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2012-11-17, 12:38 AM
After finishing up our previous story arc, we find ourselves in the northlands, with war brewing in every direction. A continental arms race has begun, with significantly increased aggression shown in the traditional border friction.

We find ourselves in an inn, in the city called Sal-Kar. You all have the area map and email info, so I won't repost it here.

You met the desert elf Sierra, a battle scarred newcomer to these parts with some already cynical taste. You are currently discussing which town to ally up with as your primary allies, but that conversation is unfinished. your room is paid for the night (Ignus had a few gems and parted with a couple to pay up for everyone) and can set out properly tomorrow.

One other important note: your character's race and type WILL factor into how you are received at any given place. I've ignored that for the opening scene and will continue to do so until you arrive at your chosen city (If you choose Sal-Kar, it'll start at some point tomorrow.).

As a note: you have one resident of Ivalice (Fleetfoot), one member who will be commonly mistaken for a resident of Estovakia (Ulrik), a man who could easily come from Sal-Kar (Serville), and Ignus could be perceived as part devil to those who don't know better. So no matter where you go, you're going to have mixed results.

2012-11-17, 12:39 AM
Yay new thread!

2012-11-17, 08:08 AM
One thing I'd like to be clear on: house rules. I do have several.

1. Diplomacy works in the fixed format found here on the playground. Intimidate functions the same, but with different inflections.

2. Mithral and similar materials reduce armor type EXCEPT for proficiency.

3. Homebrew is allow-only, but will be judged as fairly as possible and allowed when considered fair.

4. Sorcerors get the Eschew Materials feat at level 1 as a class feature. honestly, they always should have had this IMO.

5. Coins carry no weight, and while you need to mark down speeds for wearing armor, ignore encumbrance unless you are specifically directed to check or apply it.

6. Crafting is faster than written. months use platinum, weeks use gold, says use silver, and hours use copper. For poisons, siege engines, or anything else that crafts with gold by the week RAW, increase speeds accordingly.

7. I'm not an anthropologist. deal with it.

And that's all I've got. if you've any requests for optional rules to add (such as armor working as damage reduction, or the existence of psionics) feel free to ask.

2012-11-19, 10:11 PM
ulrik downs the remainder of his drink in a go befoe slmming the mug down on the table "well my companions it would seem to me that the logical choice would be estovakia. so theres little time to waste i we want a haven before war breaks"

2012-11-20, 11:39 AM
Fleetfoot glares at Ulrik. "While I agree that we need to make a decision soon, I hardly approve of us throwin' in our lot with the 'Vakians. I reckon we should head to Ivalice, or at least near it."

2012-11-20, 11:48 AM
Serville looks quizzically at Ulrik. "I mean not to be rude, friend, but aren't those from Estovakia quite infamous for shunning outsiders? Out of all of the cities, we would be the least welcome there. Here, however... I believe that there is great magic and power here, and by Sierra's words, it sounds as though the mages in charge of it are not very competent.... We could make this city into a great center of discovery and power..."

2012-11-20, 12:55 PM
Sierra speaks up at this point. "Careful there, Serville. The bolt that sunk my squad was aimed by some bookish fatso twenty miles away controlling the zombie who shot it. The magic, once it reached us, worked quite well, raising every corpse nearby for about a minute to attack everything nearby. They're incompetent with direct fighting, but do not underestimate the magical abilities at play here."

2012-11-20, 01:18 PM
Serville, stroking his familiar Milomile's fur: "Yes, it's clear that they wield great magic... I mean no underestimation of their power. But killing your own allies with it clearly means something is amiss. You mentioned that it would be possible for me to teach at the eight towers... who would I speak to in order to begin? Who runs the towers, or is there even any organization? Are the Sal-Karis running it, or mages who have come in seperately?"

2012-11-20, 01:36 PM
"As long as you understand, then. I myself would prefer to work with Ivalice, or Sal-Kar. The Estovakians bring a lot of power to bear, both individually and as a group, but they've shown themselves easy to trick, a weakness we can do without. the Sal-Karis may be careless, but at least we can rectify that if we can get even a few minutes to present the case. As for Ivalice, I'm not crazy about dwarven halls, but few would benefit more from my own brand of magic than them."

"The towers are more gatherings than schools. While each one has a group of specialists, they are all identical and everyone who works at them is individually clamoring for the recognition of rediscovering their secrets. Fighting is only kept to a minimum because everyone knows that while cooperation isn't necessary, a lack of hostilities is. If you wanted to start teaching, you could, but it's doubtless anyone would listen. There is a government figure here, he hired my old captain himself, some bureaucrat charged with keeping the city together. The place is run by and for magic, in the end."

2012-11-20, 03:04 PM
In as quiet a tone as possible, Serville leans in:
"What if we approached this bureaucrat with the idea of forming an organizational committee, or guild, under his leadership, tasked with gathering and compiling all known information about the towers, giving recognition where it is due and directing the activities of the many gathered mages to better understand the towers? (nodding towards Sierra) As well as making sure such horrible events do not repeat themselves? Whatever secrets or artifacts we uncover as a result may benefit us greatly. We would gain a position of power and perhaps respect, should we do our job well, and do our best to treat the locals well and with respect.... And of course, I suppose at that point, if anything were to happen to our superior..."

2012-11-20, 04:17 PM
ulrik leans back in his chair balancing on the two back lgs and crosses his arms behind his head as he says"
"aye we could make this city great and powerful but it would be short lived and hollow they're already beginning to grow weak and overconfident, they arent warriors, or even soliders without their magic they are nothing. and why would such a people dominated and compelled by their own arrogance ever even pay heed to us newcomers. no my friends i feel as if sal-kirr has the least to offer us, there is nuaght here but pale weaklings parading themselves as great wielders of magical arts and playing the games of generals.

now turning to sierra "and you especially know of what i speak. you lost all the friends you had in the world to these fools. they cost you dearly due to their arrogance and incompetence surely you can not think that you can trust them to do better by you in future or even trust the mystic arts that they practice."

Estovakians may be warry and hostile towards outsiders but once we show them our power imagine what they will offer us. they must respect strength and power above all else in those northern wastes and we have both in plenty. prove to them we are worthy of respect and respect we will have

turning to ignus "just think if they are truly as wild and powerful as this woman says they would make a fantastic core for your kingdom. i have travelled with you longer than any man here my friend and i know you wish for the power of a king or emperor and if any man can take the raw iron of these northerners and forge them into a blade worthy of your dream it is us. just think of the glories they could lay at your feet and picture the kingdom we could build with such a mighty backing. your name would echo through history as the man who tamed savages and barbarians and forged an empire with their strength"

2012-11-20, 04:40 PM
Ignus's eyes widen for a second in surprise. "That was very eloquent of you, Ulrik. However, I far your predeliction for physical superiority may have clouded parts of your judgement. Sierra knows better than to reject the possibilities of a titanic magical center because one ballista shot went astray. I've no indication that displaying power to the Estovakians will make them see us as anything other than a challenge to overcome, we need more information. While they may well have a purpose withing my ranks, I'm not sure the "core" of my kingdom is a good descriptor so much as its shock troops, or somesuch.

And so the question I pose is thus: If we were to politically control Sal-Kar and redirect their magics to our efforts for a time, might not the domination of the Estovakians come that much easier? Or Ivalice, the only other city apparently under discussion, stand as a fortress impenetrable, defeating their best efforts and show them they can only lose, and so must join or die?

You have good ideas, and I'll not discount that, nor will I say it impossible to start with Estovakia. I just question the effectiveness of doing so when it appears Sal-Kar has more interest for the rest of our group, and our internal information gives us the greatest chances of effectively directing the Ivalician forces. Be aware, everyone, that I'll need you. I'll need you to help me unite this land, to establish control where there is none. For that, I need your willing support, and you'll need each other's. For that, you may have to fight against the Estovakians, at least for a time."

2012-11-20, 04:55 PM
"I believe a position of respect, at least in this circumstance, is stronger than a position of power. If we make a good name for ourselves here and someone comes to oppose us, many will spring to our aid. If the Estovakians truly do respect strength as you describe, Ulrik, then what would happen should someone stronger than us arise? Or if they themselves are stronger than us? While I am confident in the skills we all have, especially yours, I would rather not be overwhelmed and killed at its outskirts.

Also, it takes a strong will or a great mind to wield magic- we mages are far from nothing without our magic, and regardless we are never without it. Magic is a powerful force. Without it, we never would have left that godforsaken island alive. In insulting the mages here, you insult all mages, myself included."

2012-11-20, 05:21 PM
"ulrik nods his head slowly "my apologies my friend i did not mean disrespect only to point out that in a war when the steel comes out and the spells start flying those who throw spells rarely can stand against those born with a sword in their hand."
turning toward ignus ulrik changess the subject
"as i've said before my axe is yours. and i see your point, though they may be strong the estovakians may well be to wild and savage to serve as the basis of your empire. though they will prove a boon to us in the future now may not be the time to utilize that power. but promise me this my friend when it comes time to bring them to our banner and lead them into the glorious fray allow me to be at their head"

now focussing on fleetfoot and sierra "what can you tell me about ivalice and tarakia i have yet to hear anything about the one and more than pssing mentions of the other"

2012-11-20, 06:21 PM
Fleetfoot sits back, listening to the conversation, gauging everyone's reactions. He perks up when Ulrik mentions his name, however. "'Tis good that you ask about Ivalice and Tarakia. While 'Vakia has great physical might, and Sal-Kar arcane power, the great strength of Ivalice and the Tarks is money and trade. Tarakia's more fertile than any two other cities combined; it makes them wealthy and populous. There's also a legion of paladins, holy warrior types, dedicated to Torm to smite their foes with divine fire. Scary chaps.

"As for my homeland...the mines might be dank and cold, but they've made many a man rich. 'Tis one of the only places where blue ice is mined, from what I hear. That stuff fetches a pretty penny in any market I've ever been to. With the wealth from that, the 'Valician army's well-equipped. 'Tween that and the strength of the Icefort, they're nigh impossible to defeat.

"I'd say we make our way there...if nothing else, we'll be safe. We can also work on luring some of the barbarian legions to our cause."

2012-11-20, 06:29 PM
ulrik grins "an icefort you say? sounds like my kind of place. i vote we travel to ivalice and from there begin our expansion"

2012-11-20, 06:46 PM
"Aye..I figured you'd like the cold. It's not actually made out of ice, 'tis just a name...feels like it sometimes, though. Even the dwarves usually leave the fort in the winter; my gnomish kin are the only ones who work the whole year."

2012-11-20, 09:58 PM
ulrik is visibly disappointed t here its not actually made of ice "well even if it is nothing more than an overstatement i still feel as if they are our best hope for the time being. unless someone can give me a good reason tarakia would be superior i think it would be oiur best bet to head straight for this so called icefort"

2012-11-21, 07:58 AM
Sierra speaks up. "Numbers, a central location, and the ability to feed itself without trade routes or large scale herding are the big reasons to favor Tarakia. Also, rumor has it they're good against the devils. Thing is, devils are weak against silvered weapons some of the time, so we can get that kind of thing in a well-financed place anyway, and if we can ensure security of trade we'll be able to survive. it's not like they haven't lived here for decades, that part's figured out for us."

2012-11-21, 11:24 AM
ulrik nods "even so i still feel our best bet is with the icefort. if what our friend fleetfoot says he has connections among their chiefs perhaps wih enough standing to assure that we end up as something more than mere thralls, and they're wealth would be a great boon in our venture and they are nearer to the estovakians so we are more likely to have a good fight on our hands"

2012-11-21, 11:37 PM
Serville, nodding and with Milomile in his lap: "All of what you are discussing makes sense- any of these places would be wonderful to acquire as allies. I must admit, however, to having a great predisposition towards Sal-Kar; this city provides me with an opportunity I have been awaiting for years. Perhaps it may be best if we split up from here."

2012-11-21, 11:42 PM
Fleetfoot looks at Serville. "It's not like us throwing our lot in with Ivalice means we can never come back here. Oh, we'll probably fight some Sal-Karian forces, but that's the way of things 'round these parts. If we play our cards right, we could end up leading all the forces in this region, and you could do whatever you want here in the desert."

2012-11-22, 08:31 AM

I went to bed before you guys had the facebook conversation, but while I don't like to split the party, I'll do it in the interest of momentum. It's also an excellent IC way to get Ignus off set.

Here's: my plan. Ulrik, Sierra, and Fleet go on to Ivalice and begin the arc. Ignus and Serville stay behind, and depending on how things play out Serville might put down some solo time. He will rejoin you later, on Ignus' command, when he's back IRL.

Ignus closes his eyes. "then perhaps we split forces. Sal-Kar is internally an easy take by what little we can reckon, and Serville wants very much to explore some of the potential here, as well. So he and I will stay here for a time. The rest of you will make for Ivalice, and we'll work from there.

I'll go to the minister here, and bring up the lack of military discipline in the face of impending war. Shouldn't be a hard sell.

Serville, you'll visit each of the towers and collect your best information on what exactly the mages inside are capable of.

