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2006-11-14, 05:56 AM
I'm working on this tank for a D&D game I'm playing.
And don't jump to conclusions and say "you're building a high HP, high AC character", because I'm not....I'm building a tank, an actuel tank!

IG I'm a Summoner type Spell caster (yes I am not the DM of this game) who wants to summon a Earth elemental called The Juggernaut. Supposedly one of the strongest elementals around. It's CR needs to be around 14 and I have been working around a concept using the "juggernaut" creature form MM2.
This thing is a construct that's used in wars as something that will punce a hole through enemy ranks.It uses an attack called Squash that means it just rides over it target (simmiliar to Trample), but this attack does 10D10+20 (CR 11 !!!) point of damadge and my DM say "That's just wrong!" (his precise words!).

So I need an Elemental that is at least Huge and deals mostly Trample damadge without being to weak or a easy target for spells and high damadge attacks (remember this thing has to be used in a war so it needs to be able to take a ballista in the face and keep moving).I really don't want it to use its slam attacks because of its Roleplay: though strong its very very slow and not all that good at hitting creatures with its slams.

Brief background:

The Juggernaut (also called the Stone Spider) is a huge creature that is commenly summond by the spell caster of the school of Ash. This creature is said to be the right hand to the most powerfull elemental monolith of the plane of Earth and serves it as a warhorse serves it master.
Bred only for destruction it appears on the battle field in a form that reminds most of a spider.It walks on three legs, each about 8 feet in diameter at its base, easely killing each creature caught underneath.Around the base of it's body, spred around like the eyes of a Xorn, are three crystals that grant it all around vision. Above the base of its body it's like your looking at a mirror image, the top of the Juggernaut looks just like its lower half, only inverted.
At has been know to flip itself on its top legs and keep moving, while crushing the cretres below.
Unknown to most the Juggernaut has the ability to create walls of stone and force, and can call forth "the bones of the Earth" (treat as stony grasp spell from complete arcane)

I would really like some feedback on this thing (Or even some ideas on how to put it down in stats) so let me know I'm open to suggestion.