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I am unsure of the balance of these and, toward the end, I started running out of ideas. These are additional domains used in my setting. 3.5 only has one granted power. Pathfinder has two, and both are more powerful than their 3.5e counterparts, meaning I had to rewrite all of them.

If you deem something broken, take the time to suggest an alternative. Otherwise, what's the point?

Deities: Rosalynn, Indralia
Granted Powers: You take upon yourself the burdens and sufferings of others that you might aid and comfort them.
Burden Bearer: Choose a penalty on your saving throws up to your wisdom modifier. Your allies within 30' gain a holy bonus of the same.
Burden Taker: Beginning at 6th level you may touch a creature to remove a status effect from them. You make a fortitude save against the effect (whether it granted one originally or not) and if successful the effect is neutralized. Otherwise it is removed from the creature you touch and you suffer it until its duration runs out or 24 hours, whichever is less.
Domain Spells: 1st - aid, 2nd shield other, 3rd - spirit link, 4th - revive, 5th - rejuvenate, 6th - aether slide, 7th - refuge, 8th - greater restoration, 9th - circle of hands

Deities: Freyalis, Nalru
Granted Power: You call upon the spirits of your ancestors for most of your guidance and spirtual power.
Spirit Guide: You have an ancestral spirit guide whom you can summon a number of times each day equal to your wisdom modifier. The spirt can advise you for a minute during each summons.
Spirit Sense: At 9th level you can use true seeing for a number of rounds equal to you class level. The rounds need not be consecutive.
Domain Spells: 1st - detect undead, 2nd - flicker, 3rd - speak with dead, 4th - divination, 5th - atonement, 6th - quest, 7th - legend lore, 8th - prophecy, 9th - moment of precience.

Cavern Domain
Deities: Dulthos
Granted Power: You draw power from the deep places of the world. Knowledge dungeoneering is a class skill for you.
Ways Beneath: When underground, you always know where you are in relation to the surface, what paths lead out and which lead deeper, and how far you are beneath the ground. You also have a +2 insight bonus to all skills used underground.
Burrowing: At 8th level you can burrow for a number of rounds equal to your caster level. These rounds need not be consecutive.
Domain Spells: 1st - detect secret doors, 2nd - darkness, 3rd - meld into stone, 4th - mage's secure shelter, 5th - passwall, 6th - find the path, 7th - maw of stone, 8th - earthquake, 9th - imprisonment

Corruption Domain
Deities: Senda, Kepho, Narisane, Sana, Char, Belandra, Lirashnal
Granted Power: You are devoted to the defilement and corruption of the world and draw power from that act. The granted powers of this domain are identical to the evil domain.
Domain Spells: 1st - afflict, 2nd - duress, 3rd - contagion, 4th - poison, 5th - brittle bone curse, 6 - diseased weapon, 7th - befoul, 8th - terror, 9th - drain life

Creation Domain
Deities: Balaxa, Calruldal
Granted Power: You are gifted and craft and creation, and the spells that aid the same.
Artisan's Gift: You are considered trained in all craft skills, even those you have no rank in. You have a +3 sacred bonus to the use of these skills. The items you do have craft ranks in can be made masterwork at half normal cost and time.
Enduring Creation: Double the duration of the spells minor creation and major creation whenever they are cast.
Domain Spells: 1st - create water, 2nd - minor image, 3rd - create food and water, 4th - minor creation, 5th - major creation, 6th - heroes feast, 7th -permanent image, 8th - prismatic wall, 9th -refuge

Discord Domain
Deities: Berenash, Senda
Granted Power: You are charged with sowing discontent and discord among the people of the world and thrive on the strife they show.
Shadow of Paranoia: Diplomacy and sense motive checks done with 60' of you suffer a -2 penalty.
Paranoia's Gaze: At 8th level you can inflict paranoia as a gaze attack, with a save DC of 10 + 1/2 your cleric level + your wisdom modifier. You can use this power a number of times each day equal to your wisdom modifier.
Domain Spells: 1st - command, 2nd - paranoia, 3rd - puppet strings, 4th - dissension in the ranks, 5th - gratuitous violence, 6th - mass paranoia, 7th - eyebite, 8th - antipathy, 9th - ???

Dwarf Domain
Deities: Freyalis, Dulthos, Nalru
Granted Power: You draw power from the dwarven gods
Great Endurance: Your hit die for this class is d10
Resistance of Stone: At 10th level you gain spell resistance of 10 + your wisdom modifier.
Domain Spells: 1st - magic weapon, 2nd - endurance, 3rd - glyph of warding, 4th - greater magic weapon, 5th - fabricate, 6th - stone tell, 7th - dictum, 8th - protection from spells, 9th - elemental swarm (earth or fire)