Fleetfoot, you're in charge of the rest of the group. You know the area best, so give the other two a look around, then reintroduce yourself to Captain Steeltoe. You're going to have to smooth over Ulrik's appearance and fighting style, I'm sure. Call yourselves mercenaries, and make up a name if you need to. He should be able to get you to a mission of some sort. Once you've worked up some goodwill and a couple weeks have passed, I'll find a way to communicate and we'll have some further planning.

Ulrik, I know you've an affinity for ice and snow, but the Estovakians sound very much like the tribes of your origin, so chances are so do they. If they strike, gain trust by figuring out where they might have come from, or better yet predicting the same. Be sure to let some escape: If we're right about them, they'll bend easier if we've got people like you, but they can't know that if there are no survivors.

Sierra, in addition to supporting these guys, check out their weaknesses. If we need to absolutely cripple them, how would we do it? Check their food sources, cash flows, and ask about your place in contingency plans for losing the same after a while. If they go against us, how do we bring them down?

All right then, you all have your orders. Everyone get a good night's sleep, because tomorrow we begin to forge a country." He drains his beer. "That's some decent ale, there. All right, I'm headed out to the market to sell off and pick up some supplies."

You all continue to drink, but the conversation turns from serious, if a bit deluded and ludicrous, planning to swapping stories of past adventures. Ignus returns after a few hours, and hands each of you some cold weather gear (except you, Ulrik. your immunity makes you safe from all cold temperature bands.) Add fur clothing to each of your inventories, it will keep you safe from making checks until temperatures get below 0 F, but add 2 to your armor checks. He also tells you he's arranged passage on a ship tomorrow morning, headed for the mines.

You spend the night exhausted, and rest quite well in the first bed you've slept in in months. In the morning, you get up, pack in, and head to the ship.

Getting a good look at Sal-Kar, you see the town is a sandy yellow. the buildings and walls are made of sandstone, and everyone wears long robes rather than the cold weather gear you would expect from the region. the market is busy despite it being early: magical reagents, food, and clothing are being traded in abundance. in the center of the market there is a well, with no apparent bottom: just a dull bluish green as far down as you can see. You cannot, however, appreciate the spectacle for long. you have a ship to catch.

As you leave town, you take note that about an hour's walk out from the walls in almost any direction is a tower. there is no visible signs of magical activity, but you know it's there.

Arriving at the ship, the sailors let you aboard, tell you to sit on a pile of crates, and shove off. I'll leave things here until I recive the OK from Fleetfoot and Ulrik to proceed.

2012-11-22, 03:18 PM
OOC: Looks good, you've got my ok.

2012-11-22, 03:40 PM
likewise i agree

2012-11-22, 03:53 PM
also if any of you guys want a morningstar, a warhammer, a greataxe, a repeater crossbow, or a dagger just speak up

2012-11-22, 04:03 PM
Are any of those magical?

2012-11-22, 05:24 PM
Alright then. As the boat leaves, Fleetfoot and Sierra quickly decide to don their fur clothing, the warm auras of the towers fading fast. The journey takes most of the day, but by nightfall you arrive in Port Ivalice. The captain asks you to leave the ship immediately, saying, "That horned bloke paid fer us to get ye here, and here ye be. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got stores ta unload, an it'll go faster with ye out the way."

The port is nestled in a sparse alpine forest, and is surrounded by a thick stone wall. You see plenty of craft shops, most of them run by dwarves, lining the harbor and finishing up the day's work. Fleetfoot begins to guide the group to a nearby inn to stay the night, but you don't even get 100 paces before being accosted by a pair of armed half-orcs.

They wear full plate armor, lined with thick furs both inside and out. One wears a helmet, but the other has foregone such protection. Each carries a shield on his back, a shortsword by his thigh, and hold a ranseur, whose head appears to be a deep blue rather than steel grey. The one with no helmet speaks. "Well this is a sight. Seems to me you lot got the makings of a joke. A savage, a desert crawler, and gnome walk into a bar... ha! Wanna give me the idiot story about how you lot came to be here, or tell it to the captain when we arrest you for spying?"


You're quite sure that no one has broken any laws, seeing as all you did was step off a boat. You're also unfamiliar with such a charge's existence, though you've been away for a while and were never exactly a lawyer in the first place.

2012-11-22, 09:25 PM
ulrik crosses his arms and looks at the two with an expression somewhere between scorn, and amusement, "who are you to call someone a savage?,at any rate my friends i have had a rather....interesting last few months. i have killed things you can scarecly fathom exist and i am in no mood to be dallyed with. however i can assure you i have no interest in spying, so remove yourselves from our path and i will forgive your remark about my companions and i and we will continue on our way."

2012-11-22, 09:36 PM
Roll me a diplomacy check, please, Ulrik.

2012-11-22, 09:38 PM

diplomac check

2012-11-22, 09:47 PM
The half-orc turns to his partner. "What'd I tell ya? Goes straight to talkin bout the things he's killed, an even giving us orders in our own city! He's one of them all right, an' these others are with 'im. You all are under arrest, under suspicion of being Estovakian spies. Come quietly, submit your weapons, an if we find you're telling the truth, you'll be free to go."

2012-11-22, 09:59 PM
ulrik sighs deeply and turns to fleetfoot "and you thought it best to help these...folks" with that he draws his axe in a flash but before they can react he flips it and offers them the haft,and then his other greataxe, and then his morningstar, and then his warhammer, and then his dagger, and then his repeater crossbow all on the same guard "fortunately for you fools i cant save your sorry hides if i kill you first so i'll let you be. now will you be wanting me to surrender these as well, it might be just a wee bit tricky" he says as he wiggles his claws and gnashes his fangs dramatically

2012-11-22, 10:06 PM
The guards are look suspiciously at the amount of weaponry Ulrik was carrying, but let it pass without comment. "The rest of you, too. Even you, gnome."

Sierra hands over her scimitar, saying, "This is probably for the best, really."

2012-11-23, 09:39 AM
Fleetfoot sighs and smacks Ulrik upside the head. "Gods above, even I'm more diplomatic than this." He shrugs and turns over his longbow to the guards.

2012-11-23, 09:54 AM
The guards take you to a building on the edge of town, apparently a jail. They lock Sierra in a cell alone, and Fleetfoot and Ulrik together. Not twenty minutes later, you hear a conversation fade in.

"...new Sal-Kari tactics. Have her stand here with you, this really shouldn't take long."

"Yes, sir."

A dwarf comes around into view, clad in armor made of stone slabs and wearing a matched pair of rather ornate war axes at his sides. You've never seen him in person, Fleetfoot, but you know for sure this is Captain Steeltoe. He orders the cell unlocked, and steps in.

"Wow, my men weren't as far off the mark as I thought. You really do look like an Estovakian warrior. Name's Steeltoe, Captain of the Merchant's Army of Ivalice. what with the recent uptick in aggression across the region recently, we've had to crack down on foreign concerns, hence my men dragging in suspicious folks. I conduct most of the interviews myself, and this is yours.

You're here under suspicion of being Estovakian spies. I'd just as soon not throw out someone for simply walking into town and looking wrong, though. Rekrom's a bit of an overachiever in the spy-catching department, and you (he points at Fleetfoot) don't look Stovie at all. I need to clear you, and as far as the Stovies go that's often fairly easy. Let's start with what you're doing in town."

2012-11-23, 10:39 AM
Fleetfoot casually salutes Steeltoe, doing his best to not appear mocking. "My name's Thraen Shalath, usually go by Fleetfoot; I've worked mercenary jobs here before. This is my boon companion, Ulrik. We've heard the region's gotten rather tense; we came here looking for work."

2012-11-23, 11:04 AM
"Mercenary work? That the truth, big guy?"

2012-11-23, 08:27 PM
"aye, we hear that wars brewing and decided that you and your kin were the likely victors"

2012-11-23, 08:51 PM
Captain Steeltoe does not comment on your responses, instead pressing on with the investigation.

"All right, who's in charge of your group?"

2012-11-23, 08:52 PM
"I am, sir. Just me, Ulrik, and the elf lass next door, name of Sierra."

2012-11-23, 08:55 PM
"aye he does not lie

2012-11-23, 09:03 PM
The captain inspects you closely. "You? hmmm. That's not what the elf said. Wanna try again? Or is she the liar?"

2012-11-23, 09:05 PM
Fleetfoot sighs and fidgets awkwardly. "Well, we're technically working for a half-dragon named Ignus, a friend of ours; he sent us here to see the lay of the land, so to speak. I'm in charge of the three of us."

2012-11-24, 12:20 AM
OK, facebook session summary:

Smoothed over issues with arrest, received orders to work under Lieutenant Dirk and some 500 men under his command. They've been ordered to find and create a defensible position. He sent the party up a scout path that wound through the peaks, where they encountered a group of Estovakian slaves doing much the same thing. By killing the slavedriver in a sneak attack, brandishing large weapons, and shouting a lot, the PCs threw the halflings into a panic, a panic which was probably made worse by Sierra throwing the entire group of halflings a haste spell. this allowed them to escape while blazing a trail a zombie could track, which led the PCs facefirst into their goal, but at the expense of any real hope of taking the Estovakians by surprise.

The checks called for at the end of the session were for a geographical appraisal, and a guess at army size. Sierra actually puts out the high scores on both, and says, "This is the LT's defensible position, but we're gonna have to take it first by the looks of it. There's over twice our number though. we're going to have to come up with a plan."

2012-11-25, 09:08 AM
More facebook last night. Session summary:

You reported the size and location of the enemy force, and the LT decided to make a fight of it. result: you're losing.

You were stationed on the front lines, and the giants threw 6 unidentified white oozes, which split in half every time they were hit with anything sharp. you delayed momentarily, but when it became apparent these things were bad news for the soldiers in general, you sprang into action. You defeated one of them in round 4 and one in round 5, with the help of some of the soldiers, but the damage was done: the enemy was allowed to advance almost completely unhindered.

They charged into the walls, pushing the defenders back and leaping over them, then some continued the fight while others pried apart some of the wall sections, allowing the unwinded and very numerous halflings into the compound. overtaken two to one and caught in a retreat, a lot of Ivalician soldiers died at that point. you managed to get to the lines and were pulled back by Merchant Guard, who managed to stymie the advance by sundering the enemy's pathetic gear.

The giants still haven't charged to the front, but the enemy has also surrounded the front and sides of the compound, and some are already getting into the back to attack the noncombatant sections. what few proper defenders you had there are holding for the moment, but that can't last.

Ulrik has received and accepted a challenge from a certain frost giant, which wears some armor and holds a large mace instead of a greataxe, like most of the giants.

You now have one minute (10 rounds) to recompose yourselves.

Sierra states, "I'll be out of spells soon. That giant's got us in his sights, I think we'll have to fight him off before we can retreat properly."

2012-12-04, 02:01 PM
So. Frost giant. Fleetfoot doesn't have a lot to say.

How far away is the giant?

2012-12-04, 02:49 PM
About 120 feet away. You and Sierra are 5 feet behind Ulrik and 5 feet to either side of him. The barricade is 30 feet in front of you, and 2 lines of merchant guard are holding the line for the moment. The giant is striding towards you with purpose, but not running, not yet at least. While he certainly notices you, his focus is quite obviously on Ulrik.

Sierra isn't saying anything, but has sheathed her sword and drawn a shortbow. She appears to be grateful for a moment to take a breather before a dangerous engagement.

2012-12-11, 05:51 PM
ulrik grins hefts his axe and begins moving towards the giant until hes just behind the second rank merchant guard saying "come on you two theres no reason to keep our good friend waiting"

he turns back towards the giant points at it with his axe and winks menacingly

2012-12-11, 06:12 PM
Straining against the man in front of him, who himself is trying to push a dwarf back, the soldier screams, "Are you MAD?! we're not just gonna let it in!"

The giant begins to run towards the barricade. fast.

2012-12-11, 06:27 PM
ulrik luaghs mirthlessly "i dont think your going to have to let him in anywhere" he backs up ten feet further away tightens his grip and readies an action to charge when the giant gets through the barrier (if possible to do so)

2012-12-11, 07:25 PM
Fleetfoot takes a shot at the giant as it begins its charge. As the giant closes, Fleetfoot moves up closer to the barrier and to the side, skirmishing the giant.

First shot (>1 range increment away, thus a -2 penalty):
Atk: [roll0]
Dmg: [roll1] normal plus [roll2] electric. Total, 11 dmg.

Second shot (with Skirmish) :
Atk: [roll3]
Dmg: [roll4] normal, [roll5] electric, [roll6] skirmish. Total, 28 dmg.

Misc. note: I have +4 dodge AC against this chap. Yay racial bonuses.

2012-12-12, 06:08 PM
The giant barrels towards the defense line, And both Estovakian and Ivalician troops alike scramble out of the way. Fleetfoot and Sierra both unleash a shot from their bows, neither of which makes successful contact. The giant charges on, and in one sweep flattens several section of the barricade, throwing it back towards his foes.

He gives orders in giant (if anyone knows giant, PM me for what he said), and continues with his momentum for a few steps before coming to a stop. Even as he does, halflings begin to flow into the gap and engage the merchant guard, suddenly outnumbering the enemy very significantly. More giants smash through the barricades at other points, and even more halflings flow through, whipped into a frenzy: they're simply going to drown the defenders in their own bodies. The final wave has begun.

