View Full Version : Dagerstrike initiator?

2006-11-18, 06:50 AM
Would it be an idea to put together tome of battle and complete adventurer parts? The dagerspell mage says in that it can be a psion instead of a mage, would this be possible to do with initiators from tome of battle? Changing spellcaster requirements into initiator requirements and bonus spells into strike and stance progression as a previous initiator class? Perhaps even making the dagerspell stance spell into a special stance only daggerstrike’s can learn. I am not sure if this would be over or under powered since I have never used TOB yet. Any suggestions or comments?

2006-11-19, 03:17 PM
makes fair sense, however check the lore behind the class before doing any such thing.

2006-11-20, 12:06 PM
to be honest i dont like the lore at all, its a class that casts spells uses a pair of dagers and sneak atacks and they are good? no way. but i think this would be underpowerd actualy, it would realy require a lot of work to be useful, still would be an idea i think.