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2012-11-16, 09:40 PM
Chapter III

Spoiled Rotten


Myriam walks down the halls of a dimly lit castle. The tapestries are old and depict a old heroes of war in saintly garb. The dryad stops before two enormous oil paintings. One shows a young woman with black hair wearing an armor. She wields a great sword and looks at the viewer with stern eyes. The other painting shows a beautiful woman, very similar to the armored one, with long lustrous hair. She has a vivacious smile and carries an ermine in her arms. She is dressed in flowing crimson robes.

I'm so sorry...

Myriam walks further down the hall and stops as two guards check her for weapons, then allow her in.

In a grand, yet very dark hall, a man dressed in a black cape adorned with grey fur sits at the end of a long table. His plate has been nearly untouched. He pours a large goblet of wine before downing it whole. To his right, an elven noble with grey hair sips from his own.

"You really must eat, your grace. This will not please them when they return."

"Valtalis, how long have you been telling me this for? FIVE YEARS! I have followed your counsel for all this time. I have spent nearly all my treasury on your botched attempts at rescue and intelligence gathering, as you so aptly call it. Where is that scout?"

Valtalis turns his gaze to Myriam.

"By the gods, dear. You seem to have been summoned. Lord Brunhausser would like a report on your findings."

Myriam bows to both.

"They are in Hammerbruk, sire. I have confirmed they are in the valley. It would be safe to assume they still have their army with them. I have no news on your brother. I came here as quickly as possible.... your daughters will be here very soon."

Lord Vasili Brunhausser gets up from the table, tears in his eyes.

"Child, what you say is true?"

"....tis, sire."

"Excellent, then!", Valtalis interrupts. "We will need some more funding, just to make sure the rescue goes as planned. Do not bother sending in an army, your grace. Myriam should be able to find your daughters now with the intelligence we have acquired. If you'll excuse me?"

Valtalis bows and leads Myriam back into the hallway.

"You are truly have a rotten soul, you know that? You know those two are in the valley and can't come back. Why keep him on false hope?"

Valtalis smiles and places his finger on Myriam's mask, running it swiftly down it's wooden features.

"Research, my dear. We need to know the extent of his power. Also, the funding is a nice bonus. Now, I trust you left the note?"

"Yes, Valtalis. I have."

"Good! Now be a good girl and rendezvous with Spellbane and his merry friends in Hammerbruk once they get there. After that, report to me."

Myriam stands in place.

"What about my face, Valtalis?"

Valtalis turns to her before heading back inside.

"It's behind a mask. I wouldn't know, dear.", Valtalis smiles and leaves Myriam alone in the hallway.

2012-11-16, 09:45 PM
@Xander: Jacob seems relieved at the information being relayed.

"I will stay here and help those who are injured. Could you please bring her back?"

2012-11-16, 09:50 PM
Because capturing someone more powerful than you is rather difficult. Maintaining it becomes impossible.

"Well, it seemed to be what all the stylish leaders of giants are wearing these days. I tried to buy you some time, and I killed one of them."

"Dantie, they tried to trap me in a cage. I declined to be caught, so I fled. At which point I ran into Brandobras, who brought me back here."

"Xander, that is handy. I figured out what she is, by the way. As a side note, putting on that gauntlet was not a bad idea."

"Also... Carrying my fallen stuff will be... tricky. Does anyone have a bag handy?"

2012-11-16, 09:59 PM
Dantie listens to everything being told and rubbing his head says Seems like alot happened while I was out of it. But I think we should go get her. Do not want to have to have gone through all that for nothing after all. Dantie says looking at the destruction caused by the giants. Jacob when I return I shall help you heal everyone. As he says this he hands tarith his bag of holding. I will need this back before you leave. And I will need you to deliver a message if you could.

2012-11-16, 10:03 PM
@The Party: You leave Swan's Rest and head for the Rose Garden. Even before going in, you see the whole place shines with her radiance. Inside laying asleep with her blonde hair caught between the roses and her sword held in her hand tightly, sleeps Arrallae. The baby battle briar has laid down at her side. She seems perfectly fine, if asleep.

2012-11-16, 10:06 PM
Before leaving, Tarith gathers his fallen stuff into the bag of holding.

"I might be able to deliver a message. Who to, and where are they?"

At the Garden.
"Well, we should either try to wake her up, or carry her back to Swan's Rest."

@Arrallae: "Time to wake up."

2012-11-16, 10:10 PM
@Tarith: You try to wake up Arralle and she stirs among the bed or roses. The baby battle briar scatters into the flowers and disappears. Arrallae opens her eyes and sits up.

"Where...the Rose Garden. What happened? I don't remember much after this morning. Why am I here?"

2012-11-16, 10:13 PM
Tarith leans back, his hands placed confidently at his sides, leaning on something nearby as he answers.

"Oh, not much. You tried identifying the future, which did not end well, turning you into a gauntlet, which I put on to escape Nerine and some other fellow working with you, at which point the village was attacked by giants, who are dead now, so we decided to come and find you."

Nonchalance is apparently his middle name...

2012-11-16, 10:16 PM
It will be to my church, tell them that they are allowed to send two people here. That she has agreed to let them. Thank you. Dantie says to Tarith as he goes and kneels by Arralle. We took your advice and had the seance. The village was attacked so Tarith got you to safety before joining the fight. Dantie says telling her the truth for the most part, just leaving out that she had to be stopped once again.

2012-11-16, 10:18 PM
To Jacob.
Of course, we will return as soon as able.

At the Rose Garden.
I believe that about catches you up to speed....did you experience something similar after your last seance, or do you not know then either?

2012-11-16, 10:29 PM
@Xander: "It's a blur... I recall yesterday asking for the seance. Then this morning when we went downstairs. After that, nothing."

@Tarith: "Swan's Rest was attacked? This is my fault then. And you say I was turned into a gauntlet? But why?"

@Dantie: "Of course, Dantie. Now I believe that there should be people from the outside, good people, watching this place with us."

@Tha Party: "We must make haste. The villagers need us."

Arrallae glows with white light, encompassing everyone around her and when the light subsides. You find yourself in Swan's Rest. Arrallae is shocked at the devastation.

"Jacob! Is everyone ok?"

2012-11-16, 10:35 PM
"Not your fault. Never accept responsibility for the actions of others. If you do, you are letting them dictate what you do. As far as the whole gauntlet thing goes, well, you were a little... crazy at the time. It seemed to be a solution."

After the teleportation, Tarith looks around, surprised at how fast she moved.

"You know, if you could do that, why walk to the groves, and the lake?"

2012-11-16, 10:39 PM
@Tarith: "I knew that Kazym had spoiled the land, tarith. I needed to walk through every inch of land and heal it. Travelling this way is a method I seldom use. I do enjoy long walks, don't you?"

2012-11-16, 10:40 PM
"Depends on what I am doing at the time. Generally, it is either the destination, or the people behind me that are more of a concern. I am not sure if I have ever gone on a walk just to go on a walk. It has always been one thing after another."

2012-11-16, 10:53 PM
@Tarith: Arrallae smiles. "You would be on the move constantly. Looking at you, I am reminded of someone. From long ago."

@The Party: Jacob kneels before Arrallae.

"My lady. I feared you were..."

"Thank you, old friend. I am fine. Please show me where the fallen are."

Jacob directs her to a few dozen dead villagers, squashed by the boulders or bashed in by the giants. Arrallae walks solemnly towards the bodies, laid among the giants. She raises her arms and bathes the entire village in radiant golden light. A few minutes later, both villagers and giants wake up. The giants seem confused as one looks at Arrallae.

"Leave now and NEVER come to this place again!"

The giants turn pale and run for it off into the forest.

2012-11-16, 10:55 PM
Tarith pulls out the thighbone.

"Anyone have any idea what to do with this? I found it on one of the giants."

2012-11-16, 11:04 PM
@Tarith: Jacob inspects that. "It's human. Probably one of those pilgrims that came from the city. You think something could be done, Arrallae?"

"It is a marrow, more than enough."

Arrallae touches the bone and this one drops from your hand as muscle begins to grow around it, as well as tissue and ligaments. Followed by flesh and hair. A young man lies nude in the ground. He looks up around and covers himself. Arrallae blushes and turns around, giggling.

"Uhhh... where am I?"

2012-11-16, 11:08 PM
It shall only be two, but at least with their power they should be able to help you with the healing so that you do not use to much of your energy. And they can train others so that if the seal were to ever break again once we make it whole once more that you do not suffer such damage. As he is finished speaking he feels a gentle light wash over them and soon enough they are once again in swans rest. Such power. It is a wounder the seal held you inside. Dantie comments. Before going with her to tend to the villagers. Do not worry about the damage, it can all be fixed tomorrow. I have spells that can help with this. Danties says to her and her village. Xander, if you could start studying that seal it may help us make a new one. Dantie says with a kind smile.

As the man is made anew Dantie looks up to the sky. By Pelors hand. then to the man. It seems you made it to swans rest, that was your destination was it not?

2012-11-16, 11:09 PM
"You are naked in a village. How did you meet the giants? and what is your name?"

2012-11-16, 11:12 PM
@Tarith: The nude man covers his privates as best as he can.

"I'm Collin. I came with a group from Bludhaven, but our group was ambushed by a creature in white robes. I ran for it. Ran for days. then some woman popped up from nowhere and I went blind. After that, I was being...eaten."

2012-11-16, 11:14 PM
"You were a pilgrim?"

2012-11-16, 11:18 PM
@Tarith: "Yes, sir! We were on a pilgrimage to see..."

Collin's jaw drops as he looks at Arrallae. He forgets his nude condition and kneels before her, attempting to kiss her feet.

Arrallae swiftly steps back. "You're welcome to stay Collin, but please, no need to be so zealous. Could someone please give Collin clothing?"

Arrallae retires with Jacob to assess her broken temple.

Collin looks on as the goddess walks away with a big smile in his face.

"She's beautiful..."

2012-11-16, 11:27 PM
"And you are naked. For some reason, the two don't get along as well as you might think."

Tarith pauses for a moment, before continuing

"Say, you are from Bludhaven, right? I may be headed there soon, so could you tell me about it?"

2012-11-16, 11:31 PM
@Tarith: "Yes, sir! Born and raised. I come from a family of artisans that work on hull buildings for ships. The city is big. Bigger than Justcrown. You could find a good vessel there if you're planning a voyage."

2012-11-16, 11:32 PM
Dantie I had already begun studying the ritual, while you were running your errand in Justcrown. As for the seal, the surrounding wall will first need to be repaired before it will be of much good, but that was my next stop...I am still not completely sold on using it however.

To Collin
This may sound abrupt however would you allow me a moment to record your experience in further detail, while it is still fresh in your mind, as your average person would not regularly experience what you just had.

2012-11-16, 11:33 PM
Dantie looks between Tarith and Arrallae and back once again. Tarith can you handle this and deliver that message? Dantie says hoping he can talk to Jacob and Arrallae alone. He is very curious as to what happened. And to explain that she can not try such a thing again. When he hears Xander tell him he has already begun Dantie is most happy. That is good. As for the walls I can fix them, though it may take me quite some time. Dantie says before he hears Xander say he does not think sealing the place is a good idea. If we do not seal it Xander they will come again, this time with a larger army and they will be prepared for the defenses. They will get her. And if you remember what she said and what she is... Dantie says hoping he catches on Then you would agree that she needs to be protected by the seal. Though I agree it does need to be altered. Perhaps to be allowed to be opened and closed by those inside. Maybe we can ask Jacob if he would be willing to work this control panel so that she may visit her friends in the woods still, and yet be safe from harm.

2012-11-16, 11:33 PM
So, it is a coastal city, and large. I suspect that this will be a bit... more difficult than I was lead to believe.

"Can you tell me about prominent figures, buildings, and things like that? Or anything about the disappearance of the Duke's children?"

"I can ask him questions, and then deliver your message."

"By the way, I believe you owe me some money?"

2012-11-16, 11:39 PM
@Tarith: The duke's daughters, if you're referring to them, are in Furyondy, which is not the city he's from.

"Bludhaven is a theocracy, sir! Mother Kamyra and Father Friederick are the religious law there. As for prominent figures, well. There's Krell's Blades, a mercenary group that operates there and hires their men for sea voyages. The Free City has an armada anchored in the city as well. What with all those ships disappearing and all."

"Right." Jacob produces the platinum and hands it to you.

"Never bet against a rogue, mom used to say."

2012-11-16, 11:43 PM
Right. Got the two mixed up a bit.

"What religion do the follow? And what is this about ships disappearing?"

"Jacob, the bet was 10 platinum, not one. Still, I suppose it was a friendly enough wager, so if you wish, you could decline to pay. Your mother gave you good advice. Typically, if a rogue is betting, he has fixed it... somehow."

2012-11-16, 11:45 PM
Thank you Tarith. And with that Dantie runs off in pursuit of Jacob and Arrallae. Once he is with the two of them at her temple Dantie looks at them. The damage done here I can fix with ease. My problem is the seal. If it were to break again I do not think they would allow you a second chance. And if it were to fall we would need a fail safe in place. Jacob though your training was grand of these men and women, I believe magic will be needed to further their ability to protect themselves and others. I will be able to help in small ways with changing the seal, but I do not think she should be locked up in here once more. Dantie says looking to Arrallae. Ask her what happened to the forest and her friends, your friends when you were gone all this time in your peace. I will suggest to Xander to try and make a way to control the gate without breaking the seal. If we can do this I must ask for you to be the gates keeper. Only you will be able to open it from the inside for her and protect those who live in these walls. Can you do this? Dantie asks Jacob.

2012-11-16, 11:51 PM
@Tarith: "Of course. Here's the other nine. She also said never try and trick a rogue."

Collin gets invited to a house. From the window he mentions what he knows as he puts clothes on.

"Well, sir. There is the temple of Boccob, god of magic and Mouqol, god of trade. Both work rather well together, especially since there is so much trade coming in and the Boccobites are always eager to get new materials from lands beyond the sea."

Collin finishes changing.

"There have been reports that ships have been disappearing off at sea, by the Sea of Storms, some say. The sailors claim it's the Sea Devil, The Free City sent a fleet to protect the ships, but the attacks seem random. One thing is certain, though. Nobody has returned. None that I know of."

@Dantie: Jacob looks at Arralle for approval.

"Your words ring true, dan tie. During my Sealing, many suffered. If Jacob can control when the Seal may be opened, and you can do it, I would be most grateful."

Jacob excuses himself and walks with you away from Arrallae.

"Arte you sure you want to alter the ritual? Steiner's methods of sealing her had terrible effects on the forest, but you have seen the alternative."

2012-11-16, 11:55 PM
"Thank you, Jacob(NG)"

"Interesting. Well, thank you for the information, it could prove quite useful."

Well, if I am going to investigate, I need a means to breath underwater, and a means of escape.

2012-11-16, 11:59 PM
That conversation over, Tarith heads off to find Dantie, Xander, and Aurrellae

2012-11-17, 12:04 AM
After watching Tarith and Danite walk off, absorbed in the individual conversations, Xander walks to the seal, to being studying the runes trying to piece the entire ritual together.

Spellcraft [roll0]
Knowledge (Arcana) [roll1]
Knowledge (The Planes) [roll2]
Knowledge (Nature) [roll3]

2012-11-17, 12:08 AM
"So, Dantie, are you really arguing in favor of the seal? It lead directly to what happened here. Had the seal never been implemented, Balion would not have gone craze, and head to be killed, and Kazym would never have been able to do what he did. Any choice that takes away your options is no choice at all. Arrallae, if you agree to be sealed away, you are effectively going to prison for the rest of time, and these people are going to go with you. That is an incredibly bad idea."

This is at a mix of Dantie and Arrallae.

2012-11-17, 12:18 AM
@Xander: You walk towards the broken Seal and examine the runes. This is what you gather.

Steiner used powerful abjuration magic. In fact, he somehow used his blood as catalyst, acting as a "live" nexus with the Seal. Casting the spells would require a large sacrifice of blood, hopefully not enough to kill, but it would grant the caster, for the ritual only, access to spells not normally available to him, at great cost, in order to complete the Seal.

Many of the runes here pertain to the Positive Energy Plane, attuning their powers to Arrallae herself. She seems to not be aware of this. Using her as a primary engine of sorts.

@Tarith: "I walked these woods hundreds of years ago, and then, stayed here for many centuries more. I know nothing more beyond Swan's Rest and the Fey Woods. The decision, is up to you. I cannot make a ruling when I can't even remember what transpired a few hours ago."

2012-11-17, 12:20 AM
"If you agree to this ritual, you are confining yourself to Swan's Rest forever. You would never be able to walk the woods, never be able to visit your friends, never be able to see the world. Effectively, by doing so, you would be committing suicide, as your actions would have no effect on the world."

2012-11-17, 12:22 AM
I do not know if it is in our power, but I shall ask Xander about it. Perhaps the two of us can come up with a way. Dantie says to her letting her know that is a possibility not a definite. As Jacob calls him over to talk Dantie listens to what he has to say before answering. I also saw what happened to its inhabitants. That is why I would ask you to guard the seal. From inside of course. You would be the sole person who could open the gate. The fey need her just as much as the people here do. And I believe she needs them as well. Just as he finishes saying this Tarith joins them. Tarith if the seal was never made this place would not be what it is, if it would even be here. The first would have her and then who knows what would have happened. We do not know their intentions yet. But so far they have certainly not been good. As Tarith tells her that she is basically going to be in jail Dantie understands Tariths need to not want the seal in place though is not sure how to address it properly. Tarith that is why we are going to try and change the seal so that they are not trapped inside forever. I am going to try and find a way, and with some luck from Xander saying you will be departing soon, to change the seal so that the guardian on the inside can open and close it with his own blood without breaking the seal. The alternative is bringing her to the ward and handing her over, because leaving the seal down is the same thing. Dantie says trying to make Tarith understand. Then thinking about the most important person Dantie turns to Arrallae. Arrallae ultimately this is your choice. So we need your answer as well.

2012-11-17, 12:24 AM
@Tarith: Arrallae listens silently, pondering on your words.

