestines squirt out from the large gash left by your blade! He murmers something, his axe falls from his hand, and he topples over.

Tobias raises his voice, yelling angrily at the orc to cover the noise of your attack. This angers the orc, and he lifts his own axe over his head as if to smite the bound Tobias with a single blow!

2012-11-15, 12:25 PM
suki prepares to sprint for cover and bellows in a voice far louder than her size would otherwise suggest: "Hey dumbass! Over here! I killed your budy! He was weak, are you better? Come to me and let's see!"
If he begins to move, Suki dashes into the woods to hide.

2012-11-19, 11:25 AM
He turns and confusion spreads across his face. He turns back to the log and sees the empty spot where you should be. "Sag rok glob! Snaga ash prackmat, gimbsnaga!" he yells, and two of the three orcs by the fire get up, grab their axes, and start running towards you.

2012-11-19, 03:55 PM
As they get up she dashes into the wood. Sorry, they aren't getting two move actions.

2012-11-20, 09:06 AM
Roll a hide check.

2012-11-21, 04:08 AM
She takes a 10!

2012-11-21, 09:33 AM
Taking a 10 means you are taking your sweet time so that you do a good job. You can't take a 10 if you are rushed, distracted, or threatened... :smallfrown:

You look in the direction of the orcs running towards you. Only two out of three got up, one is apparently too drunk and barely stirred. One stumbles as he runs, but the other could be a serious problem: It looks like he's seen you

The whole camp is set up in a clearing in the woods no bigger than 60 feet in diameter. The carts would provide ample cover to hide behind, but then they are parked in a clearing that you would have to dash across to get to the trees and more hiding areas.

The trees are more than big enough to hide your small frame, and the bushes dense enough to provide decent cover, but they are somewhat spaced out...

The big orc in the middle of camp continues to yell as he points in your direction, but doesn't move from his post.

As you are about to dash back into the woods you spy the glinting reflection of a small glass vial in the moonlight. A small silvery potion lays on the ground next to the dead orc, less than a pace away...

2012-11-21, 09:39 AM
Condiering the options, Suki still already made a dash for the tree line, asn is not standing there as they rush toward her. She has already reached the treeline, most likely before they began to move, since her run speed is x4. Making her movement 80.

She will run well into the trees, to the point where they should not be able to see her from the camp and then turn 90 degrees and run around the camp to a point where she should be behind the one on the original leader of her group.

2012-11-21, 10:43 AM
You had a readied action to run into the woods and you do so while they are stumbling to their feet, but it'll still be opposed checks, hide and move silently vs. hide and listen...

Do you look over your shoulder as you run to see what the orcs are doing behind you, or do you look where you're going being mindful of potential hiding/sneaking spots?

2012-11-21, 10:45 AM
mindful, and looking over your shoulder slows you down.

2012-11-21, 12:37 PM
The frost-covered leaves rustle softly as you speed north through the woods, running for your life. You hear the pair of orcs crashing around through the underbrush in the woods near the cart where you were not moments before!
One of the orcs screams out with a burst of unintelligible words.

"Run little one! Run for your life! RUN!!!" you hear Tobias shout after you, then he shouts in halfling; "The drunk one fell and he will be no match for you, but the other one is gaining on you quickly!"

The orcish guard continues to yell what you can only assume are orders.

"This brute says he saw which way you ran, and is directing the others!" Tobias continues in halfling.

The camp is more or less an oval shape, the log set up the long way north and south, with tents and fires on either side. The carts are parked in the north-west corner, and the one orc still sleeping is by a fire on the south side. Did you want to run east or south from where you were? What do you do next?

2012-11-21, 03:46 PM
I cut south, find a tree, dodge behind it, and wait with my sword ready to bury into the orc chasing me while I dodge to the side.

2012-11-22, 01:10 AM
As you run around the perimeter of their camp, you notice they've set it up on a large hill: The ground begins to slope downwards and away, into a deep valley on the south side of the camp. Thick leaves blanket the hard ground making the footing somewhat treacherous. You dodge behind the next tree!

Pressing your back up against the tree's thick trunk, you tighten your grip on the elven sword and listen for the oncoming footfalls!

Only you hear none.

You hear the drunk orc crashing around where you left him, you hear the crackle of the fires and the rapid pounding of your heart, but not the footsteps of your pursuer...