Elf Domain
Deities: Januel, Alisar, Panial, Frey, Warrick, Imlocrin, Trishdare, Lirashnal, Belandra, Grimwall
Granted Power: You draw your power from the elven gods.
Divine Archery: You may place a spell with a range of touch onto an arrow and have that spell affect the target of the arrow. This power may be used a number of times equal to your wisdom modifier each day.
Gifts of Elvenkind: At 8th level you are blessed with the secrets of the manufacture of the elven racial equipment. Further, any masterwork cloak and boots you wear will behave as cloaks of elvenkind and boots of elvenkind respectively.
Domain Spells: 1st - true strike, 2nd - cat's grace, 3rd - snare, 4th - tree stride, 5th - commune with nature, 6th - find the path, 7th - liveoak, 8th - sunburst, 9th - antipathy

Family Domain
Deities: Cuvanill, Cuane, Tala, Januel, Freyalis, Sanshan, Ooysashandra
Granted Power: Your powers are granted to shelter, norish and bolster those you love.
Hero's Guard: Once per round, as an immediate action, you may trade spaces with an adjacent ally and any attack against them becomes aimed at you.
Shelter the Kindred: Beginning at 6th level you may as a swift action you may protect a number of creatures equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum one creature) with a +4 holy bonus to AC. This supernatural ability lasts 1 round per level, and any affected creature loses this bonus if they move more than 20 away from you. You may affect yourself with this ability. The rounds of effect of this ability need not be consecutive.
Domain Spells: 1st - shield other, 2nd - sheltering branches, 3rd - helping hand, 4th - imbue with spell ability, 5th - forbid, 6th - mass shield other, 7th - dispelling screen, 8th - protection from spells, 9th - prismatic sphere

Fate Domain
Deities: Matacha
Granted Power: You sense the coming and goings of the world of spirits, the fates of the living and the destinies of the dead.
Blessed by Fate: Once per day per wisdom modifier you may roll two dice when making a saving throw and take the better of the two dice.
Curse of Fate: Beginning at 8th level you may force an opponent to roll twice against a spell or effect as an immediate action, and take the worst of the two results.
Domain Spells: 1st - true strike, 2nd - augury, 3rd - second chance, 4th status, 5th - aether slide, 6th - quest, 7th - vision, 8th - prophecy, 9th - foresight

Guardian Domain
Deities: Matacha, Poen, Tala, Grimwall, Freyalis, Ooysashandra
Granted Power: You are appointed with the role of guardian and keeper of your people. Perception is a class skill for you.
Hero's Guard: Once per round, as an immediate action, you may trade spaces with an adjacent ally and any attack against them becomes aimed at you.
Vigilance: At eighth level you no longer need to sleep that you might keep vigilance at all times. You become immune to spells which induce sleep. Finally, when you stand upon hallowed ground you may stand sentinel as per the spell without casting it.
Domain Spells: 1st - alarm, 2nd - vigilance, 3rd - obscure object, 4th - sentinel, 5th - dismissal, 6th - forbiddance, 7th - guards & wards, 8th - dimensional lock, 9th - inviolability

Gnome Domain
Deities: Sanshan, Calruldal, Fas, Elrico
Granted Power: You draw power from the deities of the gnomish people. Bluff is a class skill for you.
Compelling illusions: The DC of your illusions has a +1 sacred bonus.
Fade out: At 6th level you may turn invisible as a free action anytime you are struck. You have a number of rounds of invisibility in this manner equal to your cleric level and wisdom modifier.
Domain Spells: 1st - silent image, 2nd - invisibility, 3rd - minor image, 4th - minor creation, 5th - hallucinatory terrain, 6th - mislead, 7th - screen, 8th - irresistible dance, 9th - freedom

Halfling Domain
Deity: Ooysashandra
Granted Power: You worship the goddess of all the oyasini and receive power from her. You have the lightning reflexes feat, and the skills stealth and sleight of hand are class skills for you.
Halfling Luck: At 6th level or higher you may reroll any failed saving throw with a +2 bonus to the second roll. You gain an additional use of this ability at every 3rd level thereafter.
Domain Spells: 1st - magic stone, 2nd - cat's grace, 3rd - flying, 4th - freedom of movement, 5th - confusion, 6th - heroes' feast, 7th - refuge, 8th - ethereal jaunt, 9th - moment of prescience

Hate Domain
Deities: Sekoon, Tela, Tharpoen, Apenca, Berenash, Belandra
Granted Power: You channel the power of deities of hate and spite, seeking ill for all who oppose you and even some who don't.
Touch of Spite: You can touch a creater a standard action and grant it a profane bonus to all attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks and saving rolls equal to half your cleric level (minimum 1) for one round. You can use this ability a number of times a day equal to 3 + your wisdom modifier.
Sadistic Glee: Beginning at 6th level you gain a bonus to attack and damage rolls equal to the number of foes you've slain, up to your cleric level. The bonus lasts until you spend more than a minute out of combat.
Domain Spells: 1st - doom, 2nd - scare, 3rd - hatred, 4th - bestow curse, 5th - exsanguination, 6th - wasting curse, 7th - wilting curse, 8th - antipathy, 9th - wail of the banshee

