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2006-11-14, 06:30 PM
These wild magic tables were orgianlly created as part of a wild magic class created for my campaign. I've posted this since there is a decdied lack of wild magic in 3.5. Note the Wildmage template is posted below.

Warning to Brad, Marcus, Ben, and Greg, this contains spoilers stop reading-from your DM Grant!

Master wild magic table-roll here 1st. (If you don't have access to the old edition of unearthed arcarna-use some of the more nasty illsuion or radom bard spells instead, to mess with the charater :)).

Dice Roll Result
01-15 Benign effect table
16-30 Wand of wonder (DMG p237)
31-35 Random 0th Illusionist (Unearthed Arcana p 31)
36-39 Random 1st Illusionist
40-43 Random 2nd Illusionist
44-46 Random 3rd Illusionist
47-48 Random 4th Illusionist
49-50 Random 5th Illusionist
51-52 Random 6th Illusionist
53-54 Random 7th Illusionist (Unearthed Arcana p31)
55-65 Random Rod Table (DMG p234)
66-77 Random spell, same level
71-73 Random spell, 1 level lower
74-76 Random spell, 1 level higher
77-80 Random summoning spell of same level (cast as standard action)
81-88 Neutral malicious environment table
89-92 Benign effects table
93-100 Dire consequences table

Benign Effects Table (Any save DC’s are 10+caster level + ability modifier)

Dice Roll Effect
01-10 Insects shoot from casters finger tips and settle on every creature within 60 feet, type of insects depends on targets alignment (Good=butterflies, neutral=locusts, Evil=cockroaches).
11-14 Caster itches uncontrollably instead of casting (loses a standard action that round).
15-18 Target itches uncontrollably, loses a move equivalent action (Will save).
19-23 Caster Covered in fluorescent pink dust for 1 hour (-10 on hide checks, glows in dark, illuminates to 5 feet).
24-28 Targets sprouts horns (illusion, lasts 1 hr).
29-35 Casters boot laces tie themselves together and trips caster (No save).
36-40 Targets boot laces tie together (if applicable) and trips target (will save).
41-45 Caster levitates 10 feet . (No save)
46-49 Target levitates 10 feet (will save).
50-53 Caster grows scales for 10 min/level, + 1 natural armour.
54-59 Casters eyes and tongue turn bright indigo blue.
60-64 Targets armour turns fluro pink for 1min/level
65-68 Caster reverse sex (as a curse).
69-72 Target reverses sex (as a curse-will save).
73-76 Caster thinks he is a frog for 1 minute.
77-81 Caster suffers the wraith form spell (Unearthed arcana, p69).
82-84 Caster rages as a 1st level barbarian.
85-89 Caster utterly convinced that underwear contains giant carnivorous slugs (they are invisible to everyone else, caster can see, feel and hear them (all they do is attempt to hide on casters body), slugs leave on own accord after 1/minute per level)
90-94 Casters clothing is replaced by a generous quantity of sturdy bubble bath (illusion, lasts 1d6 hours).
95-98 Caster gains dark vision, catlike eyes, fangs and claws (1d3 damage) for 8 hours.
99-100 50:50 chance of polymorphing as reincarnation table (PHP, p271) or summoning a random summon natures ally max level 3rd(PHP, p288).

