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2006-11-15, 08:16 PM
Divine Smite[Divine]
You have learned to infuse your smite attacks with divine energy, making them more powerful and allowing you to smite more often.
Prerequisites: Smite(Any) 2/day, Turn or Rebuke Undead, Knowledge(religion) 5 ranks
Benefit: When using a smite ability you add an extra one half of your class level to damage, rounding down(for example, a fourth level paladin using smite evil would deal 6 extra damage instead of 4). In addition you may use up two turn or rebuke undead attempts to gain an additional use of your smite ability.

2006-11-29, 09:26 AM
A paladin improvement, Yay!

I like it, because it

A: makes smiting more effective, something I deemed necessary for a central class ability with limited uses, no duration and no "hold the charge" rule.

B: gives extra uses of said ability(siehe A) by using up turning and a feat slot.(balanced)

Maybe a bit hefty: a 5th level PAL with Extra Turning and Divine Smite will be able to smite 5+ CHA times per day.
Makes this combination a must for every PAL.

2006-11-29, 09:42 AM
The amount of smite attempts would not gain as much as you think.
A 5th level paladin would get:
Which, assuming the paladin has a Charisma of 14, he would get 4 smite attempts, and still have one Turn Undead attempt left to power another divine feat, or to just plain turn undead.

2006-11-29, 10:16 AM
You forgot to add the extra turning feat, I figured every paladin would like to take it since it also powers his smiting.
That said, You're right with the CHA score, it should be 5+CHA/2 .

2006-11-29, 11:28 AM
I missed what you said about the Extra Turning.
Although, extra turning as a prerequisite would not be too bad. Downside of this though, it that it makes Divine Smite unavailable until at least 9th level though (4th is when Turn Undead is granted to paladins, 6th is the earliest they could take Extra Turning, and 9th would be the first time a Paladin would be able to take Divine Smite)

2006-11-30, 02:17 PM
It is not a prerequisite, but honestly... what Palaldin would not take that one sooner or later, if he can boost his smiting with it?