"I must retire and think this over. In the meantime, Jacob, please remove the keys to the Vault and destroy them, please. I never want that place opened again."

2012-11-17, 12:26 AM
"Dantie, if she agrees, she loses everything that she seemed to enjoy. True, she would have a life in the seal, but if your actions work, she would be equally vulnerable any time she left the seal. I suspect that she could seal of the area herself, if she really wanted to. That Seal has effectively destroyed everyone in this place, transporting them 300 years into the future. The Seal is an abomination to freedom. So long as you have a choice, you can never be imprisoned. The Seal removes all choices."

2012-11-17, 12:27 AM
"Arrallae, it is your choice, and we will respect your decision, whichever way you choose."

2012-11-17, 12:33 AM
Tarith you give them death by not sealing this place, sure they may survive the next attack, and the one after. But how long before none want to be brought back to life and she is captured and used against her will. Sure when she walks she will be vunreable, but it is better then locking her up in a cage. Plus we have seen they are afraid of her powers. Look how long it took them to attack. I believe they waited for her to transform, or at least their leader did. Dantie says hoping Tarith came to the same conclusion. It is the safest thing we can do while still granting her her freedom Tarith. Would you be so selfish to put your wants before the worlds?

2012-11-17, 09:49 AM
"Dantie, it is not our wants, but her wants that matter. If you want the safest thing to do, then why did you ever leave your church? Imprisoning all of these people would a horrible idea. They did not wait for her to transform, as they were looking for her, directly. A moving target is much harder to hit. All they would need to get through this seal is an anti-magic field, and some adamantine. Yes, not re-sealing the place leaves her a bit more vulnerable, but I would say it is worth it. Perhaps we should see what Xander thinks of your plan."

Tarith goes and finds Xander, and brings him back to Dantie

"Xander, what do you think of the plan to seal the village once more?"

2012-11-17, 11:04 AM
Your right it is not my wants but hers. But do you think they would have been sealed in the first time without knowing the consequences. As for your ideas, about them being able to get in, if it was so easy they would have gotten in before. You forget they have been trying to get her since the place was sealed up Tarith. If the lich could not get in with all his magic, and Balion with his it means that this power is much greater than anyones on this plane that we know of thus far. As Tarith waits for Xander to return he looks to Jacob, the last one still with them. Do you agree with me at least. If not I fear they will not seal it back up leaving you and your people at the mercy of whatever decides to come and try to pillage it that day. People from all over will flood her to try to steal her powers, or abuse them. Those that do really need her power will be looked over because their voices will not be louder then the roar of the rest. Just then Tarith and Xander return and he waits to hear what Xander has to say.

2012-11-17, 11:09 AM
"Dantie, you are assuming infinite resources. This would have been a hard nut to crack, so they may have target other areas first. I doubt that they have been actively trying to get in, as there was no old damage to the forest. As far as abusing her powers, it would be her choice to do so. They won't be able to force a reaction from her. As far as swarms of people preventing her from going where needed... You are forgetting that imprisoning her means no one can help her. Is being free more risky? Yes. Is it more rewarding? Also a yes."

2012-11-17, 12:04 PM
It seems a crime to seal the place away from the world permanently. Although the seal had proven a reliable way to protect Arrallae, Recent events have proven that the seal has weaknesses, the largest of witch being the fact that while safe inside the village you are also shut off from the world, and have no ability to know what is happening directly outside the confines of your village. It is clear there are multiple very powerful people that will make further attempts to infiltrate Swan Rest, and abduct Arrallae. While the seal could keep her safe for a while, the enemy could gather a entire force just outside the gates, and given proper resources I see no reason they would be unable to discover a way to break the seal, and seeing as a lich is involved, one such as he has no time constraints that would prevent him from spending what ever length of time required to lower the seals defenses, all the while the inhabitants of Swan Rest would be blissfully unaware of the impeding danger until such a time as it was to late. Also, If the seal were broken again, and a force powerful enough to overtake Swan Rest, you would have no way of escaping, or calling allies for aid.

The seal could very well still be a perfectly viable option, however I believe it would require some modifications, and a way to temporarily open the seal with out damage the magic involved, and preferably some way in witch you could alert allies, and quickly acquire aide, if a second breach did happen.

Jacob, it seems much of the magic Steiner used is tied to using blood as a catalyst, and more subtly attuned to Arrallae herself, and the unique circumstances involved with her existence. If she were made more away of the attunement, we may be able to find a way to safely open and close the seal, relying on lower amounts of blood from a subject to temporarily weaken the power of the seal, allowing a the door to be opened for a short time, After witch you would rely on the power inside Arrallae so restrengthen the power of the seal, it seems like quite the feat to expect her to do such, but I believe subconsciously she has been providing the sustaining magic for the seal up to this point, and it would only require a minor modification and some effort on her part to allow her to control the amount of magic infused into the seal at any given point..

2012-11-17, 12:27 PM
That is what I have been saying Xander. The seal needs to be modified. Thye already know how to open the old seal so making it the same again would only allow them to hunt us down and eventually reopen the seal. I proposed the gate idea as well though was waiting on you to see if it was an actual valuable idea. It seems though that it is from what you just said though. And I can lay down a few bits of protection incase the seal were to be broken once more. Keep in mind they will only be a one time use thing, but if the seal breaks again i think you will need all the help you can get. Dantie says to them.

Alan Mass bull's strength would effect 12 people a glyph. So 84 castings of it. 30 33,600gp to make sure everyone can be effected by the spell in the village if it were to fall under attack. They all gain +4 to strength so their swordplay and archery go up at least in damage. Whats everyone think about that?

2012-11-17, 12:33 PM
"If you can create the seal to allow her, and the villagers to pass through at will, that would be a better solution than sealing them away from the world. However, if such modifications are impossible, I would say don't seal the area at all."

2012-11-17, 01:06 PM
@The Party: Arrallae retires inside the temple and Jacob intervenes.

"Xander, you have clearly understood Steiner's journal and notes. I believe if you can modify it for her to walk safely... then it is a risk we can take, but the Seal must be cast. If you can apply some fail safe, please do so. I recall the last ritual and it was...taxing, to say the least. Also, may I suggest we cast it at the Seal's location? That's where it was cast last time, so aybe it would work there."

2012-11-17, 01:10 PM
"Right, well, if you are rebuilding the seal, I will head for Justcrown, as I can't contribute to that goal. You should be able to find me there when you are done. However, I will wait for Arrallae's decision."

Tarith is waiting. If the choice is made to reseal, he heads for Justcrown.

Should not take too long to get there, as he can fly with a speed of 50 for 4 hours, and then walk with a speed of 30.

2012-11-17, 01:54 PM
Jacob, as the more modifications I make, the more difficult the casting, for the fail safe I believe I will speak with Anzaril, and see if she would be willing to act as a alarm of sorts, as I have spoken with her mentally often, and plan to more so in the future, she would have the ability to alert me of any danger with but a thought.

Tarith, you may actually be of more use than you think, as you have the ability to manipulate arcane magic, I have devised a plan in witch, if you would allow me just an hour of your time each time I perform the ritual, it would greatly increase my chances of success, I must make some arrangements, but outside of that single hour a casting, we should all be able to spend the majority of our time in Justcrown, as I have business I must attend there as well.

To himself.
hmm..she has been able to contact me so far without any spells on my part...I wonder.

In a attempt to contact Anzaril.
Anzaril, Can you hear me? If so, please respond.

2012-11-17, 02:02 PM
"My abilities with arcane magic are basically stealing it from others. However, if you feel my help is needed, I can do so, although a couple of teleports would make things much easier, as it would allow me to do what I want to get done in Justcrown, without spending hours walking both ways."

2012-11-17, 02:09 PM
Rest assured Tarith, I have business in Justcrown as well, and do not plan on walking, to and from, teleportation magic will be involved.

2012-11-17, 02:14 PM
"My skills in magic are limited. I just do it, I don't really think about it."

2012-11-17, 02:18 PM
@Xander: My dear Xander! I hope you found Arrallae in the Rose Garden? How is everything faring in her village?

2012-11-17, 02:38 PM
To Anzaril.
We did, she seems to have recovered, and is resting safely in Swans Rest. All is well in Swans Rest, we wish to reestablish the seal, and modify in it such a way that Arrallae can visit regularly, and still able to be perfectly safe while in Swan's Rest. My idea however will require assistance from you if you are able to give it. But first, seeing as we have been able to contact each other mentally while in the Fey Woods, via your abilities alone. Do you know the limitations of your magic, will we be able to contact each other after I have left the woods, If so I ask you to become one of Arrallae's guardians, and her fail safe. If something like the lich, Kazym attacking the woods happens again, I would need you to be able to contact me in a instant, so I could lend my aid before the situation gets as bad as before.

2012-11-17, 02:53 PM
@Xander: Me? One of Arrallae's Guardians? I am honored, Xander Corillian. You can count on me for her protection. I do not know what you plan to do with the Seal, but I trust it is for her good, and everyone's in the Fey Woods. As far as our bond, I dare say it is unlimited, as long as you remain in this reality, or if someone were to bar our connection. Let me know what it is you need from me, and I shall answer your call.

2012-11-17, 03:19 PM
To Anzaril.
That is good to know, thank you. I have other preparations I must make, we will be starting the ritual in a day or two. Also I will be visiting soon to gather some water from your lake, if you would allow it.

I have spoken with Anzaril, due to a former encounter with her, she will be able to communicate with me and will act as both a guardian to Arrallae in the woods,, aiding in the ritual, and the fail safe, alerting me at the first sign of danger. I must return to Justcrown to make additional preparations, but we should be able to begin recasting the spell in a day or two, and I intend to have it completed in a shorter time than Steiner had.

2012-11-17, 03:24 PM
"Well, I have things to do, places to visit, that sort of thing in justcrown as well. Once Arrallae has decided on what she wants to do, we should get moving."

2012-11-17, 03:26 PM
Dantie hearing that only Arcane magic will help the seal he looks to Xander. How then was Jacob and Balion able to help with the seal? To our knowledge Jacob has no magic, and Balion was a druid. In no way did his powers come from the arcane. Dantie said a little hurt that though he could participate that his help would in truth do nothing at all. I will participate but would like to add two fail safes to this ritual. I know it will make it harder Xander but hear me out please. Dantie says looking at him. One will be much like the spell I cast on the gate ealier providing them protection from evil, while the other will make them more capable if the seal were ever to fail while they wait for us the power inside would grant them much strength against fighting the dead. I know it is alot to ask for and I am sorry to ask, but there must be a fail safe. I am sure you will have an alarm in place? Will it be able to contact all of us in case one of us ever dies? Dantie asks him as he waits for the final answer to come.

2012-11-17, 03:44 PM
@Xander: I am certain there is still some power left in the lake for a few more vials, Xander. Take as much as you want. Let me know when you are ready.

Jacob walks towards you.

"Arrallae trusts your decision, Xander. It is you the only one here that can cast the Ritual, it would seem."

@Tarith: You hear all points thrown across the table and decide you've had enough of the woods, goddesses, and fey.

Flying off from the rubble and destruction you leave behind the wizard and the cleric. Let them figure out what's best to do with the crazy gauntlet made elf.
After a almost two days, You see the great Wooden Gate of Justcrown. The guards offer no resistance. They are indeed quite surprised to see you come in and recognize you as the one who entered days earlier. You walk down the streets and admire the urban architecture. It is a relief- alleys, rooftops, balconies, vaults, noble districts. Everything the last days have deprived you of. Not too far away, you see the lights on at the Foaming Wench. You casually direct your gaze upwards and notice a caped fellow on the roof of a nearby house. His moves are smooth, but not as smooth. He seems to be carrying a bag with him.

2012-11-17, 03:49 PM
Tarith casts fly, and sneaks up to be near the figure
"You know, if I can see you, others can as well."

take 10, so 33 on hide and move silently.

2012-11-17, 03:53 PM
Dantie, Jacob and Balion acted as subjects for the spell, but only one subject is required, the one that is staying in Swans Rest, Jacob in this case, you may participate in the spell if you wish, much the same way Balion did, however the only benefit gained would be your blood as a potential key to the seal.

As for your modifications for the Ritual, they will need no aid in battling the undead, as this area permeates with positive energy, destroying such creatures if they did enter. You other idea however may be viable, if Jacob approves it.

To himself.
I wonder if Silas has any trusted pupils that could lend there aid, I must remember to check while I am there.

2012-11-17, 04:09 PM
@Tarith: The cloaked figure freezes in place...


The figure turns around and you see Oliver. His leg has healed really well since his fall from the balcony at the Skylarios' place.

Oliver puts his bag down and shakes your hand, while patting your shoulder with the other.

"Cecile and Basil told me what you did. Thank you, T. I decided to do some shopping for Cecile's wedding. Thought about getting them some nice stuff for the wedding party, and maybe a present."

@Xander: "I recall Steiner was very serious about leaving one inside the Swan. Since I take it you will be leaving, I volunteer to stay inside and take care of her, as I have always."

2012-11-17, 04:12 PM
"That seems like a good plan. Just remember: no distinctive markings, as they can lead to... awkward questions. Are you done here for tonight, or do you have more to do yet?"

Wedding presents. Interesting. Hopefully, resurrection's count as a present

2012-11-17, 04:19 PM
@Tarith: "I was done. Bill and Cecile agreed on no priest for the wedding. You know they were never the religious type. They have asked Otis to conduct the ceremony at the Wench. You should see the old man! He's sweating it, writing down the things to say. I even saw him coming back from Temple District with a bunch of books."

Oliver looks at the city from the rooftop.

"It's good to have you back, T. Although I'm certain you'll be leaving again, yes?"

2012-11-17, 04:21 PM
"Yep. Things to do, places to rob, that sort of thing. I will be here for the wedding, though. Somehow, that does sound like Otis, however. Do you want a ride down?"

Tarith has been hovering in front of Oliver the whole time. Just because.

2012-11-17, 05:26 PM
Jacob, you are more than welcome to be the one to remain in Swans Rest, it only seems appropriate. As for Steiner wishing a subject to remain inside, I believe since your blood is involved as well, that you remaining inside aids to stabilize the magic in some way, as well as keep a key nearby if the seal ever needed to be opened from the inside. The room in front of the seal, I would also like to work at converting that into more of a defensible position, as if a attack occurs while the seal is down, being able to battle the enemy before they are inside of Swans Rest would reduce the risk of bystanders getting injured, or homes taking damage.

2012-11-17, 06:44 PM
@Tarith: "Thanks, T." You help Oliver down and he walks towards the Wench.

"I thought the Ravens were gone when Cecile and Basil got killed at that house. I still have a hard time believing you got them back! Cecile says she remembers some things from her time...away, yes. That's how she put it. Basil is, well, Basil. She says she remembers watching you fight, as in a dream. as such, she wishes to take on your path as a Spellthief. She always was the most gifted of us four in deciphering wizard's toys, so I guess it suits her. The two want a small ceremony, but of course, they want to reduce expenses, so the five finger discount is the way to go. I was planning on getting pastries at Madame Barriard's Bakery. Otis will cook and set the religious theme. Basil will go and fetch the dress from Miranda's. I got some novelties for decor. Cecile has volunteered to go, since she doesn't trust Basil's taste so much. Bill wants to go for the rings- Pottsdorff's royal emblem rings at his manor."

You walk into the Foaming Wench and Cecile greets you with a hug.

"T! You're back! Don't forget you're best man. I already assigned the guys their duties, so you won't have to bother with the errands. Check out Otis over there."

You watch Otis, wearing a thick set of glasses, sipping some ale and reading a heavy book.

"Tarith! How are you, old sport! Heard the news? I'm getting these two ravens married. Now if only I knew what these words mean..."

@Xander: "The fort sounds like a very good idea. This is so different from what Steiner had planned initially. Thank you. Now even I may be able to take a walk through the woods. I'll be ready whenever you say so."

2012-11-17, 07:16 PM
It is only because Steiner put so much work into the original spell, and documented it well, that we are able to improve it now.

After finishing his conversation Xander returns to Steiner's home, in order to gather the paintings that had been left there, and carefully study the home for a hour, knowing he intends to use the home to teleport to Swans Rest.

2012-11-17, 07:45 PM
@Xander. You walk up and down the two story house. You get acclimated with the doors, the beds, the environments, the aromas, even. The color of the draperies. Then you sit down on the couch and position the paintings in front of you. Like a personal gallery.

Sinister Varian, slain by a group effort between you, Dantie, and Tarith

Sadistic Nerine, nymph assassin still at large

Cruel Kazym, the monster behind it all

Elusive Bandobras, quick as the wind

And then there is that man with the dark eyes. That expression. The accent in the eyes, forming an engulfing void. Whoever this man may have been, caused a tremendous impact on Steiner, to the point of writing a warning behind the canvas.

You sit on the couch and review the notes, confident that you are well acquainted on the house.

2012-11-17, 08:07 PM
"The Ravens are gone when we give up on the idea. If they want a real priest, I can probably persuade one to preside, without the paying for it bit. Oddly enough, I was going to pay Pottsdorff a visit, as he neglected to pay me for the autumn ball. I did not have time to do anything about it then, but now..."

After Tarith walks into the tavern, looking over the tavern, remembering the good times had there, and knowing that he would likely never be back here.

"Cecile, good to see you! You look much better now than you did in the woods."
Tarith returns the hug, trusting that she would not steal anything important.

"Otis, I am fine, and I was possibly one of the first to hear, as she flew off into the distance. I could probably get a real priest to preside over the marriage, if you want one, Cecile. If not, I can probably help you with the words, unless that book is in some really obscure language."

2012-11-17, 08:37 PM
@Tarith: Otis hands you the book. "It's that church talk, you know? The one the pelorites and the cuthbertines debate on all day if you are bored enough to watch at Temple District."

He hands you the book. It's a pelorite bible, a common textbook carried by many priests, written in celestial. Otis has the page opened on the subject of exorcisms.

"I think I got this one, T. Who knew I'd be such a matchmaker, huh? Father Otis!"

