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Lord Iames Osari
2006-11-24, 03:13 PM
Yes, this is a PrC using the much-reviled Illithid Heritage feats from the equally-reviled Complete Psionic. Get over it, forget the stupid flavor given in CP and judge the PrC on its own merits. Thank you.

The Neo-Penumbran Guard
Neo-Penumbran Guards are a group of elite dark elves who protect their illithid masters with the utmost devotion. They undergo a special ritual involving the implantation of a special, slow-growing variety of illithid tadpole that grants them abilities and traits as they grow in power, making them more and more like their masters. The greatest guards are entrusted as their masters' heirs, transforming fully into illithids upon their deaths, or the deaths of their master.
Vitality Die: d10

Race: Dark elf.
Alignment: Lawful evil or lawful neutral.
BAB: +5.
Skills: Intimidate 4 ranks, Knowledge (psionics) 4 ranks, Sense Motive 4 ranks.
Feats: Combat Expertise, Weapon Focus (Penumbran Spear).
Special: Sworn allegiance to an illithid noble of Neo-Penumbra, must willingly undergo a ritual in which a special illithid tadpole is implanted.

Class Skills
The Neo-Penumbran Guard's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (Con), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (psionics) (Int), Listen (Wis), Psicraft (Int), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), and Spot (Wis).
Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int modifier.

{table="head"]Level|BAB|Fort|Ref|Will|Special|PP/day|Powers Known|Highest Level Power Known
1st|+1|+2|+0|+0|Penumbra's favor|1|1|1st
2nd|+2|+3|+0|+0|Claim the blow|2|2|1st
4th|+4|+4|+1|+1|Penumbra's defender|4|4|2nd
8th|+8|+6|+2|+2|Final stand|8|8|4th
10th|+10|+7|+3|+3|Bonus feat, Illithid heir|10|10|5th[/table]
Powers: Wisdom determines the number of bonus power points a Neo-Penumbran Guard has, and how hard those powers are to resist. The NPG selects his powers known from the psychic warrior list.
Penumbra's Favor (Su): At 1st level, the Neo-Penumbran Guard undergoes a long and painful ritual during which a special illithid tadpole is implanted in her brain by his illithid master. The nascent psionic power of the tadpole creates a continuous mindlink effect between the Guard, the illithid master, and all other Guards who share the same master. The Guard also receives a +2 on all Search, Sense Motive, and Spot checks made to detect threats to the master. The Guard automatically fails all saving throws against mind-affecting spells, powers, spell-like abilities, and psi-like abilities cast, manifested, or activated by the illithid master. Additionally, the Guard gains the Illithid Heritage feat from Complete Psionic.
Claim the Blow (Ex): At 2nd level, the Neo-Penumbran Guard gains the ability to interpose herself between an attacker and her illithid master. Any time that the Guard is within 5 feet of her master and her master is the target of an attack, the Guard may switch places with her master and suffer the attack herself. The Neo-Penumbran Guard must declare that she is using this ability after the attack roll is made, but before she knows whether or not it has hit.
Transformation (Ex): At the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, and 10th levels, the tadpole implanted in the Neo-Penumbran Guard slowly matures, granting the Guard one of the Illithid Heritage feats from Complete Psionic. The Neo-Penumbran Guard must still meet all the prerequisites of a feat in order to select it.
Penumbra's Defender (Ex): Beginning at 4th level, the NPG gains a +2 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls against creatures she has observed attacking her or her illithid master. At 8th level, this morale bonus increases to +4, but the NPG takes a -2 penalty to her AC.
Final Stand (Su): Once per day as a standard action, a NPG of at least 8th level can inspire herself and her troops to greater efforts. Allies within 10 feet of the Guard, including the Guard herself, gain 2d10 temporary vitality points. This ability affects a number of creatures, and lasts a number of rounds, equal to the Guard's class level + Cha modifier. Closer allies are affected first. This is a mind-affecting ability.
Illithid Heir (Ex): At 10th level, the illithid tadpole has grown so much that if either the Guard or her master dies, the Guard will spontaneously transform into a brand new illithid after 24 hours.

Lord Iames Osari
2006-11-26, 06:50 PM
Bumping after two days.

2006-11-26, 10:30 PM
I for one like it...
sorry, no game mechanic critique..

The Vorpal Tribble
2006-11-28, 09:20 PM
I curse thou Iames for making a PrC that has the illithid heritage feats make sense :smallfurious:

Whats a penumbran spear though?

Me, I'd say Thrall Bred (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/cgi-bin/feats.pl?Thrall_Bred,LoM) would be a perfect requirement feat.

Lord Iames Osari
2006-11-28, 09:52 PM
Pardon my alt account posting. A Penumbran Spear is basically my renaming the duom. And Thrall Bred would have been a perfect requirement feat, had I known about it at the time.

Chapter 6: Equipment
Weapons in Tyrath follow slightly different rules from standard D&D when dealing with critical hit multipliers. Unlike the standard variant, weapons in Tyrath retainn their threat ranges unchanged, and they still have multipliers. To determine the critical multiplier of a weapon in Tyrath, use the following table.
{table="head"]Normal Multiplier|Tyrath Multiplier
Critical hits go directly to Wound Points and bypass damage reduction from armor.


Penumbran Spear, exotic two-handed melee weapon
35gp; 1d8 piercing; x2; 11lb.

The Penumbran spear is a weapon with 10-foot reach that resembles a longspear. Unlike a normal longspear, an Penumbran spear has two sharpened metal prongs that project back toward the wielder on either side of the haft, allowing the wielder attack adjacent foes. A wielder proficient with the Penumbran spear who makes a full attack and hits an enemy 10 feet away gains an additional attack against an adjacent enemy at the same attack bonus with a -4 penalty.