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2006-11-19, 04:34 PM
This is a signature spell for a wizard I am making. It uses a tiny flame spirit to maintain an alarm spell while the party sleeps. The added bonus is that the spirit kindles or maintains a small fire and has a limited intelligence.

I like the spell but I don't like the wording.

Arima's Flaming Alarm
Wizard 1
Casting Time: 3 standard Actions.
Range: 3 feet
Area: 20ft radius emanation +5 ft/level
Duration: 2 hours/level and Special
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

This spell functions much like the Alarm, except that it must be centered in a small protective circle roughly a foot across. The wizard traces the circle on the ground and casts the spell.
A small flame is born inside of the circle with limited intelligence. For the duration of the spell it will provide the heat of a small campfire and detect for intruders inside of the area of the spell.
A password may be chosen during casting. Anyone, tiny or larger, who does not speak the password or the true name of the casting wizard will set off an alarm that may be audible (including flaming sparks) or mental. The wizard may introduce any members of the party to the flame such that they will no longer set off the alarm.
Special: The alarm may form the basis of a larger fire that may sustain the flame after the spell duration. At the option of the flame, the spell may extend for the duration of the fire with the same area of affect minus 20'. If the fire dies the spell must end.
For every 3 casting levels of the wizard a new condition may be set for the alarm so long as it is obvious and simple. ie "If Joe leaves the 20' of the circle alarm us."

The spell and the flame can be extinguished by the caster at will.

Magic Item:

Arima's Worn Coin:
Wondrous Item.

Arima carries a large worn coin of copper. It is approximately 2 inches in diameter and incised with his arcane mark and a number of symbols. He has bound a particular fire spirit into this coin. (Fire spirits of this type are often created from the will of the spellcaster. This spirit was selected because it was more compliant and cooperative than many.) The spirit likes being freed from the coin and burning things. It dislikes the cold and having to provide heat without fuel. When at liberty the spirit may not travel beyond 1 foot of the coin.
The spirit may not appear without a protective circle being cast around it and the name of the spirit being spoken. This item may not be triggered on someone's person or under conditions where the circle cannot be achieved. eg.. underwater, excessive cold, or if the circle would consume itself with the heat of a campfire. If you wrote out the summoning circle on a sheet of paper the spirit could not appear becausue his coming would burn the paper and destroying the circle.

The coin is always pleasantly warm to the touch.

What do people think?

Hefty Lefty
2006-11-19, 04:46 PM
This sounds good, it's funny, though, by brother just recently told me another campfire-type spell he wanted to make. Does the fire work just like a regular fire? Like, is the duration increased if you throw another log on, or, in that case, will the fire continue but no longer have an alarm attached?

2006-11-19, 04:51 PM
I like the idea alot.

I would say make the spell Level 2, to compensate for the extra features from the Alarm base spell.

Also, I could see this being changed slightly so that the flame is a miniature fire elemental that is sentient on a basic level. This would give the spell some additional flavor and make it an interesting addition to each camp session.

2006-11-19, 05:40 PM
I think this spell reflects a formal training in spellcasting. You must be professionally trained to be familiar with the binding circle required. Not that the spirit is dangerous, or wants to eat your brains, but without training it just doesn't work.

The idea is that the wizard conjures a little flame spirit out of nothing or from a flame dimension. If the spirit is given fuel to burn it is happy to do so, if not it will just wait around doing what its told. The spirit doesn't sleep and has abilities commensurate with the alarm spell and the spellcaster's power level. His first command is Alarm. His second (at CL4) could be anything simple ie... "tell me if joey wakes up".
Its the lowest level of summons and the flame spirit can't leave his circle. If he left the circle he'd be snuffed out. The fact that he radiates warmth and light is just a nice side affect.

I want to try and avoid making it a level 2 spell. It has no combat value and a high degree of flavour.

I'm thinking about the roll of summoning and conjuring in D&D. There is a lot of sloppy thinking\creation on the matter.


The spell might continue if you can control\feed the little flame spirit. Under 'Special' I stated what might happen if the duration ends but the fire continues. Without the spell or wood to sustain him the flame spirit is extinguished. I don't know if the spirit is destroyed or returned to whence it came. That might be a function of the game world\wizard's will.