The giant in front of you has clearly marked your group, and the din of battle fades around you as you focus back, ready to fight.

mechanical stuff for everyone to read:

As Sierra readies herself, Fleetfoot gets one final attack off, sticking an arrow into the giant's collarbone area...and you aren't sure he noticed.

Ulrik, you do NOT get a charge, as the barrier wreckage has created rough terrain in front of the giant. Roll for initiative. Fleetfoot's initiative is right in front of the giant's, his second shot was treated as a readied action.

For positions, refer to your email, I've sent a map.

2012-12-12, 06:45 PM
Pasted info/map from email, because I like having everything in one place:

(Fairly big image, though not window-stretching big)

As before, you three are the megatanks. Ulrik is middle, Sierra is left, Fleet is right.

Bomber groups are giants (each group of 4 bombers is 1 giant).

at time of sending this email, initiative order is:

Ulrik: unrolled
Sierra: 12
Fleetfoot: 3
Giant: 2


2012-12-12, 07:04 PM
intiative roll

2012-12-12, 07:18 PM
And with that, we have an initiative count.

Sierra: 12
Ulrik: 4
Fleetfoot: 3
Giant: 2

Sierra steps slightly to the right, sheathing her bow, and reaches out to touch both of you, casting displacement. Each of your bodies appear to spring a couple feet in a random direction.

for the next 6 rounds, you each have concealment, meaning a 50% miss chance for attacks aimed at you.

Ulrik, you're up.

2012-12-12, 10:00 PM
i'm unclear how far away from the giant we are, but if possible i rush in and attack it roaring "now come taste my axe and see how a real warrior fights!"

attack [roll0]

damage [roll1]

electric damage [roll2]

nd dont forget the possible mutation

2012-12-12, 10:09 PM
You're 15 ft. away at the start of your turn.

Fleetfoot will nod in thanks to Sierra, then dodges around her, moving to the left, ending up 4 squares left and 1 square up from his original position. He takes a shot at the giant:

Atk: [roll0]
Dmg: [roll1] normal, [roll2] electric, [roll3] skirmish, total of 27 damage.

Giant's up.

please don't kill me

2012-12-13, 07:07 AM
Ulrik, your axe sinks into the giant's chain shirt, and leaves barely a flesh wound. no damage.

Taking another arrow to a squishy spot, the giant roars, more in rage than pain. He reaches out his unarmed fist above Ulrik, and drops a few pebbles. two of them miss, but crash to the ground with a strangely heavy thud. One hits you directly, take 3 damage.

The giant then raises his hands, and a flash of light arcs out toward Fleetfoot, and a shimmering greataxe is suddenly hovering in front of you. It takes a swing, whacking you for 8 damage.

The tide of battle begins to turn yet again for the worse, as more and more enemies flow into the area and begin forcing retreat.

Sierra stands where she is, and casts another spell. 4 thin wires spring out of nowhere and wrap around the giant, holding him immobile.

Later today I will update the combat map and push out a new version. now that I have a suitable mapping software, If we're not on facebook I'd like to take the time to keep things accurate. If we are, I'll still be keeping a map but not likely push one out every turn.

2012-12-13, 06:51 PM
ulrik roars "die you son of a rancid she-goat!" and swings his axe again

attack [roll0]

damage [roll1]


2012-12-13, 07:05 PM
Falling to it's knees as it struggles against the bindings, the giant takes a blow aimed near the head from Ulrik. The blow is glancing, but as teh axe puts a cut on his face a change is noticed. Even as the giant yells and strains, his eyes begin to glow slightly.

Fleetfoot, at the beginning of your turn, make a fortitude save.

2012-12-13, 08:13 PM
Fort save: [roll0]

EDIT: Ok, I resist.

2012-12-13, 08:21 PM
Fleetfoot keeps moving back, moving 2 squares SW, then one square south, then takes his shot:

Atk: [roll0]
Dmg: [roll1] normal, [roll2] electricity, [roll3] skirmish, total is "I rolled a nat 1, ARG"

I'm done.

2012-12-13, 08:39 PM
The giant tenses his muscles and, with a great effort, breaks right out of the steel binds, throwing cable everywhere. He turns his now shimmering eyes to Ulrik, intent on making his mark.

The greataxe chases Fleetfoot and gives him another wallop, for 7 damage.

Sierra closes her eyes for the briefest of moments, running through her quickly diminishing list of available spells, and selects one. 3 Giant bees appear out of nowhere, buzzing maddeningly around the giant and stinging at his hide. Two fail to penetrate his thick, leathery skin, but he recoils at the sting of the third. The third bee leaves its stinger inside the giant, collapsing to the ground.

Sierra then runs for the fence, redrawing her sword and buckler as she does so.

Ulrik, you're up, and make a fort save at the beginning of your turn. you can avert your eyes for a 50% chance to avoid trying to make the save, or close them for a guarantee you won't have to. both grant the giant a miss chance, with eyes totally shut being naturally worse for you.

2012-12-13, 08:47 PM
i choose to avert my gaze
and glancing at his shadow i roar at the giant "gods damn you you infernal bastard! just die!!!"

i swing my axe at him
attack [roll0]

damage [roll1]


2012-12-13, 08:52 PM
Unable to look directly at your foe, you let instinct take over and have a swing while not really looking at your target. Satisfyingly, a deafening yell comes from in front of you as you slice deep into his leg. The giant is clearly wounded, but still quite capable of fighting.


2012-12-13, 09:03 PM
Fleetfoot yells angrily at the axe, and looks straight at the giant:

Fort save: [roll0]

2012-12-13, 09:08 PM
Fleetfoot growls in defiance, skittering to the right, taking cover behind friendly soldiers. 4 squares right, 1 square up. He focuses, taking a shot:

Atk: [roll0]
Dmg: [roll1] normal, [roll2] electricity, [roll3] skirmish, total is 23.

2012-12-13, 09:30 PM
The well aimed shocking force arrow sails straight into the cut from earlier on the giant's face, causing him to reel in pain. He puts both hands on his mace, and takes two vicious swings at Ulrik. The first one comes crashing down hard with perfect accuracy on the Illusion beside Ulrik, but the second swing comes around horizontally and deals a murderous blow(take 20 damage).

The greataxe continues to chase after Fleetfoot, mimicking its master's effectuality, but with a less damaging strike of only 7 damage.

The Ivalician noncombatants are pulling out fast, and The merchant guard are falling back to close ranks and allow them as safe a retreat as possible.

Sierra shouts, "We should join them before we get swamped! finish him off, then get outta there!" She throws her hurricane shaped shield, which travels the distance and smacks the giant right in the forehead, and begins to return.

The bees appear to concur, both taking careful aim at the distracted giant and burying their stingers deep. As each bee leaves its stinger inside to deliver another dose of poison, the bees fall off. Stung, slashed, punctured, concussed, and poisoned, the giant falls to his knee. Giving Ulrik a glare, he mutters a phrase, and collapses, bleeding onto the frosty ground.

I'm too tired at the moment to write a proper ending to this battle, so I'll edit an ending into this post tomorrow. For now, grab 1400 XP for victory over a frost giant cleric.

2012-12-13, 10:01 PM
ok well i think right no it bears mentioning that i literally have 4 hp right now.

anyway ulrik steps up and swiftly cuts off the giants head lugging it with him as he turns and huals ass off the battlefied

2012-12-14, 07:18 AM
Ugh. I'll let you cut the head off, but please stop just casually posting time taking and psychotic actions as soon as combat ends, it kinda forces the DM to chooses between losing momentum and forcing a player's action to flatly not happen.


As the giant falls, a hush falls over the nearest parts of the battle. The merchant guard see their opportunity and make a break for the final barrier. Ulrik, head in tow, follows suit, as do Fleetfoot and sierra, who waits only for her shield to return. Once in the final barricade, the merchant guard split themselves in half, with half making a final stand to give the rest of the Ivalicians time to retreat and the other half heading off to join and defend the noncombatants.

You join those heading out, having no intention dying here. Almost everything is being left behind: the barriers, the ballistae, most of the tents and survival gear and supplies. those parts of the enemy army that gave chase quickly fall off, distracted by looting opportunities and not wanting to lose their chance at the good stuff.

As you catch up with the losing group, near the center of it is Lt. Dirk, giving out a few orders. You approach him.

"Keep the guardsmen in the rear, they might try to catch up to us. You two, break off and climb the mountain, try to get an estimate of the enemy's casualties. Muster the troops, see who's still alive. We're bound for the mine."

Upon noticing your party, he gruffly says, "I suppose you did well enough. Seeing that giant fall gave them pause, if only for moment, but it was the moment we needed. Here's your pay for the battle." He hands Fleetfoot 6 reward coins. "This group's gonna move more slowly than a small band of mercenaries. Go ahead of us, and report what happened to the Captain. tell him we're making for the mine, it's closer to our current position and we've got very few supplies, and they might try to chase us down and finish us so we can't afford to slow down."

EDIT: in addition to the 1400 XP you earned for the giant, take another 1000 XP for the rest of the fighting. grand total for the battle is 2400 XP.

2012-12-14, 01:36 PM
ok sorry
anyway at the fisr available oppurtunity i chug my last potio of cure light wounds [roll0]

also if my calculations are correct i'm only a couple hundred xp off the next level

2012-12-14, 07:09 PM
since no one else has posted i'm just going to go ahead and post my next action

when they get a decent distance ahead of the army ulkrik asks out loud while examing his new trophy "now if only i had a way to turn thi into some kind of armor i'd be able to strike fear into the hearts of all my foes" he says with a savge grin

2012-12-15, 12:02 AM
Fleetfoot nods to the Lieutenant, pocketing the reward coins, acknowledging the orders with a gruff "Will do", before heading off.

Once they're away from the main body of troops, he gives Lothbrok a disgusted look. "By Glittergold's eyes, you're a savage. At least you're good at what you do, unlike that fool lieutenant. Let's get a move on, we need to warn the main army soon."

2012-12-15, 01:33 PM
Sierra says to you guys, "I'm going to hate myself for saying this, I'm sure, but they say use a dog to hunt dogs. Or something such as that. The point is that against this crowd, exactly that kind of savage may be just what we need, and he might want to look the part. I can craft quite a lot of things, and I'll be able to reinforce some armor with bones of your kills if you'd like. Tonight we'll remove the skull, everything else is just going to start rotting or freezing soon. When we get to town I'll take a little of your share, Ulrik, and purchase the necessary ingredients to begin.

As for warning the main army, you've got the right idea. I'll prepare mounts for us tomorrow, and we can head into the city at top speed."

Your day progresses further in bitter silence, as you all keep to your thoughts about what happened. That night, as you set up camp, Ulrik and Sierra discuss a few things about his new armor, including measurements and potential magical upgrades. The next morning, as soon as you've finished packing in, she summons a host of horses and you gallop of at top speed to Ivalice, arriving within the city by midmorning. Sierra takes pity on the now exhausted horses and unsummons them immediately afterwards. You quickly make your way to the headquarters, and after a very short time are ushered in to see Captain Steeltoe. As you enter the room, 2 familiar faces appear, as well as two new ones. The Captain, Ignus, a human and a gnome (standing on a stool) surround a table, bent over a map of the area.

The captain is dressed, as is apparently his custom, in his stone armor. Ignus still wears his sand cape, which largely conceals everything else on his person. The gnome wears a heavy fur coat, but no armor of any sort, nor a visible weapon. I'll leave the human's description to DuSlaanesh.

Ignus reacts first. He turns to the man you don't know, saying, "That's them."

Steeltoe speaks up before he can say anything else. "You have a report from the Lieutenant, I hear? Is the barricade ready for its garrison?"

2012-12-15, 02:50 PM
ulrik luaghs mirthlessly "nay, i think it will be some time before that barricade is ready for anything more than covering the corpses of dead warriors"

2012-12-15, 02:55 PM
The human next to Ignus is around six feet tall, with pale skin, long white hair, and dark eyes. He's wearing a violet cloak over a tight black entertainer's outfit. He's wearing a dull steel circlet and has a cloth sack off to his side.

2012-12-15, 03:01 PM
Fleetfoot avoids the talk of the bone armor during travel, keeping to himself and scouting around.

Once we arrive in headquarters, I nod to Steeltoe. "My companion may be uncouth, Captain, but he's right. We met up with Dirk's force and moved forward, then ran into a large Estovakian host, at least a thousand strong. Dirk made camp, fortified it with what he had on hand, and gave battle. We were routed, however, the 'Vakians were fierce fighters. The lieutenant's retreating to the Icefort with what's left of his men, maybe ten score. It's not looking good, Captain, I think we'll have to fight the barbarians beneath the Icefort's walls."

2012-12-15, 03:08 PM
ulrik gives a breif survey of the newcomer, deciding theres nothing there of interest since hes clearly not a warrior he turns back to steeltoe and ignus. "dont worry to much, it wasnt a total loss we got one of their leaders" he says hefting or gesturing to the giant skull

2012-12-15, 03:58 PM
Ignus reacts to the head first, pointing at it. "That....that does not look like it was a necessary action.

Still though, Captain, this proves what I've been trying to tell you all morning. Something deeper is up here, and you've got to do more than try to plug the holes."

