View Full Version : Dragonfire Adept & Warlock Synergy Feat

2013-05-08, 08:28 PM
How over powered would a feat be that allowed warlock and DFA levels stack for the purpose of Eldritch Bolt and Breath Weapon damage and DC?

2013-05-08, 09:38 PM
Well, it's somewhat comparable to taking extra invocation for the eldritch cone blast shape, except you no longer deal untyped damage. I don't see how this would be overpowered, espicially considering that eldritch cone is already pretty weak for its invocation grade. It's not like you could use both your eldritch blast and fire breath on the same round, so it wouldn't even increase your damage output.

2013-05-08, 09:53 PM
It's mostly for fluff at this point... so maybe add invocation stacking as well?

2013-05-08, 10:24 PM
Invocation stacking would be rather powerful, since it would double your total invocations known. Of course, you could only make it stack for purposes of caster level but I'm afraid it would then fall too much on the weak side. Anyway, I believe there already exists a feat in one of the online enhancements that lets you take warlock invocations as a dragonfire adept or vica versa. You should probably check that out and ask your DM if he would allow you to add the whole stacking eldritch blast and fire breath thing to it.

2013-05-08, 10:37 PM
Theoboldi makes a good point about the damage stacking really being a shape thing. In which case, the feat is... OK. Maybe it could allow you to pick either Warlock or DFA invocations when you learn new ones?

2013-05-08, 11:06 PM
I would let the levels stack for purposes of eldritch blast and dragonfire breath damage, as well as the level of invocations you can learn. Otherwise there would be no point to multiclass between the two, really.

2013-05-08, 11:54 PM
Thanks for the help