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2006-11-21, 08:53 PM
So I don't even have a name for them, but I have a new race in mind. It's almost two in fact.

Serious history: Some years ago, a mage in the far north foresaw requiring an army at some point in the future, and approached a local tribe of warriors with a proposition. Upon hearing of it, and decided after much debate that it would greatly increase the chances of their own survival, they agreed. The mage began by expanding the ribcageall the way to the top of the pelvis. Then he increased the ability to grow muscles, increasing the mass available. Further enhancements occurred to increase their resistance to pain, and resilience to their enviroment. These enhancements would come at the cost of some intelligence, and the ability to increase it.

But a generation later, that proved to be a non-isssue. A trait hidden within the past of the tribe, caused two distinct divergences in the tribe. The larger adult's retained all of the resiliances, as well as gaining some resistance to magic, and lost the intelligence, exactly as predicted. They began to range in height from more than a foot taller than an average human, to less than a foot shorter.

The other unforeseen divergence, was a much smarter almost Dwarven off-shoot. These short tribals, some in truth no more than a foot taller than a dwarf, were incredibly intelligent, and very, charismatic.

Non-serious, parody history: Created by a race of Subterranean, devil worshipping pimple elves, these are merely figments of the imagination.
(Didn't miss a stereo type, did I?)

(Race name), have a maximum creation rank of 19 Str, 19 Con, and 17 Int, and 17 Cha. Int cannot be increased when an additional stat point is acquired.

Dwarf (Race name), have a maximum creation rank of 17 Str, 17 Con, and 19 Int, and 19 Cha. Str cannot be increased when an additional stat point is acquired.

(Race name)'s favored classes are Barbarian and Druid. Dwarf (Race name)'s favored classes are Bard and Sorceror.

(Race name), and Dwarf (Race name), both have a natural +10% Magic Resistance, and +5% Damage resistance.

(Race name)'s clan rankings determine that full size (Race name)'s may not become Wizards or Sorcerors, while Dwarf (Race name)'s may not be fighters or Rogues, but may be Rangers. Either may become Paladin's, but it is rare, due to the Chaotic nature of most (Race name).

The increased skeletal Structure of (Race name) means that they are less vulnerable to weapons, and are considered to always wear Leather armor, with no spell failure %, unless stacked with other armor, where the % to fail is increased by 10.

Full size (Race name) are treated as Medium for determining Encumbrance, but Large for Bull Rush/Overrun. Dwarf (Race name) are treated as Small for determining Encumbrance, but Medium for Bull Rush/Overrun.

(Race name) has no deities of their own, but are instead Totemic, worshipping animals. They may worship any god that will have them however, and are limited only by alignment.

So, what I need is some help balancing and arranging the race, and a name. I think they're kind of strong, but they're supposed to be, the mage obviously didn't want to lose.