View Full Version : Looking for some advice on a gestalt character

2013-03-20, 12:41 AM
So here's the situation, I am making a character in a gestalt pathfinder campaign and I am looking for some advice. I have the following stats before racial modifiers: 16, 15, 14, 17, 17, 13. These can be rearranged to fit the class. I also have a race in mind, though I am open to others, the stone warden from Rite Publishing's In The Company Of Gargoyles. Seeing as the campaign is gestalt my first class is the racial paragon from that book, I am trying to decide what class would pair well with this combination. I should note I have been told no templates, but other than that no racial restrictions, which I take to mean any player race. There are also no class restrictions. Thanks in advance!