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2006-11-22, 10:31 PM
I've made my own game,everything is made and truthfully I want

to play,but I have a problem,something I'm missing...players,but

before you call the mods this isn't the recruitment drive This is

where I explain the rules,The character design and everything

and within 5 minutes of This being up the recruiter will be up in

the appropriate spot,First and foremost stats as the corner

stone will be as following.

Hp-...Do I need to,if i do you can't play I don't need 1 year olds.

Mp-...No just no, which means if you don't know what mp is go away!

Str-This plus any bonuses from weapons and such =your damage.

Def-In my opinion My way of doing this is quite different,Defense

is a barrier before your Hp,I.E.If I hit my opp with a damage of 50
and his def is 60,till the end of the battle his def is 10 and

becomes 0 if I hit him like that again.

Speed-In battle each 2 points after 20 equal +1 evasion to your

roll,While each 4 points after 20 equal +1 Accuracy,After getting

10 points your speed offers no more acc or eva bonuses,oh and

whoever has higher speed goes first.

Charisma=ability to convince others of something.

Mag Str-This is added to offensive spells to do damage with spells.

Knowledge-You can have knowledge ranks in anything,It's mostly for Role-playing and checks

Skill-Like knowledge except well I think you get it.

Now these are the main stats but you can also buy extra

ablitity's and prestige classes with skill points, you can ask about those.

Ok onto non-stat oriented rules.
Random encounters-Each area has a random encounter rate You

role a twenty sided with each area you cross,unless you fly[will

be mentioned if asked in next post.]If it's higher you aviod,if lower you fight.

Map movement-Ingame It is decently talked about but not to

much to make boring,OOC,You move one square per day equal to

your fastest characters speed after 20.

Anything You want to know I didn't mention just ask now..Character creation.

First of all In my game you don't have much in pre-set points you

mainly get 75 points to put anywere at first Lv.Then you get a certain dice roll based on race and class.

Human=A versitile race that has no restrictions.They award 1

point to each stat per Lv except Knowledge or skill.Hp-20 Mp-20[this is all per lv.]2d6 Skill points at lv up.

High elf-A race physically weak but mentally strong,Can't be

paladin's or pirates,+4mag str,4knowlege[forestry]and 3skill[survival]Hp-10Mp-30 5d4.

Drow elf-A race of dark angst-ridden elves,Can't be Cleric's or

paladins[this rule can be over turned by taking a prestige called

Dark knight which allows an evil paladin.]+2 mag str,4 str,2knowledge[elf criminals]hp-15mp-25.2d8

Orc-A physically strong race of little intelligence.Can't be

sorcerer,+6 str,+4skill[beat others over head.]Hp-35Mp-5.4d4

Gnome-A race of incrediably hungery midgets.Can't be

monks,Instead of bonuses can substitute sleep with food[very

good for clerics who get spells based on rest or in gnome's case food:smallsmile: ]Hp-15Mp-15 3d8.

Ok there is the race's don't like 'em?:smallfurious: I don't care:smallbiggrin: .

Classes[Don't have that thing with class info written down live without it]

Rouge-hp-25Mp-15,+4speed,+2Knowledge[underground]+4Skill[Theft] 3d6 Skill points after lv 1.[Thats the only time I'm typing that.]
Ability's=Lv1 Back stab=1.5 Damage pre-battle]Lv2 Bash Lick +5 to lock based checks.Lv4 Conceal weapon=+10 to a conceal weapons check and Lv5 Shadow thief grants invisibility and a plus 2 to Acc and Eva checks.

Paladin-Hp-30Mp-15,+5Def,+3Knowledge[law]+3skill[inspire nobility].
Ability's=Lv1 Lay hands upon restores One Fourth your Actual Hp.Lv1 Detect evil does what it says.Lv2 Smite evil does twice normal damage to evil aligned enemy's.Lv-4 wall gives you 150def bonus.Lv5 Spell immunity makes you immune to spells.4d4.

Sorcerers[note these guys only get a couple of ability's you have to buy there spells]hp-10mp-30,+5mag str,and +6Knowledge[arcane lore].Ability's lv3 double cast lets you Cast two spells,lv5 triple cast and is kind of self explanatory.2d10.

