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2012-11-17, 06:19 PM
This is a private thread for Zerter and HerbieRAI.

Another person enters and speaks to the assistant as you wait for Cassatta.

Sunderham's Imports is a small wooden building built over the water on piers, standing about six feet above the water. The interior looks like little more than a warehouse with several rows of shelves stocked with various goods. It appears that the most common items are foreign spices and fine silks. A tall blond woman with curly hair and a slender build looks up from the paperwork on her desk.

"Hi there!"

"Well, hi there." I make myself look as good as possible, utilizing my effective charisma score of +6 and my ability to look as anything I want. I try to gage what she would like me to look like, something that says I am rugged and manly, but also that I care. I also make sure I am tall enough that she can imagine standing next to me in high heels.

I then drop the top of my cloak on my shoulders and greet her with a big smile.

"I was looking for Cassatta, on a mission to fulfill a quest! I do hope that I was looking for you!"

This (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/15/Captain_Zapp_Brannigan.png) is not what my character is going for, but probably what he ends up looking like.

Her smile vanishes.

"Oh, her. Wait over there with that guy. She'll talk to you in a minute, I'm sure."

Should either of you knock on the door to her office, someone will assuredly answer.

2012-11-17, 06:26 PM
I turn to her and say [roll0] Sense Motive: What motivates her to say oh her like that.

"No problem, after dealing with her I'll maybe come back and see if you need any quests done!"

I also turn to the other person and say:

"Another person! Imagine that. I assume you are on the same quest, what a coincidence! Lets work together. Maybe get to know each other first before knocking? The gaurds told me there were more people en route." (aka: standard PC meets other PC chat :smallsmile:)


You see a tall, blond human with a square jaw. He is wearing a black cloak, various jewelry including rings, a necklace and a circlet. There is a long bow and a backpack hanging from his shoulder. His clothes seem to fit comfortably and there is also a sword hanging from his belt. In his hands he is carrying a passed out raven whose belly seems to be close to the point of exploding.

There also seems to be a small faint of wine coming from the two of them.

2012-11-17, 06:34 PM
She just seems disappointed that everyone comes to see the boss and never comes to see her. She's important too, darn it! Still, she ignores your comment about quests and goes back to dealing with her paperwork.

2012-11-17, 06:39 PM
I walk to her desk, try to get her attention and smile, "This might be out there, but I can see you are a busy person so I'll cut to the chase. Are you free to do something later this week?"

Diplomacy: [roll0]

2012-11-17, 06:58 PM
She rolls her eyes, "Yeah, maybe, unless I need to wash my hair..."

2012-11-17, 07:01 PM
I laugh a little, "Very important! Still, I'll take my chances. Just pick a day in the week. I'll find out if it fits your schedule when the time comes!"

2012-11-17, 07:25 PM
She sighs in exasperation.


2012-11-17, 07:30 PM
"Tuesday it is! I can pick you up if you want. Or we could meet up near the temple of Pelor around sevenish? I know a place in the temple district that is just perfect!"

2012-11-17, 09:36 PM
The other man in the room is a shorter stockier man with dark eyes and hair. He also has a longbow as well as two swords. His outfit seems like it would be very discrete outside the city, but inside the walls it caused him to stand out a bit.

You done flirting over there? I'm sure there's plenty of time for of the two of you to do the horizontal mamba after this thing is found. My name is Denhear.

2012-11-18, 06:42 AM
I tell the blond I'll see her tuesday. After that I turn around and approach Denhear with a hand stretched out, talking as I walk over to him.

"Pleasure to meet you Denhear! My name is Zerter. I'm going to take a wild swing here, but: You've just arrived from out of town, heard the town crieer and figured it would be a good way to dip your feet in the splendor that is Aldhaven by following this quest?"

2012-11-18, 11:11 AM
Shaking his hand, I respond

Pretty good assumption. I'm a bit of a tracker and this persons problem seems right up my ally. How about yourself, why are you out here in the docks? You look like a person that should be near the temples.

2012-11-18, 02:22 PM
I move so the blond can't hear me.

"I have nine days left before I dedicate myself to a life of purity in the name of Leph. At least I think it was Leph. I was instructed to spend those nine days cleansing myself of bodily desires. I have not read up exactly what they mean with that, but I interpret it as meaning seeking a maximum input of things that fulfill those desires: wine, women, intrigue, adreanaline shots when a bunch of Hobgoblins try to kill you. Where to find more of those than the land with no laws, the docks?"