Steeltoe rounds angrily on Ignus. "Don't you dare try to tell me what I have to do." Turning back to the rest of you, he says, "Down to ten score...retreating to the mines. Did they surprise you?"

Sierra answers in the negative.

"So he made a fight of it while knowing they were coming...the damn fool. Spinner, go tell the 8th battalion and several siege teams to begin to get ready, we're going in in force. If Dirk made a stand, it can only mean he found the junction. Send some supplies and a large relief team to the mines and be ready to receive the survivors, and go with them. If the enemy arrives, shutter yourselves and send a raven here, and we'll hit them from both sides." The gnome hops of his stool and leaves after acknowledging the orders.

"As for you lot, you're going back there when the 8th battalion leaves, though that'll take 2 days. Ignus tells me you're probably best off not fighting in the front lines, and I happen to agree, as you aren't trained in our tactics. That's why I'm not only sending you back into the fray, but Ignus as well. In an advisory capacity." He looks back at Ignus as he practically spits those last words, and Ignus Looks right back at him, though his horse-blinder horns make it impossible to see his expression from this angle.

"In the meantime, consider yourselves off duty. Now, I have other things to do."

Ignus excuses himself, asking all of you to follow him. Outside the room, he says, "As you can see, the Captain and I have not started on the best of terms. He's keeping me onboard only because I've been completely right so far. Forte, you'll be working with these people. The big one is Ulrik, The short one is Fleetfoot, and the woman is Sierra. I know that the front lines are not a place or people of your power r potential, so I'll be keeping you in mind as I analyze situations and see whether you should attack or defend specific soft spots. For now, I suggest you use the pay I'm sure you earned to upgrade your equipment if possible. Do you have any questions for me?"

NOTE: if no one has questions, simply move on to posting your next actions, specifically what you do during the next few days. You have 2 days worth of downtime, plus this day's afternoon, and you'll leave the following morning. Sierra is taking all of Ulrik's pay as discussed in private to craft him a new set of armor, and will be busy with that the whole time.

2012-12-15, 04:05 PM
i've got nothing other than trying to sell the repeater crossbw i picked up on the island

2012-12-15, 04:07 PM
that'll net you half of its standard price, so 125 if it's a light crossbow of 200 if it's heavy.

2012-12-15, 04:08 PM
i actually have no idea. it was never specified. but whichever it is i spend the money on more potions of cure light wounds

2012-12-15, 04:10 PM
coinflip time, then. on a 2, you get 200. on a 1, you get 125.


2012-12-15, 04:13 PM
awesome i spend all that on the aforementioned potions. there 50gp each right?

also you all notice that ulriks right eyes hyas a strange glint to it, if you look closer it seems like its almost rimed in frost

2012-12-15, 06:18 PM
I'll pick up a Healing Belt and 4 potions of Divine Favor (CL 1), and keep the remaining 1400 as credit, I think.

Fleetfoot asks Ignus once they're alone, "What's the situation in general? How many men can the Ivalicians rally?"

2012-12-15, 06:45 PM
"A few thousand, but a lot of them will have to stay here until we can recall some of the rest of the army from protecting shipping routes ever further south. As the war drags on, we'll be able to replace some of the casualties. However, right now we only have the mobile forces to establish one outpost, and the captain wants it up there to create a northern front instead of constant siege and liberation of the mine.

Our force now will consist of a full thousand fighting men, a fullisade of twenty ballistas plus crew, and the noncombat personnel to support all of that. With the right tactics, we should be able to keep our casualties at 30% at worst, though we'll likely drive them off instead of kill them all. We'll see.

Our goal is going to be the same as before, but now we're better informed. Anything you can tell me about the lay of the land would be helpful, the map only goes so far and these guys have never had to establish a border north of the mine before."

2012-12-15, 06:49 PM
"mountains, mountains, an more mountains. reminds me of my own homeland, though not as cold"

2012-12-15, 08:05 PM
Fleetfoot listens to Ignus, grunting at that last bit. "Damned fools...they should've built a northern outpost a long time ago. Last time I was around these parts, they were thinkin' about it, but decided not to...wouldn't be bloody profitable."
He sighs. "That's in the past, though. As far as terrain...from where we fought, the valley keeps going for about ten more miles. Past that, it opens up to the tundra...rough terrain, but no major obstacles. We can harry 'em as they march, but there aren't any good points to hold until the Icefort."

2012-12-15, 08:12 PM
"Open tundra....I need to think about this then. That is all." Your group understands the dismissal, and turn to leave. Once outside the HQ, Sierra takes the skull, the pay minus Fleetfoot's, and goes off to do her crafting.

You have 2 and a half in game days of downtime. anything you want to purchase or do, during that time, post now. I you can't think of anything, assume your character finds some light activity and post that you're ready to continue. we will wait for this confirmation from all players.

2012-12-15, 08:19 PM
i'm ready whenever every one else is

2012-12-15, 08:21 PM
Don't think I have anything else to do, unless there's a random encounter around worth 3392 XP. :smalltongue:

2012-12-15, 09:44 PM
In that afternoon, Forte would definitely introduce himself to the group, at least. You'll notice that although he is human, his voice has an odd, otherworldly quality to it.

"Greetings fellow travelers. My name, as you may have overheard, is Forte. I'm a bard from Sal-Kar, though my talents have gone unappreciated there. I specialize in weaving magic others might find questionable into my voice as I sing. I am well versed in the Dark Speech, and have considerable magical knowledge."

In the following two days Forte do little other than practice his song and dance, making sure that he is ready to use his magic to the fullest potential.

2012-12-15, 09:49 PM
I'm not sure what my in-character response is, but out-of-character: YES A BARD BONUS DAMAGE YAY! :smallbiggrin:

2012-12-15, 09:54 PM
ulrik looks him over again rather disapprovingly "what are we going to do with this one? hope the giants choke on his bones on the way down their gullets?"

out of character: well this is certainly going to be intersting, am i right in assuming there is alot of bovd used with this guy?

2012-12-15, 10:41 PM
Throughout the next two days, there is a significant step up in military activity around town. just outside the walls, a large staging are has been set up, with lots of supplies and equipment being gathered for the big move. Despite the location of the Estovakian force, you do not hear of them attacking the mine. Instead, for the miners it's mostly business as usual.

On the second day, the remnants of the initial task force return home. They are given a recovery period of leave, after making various reports. Accounts generally agree that the Estovakians looted the camp, and then turned back towards the pass rather than push further south.

Upon reviewing the reports, Lieutenant Dirk is discharged as an officer, and immediately drafted as an enlisted man.

On the second evening, Sierra finally reveal her work. A black, moderately furred leather coat with a slightly raised collar reaches down to Ulrik's knees. The giant's skull has been carefully split in half, straight down what used to be its nose. Each half has been used as a pauldron, with one eye looking forward on each shoulder. The eyes have been filled in with lenses of blue ice, and an apparently permanent light source placed behind them, which makes their slight mish glow a faint blue at all times. A large number of leather loops, much like belt loops, ring the sides of the coat, waiting to be filled with evidence of future kills to further reinforce the coat, which will then form an external ribcage.

The third morning finds you at the staging area, regrouped and ready to march. As final instructions are sent down through the chains of command, and the unit begins to move out, Ignus approaches your group.

"It would appear that your initial suspicion was off, Fleetfoot. The Estovakians aren't attacking the mine. That further cements my certainty that they're here to make war; they're holding the pass, not attacking us. Just what Steeltoe wants us to do. The side which control that pass controls the ability to attack the other without needing to get a fleet around the Sal-Kari and Tarakian military. It's a long trudge, though." He shifts on the spot. "But something keeps bugging me. No matter how I try to think about it, their presence and actions make no tactical sense whatsoever from an offensive standpoint, yet if they were playing straight defense we still wouldn't know they were there." He sighs slightly. "When we take the pass, I'm taking a small group out scouting beyond the pass, to see what it looks like. You're coming with us. Until then, we all stay with the main body of the army. Technically, the commanding officer here is Lt Commander Erikson, but you four answer directly to me, and indirectly to him or any other officer."

Sierra summons a number of mounts, and Ignus hops on one. as the army is moving far slower than the horses will, there's no need to ride if you don't want to.

As you begin to move off with what, to a usually fast-moving adventuring party, feels like agonizing slowness, Ignus asks, "Do you have any additional information or questions?"

2012-12-15, 10:52 PM
"it seems to me that the estovakians hold all the asdvantages here, strength, power, numbers, raw ferocity and a true warrior spirit, not to mention those giants we met earlier, not that i'd mind running into them again and adding a few more keepsakes to my new wargear." Ulrik says with a viscious grin "how do these dwarves plan to defeat a foe that is so much stronger than they?"

2012-12-15, 10:55 PM
"Just a suggestion towards Ulrik: underestimate me again and you'll come to regret it. I paid a heavy price for my power and I'll see all of Sal-Kar on its knees before me one day."

2012-12-15, 11:14 PM
ulrik looks forte up and down before breaking into a grin "well then atleast you got some stomach maybe there'll be a use for you after all. and feel free to keep the desert city, i'll take estovakia when the time comes." he says pounding forte hard on the back

2012-12-15, 11:15 PM
"Tactics. We actually have the numbers, I think, but we'll win by using our heads. Ivalice has precious few horses, I don't know why, but we've procured some for this mission. We have them riding ahead of the main force and will receive ample warning if the enemy knows of our presence. I don't think we can really count on surprise, but we should be able to out-think them. What we need to do is locate them, see how they've laid out their defenses, and carefully apply pressure on their weak points without risking ourselves until they snap. When that happens, we've got them. Simple, really."

2012-12-15, 11:23 PM
"if you say so my friend. where i come from we usually just break them with muscle and steel we cant be bothered with much in the way of tactics beyond an ambush...i suppose there really just arent enough of us for it to matter. even my tribe could barely raise two hundred warriors."

2012-12-16, 01:13 PM
Ok, I've properly finished planning for the battle, so here we go.

It takes the army a week to come upon the remains of Dirk's old crew. Virtually everything has been stolen, and what little wasn't stolen is destroyed. hundreds of bodies littler the area, none have weapons and many have been partially or wholly stripped for gear.

During that time, the temperatures begin to drop. The weather is now freezing at night always, and rarely above 40 in the daytime. The armies are both well used to such weather, but you find it necessary to wear your cold weather gear at all times not asleep.

The army presses on for half a day beyond that when the riders come back and report the Estovakian location. The valley, going west as it is, curves sharply north up ahead, and a little less than half a mile beyond that is the Estovakian camp. It is now noon.

Your party, Ignus with you, goes for a peek from some sparse wood cover while the army pitches its defenses. Being half a mile out makes for bad scouting, but it's clear they've entrenched themselves a littlebehind a row or two of stolen barricades.

Ignus says, "OK. We've got to move fast from here. We start with information. The command tent supplies include several spyglasses, so when you return to the camp, they'll loan you one for scouting work. I want you guys to look out at their army for weaknesses they seem to have left open, strengths that might not be immediately apparent, or tricks they might be planning to use. You have until tomorrow morning, so use your time wisely. I don't know how fast they'll react to our presence, but if they've entrenched themselves, They probably aren't planning on rushing out. I'm going to be looking around at the terrain. We cannot delay too long, because they definitely know we're here, but we also cannot afford to be imprecise, lest we end up fighting them on their terms. We do have a forward inventory with some select magical gear from the exchanges, mostly potions, if you feel you need something, but as mercs we will have to pay full price."

2012-12-16, 01:38 PM
Fleetfoot is silent and grim as he looks over the enemy camp, listening to Ignus. "This is very...odd," he finally says. "Why are they waiting and holding back so much? They're not fools, that's for certain, and time favors us more than them...so why not attack? Ignus, do you know if there are any other Estovakian forces around, perhaps trying to infiltrate Ivalice behind us?"

2012-12-16, 01:43 PM
"Waiting defensively might make more sense than it outwardly seems. Last time, they outnumbered you two to one and probably knew it. This time, it's an even fight if they're lucky, but defenders have an advantage in an even match. That's also why we're doing recon." He looks out, squinting towards the enemy. "Bah, I can't make anything more out from here."

2012-12-16, 02:04 PM
Fleetfoot nods, still hesitant. "What about doing more than just passively spying? If we have the opportunity to sabotage their supplies or kill a key leader or two, should we take it?"

2012-12-16, 02:07 PM
"If you see the opportunity, yes, but don't take unnecessary risks. Don't try to make an opportunity that isn't there. I don't even know how close you'll really be able to get."

2012-12-16, 02:09 PM
"Probably quite close, unless they've got protections against invisible infiltrators along their whole perimeter..."

2012-12-16, 02:13 PM
Sierra, whose eyes are a bit better over such distances than Ignus', says, "It's tough to tell from here, but I think their 'perimeter' is really just a barricade on the overpass."

2012-12-16, 02:20 PM
"Well, let's go grab the spyglasses, and check it out. Sierra, if you give us a cloak of invisibility, we should be able to get right into their camp."

2012-12-16, 02:28 PM
"aye sounds like a plan, theres no teloling what damage we could do inside the belly of the beast"

2012-12-16, 02:34 PM
Ignus stays behind, Looking closely at the lay of the forests and mountains. Your party walks back to the camp, locates the command supplies, and is allowed to borrow a single spyglass.