Monk-Hp-25Mp-5 =6str,+4knowledge[martial arts]Ability's,Lv1Break bonds one which breaks rope bonds,Lv2 whirlwind strike lets you attack twice.Lv3 break bonds two lets you break chain bonds,Lv4 break lets you do 3xthe normal damage for 20mpLv5 break bonds three lets you have an easy jail break:smallbiggrin:.4d6

Pirate-Hp-25Mp-15 +3str,+3speed,+3Knowledge[sea lore]+3skill[ocean navigation]
Ability's=[the names explain the ability's]Lv1 capture small ship Lv2 blast do 1.5 normal damage from afar Lv3Capture medium boat.Lv5 capture large boat.
Lv6 upgrade fleet.4d4.

Lawyer-hp-20Mp-20,+10 charisma,+8Knowledge[law]6skill[diplomancy]
Ability Lv1 Sue you gain all damage you take in gold x1d6.
Lv2 flee[a unstoppible flight.]Lv3Summon 1 law ninja[refer to GM[game master I.E. what the DM is called in this game.]Lv5 summon two law ninja.

Cleric-It all depends on domains in this game if you want a cleric give me the combo's and you can make up your god's name and how he/she acts if it's a pantheon and such.\
God domains=Life,Bease,Chaos,Pain,light,dark,good,evil ,war,travel
You may make your character[I want a name description and a decent back story detailing there lives and post it on recruiter thing that will be called shadicka recruiter after I have 3 to 4 players approved your gonna have to wait or start your own.Here is were you post comments.

2006-11-22, 11:16 PM
Line Spacing? Punctuation? This actually seems like a cool ruleset, but it's nigh illegible.

2006-11-23, 01:25 AM
Yes, I also fidn this interesting, but please make it easier to read. Maybe bold or underline some titles. Also line spacing would be very helpful.

2006-11-23, 01:29 AM
sorry I'm a bad typest and that wasn't sarcasm,but please give it a try I've played it with friends but it's hard to plan sessions of it and I only get like one of them per game since I made a 1.5 edition which changed the rules completely[1.5 is what I posted here.]and everyone lost there over/under powerd characters,heck I made a 1.5 to stop that whole no balance only uber-overpowered or would die in a heartbeat if alone.

2006-11-27, 11:47 AM
I honestly have no idea what you wrote. In addition to line spacing and such, you may want, as I said before, punctuation, grammar and proper spelling. it just seems to me you've been a little over-enthusiastic with the typing. You should probably slow down and organize your thoughts. For example, I have no idea why you wrote "no, just no" after Mp, when you included it in your racial section.

2006-11-27, 12:00 PM
This is the most confusing thing i have ever read, and i think that it still belongs in a different form but im not a mod so i will let them figure it out.

2006-11-27, 07:07 PM
Ok spacing, now what do you want, please make a character at the correct area titled 'shadicka recruiter' or heck if your lazy post it here I don't care just try it.

2006-11-28, 09:19 AM
I'm not sure anyone understands the rules well enough to be able to make a character.

I'd take a look at the Homebrew sticky post that has formats for classes and abilities and such and go back through your post and put things in that format.

2006-11-28, 10:47 AM
questions that would need to be answered if someone were to make a character:
what level do they start out at?
campaign setting?
what skills are there?
what exactly does dex do?
is there a constitution?
are there saves? and if so what makes them apply?
how do you get your +to hit?
what weapons are in this setting?
how much are spells and what spells are allowed in this campaign
what is concidered 'pre-battle'? or is it just on the rogue's 1st attack?
how does a pirate's skill work? is it just hey, i want that boat, i use my skill, i now have it?
what is a cleric's key attribute?
are there abilities you achieve past 5th level?
how exactly does sue work? you throw money at them?
does your defence get re-set each level?
who can wear armour who cannot? and with this system how is it affected?
how does your mana system work? like a chart for the mana cost would be great

if i understand this correct, you are trying to make a final fantasy 'd&d'
saying that i believe would help alot.

balance point of view:
from what i can tell, sorcerer's can do just as much physical damage as a fighter?

and if i get this right, 'defence' is just extra hp you have

that's enough questions for now