View Full Version : Designing NPC Dossiers

2012-11-19, 12:47 AM
My last time GMing something other than DnD I found that creating Dossiers that I could hand to my players actually helped them use their brains. With the dossiers they were able to reference it to figure out where the NPC was. "Oh he loves pizza, find the nearest Pizza Hut." "Maybe offering him drugs could get him to dish out information"

The players will be in a sort of Cowboy Bebop/Outlaw Star style of game, involving Oddjobs, mercenary work, and Bounty Hunting. The previous Dossier outline I used was based on MIB so it had information that I would not need for a more modern Dossier. The setting is Cyberpunk by the way.

What would you expect to be in a dossier?

Right now I have the following:

Known Aliases
Physical Description
Psych Profile
Known Haunts
Criminal History

Anything I'm missing?