Otis raises his mug and takes a deep swig.

2012-11-17, 08:44 PM
"Otis... I think it might be better if I recruit one of the priests. However, if Cecile does not approve, this is the section on marriages"

Tarith leafs the book to the section on marriage, and hands it back to him.

"I suppose another option is for me to copy this section into common. Anyone got some paper and a pen?"

After the requested items are handed to him, Tarith translates the section on marriage into common, modifying it to be a little more... thief friendly.

2012-11-17, 09:01 PM
@Tarith: You transcribe the wedding ceremony in layman's terms, enough for Otis to understand and not blurt something incoherent.

"Thanks, Tarith. If Cecile is alright, with it. I will conduct the ceremony. Then again, you have your friend, the pelorite. Dantie, right?"

Cecile ponders on the thought.

"Dantie could, but he'd probably want us to get married at his church and get indoctrinated and all that stuff. I want a wedding tomorrow."

She turns to Basil, Oliver, and Bill.

"All right! Chop chop! We need to scatter! Basil, you're coming with me to Miranda's. last time I walked by, I saw the most amazing dress! Olver, head for Barriard's- don't froget the creme filled croissants and the cake! Bill, sweetie, you never told me what you were going to get me..."

Bill kisses Cecile in the hand, evoking the knights of old.

"My fairest maiden, I'm off on a most noble quest!"

The Ravens take off.

2012-11-17, 09:34 PM
Dantie listens to Xander and nods. Did I say dead, sorry I meant those with evil intent. I can show you the divine way to write these and cast the spells tomorrow if you wish so that you can see what I mean to an extent. But I will be mostly busy with repairs. I should be able to make this fort you are talking about though. If someone could make me up the blueprint though so that it is made perfect. Dantie says with a smile. Happy already to be fixing the village up and perhaps making it more defend able then before. Jacob I could also make those tunnels underground more sturdy and seal that vault for good. Though I believe you should not tell my colleges about it...may cause them to try and dig it up. Perhaps making a blacksmiths and such though would not be a bad idea. I can make it all the way in the back if you want and if she can have the trees grow to hide it from everyone's view so that they only remember it when they need it. Dantie says before his mind turns to food, and the hopes that Tarith sent the message to the church like he asked.

2012-11-17, 09:53 PM
To Dantie before leaving.
Yes, if you could explain procedure for me, although if you are working it into the spell you will most likely have to be present to cast the spell when it calls for it. I plan on returning to Justcrown soon using teleportation magic, however I would require the bedroll we procured in Justcrown, else I would have to wait till tomorrow to depart, may I have it for some time? You of course are welcome to return with me if you wish, I plan on beginning the ritual tomorrow, so do not plan on being gone long.

Xander packs the the paintings in his haversack, stooping to read the inscription on the back of painting of The First.

Fascinating, to think Steiner had met these people and they had proven a threat even before Swans Rest was sealed.

Xander waits till it has been about eight hours since the battle with the hill giants, and lays down in the bed roll for a hour in order to recover all of his spells.

2012-11-17, 10:19 PM
Aye I will be there. Do I need to cast it each day though, just so I know what to ask Pelor for? Dantie asks Xander curiously as he pass him the bedroll. I will be staying here so that I can begin helping the people here. Could you stop by my church tomorrow and let them know that Arrallae has agreed to allow them to send to priests. And if you could bring them back with you. Dantie then goes back to stiners house with Xander and begins reading through all the holy texts about the morning star trying to see if she is indeed her. But when he sees Xander picking up the paintings Dantie looks at him. Please do not sell those. If we could leave them here even it would be greatly appreicated so that future defenders can protect this place and know who their enemies are if we were to ever fail. I am thinking of leaving a small journal as Steiner did for those in the future. Dantie says looking over the book in his hands.

[roll0] religion

2012-11-17, 10:43 PM
@Xander: You rest in the bedroll for one hour. Instantly, all your spells are written back in your mind. You step out of the house and watch the villagers working to rebuild their homes. You then focus mentally on Justcrown, Silas' school, to be precise, and order the forces of the cosmos to send you there in an instant.

At this point, roll a percentage for success to get there, seeing as you have been there only two days at most.

@Dantie: You watch Xander leave the house and rest on the couch, reading through the texts you brought from Justcrown. Specifically, looking for information on the Morning Star. This is what you gather.

The Morning Star was gifted from birth with the powers of vision. Said to have been bestowed by Boccob, as a gift. The Morning Star would later serve Pelor, which did not infuriate the Archmage of the Deities since, as the texts read, it may have been his intention all along.

Such is the whimsy of the gods.

2012-11-17, 10:45 PM
Rest assured, I do not intend to sell them, I do not wish to leave them behind, as if we may need to inquire as to the whereabouts of one of the ones depicted, as would be simpler to show them a picture, rather then hope to convey an accurate description in hopes whomever we are speaking to will properly interpret and accurately give us the information we need.

I will deliver your message for you, and return with whomever they send.

2012-11-17, 11:22 PM
Do you think we could have copys made? At least then we can have both plans in effect. And Xander listen to this. Dantie says as he reads to Xander what he just read. Sounds alot like our girl no? Their have been other pointers as to this, but none as sound as this piece of evidence. And thank you Xander, I feel Tarith may be to busy with the wedding to have remembered. Dantie says knowing how eager his band was to see him again.

As Xander disappears Dantie walks around Swans rest getting to know the people and places and asking each and everyone of them their opinions of the seal and what should be done. Along with battlements and trying t ofind out who is the best at such skills. All the while leaving Jacob and Arrallae alone to think. After all they knew where he was.

Once finished he goes back to his home and reads until he falls asleep for the night.

taking 10 on gather information for a 18. Xander you mind writing that information down in your book list thing? [roll0] religion

2012-11-17, 11:25 PM
@Xander: You feel your body shudder as the threads that make you are unmade and remade miles away, at the exact point of destination you have wished for. You open your eyes and are standing right at the door leading to Sila's School of Sorcery. It is still daytime and the city folk are going about their business as usual. The Autumn Ball passed and gone.

If only they were aware of what had transpired in their back yard.

"Xander! Come in! I had my doubts, but, then again, I knew you'd make it back! How was your excursion into the Fey Woods? Anything interesting, or just folk tales from drunk troubadours?"

Silas welcomes you warmly and turns to his students.

"Remember Master Corillian? He's come back from a forage into the Ancient Woods, filled with untapped and mysterious powers! You want to be able to channel those, don't you?"

The pupils nod eagerly.


The students run back and you hear the usual cantrips from the early years uttered next door.

"Itīs good to get their morale. So, how did it go? Did you deal with the problems there? Where's Tarith, Dantie, and Bishop?"

2012-11-17, 11:37 PM
I had thought about copying them, I can ask around while in town, however an accurate copy may prove difficult unless I hired a artist.

As to Arrallae's link to your religion, I can not be sure, however now that we have learned she is an artifact of great power, and not necessarily a living being, I am wary to say your religion would recognize an item as a champion, a holy tool perhaps, would you allow me to browse your texts to aid in fact checking?

Assuming this is going on before Xander rests. If Dantie allows Xander to read the texts. Xander reads through them, looking for connections between the Morningstar mentioned, and what he has seen of Arrallae.

Knowledge (Religion) [roll0] (due to it being a holy text)
Knowledge (The Planes) [roll1] (due to Arrallae being tied to the planes)

2012-11-17, 11:40 PM
@Dantie: You take a stroll down Swan's Rest. The destruction isn't as bad, thankfully. The giants only broke into the main entrance, so a few houses were torn down. You direct your gaze towards Arrallae's temple. A shame one of the statues had been defaced so badly. You talk to the villagers, introducing yourself. This is what you gather.

Thomas was one of the first settlers in Swan's Rest. Estranged cousin to Jacob. He was a very good mason in the outside, and by watching him unroll scrolls with blueprints, it would seem he's very good in here as well.

Cassie is a strong woman. A lumberer by trade. She greets you with a firm handshake before resuming chopping duties.

All in all, the village is working well together, even with Arrallae in the temple. You do worry about the big holes left in the dome. You can only hope those giants learned their lesson.

@Xander: Vague. The stories contained in the texts are referred to by many as myths. Beings of such power may have been abundant back then. Further research may be required to link both. Truly a long journey ahead.

2012-11-17, 11:57 PM
Why of course Xander I got copies so that we could both study without getting in the way of the other or missing something the other has not. As for her being an artifact..She may have tried creating a magic item and it went horribly wrong. It is not unheard of after all. Dantie says thinking on what Xander has said and taking it into consideration. Still got to wounder how she came back to being whole and how Tarith escaped. Dantie said curious about how Tarith was gone for some time as was the gauntlet and then he came back and she was whole.

After seeing Thomas skill as well as Cassie he asks the two of them to make blueprints for a small fortress to go up directly inside the seal so that if they were to ever be attacked again and the seal were to fall they would have a better defense point.

With that he retires to the house given to them for the rrest of their stay and reads until asleep.

1d20+16 religion My next post will take place the next morning.

2012-11-18, 12:08 AM
To Dantie before leaving.
I am afraid I can not say for sure, the references are to vague for me to come to the conclusion that Arrallae must be the Morningstar mentioned. That is the unfortunate downside of utilizing texts of this age, there are so many myths mixed with the facts that any useful information is often muddled in some way, I am willing to do further research with you if you wish.

As to how Arrallae returned to her current state, I am not sure, Tarith had spoken of needing to put the gauntlet on, and during the battle Anzaril contacted me saying Arrallae was in her lair, in her elven form, we would need to speak with Tarith for further details.

just realized Xander was reading a old book and didn't roll a history check, in case it changes anything. Knowledge (History) [roll0]

In Justcrown, once him and Silas are alone.
Xander relays the events of the Fey Woods to Silas, He does not bother to leave anything out. He also shows Silas the translated journal, and his notes on both the seal and the ritual.
And that brings me to my primary reason for appearing here so suddenly, the seal protecting Swans Rest needs to be restored, although I am making some modifications to improve upon the original spell, in order to allow the village more freedom, and the ability to protect themselves should further threats arise.

This ritual however, will require a great deal of me, some of witch can be lessened if I have additional help from other arcane casters. Would you be willing to assist me in the casting, allowing you the opportunity to see all I have told you for yourself, and in our free time we can begin discussing necessary preparations for the school.

Also, given the limited number of arcanists I know personally around here, are any of your pupils well studied enough that would be willing to lend there aid as well? That you trust with such a task of course.

2012-11-18, 01:16 AM
@Xander: Hours go by and Silas dismisses the students when their lessons are done, yet he is entirely focused on your tale. By the time you are done, Silas is busy scribbling down notes of your tale.

"Xander...this is simply incredible! You managed to maintain peaceful contact with fey- even bonded with one of them. This tale about the Guardians. And Arrallae... this does not bode well. If she is what you believe and what I have ascertained through your findings, we could be looking at something terrible, at a global scale- maybe even bigger. No wonder she was secreted. Her memory loss still eludes me, but if I get a chance to see this place, meet her. I should refer to Arrallae as a her, I presume? I doubt she would like to be referred to as an artifact."

Silas then grows somber.

"So you met Nerine again? As well as the lich? And she had someone new? This is bad indeed. If they knew about Arrallae, they will most definately attempt a second strike. I wonder, however. You mentioned she became a gauntlet. She also mentioned she was incomplete. If she is a gauntlet- typically a piece of armor, that means there ought to be another gauntlet. Maybe another aspect of her? This is truly puzzling."

Regarding your request to join the Ritual.

"And you will be presiding? Extraordinary! How would I miss such a casting? Now, I understand you are to set the parameters of when we must partake on it. That would be four castings. I hope you have everything set up. I have a young wizard in town. Stephan Mc Dowen. Not the most seasoned wizard, but he did graduate a few years ago. A diviner. I will ask him to come with us to the Forest for an extended leave. I do hope the villagers have no qualms about seeing so many new people after such a long time?"

It starts to go dark outside. Silas lights a candle and produces a scroll.

"This was given to me by Tarith before leaving. It's a scroll retrieved from the doppleganger, Varian. It leads to a place called The Ward. I conducted extensive divination, along with Stephan to find out where exactly this place is. It certainly is not in the Prime Material, Xander. We quadrangulated the very fabric of the scroll, analyzed the properties. Any trace of planar matter on it. We could not, sadly, know where this Ward is, but we did decipher something on the scroll. Invisible to the untrained eye."

Silas places the candle close to the scroll. A wording appears beneath the destination

Room of Truth

"So, as you can see, it designates the traveler to this area specifically. I have not used it, as you can clearly see, but if you wish, we could conduct further study and travel in there and out with Tarith and company."

Silas blows the candle away and opens the door outside. As both walk back to his loft. Silas smiles.

"And here I thought I would spend the rest of my days as a teacher!"

2012-11-18, 04:01 AM
"Right, well, I have my own trick to play, so I will be back before dawn"
Tarith heads towards the Duke's place

2012-11-18, 12:22 PM
@Tarith: You walk casually through the city streets, sticking to the shadows until you reach the facade of the Palazzo.

A gentle night breeze makes your cloak flow against the night as you watch the other ravens scatter through the rooftops in different directions of the city. You watch Bill scaling the western wall of the palazzo, which is still under construction. The outer gate has a retinue of 5 guards patrolling the perimeter. You can spot archers on the rooftops. Then, you see Rosalind walking towards the gate.

"I have been assigned to keep guard, by church decree. Please open the gates. I am certain the inquisitor is inside as well?"

"Yes ma'am! Please come in."

The guards open the gate and Rosalind walks in wearing a fullplate and a white cape trimmed in gold.

2012-11-18, 02:29 PM
Xander told Silas about the seance as well, forgot to add that.
Once back in the loft.

I believe her is the appropriate way to refer to her, the village seems to call her by name regardless of form. I also have a few pictures painted by Steiner himself that were left behind when Swans Rest was sealed. of the one know as The First mentioned in the journal, and the halfiling, Bandobras, I believe are both one of the six that Arrallae mentioned during her seance.

Xander shows Silas two pictures.

Yes, we met Nerine again, and she is still proving a ill tempered as ever. As to the lich, Kazym he alluded to be involved in some organization, I believe Nerine, and the Doppelganger, Varien, now dead, are all involved in the same organization. Witch I suspect seeks to locate the six items mentioned, with Arrallae being the brittle star. Based on the Seance, I assume there are six total pieces involved in one single complete suit of armor. I believe The Rotten Child referred to would be her opposite, and a gauntlet focused on negative energy, I assume its living form will be some type of spoiled child, perhaps under the guise of a young heir of some less then reputable land. Given the fact that Arrallae has such strong ties to the Positive Energy Plane, I dare say this defiantly be larger than a global scale.

Xander shows Silas the remaining pictures.

As you the Ritual, Yes I intend on having all the parameters figured out by the time we begin, I wished to know what resources I had available to me before I moving to that step, you will have the opportunity to meet quite a few very impressive individuals while there. I would very much appreciate it if you would ask Stephan. However we may not require a lengthy stay, have do either of you have the spell teleport available in your books? Outside of the hour long session, there is some repairs to be done, but as I believe I will be required to travel to uncover more of this mystery my time will be limited, and we should spend it in preparations for what ever school business is required of us. If you either of you are missing the spell, I would be more than glad to allow the both of you make copies of it from my book, as a gift for assisting me, and seeing as I am unable to cast spells on the days of the ritual, would one of you be able to provide a ferry service of sorts, transporting us from Justcrown to Swans Rest, and back again? I have spoken with the mayor, if a few guests are required in order to safely protect his village, I see no reason it would be a problem.

At the mention of the scroll.

That is intriguing, I am sure they will wish to travel them sometime soon, especially if we can safely transport ourselves back, the trip sounds all the more appealing. Be I wonder what this Room of Truth is. We will have to speak to Tarith and Dantie, Tarith left for town before me, would you be able to prepare a sending spell to contact him in the morning by any chance? That way I can finish my preparations.

Also Dantie wished for me to stop by his church and retrieve two missionaries that plan on staying in Swans Rest, and to see if you knew anyone skilled enough to reproduce a copy of these pictures, and he wishes to leave a copy in Swans Rest so they may easily identify there enemies in the future.

2012-11-18, 02:43 PM
Well, this is going to be interesting. Time to avoid some people. I don't really want to explain to anyone why I am here

Tarith follows Bill, intending to evade his senses as well as every other potential observer

hide, move silently, 33
climb 11
spot and listen 26
will activate arcane sight for this as well.

2012-11-18, 03:02 PM
@Xander: "Do not worry, my friend! Not only do I have that spell in my book, but a few scrolls with it as well. Transportation to and from the village should not be a problem. Stephan will have to travel with us, since he isn't ready to cast the spell on his own, although I did allow him to copy it from my book. I'm certain he will be overjoyed to have the chance to copy new spells. We will meet him shortly."

At the mention of the Ritual and rebuilding of Swan's Rest.

"If Stephan and I can be of any help with renovations, you can count on us."

Regarding copying the paintings and the pelorite pilgrims.

"I am certain I can talk to Wilhelm about this. I doubt he will object. Regarding reproduction of the paintings, I happen to know a young artist in Merchant District. Vincent La Salle- he gets a lot of commissions from the nobles in Justcrown. A good fellow, he might be able to reproduce these, maybe not emulating every stroke, but close enough for the villagers to recognize them, should they ever return."

At the mention of a possible travel to The Ward.

"I would advise heavy preparation. Travelling to planes is not unheard of. Unheard is that an alternate reality would be so well guarded from visiting- That would imply a created space within a space. Something a high ranking caster would be able to do. Be careful, Xander."

Silas stops in thought and rushes to his room, returning with a letter.

"You never knew Tradik, did you? He used to travel with Tarith, Dantie, and Bishop. They went on an errand a few days before you came to the city and he never returned. A letter was sent to my school, addressed to Dantie. His name is on the envelope. I haven't bothered to read it, but when we see Dantie, remind me to show him this."

