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2012-11-16, 04:03 PM
Post withdrawn until we decide where to start campaign anew/someone feels comfortable responding to this opening


The debate over the concepts of victory between Amon and Satoko rages on for a bit before Amon's technique ends and, being in her own body and finding the dragon-naga peering down on her, she loses the nerve to continue her arguments, laughing a little nervously. Satoko smiles, bearing her fangs, "I knew you would see it my way," she declares, a song in her voice as she snaps her fingers. At once, Suzunabu approaches Yousuke, scooping him up and carrying him fireman style as they retreat into the house.

"Um, so, you're a Sage, what's that like...?" Amon asks Satoko hesitantly, trying to pretend the conversation they just had where Amon was able to look her in the eye didn't happen. "Know any other Sages...?"

Satoko obliges as they enter the house, seeming amused at Amon's shift to being timid all of a sudden. "Being a Sage... comes at a price, mortal." Making small talk about the lore of the world that Houshi probably ignores, everyone retreats into the mansion.


Houshi and the gang are led into a dining hall for an early supper, but Suzunabu is too busy dragging the out-cold Yousuke off to resume preparing everyones meal for now. Satoko sits in her tail, smiling as Remi (http://www.zerochan.net/255618) approaches, a little skip in her step. She seems a bit alienated at the sight of guests, but sits down anyway. Oddly, there's no trouble finding a chair in Houshi's size. When Sune sits, Satoko seems to finally take notice of her and they exchange brief pleasantries, mostly a brief nod of the head - the kiss on the hand being obviously omitted. Amon sits like a proper lady as she waits, looking more regal than normal as she removes her headband, letting her hair flop out and steam nearly to her hips. She eyes Remilia oddly, not sure to make of the little girl, but to deflect such attention, she picks a seat on a far off corner - behind her mother where Amon dare not venture. She's sadly still in full view of Houshi though if he wants to introduce himself

"Apologies," Suzunabu remarks as she clears the doorway to leave with Yousuke. "I'll put the new maid to work right away on dinner."

Satoko coos after her, "Give him the finest warrobe, Meiling. An extra prize for his companions passion." As Satoko laughs at her cryptic order, Amon blushing a bit as her mind is aflutter with foul thoughts, Suzunabu just nods understandingly


Yousuke wakes with a splitting headache on a four poster bed, flopped on his front. It's decorated quite impressively this bedroom, with much ornate furniture, but a thick layer of dust on everything except a full-length mirror near the bed shows it is currently unoccupied. Well, in the ongoing sense. Obviously, Suzunabu is present, nodding as she sees Yousuke stir. Almost at once, a little blonde fairy flies by her side,past her into the room, dropping down a set of clothes on a chair next to Yousuke's bed, before the fairy blushes a bit and retreats. "Good, you're alive," Suzunabu says with a smile. "Amon lost her fight too, so you'll be a maid here, starting today. Get dressed and meet me downstairs in 5 minutes to help prepare dinner. Do you need any help getting into uniform, rookie?" She speaks like it was the most ordinary thing in the world.

If Yousuke looks, he sees the bundle is very thrilly and silky, and blue and white... and not at all intended for a man. "Remember, you serve Satoko-dono loyally now; you mustn't wear it sloppily or drag your feet."