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2006-11-19, 10:32 PM
(Note: I did these spells because I miss the days of spells like Call Woodland Being, which made druids truly the best summoners in the game)

Spirit Ally, Lesser (Drd 4, Rgr 4)
Spirit Ally (Drd 6)
Spirit Ally, Greater (Drd 8)

These spells are all very similar to the clerical Planar Ally spells; in fact they duplicate them in all particulars except that the druid (or ranger), instead of calling upon the heavens or hells to send him a servant, uses his knowledge of nature and the elements to call upon an elemental or animal spirit. The ally/allies called upon by this spell are always either elementals, elemental beings such as salamanders or thoqqa, or intelligent dire animals of the appropriate hit dice; the dire animals are considered intelligent avatars or guardians of the race they represent.

The caster has some choice over what he calls: dire animal or elemental, and which elemental plane he wishes to call upon. All other choices are, as with the Planar Ally spells, the DM's.

Note that elementals and animals, being neutral in nature, will generally not reduce or waive payment for their services unless called upon to resist something that threatens their own kind. Also, as animals have no use for money, payment might very well have to be made in kind ... which could make this spell difficult to prepare (how many pounds of fresh meat will a gold piece buy?)

2006-11-20, 08:30 AM
60 gp to craft a totem to the proper creature. Each levels requires an additional 60gp to increase the workmanship of the totem from the prior level, and so summon a more powerful creature: Lesser Fire Elemental, Fire Elemental, Fire Elemental Prince.

2006-11-23, 09:46 AM
The spell sounds good to me.
Payment could be done by exchanging favors, for its services to the druid the spirit could demand a service from you.
Might be difficult to incorporate, though...

2006-11-23, 12:18 PM
Not necessarily. For example, if a Dire Bear comes, and helps the Druid crush a group of robbers, the Dire Bear can in return have the Druid chase off loggers and Poacher.

2006-11-23, 08:00 PM
A dire Bear incapable of driving off Loggers does not deserve to help my druid.

2006-11-23, 08:04 PM
nice. i might add these to my druid's spells.

2006-11-24, 05:36 AM
The problem with incorporating 'payment' like this is that it consumes time for the druid. Your DM either has to come up with a small side quest each time the druid uses this spell or the druid will end up having a lot of solo time, repaying his favors. Nobody's going to use this spell as frequent as Summon Nature's Ally 6 then, for example.

2006-11-24, 07:36 AM
A hundred loggers presents a challenge even for a Dire Bear.

2006-11-24, 10:39 AM
The payment needs to be better defined.

2006-11-29, 09:15 AM
Wait a second: in the spell description it says that the Spirit Ally only obeys the summons "to resist something that threatens their own kind"- shouldn't that be payment enough?

It will be due to the DM if the threat is big enough for an Ally of the appropriate level to come forth. So the spell will be cheaper than Planar Ally but have a chance of failing. The failure chance coould serve to balance the spell to the ally, which brings us to the question: how to quantify threats to natural environments/animals/... .

2006-11-29, 10:45 AM
Wait a second: in the spell description it says that the Spirit Ally only obeys the summons "to resist something that threatens their own kind"- shouldn't that be payment enough?

It says that no payment is required if it's "to resist [...] own kind". Otherwise it will help, but ask for payment

2006-11-30, 02:22 PM
Why not let them come only when their kind is in danger? So your druid either has a good reason to summon a spirit and the spell works fine, or, if no spirit is needed, the spell will fail...

Limited use, but no need to debate payment.

Maybe not the best Idea, but anyway, any suggestions on that?