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2006-11-26, 05:19 AM
OK so I had the idea probably for a Template. I'm goign to write it out as a Template, but if anyone thinks it'd be better as a PrC let me know.

I was thinking that this would be created when somone hates Undead so much and spends their life hunting Undead they seek to bond togetehr with one of the Undeads greatest natural Predators: The Susurrus (MM3)

(I'm going to put comments in italics.)

Creating a Susurrus Bonded Creature
"Susurrus Bonded" is a template that can be applied to any * Humanoid or Monsterous Humanoid (referred to from now on as the base creature). The base creature fits inside the hollow interior of the Susurrus, essentially wearing it like armor.
*I'm not sure if it should be Medium base cretues only or Medium and Large.
Size and Type:
Should the size of Medium base creatures change to Large; should the type of the base creature change to Aberration?
Hit Dice: If the base creatures hit dice is less than d8 it become d8. *OR* The base crearue's hit dice raises one type to a maximum of d8.
Speed: The base creatures speed becomes 40 ft. (8 squares); Climb 20 ft. unless the base creature has a better speed or climb speed, then their speed remains the same. The base creature keeps any other speeds (such a a fly speed).
AC: The base creature gains a natural armor bonus of +9.
Attack: The base creature gains a ghost touch claw attack that does 1d8 damage, unless it already has a better claw attack. Otherwise the base creature retains all it's attacks.
Special Attack: Should the base creature get the Susurrus's Dronesong ability?
The base creature gains Improved Grab (Ex) (as Susurrus).
Special Qualities: The base creature gains Barbed Defence (Ex) (as Susurrus).
The base creature gains Blind Sight 60 ft. (Ex) (as Susurrus).
Should the base creature gain Dark Vision 60 ft. (as Susurrus)?
The base creature gains Detect Undead (as Susurrus).
Saves: A Susurrus Bonded Creature has the same saves as the base creature *OR* A Susurrus Bonded Creature treats Will as a good save (in addition to the base creatures good saves) if the base creature does not already.
Abilities: This is definitely up for debate/sugestions.
The base creature adds on the following ability modifiers:
Str +10
Dex +2 (Maximum of 13, unless the base creature has a higher Dex score).
Con +6
Cha +6
Skills and Feats: The base creature gains +8 bonus to all Climb checks and can always choose to take 10 on on Climb checks, even when rushed or threatened.
It seems to me that the Susurrus has 3 skill points that aren't accounted for, therefore some more racial skill bonuses, but where do they fit?
I don't know if a Susurrus Bonded Creature should gain the feats a Susurrus has.
Environment: As base creature & Underground.
Alignment: As base creature.
LA: ?

Opinion, idea, critisism?

(It's 2:30am, I'll spell-check tomorrow)

2006-11-26, 05:26 AM
Prestige classes are generally better for PCs than templates since player advancement is more about leveling than suddenly gaining a level adjustment. If this isn't for PCs than a template is a good way to do it.

2006-11-26, 01:53 PM
Yeah, I thought about that, but I'm really not sure how to do it as a PrC. It's just that I can't see it taking the time to bond with a Susurrus as it would to level through 5 or 10 levels. Like, you can't really half-bond. Although, maybe the benefits take a little while to take effect. So the bonding happens fairly quickly, but the benefits come in slowly (as the Susurrus and base creature get used to being bonded). I think I should make some more definite decisions before I start looking at class progression. I miht make the beginning of a class table later today. I've never used the code to make a table; can someone please tell me what it is/where to find it?

2006-11-27, 02:46 AM
Think of it like the Acolyte of the Skin. The class starts with this big ritual at 1st level, and you gain a couple benefits. As you gain levels, you and your fiendish skin get used to each other and it grants you more abilities, until you finally fuse for eternity at 10th level.

The amount of bonuses you want in the template are a bit to much for even a 10lv PrC (using Dragon Disciple as a guide, even though it sucks), so tone down the ability bonuses and then just stagger everything over 10 levels. It's suprisingly easy to set up, the only problem is weather or not it balances.

2006-11-27, 03:15 AM
OK, well firstly I think the basis of the PrC should be the Aberration "class":
HD = d8
BAB = 3/4HD (as Cleric)
Good Save = Will
Skill points/level = 2 + Int mod

Yargh, I'm just not in a balancing mood right now. Soon hopefully I will get to actually writing this out? As for now what are some thoughts on ability bonuses as class features?