If you run further eastward or southward you'll need to roll a balance check.
Roll a listen check.
Roll a spot check, and are you looking out from behind the tree, or just left and right?
Same plan of action and waiting, or new plan?

2012-11-22, 06:27 PM
Question 1! Is Suki far enough south to move up behind the guy shouting orders?

Suki uses the edge of the sword as a mirror to get a peek around the the tree.

2012-11-24, 02:09 PM
You slowly creep the side of the blade out from behind the tree, rotating it slowly as you do so. The black outlines of trees are all you can see, the bark of a few trunks partially illuminated by the distant campfires. No orc can be seen in the blade.

You are now on the south side of camp, and the orc stands in the middle, facing west/northwest. You could try and sneak up behind him from this angle but he could easily look over his left shoulder and see you. You will need to head a bit eastwards still (incurring a balance check) to get past the mid-point of the camp and out of the orc's peripheral vision.

2012-11-24, 02:21 PM
Suki decides to sneak along, sword sheathed down the back of her shirt into, on hands and knees over the slippery ground, in order to avoid making any unnecessary noise. In order to get into a better position from which to sneak up behind the orc, and thrust her sword up into her favorite meat-sheath. His ass.

2012-11-24, 04:30 PM
Blance check (+2 circumstance bonus)
Move Silently check
Attack and damage rolls...

2012-11-25, 04:50 AM
Balance: [roll0]
Move Silently check [roll1] I still find it hard to think, someone small has no bonus on not breaking a stick.
Attack and damage rolls
[roll2] vs flatfooted?
bam, take it up the ass. rolled a 1 on damage, what a bitch.

2012-11-26, 01:55 PM
You scramble deftly up the hill on the south side of camp and sneak past the orc sleeping by the campfire. He reeks of alcohol.

The firelight and moonlight cast a nerve-wracking amount of light upon your small form as you sneak through the short grass in the center of camp. If the orc turned around, he would see you for sure. As it is, you sneak so quietly that neither guard nor prisoners hear you coming .

You sneak around the log and behind the orc. The half orc female and Herra's eyes grow wide with surprise as you remove the blade from your shirt and thrust it up between the big brute's legs!

He bellows in pain and turns around swinging his axe wildly over your head as he does so! You swing again, and he blocks the blow, swinging down over his head and missing you by inches as you dodge to the side.

Roll a few more attack rolls

2012-11-26, 02:00 PM

I wish the forum roller didn't tend to roll low, I wonder who is getting all of my good rolls.

2012-11-27, 12:56 PM
You sidestep his oncoming onslaught of frenzied swings, sticking his leg as you do so.
Nearing the log, you duck and he buries the head of his axe in the wood, sticking it fast. Seizing the opportunity, you drive the elven blade up into his gut, black blood runs over the silver steel in the moonlight.

"AAGHH!!! DIE YOU FILTHY PIECE OF TRASH!" Yells Tobias as the orc falls to the ground. He spits at his corpse. "Great job Suki, great job!! Cut me free, quickly!"
You rush over to cut him and the others free. Only now do you realize the extent of the wounds of the other prisoners. Tobias and the halforc have numerous cuts and gashes that are infected, covered with pus and dirt. If it wasn't so cold, they would probably have fly maggots in them. It seems that Tobias broke his hand or had it broken a long time ago; it is extremely swollen and bruised.
"Thanks Suki," he croaks as he gets to his feet, legs shaking, "I owe you one. Are there more of those around here?" He points to the blade you hold...

2012-11-27, 01:29 PM
Suki points to the wagon. "There." And frees everyone else, telling them where the weapons are. When she gets to the woman that was next to her she says, "Be glad I didn't just 'go elsewhere', yes? And be very glad I am Dwarven Trained!" She asks each of those she frees if they are healers, as she frees them.

2012-11-28, 10:36 AM
Tobias half runs, half limps over to the cart, regaining his strength and confidence with every step.
"Keep an eye on the treeline for the other one!" he calls over his shoulder.

"Thank you!" cry the halforc and human women as you cut them free, "Bless you! Thank Pelor for you!" The elf is only semi-conscious and mummers her thanks through a weak smile.
"No, sorry, we don't posses healing powers..." they reply. Herra won't make eye contact; she sits silently after being cut free.

Hahaha! you hear Tobias cackle evilly as he finds a suitable blade and hops down from the cart. About this time, the drunk orc comes stumbling back into camp. "Avert your eyes, little one," he calls, "I wish you not to see what I am about to do; I will take no pride in it."