2012-11-18, 03:40 PM
@Tarith: You scale the wall with some difficulty, but manage to reach the top of the wall unseen. You watch Rosalind walking towards the main door to the palazzo. Several feet away from her, by some trees, you catch Bill, his back against the tree, looking for a way into the house.

A man in cuthbertine garb leaves the house and meets with Rosalind.

"Greetings! I assume you have come to relieve me of my post?"

"Indeed! Has there been any unusual activity?"

"None whatsoever. Here are the scrolls. Use them if you sense anything strange."

"Thank you. I hope I won't have to"

Rosalind bows to the cleric, takes the scrolls, and enters the palazzo.

2012-11-18, 03:46 PM
Wonder who he is. This new inquisitor, perhaps. Those scrolls could be interesting as well.

Tarith observes the cleric, trying to learn more about him.
(spot and listen of 27, arcane sight)

He then moves up near Bill, and whispers to him
"You know, this is a bad idea."

2012-11-18, 03:50 PM
The current plan calls for multiple uses of the spell wall of stone to shape an area in front of the seal into a fort that way the villagers can better defend themselves if they are ever attacked again. Dantie I believe was going to begin working on designing the fort while I was away. So the more uses of the spell we have the better. Witch brings me you my next request...as I find myself lacking the necessary spell and with out it will be unable to assist in renovations, as now that I know who will be participating I hope to have the Swans Rest fully secured within eight days, would you happen to have the spell available for me to add to my spell book?

Thank you, we must visit Vincent soon, to allow him as much time as possible to complete the reproductions.

Rest assured, when we travel to the ward I wish to ensure we are fully prepared, with more than once escape route, and preferable the ability to return there if need be.

I had heard them speak of the dwarf, he had to return to the dwarven lands did he not? I wonder what Dantie received, from him.

2012-11-18, 04:17 PM
@Xander: "Eight days! Amazing! That should give me ample to time to study the place. And yes, I do have that spell in my book. One does not travel without collecting as much information as possible. I didn't make out Dantie to be an engineer. I'm sure Vincent will be able to have the reproductions in a day, if we commission him early enough."

@Tarith: You notice the man walking down the path towards the gate. Cuthbertine all the way, down to the cudgel strapped to his belt. You sense some faint transmutation coming from him- expected from a cleric charged with warding a place such as this, but not extraordinarily so. The scrolls give off moderate divination and conjuration.

You deftly walk through the top wall and land silently in the courtyard, sneaking behind Bill. The raven almost lets out a scream but remembers his training and stands still turning to you and speaking in hand signs.

T! What are you doing here? I'm looking for a way to get those rings. The priest from Cuthbert has left, but now they have the Ruby Knight! You think we can take her?

2012-11-18, 04:24 PM
Replying in hand signs as well
"Bill, I was coming to... borrow some items from the duke, and to ask you to steal something else. The rings are unique, and are thus traceable by magic, which is... difficult to stop, and we have no reason to believe that magic would not be employed. Still, that can be worked around, but is rather pricy. As far as Rosalind goes, well, this is a robbery, not an assault, and I have yet to meet the priest that can find a competent thief. So long as we don't screw up, we shouldn't have any issues, and even if we do, we can just run away."

2012-11-18, 05:03 PM
Yes, eight days should be sufficient, given my bodies capacity, and as long as the rest of the subjects agree to such strain, I propose a eight day schedule where beginning tomorrow, as soon as you and Stephan are available. We have the first session, while recovering and the next day we can begin construction, and then hopefully we can repeat that pattern four times. As to Dantie's engineering experience, I do not know I met the man just recently, I believe he was going to look in the village for help, do you think we could contact a engineer while here, just in case? We can bring him the dimensions of the area we need defended and get his opinion, as a professionals opinion could never hurt.

Xander begins studying the spell Wall of Stone from Silas's Spell book.

Spellcraft [roll0] vs DC 20 after day of study, witch wont be a problem, since outside of the ritual tomorrow Xander can't really do anything.

2012-11-18, 09:46 PM
@Tarith: Bill communicates in sign language.

Ok, you have a point. But then, what can we loot from Pottsdorff's place? I can take a window, you could, if you wish, walk right in. Security has been tight, T. They have these holy tin cans patrolling the inside very well. Ultimately, it's your call.

You manage to slip by the trees and take a peek from a safe distance into the front door. You see the grand staircase were the mask of wee jas used to rest. Now, Rosalind has taken a chair in the rest between stairs and a small table has been set up next to her. She takes out a loaf of bread and a mug. Fills it with water and begins eating.

"By Pelor! Let this be a tranquil night!", Rosalind eats while focusing her stare at the doorway.

@Xander: You copy the arcane text into your book. Another spell for your repertoire.

"Master Corry is the best mason here. A gifted architect and engineer. He could be persuaded to travel with us, for a price. The man is busy, but coin is a good negotiator."

2012-11-18, 10:03 PM
That is an issue. I was going to locate and hit Pottsdorff's Vault, and steal those scrolls. The Tin Can's are not much of an issue. If they can hear me over the clanking of their armor, I would be very sad. However, as far as wedding gifts for you... I am not sure. The issue here is that any item in there will probably be specifically marked, making it difficult to steal something interesting. You could probably steal gems or jewelery though. It is more the thought than anything else. I was going to go by her, borrowing the scrolls, before looking for the vault. I know roughly where it is, as I saw where the duke went to check on the contents of it. You might want to go for the upper story, and find his room. Be careful, as you dying or being caught is not a good present.

At that, Tarith activates his ring, and tries to sneak through the wall near the door, trying to get behind Rosalind, planning on stealing the scrolls

(50 or less causes d6 damage)
Wall walking[roll0]
Wall walking[roll1]
Wall walking[roll2]
Wall walking[roll3]
Wall walking[roll4]
Wall walking[roll5]

move silently and hide 33, taking 10, arcane sight is on, so see magical traps, take 10 on search, for a 31, spot and listen of 27.
(yes, Taking 10 is very helpful for this sort of thing)

2012-11-18, 10:11 PM
@Tarith: You begin alternating between this plane and the ethereal. As such, like the ghosts of old tales, you attempt to emulate their infamous wall phasing.

The tales weren't that accurate.

You grit your teeth as you solidify in the walls a few times, but otherwise, you're fine. You poke your head out of the wall and watch Rosalind chewing on her loaf of bread and staring at the doorway, completely unaware. She takes a gulp of her mug and resumes her position.

"Excuse me, guards? Could you please close the main door? I see no reason to leave it open now."

The guards do as requested.

"Well, now we should be a bit safer. I wonder how Dantie's doing. I'm guessing it beats guard duty."

The scrolls are strapped to her belt.

2012-11-18, 10:15 PM
Well now, time for stage one.

Tarith picks Rosalind's Pocket, intending on removing the scrolls without her noticing. He also sees what else he can steal, such as coin purses, or other miscellaneous good stuff.

Seeing as there is no threat, and no rush, taking 10 on everything still, so Rosalind needs to make a spot check DC 25 to notice the thefts.
(they happen regardless, but she notices if she makes the check)
25 sleight of hand, 33 stealth.

2012-11-18, 10:31 PM
Excellent, We will need to speak with him, and learn his fee. We will also need to speak Dantie to learn what he and the village have drafted so far.

2012-11-18, 10:33 PM
@Tarith: Your blinking hand reaches for Rosalind's belt, attempting to snatch those scrolls- and hopefully any coins she might have in her pouch.

Rosalind may look better suited for the field, but she is no rogue. You deftly slip your ghostly hands into her pouch and retrieve the items.

Rosalind let's out a sigh.

"This place is clear. Might as well go check on his grace and see he's alright."

2012-11-18, 10:48 PM
Well, that went smoothly. Now on to stage 2: exploration.

Tarith heads towards the library, intending on seeing what the Duke has done with the secret area near there, as well as finding any valuable books, or other hidden items there. He is also keeping an eye out for other random valuables along the way, such as mirrors, silverware, that sort of thing.

Taking 10 still, so
33 stealth,
27 spot/listen
31 search

If you want other skills, just ask.

2012-11-18, 10:51 PM
@Xander: "Capital idea, old friend! Let's hope he isn't too expensive. The man has become a sort of celebrity home builder in Justcrown. He designed most of the houses in the upper district."

A knock is heard on the door.

Silas opens to a lanky late twenties gentleman. He wears a light blue robe and a black bowl cut. The man holds a staff in his hand and bows.


"Oh, please, Stephan! You are a graduate! We are, as far as titles are concerned, colleagues. This is Master Xander Corillian, whom I told you about. Xander, this si Stephan Mc Dowen, diviner."

"A pleasure to meet you sir. I came to return the books on famous planar locales. Sadly, it's a dud, sir. Nothing related to The Ward."

Silas pats the young diviner in the back and gestures for him to come in.

"No need to worry on that for now. Master Corillian is about to conduct a very special ritual in the heart of the Fey Woods. Interested? Be warned, it's not for the faint of heart, but you should be safe- as in, not dead. A fair warning."

Stephan blinks twice as Silas explains the situation.

"Uhhh well...yes?"

"Excellent! We leave tomorrow, right Xander?"

2012-11-18, 11:03 PM
Dantie awakens the next morning well before dawn and goes to Arralle's temple. Once their he knocks on her door, or what is left of it. Arralle would you like to join me for morning mass? It is about an hour away still but I thought I would ask the villagers as well as you. So that everyone could be in high spirits. Dantie says Either way through prayer I gain my spells so I will have to pray. Dantie says kindly offering the olive branch to her.

2012-11-18, 11:04 PM
Thank you for your aid in this matter Master Mc Dowen, Silas is correct, I plan on beginning the ritual tomorrow, I have a few errands I need to run early in the day, but once I am finished, and you and Silas's business for the day is concluded we will depart. I would suggest preparing as many spells as you can relating to the manipulation of inanimate objects such as stone, as part of out task over the next few days is to raise a fortification of stone created primary out of magic, and the manipulation of the existing stone.

2012-11-18, 11:06 PM
@Dantie: Arrallae greets you with a bow.

"A mass? I have never attended one. Maybe I did, but I would not remember. I'm sure it would help the villagers after what happened yesterday."

Arrallae pauses and looks straight at you.

"You are an honest man, Dantie. So I expect that without having to resort to magic. Tell me...am I a threat to the people here? I need to know."

@Xander: "Of course, Master Corillian! I may will focus all my studies tomorrow into that spell. You can count on me. This is exciting! I never thought I'd get to see a place like that. I only heard passing rumors by the pilgrims over the last few months. I believe Master Silas will agree with me that much research must be conducted!"

2012-11-18, 11:17 PM
Then it is settled Shall we go house to house then and let them know to come to the temple together to so our strength and determination to not allow the evils of the world stop us. As Dantie starts to go though he senses something is wrong with Arralle and turns to look at her. Sure enough the question is let out in the air and he has to think for a long time. When he finally answers though he is sure of his words and says them with full conviction. What do you think Arralle? Do you think you are a danger to the villagers? In all these years how many times have you caused anyone harm? It is not a question to ask another, it is one you must look deep inside yourself to find. Dantie says with a kind smile as he places his hand on her shoulder. But if you want my opinion, no as long as you do not try to do a seance ever again then I do not believe you will ever be a threat to these people. When you turned I could tell it was not you. Though I am not sure exactly how, I know this much, Someone or something shares your soul with you. And I have a few pages of holy text pointing out that you just may be the person I believe you to be. Though never as I expected it or any other priest for that matter I am sure. Dantie said holding his hand out to her. Let us go now and lift up your peoples spirits. It shall be a long few days ahead of us, and it would be a shame to have them all worried. I am sure Xander will be back soon after the mass is done. After all my clergy never misses mass for nothing. Dantie says with a laugh trying to lighten the mood.

2012-11-18, 11:18 PM
@Tarith: You follow Rosalind, who acts as a shield for you as you pocket items as she passes. Items snatched:

- Golden mirror with a a griffon's face on top

- Trading Routes in the Giantshield Mountains - a Tale of Terror, by Howard M. Tavington

- 3 lovely brass candle holders with nude cherubs clinging to them playfully.

- A silhouette ink blot of the duke's profile, framed in gold

Rosalind stops at the duke's door and peers inside. You hear loud snoring.

"Sleeps.., well, not like a baby. But at least he's safe." Rosalind returns to her post.

2012-11-18, 11:23 PM
@Dantie: Arrallae laughs and walks with you from door to door, inviting everyone to leave their duties for awhile and attend mass. The villagers seem puzzled. They haven't attended mass in centuries. Those born inside have never even heard of one. Yet the presence of their goddess invites them to walk in crows to the temple.

Once inside. Arrallae causes the garden to refit, forming natural pews for the villagers to sit. Some are crowded at the door. Arrallae and Jacob take the front row.

"Whenever you're ready, father." Arrallae smiles.

2012-11-18, 11:24 PM
Well, that makes things easier. At least the door isn't locked
Tarith heads into the dukes room, checking for Traps as he goes, before searching the room.

As usual, taking 10 on everything
so 33 stealth, 27 perception, 25 sleight of hand, 31 search.

2012-11-18, 11:34 PM
The room is large. the bed is made of pure mahogany and an intricate piece of art unto itself, having the battle of Hommlet carved into the bed frame. It was told the bed was brought all the way from Celadon forest, piece by piece. The duke takes up most of the bed, with fine silk sheets in emerald color. A ceramic basin filed with water sits on top of a black pedestal against a wall, with an ornate mirror. across the room, by a large window a tall armoire with a griffon motif stands against the moonlight.

You notice that there is a loose panel on the wall opposite the bed. A gentle push and you realize it opens to an adjacent room, connected by a hidden passage. The door to the other room is closed, but you can see light coming from it. Also, magic- abjuration, moderate too.

2012-11-18, 11:40 PM
Well, I wish I had a way to make these items smaller. Would be an amusing trick, to have the duke wake up in a bare room, despite all of the guards.

Tarith investigates the various objects in the room, before checking the Armorie for traps, and opening it.

Yea, might as well finish with the Duke's room before proceeding. Probably should have gotten a wand of shrink item though.
Appraise on the basin:21
Mirror: 21(Also want an idea of the weight)
Search: 31

2012-11-18, 11:49 PM
As everyone is finally gathered together and the temple is arranged to seat guests Dantie pulls out one of his holy texts and bears his holy symbol so all can see. When Arrallae gives him the ok he looks to the crowd ans with a smile says. I may not know all of you, and I'm sure some of you are even curious why you are here. Two members of my church are going to be coming here to live among you and hopefully one day become one of you. Dantie then holds his hands out towards Arrallae and says In the age of myth long ago a child was born. So kind was this child and innocent that she even got the attention of the god of Magic, Bobboc. Some say he granted her the divine spark, but those of my faith believe he only awakened and empowered what she had already had deep within herself. As the child grew so did her fame, but not once was she changed by this. Whether beggar or king she would help either if she could. On one of these such days she was approached by a priest of The shining one, who gifts all of us with his light that keeps the shadows at bay... and so Dantie went on and told the story of the morning star. When he was finished he looked up, and just as he expected the sun was directly behind her, making her halo around her head seem to glow all the more bright. Though many may say I am wrong in my belief and say that the morning star now resides in the plane of positive energy at Pelors side I say she is here in this very place. Arrallae, this is your story as I know it. Dantie says looking down on her with a kind smile, then he looks back up, taking in each persons eyes as he does so. AND NO EVIL HAS EVER ESCAPED HER, NOR HAS ANY EVER BESTED HER DIVINE GIVEN POWER! LET ALL WHO WORSHIP EVIL'S MIGHT FEAR HER POWER, THE MORNING STASRS LIGHT. Dantie screams the last part out while raising his holy symbol up into the air and bathing Arrallae in divine sunlight.

2012-11-18, 11:53 PM
@Tarith: You check the weight of the basin and the mirror, suddenly, you hear it

"Oh Siren...tee here hheeee....you adorable little flower"

The duke is apparently having a dream, what the nature is, you'd rather not know.

Appraising the basin and mirror-

Mirror - weight 10lbs. would fetch a solid 100 gp

Basin - 2lbs, very light and brittle, due to its ceramic make-up. It should fetch about 50 gp.

You walk towards the armoire and open it silently. The duke has a row of capes, tights, and boots. Fine thread work. Some have jewels embedded into them. You also find a wig- the one used at the ball. A quick turn reveals Pottsdorff to have as much hair on his head as a goblin during mating season.

Price range for all items in the armoire - 5000 gp.

2012-11-19, 12:01 AM
Looks like the duke has forgotten what Nerine tried to do here. I suppose the man can dream though.

Tarith quietly places the mirror, basin, and the contents of the Armorie into Dantie's bag of holding, before verifying that there are no further hidden compartments in the Dukes Armorie, at which point he returns his attention to the hidden chamber, carefully checking for Traps and Alarms as he goes into the chamber, opening the door.

33 stealth
27 perception
31 search
33 disable device
25 open lock(35 if needed)(can take 20)

2012-11-19, 12:14 AM
@Dantie: Your oratory at the pulpit is grand, one to make Pelor proud. Arrallae seems to confirm your sermon as her halo shines ever brightly. The villagers kneel in one knee and pray silently. Arrallae goes quiet and looks down at the ground. She seems saddened, then turns her gaze at you and smiles. Jacob gives an approving nod at you.

After mass Arrallae approaches you.

"Thank you, Dantie. You have certainly filled the villagers with faith. I have much to learn from you. The power of belief truly outweighs that of magic. As long as one is true to what they hold dear, no one can take it away."

Arrallae looks at the villagers returning to their labor rebuilding.

"I look forward to meeting your fellow priests. Maybe I can become one?"

@Tarith: You open the door. No traps. Also... jackpot.

The room is littered with chalices, busts, coffers, old paintings of the royal family. The duke's armor lies here as well, perched on a wooden dummy.

There is someone else in here as well.

You have read about these beings in texts whenever you raided temples. This one is the size of a man, with coppery skin, braids and a pair of large feathery wings. He holds a mace in his left hand.

Spot: [roll0]

"You! What are you doing in this vault? Leave at once!"