2012-11-18, 04:31 PM
So in nine days you can no longer do as you wish. Controlled by the will of others? I mean no offense to your beliefs but it seems a bit like slavery. And why would you spend your time on something like this if all you had was nine days to be free? Seems like you should be living it up at the local taverns.

2012-11-18, 04:39 PM
"I've spend my life living it up at the taverns, this is really a lot more exciting! I almost died today! And why do I chose a life of servitude? Because it is a live of servitude to the goddes of fertility, performing secret rites with her most dedicated followers, if you catch my drift... Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT3_UCm1A5I)"

2012-11-19, 02:25 AM
While the two of you are talking, the woman working at the desk looks at the clock on the wall, laughs quietly, and goes back to work.

2012-11-19, 04:35 AM
What time is it?

2012-11-19, 04:57 AM
It's late afternoon, 4ish.

2012-11-19, 09:51 AM
I think she's trying to push us out the door. We can continue this at a tavern once we talk to the Cassatta. I don't think we want to be outside when night gets here.

Denhear walks up to the door and knocks.

2012-11-19, 04:14 PM
A harsh male voice calls out from inside, "Come in!"

2012-11-21, 07:20 AM
I reach behind Denhear and open the door with him still in front, ensuring he will take the most of the blast if it explodes.

2012-11-21, 08:13 AM
The office is rather small, about 15' x 25'. A simple desk is near the back wall, behind which Cassatta sits. A male dwarf, likely the one who spoke, stands off to the side, eyeing you suspiciously. A large, but cheap, rug lies in the middle of the room. Along one side of the room is shelving which contains a few small chests and some books that look like ledgers for keeping track of the business. The other side has three hammocks and a large fishing net suspended between the two walls.

Cassatta is a stocky dwarf woman wearing finely crafted platemail which shimmers a pale blue. She sits at the desk with her fingers steepled just under her nose, watching you. She has a stern but not unpleasant face.

The male dwarf has bright red hair and bright hazel eyes. His fullplate is finely crafted with red gold inlay scroll work displaying a distinct fire motif.

2012-11-21, 09:43 AM
Knowledge (local): [roll0]
Knowledge (nobility): [roll1]
Knowledge (religion): [roll2]

What do I know about these people.

2012-11-21, 05:57 PM
You know that dwarves are not native to the area, though Cassatta has lived and worked in the city for a little over three years now, buying Sunderham's Imports from Old Man Sunderham shortly after her arrival when the Docks started getting bad for humans.

You do not recognize the other dwarf, though their appearances would indicate some form of familial connection between the two.

Based on what you've heard, neither is from or important to any of the noble families that you know about.

Most dwarves worship Kaern.

2012-11-21, 07:45 PM
I come in, make a bow and adress them in Dwarven:

Greetings sir and madame. We are respondants to the town crieer. How can we be of service?

2012-11-21, 07:49 PM
She blinks twice then replies.

"First, I need your names and a brief description of your abilities."

2012-11-21, 09:21 PM
I am Denhear, a tracker and hunter.

2012-11-22, 02:06 AM
She nods and looks to the other man.

2012-11-22, 09:08 AM
My name is Zerter Molitor of the Molitor bloodline. I am trained as a diplomat and have a keen mind.

2012-11-23, 12:49 PM
"Interesting. I am, as you already know, Cassatta. My associate here is Syrgut. It comes down to this. I hired a group of "adventurers" to escort a caravan recently. Two of them, Madarius and Gregor, betrayed us, stealing a ceremonial horn of minor magical power. This horn was intended for a local temple, who paid me in advance for its delivery. I have been unable to locate them, but I do know that they are in the city."

2012-11-23, 03:35 PM
Pleasure to make your aquintenance madam Cassatta and mister Syrgut. Be assured that I am trustworthy and would be willing to subject to any kind of reasonable test you would like to apply to make sure of that. Given your recent experiences and all.

I have a number of questions that come to mind at first. Let me just ask them and answer them as you see fit. What can you tell me about Madarius and Gregor? What can you tell me about the horn? For what temple was it intended? Did anyone have a special interest in it going missing?

Knowledge (local): [roll0]
Knowledge (nobility): [roll1]
Knowledge (religion): [roll2]

On all names mentioned, as well as the horn and the temple if she gives more specifics.