Neutral Malicious environmental effects

Dice Roll Effect
01-03 Spell delayed 1 round, effect is on targets ‘space’ occupied one round previously or hand (if touch spell), caster aware spell appears to have been cast, power was expended, but doesn’t know where or what has happened to the effect
04-06 Spell delayed 2 rounds (see above)
07-08 Spell delayed 4 rounds (see above)
09-14 Spell slowed by a factor of 10 across 10 rounds, e.g. a fireball becomes a ball of slowly burning fog that causes a few points of damage per round to anyone in it (1/10 of normal damage-no save), walls materialise slowly, healing spells take 10 rounds to heal their full allocation of hit points etc.
15-19 Wall of thorns cast as level of caster, shaped in a circle emanating from caster.
20-24 Setting (environment), appears to age 1000 years in a half a second to a distance of 120 feet (Illusion, no save, lasts 1d6 minutes).
25-30 Mass improved invisibility, cast on anyone within 60 feet of caster
31-34 Obscuring mist within a radius of 600 feet of caster.
35-39 Silence as spell, 120 feet radius of caster for 60 minutes (cast on area).
40-46 An extra planer maze (PHP 252) is created trapping all creatures within 60 feet (no save), duration 1d4 minutes. Walls are made of acid fog (PHP 196), maze separates all creatures including allies and enemies; Intelligence checks required to navigate the maze; DC 20 to find a designated ally; DC 17 to find a random trapped individual; DC 20 to escape; DC is reduced by 2 for every ‘wall’ a character is willing to break (2d6 acid damage per wall, no save).
47-53 Darkness cast to a radius of 120 feet of caster for 60 minutes.
54-59 Ground in a 300 foot radius of caster becomes marshy to a depth of 3 feet for 60 minutes (treat as deep bog in marsh description, DMG, p 88).
60-67 Everybody within 60 feet of caster subject to contagion
68 Local distance distortion (range up to 1 miles), every creature becomes 10 times closer to caster relative to environment (i.e. environment is unchanged, creatures appear to shift closer or further to caster depending on type of distortion), distortion last 2 rounds before creatures shift back the distance the were moved originally.
69 Everything 4 times closer (see above)
70 Everything 2 times closer (see above)
71 Everything 2 times further (see above)
72 Everything 4 times further (see above)
73 Everything 10 times further (see above)
74-81 Time distortion within 60 feet of caster, every creature rolls 1d4 o table below.
1) Very slow, -4 to hit and AC, move equivalents only
2) Slow, -2 to hit and AC, standard action only
3) Fast +2 to hit and AC, extra standard action
4) Very Fast, +4 to hit and AC, 2 extra standard actions
82-85 Mass heal, radius 60 feet on all creatures.
86-90 Area within 300 feet radius of caster becomes a dead magic zone for 1 hour.
91-94 Light acid fog (deals 2d6 damage per round), base move reduced to 10, radius is medium 100 feet+ 10 feet per caster level.
95-97 Fire storm (PHP p231) centred and emanating the square caster occupied when spell first cast.
98-100 Uncontrolled storm of vengeance (PHP p285) centred on square occupied by caster when spell initially cast (no concentration required), after 3rd round, 50% chance per round a random creature is targeted by storm with lighting effect.