2012-11-28, 01:44 PM
"Avert my eyes like hell! You've not been disturbed until you've seen two Dwarves rutting!" She walks over to the still unconscious orc and after careful aiming, thrusts her sword into his brain through his eye.

Suki then walks over to Herra, sits down, and holds her silently.

2012-11-29, 12:51 AM
Herra seems unresponsive to your touch, staring off into space. The other women look away. You and the half-orc do not.

Tobias readies the blade and taunts the oncoming orc. The drunken hulk charges forward, foaming at the mouth, axe cocked back to the side. Tobias sidesteps, trips him, and stabs him in his left butt-cheek as he falls. The orc howls with rage.

Herra looks up.

Tobias takes a few steps back, his eyes wild, and lets the orc get to his feet. The orc now limps in pain on one leg and wobbles drunkenly on the other, yet he won't run away. He cuts his other leg, his right arm, his left, sprinkling the ground with blood after blocking each of the orc's pathetic blows. The orc makes one last desperate attempt to kill him, and Tobias runs his blade down the handle of the axe, slicing the orc's fingers clean off!

The disarmed, de-fingered orc tries to run but Tobias trips him as he turns, leaps upon his back, and knocks him senseless with the pommel of his sword. He then begins to drag his body behind the cart and out of view.

"Don't." demands Herra. Her eyes burn with hatred.

Tobias stops. He rolls the orc face up and takes a step back. He lurches forward kicking the bottom jaw of the brute. Teeth fly through the air. He kicks again with his heel. HARD. You hear a sickening pop. He then arches his back, and above his head, clasps the wrist of his bad hand with his good hand, and drives his elbows with his full body weight down on the orc's face. He then straddles the orcs chest and punches him in the face. Over and over and over. And over. Soon the orc has no head, and Tobias is merely punching bits of bone into the ground.

You look around. Still no sign of the other orc. You look back and see Tobias has scooped his sword up off the ground, and is standing over the body, castrating it.

The human girl looks back and sees Tobias in the act of it, his hands, arms, and face covered with blood and brains and bits of bone. She vomits...

2012-11-29, 06:59 AM
Suki heads over to Tobias. "And here I thought you might be a gentleman and allow one of the ladies to do the honors. I'm sure there must have been at least one that would have gotten some healing out of it." She then drags Tobias behind the cart.

2012-11-29, 09:13 AM
Drags Tobias?

2012-11-29, 09:18 AM
Drags Tobias into a forum-inappropriate situation.

She takes his hand, and pulls him behind the wagon.

2012-11-29, 10:34 AM
Huh. Never though of halflings like that before. Just to be clear, by "not forum appropriate" you mean intimate, right? And, OOC, what is Suki's motivation for this, specifically?

"Suki..." he says once he realizes where this is going, "There is still one more orc out there..." He doesn't take his eyes off you, waiting for your response.

2012-11-29, 10:38 AM
As to her motivation, it's most likely been several months.
She doesn't answer him, aside from attempting to push/guide him down.

2012-11-29, 10:51 AM
Fatigued, but never too fatigued to deny his baser instincts, he follows you to the ground.
"I am a gentleman..." he insists. He then...lots of explicit details to you, mind altering, carnal, inappropriate for the forum over and over. You no longer feel the chill of the night air or the pain in your hand. If only for a moment, you forget the worries of what has happened the last couple of days...

2012-11-29, 10:57 AM
Afterwords, as she lies there for a few moments, she sighs softly, before speaking. "Now, for other issues." She gets dressed, and walks over to the wagon to grab another longsword, and any two sheathes that will hold them. "We need to loot the camp, and hopefully find enough valuables to have Herra's lover resurrected. Assuming we can find his remains." She then goes about the camp, searching for any valuables, and the necklace she was given by the dwarf.

2012-12-04, 11:57 PM
You and Tobias stand to dress and he eyes you carefully as you do so. You tie your belt, scoop your shirt up off the ground, and pull it over your head.
"Uhh...Suki?" You hear Tobias whisper.
As the cloth passes from in front of your eyes, a pair of heavily armed half-orcs appear before you, staring at you both.

An armed and armored man and another half-orc walk into the clearing from behind you, slowly approaching the headless orc corpse. More men and half-orcs appear on the other side of the camp, running up to the other orc prisoners to see if they are alright...

OOC: time to take this to the IC thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=259905).