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2013-02-17, 04:40 PM
I wrote a one-shot campaign a little while back, and I felt like I really went over the top on the amount of detail I included for what was literally about a six or seven hour session. I like the world theme for it, and I thought I might do a bit more here, but I understand that my tastes don't always mean everyone else is going to think it's great, so I thought I'd ask for some feedback.

The world is set in an almost Victorian Era time period, though lacking the technology brought about by the invention of the steam engine. Religion plays a large part in society, and unlike the polytheistic structure employed by most tabletop rpgs, the majority of society believe in what is known as "The One True God," with only extremely rural areas still worshiping the spirits of nature (read: instead of clerics, they turn to druids for their religious learning). I suspect that, with its parallels to Christianity, this will be the most controversial aspect of the setting.

The standard fantasy races are notoriously absent as well, with humans, halfings, and half-elves making up the majority of what they call the civilized lands. Dwarves, full blooded elves, gnomes, orcs, and the rest still exist, but as a whole, they've been pushed into seclusion and anonymity by the proflicly reproducing humans.

Arcane magic is looked down on and distrusted by the church, which wields a great deal of influence. As such, wizards and sorcerers are often viewed with suspicion and bigotry in urban areas, and not tolerated at all in more rural settings. Being burned at the stake is a very real fear for the "witches" who live in the countryside.

The link below contains my notes for this session, which is about a small region known as Agart Reach that is being plagued with disappearances and undead. The region's violent past has got its townsfolk panicked, and the church sends for aid from afar.

For my session, the party consisted of a paladin, cleric (both obviously affiliated with each other, since there's only one religion), fighter, and sorcerer. The sorcerer plays an important role, and she is native to the area, but left due to the persecution of arcane casters there. If anyone else wanted to use these notes as a sort of module, the sorcerer could easily become an NPC that arrives with the party.

The monsters are all home-brew, and my players were kind enough to do some of the fights several times to test them out. We found some of them to be a bit overpowered, especially the blood spectre's health regeneration, and I've toned down their stats accordingly. I haven't had a chance to test their newly unimproved stats though, so I would especially love feedback on that. Keep in mind that these were designed only for combat use, so the stat blocks are partial and only contain what I considered to be combat useful information.

The Nightmare of Agart Reach (http://www.alabasterink.com/WP/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Agart-Reach-PDF.pdf)

Included in the pdf is the starting stats, gold, and restrictions I placed on character creation, with the idea that the challenges would be balanced against a party of that strength.

Things I'm looking for specific feedback on:

1. The world concept in general.
2. The balance of the monster's ability.
3. Overall flavor of the project (do you find the storyline to be interesting?)

Any and all comments are welcome, of course.

2013-02-17, 05:27 PM
For those who wouldn't be too lazy to read a post, but don't want to click a link, here are the aforementioned monster blocks:

Blood Specter
HP: 46
Initiative: +3
Speed: 50
AC: 13
Attacks: Specter Touch (+6/+1 touch attack)
Damage: Specter Touch (1d6 vampiric + bonus damage)
Special Attacks:
Specter Touch- drains hp from the victim and gives it to the blood specter, also increases damage taken by the victim by 2 for the duration of combat
Horrify- causes the victim to become panicked and flee the blood specter as quickly as possible. If the victim succeeds a will save, he is shaken instead (-2 to all checks and attack rolls for 1 round). DC 16
Nightmare Slumber- causes the victim to fall into a troubled sleep for 4 hours or until woken. Will save negates, DC 16
Special Qualities: Incorporeality, Invisibility (at will)

Drudge Stalker
HP: 20
Initiative: -1
Speed: 20
AC: 16
Attacks: Slam (+4), Infected Bite (+4, Fort save DC 12)
Damage: Slam (1d6+ 3), Infected Bite (1d4 + 1d6 poison)
Special Attacks:
Infected Bite: If a drudge stalker succeeds a slam attack, it automatically makes an infected bite attack.
Special Qualities: Undead

The Ogreís Kiss
HP: 110
Initiative: -1
Speed: 25
AC: 21
Attacks: Unarmed Strike (+17/+12), Stunning Slap (+11/+6), Shockwave (+11)
Damage: Unarmed Strike (2d6 + 8), Shockwave (4d10, reflex half)
Special Attacks:
Stunning Slap: An open hand slap that, if it hits, stuns the victim for 1 round unless they succeed a dc 17 fortitude save.
Shockwave: Hits everything in its range and stuns them for 1 round unless they succeed a dc 17 fortitude save. Anything that makes the reflex save does not have to make the fortitude save to avoid being stunned. Useable every 1d4 rounds.
Special Qualities: Undead

Gregorís Monstrosity
HP: 200
Initiative: -3
Speed: 20
AC: 21
Attacks: Unarmed Strike (+16/+11), Infected Claw
Damage: Unarmed Strike (3d6 + 8), Infected Claw (2d8 poison)
Special Attacks:
Infected Claw: If the monstrosity hits with an unarmed attack, its victim must immediately make a fortitude save (dc 17) or take poison damage as well.
Ray of Enfeeblement: Ray attack, + 7 to hit, 1d6 + 5 strength damage
Ghoul Touch: Fortitude save negates (dc 17), paralyze victim, causes everyone else to become sickened (except caster) unless they also succeed fortitude saves
Bestow Curse: Will save negates (dc 16), 50% chance to lose action
Special Qualities: Undead

2014-01-14, 03:26 PM
Hi Xeratos,

our current DM is going on a short vacation and I've been looking for a short campaign that can be run in 1 or 2 sessions. This campaign looks amazing and we'll be running it! The story is nicely written and the non-stock monsters will be a great change of pace for the more experienced players

I'll get you the reactions of the players and the DM (me) in 1 or 2 weeks !