Dire Consequences Table

Dice Roll Effect
01-02 Hasted Chaos beast appears in the same square as caster, acts immediately on casters initiative.
03-05 Force Cage (invisible) traps caster for 13 days.
06-08 Caster is holding an entrapped Efreeti (MM1, p115) gripped in his or her hand, if caster relaxes grip or attempts strenuous activity, Efreeti is released and claims to grant caster a wish, this is actually a lie and the wish effects are faked by the Efreeti using its supernatural abilities.
09-11 Casters skin turns white and parchment like, caster suffers 1-2 con damage per round if exposed to sunlight.
12-14 Caster is holding a card from the deck of many things face down (DMG p278); Caster is aware where the card was drawn from, but not what it is; Caster can choose to burn or destroy the card if they wish; if card is turned over, it is read and its powers activated.
15-19 Caster and up to a dozen allies are transported to a random plane (DMG, p151 if standard cosmology).
20-23 A blue whale (and 1 small bow of petunias) appears 10 feet above caster.
24-26 Casters becomes a cockroach (no save, permanent effect).
27-31 Spell targets Caster.
32-38 Caster Subject to permanent phantasagorin (p 70 of unearthed arcana-powerful illusion of falling), will save DC 18 to attempt to casting, talking or an action.
39-44 Grows 20 years of hair in 3 seconds.
45-54 Ages 20 years in reverse (minimum in 3 years old).
55-64 Ages 20 years older.
65-80 Slow Troll transformation, caster effected feels ‘More vital and powerful’.
1) After 1st nights sleep, caster gains supernatural ability regeneration (5), (Can be cured as a curse).
2) After 2nd nights sleep, caster grows scales beneath skin, pointed ears and teeth and is a few inches taller (Heal will cure).
3) During 3rd nights sleep, caster grows claws, scales, 1 foot taller and broader across the shoulders and will attempt to eat sleeping allies during a ‘sleepwalk’, note casters mind perceives this as a vivid dream concerning some food item (regeneration cures).
4) After 4th nights sleep, casters body has fully transformed into a troll, mind is intact (permanent polymorph cures).
5) After the 5th night, casters loses mind and acts like a troll (mind can be ‘retrieved’ using a miracle or a wish).
81-83 Caster and target are locked in a ‘clash of wills’. This mental contest requires complete and utter concentration to participate in. If any other actions are preformed at all, the individual automatically loses (see below). Every round contestant’s make opposed intelligence checks, the difference between the checks is added to an ongoing point total of the winner of that check. Once one contestant has a total 20 or more points than the other contestant, they are declared the winner and the contestant with the least points the loser. The winner gains absolute control over the losers body (as a free/swift action) and is able to force the loser to harm them selves, others or to use non-mental based abilities (such as breath weapons. Loser can not be forced to use mental powers or spells.
84-86 Rift is opened between Caster and Target, a random demon attempts entry in 2 rounds, rift can be closed with 2 successful, concurrent(one after each other) opposed concentration checks vs the demon.
87-90 Random devil starts a ‘contest of wills’ (see above between 81-83), devil resides on home plane and can’t be attacked directly.
91-93 A 1 foot wide sphere of annihilation (DMG, p279) appears between casters feet, sphere fades after 10 minutes if undisturbed.
94-97 Brontosaursous appears 150 feet above caster and immediately falls and lands on caster that round if gravity is normal. If caster is underground Brontosaursous appears at a maximum distance (under 150 feet) with a direct ‘line of fall’ to caster.
98-99 Re-roll on this table twice.
100 Caster manifests as a pit fiend (automatically becomes chaotic evil), feels an uncontrollable urge and hunger for destruction. Transformation can be averted with 3 successful successive DC35 will saves; note for the caster to become a pit fiend, 3 successive saves must be failed, saves are made till caster has either manifested as a pit fiend or resited the change. Once caster has fully manifested as a pit fiend, the pit fiends behaviour (as played by DM) can be resisted by a successful DC 25 per round (if save is made, pit fiend is unable to attack, move beyond a 5 foot step or use its abilities, spells, spell like abilites, skills and supernatural abilities that round).

2006-11-14, 06:31 PM
have been playtestign the wildmage (see below for class details), the campaign uses luck points (simlar to hero points-they allow a reroll of a single dice).

Hes been workign well so far, hasn't killed his own party yet but has had some close calls -last session he lost control of his magic and almost teleportted them to another plane, twice. Luck points saved them from a complete party kill, pity on their first luck point they rolled an identical result!

Wild mage

A wild mage seeks knowledge and power by changing their body and mind to be come more in tune with the magical fluxes in the world. This change occurs at the most fundamental level of the mages body and spirit, is irreversible and must be undergone willing, once completed the mage becomes a force of magic, chaotic, unpredictable and powerful.


Spontaneous arcane casting

Must be initially trained and sacrificed in a wild magic area by another wild mage or a creature attuned to wild magic (such as a dragon or another magical beast).

This involves a ritualistic sacrifice to change the character at a fundamental level (e.g. A friendly dragon sacrifices the character, embeds sapphires inside his chest cavity and permanently disfigured him while the parties cleric desperately tries to keep the character alive through out this ordeal). This sacrifice involves a large amount of physical and magical damage, danger and usually results in the ritualistic disfigurement (such as scars, piercings and large tattoos) of the wildmage’s body and face.

The caster acquires the wild mage template-this effects ALL attempts at arcane casting.
This has 3 major effects,

Spells can be subjected to a controlled surge, to successfully control a surge a concentration check is required, DC = 10+spell level +caster level +4. If this check fails, the surge is uncontrolled, roll on master uncontrolled surge table(see above post). If the check succeeds, roll on controlled surge table (see below).

To cast a spell normally, a concentration is required, DC 10+spell level +caster level. If the check fails, the spell is subjected to an uncontrolled surge (Roll on master uncontrolled surge table-see above post). If the check succeeds, spell is cast normally.