2012-11-19, 12:20 AM
"The duke asked me to move his goods to a more secure location. I figured that, since I am free now, I might as well move them, and that there was little point in waking him up for this."

[roll0] Bluff

Tarith activates his ring, hoping to keep his opponent from noticing(somehow)
[roll1] sleight of hand

move silently[roll2](for the duke)

2012-11-19, 12:28 AM
@Tarith: You try to disguise your ring activation from the angel.

Spot: [roll0]

You attempt to bluff the angel. This one listens to your tale with a raised eyebrow.

Sense Motive (with a bonus for his planar ally conditions) [roll1]

"Liar! You attempt to come into the noble's home with vile intentions! I will repeat this only once. Leave this vault now, lest I bring down Heaven's Wrath!"

2012-11-19, 12:29 AM
As the mass is over Dantie feels a bit exhausted, but is determined to go on with the day. Happy that his plan worked to raise morale with the villagers. When all are gone he sees Arrallae approach him and listens to what she has to say. It is true the power of belief is more powerful then any magic in the world known. But it also has great drawbacks. It can be corrupted and tainted. I am one of those in my church that seeks out the corruption and send sit to trial. But yes, for the most part you are correct. As long as you believe in something you will be filled with its strength when you need it, and it shall never let you down, for it is as strong as your own will. Dantie says kindly as he asks one of the villagers to grab him a cup of water. All that talking with nothing to drink is quite trying on your throat my dear. Trust me it takes lots of practice. And I am sure when your memory comes back naturally you shall know all you need to. As for my fellow priests. I believe one will have more in common with Jacob. He is a crafter of sorts. So they can perhaps make this place ready if battle is ever needed. While the other I am sure will be happy to teach you. They should also be bringing a wide verity of books. You do know hoe to read right? If so I believe you shall learn the powers you once had again. But please do not ever go asking the outer planes for guidance or any king of divination. I shall warn them not to make you do these things and Jacob I am trusting you to be her guardian inside here. If you see corruption in their minds and their motives not pure banish them from this place if possible. If not put them to death. Dantie says a tear in his eye at the thought of one of his faith being corrupted. But he knew that all faiths had those that fell away from the flock and understood what had to be done would be done.

2012-11-19, 12:34 AM
Well, this is not going to end well.
Tarith suddenly appears in front of the angel, stabbing away, hoping to get lucky.

anklets to get into melee range, followed by blinking Sneak attacks.
He should have spells/SLA's, so stealing some with each strike.
(first strike steals a spell and a sla, later ones based on the results of the first)
attack2[roll0] damage[roll1] magebane[roll2] sneak attack[roll3] miss[roll4]
attack3[roll5] damage[roll6] magebane[roll7] sneak attack[roll8] miss[roll9]
attack4[roll15] damage[roll11] magebane[roll12] sneak attack[roll13] miss[roll14]
attack5[roll10] damage[roll16] magebane[roll17] sneak attack[roll18] miss[roll19]

2012-11-19, 12:36 AM
@Tarith: The angel hovers in place, spreading its bright feathery wings. It emanates a sphere of heavenly power within twenty feet of him. This angel is not a happy one.

Initiative: [roll0]

2012-11-19, 12:59 AM
@Tarith: The angel's eyes blaze with fury.

"Heathen! Feel the might of Pelor strike thee! The angel takes a 5ft. step back and unleashes a blast of pure white light in a 20ft. radius burst.

Holy Smite Will DC 19 for half damage [roll0]

2012-11-19, 01:02 AM
Luckily for me, Tarith is neutral, so half damage initially
Tarith takes 5 damage

2012-11-19, 01:08 AM
After resisting the Angel's Blast, Tarith moves to engage it in melee once more
"You know, judging by that, Pelor is not all that mighty"

Tarith takes a 5 foot step forwards, and slashes away at the angels weak points once again.

If you will let me convert SLA's to spells, then wraithstriking, if not, then not.
Stealing Sla's in this order: holy word, dispel magic, followed by continual flame and invisibility
attack2[roll0] damage[roll1] magebane[roll2] sneak attack[roll3] miss[roll4]
attack3[roll5] damage[roll6] magebane[roll7] sneak attack[roll8] miss[roll9]
attack4[roll10] damage[roll11] magebane[roll12] sneak attack[roll13] miss[roll14]
attack5[roll15] damage[roll16] magebane[roll17] sneak attack[roll18] miss[roll19]

Also, actually only took 2 damage from the spell, as blink halves it as well.

2012-11-19, 01:09 AM
@Tarith: The angel looks puzzled at the fact his holy radiance did not affect you that much, far less blind you.

"Misguided creature! You may not be foul, but are a trespasser nonetheless! Expect swift mercy!"

You engage the angel, but cannot connect a direct hit. The angel retaliates in kind.

Attack1: 1d20+21 miss chance 1d100 damage 1d8+12

Attack2: 1d20+16 miss chance 1d100 damage 1d8+12

Attack3: 1d20+11 miss chance 1d100 damage 1d8+12

If hit more than twice, roll a Fortitude DC 22 or be stunned for 1d6 rounds

2012-11-19, 01:12 AM
"I am trying to help a friend. Would you not do the same?"
[roll0] bluff

2012-11-19, 01:19 AM
Hate when the rolls don't come out, let's try this again:

Attack1: [roll0] miss [roll1] damage [roll2]

Attack2: [roll3] miss [roll4] damage [roll5]

Attack3: [roll6] miss [roll7] damage [roll8]

2012-11-19, 01:29 AM
I really hope he does not roll as well this time, and that Tarith rolls better.
Still missing Craven

Strick twice by the angel's mace, Tarith is clearly in trouble, but continues fighting.

Stealing Holy Word, Dispel Magic, invisibility, and see invis in that order.

attack2[roll0] damage[roll1] magebane[roll2] sneak attack[roll3] miss[roll4]
attack3[roll5] damage[roll6] magebane[roll7] sneak attack[roll8] miss[roll9]
attack4[roll10] damage[roll11] magebane[roll12] sneak attack[roll13] miss[roll14]
attack5[roll15] damage[roll16] magebane[roll17] sneak attack[roll18] miss[roll19]

2012-11-19, 01:47 AM
@Tarith: You strike the angel in the ribs. It hurts. He grits his teeth and strikes.

Attack: [roll0] miss [roll1] damage [roll2]

2012-11-19, 01:52 AM
Tarith: 16 vs Angel: 45
This is going to be close.

Even Staggered, the angel manages to swing it's mace expertly, and hits Tarith squarely, however Tarith responds with a sudden flurry of slashes, aimed at the head and face, seeking to distract the angel. After his thrusts go home, before the Angel can strike at him again, Tarith vanishes, only to reappear 10 feet from the angel.
"You know... This is sort of unnecessary. Letting me take what I want is not going to put anyone at risk."

moving back with an anklet use. Not stealing any SLA's this time. I have the nasty one(at least, the one I can steal.)
attack2[roll0] damage[roll1] magebane[roll2] sneak attack[roll3] miss[roll4]
attack3[roll5] damage[roll6] magebane[roll7] sneak attack[roll8] miss[roll9]
attack4[roll10] damage[roll11] magebane[roll12] sneak attack[roll13] miss[roll14]
attack5[roll15] damage[roll16] magebane[roll17] sneak attack[roll18] miss[roll19]

2012-11-19, 02:00 AM
@Tarith: "Coward! You strike and run like the hordelings of Hades! You shan't escape me!" The angels flies towards you, mace held high.

Attack: [roll0] miss [roll1] damage [roll2]

2012-11-19, 02:06 AM
"Well, you had your shot, and now I get mine. Besides, you are the better fighter, and standing and fighting you is just a bad plan."

While the angel is overbalanced from his mace's unexpected lack of resistance, Tarith tries to go for it's heart, striking fast and hard, before he vanishes, reappearing behind it.

Assuming he can, Tarith will teleport another 10 feet backwards, if not, he will teleport behind the angel(10 feet movement)
if he is behind
[roll0] hide
[roll1] move silently

attack2[roll2] damage[roll3] magebane[roll4] sneak attack[roll5] miss[roll6]
attack3[roll7] damage[roll8] magebane[roll9] sneak attack[roll10] miss[roll11]
attack4[roll12] damage[roll13] magebane[roll14] sneak attack[roll15] miss[roll16]
attack5[roll17] damage[roll18] magebane[roll19] sneak attack[roll20] miss[roll21]

2012-11-19, 02:16 AM
@Tarith: You strike at the angel and divine blood flows through your blades.

"I may have fallen, but you will get what's coming to you, thief!"

Sounds are heard from the corridor. You see Rosalind with a group of guards and the duke behind in his night gown

"Tarith! What have you done!"

2012-11-19, 02:25 AM
Instant awkwardness

"Aw..., but I was just starting to have fun. Still, at least Tarith's reputation is ruined. Ta!"

[roll0] bluff(pretending Tarith is Nerine pretending to be Tarith
[roll1] pretending to have teleported out

Tarith casts silent image, making it look like Tarith teleported out, along with the treasure.

Using Silent image to lay an image of an empty room over the actual room, and bluffing.
(save 15, but need to interact
Also, Stabilization roll on the angel?

2012-11-19, 02:35 AM
@Tarith: You cast the Silent Image, but the deed is done. Rosalind has seen your face, you can only hope she has fallen for it.

"My vault!" The duke is aghast.

Rosalind rushes towards the fallen angel and produces a bottle, placing it on his lips.

The angel seems to heal, a bit, but is unconscious.

One of the guards reaches out for the empty room, checking for its contents.

Will DC 15 [roll0]

"It's empty, sir!"

Rosalind gets up after healing the angel. Her face is pure anger. She storms towards the empty vault.

"That vile coward! Father Wilhelm will have knowledge of this!"

2012-11-19, 02:38 AM
Tarith starts quietly placing some of the items into his bag of holding, starting with the more valuable ones.

[roll1] move silently
[roll0] hide

And here is hoping the angel is in no condition to really be paying attention.
Still, at least Tarith sort of bantered like Nerine...

2012-11-19, 02:38 AM
Will save from Rosalind DC 15 [roll0]

"Everything is here, sire. He seems to have gotten away, but not for long. I vow to this!"

2012-11-19, 02:41 AM
This is going to be... awkward
Tarith continues quietly looting the room.
[roll1]move silently

2012-11-19, 02:43 AM
@Tarith: The Angel stands up, heavily cut and focuses his mind. His wounds heal at an amazingly rapid rate.

Spot: [roll0]

"Thank you, Rosalind. I will stay here, in case that monster returns, as is my pact. Please go and secure the end of the hallway. Have guards standing at every inch of the manor."

2012-11-19, 02:47 AM
And a Listen, for good measure.

Listen [roll0]

2012-11-19, 02:49 AM
Well, I might as well get as much as possible before I go

Tarith continues looting the room, quietly

3 rounds of looting now. hopefully, have gotten some good stuff.
[roll0]move silently

2012-11-19, 02:52 AM
@Tarith: The guards leave, along with Rosalind, whom you have never seen so mad before. Or mad at all, for that matter.

The Angel assesses that this is a mere illusion, as such, he decides to probe further into the situation.

Spot: [roll0]

Listen: [roll1]

"I can hear you, demon! Show yourself! And face me, if you dare! I am protected by Pelor, always!"

2012-11-19, 02:55 AM
Not good. Time to try again

Tarith continues looting the room... carefully.

[roll0] hide
[roll1] move silently

2012-11-19, 03:04 AM
@Tarith: The Angel tries sniffing you out.

Spot: [roll0]

Listen: [roll1]

2012-11-19, 03:05 AM
Seeing that the Angel has failed to hear him again, Tarith continues looting
[roll0] hide
[roll1] move silently.

2012-11-19, 03:07 AM
@Tarith: You decide that it's best to make this your last looting extravaganza.

Listen: [roll0]

Spot: [roll1]

"And you are still in this room? But you will not leave."

The Angel glides towards the door and stays there, mace in hand.

2012-11-19, 03:08 AM
At least he hasn't seen me yet.
Tarith will re-activate his ring, and then continue looting for as long as possible.
(yes, I really will)

[roll1]move silently

2012-11-19, 03:11 AM
@Tarith: The Angel stays by the door and tries to keen his senses.

Listen: [roll0]

Spot: [roll1]

2012-11-19, 03:12 AM

Initiative: [roll0]

2012-11-19, 03:14 AM
"Well, you know, I can't leave this room without going past you, so you might as well wait for me at the entrance. Give me a chance to heal a bit, making it a bit more even."

[roll0] bluff

[roll1] init.

2012-11-19, 03:16 AM
@Tarith: The Angel is seething with rage at your callousness and nonchalant way of putting things as you casually pocket the items he has been tasked to protect.

Sense Motive: [roll0]

2012-11-19, 03:17 AM
Seeing the angel not buying it, Tarith shrugs
"Well, it was worth a shot"

2012-11-19, 03:18 AM
@Tarith: "NO MERCY FOR THE WICKED!" The angel flies towards your position, mace in hand.

Attack: [roll0] miss [roll1] damage [roll2]

2012-11-19, 03:24 AM
Near death, Tarith tries to drink a potion
(you get an aao)

2012-11-19, 03:29 AM
@Tarith: Didn't know you got to drink a potion when the attack hit, but we can resolve that.

The Angel watches you try and quaff a potion, but he isn't willing to parley.

AoO: [roll0] miss [roll1] damage [roll2]

2012-11-19, 03:31 AM
Tarith was at 0, not dying. He can take a standard as his turn, with a chance to drop to negatives.
Concentration, to drink the potion[roll0](vs damage)

Tarith manages to down his potion, despite the angel managing to connect solidly with him, and his wounds immediately heal
(not sure if I took the damage from the strike before, or after the potion drinking.)

2012-11-19, 03:37 AM
@Tarith: You feel the waters from the Font of Life filling your bloodstream. No wonder Anzaril was so resilient. The Angel watches with tremendous annoyance and strikes hard.

Attack1: [roll0] miss [roll1] damage [roll2]

Attack2: [roll3] miss [roll4] damage [roll5]

Attack3: [roll6] miss [roll7] damage [roll8]

2012-11-19, 03:41 AM
"You know, I would love to stay, and finish what I started, but alas, survival calls, so good luck, and sorry about stabbing you a bit."

Tarith uses his anklets to teleport back 10 feet, before walking out of the room by walking through a wall, switching to stealth mode in the wall.

Well, Tarith has a double move to get out, so one of these should work

stealth outside the room
[roll7]move silently

2012-11-19, 03:45 AM
@Tarith: You leave the vault, almost empty now, and a very angry angel. You get hurt a bit phasing through the walls, but eventually you reach the duke's room. He isn't anywhere around, but the place is now in full alert. Rosalind is directing the soldiers to watch every nook and cranny of the palazzo.

"He's a stealthy one and uses illusions! Do not lower your guard!"

2012-11-19, 03:47 AM
Well, time to leave, and deal with the consequences in the morning

Tarith attempts to sneak out of the house, keeping an eye out for a scrying mirror for Xander(1000 gp value)
[roll0] hide
[roll1] move silently

2012-11-19, 03:50 AM
@Tarith: You realize, in your massive looting and divine butchering, that you managed to pocket a nice mirror from the vault. You leave the palazzo as you hear Rosalind barking orders at the guards.

Outside, in the safety of the shadows, you see Bill, who looks at the place all lit up from inside.

"What in the hells happened in there, T!"

2012-11-19, 03:54 AM
Breathing hard, his hand clamped to where the angel hit him, Tarith replies with a smile.
"Well, I ran into a rather... difficult angel. I managed to subdue it, but Rosalind healed it, at which point I managed to hide long enough to loot the vault, and get out again. This is going to get... interesting tomorrow. We should probably leave before they realize that I have left. Still, fun times."

Tarith heads back to the tavern

2012-11-19, 05:25 AM
@Jerag: The road has been a long one. Leaving the Great Kingdom at your father's behest. Many moons have gone by since you left your homeland. Desert travels. A voyage by sea. And now the creaky chariot makes a halt. You read the letter in your hand, probably for the twentieth time.

Most Esteemed Kara Khan, Old friend

I hope this letter find you in good health. It has been many years since last I saw you. I hope the New Kingdom is as beautiful as when last I laid eyes upon it. My years in Furyondy have been...good. I write to you because I cannot trust those in my own homeland anymore. My brother, the gods bless him, has fallen stricken with grief. His daughters, you might remember them, Charlotte and Loretta have been missing for years now. Fueled by the desire of conquest and fame, they have launched a campaign into the Giantshield Mountains, following ancient rumors, bardic tales. I myself dismissed these, but their disappearance, as well as that of their army in those mountains has lead me to wonder as well. Vasili won't give up on their rescue and his obsession with getting his daughters back safe has landed him in poisonous company- ill advisors and leeches.

I will be blunt. I need your help. I have decided to track my nieces down myself, but the journey, I fear will be as dangerous as the destination. Please! Assist an old comrade. I hope you and young Jerag are in good health. Please meet me in Hammerbruk. Together, we can find them. I am sure. I have attempted to divine their location, but all I get is a void. Those mountains bode ill will. I will be awaiting your response. If you cannot assist me, know that I will not hold this against you. This is a matter far from your lands, and I understand your position. If you do decide to come, please meet me at the Pale Inn. I have secured a room there and as I write this letter, will trek into the mountains for my kin.

I wish I had brighter news to shed, but these are dark days. I hope they are only here.

Yours in Confidence,

Cornelius Brunhausser

The door to the chariot opens and the coachman peeks through the door.

"End of the road"

You step out of the chariot and look around. Hammerbruk is no kingdom, much less a city. It's an old trading post. caravans are lined up in front of your chariot. The merchants have opened the sides of their carts, trading their wares. You look at the habitable part of town. It's a long road. One grey dirt road. No more than ten houses line up on either part of town, with the highest building being a chapel- and only because of a bellfry. To your left, you see the Giantshield Mountains. Titanic monoliths of jagged stone, casting a shadow over the small post, engulfing it. The sky is grey and cloudy. No sun sheds light here. The town has an unnatural number of crows, roosting on the roofs of the buildings. Cawing as the townsfolk go by. Not too far from where the town and merchants are, yet closer to the mountain, you spot a large grey dome. A chute on the top of it produces smoke. the land at your feet is brownish and grey. You walk out of the chariot and spot the Pale Inn not too far from you.