Sierra informs you that she only has one casting of invisibility prepared, and reminds you that offensive actions will break it immediately. You'll have 6 minutes of invisible actions, and you'll have to be out of pursuit range by the time it wears off.

Upon returning to your earlier vantage point. Noting Ignus' absence as a matter of course, you survey the area with the spyglass. You still cannot make out too much aside from the lay of the land, but that's a start. see the email for the general map and some notes.

2012-12-16, 02:45 PM
'whats the point of going into their camp if we cant kill anything?"

2012-12-16, 02:47 PM
"If I can get close in to a large group of them, I can use my music to panic the entire lot. We can kill whatever we want, Sierra is saying that if we just want to get in and out undetected, that's how much time we'll have."

2012-12-16, 02:49 PM
"hahhahha why not just let me rip the heads from a few of their chieftains, they'll kill eachother with the in fighting"

2012-12-16, 02:55 PM
Sierra speaks up. "We're gathering intelligence. Disturbances of any form should be discouraged. We might even want to send Fleetfoot in alone, invisible, i we're to breach their perimeter at all."

2012-12-16, 02:58 PM
ulrik grunts in consent "aye that migt be best, i'm not sure i could pass up the opputunity to gut another giant"

2012-12-16, 04:31 PM
"Yes, if the goal is to gather intelligence discreetly it may be best to send an individual."

2012-12-16, 04:48 PM
"I guess the only question left is when to get close. we can close in safely now, to maybe as close as 1000 feet. between that and the scope we might be able to see a few things pretty well." Sierra says. "But for sending in Fleetfoot, do we wait for nightfall, or do it in broad daylight?"

2012-12-16, 05:02 PM
"Under cover of night, I'd say...gives me the best chance to hide, and I can see just fine."

2012-12-16, 05:41 PM
"as can i, but if i look as much like one of these estovakians as people seem to think perhaps i could just walk into their camp?"

2012-12-16, 05:44 PM
"Unlikely, you'll be figured out fast unless you can lie very well. Lets go, we should observe them for several hours, not just five minutes. Perhaps we can glean some other useful information."

Your group sticks to the trees and keeps all eyes open, ready to beat a swift retreat should you encounter issues, but there are none. Creeping up to a treeline, you decide to chance it a lot closer than sierra's initial guess, and put yourselves about 800 feet out with a good open view, but too enshrouded to be seen. even a few steps closer puts you in open ground, however, so you stick to this vantage point. Since you moved slowly and cautiously, it is now 4:00 in the afternoon.

From this much closer vantage point, you see a few things much more clearly, especially after taking turns with the spyglass. The barricade is clearly pilfered from the remains of dirk's equipment, and is stretched across the most narrow part of the bridge, even though narrow here is quite a relative term. Large mountains rise up next to the valley, but you can see a couple of small paths on them. A number of the Estovakians have gear that seems too well made, and doesn't fit in with their rough style. Throughout the hours of searching, you count out 12 Frost giants scattered throughout the main body. Their number is difficult to estimate given the disorderly nature of their camp, but you suspect about 800 fighting men and women, at least two thirds of them halflings rather than anything particularly fierce.

The stakeout proves, as such things so often do, long and boring, but strangely safe, given your position. The enemy has posted guards, but does not seem particularly alert, and they are not sweeping the area. Instead, they focus their activities on scrounging extra foodstuffs of varying sorts from the woods behind them, or finding chunks of ice to melt into water for drinking. It's almost as if they aren't worried about the nearby force, though Ignus is sure they know of your presence.

The heavy silence is finally broken by Sierra. "I don't get it. even if the defenders took down an extra giant last week, they're still 6 off. Could they have left, or can we just not see them?"

2012-12-16, 05:55 PM
the ones in better equipment, can we tell if it has been stolen from dirk's men or does it look like it came from another source?

2012-12-16, 05:56 PM
not from here, you can just see that it's another anomaly.

2012-12-16, 06:01 PM
ulrik turns to forte "you said you could scare these warriors? perhaps it would be easier to start by making those craven halflings run back to whatever frozen hell they live in"

2012-12-16, 06:04 PM
Fleetfoot looks uneasily to Sierra. "It's hard to hide a giant; if they were in camp, we'd have seen them. This does not feel right...I'm almost positive they're planning some trick or trap."

OOC: Anything characteristic of the Estovakians with unusual gear? What supplies are there that we can see? How many of the Estovakians are mounted, are there any horses tied up in the camp? Can we hear anything from the direction of our camp?

2012-12-16, 06:08 PM
also do any of the trails we can see look like they could possibly lead to our forces or even to the rear of the ivalice army

2012-12-16, 06:16 PM
Sierra doesn't respond, instead falling into thought.

OOC: Anything characteristic of the Estovakians with unusual gear?

you're still 800 feet out, spyglass or no. you just can't make it out from this distance.

What supplies are there that we can see?
You can see a lot of tents, and some stacks of firewood, but most of the visible supplies are either inside the tents, behind mountains, or obscured by bodies. Most of the visible supplies are skins being tanned and meat being cooked rather than stored.

How many of the Estovakians are mounted, are there any horses tied up in the camp?
None visible.

Can we hear anything from the direction of our camp?
You can hear some activity, but nothing too loud. They should still be quite busy. Sharper ears among the Estovakians may well have heard their presence in the clear air.

also do any of the trails we can see look like they could possibly lead to our forces or even to the rear of the ivalice army
Nothing is leading through or around the river save the fortified bridge. there really is only one way through here by land.

Fleetfoot, what time at night would you like to launch your run?

2012-12-16, 06:48 PM
"Sierra, I'm not sure if I should still head in at nightfall...there's something else going on here, and I don't want to spend time wandering around this camp while half a dozen giants attack our men."

2012-12-16, 06:54 PM
"Six giants attacking our men would kinda suck for the ones first hit, but I like our entire force's chances if that actually happened. In my opinion, we should be so lucky. No, I say we stick to our plan."

2012-12-16, 07:01 PM
ulrik nods "aye if they do attack i have a good friend i'd liuke to introduce them to" he says patting his axe

2012-12-16, 07:08 PM
"Sierra, there is something very wrong going on here, beyond the missing giants. I think we should, at the very least, send two of our number back to camp to report what we've seen so far."
Fleetfoot turns to Forte, studying the newcomer. "Do you have any way to, say, force a captive to talk? I suppose we could try capturing one of the foragers and asking them some rather pointed questions, though it's potentially very risky."

2012-12-16, 07:13 PM
Actually, out of character, the forests they're searching are those on the hillsides behind their line, not in front of it. My apologies for lack of clarity. they've not crossed their barricade all day.

as for Sierra's reply, "Early intel never hurts, I suppose. You're in charge here, you can send them back if you wish. I'll have to remain to make you invisible."

2012-12-17, 05:47 PM
To Fleetfoot, with a twisted grin: "I am sure that I could get quite a bit of information from someone, given the time to do so."

2012-12-18, 04:55 PM
"for once i agree with you little man. steeltoe should know there are giants missing, i'll take the news if you can spare me. i wont be much use to you sneaking around"

2012-12-18, 06:01 PM
"Thanks, Ulfrik. You and Forte hustle to camp and report in, tell Ignus and the commander what we've seen, and that I'm ready to infiltrate the camp. Come back with updated orders; if nothing's changed, I'll make my run then."

2012-12-18, 06:17 PM
ulrik sketches a vague salute "aye"

i do that

2012-12-18, 06:25 PM
Again, gonna assume Forte's complicity in the plan for the sake of speed.

Leaving Sierra and Fleetfoot to continue freezing their demihuman rears off, Ulrik and Forte travel back. as the light is beginning to fail, you guys chance a trek across more open ground to move faster, and whatever risk such actions may have posed don't appear to materialize.

Within half an hour, it's dusk but you've rounded the mountain, and reached the camp. rather than clumping themselves as Dirk's group did, this battalion has splayed itself wide and diagonally. some of the ballistae have been pointed out towards the curve. numerous small fires dot the camp, evidence that the day's work is winding down and everyone is bunkering in for a freezing night.

Upon reaching the command tent, an exhausted looking Ignus is transcribing land details onto a map of the canyon. He addresses you. "Not even waiting until morning then? Alright, let's....where are the others?"

2012-12-18, 06:30 PM
"fleetfoot has decided that he'll try to infiltrate our foes camp under cover of darkness, i dont know what he hopes to learn from all this sneaking but i'm sure he has his reasons. and theres something else...it seems several of the giants we fought in the last engagement are unaccounted for. we have no idea where they are but fleetfoot seems to think they're planning some red-work that he fears might cost us the battle."

2012-12-18, 06:58 PM
"I see. Gut feeling, Ulrik. Are they planning a trick, simply camped out of sight, Or have they genuinely left the area?"

2012-12-18, 07:08 PM
ulrik thinks for a second before ndding slowly "i agree with fleetfoot on this. from what i saw their leaders are far to fond of war to simply leave the area, especially considering that the rest of their warriors are acconted for. i would stake my father's axe that they are up to something, what that is i can only guess but it wont be good for us. i think it would be best if he snuck around and listened for anything we could use to our advntage"

2012-12-18, 07:14 PM
Ignus sighs, and stops transcribing. Still looking at his mostly filled map, he remains silent for a minute. Then, "Alright, Ulrik, you're done for now. Pitch your tents, then do...whatever it is that you do on your time off. Forte, stay with me for a moment."

2012-12-18, 07:17 PM
"fleetfoot asked that i return to him with any order updates and the final command fo his stealth mission. so i'll assume that without mention you agree with his course of action and will return to him for the time being"

(i dont recall how long the travel time between locations is but assuming its pluasible to do so i retur to fleetfoot, i have dark vision so i can see and am immune to cold so i wont freeze)

2012-12-18, 07:18 PM
Actually, he doesn't agree. He tells you that Kwaiit will make the return message journey shortly, and that you are in fact done for the day.

2012-12-18, 07:20 PM
ok my apologies,
i retire for the night and guess i sleep i dont have anything else to do

2012-12-18, 08:10 PM
My conversation with Ignus done, I shall go to a decent clearing outside our tents, practicing my song and dance until late into the night as I need only rest 2 hours. I shall sing in infernal of bowing to dark powers and watching the land waste away as it oozes the blood of the innocent and guilty alike.

2012-12-21, 11:35 PM
when i awake the next morning i report to ignus and ask for any orders he might have. if there are none i ask for premission to rejoin fleetfoot and sierra

2012-12-22, 01:15 PM
I apologize for the delays. been feeling fairly sick these past few days, not quite sure when it'll let up.

2012-12-22, 11:01 PM
late this afternoon, apparently.

All right then. Did Fleetfoot's scouting mission. they returned at 11, and Fleet ran off hurriedly to deliver another early report while Sierra went straight to bed. Fleet returned at 11:30, and retired immediately. Fast forward to 8:15, time to start making your way to the command area to report to Ignus as instructed previously.

If there's anything you want to do/discuss before going in, now's the time.

2012-12-22, 11:02 PM
Nothing here, I'm waiting to give my report to everyone at once.

2012-12-22, 11:03 PM
i got nothing

2012-12-22, 11:14 PM
Alright, well, considering that that was mostly an opportunity for Fleetfoot to brief his friends before the leadership, we'll move ahead.

As you approach the command tent, the guards spot your party, specifically Ulrik, and and lean inside the command tent. a moment later, Ignus waves you in.

four men, Ignus included, are standing around a fairly well drawn map of the area, complete with small figures on it. Ignus says, "What've you got for us? the more, the better. Last night we got wind an attack that never happened, giants that aren't to be seen. I need you to clarify that garglemesh, and be as descriptive as you can. The more I know, the better I can plan." He takes a pen and several basic models and gets ready.

2012-12-22, 11:22 PM
Fleetfoot clears his throat, looking a bit sheepish. "I entered the camp while invisible, although my noise probably alerted the guards. I scouted around; most notably, I found those missing giants. They're up on the cliffs to each side of their camp, with tents full of provisions and piles of boulders to toss down. Also, they've got more of those damned white slimes that they used against Dirk's company, all in clay jars, ready to be thrown into our lines. I destroyed one jar, but there are plenty more. Last thing of note: I saw a rather unusual trio of orcs. Two were holding big sacks; one of the bags was yellow and blood red. The third orc had a shield on each arm, of Ivalician make.
"The 'attack that never happened' was just a worry of mine; I was afraid that the Estovakians might attack once they knew I had found out about their little surprises. I apologize for the miscommunication; I figured it was better to leave a message with the ranking officer and your guards then to wake you up in the middle of the night."

2012-12-22, 11:45 PM
"Right. First thing's first. Where, on this map, are the rock-throwers?" Upon your indication, he says, "Right. Sergeant, get a ranging team to find some good sites for forward ballista deployment, aiming for where the giants ought to be. I want them here," he points into a few clumps of woods, "here, and here."

He says something unintelligible to his familiar, who then flies away.