ECL of the wild mage template is +0, while it adds benefits, it also adds substantial handicaps to an arcane caster.

Notes on Dungeon mastering with a wild mage character,

Consider allowing
-Access to greater skill focus concentration since every wild mage must have lots of concentration to be effective as a wildmage.
-Any arcane caster access to the wildmage template (as currently described only spontaneous arcane casters meet the prerequisite), after all been a wildmage effects all types of arcane casting.
-Use hero or luck point systems, they can be used to force re-roll when determining the dire consequences of wildmagic (essentially, Luck points allow you to re-roll any single dice roll, or force a to hit roll, damage roll, save, skill check to be maximised, you can force an opponent to fail a check, save or to hit roll, they also can be used to allow characters to perform almost superhuman acts such as breaking a hold person effect for a few seconds or forcing oneself to stay standing below -1 hit points. Luck points are awarded for heroics.).

Controlled Surge Table

Dice Roll. Effect.
01-09 Spell cast normally with + 1 Caster Level.

10-17 Displacement cast rather than intended spell

11-18 Spell cast normally with + 2 Caster Level.

19-24 Random Quickened Summoning Spell, spell cast as a standard action, replaces intended spell, The level of the summoning spell is the same as the level of the intended spell.

25-36 Spell is cast as a Silent Spell

37-47 Spell is cast as a Still Spell

48-52 Spell is Enlarged (Range)

53-60 Spell is Extended (Double Duration)

61-68 Spell is Heightened (increases effective spell level)

69 Wall of Thorns cast rather than intended spell

70 Imposing Hand cast rather than intended spell

71-77 Spell is Empowered (Extra one-half damage, Fixed damage spells not affected)

78 Righteous Might cast rather than intended spell

79-85 Spell is Widened (Spell area increased by 100%)

86-90 Spell is Maximised (All Spell variables are maximised)

91 Cloak of Chaos cast rather than intended spell

92-94 Spell is Quickened (Spell is a free action)

95-97 Spell cast normally with + 3 Caster Level.

98-99 Enforced Wild Burst. Caster is forced to cast 2 spells per round for d3+2 rounds. Should casting stop for any reason before the duration, all viable targets within 60ft are struck by Prismatic Rays (P264) at DC17. The Caster is subjected to the effects Colour Spray as if he were a 1 HD creature (Caster gets No Save).

2006-11-14, 06:35 PM
in addition our wildmage has asked "If I take the improved familar feat can I get one that helps me with his concentration checks?" since concentration is rather over powered, hes getting offered this instead- a Mind leech which can effect surge results if xp is burned.

Wild Mind leach, familar.

This creature feeds of the hosts ambiant magical energies by living inside a willing hosts skull. A small ring of short stuby semi translucent tenticles sprouting from the hosts hair line and upper skull betrays the presence of the mind leech to casual observers.

To be acquire a mind leech a wild mage must find a sutable parent in a wild magic area, and convince the parent body to bud of an immature offspring. The offsprign must be placed inside a willing hosts skull, (or other brain contaning organ), and allowed to grow for 2 weeks beofre any benefits can be obtained. A mind leech must be feed protein reguarly to allow it to grow and to maintain is metabolisim. The mind leech absorbs food particels through its tentlces.

Intial effects,

At great metabolic cost a mind leech can adjust wildmagic surges in its immediate enviroment. This allows a uncontrolled wildmagic surge to be re rolled (as per a luck point) BUT costs the character 3d6 percent of his current experecniece.

If the improved familar feat is taken, the mind leech insinuates itself into the charaters brain even further and grants a +2 circumstances bonus on any knowleage checks that the charater makes.

Notes to DM's you may choose to only consider allowing the mind leech if the player is willing to take the improved familar feat. Also you may want to limit the bonus to knowleage skills since this is unplay tested and may not be balanced.

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Just being nit picky: it's "Rod of Wonder," not, "Wand of Wonder." Wands duplicate spell effects, rods do whatever.

2006-11-14, 07:42 PM
lol, I'm to old a DnD player to change my mind to all of the 3.0/3.5 terminilogy, in my mind-they will always be wands of wonder :). But nit picky is good since I'm after some feedback.