2012-11-23, 04:21 PM
"They're thieves.

It's magic.

I don't divulge the customer information."

She unfolds a piece of paper with a drawing of the horn.

2012-11-23, 04:40 PM
"Well, the customer information could be important. If the horn has a religious purpose it might have a extra worth to a specific individual or group that it does not have to a random person. Meaning that if the thieves did anything with it, it is probably with or due to a party like that. Also it would be convient to ask your customers some questions. Anyway, it's your business and I am guessing you might not have informed the customer yet."

"I'm interested in finding that horn. You got to have more than thieves tho. How did you come to hire these untrustworthy individuals, what kind of skillset do they have and most importantly: how do you know they are still in the city?"

2012-11-24, 12:29 PM
Yes, any information you can give us on where you hired these men, and anyone else they may be working with. Also, a physical description of the two men would be very helpful.

2012-11-24, 03:56 PM
"If that's the case, then use your "keen mind" and figure it out. If you're not up to the task, then giving you proprietary information isn't going to help you and is going to hurt me.

They're an adventuring group that I'd worked with in the past for security and acquisition. They entered the city with the caravan and disappeared just moments before the rendezvous. I know that they haven't left yet, as I have people i trust monitoring the city gates."

2012-11-24, 05:22 PM
"Can I have a copy of that picture? Also, what have you tried to ascertain the location of the item, exactly?"

2012-11-25, 01:19 AM
She pushes the paper toward you. On the back of it are two rough sketches of gnomes, apparently Madarius and Gregor.

"That is why I made the pictures.

The horn is warded against most basic divination, but we have done as much as we can short of going door to door looking for it. I expect them to try to sell it on the black market or to a reseller of magic items."

2012-11-25, 06:13 AM
"I don't have an exact familiarity with the law in Aldhaven, but I do assume it's illegal to sell stolen goods. So I take it the legitimate buyers of magical items have been informed about this horn? Just so we know where not to look."

2012-11-25, 06:34 AM
"You ask a lot of questions. There are hundreds of merchants in the city. I don't have the time to seek every last one of them out and tell them all the details nor the desire to have my reputation that tarnished. Yes, I took out an ad with the crier, but I don't want the specifics getting around."

2012-11-25, 08:49 AM
"Beg my pardon for taking so much of your time. I am just trying to get a sense of the situation so I best know how to proceed. Unless I am missing something we are looking at a situation where we need to find a single item that is being protected from being found. A item that can be found anywhere in the entire city. We need to do this in a limited time window, before it is sold.

A way to proceed is to try and track the Gnomes. Another more valid one might be to make them come to us. If you could give me the likely upper market price value of the item I could have the rumor spread, without giving away anything about the specifics of the item or about you, that there is a buyer that is willing to beat the market price. What would also be useful would be a way to identify the item outside of the picture, just so we would know how to detect forgeries."

Let me know when we pass the 10 minutes by the way :smallbiggrin:.

2012-11-25, 10:24 AM
Denhear turns to his new partner. They wouldn't have stolen it if they didn't have a buyer lined up, otherwise they would have stolen gold and been untraceable. Do you know a district they stay in, it may be where you hired then from. If your hunting for them they'll either be in the place they know the best or the slums. Is like to avoid the slums if possible.

2012-11-25, 09:46 PM
The man speaks up. "Ha! Not likely. The slums would get them killed faster than just about anywhere but the sewers."

"He's right. We know they're inside the walls. They haven't left, unless they have a wizard contact that somehow sent them out of the city magically, but that's not very likely."

2012-11-27, 11:46 AM
Do you know what area they usually reisde in then? If you do not know that, can you remember where you recruited them?

I'm going to be moving to a new place this weekend, and going on a trip to my grandparents midweek after that. I'll be posting a bit sporatically and badly formated, since everything will be from my phone.

2012-11-27, 12:46 PM
She looks irritated.

"If I knew where they were, I'd have already apprehended them. I'm sure they're hiding out in a safe house somewhere, but we haven't managed to track them down yet. That. Is. Why. You're. Here."

2012-11-27, 02:53 PM
Then we will do what we can to find the horn for you. Come on Zerter, lets get out of the docks and find an inn to stay the night.

2012-11-28, 02:33 PM
Yeah... sure.

Just one more thing for Rizban though :smallsmile:.

Let me just make a Sense Motive (Insightful Acclimisation): [roll0] on Cassata before leaving.