2012-11-19, 05:54 AM
Jerag bounces with the passage of the creaky chariot, having long since gotten used to the way of things while traveling. The desert was rough, little water, and shade to have, but the ship was the worst thing, he was sick for most of the journey and it had taken a full day to recover from his seaward journey.

He was glad it was behind him.

The chariot ride was uneventful, he kept hoping to be held up by bandits, or thugs so he could flex his sword arm, prove some usefulness to the world and the driver other than a paying customer on his way.

But nothing had barred his passage, and the passing of time rolled on by leaving him standing in the streets of a strange town, looking for a friend of his fathers.

It was an important task for him, his father had trusted him enough to help an old friend. He couldn't let the Grey wolf down, and gods willing, he wouldn't.

Looking around he surveyed the area, eyeing the stalls and breathing deep of the bellfry, his mouth watering at the scent of it. He knew he must needs go to the inn, and he hoped they had good food there. Pressing a silver into the drivers hand he grasped his elbow with his other hand at the same time, "May the gods watch over you." he said, half muttering as he left, not sure whether the man heard him or cared to.

Stretching his back free of the kinks from the long travel he started forward, heading for the inn. No reason to delay what he was here for.

2012-11-19, 09:45 AM
Once Dantie was finished and Arralle made her temple once more like it was Dantie went to work on the statues placing them all back together and fixing each and every single one with magic as he went until he got to the wall. I think Xander would want to wait for me to do this, it may be a part of the ritual and I would not wish to interrupt it. Dantie says as he walks back to the temple and sits down to eat with the others while studying one of his holy books.

OK so I have 5 uses of mending, and 5 more of make whole for the houses. So everything should be fixed up saying you said only a few were damaged. Now to wait for Xander and company to get back so that he can begin the ritual with them.

During the meal Dantie looks to Jacob and Arralle, So what do you plan to do once you are sealed back in? I mean Arralle you can come and go as you please so you can see your friends. But Jacob...Their must always be one of us inside to control the portal. So without being able to have someone in here with you there would never be a way for you to leave. Is that ok with you? Dantie asks as he sees the Cassie and the mason coming towards them. I hope all was easy enough for you last night and that you enjoyed your mass. How are the blueprints coming? Dantie asks them in between eating a piece of bread and drinking down some water.

2012-11-19, 09:55 AM
Rest assured, we should have ample opportunities to conduct research as long as we all stay on schedule. Unfortunately, most of those pilgrims tales you had heard have less then pleasant endings. Unless someone has further business to discuss I believe we have a early morning ahead of us, and much to do. I had almost forgotten, Silas, Did you have a chance to speak with that Hexorite casting that spell on Varien's remains?

After concluding his business for the night with his two Colleagues, Xander retires. Once he wakes in the morning, he finds Silas, to begin planning the day.

Assuming it about time for Xander and the rest he is with to start calling it a night, and go run the other errands in the morning.

Xander wants to start the morning with visiting the artist, then the engineer, afterward the church of Pelor for Dantie's errand. (I assume Silas, and Stephan will both have things going on during most the day, and the priests will need to pack supplies, and do stuff before being able to leave.) Remember Xander asked Silas to prepare a sending spell to contact Tarith please.

2012-11-19, 12:42 PM
@Jerag: You stretch your limbs and walk into Hammerbruk.

This place is, for lack of a better word, lackluster. A skeleton of a town, really. A single vertebrae of cracked earth extends before you, making it the only road in town. The place has no walls surrounding it, which would make for an easy assault from invaders, if they ever had any reason to want to come here. The houses are pallid and unimpressive squares, with only the church at the end of the town and the inn having a second story. The few villagers are all pale and wearing washed down colors as they carry on with their chores. Then there's the crows.

These seem to have taken residence in the town and are the only true source of sound. The thieving birds caw as you walk past. Hard to say if they're making fun of you or looking for something to steal, given as your crimson cloak provide a stark contrast with the environment. You take a look at the facade of the Pale Inn- Two story building. Small windows with grey curtains covering them. Some light comes off from the door and a fiddle is heard. At least some music.

You walk in and take a good look at the lace: To your left is the bar. An old fellow with grey hair and a stringy mustache has a mug of ale as he watches the patrons- most of them dressed in foreign attire, probably merchants or travelers such as yourself. The patrons are either trading at their table some gems and goods, others are enjoying what you hope is a decent meal. A porridge of sorts, yellowish and grey in color, with a mug of ale to down the flavor. The bartender and the patrons stop their actions for a few seconds when they see you come in. The bartender takes a big sigh of relief and resumes his solo drinking.

A traveler from far off lands. Now what would bring one such as yourself all the way to Hammerbruk?

The voice is heard from behind you. Hard to tell, since there wasn't anyone there at first when you walked into the Pale Inn.

She looks elven, with auburn hair and green, forest garb, cloak included. Unarmed, for all purposes. Oddly enough, she wears a wooden mask with etched symbols into its features.

@Dantie: You meet up with Jacob and Arrallae and explain the situation. Jacob is uneasy at first.

"It's fine, Jacob. It's not like I will be gone for days. I can make my walks very quick if need be."

The mason and Cassie walk up to you with the blueprints.

"My Lady, Jacob, good morning!" They spread out a large scroll for all to see.

"So here we put the tunnels, we'd have to dig further in, but we can extend the paths in case we are attacked again. Over here, would go the walls, which Father Dantie and Master Xander apparently will be in charge of building. This is a proposed idea for their location, to make the entrance more defensible. I hope that is ok?"

@Xander: You wake up at Silas' oft and both go visit Vincent la Salle, local artist. You reach Merchant District and Silas knocks on his door.


A few seconds later and no answer.

"Artists... can't count on them for decent sleep hours." Silas bangs on the door "VINCENT!"

A man covered in ink stains opens the door. The man appears to be in his early thirties and looks extremely tired. He yawns deeply as he looks at both of you.

"Yes? I...I'm, sooooryyyy. Was up all night working on a sudden commission. How may I help you, gentlemen?"

At that moment, marching sounds are heard coming in your direction. You spot Rosalind, Dantie's fellow pelorite. She's dressed in full plate armor and has a small patrol of the royal guard with her. She bows to you respectfully.

"Master Corillian! A pleasure to see you again. Vincent la Salle, I hope you have what we asked you for?"

Vincent scratches his bed hair and shuts the door. A few seconds later he comes out with a stack of parchments. Rosalind inspects one and her face goes very grim. She hands you one of the parchments

"This will do. And here is your payment, as agreed. Master Corillian, perhaps you'd be interested. master Silas, Father Wilhelm was about to send me to look for you. Please meet him at the church. Both have a good day. I have to spread these around."

Rosalind walks away.

You look at the parchment and see an ink press of...Tarith? This is what it reads.





2012-11-19, 01:20 PM
Dantie sensing the uneasiness in Jacob looks at him. Others can go with her, and if you want you can even ask the fey to be an escort once she is outside. But without you inside the seal will fall as I am to understand it. Dantie says trying to explain to Jacob the situation. Just then Dantie sees the two he asked for help the other day from and looks at the blueprints they had made.

[roll0] Yea I have no skills in it so the highest I can get is a ten so if you will allow me to take 10. I will be doing so.

As Dantie looks over the blueprints he looks back to the others. I truthfully am not skilled in any such way at this kind of stuff. Perhaps when Xander comes back he may better be able to look these over. Otherwise I will detour to your judgement. Dantie says smiling at them. How well enforced are these tunnels? Are they strong enough to survive a cave in? Dantie asks trying to see what he can to help around as he waits.

2012-11-19, 01:27 PM
@Dantie: "They're solid. The roots that run underneath the village are sturdy enough to prevent any cave-ins. It's in good hands, father."

@Tarith: You wake up at the room at the Wench with Otis banging on your door.

"Tarith! What have you done? The city's in an uproar. They're calling you an Angel Killer! The pelorites are all fire and brimstone, not to mention the cuthbertines, who want you hanged!"

He hands you a pamphlet.

"This was posted outside the Wench, but they are all over the city, as far as I could tell. Is this true?"

2012-11-19, 01:27 PM
As Tarith walks back to the Tavern, keeping to the shadows, with his hood up, Tarith discusses things with Bill

"Now, seeing as I don't intend on getting blamed for this, I have already set up the idea that someone else was doing this to deface my reputation. I will disclose the plan in full when we get back to the tavern."

After arriving at the tavern, all the ravens are there, and Tarith beckons them over.

"I may have underestimated the difficulty of my plans for tonight. We should head upstairs."

Tarith leads the Ravens up into his room, which would prevent Otis from overhearing the plan, making things a bit safer. Once he gets there, he lights the lantern in there, and pulls up a chair for everyone. The chairs creak as they sit down, but they don't collapse.

"Unfortunately, I may have made a small error, and I was hoping that you would be willing to help me get out of it. Cecile, Basil, don't worry, this should not disrupt your wedding. Bill, Oliver, if I ask you to testify, would you be able to state, truthfully, that when you last saw me, I was leaving to get wedding presents, and nothing more. Stick to the truth, as there will almost certainly be truth magic in play. If you are asked to describe my character, put it within the best light possible, but stick to the truth. Now, since it is unlikely that they are willing to tell everyone the time of the incident, be unspecific as to what time. I left during the night, and returned in the night, but don't give specific times. Also, don't volunteer anything until we are told about the crime. Do you think you can do that?"

Well, if they can raise doubt as to my location, and if I can manage to lie while under the truth magic, I think I can convince them that it was someone who was using magic to look like me that robbed the Duke. I must remember that I know nothing of this, however.

Yes, there are more posts, but I need a response to this one before continuing.

2012-11-19, 01:29 PM
A pleasure to see you as well Rosalind, I must complement you on your new armor, it is rather impressive, I presume you recently been raised in station at your church?

After Rosalind has left, Xander looks down at the wanted poster of Tarith. Then back up a Silas, a confused look on his face.

Surely they must have made a mistake. Tarith said he had business in town, but this could not have been what he meant. Silas, how many sending spells did you prepare today, we should contact Tarith soon in order to uncover the truth as soon as possible. We should also go meet with the church immediately to learn what has happened.

Xander looks over to Vincent.

I apologize for the haste at witch I must make this request, unfortunately other business seems to be drawing my attention. I have in my possession 5 paintings that I wish to commission you to reproduce copies them, if I leave them here with you, what length of time will your require to complete the commission, and what would you fee be for your work?

After completing his conversation with Vincent, Xander and Silas head to the church of Pelor, While in route.

Silas, this poster disturbs me greatly, If you have more than one sending prepared, would you be able to send a message to Tarith asking for a explanation for these posters? The message I wish to send him is as follows: It is Xander, Rosalind handed me a wanted poster with your likeness, claiming you have robbed the Duke, and assaulted a Pelorite. Please explain.

Also Xander needs to get sending at some point, perhaps while the sealing is taking place, on the days Xander can not cast anything he can try learning a few new spells from Silas, and Stephan's spell books. Also all the clerics that can cast 4th lvl spells should be able to cast sending, so they may be able to draw Dantie if they wish, Dantie however would have no reason to contact them that I know of.

2012-11-19, 01:30 PM
This screws with time a bit, so this post is happening just after I enter the tavern in the previous one

Tarith takes the paper, and looks it over, frowning as he sees it.
"Well, this is disturbing. I went out to get Cecile a wedding present, but this was not it. Otis, do you really think that I would kill an angel?"

2012-11-19, 01:38 PM
Dantie nods his head believing everything they say before looking to Jacob. Are you ready to destroy that room? This way it can never be accessed again? Dantie says pulling out his mace and looking at the statues that lead to the star room behind the temple.

2012-11-19, 01:53 PM
@Dantie: You are enjoying the renovations within Swan's Rest. Perhaps these peoplel will finally be safe and Arrallae will be able to enjoy her freedom, wrongfully denied. Then, you hear it in your mind.

Dantie. Tis I, Father Wilhelm. Grim news. Tarith stands guilty of attack on the church and city. Your assistance is required immediately.

@Xander: Silas looks very concerned as he reads the pamphlet over and over.

"I have three spells memorized for this occasion. It would be wise to contact Tarith. It would be unwise to not head for the church, however."

Vincent brews a cup of coffee and drinks it, raising an eyebrow at your request.

"You want them full sized? That will take me at least a few days. I could make smaller replicas, taking me a day, two at the most. I can have each done for 100 pieces of gold, on account of the time."

@Tarith: The Ravens all look very much worried, but nod in approval.

"You got it, T. We won't let you down." Oliver and Bill ever ready to stand up for you.

"Tarith, please be careful. I can't have you taken to the gallows!", Cecile seems very worried.

In the morning, as you ask Otis.

"Well, no. I mean, you are a good thief, T, but not a murderer..right?"

Just then, you get a message from Silas.

It is Xander, Rosalind handed me a wanted poster with your likeness, claiming you have robbed the Duke, and assaulted a Pelorite. Please explain.

2012-11-19, 02:00 PM
"Cecile, don't worry, I won't be taken to the Gallows. When are you planning on getting married?"

After the others leave, Tarith pulls out his loot, and identifies it(See OOC post), before getting some rest. In the morning, he gets up, and receives the message, and reassures Otis.

I just got one as well. Looks like Nerine is getting her revenge for me impersonating her earlier. This does not look good for me
(I am assuming a 25 word limit here)

"Well, I think I am going to be headed out to sell some items, but not as myself. Cecile, when do you want me to get here for the wedding?"

2012-11-19, 02:08 PM
@Tarith: "I was planning on the wedding being at dusk, so we could enjoy the party at the Wench. Be careful out there, ok?"

@Xander: "Well, he says it's Nerine impersonating him. We should still head for the church. This seems pretty serious."

2012-11-19, 02:09 PM
Alan my mending and make whole spells should have repaired the whole city. 12 spells total.

As Dantie is watching everything going on he soon hears a voice in his head. I am on my way Father Wilhelm. Though I do not see how. He just left where we were late yesterday and would not have arrived until at the very earliest when the gates were closed. Dantie says to the old priest before looking to Jacob and the others around him. I know this is a lot to ask but Jacob can Arrallae teleport me to just the outskirts of the fey woods. It seems they need me back right away. It should not take me long to return with the others and she does not even need to stay there waiting for me. I just need to get their before they decide to hang Tarith. It seems someone is trying to frame him. Dantie says as he waits for an answer from the two of them.

2012-11-19, 02:11 PM
"Of course. See you at dusk."

Tarith casts disguise self, disguising himself as a young nobleman, before heading out, towards Silas's school, intending on selling some of the loot he has acquired.

[roll0] disguise

2012-11-19, 02:13 PM
To Vincent before leaving his shop.
Them being a smaller size would make them more portable. If the replicas are made at a reduced size, there would be no loss in detail I trust? I wish for whomever views them to be able to quickly recognize the ones depicted in each. If so then that sounds like a excellent idea.

To Silas as they are walking.
Nerine? She has returned to Justcrown? We should make haste to the church, we can not allow this to stand.

2012-11-19, 02:18 PM
@Dantie: "Of course, Dantie. Come with me."

Arrallae places her hand on your shoulder and both are bathed in a golden radiance. When the light subsides, you are looking at the southern gate to Justcrown.

"I hope all goes well. I will return to swan's Rest. Wish Tarith good luck, ok?"

2012-11-19, 02:28 PM
Thank you Arrallae. And I shall. Make sure the village is prepared for war while we are away and that there is not a single shadow in all the area. We do not want anyone getting killed now while we are away. Dantie says before running up to the gate and barreling through it towards the temple district.

When he arrives he goes directly into the temple of Pelor and looks for Farther Wilhelm. So what is the situation? Dantie says once he finds the old priest.

2012-11-19, 02:45 PM
@Tarith: You walk casually through the streets of Juscrown, confident on your disguise. The posters are everywhere, clinging to the lamp posts and buildings like flies. The town cryer swings his bell.

"Tarith Spellbane enemy of the church!!! Killer of clergy men!!!! Robber of the Just!!!! Be wary of the assassin! He roams the streets and looks out for blood!"

The townsfolk walk around in abject fear. No one would want to be struck by Tarith's god-killing blades. Then you spot him.

High above the buildings. The angel flies around over the crowd. He's wearing a mithril breast plate and his eyes seem to glow. Below, a squad of militia and clerics- pelorite and cuthbertine walk the streets. The lead clerics on both sides have a similar glow to their eyes.

2012-11-19, 02:52 PM
@Dantie: The church is in an uproar. Rosalind greets you with a bow, but her face is stern.

"Welcome back, Dantie. We have a problem. Follow me"

Father Wilhelm greets you in the courtyard.

"A few days after you left, I asked one of Pelor's faithful, Lord Cassiel, an angel, to guard the duke. He positioned himself in the vault, as per the duke's request. Last night, your associate Tarith Spellbane was seen in the vault by Rosalind, just as he struck Lord Cassiel down with his daggers. Fortunately, Rosalind was able to save the angel, but Tarith escaped, amd with a large amount of stolen goods from the duke's palazzo. As we speak. The church of the Cudgel and us have decided to take to the streets looking for him. If Tarith does not come in willingly, I am afraid Lord Cassiel will brand him as evil. He has asked to be releived from his post and leads a group of our own and the Cuthbertines through the streets of Justcrown. Dantie, I know he is your friend, but please! Contact him somehow and have him be brought to trial here, before he is tried by the Celestial Forces. Cassiel has already deemed him as vile. I should not remind you of how angels deal with evil doers."

2012-11-19, 02:54 PM
When Tarith sees the horde of clerics looking for him, he swiftly changes course
Time for a change of route.

Tarith heads into the alleys of Justcrown, attempting to reach Silas's place without being caught.

move silently[roll1]

2012-11-19, 03:01 PM
@Tarith: The angel turns his gaze left and right. Up and down, intent on finding you in the streets.

