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2012-12-03, 12:13 PM
I want to sell my Xbox 360 on ebay, but they require to list the exact model you want to sell. But I have a really hard time identifying the model I have since I bought it second hand and there was no packaging or manual with it.

Here's the picture I took:

Black looks like an Elite, but the hard drive has only 14 GB of space.

Could it be a Model S with an upgraded hard drive?
On the back it says 2009-10-25 and the black model S was release in August 2010.

2012-12-03, 01:13 PM
Definitely not an "S" model. The "S" models have a different shape to them, among other upgrades.

My guess would be an Elite with either a VERY full hard drive, or the original HD was swapped out for a 20GB one. How much is currently saved onto it, or is the drive empty?

2012-12-03, 01:28 PM
I completly emptied it and there's 13,8 GB left. I've read that the firmware and OS take up about 6 GB, which is not substracted from the HDD Size number, so it seems to be a 20 GB drive.
The hard drive also is light grey with crome, which is apparently the HDD that came with the Pro. Also, the controller that I got is white. I didn't have either the original box nor a manual, so I guess it's a collection of spare parts from broken consoles. But it always worked perfectly well for me. I listed it as a 20 GB Pro with a note that it's actually an elite with different HDD and controller.

But I am amazed how awfully low the price for these things is! On ebay.de, there's a huge number of 1 auctions ending in 2 days. Though most lack good pictures, have mentions of quirks, are in really bad German, or have a single sentence description. I wouldn't buy any of those either. And for 1, it clearly sounds too good to be true. Starting at 50 might net me a significantly greater profit. If I can get it sold.
Yet at the same time, PS3 Slimlines trade at 200+.

2012-12-03, 01:56 PM
Sadly, the first generations of Xbox 360 had some technical problems. Those consoles that you're seeing available at such a low price may have been the ones which are "Red Ringed". The Red Ring of Death is an Xbox 360's console way of reporting a Fatal Hardware Error, which in the first few generations most likely meant that the processor overheated and actually was attempting to melt through it's motherboard. The "S" models were slimmed down, and had increased cooling capabilities to help fight that, along with improvements added along through the consoles life.

Sadly, older Xbox's such as those don't hold up value too well, especially if it has had hardware issues; where-as a Slimline PS3 is a much newer console (Thus, holds up it's price better).

To the best of my knowledge, the firmware DOES indeed subtract from the hardware size.

In all; I'd say you gave an accurate description. Elite, with a white controller and a 20GB HD. If you want, you could try and see if Microsoft's warranty center is able to confirm which console type you have through it's serial number... Try this link here (https://myservice.xbox.com/en-US/Pages/Welcome.aspx) and see if that can help you get an exact clue on which console you may have.