2012-11-28, 11:33 PM
You know that Cassatta has been in the city for a few years and purchased this business from an older human when the Docks started going bad. You haven't heard anything about her, as she doesn't really seem to interact with anyone outside of her own tiny group.

2012-11-28, 11:35 PM
"There's a small boat by the water. Take that back across the river to Rivergate. It's getting kind of late to be walking through the Docks.

I'll have someone bring it back."

2012-11-29, 07:45 AM
Thank you, we'll begin the search.

Denhear walks out of the shop and towards the small boat, hopefully with Zerter in tow.

2012-11-30, 07:04 AM
Assuming there is nothing else, the two of you make it safely back across the river due entirely to an assistant of Cassatta maneuvering the boat, dropping you off, and returning. He refuses to speak throughout the entire short voyage.

The sun is close to setting, so you decide that it's probably best to get back inside the city while you still have the chance.

2012-11-30, 11:02 AM
Zerter, do you know a good inn we can stay at? An inn or bar would be a good place to start asking around to find these two gnomes.

2012-11-30, 11:15 AM
I put on my cloak, change to my regular appearance, and drop it again. You see a human of average height, with brown hair and green eyes with an average build and no distinctive traits.

"Well, we could always try the sad flint. It is the main adventurers inn. Tho last time someone tried to kill me in there. I also suggest we contact dealers in magical items to get a better sense of the approach they might make take or to check if any horn has been offered. Also I suggest we ask someone to put out a bid on the horn on our behalf."

Also, Rizban has levelled it seems :D

2012-11-30, 01:15 PM
Lets head to the sad flint then, and start the search there. I need to pick my dog up first though, I left him outside the docks incase I was cought over night. You can follow me or meet me at the Flint

At that Denhear heads off to where he left Thatchit

2012-11-30, 03:59 PM
Also, Rizban has levelled it seems :D

Are you referring to my avatar?Thatchit is where you left him. He seems happy to see you again.

2012-12-01, 05:04 AM

"What a nice doggy! I'm sure he and Dolf will become best friends if Dolf ever wakes up again. Lets head to the Flint." I don my cloak.

2012-12-01, 06:42 AM
Also, thanks for noticing. :smallbiggrin:Assuming no disagreements, you head to the Sad Flint.

The interior of the Sad Flint is quite crowded. People are coming and going all over the rather large barroom. Patrons of any possible description abound, most content to drink the beers in their hands. No one bothers to turn their head when yet another patron walks in. The atmosphere of the place is slightly dingy, but comfortable.

A lone half-giant is serving as the bartender at the long bar across from the entrance. Round tables with an average of four chairs each litter the common area, although several have borrowed chairs from others nearby. More than half of them seem occupied by patrons of some description and number. A pair of armored bouncers guard a double door along the west wall.

Barmaids of many different races weave in and out of the traffic, delivering food and drinks, as well as picking up empty crockery and more than a few pick-up lines.

What appears to be a half-orc is being grappled by three of the tables, all of which appear to be animated objects. You quickly realize that this is part of the Flint's security and explains why such a popular and crowded place employs no bouncers.

2012-12-01, 07:27 AM
Let me just work the room and try a gather information check on Gnomes first. Is there a major Gnome population in Aldhaven, and if so, what are big places for them to hang out? I am especially on the look out for information regarding Gnome adventurers. If anyone wants to know why, it is because I like Gnomes and Gnome culture. [roll0]

2012-12-01, 07:40 AM
[roll0] hours later...

Gnomes are exceedingly rare in Aldhaven. There has been some unrest between the gnomish nation to the east and Aldhaven for quite some time, but it seems like the two nations want peace with one another.

There is currently an ambassador and his coterie of attendants and guards currently in town. They are housed in a specially constructed embassy in the Nobles' Quarter.

There is the occasional gnome wanderer who passes through town, but they never really stay.

The only gnome known to live openly in Aldhaven for any length of time is a merchant named Feldspar.

2012-12-01, 07:48 AM
Can anyone tell me more about Feldspar?

2012-12-01, 07:49 AM
Let me actually make a knowledge (local): [roll0] on feldspar as well.

2012-12-01, 08:31 AM
You know and/or learn that he's a gnome, a merchant, and has a shop in North Market.

2012-12-03, 09:17 AM
After asking around for a few hours Denhear takes a few seconds break to talk with Zerter.
I think we should rest here for the night, and confront this gnome tomorrow. As much as I like breaking and entering, we would want to case the place first.

