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Yuki Akuma
2006-11-17, 06:18 AM
Heritage Apotheosis [General]
You awaken some of the dormant power, becoming naturally tougher than an average member of your race.
Prerequisites: Con 13, character level 3
Benefit: The next time you level up, you may choose to gain a racial hit die instead of a class level. You gain all special benefits for this HD, including skill points, class skills and feats. You may take this feat even if your race does not usually gain racial hit dice.
Normal: You may not take more racial hit dice than an average member of your race possesses.
Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Each time, you may gain an extra racial hit die the next time you level up.
This feat may be taken on the same level you choose to take the bonus racial hit die.

..So, thoughts?

The Black Prince
2006-11-17, 07:29 AM
But aren't class levels better than racial levels? I mean why would someone want to take this. Give me a reason. Plus I don't think that any of the core books have racial levels for the normal PC. We need to know that a racial level is better than a class level to take this.

Edit: I guess maybe the reason might be new skills. Also I get what you mean now. I think I do. So you might want to give some page references.

Yuki Akuma
2006-11-17, 07:56 AM
An Aasimar or Tiefling may want a level of Outsider if they don't yet have martial weapon proficiency, and +2 to all saves and +1 to BaB is rather good.

A Dragonwrought Kobold is a Dragon, and can therefore take possibly the best racial hit dice in the game. Yay for kobolds!

Even for an average human, a level of Humanoid wouldn't be that bad. d8 is good for any character with a class that gives d6 or worse, if they can bear losing a level's worth of class abilities.

Remember that racial hit dice never count for multiclassing penalties (I suppose you could consider them automatic favoured classes). So a level of humanoid might be a good dip for someone sorely lacking HP.


2006-11-17, 01:06 PM
Hmm casters with D8 hp or better...BWAHAHAHA!!!

Yuki Akuma
2006-11-17, 02:36 PM
Hmm casters with D8 hp or better...BWAHAHAHA!!!

...They would, on the other hand, lose a level of spellcasting and, if human, would be better off taking a level of monk. :smalltongue:

Captain van der Decken
2006-11-17, 03:46 PM
I'd say it's most useful for monsters. What happens if a dragon took the feats? Messes up the whole age thing.

It's a good feat though, I like it.