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2006-11-20, 01:23 AM
Self-Adjusting Crossbow and Opportunistic Crossbow

"We're taking a pounding, Torven! Get back here!"

Torven looked down the ladder he had just climbed. His companions were squaring off in a courtyard against an ogre that had mysteriously appeared in the middle of an encampment. He whipped out his weapon of choice, a repeating crossbow. A careful observer would have seen a number of targeting reticules attached to the weapon, constantly sliding around in a seemingly random pattern.

Torven aimed at the ogre, and squeezed the trigger.

FWINGGG! A bolt sailed past the ogre's leg into the ground.

Torven felt a slight jerk as the crossbow moved. It was almost as if an invisible hand had given it a tiny nudge. He fired again.

FWINGGG! The shot grazed the ogre's ear. He gave a startled growl.

Torven felt another shift, and fired again.

THUNKKK! The bolt hit hard in the ogre's chest. He howled in pain.

Then Torven heard a snarl behind him, and a second ogre appeared on the wall behind him, hovering. He swooped in, and managed to knock away Torven's crossbow. Torven quickly pulled out a different crossbow. He aimed and fired.

The arrow lodged itself in the ogre mage's skull. Suddenly a high-pitched whistling noise emanated from the crossbow. Four hatches opened in the sides of the crossbow and rapidly launched the rest of the bolt's clip into the ogre. It shrieked in pain and plummeted to the ground with a sickening thump.

Torven reloaded, and turned his attention to the first ogre again. He thought again of the strange gnome who had sold him these crossbows. Expensive, perhaps, but very nifty little toys...

These are both specific magic repeating crossbows.

Self-Adjusting: This crossbow has a number of targeting reticules on it, all of which magically move around the crossbow (making them useless for conventionally targeting). If a person using this crossbow fires at the same target multiple times in a row, the crossbow automatically adjusts its aim to be more accurate. Any time the wielder shoots at a target more than once in the same round, he gains a +2 bonus to the attack roll to hit. These are cumulative, so that the second shot in a round would have a +2 bonus, the third +4, etc. The shots must all be in the same round, and reloading the crossbow or switching targets cancels the bonus.

Opportunistic: This crossbow seems normal to all but the most discerning eye, which can detect four compartments built into the main part of the crossbow. Whenever someone scores a critical hit with this crossbow, these hatches open and immediately fire all remaining shots in the clip of the crossbow (up to a limit of 4). The wielder of the crossbow cannot prevent this and cannot re-aim the crossbow when this happens, but it happens so quickly that it does not affect his ability to take further actions that turn. These shots automatically hit, but are not critical hits.

The part I'm having trouble with is figure out the requirements and cost to make these things. Here's what I was thinking for spell requirements, help with the rest of it would be greatly appreciated...

Self-Adjusting: Arcane Eye, Mage Hand

Oppurtunistic: True Strike, Haste

2006-11-20, 01:32 AM
I can't really help with the mechanics of it....
but I can say that I like it... I think that this is a really sweet idea.. I believe that I will introduce it to my DM...

2006-11-20, 04:59 AM
I like the self-adjusting version, though I wonder what happens if he missed the target. Your description says 'shoot at the target' so I presume that after a miss the next shot still gets +2?

It is a pretty strong power, so I'd rate it probably as a +3 bonus. Usually only +4 bonus weapons require two or more spells, so I'd say that with this one it doesn't have to. Just true strike should do...

As for Opportunistic: It seems really overpowered... Even if you only have one shot left in your clip, a +10 bonus to hit basically means it always hits, and it does 1d8/1d10 +6 damage. If you have four bolts left, it's 4d10+24, added to your already nice critical hit. Quite strong.

I like the flavour of both, though...:)

2006-11-20, 12:58 PM
Great wepon, the self adjusting one, does the person have to miss or hit or does it matter? and the oportunistic one does it deal 4d10+24 or 1d10+6 damage

2006-11-20, 01:24 PM
I like the idea for both of these weapons and I'm going to introduce them to my DM as well to see if I can use them. For the oppertunist crossbow, you should really lower down that additional plus to hit and damage. Its already a good enhancement for a crossbow since once you score a critical you essentially get four extra shots (If full clip) and the rest of that just seems like icing. Maybe a +2 to hit and a +2 to damage for the other arrows.

However I also see a problem with this enhancement combining with another. The one from Arms and Equipment guide that is pretty much a magical clip that holds 200 or some ammo. That would be ridiculous combined with the enhancment you made.

2006-11-20, 01:34 PM
That divination spell that adds +20 to hit on your next roll sounds like a spell for the opp. xbow.

How about a flat "up to 1d6 extra shots, or remaining ammo" at +5 to hit, no bonus damage? (other than what the xbox/ammo provides).

That solves the "200 round ammo bin" exploit.

2006-11-20, 07:27 PM
I like Self-Adjusting concept, and its pretty well balanced.

The Opportunistic idea in its current form is incredibly overpowered. I would balance this by making the extra shots automatically hit, since in the description you say this happens near instantly. However, I'd say the damage of the bolts should be standard to what they normally are. This also prevents criticals on the extra shots, which would again be insanely powerful.

2006-11-20, 09:24 PM
Thanks for all the comments!

To answer your question, the Self-Adjusting does gain the bonus even if the shot misses.

Also, didn't know about the 200-ammo clip. I'll have to adjust the Opportunistic to take that into account.

EDIT: I also changed the bonus to have the shots hit automatically, because I think that's a good idea. Originally the bonus was so high because I was trying to balance these two disadvantages of the ability:

1. Uncontrollable. You fire it to finish off a near-death creature, get a critical hit... you just wasted an entire clip on a creature that you could have killed with one bolt.
2. Reloading time. It takes a full round to reload the crossbow, so if it goes off at the wrong time, you end up vulnerable while you reload.

Maybe it did need a change, I don't know... Thoughts?

2006-11-20, 10:11 PM
I do not understand why you have the +2 damage. Either balance wise, or "story" wise.

I understand why they would hit. But extra damage?

2006-11-20, 10:31 PM
I do not understand why you have the +2 damage. Either balance wise, or "story" wise.

I understand why they would hit. But extra damage?

I was going to argue with you, but then realized I don't know either. It's been removed.

Now what I really need is someone who understands the magic weapon crafting system, I can't make heads or tails of it.