"Anyway, Fleetfoot, or all of you for that matter, next time have them wake me right there. They also said something about cats, but if we get overrun by tabbies we're all quitting anyway. Though I have to ask a few questions. What about land layout, from what you saw? Do you have any idea what those orcs were doing, and if not, where in the camp were they? Does anyone else have something to add?"

2012-12-23, 11:34 AM
"how many of those damned ooze jars did you see fleetfoot, do you have a more precise number?"

2012-12-23, 05:43 PM
"Hmmm... you mentioned oozes... what type, specifically? Or at the very least, do they have any properties I should know about?"

2012-12-23, 05:57 PM
Sierra answers. "It's a good thing we're doing this then. The oozes are white, and instantly consume certain types of material including ice, leather, cloth, and wood, but not metal, stone, or pottery, which makes them vulnerable to swords but not most arrows or polearms. They split upon all but the lightest of contact with anything sharp, we killed one completely by dumping caltrops on it. The giants thew pots into our formation last time, covering their advance with our men's issues, Dirk's questionable deployment notwithstanding. As soon as our men attacked them, they lost their high quality weapons, and when we figured out how to harm them, suddenly they began to multiply rather than die normally. Once they split small enough, they die. For what it's worth, I'm not sure they'll use them this time."

Ignus says, "I agree. That's the kind of trick not likely to work again, not so soon at least. They'll be holding them for more desperate, or more effective, engagements."

2012-12-23, 06:43 PM
"well thats the best news i've heard yet. i hated those damned things. but all this talk is driving me crazy when do we attack? whats our plan?"

2012-12-23, 10:10 PM
"Sierra covered the oozes well, said it better than I could have. As for how many there were...I really don't know. I saw five jars and smashed one, but they were scattered around haphazardly, for all I know they've got dozens." Fleetfoot stops for a moment, thinking hard..."Wait a moment. Those giants were up pretty high on the cliffs...how hard do you think they could throw the jars?"

2012-12-23, 10:35 PM
ulrik thinks for a second ".....hard"

2012-12-23, 10:54 PM
Ignus drops a few figures on the hills. "They're presumably up there for range, so I'm planning on them throwing a quite far indeed, a quarter of a mile if we're unlucky. That's probably why they haven't attacked yet, they're hoping to catch us in a mass on the bridge while raining rocky death down upon a massed force, at the same time negating whatever numerical advantages we have and concentrating the firepower of remaining giants not throwing rocks. Simple, but clever and effective, and fairly well executed if not for your infiltration. You said the jars were in camp though, and piles of boulders near the mountaintops. No, I think they're saving the jars for attack runs, where the defenders are in a more fixed position. I've fought oozes before, they're not too effective if the enemy can just walk around them."

He studies the map intently, apparently secure in his deductions and information gathered.

"Let's see. Clustered troops are bad. They won't come get us. the barricade makes ranged attacking difficult, and if they line the edges with shield users...crossbows won't be....hmm. Giants here and here...if we let them win, perhaps? Yeah, that'll do it.

"Ok, Here's our plan. Everyone pay attention. Early tonight, we'll move twelve ballistas forward, along these trees, then retreat and leave just a few emergency signallers in case they sniff out the plan. Early next morning, we'll airlift two strike squads under the cover of night to flank the rock throwing giants. Fleetfoot, your team will take the east flank, with the 4 giants. I want 300 of our troops to march forward in a widely spaced formation, but only a few of them should carry torches, and the men should be much more tightly clustered around those few. From afar, it'll look like most of our army is there. As soon as the giants start throwing rocks, you guys attack. Light them up, using whatever spells you can think of: it'll mark them like training targets for our ballistas. Once the giants are dead or retreating, try to roll as many boulders down into the army as possible. the main body will fire their crossbows until the enemy, left without an effective solution, breaks their own line and charges. This begins phase two.

"In phase two, our front puts up token resistance but breaks quickly, retreating before the enemy realizes most of us might not actually be there. we fall back around the mountain, and catch the Estovakians in a crossfire when they come around. Thats when your team strikes again. You'll go into their camp, which ought to be mostly empty. Release every ooze you can, and get out of the way. Should you encounter guards, ignore them as much as practical. The Estovakians will be thrown into retreat if we can focus fire and bring down most of the giants while outlasting their high initial impact. As they beat a retreat, they'll run right into their own oozes.

"Unfortunately, this puts you right in the path of the enemy. Don't delay too long on the oozes: as soon as you hear them coming, which you ought to hear from quite a distance, find shelter out of the main stampede. put your backs to a good wall, and hide if you can, hold them off if you can't. Your exit strategy is our own counterattack's momentum.

"Put out the orders to have as many men as possible take off early today, it's going to be an early fight tomorrow. Fleetfoot, Ulrik, Forte, Sierra, visit the store, trance, prepare your spells, whatever you do to get ready, do so."

As the day progresses on, you see preparations being made for the coming attack. ballista are wheeled towards the mountains, ready to be wheeled towards the enemy as soon as visibility drops. men are assigned orders, hiding spots and bits of basic camoflage disperesed, and several areas are prepared with large bonfires for Ignus to light, allowing the ambushers to see.

Night falls, and you sleep restlessly, Awaiting an early morning. Sure enough, at maybe 2:00 AM, people are rousing you for your movements. Ignus, Looking a little cold as he's dropped most of his equipment and clothing to ensure he can carry Ulrik, is waiting. You walk as close to the edge of the cliffs as you dare, and one by one Ignus forms his shapesand into a sort of net and carries you to a small forest just a short way east of the boulder piles. He leaves with one final pair of instructions. "Wait until you're sure they've begun to throw, and don't die." He flies off silently to carry the other team.

Any final preparations in or out of camp, as well as supplies you'd like to purchase now that you've heard the plan, or discussions about the plan itself, you can post below or tell me off screen. When you're ready, confirm so by rolling initiative in the thread using the forum roller.

Sierra Init: [roll0]

2012-12-23, 11:47 PM
when they land ulrik looks at the other members of the party "so do any of you understand wht we're doing? all i got out of it was something about giants and oozes."

i dont have anything else


2012-12-24, 12:04 AM
As previously discussed with Provengreil on Facebook, Forte has gone to the store in camp and bought a few things, namely 5 Sunrods and 25 vials of Alchemist's Fire.

"After they begin throwing, we'll attack the giants and drive them off. Then we'll release the oozes into the enemy camp. Sorry to say it, but I really won't be much use against the giants, though I will do what I can. Once we get into camp, however, you'll find us unopposed as I let my complement of fear magic loose."

Beyond that, I have little to do but mentally prepare for the oncoming battle as best I can.

Initiative Roll: 3

2012-12-24, 06:27 PM
ulrik laughs and slaps forte's back "dont worr my friend i have all the help we'll need against the giants right here" he says as he hefts his axe

2012-12-26, 06:19 PM
Sorry I haven't posted, busy with christmas stuff

2012-12-28, 09:35 PM
OOC: Spend 400 gp on a Life Ring [MiC 163].

What's Sierra's spell lineup looking like?

2012-12-29, 07:49 AM
Sierra Lists out her spells she plans to prepare.

Level 0:
-Detect Magic
-minor repair(1d4 healing to objects)

Level 1(DC15):
- Wall of Smoke
- Summon Monster 1
- Grease
- Enlarge Person

Level 2(DC16)(Ring of Wizardy 2)
-Bull's Strength
-Bear's Endurance** ****stored*****
-Cat's Grace**
-Fly, Swift(Self only, verbal only, swift action. as fly otherwise.)

Level 3(DC17):
-Summon Monster 3
(Conj) Summon Monster 3

(the double asterisks mark buff spells that can buff everyone in reach at once. The stored marker is the spell she can loose at a movement action. for all of these spells, people must still be next to her.)

"Lacking any skill in the school of evocation, The best I've got for lighting up any target is glitterdust. If we fight with no other light sources, it might be enough. Othrewise, the dust will probably not reach the eyes of the ballista captains."

2012-12-29, 11:15 AM
"Ok, let's get this show on the road. Forte, I imagine you're planning to use the alchemist's fire to light up the giants so our ballistae can take them out? That'd be good; I'd prefer to engage the giants at range, so they don't punch us to death and we can avoid being hit by our own artillery."

Init: [roll0]

2012-12-29, 11:27 AM
All right, that's the last initiative. Let's get this show on the road.

You'll all have an email with two battle maps, please refer to it for a mapped out view of what's going on.

You shiver in the chill of the trees, wishing Sierra had had an extra slot prepared with endure elements again. You cannot risk stepping out of the forest to see what's going on, but you needn't worry. You hear some alarmed, followed by excited, chatter from the giants. Just as you're wondering if you should begin last minute preparations, Ignus answers the question for you. He's with the main body of the army, but his voice is no less diminished, clearly amplified by the clarity of the air and his own magic.


No sooner have his echoes died than you hear the first boulder crashing down, and you know the time has come. Sierra casts a few spells, and you're ready to begin.

Sierra unleashes Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, and Cat's Grace, then casts invisibility into her weave. Everyone add 4 to each physical stat.

Initiative is:
Fleetfoot 20
Ulrik 15
Sierra 14
Forte 3

OP4 unknown

2012-12-29, 12:22 PM
Fleetfoot slips around Ulrik, moving southwest, to the left of the hill in front of them, ending up 6 spaces down and 3 spaces left. (3 spaces up from the yellow com tower) He then takes a single shot at the closest giant:

Attack: [roll0]
Dmg: [roll1] normal, [roll2] electric, 7 total damage.

Edited in note:
+4 dodge AC against giants, +4 competence AC from (Improved) Skirmish. Current AC against giants: 31, 25 touch, 21 flat-footed.

2012-12-29, 12:25 PM
You hear the sharp crackle of an electric shock followed by a muffled but high pitched sound from the figure in front of you, much like you would make from a bee sting.

you deal 7 damage.

Ulrik's Up.

2012-12-29, 01:41 PM
ok so my internet sucks right now and i dont think its going to improve, it took twenty minutes just to load this page, so yeah i see what i can do but i cant make any promises

at any rate i ruh towards the nearest giant yelling behind "your mistaken my friends if i'm going to kill these bastards it will be up close!"

2012-12-29, 01:54 PM
Ulrik readies his axe, and takes a good running start. Not carrying a ranged weapon, however, he fails to launch an attack.

Sierra takes off after him, also moving a double move. Three of the giants obliviously throw more rocks, resulting in a couple of shouts from below. Now that you guys have a better view below, Ignus was right about one thing, at least: the densely packed men in the only lit areas creates an illusion of a greater force than you know it there.

The fourth giant, the one shot by Fleetfoot, turns to face you. He zeroes in on Sierra and Ulrik, and utters a grunt in complete surprise, then pulls out his greataxe.

Forte is up, new map incoming.

2012-12-31, 07:55 PM
Forte uses one move action to put himself at 170 feet from the giants, still in the trees, then begin to sing in Infernal. I'm using Bardic Music to produce the Inspire Courage effect, giving my allies +1 morale bonus vs charm and fear effects, as well as +1 to attack and weapon damage rolls. Until I say otherwise I will continue to produce this effect.

2012-12-31, 10:05 PM
Fleetfoot grins mirthlessly as he feels the power of Forte's devilish song. he shouts back at the bard, "Thanks for the boost, new guy, but get up here and start lighting the giants up!"
Fleetfoot then runs right at the closest giant, pulling another arrow from his quiver on the move, then crouching and loosing the bolt of force.

Move action: 8 spaces left, 5 spaces down, moving diagonally around the rough spots. End 2 spaces down, 1 space left of green comm tower.

Standard action: Fire at the closest giant, w/ Skirmish.

Atk: [roll0]
Dmg: [roll1] normal, [roll2] electric, [roll3] skirmish, total is 30 damage.

End turn.

2013-01-01, 08:23 AM

Yeah, this is my fault for answering your question without checking my map, but you were more like 110 feet away than 200. considering the "stay in the woods" comment was, I believe, intended to keep you out of sight but within earshot, there's an open place that fulfills those same requirements. Check the map I've sent you: I placed you 3 squares north and one square right of the black com tower, immediately above the rough ground. you're out of LOS to the giants but still in earshot of the others.

The giant takes the shot, finally starting to comprehend what's about to happen. He calls out a word or two, and prepares himself for battle (it's not actually his turn though, these are non-actions.) Ulrik's up.

2013-01-01, 10:32 PM
ulrik throws back his head and luaghs "by the gods this will be fun" and he rushes forward axe raised

i charge the nearest giant (assuming i can actually reach him)

2013-01-01, 10:40 PM
ulrik throws back his head and luaghs "by the gods this will be fun" and he rushes forward axe raised

i charge the nearest giant (assuming i can actually reach him). if not i do the same as before

2013-01-01, 10:57 PM
You've got the movement speed, but I'm pretty sure that small patch of forest will count as difficult terrain, which would keep you from charging. (Unless Ulrik's got an ability I'm forgetting) *pokes Provengreil for a ruling*

2013-01-02, 07:00 AM
The same movement as before puts you in melee combat, but you'll be unable to strike. You cannot charge, there's a woods tile and a difficult ground tile between you and the giant. Seriously, guys, I put those maps out for a reason, use them. I need you to tell me whether you want to put yourself there or not, since you can't attack.