Denhear then walks to the half giant
How much is a room for the night?

Can't get higher than him on his gather information, so I don't see a real reason to roll it.

2012-12-03, 09:44 AM
"Five gold. Room for two is 9 gold. Room for one with two people is 7 gold but only one bed."

2012-12-03, 10:38 AM
"I don't mind sharing a bed, what about it buddy?"

2012-12-06, 09:51 AM

Are the two of you still playing?

2012-12-06, 11:16 AM
I am at least.

2012-12-06, 12:33 PM
I'm on vacation until monday, so I'll follow zerter until then

2012-12-06, 12:51 PM
Thanks for letting us know so we weren't waiting on you...

2012-12-06, 04:40 PM
My comrade will pay for the room and we will be on our way upstairs!

2012-12-07, 08:48 AM
He accepts the payment and places a crystal disk on the bar top, instructing each of you to place your hands on it. Afterward, he give you your room number on the second floor and puts the disk away.

((Which size room(s) did you get?))

2012-12-07, 08:52 AM
Room for one with two people is 7 gold but only one bed.

2012-12-07, 09:00 AM
The door to you room has neither lock nor handle, only a crystal disk in the middle of the door. Touching the disk with your palm causes the door to open for you.

It opens onto a 10 x 15 room. There is a bed, a chest of drawers, and a large wooden chest that doubles as a nightstand. There's a rug on the floor and a single small window that lets in light.


2012-12-07, 09:26 AM
I'll get everyone inside and close the door. Then both of us take 20 and search the room, because we are extremely paranoid individuals, or as it is known in Aldhaven: normal. After that we will put our gear in storage and all go to sleep: I'll take the right side of the bed, my partner will take the left, Dolf will sleep at my feet and the dog will sleep on the rug. Naturally we sleep with a weapon under our pillow.

2012-12-07, 09:36 AM
Upon opening the chest, he finds that it's an extradimensional space. Anything you have will fit inside. It, however, refuses to close if a living creature is inside. Experimentation shows that it functions much like a handy haversack, but with much greater capacity. It is sovereign glued to the floor.

The room is clean and clear. The door is securely locked, and you find a large deadbolt that further locks it. The window seems to be magically hardened glass and small enough that a normal person would have trouble squeezing through it. It is also securely bolted from inside.

The bed is barely wide enough to fit the two of you on it side by side, and it's impossible to sleep on like that without leaning against each other throughout the night or rolling off onto the floor.

2012-12-07, 09:49 AM
I'll put on my hood, decrease in size and assume the shape of a beautiful blonde, petite elven woman reflecting my charisma score of +6. I take the cloak off, keep on my circlet and I'll go to bed and invite my partner to join me. Here (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdm2ueBF451qibxbso1_500.jpg) are a number of suggestions for what happens next.

2012-12-07, 10:14 AM
Here (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdm2ueBF451qibxbso1_500.jpg) are a number of suggestions for what happens next.

I'm sorry, but I can't accept that unless you edit the picture to make her hair blonde or edit your description of your transformation. It's just not believable otherwise. :smallwink:

Really though, I think this is something HerbieRAI should have input on... He may very well prefer to sleep on the floor with the dog.

2012-12-07, 10:37 AM
I know : D I was just abusing the lead I got. Tho picking a dog over me would be kind of... insulting.

2012-12-11, 04:38 PM
Well, it's Tuesday... Bump for great justice!

2012-12-11, 06:09 PM
Sorry bout that whole out of the area thing. I thought I posted in all my game threads, but I forgot a few.

Denhear wakes up the next morning with a bad headache. Looking next to him and seeing the woman only raises more questions.

What happened last night? I don't remember a thing. Someone must have put something in one of my drinks.

He gives the lady a good look up and down, liking what he sees. He tries to keep his swagger with his horrible hangover.
Thanks for the night sweet thing. Do you know what happened to the other man I came in with? His name was Zerter.

2012-12-12, 09:23 AM
Uh... your memory was working perfectly when you went to bed. You saw what happened to Zerter, beautiful stud that he is. You slept next to him last night, sweet thing.

I wake Dolf up and get dressed.

2012-12-12, 10:02 AM
My memory may have been working from your point of view, but I don't remember much. I'm going to head on downstairs and see if I can find him

Denhear gets dressed, and he and Thatchit go downstairs.