Spot: [roll0]

Listen: [roll1]


The angel flies swiftly towards you. The clerics follow in toll, along with the militia.

2012-11-19, 03:10 PM
Well, if that is how it is going to go, nice buff for the angel.
(really, he already had a 50% chance of detecting me...)

Tarith starts running, deciding that getting lynched is not a good plan.

He casts expeditious retreat, and runs through the alleys, headed for Silas's place.

(240 feet per round movement, should be able to lose them in a couple of rounds)

2012-11-19, 03:16 PM
@Xander. You reach the church and are greeted by Rosalind. Inside you find Dantie in a serious conversation with Father Wilhelm. The High priest greets both of you.

"Silas, you may have seen the posters around. I fear Tarith Spellbane has been branded an enemy of the city and the church. As we speak, one of Heaven's emissaries has been sent to find him, along with church mebers from St. Cuthbert and our flock. If he is brought to trial, I will need you to use a scroll to suppress any magic Tarith may have on him, as he has proven, according to the angel and Rosalind, to be quite adept at using illusions. I do hope he gives in on his own accord. If not, I fear the Cuthbertines may call on their own heavenly messengers to patrol the entire city."

2012-11-19, 03:18 PM
@Tarith: You cast the spell and run as fast as you can, dodging angered citizens and flying fruits and vegetables thrown your way. The angel is hot on your tracks, but you manage to avoid him, for now.

You reach Silas', but the place is locked. He is not home.

2012-11-19, 03:20 PM
Time to get inside. Fast.

Tarith uses his ring, and walks through the wall.


2012-11-19, 03:25 PM
I will go out among the others to look for him. I still believe though that he would not have made it here in a decent time. What time did this happen? And can you fill me in on the details so that when the questing begins I will know the facts please. Dantie says looking at Xander Shall we go catch him? Dantie says walking out of the church and heading straight for a jewelery shop.

2012-11-19, 03:27 PM
Xander raises a eyebrow at the High Priest's comments.

A man hunt may be premature, I have contacted Tarith, and he assures me it is the nymph, Nerine, the woman that had been staying under false pretenses at the Dukes place during the autumn festival, and escaped when her treachery was discovered. She apparently has returned to Justcrown and is attempting to damage Tarith's reputation, would you like us to attempt to contact Tarith further, in hopes we can resolve this situation quickly, and peacefully?

2012-11-19, 03:27 PM
@Tarith: You activate your ring and move inside, getting a tad hurt in the process. The place is dark, but enough light from outside shows the training room used by Silas' students. You hear the wings flapping above the building.


Move Silently: [roll0]

2012-11-19, 03:31 PM
move silently[roll0]

2012-11-19, 03:31 PM
@Xander & Tarith: "Rosalind saw Tarith retreiving his daggers from Lord Cassiel. Later, the angel revealed that when fighting Tarith, his powers were..stolen from him. I do not know this Nerine, but I have heard from the Duke, before the Autumn Ball, that he wished to hire Tarith because of this unusual trademark. If you can convince Tarith to come here in open daylight, and not under a guise of sorts, he will receive a proper hearing. I would allow haste in this matter, as Lord Cassiel has already passed judgement upon him."

2012-11-19, 03:43 PM
Silas, this seems a excellent time for a second casting, I do hope his reply carries good news with it. Please relay this message to Tarith.
At Pelorite church, situation appears out of hand, will escalate, requested to openly appear for trial at church. Reports of abilities stolen, Nerine's involvement skeptical.

2012-11-19, 03:45 PM
@Tarith: You walk as quietly as possible throughout the school. Might as well take some more items while you're at it. Then, you get this message from Silas.

At Pelorite church, situation appears out of hand, will escalate, requested to openly appear for trial at church. Reports of abilities stolen, Nerine's involvement skeptical.

2012-11-19, 03:48 PM
Lovely. Angel seems intent on killing me. Currently at School. do you mind if I borrow a Scroll of teleport or hat of disguise?

2012-11-19, 03:53 PM
@Xander: "He's in the school. He's asking for a way to teleport- hopefully here. He also mentioned the angel is pretty much- and you'll excuse this Wilhelm- hell bent on killing him. I only have one more sending prepared."

2012-11-19, 03:57 PM
Either way, this should work

After Receiving Silas's message, and replying, Tarith searches the school, looking for a way out, and a hat of disguise. He also finds a good hiding spot for the bag of holding, so he can demonstrate that he does not have a way to carry things away.

Search: 42
Hide(for the bag)43

2012-11-19, 04:00 PM
A teleport would allow him to quickly arrive here, with out risk of further incidents. Do you believe Tarith will have troubles finding any such scroll in your shop? If you believe he can locate one on his own, then I would recommend saving the spell for now, in case we need to contact him further.

2012-11-19, 04:30 PM
@Xander: "Tarith walked into a place full of guards, entered the dukeīs vault and battled an angel. And got away. My dear friend, I didn't even bother concealing the scroll in another plane. He'll find it"

@Tarith: You focus on the Temple District and wish to be there. Reading and deciphering the scroll takes little of your time and, in a flash, you are there.

2012-11-19, 04:36 PM
Tarith, sans bag, calmly walks towards Pelor's church, casting glibness as he nears the entrance, before proceeding inside, hoping to find Xander and Silas.

2012-11-19, 04:39 PM
Yes, I suppose you are correct, if he is capable of that, then finding a scroll laying in your shop should be no trouble for him.

Has Dantie left the church yet? If not now could be as good a time as any to have Silas deliver the letter.

2012-11-19, 05:17 PM
@The Party: You are all gathered inside discussing the events that transpired the night prior, when, out of the blue, Tarith Spellbane walks casually into the church. Rosalind is ready to charge in, but Wilhelm, places his hand on her shoulder.

"He wouldn't be here alone like this without truly wanting to give himself in, child. Learn restraint."

@Tarith: "Welcome, Tarith Spellbane. I trust you know why you are here?"

@Dantie: As the high priest addresses Tarith, Silas moves close to you and whispers.

Almost forgot. A letter for you. Maybe you can read it later?

2012-11-19, 05:26 PM
"Rosalind, it looks like you have changed since I was here last. What happened to you after the ball? As far as why I am here, there are two reasons. First, Dantie asked me to deliver a message, but since he is here, that is no longer relevant. The second reason is to figure out why I am accused of robbery, and assaulting the church of pelor, when I was no where near the church. Also, that angel seems rather intent on killing me. At a guess, I would say they are connected. Could you tell me what I stand accused of, and under what circumstances?"

Tarith is calm, and unhurried, his voice echoing curiosity, and concern, nothing more.

2012-11-19, 06:46 PM
@Tarith: Rosalind composes herself and takes a few steps forward towards you.

"You would imply that Lord Cassiel is a demon? I was in that room, Spellbane. When I saw you laying next to Lord Cassiel - whom Father Wilhelm called forth with your daggers covered in his blood. I am certain you would deny this, but I believe Father Wilhelm will have the final say."

Wilhelm ponders on the situation.

"This matter needs to be resolved swiftly. Tarith, would you be willing to go through a questioning? We need to get to the bottom of this matter. I have spoken to the Cuthbertines, who are..appalled at this, and have offered to use their grounds for trial. If you have nothing to fear, then stay in the church until I send for Lord Cassiel. Then, we will all go to the Cuthbertine Room of Law."

2012-11-19, 06:49 PM
"Rosalind, this Lord Cassiel is that angel that tried to kill me, right? Are you sure you saw me? And I will go through a questioning, so long as the questions are relevant to the situation at hand. I have a wedding to go to later."

(as a side note, Tarith has carefully removed all of the blood from his weapons and armor)

2012-11-19, 07:10 PM
@Tarith: Wilhelm shuts his eyes and focuses for a few seconds. Minutes pass and you hear a flapping of wings above the chapel. Out in the courtyard, a heavenly light glows and Cassiel lands in all his celestial glory. At the same time, a group of pelorites walk into the temple, along with cuthbertines.

"So, it would seem the defiler has decided to atone for his deeds?" Cassiel walks inside, mace held tight in his hands.

"Lord Cassiel, we have who we believe to be the culprit. We are going to the Cuthbertine Fortress and assess the situation. Tarith, do you have anyone who would speak in your name. Anyone who can state where you were last night?"

2012-11-19, 07:13 PM
As the angel walks in, accusation on his face, Tarith bows before him
"Nice to meet you, Cassiel. Hopefully, we can get this cleared up quickly, and without you trying to kill me again."

At Wilhelm's question

"Unfortunately not. I was out getting a wedding gift for Cecile, a friend of mine, and since I wanted that gift to be a surprise, I did not go with anyone. This is what makes a frame job a non-trivial problem for me."

2012-11-19, 07:27 PM
@Tarith: Wilhelm acquiesces your point.

"We will resolve all these issues at the Room of Law. Shall we go? I really would like to see this matter resolved as quickly as possible."

2012-11-19, 07:28 PM
Then we should get moving. Lead the way.

Tarith follows behind the priest, and the Angel, and the fanatical followers of Pelor follow him. From their attitude, Tarith realizes that they feel that this is a mere formality to an execution.

They seem rather convinced that this is a hopeless cause for me. If I am going to pull this off, I need to be able to lie, and that may or may not be possible here. If I can't lie, I will either need to be very fast, or very careful about my answers. Either way, this will be interesting.

2012-11-19, 10:21 PM
Jerag enters the establishment hopes high that some form of local delicacy would be available for order. Those were dashed as he watched several patrons slop through the yellowish porridge, wrinkling his face subconsciously while he let down his hood and untucked his shawl. He had no need to wear the shawl, but it was a habit hard to break.

His crystal sharp blue eyes scanned the room and widened as the stranger spoke to him, turning he gazed at the elven looking women as she spoke, wandering if she was here for him, or merely speaking riddles as some strangers do.

His left hand rested comfortably upon the hilts of his daisho, a stance he assumes almost instinctively when standing. He liked to feel the weapons near, and having them close to hand was comforting.

Raising an eyebrow, he quickly thought of several reasons why this lady was talking to him, the only logical conclusion he could come up with: she was expecting him.

Smiling "is it that obvious?" he said "I was hoping to taste some local flavor," looking back to the bowls of porridge "But I may have bitten off more than I can chew." looking at her garb he continues "If I may be so bold, you don't look like you belong among these fine patrons, you have a certain...quality about you."


2012-11-19, 11:03 PM
As Tarith teleports into the room with all the attitude of a teenager Dantie sees the calm that he is putting on, he has seen it almost all the kids life. He also sees sweat though running down his face as if he had been running trying to get away and what looked like annoyance. Odd mix of emotions to say the least, but to Dantie they were telltale signs that Tarith had not done the crime he had been charged with. As Lord Cassiel walks into the room Dantie bows to the celestial being before saying. Farther, who will be preparing the circle? If it was Mother Matilda or yourself I would not ask for this, but as Mother Matilda is in the crudgels halls that only leaves you. Which though I do not doubt your wisdom nor your strength, but if you would allow me to cast the circle alongside of you so that their are two layers instead of one I believe this may go much quicker. Dantie says as he walks to the church next door.

Diplomacy [roll0]

2012-11-19, 11:05 PM
Xander keeps quite while observing the preceding, still not entirely sure what to make of it all.
hmm..they have a rather compelling case, I wonder if Tarith is guilty of these crimes or not, either way he is going to be needed if we wish to succeed in foiling what ever this organization's plans are....also I require his aid for the ritual...

Xander leans near Silas while following Tarith and the others to the Room of Law. While Whispering.
They have a rather compelling case. What do you think will be his penalty if found guilty?

2012-11-20, 02:52 AM
@Jerag: The masked elf turned her head sideways, showing some amusement.

"I have sampled many foods in my lifetime, but the Pale Inn isn't exactly a delicacy. I hope I have not disturbed you. Are you a merchant? By your attire, I would guess you come from Al'Ak'Barr, the Jade Citadel. Then again, I may be wrong. But where are my manners! I am Myriam. And yes, you would be correct. I do not belong in this place. I am from further to west. Have you come to Hammerbruk to trade? The merchants here may have some interesting items for sale. If you have the coin, of course."

Myriam steps back a few feet and looks at the Mountain.

"If you'll excuse me. I believe I have taken enough of your time. Talk to Gerard. He will probably have a room for you. Few stay here for long anyway."

@Dantie: "I was going to suggest you defend him, seeing how you have traveled with him for so long, but if you wish to assist in the Room of Law, I see no reason why you should not, Dantie."

Wilhelm stops before the Portcullis to the Cuthbertine fort.

"I trust you really know him, Dantie. He has a lot going against him."

@Tarith: You are led outside the Pelorite Chapel and walk a few blocks down Temple District. The crowd is not a happy one. A few tomatoes and eggs are hurled your way, but you manage to dodge them with a swift move.

Angel Slayer!



These words and worse are uttered by the crowd as you solemnly walk towards the Temple.

Once inside, you are led to an underground room. The area is large and circular. The symbol of St. Cuthbert has been drawn on the ground, encompassing the entire room. Stairs are lined left and right, ascending to pulpits were the jurors and judge may preside.

"Tarith, Rosalind, Sir Cassiel. Please stand in the circle. We will call the duke to testify. Since he was present as well. Tarith, if you wish someone to defend you, please state so now."

Everybody else ascends the stairs and takes their place.

"Silas, please make sure nobody in the circle is using any magic that may sway the trial unto someone's favor. I know Lord Cassiel has certain effects ever present due to his nature, but these should in no way alter his words or twist the truth. We need to make sure Rosalind, Tarith, and the duke are not under any such effect."

@Xander: As you walk into the Cuthbertine fortress.

"If Tarith is indeed innocent, he walks away free. If, however, he is guilty..."

Silas' face goes grim.

"You may have to find another participant for the ritual."

2012-11-20, 03:55 AM
Jerag is slightly amused as she feigns disinterest and pretends to think him a merchant, he knew damn well he didn't look like a merchant.

"Well met Myriam, I am Jerag Khan, Knight of Heironeous and Lore keeper of the ancient Suloise Arcanamachs, it is both an honor and a treat to have met you." he does a small bow, with a big grin on his face. "I am neither a merchant or a buyer of goods, I have come here on the behest of a friend to my fathers, you may know of him, a Cornelius Brunhausser? I was to meet him here," he looks around the room for anyone that may be Cornelius, he sighs and looks back to Myriam "Well I shan't keep you, I believe a room is in order."

If Myriam stays and talks he will listen and continue to stand, but if she leaves he will go over to the bartender and ask if a room was reserved by Cornelius.

2012-11-20, 05:19 AM
@Jerag: Myriam assesses your words through her wooden mask.

"Shall we go in?"

You walk inside the inn and approach the bar. Gerard, the inn keeper, drinks his ale slowly as he turns his scrawny neck towards both of you.

"Good...morning, I believe. You fine travelers need a room? I have a few spare, if you'd like. A silver a night, plus a square meal."

"I'm fine, Gerard, thank you." says Myriam through her mask.

She turns to you.

"Cornelius Brunhausser? I do not know the man, but I do know the name. I am looking for two Brunhaussers. Sisters, in fact. I was expecting someone to arrive shortly and aid me in the search. He hasn't shown up yet. You know them?"

Before you have a chance to answer, you hear a scream coming from a corner of the inn. One of the merchants drops his porridge as a cockroach scampers out of the bowl, covered in oats. You hear a faint buzzing and a fly lands on your gauntlet. Before long, the inn begins to lose its color, adopting grey, pallid hues. The fireplace burns out, as a cold draft comes in.

"If you'll excuse me, Jerag. I need to check something upstairs."

Myriam leaves promptly as the the patrons recoil in disgust as their drinks and food turn brackish. You notice vermin eating at the wooden structures that make the Pale Inn. Gerard, the Innkeeper, begins shuddering as sweat drops down his brow and tears form in his eyes. Light foot steps are heard coming into the inn. Then, you see him.

At first glance, he appears as young as fifteen winters. The boy wears a rusted breastplate, cracked and grey. A torn and ragged black cloak flows behind him. His hair is spiky and black. His features are gaunt and very pale, yet there appears to be a very calm demeanor about him. His eyes, though- a light grey, mirroring a billowing ether. You feel a tremendous presence irradiating from this youth. Something isn't right. Due to his appearance, you could classify him as a warrior, but a weak one at that. You watch your breath solidify as he takes a seat a few feet away from you.

"Hello, Gerard. The usual, please."

Gerard is shaking as his hand reaches out for a mug. His shaking is such, that the mug falls at his feet shattering into several pieces. The innkeeper is positively on the verge of tears at the sight.

"Aren't you clumsy, Gerard. A clumsy scrawny mule. Never mind, then."

You notice the other patrons have remained still and silent, looking down at their spoiled meals and drinks. The boy turns towards you.

"Welcome to Hammerbruk. I see these gentlemen often, but someone like you..."

He smiles kindly as he sizes you up from his stool.

"Well. We don't get that many guests here. Enjoy Hammerbruk. And, gerard? Do be more careful next time, ok?"

The boy leaves the Pale Inn and the vermin scatter away into the woodwork.

2012-11-20, 05:29 AM
Jerag watches the whole scene unravel before him in silence, he knew something was strange about the boy, but couldn't put his finger on what.

After the boy left he turned to the barkeep.

"What in the nine hell's was that about? And were did Myriam go off to?"

2012-11-20, 05:32 AM
@Jerag: Gerard takes a few moments to compose himself.

"That sir, was Palindurias. The Lord of Hammerbruk and Reaper of Jottun's Foot. Do take my word, sire. Leave. Leave now! If Palindurias were to take an interest in you, you would not last a day here.! As for your companion, that is odd. She didn't have a room checked here."

2012-11-20, 05:45 AM
Jerag mentally makes a note to leave that boy alone and moves up stairs with some speed looking for the mysterious lady. Perhaps there was a room up there for him and cornelius was there?

2012-11-20, 09:24 AM
That is grim news indeed, excuse me I need to speak with Dantie a moment.

Xander moves away from Silas, and near Dantie, In hushed tones.