2013-01-02, 11:03 AM
no i move so i am just on the other side of the wooded area

2013-01-02, 04:51 PM
All right. you move forward, raising your axe and steeling yoursel against the hits you know are coming.

Sierra moves forward, taking some cover in the trees, and casts glitterdust. as the golden mist settles, one giant glows softly and begins rubbing his eyes, hard.

The giant Fleetfoot has been shooting finally bellows a war cray and charges at Ulrik, smashing his shoulder with an axe. Another one dashes out from behind the pile, picking his way carefully past the tent and leering at Sierra. the third one continues to knead his eyes, attempting to rid them of dust, and you've lost sight of the 4th one. several rocks thunder into the valley below, prompting scattered screams from the men.

Attack on Ulrik: 25 damage.

Forte, you're up.

2013-01-04, 04:46 PM
If I was 110 from the giants rather than 200, I'll assume that with that movement I am now 80 feet from them. I'll chance moving into line of sight now, continuing my Inspire Courage effect as I move towards them another 30 (putting myself at 50 feet and within line of sight). As I continue to sing in Infernal, I'll weave magic into my song, using my Melodic Casting feat to cast the spell Expeditious Retreat upon myself (my base land speed will be 60 feet for the next 7 minutes).

And that will be all for Forte this turn.

2013-01-04, 10:08 PM
Fleetfoot's eyes go wide as he sees the giants charge into combat. He moves back to crouch in front of the rocks, firing a shot at the closest giant:

Atk: [roll0]
Dmg: [roll1] normal, [roll2] electric, [roll3] skirmish, total is 25.

(moving to the rocks one square down, one square right from the green com tower)

He hollers out, "Forte, Sierra, one of you light this place up RIGHT NOW, for the love of all the gods! Ulrik, get out of there, let the ballistae kill the giants!"

2013-01-04, 10:13 PM
The arrow Sinks into the giant, piercing straight into a weak patch in its armor.

Sierra says, "Forte's got all the light, I can't cast such things!"

Ulrik's up.

2013-01-05, 09:17 PM
ulrik roars and gnashes his teeth in frustration "fine! but atleast let me give him this parting gift!" i attack the giant



then reardless of the out come i take a full move away from it

2013-01-05, 09:59 PM
Seeing you begin to retreat, the giant opens his guard to a heavy blow, but gets another swing in in response as you fall back. You adjust your aim to disrupt his attack, however, and he misses you even as you sink a deep cut into his arm. the wound bubbles for a second as the warp touch attempts to work, but his body withstands it.

Sierra whips up another Glitterdust spell, placing another soft golden cloud right on both of the advancing giants. One gets the powder in his eyes, but the one you've been targeting is still reeling from Ulrik's disruption and his eyes were closed. She runs behind Ulrik and Fleetfoot. "I'm running out of spells fast. Forte, set off one of those sunrods already!" Even as she says so, a bright light appears across the canyon, almost like a miniature sun: the other infilitrators have lit up their are, and you can see the giants quite clearly all of a sudden. Several ballistae from below immediately begin to barrage them.

For their part, the giants near you are still focused on removing you all. The wounded giant gets his feet under himself again, and charges right up to Ulrik, following him and towering over Sierra, Ulrik, and Fleetfoot. He swipes his greataxe sideways at Ulrik. The blinded one squints through the dust, eyes tearing up as he attempts to pick his way through to the ight, but he stumbles a bit on a patch of rough ground. The second blind giant picks his way into one of the tents, and the final one repositions himself to throw rocks at the oncoming army better.

Ulrik takes 24 damage, Forte's up. New map in email.

EDIT: Sierra took one too many actions, my mistake. removed casting of Displacement.

2013-01-05, 10:33 PM
I'll stop singing for a while. The Inspire Courage effect will continue for 5 more turns or until I begin singing once more.

I'm going to pull out one of my Sunrods (move action) and throw it directly between the two closest giants (standard action). As discussed with Provengreil, that will be a ranged touch attack, and my roll to hit is 10.

2013-01-05, 10:46 PM
Fleetfoot lets out a sigh of relief, takes one last shot at the unblinded giant, and books it.

Atk: [roll0]
Dmg: [roll1] normal plus [roll2] electric, total is 10 damage. (no skirmish)

Move action: move one square east and six squares northeast, ending up four squares east of the black com tower.

2013-01-05, 10:51 PM
The flash of the sunrod screws momentarily with your night vision, and your arrow is much less well aimed than normal, striking only a glancing blow and doing no damage. As you retreat, the giant appears to have the same problem, reaching over ulrik and taking a swipe at you that might have hit...If you were actually Ulrik.

Ulrik's up.

2013-01-05, 11:00 PM
unable to contain his battle lust ulrik takes another swing at the giant



regardless of the result he then turns and follows fleetfoot

2013-01-05, 11:10 PM
Ulrik Takes the chance of the giant's overreach, bswing his axe upward and burying it into the giant's arm, then carrying the motion into a run and breaking the bones completely.

Before Sierra has a chance to turn and flee, 8 Ballista bolt come thundering in. 2 miss, swinging dangeerously close to her, but 6 of them sink into the giants, 4 into the blind one and two into the severely wounded one.

I don't even have enough dice to do this part efficiently, so here's the damage:
wounded one: [roll0]
blinded one: [roll1]

The wounded one catches two in the chest and falls to the ground, bleeding. The blinded one howls in pain as he takes one giant arrow to the leg and arm, two in the back. Sierra Runs for the edge of the cliff, jumping out over the edge and speaking a word. Instead of falling, she begins to float, Her scaled armor glowing at the tips again. She shout's at the giant, "Hey! I'm over here, come get me!" and throws her shield, giving the blind giant a sharp smack on the head to help him with the direction. The giant turns, and lumbers toward her, glaring and shouting in languages no one understands, but seem like insults and challenges. He still can't see a thing, however, and falls right off the edge of the cliff. "Two to go! lets get these targeted, we've gotta hurry before we lose the moment!"

The second blind giant is performing actions inside a tent you can't see, but the last giant grabs a rock, turns briefly to shout something to the valley below, and hurls it at Sierra, but she easily avoids it.

You can hear scattered shouts and general war cries from below, but it comes much more from the Estovakian side. They're getting restless.

Forte's up.

2013-01-05, 11:35 PM
I'm going to move such that I am within 50 feet of the two giants (my base land speed is 60 so I should be fine there). I will draw another Sunrod and throw it onto the ground between them, with a roll of 22.

Inspire Courage will continue for 4 more rounds or until I begin singing again.

2013-01-05, 11:39 PM
As you draw even with the tent and can peer around it, you see that the dusted giant's face is vet and he's just finishing rubbing his eyes. He's no longer blind.

2013-01-07, 05:28 PM
Fleetfoot takes in the situation, runs up next to Forte, and shoots at the bleeding giant.

Move: two spaces south, four spaces west, end up two spaces south of black com tower.

Attack: [roll0]
Damage: If it hits, he's dead.

2013-01-07, 10:57 PM
ulrik takes a moment to quickly swallow two of his potions of clw



2013-01-08, 05:31 PM
And dead he is. One might expect a giant's corpse to affect the battlefield, but I'm taking them off for ease of play unless multiples die in one spot.

Another slew of Leg sized bolts comes crashing in, two of them hitting the untouched giant and several more shredding into the tent the glitterdusted giant has taken refuge in, two of which connect. Sierra catches her shield, then flies forward,getting 2 squares south of Forte.

The giant next to the rock pile shouts what sounds like a command, then grabs another rock and hurls it at Sierra. She just narrowly dodges it. The giant in the tent then steps out, but rather than assaulting Forte he turns and begins legging it for the path downward (this is to the north, where the "road" leads offmap.)

Forte's up.

2013-01-08, 07:57 PM
I'm going to walk over to Ulrik, getting behind him. On the way, I'll take out a Wand of Cure Light Wounds and tap him on the back with it, healing Ulrik for 8 HP.

"Good thing I brought these from Sal-Kar."

That's it for Forte this round.

2013-01-10, 10:25 PM
Fleetfoot will take a double move to get back in the woods and let the ballistae take care of the giants. 9If you want more specifics, I'll provide)

2013-01-11, 05:28 PM
ulrik rolls his shoulders grins, and move towards the nearest giant.

a half move action so i'm more or less inbetween them and the other two

2013-01-11, 07:07 PM
You take a few steps forward. None of you can see the giants directly in your current positions, but you only see a few bolts shoot towards the giants, hearing the telltale THUNK of wood on stone. Sierra braces hersel for impact, but relaxes shortly. "They've retreated! Quick, we've got to cause some rockslides before the enemy moved, the artillery have shifted fire and the main body is pouring bolts on them. They'll push forward soon!"

She moves forward, out of your sight.

Forte's up.

EDIT: with no immediate enemies, we'll revert to just describing by distances. I do still want round by round movement and a distance per move, and I'll be tracking you on a map, which of course I'll email at any time you desire. Ulrik is 55 feet from the closer rock pile, Forte an Fleetfoot are ten feet behind him, and Sierra is far forward, between the rock piles.

2013-01-11, 08:00 PM
so whos turn is it? forte?

2013-01-14, 08:17 PM
Fleetfoot will take a double move action up to the nearest rock pile.

2013-01-15, 01:38 PM
My Inspire Courage effect will continue on for 2 more turns or until I decide to start singing again.

I'm going to move 60 feet towards the closer rock pile (Expeditious Retreat is still in effect), leaving myself 5 feet from it and 50 feet away from Ulrik.

I'd also like to ask now that I can clearly see them, about how big are these stones?

2013-01-15, 03:04 PM
The stones are in a massive pile, nearly ten feet high. A grey blanket, illuminated by your sunrods, lies at the base of it. From afar, it looked like part of the mountain.

Each stone is a boulder of 45-80 lbs, some even larger. there is very little room between the pile and the edge of the cliffs, which descent steeply towards the enemy army, until they curve out towards the bottom. As you observe these conditions, you note that already the Estovakians seem to have some movements in their ranks, hinting at the forward surge Ignus predicted to stop the rain of crossbow fire.

Ulrik is up, 55 feet behind.

2013-01-15, 09:17 PM
i move up behind forte saying "well friend this seems like my kind of job. sierra when do you want me to make it rain!?" i finish with a grin

2013-01-16, 06:20 AM
"Now! I think they've already sent reinforcements, and the army below is shifting to charge forward." As if to punctuate her, another round of ballista bolts crashes into the mob below. "I don't know which will happen first, but either ends our opportunity."

Rather than line up and attempt to start pushing boulders, she summons a gigantic bison next to the second pile and instructs it to start pushing.

Forte's up.

2013-01-18, 06:14 PM
"Pushing rocks is... not quite for me, to be honest. I'll keep singing so that when we charge down below, you'll get maximum benefit should I need to stop."

With that, I'll begin singing again, in Infernal, producing the Inspire Courage effect once more, until 5 rounds after I decide to stop.

2013-01-18, 06:18 PM
ulrik luaghs and begins to push the rocks over the cliff onto the enemy army below.

do you want a str check or anything for this?

2013-01-18, 06:23 PM
oooooohhhhh yes. This pile is ballpark several thousand pounds and you are trying to make an avalanche, not a one by one event. roll a strength check, but it wont come into effect until after fleetfoot moves.

2013-01-18, 06:57 PM
str check

2013-01-18, 08:12 PM
Fleetfoot will stow his bow and try to help Ulrik out.
Aid Another: [roll0]

2013-01-18, 08:28 PM
as Ulrik and Fleetfoot strain at the edge of the pile, pushing their bodies against the stones in an attempt to shift them all at once, Sierra again delves into her prepared spells, this time coming up with a grease spell. She oils up a number of the stones, and they begin to slip against each other rather than grind, allowing them to shift, after a dangerous moment, the two of you push through with tremendous force, stopping several feet short but having pushed maybe 30 boulders down, leaving a number behind.

Thunderous crashes begin to echo through the canyons. The wave of earth rolls downhill, smashing into the Estovakian flank, relentlessly punishing those unlucky enough to be caught in the middle. when the dust settles, your view from above makes it clear that you've left a 20 foot wide scar in the army itself, with most who were standing there dead or too injured to fight.

The effect is profound. A wave of movement surges through the entire army, and they break ranks completely, tearing down and throwing out the barriers and charging the Ivalicians with everything they've got. There are still more below you now, but they're following Ignus' predictions so far, which bodes well.

You also begin to hear war cries from further down the path to the north (which leads downhill). They still seem a good distance off, but the echoing cliffsides and cacophony of the recent rockslide still ringing in your ears make it hard to judge.

The bison continues to mindlessly push its head and shoulders against the second pile, getting nowhere at all.

2013-01-18, 11:16 PM
ulrik redraws his axe and looks down the trail towards the north from where he heard the sound. if he sees nothing interesting or noteworthy he grabs a rock from the pile in his free hand a casually chucks it down in to the estovakian army

2013-01-19, 06:48 PM
You roll another rock down the hill, just because.

Sierra says, "Everyone come over here, I can cast invisibility and we'll slip right by these guys. a fight here and now is pointless."

I'll wait until everyone confirms they do so to proceed, unless you have other ideas.