2012-12-12, 10:18 AM
I wait for Denhear to leave, get and make sure I have all my stuff (actually, I do the 2nd one while he is still there :smallwink:). Then I head downstairs in my regular form.

2012-12-12, 12:02 PM
The interior of the Sad Flint is quite crowded. People are coming and going all over the rather large barroom. Patrons of any possible description abound, most content to drink the beers in their hands. No one bothers to turn their head when yet another patron walks in. The atmosphere of the place is slightly dingy, but comfortable.

A lone half-giant is serving as the bartender at the long bar across from the entrance. Round tables with an average of four chairs each litter the common area, although several have borrowed chairs from others nearby. More than half of them seem occupied by patrons of some description and number. A pair of armored bouncers guard a double door along the west wall.

Barmaids of many different races weave in and out of the traffic, delivering food and drinks, as well as picking up empty crockery and more than a few pick-up lines.Nothing much has changed

2012-12-12, 12:36 PM
Zerter! Seems like I had a good time last night. I woke up next to this blonde nymph. I can't remember her name, and I didn't think it would have been prudent to ask after we woke. How was your night?

2012-12-12, 04:20 PM
A succubus came to my room and tried to seduce me by feeding me wine laced with drugs that would make me forget the entire event. I was lucky to have a strong resistance to the stuff as a result of the times my mom tried to poison me. I disbelieved the illusion of the blond Elf and chased the devil out. I am afraid I heard her knock on a other door tho.

2012-12-13, 11:28 AM
Denhear goes white in the face. He immediately ran back upstairs to the room, expecting to see the woman still inside. He didn't feel like his soul was taken, but what would that feel like? Where did the demon go? He would have to start the hunt for her before the trail went cold. The Gnome wasn't going anywhere.

Denhear spends a few minutes trying to find something that belonged to the demon, and tries to get Thatchit to pick up on its sent. Denhear doesn't find anything, and Thatchit only picks up Zerters sent. He would have to go by a church later today to see what damage the demon caused.

Going back downstairs, with a worried look on his face, Denhear continues.
I guess we should head out to this gnome. I'll deal with restoring the Succubus' damage later. Did you find out what area of town he lives in?

2012-12-13, 12:27 PM
Yeah, he lives in the North Market. Lets have breakfast first tho.

2012-12-13, 03:59 PM
Sounds like a good plan. You thinking of grabbing some grub here, or find a restaurant? In either case, I'm going to need to start my drinking a little early today.

2012-12-13, 05:05 PM
Breakfast consists of Kippers, Curds, Goose eggs, Peach Slices, Flatbread (cost 1gp).

2012-12-14, 08:53 AM
Charge it to the room please!

2012-12-14, 10:21 AM
You that poor of a man that you can't even buy your own breakfast? Consider this my gift since you only got a few days left as a real man.

Denhear pays for the two of them to have the meal.

2012-12-14, 10:25 AM
But... I was charging it you anyway... Thanks a bunch! Boy, this sure looks good.

2012-12-17, 08:59 AM
Just don't say I never did anything for you. It's been a long time since I've had a meal like this. Usually I'm eating some cheap gruel from a two copper whorehouse.

Denhear starts eating, letting food fall for thatchit to eat as well.

2012-12-18, 03:20 PM
Yum. Good meal.

2012-12-19, 01:03 PM
finshed with his meal, Denhear stands up and begins heading for the door

Zerter, you ready to head to the North Market? We got a busy day ahead of us.

2012-12-19, 09:07 PM
Assuming no objections, you head southeast along Mastiff's Road until you reach North and South Markets. North Market is obviously to the north and South Market to the south. Mastiff's splits the "Market District" in half.

Once there, you realize that you don't actually know where his shop is located...

2012-12-26, 11:07 AM
Denhear takes some time to ask around for the shops location.

Was hoping Zerter would do this, he is better than me at gather information


2013-01-08, 05:56 PM
It's been almost a month since Zerter posted. This is why I don't usually like team ups. It always ends up with everyone waiting on everyone else or dropping without giving word.

2013-01-09, 01:22 PM
Is there a problem having him follow me around for a little while incase he returns. If he doesn't then we can return to my own thread?

2013-01-09, 03:09 PM
I usually drop at the one month mark. Why don't you go ahead and return to your own thread. We'll just assume he goes his own way following other leads for now.