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2013-03-03, 08:54 AM
Hello everyone,

this is the first time I tried to design a prestige class and I could really need some input, especially on balancing.

Some context:
My (mixed systems) roleplaying group is getting ready to start our first DnD game for quite a while.

I should mention, that our group is composed of two players who are not at all interested in the rules and one who knows them, but does not optimize her character in the least. I am an optimizer by nature and have to make sure that my character does not become to powerful. I our last excursion into DnD, I played a druid, did not even try to max him out and created the problem for our GM, that any threat that could touch my character would also exterminate the rest of the group.

This time around, tired of Vancian Magic, I decided to play a Warlock. After I had finished my character, I got around to reading "Magic of Incarnum" and fell in love with it. So now I consider mixing Invocations and Soulmelds, two of the alternatives to Vancian Magic.

If it matters for balancing: The only spellcasters in the group will be a Paladin and a part-time-Ranger. We will start at Level 1.
Short version: Nothing Overpowered and no Cheese!

The context out of the way let's finally get to the Prestige Class.

Design Notes:
The requirements are designed to allow me to get a single Dark Invocation during my career (including losing one Warlock Caster Level through Human Paragon)

The prestige class is a mix of Warlock and Totemist, with a bias towards Warlock. It allows full caster progression for Warlock and half caster progression for Totemist, with some necessary Totemist class abilities thrown in.

To allow other classes to get into the prestige class, the Warlock part is only defined through Eldritch Blast being a Spell-Like Ability, so Dragon-Fire Adepts and Draconic Heritage Sorcerers also qualify and benefit.

BAB is the same as the parent classes. For HD I chose the lower and for Skillpoints the higher amount, which I hope will level out. Class Skills includes nothing exotic.

Since the parent classes do not agree in Saves (Warlock strong Will, Totemist strong Fort and Ref), I decided for only one strong Save and chose Fort, for Incarnum fluff reasons.

Prestigeklasse: Eldritch Totemist

Spell-Like Abilities: Must by able to use an Arcane Spell-like ability that deals at least 2d6 damage
(If you have access to several such SLAs, choose one. Whenever the Class Abilities mention "the SLA", only apply the benefit to your chosen one.)
(Eldritch Blast counts as one SLA, even after modification by Blast Shapes and Blast Essences.)
Soulmelds: Must by able to bind Soulmelds to the Totem Chakra
(Note: Warlock 3/Totemist 2 qualifies)

BAB: 3/4
HD: d6
Skillpoints: 4
Saves: Strong Fort save
Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (the planes), Knowledge (religion), Profession, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device

(How do I make a table out of this?)

Arcane Caster: Full 10/10
Meldshaper: Part 5/10, every even level

Class Abilities:
1: Chkara Bind (Hands), Eldritch Bind: SLA becomes Soulmeld that can be bound to the Hands Chakra
3: Chakra Bind (one of Crown or Feet), Totem Chakra Capacity+1
5: Chakra Bind (one of Crown, Feet, Arms, Brow, Shoulder), Totem Meldshaper Level+1, Casterlevel for SLA+1
7: Chakra Bind (one of Crown, Feet, Arms, Brow, Shoulder), Rebind Totem Soulmeld 1/d
9: Chakra Bind (one of Crown, Feet, Arms, Brow, Shoulder), Double Eldritch Bind: The SLA can be bound to the Totem Chakra and Hands Chakra at the same time (This is a limited Form of Totemist Lvl 11: Double Bind)

And here is the description for the Eldritch Blast as a SLA Soulmeld. I guess it could be changed to fit other non-Warlock SLAs.

Eldritch Blast Soulmeld
Descriptor: Chaotic
Classes: Eldritch Totemist
Chakra: Hands (Totem)
Saving Throw: as SLA

Melding the EDS gives you the Feat Improved Critical for use with the SLA.

For every point of essentia invested in EDS, you gain a +1 competence bonus to Attack rolls with your SLA.

Chakra Bind (Hands)
The damage of you SLA increases by 1d6 for every point of essentia invested.

Chakra Bind (Totem)
The DC of the Saving Throw against your SLA (if any) increases by 1 for every point of essentia invested.