Dantie, surly this is some mistake, you know Tarith best, do you believe him capable of such atrocities? Silas beleives there will be a grim outcome if he is found guilty.

2012-11-20, 09:25 AM
As Xander asks him the question he most feared Dantie looked at him and said, Tarith is no fool, but if he thinks he has been cheated he has been known to get even. So trying to steal from the duke would not surprise me, but trying to kill Lord Cassiel I am not sure. After all animals will do anything when backed into a corner. Dantie says to him not sure.

I will defend him if he asks me two, but if he does not then I shall not get involved. Tarith would you like me to defend you in this matter? Dantie says asking him before saying, Tarith where is my bag of holding that I got from the church? Dantie asks not seeing it anywhere.

2012-11-20, 09:52 AM
And what if they find him guilty? Will they call for a execution of some sorts? We must seek to avoid such a outcome.

2012-11-20, 10:50 AM
@Jerag: You rush upstairs, ignoring Gerard's warning. Upon reaching the second floor, you see no one. You do find three doors on each side of the hallways and an open window, however, but not much else.

@The Party: You are invited to sit in the upper level of the Room of Law. An aged cuthbertine with a thick grey mustache and a crew cut sits at the center, with Wilhelm sitting to his right.

A knock is heard on the door and the head inquisitor orders the person in. You watch duke Pottsdorff wearing a servant's outfit and his walking stick.

"I must apologize, Inquisitor Connor, but since I had my entire armoire robbed, It will be some time before I can buy myself new clothes. I also took the time to make a list of everything that is missing since last night."

He looks at Tarith as he mentions the lack of clothes available and the stolen armoire.

"That is fine, your grace. We are not here to judge your choice of dress style. We are here to determine the truth. And, once gathered, apply necessary justice. Please stand in the circle next to Tarith, Rosalind, and sir Cassiel."

Inquisitor Connor addresses Silas. "You may proceed."

Silas sighs deeply and approaches the four in the circle below.

"I will now verify if any of you is currently under any kind of spell, regardless of its nature. If anyone has a spell that would allow them to alter the truth, I will know, and report it to the Inquisitor above us. I hope you understand what I just mentioned. I will begin with Lord Cassiel, followed by Rosalind, Tarith, and Archibald- the duke. Please bear with me as this might take awhile.

2012-11-20, 11:39 AM
As Tarith is lead into the room, He looks around, amazed at the fanciness of this place.
"So... What is that symbol on the floor? I am afraid that I am not very good with religious icon recognition."

When they ask him if he wants anyone to defend him
"What would be the point? I seem to be the only one convinced of my innocence, which seems to me that qualifies me to be the best defense that I can muster. Dantie might be willing to, but it would hardly be fair to expect him to oppose the will of an Angel, even a violent one."

At the mention of magic detection

"Of course. All I want is the truth, and not to be executed for something that I did not do. However, I do question the fairness of this trial, seeing as Cassiel, Rosalind, and Connor are all already convinced I did something, and I don't even know what it was. If I assaulted the Church of Pelor, why is the duke here? And what happened to his cloths? Also, I would be able to suppress the effects the Angel is maintaining for a time, if you wish, to ensure that there is balance."

[roll0] bluff: want the truth
[roll1] bluff: no knowledge of the crime

Also, to Silas, using bluff to convey a secret message

"Seeing as they all seem to want to execute someone, anyone that they think is vaguely guilty, and I don't really want to be executed, I have a little... fortification, so that my words hold a little more weight. It should help the truth be revealed, nothing more. Just tell them about the disguise self effect, and not the glibness effect."

bluff: Convey the secret message[roll2]
bluff: Don't tell anyone about glibness[roll3]
bluff: How Silas should not mention the whole truth[roll4]
(since I suspect that his bluff score is rather... low.)

After his statements, Tarith assumes a confident pose, trying to conceal his nervousness, in an effort to convince the others that he has nothing to fear.

As they explain the charges to him(Or as Silas scans those before him), Tarith will use the time to take 20 on bluff, to present a false alignment(CG)

2012-11-20, 11:54 AM
@Tarith: Silas looks at all four of you.

"Would you mind giving each other at least a 10ft. space between each other? It will make it easier."

Silas walks up to the angel. He shuts his eyes and stretches his hand towards him, focusing for a few minutes. He then addresses Inquisitor Connor.

"Lord Cassiel has a magical armor. Its properties are defense, only. His mace is magical, I would assume to help him fight his enemies better. He does have a circle of power around, which I am sure you must know what it does..."

"It helps me fight evil, wizard. It also repels incantations of low power." Interrupts Cassiel.

"...he also has a transmutation on him...Owl's Wisdom."

Wilhelm explains.

"I used some of my power to deter the unliving and allowed Lord Cassiel to get an effect that would last all day, in order for him to find the culprit. If the spell is deemed as truth altering, I will gladly remove it."

Inquisitor Connor ponders on this. "I have used that spell myself to question people in this room who would attempt to curl the truth. It is not truth altering."

Silas moves on to Rosalind and repeats the process.

"She does not have any magical spells on her."

Silas then stands before you and focuses his hand and attention in your direction.

2012-11-20, 11:58 AM
"In the interest of fairness then, Perhaps I should have a similar effect cast on me as well."

(hopefully, have finished the taking 20 with bluff)
(And yes, if Silas is going to reveal Glibness, Tarith will interrupt.)

2012-11-20, 12:09 PM
"Please Silas, it is the only thing that I have that can stop them from declaring me guilty, regardless of the truth. Remember, don't lie directly, just neglect to mention it."

[roll0] bluff

2012-11-20, 12:25 PM
@Tarith: Cassiel looks up to you.

"Fairness? You walked into the vault I was charged to protect by Father Wilhelm. Came in as a ghost, phasing in and out. You attacked me after I gave a warning to leave, teleporting into my presence and stabbing me with those daggers. Now you walk in and sheepishly attempt to talk your way out. Your honor, I will put down my weapons if he were to do the same, along with his equipment, is that not fair?"

Silas scans you as Cassiel speaks. He looks at you with fright. Teleporting into range? Phasing in and out? Silas turns to Inquisitor Connor.

"...He has a transmutation effect. Commonly used by bards. Glibness."

The Inquisitor looks at you.

"A spell used by thieves to conceal the truth, yes? This trial is already boding ill for you, Mr. Spellbane. And at Cassiel's request, both of you remove your weapons and items. I did not expect this to come to that, but it seems the most likely way to ensure a safe trial. In the meantime, remove your effect or we will have it removed for you."

2012-11-20, 12:38 PM
"So spells that you like, and that benefit you are acceptable, but a spell that I could use to convince the angel that wants me dead, and the recently re-selected inquisitor that wants proof of his power and dedication is banned? This is no court. This is a mockery of the law. Glibness prevents truth-detecting magic, true, but since I have no intention of being questioned on my past, and answering accurately, it seemed to be a prudent defense on my part. Either this is a court of law, and thus, just, or this is a just an attempt to sentence an innocent man to death. If the former, then either everyone should have the same effects, or no-one should have any effects. If the latter, then what is the point of me being here?"

[roll0](persuading them that all glibness does is prevent truth detecting magic)

2012-11-20, 01:12 PM
@Xander: You have Dantie seated to your left. An empty chair to your right is where Silas sits, as he returns. He whispers to you.

"I had to reveal the Glibness, because of the truth spell, but what the angel has said is true. He mentioned his power stolen? Check. He mentioned the phasing in and out? Tarith bought from me the only item that makes you ethereal for brief seconds. The only ring with that property in the city- mine. Teleported instantly and stabbed the angel without chance of reprisal? Tarith bought an anklet of translocation from me as well."

2012-11-20, 01:25 PM
Xander demeanor grows somber.
Oh...that is dreadful...either someone has done a excellent job of framing Tarith, or...he must have done it...I truly hope he has a good explanation for all of this...

2012-11-20, 01:44 PM
@Tarith: "Well, Mr. Spellbane? Will you remove your tongue twisting spell or will I have to strip it from you?" Inquisitor Connor looks down on your from his chair.

Cassiel steps forward. "Your honor, if I may ask to be placed close to this man? I won't smite him. Unless the verdict says otherwise, but I believe I can suppress his spell if he does not wish to do so himself. As for my items of power. If they will endanger this trial, I will gladly remove them. Yet I ask that everyone standing on this circle do the same."

Inquisitor Connor looks at Rosalind.

"please switch places with Lord Cassiel. Tarith Spellbane, move closer to him. And everyone remove your items and hand them to the soldiers when ready. At that point, we will begin the trial officially."

2012-11-20, 01:50 PM
"If my spell is to be suppressed, then yours should be as well. However, I am willing to remove my items, if needed. However, I would like to keep my ring, as the magic takes a week to resume working if it is removed."

Tarith removes his items, with the exception of the ring of sustenance.

2012-11-20, 02:38 PM
@The Party: A few minutes go by and you watch Cassiel remove his breastplate and hand it over to a cuthbertine, as well as his mace. Rosalind removes her armor and weapon and hands it over to another priest, leaving her in a white long sleeve shirt, khaki pants and plain brown boots.

"I have no other clothes than the ones I wear." Pottsdorff addresses the Inquisitor.

"That is true, your honor. He's clean." Silas comments from his seat.

@Tarith: You remove your items and hand them to the priest, who walks away with them.

Cassiel stands arms crossed as he looks at you, then up towards the judges chair.

"All items, Mr. Spellbane. You have been identified as using lie-inducing spells. If you are innocent- as you have claimed so boldly before Silas identified your Glibness- then removing the ring should pose no problem at all."

@Xander: You watch the three priests leave with the items and exit the Room of Law. Silas nudges you and whispers.

"See there? The anklets and the ring! I sold those to Tarith."

2012-11-20, 02:43 PM
"So far as I know, there are no lie inducing spells. There are truth-inducing ones, but there are none to force someone to lie. Removing that ring is pointless, as it allows me to not need food, nothing more, but the magic takes some time to come into effect, and I would rather not take the risk."

Tarith has not removed the ring of sustenance.

2012-11-20, 03:14 PM
To Silas.
Yes, I see them, in the time I have known Tarith, he has made no attempts to hide the use of those items, and uses both very regularly, it defiantly causes great suspicion, however if it were a elaborate job of framing him, those items could be easily reproduced.

At hearing Tarith response Xander speaks up.
He tells the truth regarding his ring, as I wear one myself, if it does turn out Tarith is innocent then extending any potential inconveniences such as having to await the ring to again properly sustain him seems unnecessary.

busy at work right now, on break, haven't looked at the angel much, but from first glance that aura is rather powerful.

2012-11-20, 03:18 PM
@Tarith & Xander: The inquisitor writes down on a book.

"Let it be noted that for now, the accused will be allowed to maintain the ring. Also of note, that those here, unless appointed members of the clergy, those defending the accused or those in the circle right now, should remain silent during the hearing."

Inquisitor Connor then looks at you.

"Tarith Spellbane, you stand here charged with robbery against the city and state, as well as a direct assault on the Forces of Heaven...

How do you plead?"

2012-11-20, 03:23 PM
"Then, equally so, let it be noted that the refusal was not for a weapon, armor, or method of escape, but an item that protects the user from poison, with disadvantages to removing it. After all, this is to be a fair trial, is it not?"

At the inquisitor's question, Tarith speaks confidently, and looks directly at the eyes of the judge, jury, and executioner, Connor.

"I plead not guilty."

2012-11-20, 04:17 PM
hmm..I should avoid risking any trouble, at least if ever asked my conscience can be clear, I attempted to speak out in aid of a companion, regardless of the outcome.

2012-11-20, 04:42 PM
@Tarith & The Party: The priests in the area above you gasp at your defiant response. You do notice Wilhelm remains quiet, while Connor bangs a small wooden mattock on a round marble sheet.

"Order! I will have Order! Very well, Mr. Spellbane. If that is the case. we will begin with eyewitness accounts. Lord Cassiel? Please tell everyone here what happened during your encounter last night while guarding the duke's vault."

Cassiel looks at Connor and begins.

"I was guarding the vault, as was Wilhelm's order to do so several days ago. Granted, not a task I would rather do, but a task appointed is one I must abide by. Until last night, I was performing my role as guardian rather well. Then, he came into view. I warned, as is my custom, to leave the vault. He simply vanished for a thought of a second and plunged his daggers deep into me. Not only was he vicious and relentless in his assault, he managed to steal my very divine being. The powers granted by Pelor during Creation. I attempted to blast the intruder, but was taunted by him, even going as far as questioning The Shining One's divine will and power. He attempted to use a silver tongue saying he was the duke's emissary, and had been sent to retrieve the contents of the vault. He attacked precise areas of my body, attempting to cripple and weaken me- tactics seen by me in the fields of the Abyss, used by the fiends themselves."

"Stick to the actual story, Lord Cassiel, please", Connor listens attentively.

Cassiel clears his throat and continues.

"I attempted to smite the intruder, especially when most of my powers had been stripped away by his daggers. The power of Pelor drove my mace, but the thief had deceit on his side, shadow- in the form of a phasing spell, causing most of my attacks to fail. The assassin used another of his brief teleportations to sneak behind me and perform a fatal strike at my back."

The priests listen in silence. Connor speaks up.

"Could you please point to the person responsible for this vicious assault on your person?"

The angel lifts his arm and points his finger straight at Tarith Spellbane.

2012-11-20, 04:57 PM
"So, let me get this straight: I apparently went into this vault, fought an angel, defeating him using a pair of daggers, and performed a fatal strike, on the angel before me? The rather alive looking angel? It does seem a bit odd to be charging someone with murder, when the supposed victim is alive.
Now, as far as Cassiel's statement goes, he was attacked by a servant of the hells. Such a person would be evil, yes? So, am I evil? I believe that there is magic that could be used to determine that. I have no objection to such a spell being cast.
Finally, I also have questions for Cassiel. Cassiel, could you determine the source of this shadow spell? or the teleportation? Both are fairly common effects, after all. Additionally, these actions were performed by someone who looked like me. Suppose someone was using magic to look like me. Would you have been able to tell the difference?"

2012-11-20, 06:20 PM
@Tarith: Connor brings down his gavel hard.

"Mr. Spellbane! You may not be familiar with trials here in Justcrown, but the witnesses get to say their version first. You will have a chance at a rebuttal afterwards."

Cassiel looks at you then turns his head up to the Inquisitor.

"I compared Spellbane to a fiend. In fact, I compared him to a hordeling of hades, given his coward methods of attacking me. Was I fatally wounded? Yes. However, I believe that part would be better answered by someone else on the floor, your honor."

The Inquisitor raises an eyebrow at your words.

"I am intrigued by this phasing Lord Cassiel described. Guard! have Mr. Spellbane's possessions brought to me. I am getting to the bottom of this. Thank you, Lord Cassiel. We will adjourn for 5 minutes. Those on the circle, remain there. Nobody is to leave the Fortress. I want everyone in this room to be back in five minutes!"

2012-11-20, 06:33 PM
"As I recall, he got to get his version in, so I replied to that, and your own questions. If I am not allowed to speak, then what it the point of this entire trial? You would decide that I am guilty of anything you wanted, and sentence me accordingly. Then again, that seems to be precisely what you ARE doing, so I may be wrong on that point.

I do indeed have an item to cause a blinking effect, although it is not an uncommon item, nor an uncommon effect."

2012-11-20, 07:09 PM
@Tarith: Everyone gets up and begins to leave the Room of Law. Inquisitor Connor stands up from his chair and points his finger at you.

"Mind what you say, Mr. Spellbane! You are charged with theft and an assault on the church. Must I add contempt to the charges?"

@Xander: You are led outside and Silas approaches. He seems very nervous.

"This does not bode well, Xander. From what I know, Connor is relentless. He will not allow Tarith to leave unscathed. And even if he were to win the case. Then there is the charge for theft. You can guess what the duke will want if he is found guilty of that."

@Dantie: Father Wilhelm approaches you.

"Dantie. I am trying to be very level headed here. Although Cassiel is alive, he is not one to lie. If you know anything, Dantie, tell me and I may be able to dissuade Inquisitor Connor to lower the charges against the assault on Cassiel. And even that won't be easy."

@Tarith: You are left in the circle with Cassiel, Rosalind, and Pottsdorff. Rosalind looks at you and shakes her head.

"I can't believe Dantie would've traveled with you for so long. You are nothing but a thief! With no respect for life whatsoever!"

Pottsdorff turns to look at you.

"I cannot believe I actually hired you to perform at my Ball. You are a fraud, Spellbane. If you don't get charged with the attack on Cassiel, you will certainly be found guilty of breaking into my house!"

2012-11-20, 07:20 PM
"Lets see: You intend on charging me regardless, as I won't be getting a chance to defend myself, and I imagine that the unspecified penalties for assault, and presumably stealing the dukes clothing, are probably death, so adding another death sentence on top of that isn't going to make my life any less over now, is it? I am starting to seriously regret even trying to clear my name, as you intend on seeing me hang for this regardless of the truth of the matter, for your own self edification."

Tarith shakes his head in sadness at the inquisitors complete failure to comprehend justice.

"Rosalind, you know me. I saved the duke's life at the ball, and avenged his retainer. I then went to the forest, and ended thr threat that was slaughtering all of the pilgrims that went there. Now, someone who appeared to look like me stabbed an Angel, who proceeded to try to kill me in the streets, with the aid of the inquisition, and you automatically assume that they are right? I am finding it difficult to see what Dantie sees in you."

At Pottsdorff's statement, Tarith laughs
"Duke, as I recall, you enjoyed the entertainment that I provided you that night, as well as the whole saving your life from Nerine and Varian. In what way am I a fraud?"

2012-11-20, 09:09 PM
Xander is deep in thought as Silas approaches.
This new inquisitor is committed to his work then...It is the angel, and his adamant conviction of Tarith that worries me most, have you spoken with Tarith, does he know who this imposter he spoke of is, he mentioned Nerine, but how could she steal the angels abilities?

As to the left, we could try to have it tracked, no doubt it would lead us to the imposter. Did Tarith give you any leads when you were near him?