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Aron Times
2012-12-05, 11:36 PM

I'm currently playing in a D&D 3.5 game over Skype, set in a low magic world under siege by an army of necromancers and their undead hordes. I've been in three sessions so far, having joined during the original party's fourth session, but this journal will be written from my point of view, with Session #1 being my character's entry into the game. Here's our party roster:

1. Gerod - Human Fighter, played by Chris. Gerod is one of the two original players in this campaign. He wields sword and shield against our enemies, living or dead. Fled from a city overrun by the necromancer army along with Bear (see below).

2. Bear - Anthropomorphic Bear Barbarian/Fighter, played by Jeff. The party's heavy hitter, Bear is one of the two original players in this game. He uses a greataxe to devastating effect. The rest of the party make Yogi Bear and Smokey the Bear jokes at Jeff's expense.

3. Oak Leafblade - Human Fighter/Sorcerer, played by yours truly. Oak is a self-proclaimed magical knight who lives in the village Gerod and Bear have fled to, which is suffering from mysterious disappearances. Oak and Kai (see below) have been drafted by the village to investigate the disappearances.

4. Kai - Human Scout/Ranger, played by Mike. The party's archer and scout, Kai is the only other PC with a preplanned build, the other being Oak Leafblade. Kai, or rather his player, Mike, is notable for getting disconnected on a regular basis.

5. Taylor Lance - Human Bard, played by "adawg" (don't know his real name). One of two people who run into the above four's camp during Episode #3. He wields a rapier, but mostly uses Inspire Courage to support the party.

6. Enai - Human Cleric, played by Jay. He is the party's healer, staying behind the main warriors providing healing and ranged support through his crossbow.

Episode 1: The Vanishing Flu

The game begins with Oak Leafblade and Kai getting drafted by the mayor of their village to investigate the mysterious disappearances around town. Oak and Kai stand guard at the bridge that leads to town for no apparent reason than to meet and join up with Gerod and Bear, who are currently fleeing from the city of Makathrad, which has been overrun by the necromancer army. As Gerod and Bear try to cross the bridge, Kai tells them to halt and pay the toll before they can pass: 5 gold. Gerod and Bear tell Kai that they'll just walk around town instead of paying the toll. Kai explains to the two travelers that he and Oak are trying to raise funds to investigate the mysterious disappearances plaguing the village. This makes them volunteer to help the village, and the four join up and go into the village.

The first stop the group makes is at the local blacksmith. The group wants to see if he hasn't vanished yet. At this point, I make a joke about the town having caught the Vanishing Flu; I was suffering from the flu in real life during this game. The entire group laughs and someone says that the villagers went hachoo then poof! Another player suggests that the cause of the disappearances is dandruff, like that shampoo commercial where women go poof when the man with dandruff approaches. The game grinds to a halt for a few minutes while everyone catches their breath.

The blacksmith has no useful information, so the party decides to check out the local tavern for information, because as everyone knows, bartenders are an endless repository of local lore. At this point, either Bear or Gerod stands behind one bar patron and covertly throws a stone at another patron. Everyone else lets out a flat what when he misses and breaks a window instead. Epic fail. As for information, the party doesn't get anything useful from the tavern.

The party's next stop is the mayor's house. Perhaps he would know something, being the leader of the village. On the way, the party encounters a group of horsemen in black armor. They make a beeline for the cemetery, which is in the opposite direction from the mayor's house. Kai decides to covertly follow the Men in Black while the other three talk to the mayor.

At the mayor's house, we find the door locked and kick it open, only to be greeted by an Alfred Hitchcock-inspired butler. We try to talk to the mayor, but are denied access because the man is very busy. We insist that our business is important, and at this point, we hear a giggling female voice from inside the house. The mayor is busy indeed.

Meanwhile, Kai follows the Men in Black to the cemetery. He finds them digging something from a grave, a buried chest. They notice Kai skulking around and they draw their weapons. Time for a fight scene!

Kai retreats to a better location to avoid getting swarmed, while the other three, including Oak, hear the sounds of battle and rush to our archers aid. On the way there, Oak casts Mage Armor on himself, his sole spell cast this session. The three melee fighters cut a swath through the Men in Black as Kai tries to quickly string his bow, which snaps due to a poor roll. Fortunately, the three of us are able to down all but one of the MiB, the commander, who manages to flee with the unearthed chest.

At this point, I stop playing as I get a horrible headache from the flu. I bid the group goodbye and log out of Skype and go to sleep.

So ends my first ever Skype RPG session. What do you think?

2012-12-06, 05:01 AM
You know I was expecting this to be a PTTA* log. I wonder why?:smallwink:

*Pokemon Tabletop Adventures