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The Fighter, He was supposed to represent the grizzeled military veteran, the survivor of a dozen wars who leads through force of arms and who uses Guile and Cunning to augment his Physical prowess. Instead the book gave us a walking pile of magical gear inferior in combat to the Druids pet bear or the war trained Mule somebody bought as a Joke with their starting cash. This Thread is an attempt to Boost Fighters Versitility in and out of combat to make them Closer to the higher tier classes.

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HD: D10 the fighter is a front liner and his HP should reflect his ability to get
in the thick of things
BAB: The fighter retains Full BAB and thus gains +1 BAB each Level
Skills: The fighter's Class skills are Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Jump, Ride, Swim, +Spot, +Listen, +Gather Information, +Sense Motive,+Diplomacy, +Use Magic Device +Knowledge(history, martial lore, nobility, or Local) He recieves 6 skill points per Level and 4x the normal amount at lv 1

Weapon and Armour Proficiency: A Fighter is proficient in all weapons and

Initator Level: While Fighters are not Martial adepts and learn No Sublime way Manuvers innately, Fighter levels count as +1 Initator level instead of +1/2

Class Features:
Bonus Feats[EX];
At First Level and Every Even level a fighter gains a bonus feat from the list of bonus fighter feats he must Meet the prerequisites for any feat he chooses in this way. +In addition a Fighter can exchange any number these bonus feats with any other feats from the fighter bonus feat list with 24 hours of dedicated training costing him 100GP per fighter Level.

Quick Recovery[EX];
A Fighter is no stranger to injury and after taking a few Knocks the fighter learns to recover faster. Starting at 3rd Level the fighter gains his Con Mod if positive, in natural healing with every hour's Rest. He Also Recovers Ability Damage at the rate of 1 point per hour and Makes 3 saves per Day to recover from Diseases.

While Spellcasters seek to further attune themselves to potentially harmful forces in an attempt to gain power, A fighter often undergoes training to further distance himself from potentially harmful Influences. At 5th Lv Fighters gain Spell resistance equal to 5+ their INT mod + their Fighter LV. They may voluntarily lower their spell resistance once per round as an Immediate action but must spend a Standard action to raise it again. If a Fighter has Spell resistance from a different Source the Two do not stack Instead This ability increases the existing Spell resistance by the Fighters INT mod and gives them the ability to lower their spell resistance as an immediate action.

A veteran Fighter starts to learn to trust his gut feelings to keep him out of trouble, With training these feelings become uncannily accurate.
At 7th Lv the Fighter Gains the ability to have an almost supernatural moment of clarity. The Hunch ability Functions similarly to an Augury spell except it is a standard action to use, costs no material, or verbal components, and can be used even in an area where magic is impossibe.
A Fighter may use this ability a number of times per day equal to their INT modifier.
At 13th Level The Hunch Ability can Duplicate a Commune Spell and at 19th Lv it can Duplicate Moment of Presence. The caster level for all three effects is equal to their Fighter Level

At 9th level a Fighter gains the Leadership Feat for free and may substitute their INT modifer instead of their CHA for the purposes of their leadership score.

A fighter perfects his Anti-Magic training to such a degree that they can project an area where spellcasting is almost impossible. Once per day a 15th lv Fighter can project an Antimagic field as a spell like ability at a caster level equal to their Fighter level.

Having walked the long arduous path to self perfection the most dedicated fighers have discovered within themselves a small spark of the Devine.
At LV 20 a fighter Gains Divine Rank 0 becoming a lesser demigod. They may gain a +6 Inherent bonus to a single stat that replaces any existing inherent bonus. They no longer need to Sleep or Eat, No longer accumulate Aging Penalties but still gain bonuses as appropriate to their race. They also may be treated as a native Outsider whenever beneficial to do so. These abilities function even within a fighter's Interference Aura.

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