Justice Domain
Deities: Tean
Granted Power: You an adjudicator and bringer of justice to a world filled with injustice.
Tean's Grace: You have divine grace as per the paladin ability against Sodrean spells.
Holy Lance: As per the ability outlined for the Good domain, but instead of affecting evil characters holy weapons affect Shunran and Sodran aligned foes in this setting.
Domain Spell: 1st - zone of truth, 2nd - prayer, 3rd - mark of justice, 4th - compulsion, 5th - limited resources, 6th - quest, 7th - absolute law, 8th - absolute grace, 9th - manifest probability

Metal Domain
Deities: Balaxa, Sana, Dulthos
Granted Power: You are a forger of tools, weapons, and armors to the glory of your patron. You have a +2 on appraise and spellcraft checks with items primarily composed of metal.
Safeguard: Items in your possession have a +4 bonus to their item saving throws.
Metal's Truth: At 8th level you can bestow the metalic property of your choice for a number of rounds equal to your cleric level. During this time the weapon bypasses damage reduction of the appropriate type. You can use this ability once at 8th level and an additional time for each 4 levels afterward.
Domain Spells: 1st - magic weapon, 2nd - heat metal/chill metal, 3rd - keen edge, 4th - rusting grasp, 5th - wall of iron, 6th - blade barrier, 7th - rusting ray, 8th - iron body, 9th - blade storm

Pain Domain
Deities: Tela
Granted Power: You delight in causing pain and misery in others and follow Tela the Bitch Queen. Intimidate is a class skill for you.
Displine of Pain. You are immune to a pain touch spell cast by a character of lower level than you.
Sharing of Pain. At 8th level whenever an opponent strikes you with a melee attack you may as an immediate action share the pain with them. They take the same damage you did, fortitude save for half against a DC set by your cleric level + your wisdom modifier. You can use this ability once per day at 8th level and an additional time per day for every 4 levels thereafter, but a given opponent may only be targetted once a day by this ability.
Domain Spell: Pain Touch. This is an X level spell spanning 1st to 9th level on its own. See Chapter 6 for information on this sort of spell.

Retribution Domain
Deities: Tean, Apenca, Sana, Landala, Grimwall
Granted Power: You have the power to strike with vengeance against your foes.
Strike of Vengeance: If you have been harmed by someone in combat you may make a strike of vengeance with a melee or ranged weapon against that individual. If the attack hits you deal maximum damage. This is a supernatural ability usable 3 times per day + 1 time per wisdom modifier you have.
Domain Spells: 1st - shield of faith, 2nd - endurance, 3rd - reflect gaze, 4th - shout, 5th - baleful polymorph, 6th - banishment, 7th - spell turning, 8th - final punishment, 9th - storm of vengeance.

Sea Domain
Deities: Cuane, Frey
Granted Power: You are blessed with the power of the sea.
Water breathing: For a total time per day of 1 minute per cleric level you possess you breathe underwater as if under a water breathing spell. This effect occurs automatically as soon as it is needed and lasts until it runs out or is no longer needed, and can operate multiple times each day up to the total daily limit of minutes. This granted power is a supernatural ability. At 8th level you can instead confer this ability to someone else and for you it becomes permanent.
Domain Spells: 1st - buoy, 2nd - clearsight, 3rd - water breathing, 4th - deep water, 5th - force hull, 6th - freezing sphere, 7th - control weather (double duration, but only at sea), 8th - capsize, 9th - elemental swarm (water only)

Tyranny Domain
Deities: Berenash, Sekoon
Granted Power: You follow an ancient power bent on the enslavement of all beings to its will, and desire to be higher on the pecking order than the masses.
Serpent's Gaze: Once each day you can force any creature that meets your gaze to keep it's eyes locked with yours. In this state it suffers a -2 penalty to attacks and a -4 to all other checks, but so do you (unless you attack the creature you are gazing at). A will saving throw negates this effect. You can maintain the gaze for 3 rounds + your wisdom modifier in rounds.
Suggestion: At 6th level you can make a suggestion as per the spell. You can do this once per day at 6th level, and an additional time for each three levels thereafter.
Domain Spells: 1st - command, 2nd - entrall, 3rd - discern lies, 4th - fear, 5th - greater command, 6th - quest, 7th - grasping hand, 8th - mass charm, 9th - dominate monster

Undead Domain
Deities: Kepho, Sadier, Nalru
Granted Power: You draw power from the forces of shadow, darkness and undeath.
Touch of undeath: Your lifesigns are especially weak and with some effort you conceal them further to conceal your lifeforce from the undead. This allows you to become invisible to undead, per the spell, for 3 rounds + your wisdom modifier.
Bolstered undead: The undead you create have two extra hit dice.
Bonus Spells: 1st - detect undead, 2nd - bloodpet, 3rd - animate dead, 4th - no rest for the wicked, 5th - corpse control, 6th - create undead, 7th - control undead, 8th - create greater undead, 9th - Ciranu's foul transformation.

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