2013-01-19, 06:56 PM
Sounds good to me. *confirm*

2013-01-19, 06:57 PM
what are "these guys".

but yeah i'm cool with that

2013-01-19, 07:00 PM
The ones you've heard coming from downhill, towards you. Judging distance was an issue because of battle noise and mountain echoes, but they must be getting close if you can distinguish them at all right now.

2013-01-19, 07:35 PM
Listen: [roll0]

2013-01-20, 12:37 PM
Sorry for this, Du, but I'm gonna fast forward this and keep it moving.

Your group closes in on Sierra, and she casts invisibility on you guys. The bison mindlessly continues to push at the second rockpile, but it's too late to help it: only a few seconds later, a group of Estovakian soldiers comes over the crest of the hill, looking for you.

Much to Ulrik's displeasure, you slip by the enemy. you think one of them might have noticed you, but if so he dismissed your noise. they run out around towards your original landing zone just as you start to descend.

You reach the edge of the campsite just as the mass exodus finishes crossing the stone bridge. By now the Ivalicians must have "broken" in the most risky part of the plan, but you can no longer see from an above view. A few halflings have been made to stay behind, however. picking your way through the tents much slower than Fleetfoot's scouting trip, you move as quietly as you can to the point where Fleetfoot stopped before. unfortunately, the going is very slow so as to properly avoid detection, and just as you reach the area, Sierra's invisibility drops.

See an email for your new encounter map and information, and roll into initiative.

EDIT: Note that you are no longer under Sierra's barrage of stat increasing spells. Adjust tactics and character sheets accordingly. Also, just in case you've forgotten, your assigned objective of this part is to break out the oozes, but leave them in the enemy's way to try and create hazards to their retreat.

2013-01-20, 07:22 PM
ok cool, who turn is it?

2013-01-20, 07:36 PM
I said roll into initiative. Sierra got a 13.

2013-01-20, 07:39 PM
sorry must have missed that


2013-01-20, 07:47 PM
Fleetfoot initiative: [roll0]

2013-01-20, 09:05 PM
Initiative order:
27 - Fleetfoot
17 - Forte
13 - Sierra
8 - Ulrik

Fleetfoot will dash northeast, then straight north, looking around. As he runs, he shouts out, "Halflings, get out of here if you don't want to die!"

Move action: three squares NE, then six squares N, ending up one square SW of the green lab.
Standard action: Fire a force arrow at the pot to his SE.

2013-01-20, 09:10 PM
The pot shatters, dropping an ooze onto the ground. Your exploration leads to new sights, so I'll email a more filled map. Forte's up.

2013-01-22, 08:11 PM
Sorry, Du, but the game hangs up for days every time we hit your turn. I'm assuming control for the time being.

Forte strikes up his battle hymn again, giving all of you a +1 to attack and damage. He steps up to the square NE of the yellow com tower.

Sierra moves next. she runs up near the halfling, but ducks inside the red tent to investigate. A dwarf, bound, gagged, and dressed in rags, lies on the floor, looking angry. "I found a prisoner!" Stepping forward and yanking off his gag, she begins to undo his bonds. "Can you fight?" She asks the dwarf.

While this goes on, the Estovakians have gotten their act together. One of the whip-wielding orcs shouts, "Every one o' you snots what kills me one o' them gets a full meal tonight!"

The crowd of hobbits draws its weapons and moves in, eager. Two slash wildly at Fleetfoot. They both miss, but are flanking you. One rushes Forte, stabbing him hard, his blow blunted only by his size. One other steps in and swings at Sierra, but the tent flap gets in his way as she frantically tries to cut the bindings but not the dwarf.

Ulrik, you're up.

2013-01-22, 08:25 PM
ulrik draws his axe runs around the far side of the closest tent(the one with sierra and the dwarf) and smashes the jar at the corner right next to the 3 hlflings

2013-01-22, 08:51 PM
You shatter the jar, and one of the eggshell-white oozes slops out.

It moves in and attacks the closest living thing...the halfling to the north of it. It wraps around the poor thing and devours it in seconds, completely absorbing the child-sized body.

The other ooze, unleashed by Fleetfoot, gropes at the gnome. Knowing what it'll do to you if it so much as touches you, You jump back deftly.

The one is now on top of the halfling's remains, the other is one square SE of fleetfoot. not gonna push a new map, Fleetfoot's up, then Forte and reply from the newcomer.

2013-01-22, 10:00 PM
Fleetfoot runs to the west, dodging around the halflings, ignoring their pitiful attacks and taking cover in the rocks. (ending 7 squares W, 1 square S from current location; 3 squares N of black com tower)

He fires at the jar next to the yellow tent:
Atk: [roll0]

Kahl Goku
2013-01-22, 10:08 PM
Roruk shakes his head, his face red with rage. "It's not a question of can, it's a question of how many o' these skags I'll kill before I'm done!" He says to Sierra with a growl. He hops to his feet and looks around, not seeing any of his equipment or weapons, probably scavenged. "I'll need a maul, though, ya? Or if ye can get me to a stone, I can make my own!"

Initiative: [roll0]

2013-01-22, 10:12 PM
And the attacks are pitiful indeed. Ducking another close shot from the ooze's pseudopodia, you effortlessly run through the field of lhalflings and fire off another arrow, breaking another ooze loose. the half orc you can now see next to the pot is looking worried.

Forte's up.

2013-01-23, 07:03 PM
OK, here we go.

Forte steps back and weaves the incantation for hideous laughter into his song. one of the halflings cracks a small smile that is totally out of context with what's going on, but is largely unaffected.

Roruk, now that you've had a chance to properly view Sierra, you see that she's an elf. She's wearing a fur coat over most of her gear, but part of the middle has come undone and you can see a strange material making a scale coat underneath. it starts as a dull, dark iron at the top, but transitions down to a pure, rich, sapphire at the bottom of each scale. She wears a mithril buckler with two flanges, making it look like a hurricane symbol, and her scimitar is a strange green metal you don't recognize. She finishes slicing your hand bindings just as the halfling behind her frees his sword from the tent flap, and turns around with the same pulling movement from her sword to catch him with a slash, dropping him instantly.

"The tent across from us has a pile of equipment. I'll cast an invisibility spell on you, grab what you can quickly and help us out! We're releasing the oozes to cause some chaos, the Estovakians should be fleeing this way shortly."

You all hear the half orcs shouting orders, but you've no idea what they're saying, as they've switched to giant. Their effect becomes rather apparent though. Fleetfoot, you're completely swarmed with halflings, surrounded, in addition, the half orcs are cracking their whips, not to drive the slaves harder but to snap your bow out of your hand! You've been disarmed. the forest of swords surrounding you begins to slash, but their poorly aimed blows fail to hit you.

One of the other halflings steps into the tent, attacking Sierra with reckless abandon, and the one in front of forte continues to slash wildly. Sierra takes the hit with her shield, but forte takes another shot, this one leaving a mark in his armor and making him gasp. He continues to sing with great skill, almost as if the blow hadn't happened, however.

New map in email, Ulrik's up.

2013-01-23, 07:27 PM
i move in and attack the southern most half orc

attack [roll0]


2013-01-23, 07:40 PM
As you move through the crowd in an attempt to save Fleetfoot, the intervening halflings take the strikes they can, one missing and the others bouncing off your bone-reinforced armor. You put a slash from the half orc's collarbone to his waist, boiling with warped disease, which spreads like a fire on an poil slick over his body until his skin is covered in black, then solidifies into a jet black layer of skin.

Kahl Goku
2013-01-23, 08:00 PM
Roruk stands and rushes the nearest halfling, holding up his hand and casting a spell of Inflict Light Wounds.

Touch attack: [roll0]

(and I apologize for such blatant horrible first posting.)

2013-01-23, 08:03 PM
mo worries, it took me a dozen posts just to figure out the rolling mechanism

2013-01-23, 08:03 PM
Your hand glows an ominous purple as you reach out toward one of your former captors. He notices and tries to jump back, but hits a tent pole and you manage to grab him. you force the negative energy into his small body and he crumples to the ground. you still have a movement action.

Kahl Goku
2013-01-23, 08:10 PM
Roruk doesn't stay and bask in the killing of his captor, but runs along as soon as his touch killed off the halfling. He barges around her and over the body, then out of the tent and heads towards the one Sierra had mentioned, stepping around the oozes and bringing himself right up to the opening of it.

(ending up one square south of the yellow tent, right side)

2013-01-23, 08:22 PM
The oozes move around again. the one unleashed by Ulrik moves through the tent fabric into the tent, sensing Sierra as its prey, but she manages to stop its assault with her inedible shield. One moves closer to Rorik, but does not reach him yet. the final one moves towards the mob of halflings, devouring the closest one without a second thought. Or, for that matter, a first one.

Fleetfoot's up. new ooze locations: 4 squares N of the yellow research lab, 3 squares W of the yellow research lab, and the SE corner of the halfling mob surrounding fleetfoot, replacing the halfling.

2013-01-23, 08:48 PM
Fleetfoot reaches down to pick up his bow, growling curses at the surrounding halflings. (Move action, bring on your AoO's) He then clicks his heels together three times activates his Anklets of Translocation, teleporting 2 squares W and 1 square N. Finally, he runs west around the tent, then straight southwest (ending 3 squares N of the yellow com tower) , yelling back to the team, "Get out of combat and move! Break the pots over here and run!".

2013-01-23, 09:17 PM
I'm going to move one square north and three squares west. I probably incur an attack of opportunity from that but I need to be in range. (slight correction, I have taken 3 damage from the halfling's AOO)

"Time to show you what I'm really made of."

I cease my song, but you'll continue to get the bonuses for 5 more turns or until I begin again. I use one use of Bardic Music to emit a keening, alien song that sends shivers up the spine as an aura of dread surrounds me. This is a use of my Blasphemous Utterance feat. Everyone within 60 feet of me (which should include all of the halflings if I am reading this map right, must now make a Will save, DC 18. Anything with less than 7 HD that fails is panicked for 7 rounds, equal to 7 HD become frightened for 7 rounds, more than 7 HD become shaken.

As an aside, for all to read:
I truly owe you all an apology. These past two weeks have been stressful as hell and I haven't been posting anywhere near as much as I should be. I promise you all that from now on I will check this thread daily. As a guarantee of this, I have already recorded a message telling myself to check the thread, that will play at 1 AM and 3 PM.

2013-01-23, 09:33 PM
that's.....everyone, except fleetfoot. OK then. Sierra shudders, but shakes it off, for the moment at least.

Virtually the entire enemy force, however, panics immediately. The pandemonium can't properly begin until I know what Ulrik and Roruk's results are in, though, so I'll need a will save from both of you.

2013-01-23, 09:36 PM
will save as requested


Kahl Goku
2013-01-23, 09:37 PM
Will save: [roll0]

2013-01-24, 05:43 PM
Your song achieves all the desired effects...and more. There is immediate and wholesale panic in the halfling ranks, as they drop their weapons and flee. even though you're sure one or two of them outmatched the magic, they mistake the group's movements for a retreat and fall back as well, though still with their weapons. Both of the half orcs are affected as well, tossing their pint sized allies aside to get away faster, and hot on their heels are Ulrik and Roruk. Sierra takes an opportunity to jump past the ooze in the tent with her and runs to rejoin Fleetfoot, sheathing her scimitar and readying a shortbow. Even as she does so, the ooze that had gotten itself into the middle of the halfling crowds is having a field day, sliming through their ranks and gobbling up as many of the unfortunate slaves as it can. Two more down, and its white substance is tinged a deep red.

Sierra's already looking back with horror, however, as she realizes her mistake: She left forte close to two oozes, concentrating on his new song. Blind to anything but hunger and prey, they make for forte. he's lucky enough to dodge one, but the second Wraps a tendril around him. The magical nature of his armor puts up just enough resistance to the acidic grasp to allow him to worm free before it can establish a grip, but the armor itself doesn't look so good. make a DC19 reflex save. If you fail, the armor has been damaged to the point of uselessness and you no longer gain a benefit from it. Also, take 17 damage (6 bludgeoning +11 Acid).

Fleetfoot's up, new map incoming.

2013-01-25, 03:05 AM
I fail the save, so my leather armor is lost. Still alive though.

2013-01-26, 11:14 AM
Fleetfoot grins mirthlessly as the halflings flee, then curses when he sees Ulrik and the dwarf fleeing as well. "Sierra, do anything you can to get Ulrik and your new buddy calmed down! Forte, stop the music and get out of there!"
He runs straight east, ending up 1 square SW of the black com tower, and fires at the pot to the northeast:
Atk: [roll0]

2013-01-26, 05:27 PM
You crack the pot, and yet another ooze plops out.

Forte's up.

2013-01-26, 09:33 PM
"HaHA! Now that's what I'm talking about!"


I am going to delay my actions until others have taken place. I do not wish to be eaten alive by oozes this day.

2013-01-26, 10:33 PM
Sierra, turns around, cursing her lack of consideration. "Fleet's gonna love this."

She runs back, cutting in front of Fleetfoot just after he fires his arrow, and casts caltrops on top of the ooze to Forte's SW. as before, the large number of sharp objects breaks right through its tension, popping it over and over until nothing is left but a puddle on the ground, seeping into the thin dirt.

Forte will step back into initiative now.